Cheerful dilemma

January 30th, 2010


There is a nice problem developing at Warrior volleyball matches.

The fans are starting to make noise. Last night, three showed up in costume. BowZos II? They heckled UC Irvine players, from their John Stockton-length shorts to opposite attacker Carson Clark's membership in the Taylor Swift Fan Club.

Thing is, the UH cheerleaders are leading their own cheers.

And when the two sides are doing their thing at the same time, it can get confusing. Heckles and cheers aren't always in sync.

Still, it's a nice switch from the polite — and hushed — crowds of recent seasons.


* * * * *

Jonas Umlauft is the real deal.

* * * * *

Baton twirler Shannon Dresser also is amazing:


* * * * *

• Middle blocker Steven Grgas will undergo further tests to determine the extent of what is believed to be a hand fracture. He could be out for several weeks.

• Libero Ric Cervantes gamely returned to play in the fifth set despite an injury to his right achilles. He vowed to play tonight.

* * * * *

While I think volleyball is exciting, here are some ways to make it better:

• To slow an opponent's momentum, teams will try delay tactics such as asking for "sweat" spots to be wiped on the court. Solution? Dry mops. Then it's sweep-sweep, and in two seconds everybody is ready to play again.

• Hey, I'm 49, wear tri-focals and struggle to read newspaper agate. Which brings us to the volleyball refs who are older than me. The men's game is too fast. So why not use television replays if they're available. I know the Stan Sheriff Center is one of the few venues where volleyball is televised, but, so what? Life's not fair. But it's better than refs missing struck antennas or making calls based on how a team celebrates or protests.

* Is it possible for announcer Billy V to read the sponsors' names, oh, eight fewer times each match. Nothing like a team being forced to call a timeout to slow the frenzy only to hear the list of sponsors. I'm pretty sure the ads plastered around the arena are an indication of which companies are forking over money.

* * * * *

What's more surprising: That Saints fan Rob DeMello named his cat "Louisiana" or that he owns a cat?


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  1. jm2375:


  2. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    Where's brew?

    HOYA SAXA!! #7 Hoyas crushing #8 Blue Devils.

    Had a good conversation with protector and iwwthm. All non-sports related topics though. For those who haven't yet met iwwthm, he's not much older than our resident mathematics teacher, Jason.

  3. duffer:

    Top 100

  4. gmahoney:

    Awesome, VolleyBows!

  5. madeinhawaii:

    and Good Morning all!

  6. Maverick:

    An Nutzo Bozo the Clown for UH sports is needed.

    Crazy George used to do the Denver Broncos, Hockey and baseball, then relocated to other major cities. The guy is still going on his rampage, whooping up the crowd for cheering.

  7. madeinhawaii:

    What a game last night eh? Even my wife switched from her regular K-drama venue to catch that last game. What a thriller in the Stan that was!

  8. BG:

    Top of the morning to the Ohana!

  9. Pomai:

    jm2375 I was surprised at that too!!!! Sorry iwwthm you sound older on the blog.. LOL

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Top 10! Yipeeeee!

  11. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    Thanks for having a few plates for me. I suffered yesterday at Olive Garden through two bowls of their salad and two steaming bowls of their awesome soups. YUM!

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :) :) :)

    Nice to see the Tsaikos were making Carson Clark feel right at home. Such aloha spirit, I tell you! :lol:

  13. ai-eee-soos:

    Baton twirler Sharon Dresser also is amazing:


  14. wafan:

    Great photo of the Tsai-ko Jeering Section!!!

  15. BG:

    Couple of things I was looking for...
    1. How they would come out for the 3rd game (set?)
    2. How they would react after losing the 3rd
    3. What would happen after things weren't going their way midway through the 4th
    4. Their response with set point against them..5 times!

    I was very pleased to see the support between teammates, the determination, and people stepping up...Nejk (sp?) getting two blocks in the 5th...Cervantes playing his heart out and making incredible covers/digs, and ...Steve H, frustrated with missing 7 serves, making the two that mattered the most. I like this team!

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Don Weir stopped by the C_C yesterday. That is one hard working guy!

  17. AZWARRIOR22:

    Top's hoping this weekend is bountiful :-)

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The Warrior V-ballers looked tough last night. Great game.

  19. BG:

    Mustn't forget...Coach Wade has changed the culture and it looks like the team (and fans) are having fun again. In Hawaii, it's more than the X's and O's. Great start!

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howzit AZ!

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    Did somebody just say Olive Garden?

  22. wafan:

    I confess. I did say it. And, it was good. Especially the garlic and butter breadsticks.

