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Leach out; "The Beast"

December 30th, 2009

It's official: Mike Leach was fired as head coach at Texas Tech.

And, yes, UH has received your e-mails and read your posts: You want Leach to be the Warriors' offensive coordinator.

There are natural ties. Leach hired Greg McMackin as Tech's defensive coordinator in 2000. Mike Smith, who played at Tech, was a UH grad assistant the past season.

And Leach runs a four-wide offense that shares the same DNA as UH's offense.

But Leach is not coming here. No money. No  opening. His forthcoming law suit. And, of course, UH's offense is starting to click. Rolo is one of the bright, young minds of offensive football. His experience in 2009 will make him a better play-caller in 2010.

* * * * *

We're proud of all of Hawai‘i's Sons — the ones who stay or go away — but we have special appreciation for defensive tackle Ryan "The Beast" Eastman because we consider him to be part of our blog family.

According to proud papa Bulla, The Beast has secured a release from Weber State and is ready to compete for the Warriors. There's paperwork to be filled and a tryout to attend, but we're hopeful he will successfully fulfill his dream of playing for the hometown team.

Bulla writes:

"Ryan knows that he is a walk on and he just wants a chance to play at a higher level and compete with the other Warriors.  He will have to redshirt this year and start from the bottom. But he gets to train, work out, learn the system, and play on the Scout team , which he wants to do because he gets to work out against the 1st string O linemen.  he loves the challenge, and i love his statement, 'Dad, it's time ... '"

Indeed, it is. Welcome home.



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Quarterback Corey Nielsen is having a fun winter break:


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