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January 27th, 2010

Last week, a UH person told me that there was no way Mel deLaura, recently replaced as the head strength/conditioning coach for the Warrior football team, would go to SMU to reunite with June Jones. The person said SMU did not have any openings.

But then last night, I got a call from Jones, who said that, in fact, he has two openings for strength/conditioning coaches. He said there are a bunch of procedures that need to be done first.

So I stand corrected.

* * * * *

The past three days, every coach, administrator and athletic department staff worker was required to attend a four-hour session on diversity (with an emphasis on acceptance of others). Because of scheduling conflicts, there were a couple of noticeably absences. Not to fret. Every absentee is required to watch a video of the session.

* * * * *

Happy birthday to this fun-loving blogger:


Who grew up to be a well-respect graphic artist, mug designer, kill-'em-with-kindness heckler and lounge singer:


* * * * *

Who can turn the world on with a smile ... ?

Here's Powder in the Big Apple, experiencing falling snow for the time in her, uh, 21 years of life:


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