  23. wafan:

    Who is that guy on the right in the first photo? Geez, could he not look any more bored? Dang.

    Someone needs to light a firecracker under his seat.

  24. PONO:

    Not a good sign on the last recruiting weekend when we are talking about volleyball....

  25. BG:

    Yesterday was my first CC. The energy there was incredible! The Beast has already impacted the local scene. I have a special place in my heart for the young men and women who WANT to be here. All the other stuff is secondary to me...when the offer is made, school/conference prestige, facilities, etc. When the student makes it an ego or business decision, I understand and wish them well. But, when they decide to be here because they WANT makes it that much more special for me.

    Gotta go write a paper...bbl

  26. AZWARRIOR22:

    Howzit bruddah Da Punchbowl Kid !

    No Colt sightings...where he at ST? I need one da kine Tsaiko Colt For Heisman sign get one Colt John Hancock :-)

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    I found the Epenesa story interesting. He said it would have made a difference if UH contacted him earlier. That was as far as naming finalists.
    I wonder what the response would have to: If UH offered you earlier, would you have accepted?
    If that's the case, then UH has a problem.
    But it seems pretty clear that a guy who grew up a UCLA fan and was impressed with Pauley would want to go there.

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    Colt's training at the same place as Travis LaBoy.

  29. d1島:

    Great looking Tsaiko Tsection there...thanks for the pics, Stephen!

  30. vballfan1:

    It's a good sign for Men's volleyball though, I am excited about the team this year, I think they will go far and surprise alot of people.

  31. Old School Dave:

    UCLA isn't a bad place to go to school. Seems like a school where you could get literally lost in the crowd. The Westwood area has a lot of pluses and attractions for a young person. Compare Westwood to Moiliili and you get the idea (not meant as a slight to Moiliili).

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Pauley.
    I wasn't impressed with the place. Of course, when I went there, Earl Watson was the star. And I did get John Wooden to autograph a book.
    I've been to a lot of big basketball arenas. The Pit is literally a hole in the ground.
    Cameron is small. But the wooden decor is sort of cool.
    North Carolina's arena is just too big. No feel.
    But that's just the structural review.
    When it's game day, those are amazing places.
    The best basketball atmosphere I've been in was Fresno State's old Selland Arena. They did this pregame where the players jog in the area between press row and the front row, high-fiving the blue-haired fans. I always think of Selland when I hear Jay-Z say: "Sittin' court side, Knicks and Nets give me high-five ... I could trip a referee..."

  33. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to the mvb team!

  34. d1島:

    Old School Dave,

    ....ahhh, but if Moili'ili still had Kuhio Grill! ;-)

  35. d1島:

    So the Justice Dept. is getting closer to opening an anti-trust "review" of the BCS.....

    Be careful for what you wish!

  36. Old School Dave:

    # d1島: Oh yeah, Kuhio Grill. The unofficial training table of UH athletes before they had training tables. That restaurant was runned by the Miyashiro family if I' not mistaken (Charlie Miyashiro - fmr Kaimuki HC and Pac-5 Assistant back when).

  37. guest:

    A guy on the Hawaii Scout Board is posting live updates on the recruits visiting this weekend. The guys visiting are VJ Fehoko, Zach Hocker, Lawarence Lagafuaina, Marcus Umu, Allen Sampson, Moses Samia, and TJ Taimatuia

  38. guest:

    looks like that kicker Zach Hocker that was mentioned has been offered a scholarship from UH

  39. el guapo:

    Rivals has him giving a verbal to Ark St

  40. Garret:

    Wow, UH did offer that kicker a scholarship...they had tried to have Hocker and Mercado walk on, and UH would have had Mercado if they offered a scholarship. From an Arkansas recruiting website:

    Russellville P/K Zach Hocker is currently on an official visit to Hawaii and has been offered a scholarship. He has not committed.

  41. Garret:

    I found this article interesting, especially the round-table discussion about why a typical recruit picks a school.

  42. Garret:

    I'm sure that it is just a "coincidence" that the LA billionaire who got a law passed that exempts the stadium he's building in the City of Industry from all environmental laws donated $505k to California politicians. In a "surprise", none of the politicians he gave money to voted against the environmental law exemption.

    The exemption that lawmakers granted Roski's City of Industry stadium project in October mooted a citizen lawsuit that had stalled it. The measure passed the state Senate in the waning hours of last year's legislative session despite objections from some that it would undermine environmental protections.

    Some of the bill's co-authors who received money from Roski and his Majestic Realty Co. between July 1 and Dec. 31 are Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), who was given $13,000; Assemblyman Alberto Torrico (D-Newark), $5,000; Assemblyman Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), $3,900; and state Sen. Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood), $500.

    Roski also gave to others who voted for the bill, including state Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles), who received $12,000; Assemblyman Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate), $6,500; Assemblyman Mike Villines R-Clovis), $6,500; state Sen. Carol Liu (D-La Cañada Flintridge), $3,900; and Assemblywoman Norma Torres (D-Pomona), $1,000.

    Most of the legislators are running for reelection or for higher office this year, and many of the donations are the maximum allowed by state law.

  43. bstunna2002:

    But I thought Mercado was offered a schollie?

  44. Garret:


    No, Mercado was asked to walk on and compete with another walk on (I guess that was Hocker, who now has been offered a scholarship) and the current Warrior that is on scholarship.

    Maybe the UH coaches rated Hocker above Mercado so they did not want to offer a scholarship to Mercado? Or, maybe UH had been holding scholarships for other players that have now committed to other schools so they had a scholarship available for Hocker now. Anyway, Hocker must be a very good kicker--if he's as good or better than Mercado then UH could be significantly upgrading that position.

  45. madeinhawaii:

    The last few days before LOI always feels like New Year's eve fireworks going off..... pop pop pop..BANG! ShHHOOooooowwwOOOOOOOSH!... Yeee haw!! .. ouch.. ouch.. Yeee HAW!... ouch.. ouch.. look out!

  46. bstunna2002:

    According to wsn Mercado was offered I heard he moved back to Florida though...

  47. A-House:

    I am somewhat surprised that certain schools such as UCLA and Notre Dame are still offering scholarships this late in the recruitin cycle.

    Figured that they were done a long time ago! Guess, not all schools are like Texas which brings up a question: With so many so called 4 and 5 star athletes, they have not won a National Championship for a while; seems the SEC has a "lock" on it for now!

  48. Committed Road Warrior:

    Jim Zorn was hired as the Ravens QB coach. So I guess he doesn't have to buy a new house.....

  49. wafan:

    I guess Zorn will now mess with Flacco's mechanics.

  50. PowderPuff:

    ST-thanks for the photos and observations from last night. I don't like those "sweat stops" either - lame! Sounds like it was quite a match...hoping for another big win for the guys tonight. Geev 'um!!!

  51. al:

    ahouse....even texas just picked up two recruits yesterday. of course, one of them is the top rated de in the nation.

    big guys tend to drop recruits already committed off the table. nasty style.

  52. wafan:

    50 -- a half century!

    Hmmmm, I passed that mark a while back.

  53. wafan:

    Oh well.

  54. A-House:

    HI CRW:

    Hope the incoming ice/snow storm will spare you with all the misery of having to go out doors including to work.

    Driving on ice is a bitch cause there is no way to control your car.

    Keep safe!

  55. A-House:


    was the top rated DL guy a Texan or out of state?

  56. wafan:

    Mr. A-House . . .

    My apologies for not responding earlier.

    Yes, the weather this year is very mild compared to last year when we got record setting lows and snow. The concern is now if we will have water shortages during the summer.

    I know. Kind of weird to think of a water shortage in the northwe(s)t.

  57. al:

    ahouse the top DE is from texas.
    the other guy that just committed yesterday was the top rated olb in the nation from ohio.

  58. madeinhawaii:

    Seems like Baylor is really into recruiting Hawaii this year...

  59. Committed Road Warrior:

    Hi A-House!

    The bulk of this snowstorm has already passed, dumping 6" already and expecting a couple more before the night is done. This wasn't as bad as the 22" we got in December's blizzard, so crews should have the roads cleared up in time for the Monday commute.

    As for me, I've already experienced the thrill (or lack thereof) of driving on ice during the December blizzard.....I'll stay indoors until the morning.

    It's not just the snow coming down, but the temperature too! It didn't even reach 20 degrees today, combined with the moderate winds and the wind chill is hovering around 0. The sun should be out tomorrow, thereby starting the sloooooow melting of the snow.

  60. al:

    three coaches are university of hawaii grads.

  61. lava:

    On the Pro Bowl, I think the NFL will learn that the NFL needs Hawaii more than Hawaii needs the Pro Bowl.

    So I hope Hawaii does not throw a bunch of money at the NFL to reclaim being host to the game, because other things, like the Honolulu marathon, bring in far greater dollars and relies on no contribution from the government.

  62. Garret:


    According to WSN (via TanksAh), UH did *not* offer Mercado a scholarship:

    Apparently UH was targeting both Mercado and another kicker from Arkansas I think. Bottom line - UH wanted both to walk on and battle it out for a scholarship.

    Mercado was pissed so he packed up his bags and moved back to Florida and left no contact #. He's currently no longer at Kahuku. I heard that one of his main reasons for moving to Hawaii was to get a scholie at UH. Must have been very upset. Maybe he ends up at a Florida school.

  63. Garret:

    A-House and Al,

    Al is correct about the 2 late recruits that Texas added yesterday. It is rare that Texas adds a late recruit (this is the first time in 5 years I believe), but when you are talking about the top rated recruit in Texas and the top rated OLB in the country, you wait as long as they need to make a decision.

    By the way, Mack Brown has been at Texas for over a decade and Texas has *never* pulled a scholarship from a commit. Even when a commit was injured early in his senior season, he kept his scholarship and Texas just had one less recruit that could contribute that year.

  64. Garret:


    Texas won the National Title in 2005, which I don't think is *that* long ago. They have only had 1 starting QB since their national title, and he brought them to this year's national title game. Unfortunately, he got hurt right at the start of the game and a freshman QB had to play instead.

    Texas would have been in the National title game last year also, but they lost the conference tiebreaker to Oklahoma even though they beat Oklahoma on the field by 10 points.

  65. chawan_cut:

    kazz and the others that were there last night can atest to this. the most energetic fans that ST described above followed the UCI team as they switched sides for games. they sat on whatever side they served from. they found EMPTY seats that NO ONE was using in the lower section. they danced, they yelled, they screamed. it was entertaining. UNTIL the 3rd game, when someone must've complained that their enthusiasm was too much for a college game. ushers and security did ticket checks and they were forced to leave the EMPTY seats that NO ONE was using. the seats remained EMPTY the entire rest of the game. they tried to find other EMPTY seats in the lower area and each time they did, ushers and security chased them away. finally, a few of them sat by the rubberman, mr. hackbarth, on the lower sideline. he had EMPTY seats next to him. ushers showed up, but FINALLY let them sit in the EMPTY seats.
    no wonder the young, energetic fans don't want to go to games anymore. was it coincidence that our Warrior team lost the momentum in the 3rd game while this eviction was taking place only to regain it when the TRUE fans were finally allowed a seat in the 5th?
    sorry coach wade, i don't think we'll ever get the arena rockin again like it did in the glory days.

  66. Garret:

    All the people (not just on this blog, but the comments are everywhere) who complain that the Pro Bowl is being held the week before the Super Bowl might not realize that the week after the Super Bowl has the *Olympics*. So, how can anybody criticize the NFL for wanting to avoid having the Pro Bowl conflict with the Olympics?

    So, the people who criticize the NFL for not enabling the players in the Super Bowl take part in the Pro Bowl are missing the point...they would have missed the Pro Bowl even if the game was in Hawaii. And flying all the NFL people to Hawaii while they need to prepare for the Super Bowl in Miami would have been a big logistical problem.

    The big problem is that the Winter Olympics was scheduled when it was and that it *forced* the Pro Bowl to stay on the mainland.

  67. el guapo:


    They could have started the season a week earlier :)

  68. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Good job Chawan. Said it best. The resurgence of Da Bowzos might have died last night thanks to whatever administrative policies at the arena were enforced last night.

    Oh and ushers were very busy chasing those kids around the rest of the night. Seemed like harrassment. Legalized harrasment.

  69. huh?:


    Good thing #63 verifies that al wasn't pulling our leg. I mean why else would you state that, huh?

    Inspite of all that garbage about Mercado, he is still telling his frens that he is going to Hawaii.


  70. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Alan Hackbarth danced with those kids dressed up as Venom and in the same night he saw them get chased out of the student section.

    He's another witness as to the self destructive nature of athletic department policies at events.

    Word gets out quickly amongst students....

  71. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Oh and to an earlier post, ST covers Warrior volleyball too. Last night there was a helluva volleyball match. Volleyball is popular in Hawaii.

    So... Today's blog is about mens volleyball. A program recovering on and off the court and fans recovering too... Well unless UH admin and arena ushers have their way... :roll:

  72. jm2375:

    Garrett - #66 - I mentioned that earlier this week and nobody commented.

    Soooo, was the nfa there last night? This sounds like last year when Dragon's bro was there and heckling the odda team.

  73. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    Last night students were removed from the "student section". No alcohol was being consumed and no fighting or rudeness involved. I sat cloae enough to see that they did nothing wrong.

    Students got chased around like shoplifters last night.


  74. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Ill be at the arena tonight again. Sitting in the 5th row of lower C. Gonna take note of who gets harrassed and if any students show up at all thanks to last nights non-sense by arena staff.

  75. Manoa:

    The "City of Industry" in LA-- strange place. It used to be the site of a race track and the guys who owned and controlled the race track basically formed the city-- they were the kind of guys often attracted to racing and betting. To this day, there are no real "elections" for city council or whatever they call it because so little residential real estate-- no houses or apartments. A few business guys in the area run the City of Industry.

  76. Ralph:

    UH vs Nevada at 5 pm on ESPNU tonight.

  77. Ralph:

    UH down 10-0, cincy game is on, 5 seconds. surprising that I see a lot of empty seats at cincy.

  78. Jason:

    Eh, Ralph, some people are DVRing the game! (Not me, I'm watching live, but just a friendly reminder.)

    It's halftime now. For those wanting updates, let's just say it's more competitive than Ralph's one post makes it sound.

  79. al: about for once you don't play les keiter?

  80. postmanke:


    The ship is still sinking.. These top recruits have a keen sense of what direction the program is heading and are making decisions accordingly. Some strong comments by Epenesa in the article.

    3 weeks ago? Did this kid just bust onto the scene? Really?? I would love to know the recruiting coaches conversations that go on in the recruiting war room.. "Guys, there's this kid, he is the Defensive Player of the Year, you think we should offer him something? "uhh yeah, 'its a little late, so lets offer him a take it or leave it offer"

    I can see a mainland recruit getting a late offer.. but if we're not building relationships early with the states top recruits.. no wonder they sound like they feel slighted or pissed..

  81. Kekoa:

    Continued success to the Volleybows tonite...and this just in:

    Rob25 & hubby is alive and well. Due to circumstances beyond her pay grade, she was unable to make the CC yesterday. She will be in attendance at tonite's MVB game.

    Homey is still AWOL. APB out on da Wessai for him.

    Glad to see Mrs. A-House posting earlier. Was worried she may have been swept away during a flash flood in her 'hood. The fact is, I really shouldn't worry about our *Littlest Ninja* she's battle tested!

  82. Kekoa:

    Might need a correction on that 'flash flood.' Guy Hagi gives us too much weather news instead of letting the Sports people give us the important info. Plus, I think the 49 year-old neighbor guy fogit turn his sprinklah off.

  83. Stephen Tsai:

    No. 80:
    He wasn't going to go UH, anyway.
    He also wasn't rated as their No. 1 DT. But I think he was No. 2.
    That said. The guy's a stud. And it's too bad, for UH fans, he's not going to Manoa.
    UH can absorb a loss at d-tackle.
    It's pass-rushers that were the immediate need.

  84. Stephen Tsai:

    I always say the most important thing isn't what's said, it's what's heard.
    I know UH has pushed hard for players, dating to the summer camps. But it's all about perception. And if a prospect doesn't feel the love, maybe there's a communication breakdown.

  85. A-House:

    Perhaps a conversation with Jim D about fans perspective of SSC staff and their actions - who is responsible? why?

    So what if the other team/coach complains about "heckling" - do their fans also "heckle" other teams on their court? perhpas, they know that "nfa" will come to their rescue!

    checking tickets for a less that sold out arena is kinda "chicken" especially when the seats are empty - if ticket holders arrive, then the fan(s) must move - otherwise, hey, this is our house and we will protect!!!!!

    speaking of nfa, does he/she ever experience what our male athletes face when they travel to play around the WAC - especially at Fresno, Nevada, and LaTech? hell, Nevada opens the north facing doors to let in the cold when the Wahine VB visits, the many vulgar taunts to our football and baseball teams, etc.

    hell with the "aloha spirit" when it comes to sports -- if nfa cannot take it, resign your position and apply to the HVB.

  86. A-House:

    St, good neighbor, hope you are posting from the SSC - otherwise, it will be a mad rush once you hit H-1 East bound!!!!!!!

  87. Ralph:

    good luck to Epenesa, we got the Beast coming in and he already has shown he can handle D1 OL Already waiting, Tuipolutu, Meatoga, Manupuna, Masch, Hanohano, Correa, and the HS recruits already committed to be Warriors.

  88. Stephen Tsai:

    I think UH presses all of the top local prospects to commit early. So, say, a dozen commit early, that leaves only a handful of available scholarships for those who want to wait and field other offers.
    Now UH could do it the other way, and not take early commits. But then it risks having too many unfilled scholarships near signing day.
    It's not an exact science.
    Things also change. I don't think some of the top prospects now were considered to be top prospects in July. Teams don't have the benefit of knowing then what they know now. Look at Notre Dame. It wasn't in on some of the top prospects until a couple of weeks ago.

  89. Ralph:

    I'd like to see who steps up at DE, both sides, and MLB this spring.

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, they're singing the national anthem. Gotta cover volleyball now.
    Be back between sets.

  91. A-House:


    # 83 & 84 - if Coach Mack and his staff continue to follow their recruiting plan, the "perception" will be disspelled by what actually occurs and then players/parents will know the facts and not depend on what who said what.

    and, since we are not privy to the teams needs, from our perspective it may seem that the coaches are really screwing up, when, in fact, they are not.

  92. A-House:

    Almost time to sit for the VB game, but must add, "al, with the commitment of Muir, what's the Warrior recruiting look like for 2011?"

  93. Slugger:

    Wish I had the energy to go to the VB game, but I'm pooped. Will have to watch it on TV. I'm sure the Tsaiko crew will be screaming for us couch araimos.

    Go BOWS!!!

  94. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Three students just got followed by an usher in the student section and were asked to move from an entire EMPTY row.


  95. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    The seats the students got kicked out of remain empty. Did I mention those seats are in the student section?

  96. lava:

    After LOI day. I'd like to see the coaches clear up the Epenesa situation, even if it is just an acknowledgment that we weren't on the kid early and we blew it if you are an Epenesa fan.

    If we truly did not offer the kid until 3 weeks ago, we need a change in recruiting personnel.

  97. Slugger:


    Do you see anyone from the UHAD office there? You should tell them what's happening...they're killing student spirit.

  98. Ralph:

    JD is sitting in the SSC

  99. Ralph:

    Al is worried Les Keiter wannabes will post the scores, he watches mvb only to hear Leahy announce the score as it is posted by K5. LOL. can not win Al. Keep off the computer and no watch TV until all of the programs you DVR'd are watched. more LOL.

  100. Ralph:

    is the ushers the responsibility of Sheriff or UHAD, after all, the venue is played in the SSC and he has responsibility of running the place including security.

  101. Emotional tributes to Stephen Gately | Miscellaneous Videos:

    [...] The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … [...]

  102. Kazz (blkberry_storm):



  103. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    I see JD and his wife across from me. Will attempt to speak with him after this set.

  104. Ralph:

    Kazz mvb must have premium seating like the Na Wahine, JD is trying to maximize the revenues for the sport. You get what you pay for. Attendance during the last few years under Wilton was at a low point, better to have one low price, first come first serve and fill the place. A full house will generate more revenues from concessions.

  105. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


  106. Ralph:

    yup different prices: upper bowl $8, Lower bowl $11, Seniors $7, and students $3. So if the two seniors paid $7, and tried to seat in $3.00 seats, so what. Unless, the student seats are in the lower bowl for $3 and someone who did not pay $11 wants to seat there.

  107. Ralph:

    prices are for individual games, don't know about season ticket prices.

  108. Ralph:

    Kazz is Amanda Gil in the house?

  109. postmanke:

    speaking of change and recruiting.. Hauck @ UNLV may well be on his way to encroaching heavy into the Islands.. be wary, he is good at recruiting if someone is on a fence..

    Regarding the UH coaches and recruiting, I don't think it's a matter of "are you committed or what" anymore in regards to pressuring these kids to commit. The program is not like it was 5 years ago, where many top recruits stayed. The dynamics in the program have changed and I am wondering if the recruiting philosophy is still in place as it was when June was here. I know it's hard to go on your knee's and beg a teenager to play for you.. but if the top dogs aint coming your approach aint working..

    Ahh, I'm sure we're landing some amazing athletes, it would be just a little bit sweeter if they can be in a situation where they can ask most of the state's top talent "are you in?" ...seems like the perception of the reply is "you serious? I'll get back to you.."

  110. Ralph:

    attendance is up this season, charlie's team is playing exciting vb, 3K+ last night, better than last season but way short of the Katz days. Need to take care and embrace those who show up, granny and munchkin should be shown much more aloha so they come back.

  111. Bulla:

    you are correct, Hauck is very good.....he produced a winning program at Montant for years, made the school a lot of money. he took a lot of his staff with him down to UNLV...i look for them to make inroads here in hawaii for years to come. it's an easier sale to get kids to go to UNLV than Missoula, MT. i know cody von appen went, 'the beast' was on the table until coach chad from Weber State set Hauck straight.......he's smooth, but more importantly, he keeps his word.

    have a good night, blessings to all the Tsaikos :)

  112. Derek:

    When was the last time you've heard a guard shooting 25% on free throws. It's a joke. Mr. Lutu! Please practice your free throws. Unbelievable. No surprise that the UH basketball team lost. Nevada actualy did not play well too. But, they made their free throws. Balocka!
    Never mind. We need better recruits and better guard play who can handle the ball and shoot. We just need a good coach who can recruit good players for us to be at least an exciting team. I'm sorry. The current coaches are not cutting it.

  113. protector:

    postmanke on # 109

    What local "top" recruits are you talking about that we got 5 years ago? My memory is that during the June Jones era we rarely got any of the Top 10 recruits and precious few of the Top 5, if any. OF those that we got, they represented well as I'm sure those that are coming will also do. I think Coach Mack has done a good job of repairing some of the burned bridges and has gone to great lengths of letting high school coaches and players know that if you have the ability to play, that UH wants you. Regardless of that, there will always be the Manti Te'o types that have pre-determined that they are NOT interested in UH even if you show them "love". Good luck to them if they go elsewhere. I just won't waste any energy following their careers. I choose to focus on the ones that "want" to be here. This is why it was inspirational for me to meet the "Beast" in person at the cc. If every UH player had his drive, attitude and commitment, we would rarely lose a game.

  114. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    All I can say with regards to recruiting is if you can get 10 out of the top 30 in the state to commit to UH, I think you have done a pretty good job.

    And it's pretty funny that alot of people forget that.

    Oh well can't please everybody I guess.

  115. Ralph:

    we haven't read anything from Kazz ever since he went over to talk to JD to complain about the ushers and the ambiance of the SSC for fans. Stretch better check Kinda Shy's bag, she might have stuffed him in her bag.

  116. kama krab:

    Oh and forgot to mention that one of our commits is fifth on that top thirty list according to Rivals and the second rank player in the state is taking his visit as we speak. If we can get him and the big dawg from Aiea that will make 12 commits out of the top 30 in the state. For me, I would think that would make our 2010 class look pretty mean if you ask me. But again if these two prospects do decide to commit else where then I think the class will be solid the way it is right now.

    The only other question that needs to be asked after LOI day is how much of these kids will actually commit.

    Just gotta enjoy the last couple of days before LOI day and no matter what a kid has to say about our program just gotta tell them good luck and please do not burn bridges because when it comes to building the bridge again you might not have the materials to do so.

  117. Ralph:

    Herschel Walker won in mma fight, better than Canseco who got knocked out in boxing

  118. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Good to see you *protecting* the Tsaiko's at the cc, Protector. I noticed IWWTHM was your able assistant at table #4, as your smoke signals spelled out recruiting favorites.

    Just watched the VB team cause UCI to "shi-shi pants" in the final set. Showed it to 'em, and den took 'em away!

    Way to go 'Bows! Great win!

  119. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Was on the phone during intermission and then ran into Koakane, rob25, and Midori on the concourse. By that time set 3 started so couldn't attempt to introduce myself to JD...

    Long story short the studentd were condensed in an area above one of the tunnels near the Wahine volleyball players...

    Less student tonight, then again it is a Saturday.

  120. BleedGreen808:

    About Recruiting

    There will always be a handful of individuals who are unhappy about what is being done regardless whether that's recruiting, at work, etc. People b!*#( about it when JJ was around and people are still b#(#*ing about it with Coach Mack and they will always b##(( regardless of what is being done or who is at the helm. To add, these are the same people who think they can do a better job. Just be happy that we at least have a handful of the top local talents to stay home.

  121. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    No Amanda Gil in sight the past two nights in the arena. Saw Sealy, Shoji, Brandt, Kanani, and Hewitt but no Gil.

    I hope the ushers didn't get to her too.

  122. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Right before I hunker down to catch the replay on TV just wanna say the Mr. Hackbarth's performances should inspire other students to let loose and have fun.

    However its difficult when BIG BROTHER is watching and over-stepping the boundries of common sense and good judgement in the one section you are allowed to be in.

    I hope "Spiderman", "Venom", and the red Power Ranger return to the next game ready to provide some good mana in the student section.

  123. madeinhawaii:

    Every year.. it's like deja-vu.... same conversations... only the names of the recruits have changed...

    Come September it will all be fog.

  124. jm2375:

    Kazz - I was there tonight. Me, my keeed and her friend. We stayed in our seats in the upper reaches for the 1st game. Then moved downstairs between games 1 and 2. We attempted to sit in the student section but an usher came to check our tickets. So, we ended up on the sideline. Same priced seats right? What's da beeg deal? No one came to check our tickets after we sat on the sidelines. Like you said, PATHETIC!

    The game was great and the girls had a great time. They now want to go to all the games. We ended up sitting next to the UCI fans. One woman was kinda annoying but she was just cheering for her team. Noticed they never said Anteaters, just Irvine. :roll: :D :lol:

  125. jm2375:

    Oh yeah, I noticed the Manoa Maniacs sign was not up. What happened?

  126. jm2375:

    ST - might the matches be too long because they play to 30 and not 25 like everyone else?

  127. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Great match tonight - again, I saw several Tsaikos from afar. The rest of you - don't attend these matches if you have any kind of heart problems - it's too dangerous.

    What really torks me off are the people who leave before the end of the match - especially when it's too close to call. Dozens of people left at the break and hundreds more left after the third and fourth sets. I can understand a couple of people leaving, but the number of fans remaining at the end of this artery-popping match were about 60% of the ones who were there at the first serve.

    Nothing scheduled til next Thursday, but there's lots to see and support during February - softball, baseball, men's and women's basketball, and men's volleyball.

  128. gmahoney:

    Kazz, saw Midori and Rob25 chatting with some gents, so I guess it was you and Koakane, was gonna come up and introduce myself, but the 3rd game was gonna start. Maybe next time. What a match! Watching replay on k5.

  129. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    Hiya and Nitey Nite!

    Robbie Burns has supped and I have meetings tomorrow. Must sleeeeep!!!

    Nice to see our fellow blogsters showing up in FORTE FORCE!!!

    SWEET caranging #1 Dreams!

  130. gmahoney:


    I noticed a mass exodus after the 4th game also. Why would you come to the game and leave when the score is basically tied? The last game is only until 15, what's another 15 minutes? Also, saw quite a few people who complained it was too loud. This ain't your grandma's volleyball anymore. No more polite sitting-on-your-hands vb. I love when the Stanley rocks!

  131. PowderPuff:

    Good non-Hawaii Pro Bowl Sunday (boooo! :( ). Sounded like another fantastic match at the SSC last night. I sure hope I can get my hands on some DVR copies. Congratulations to Coach Wade and the guys for two terrific wins.

  132. Garret:

    The Reno Gazette-Journal has an interesting article about the cost of scholarships for the Athletic Departments in the WAC. Every tuition increase forces ADs to raise for money...and sadly for UH, UH's costs are higher than any other WAC team.

    Annual cost of scholarships:
    UH $5.51 million
    BSU $4.79 million
    SJSU $3.07 million
    La Tech $2.78 million

    UH spends almost *twice* as much as La Tech on scholarships!

  133. Garret:

    Article in a Tulsa newspaper about how Hawaii is a great recruiting area.

    On a per capita basis, Hawaii produced the most players on Football Bowl Subdivision rosters in 2009, a Tulsa World analysis shows.

    The Aloha State sent 3.8 players on to major college football teams per 1,000 boys age 15-19. That’s 50 percent more than the No. 2 state, Louisiana (2.5). Per capita, Honolulu is the top producing metro area (4.6), with almost 40 percent more than second-place New Orleans (3.2).

    “Football is a big part of the Polynesian way of life,” said Jeremy Crabtree, the national recruiting editor for “That’s why we see how well they support things.”

    Like football at the University of Hawaii. The Warriors averaged 36,725 fans at home games this year. With a state population of 1.2 million, that’s the equivalent of Oklahoma averaging 105,000 fans at Memorial Stadium.

    The Polynesian love of football comes from a few aspects of their culture, said Steve Lineweaver, the head football coach at Euless (Texas) Trinity High School, which has a large Polynesian population and does a traditional Haka war dance before games.

    The Pacific Islands’ warrior history lends itself to physical sports like rugby or football.

    Their culture also values family — which is perfect for a team sport like football.

    “It’s just what you ordered,” Lineweaver said.

  134. Garret:

    I'll be on a family trip for until late tomorrow...hope there is great recruiting news to read about when I finally get internet access again!

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  136. wafan:

    Good morning to all!

    I am concerned and interested with those who commit and sign. Good luck to those who go away.

  137. wafan:

    Congratulations to the VolleyBows! Good job coming back in the 5th set.

  138. madeinhawaii:

    ...resveratrol supplements...

    is that like a case of wine?

    morning everyone...

  139. Bulla:

    Good morning,
    Protector, mahalo for the kind word...All Warriors are excited to play; it's going to be a GREAT Spring practice and it all begins April 1st :)

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