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New starting time for VB

February 28th, 2010

The rescheduled men's volleyball match between Hawaii and BYU now will start at 6 p.m. tomorrow in the Stan Sheriff Center.

All seats are general admission, with the top price at $8 for adults.

* * * * *

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

That's all I hear about the UH basketball team.

So I go to my first game of the year — $26 a ticket, by the way — and not only do the Rainbows win, they play well.

That old UCLA high-post offense opens up cuts to the basket. The compact 2-3 zone allows some soft spots in the corners, but clogs the low post. And the players play with great effort.

Do they run? Well, no. But neither did Nevada. But why push it when Nevada drops three back quickly and UH essentially only has one true guard who has to play the entire game?

Maybe last night's game was not  the norm. But it was the only up-close evidence I have.

* * * * *

Negotiations continue between wideout Malcolm Lane, who is currently suspended for breaking team rules, and the UH coaches. At issue is what Lane needs to do to be allowed to rejoin the team. As things currently stand, there are no plans to allow Lane to participate in spring practice or training camp.

* * * * *

This is what the water shelf looked like at Foodland yesterday morning:

no water

UH basketball game back on

February 27th, 2010

The UH basketball game will be played tonight.

It had been cancelled this morning because of  the tsunami warning. But when the warning was cancelled, UH officials decided it would be OK to play the game.

But the UH-BYU volleyball match on Maui will not be played today. No decision yet on if it will be rescheduled.

And today's baseball game was postponed, and now will be part of a doubleheader tomorrow.  The first game, which starts at 1 p.m., is the regularly scheduled Sunday game. The second game is today's postponed game. If you have a ticket to Sunday's game, you have rights to your designated seat for the 1 p.m. game. But you must vacate that seat for the second game if somebody else has an original Saturday ticket.

* * * * *

This morning, we went to fill up gas and hit Foodland. In times of crisis, these are what people seek:

• Water.

• Gas.

• Batteries (but the big-boy kind — D and 9 volt. There was no rush on AA or AAA batteries.

• Pet food.

• Toilet paper.

• Perry and Price.

* * * * *

It might not matter, but Slugger is the winner of six tickets to tomorrow's baseball game.

Another contest

February 26th, 2010

The show must go on, so it's time to have another contest. The prize is six tickets to Sunday's baseball game.

To enter, please write: "Give me Sunday's best."

We'll pick a winner tonight.

* * * * *

Thanks for all of the comments on our paper's sale.

Like I said, I'm out of the loop, so I have no idea what will happen. But whether I have a job in two months or not, I'm sure this blog will go on in some form or not. One of our readers owns the rights to the name, but as I've said all along, the blog is owned by all of you. Whatever we've had here was created by the readers.

I'm going to miss Gannett. It paid my mortgage and my children's tuitions. It gave me unbelievable opportunities. And, most of all, it created a more diverse newsroom.

HiFlyer wins tickets; Advertiser sold

February 25th, 2010

Avis has selected HiFlyer as the winner of six baseball tickets to Saturday's game between Oregon and UH.

Thanks for playing.

* * * * *

The owner of the Star-Bulletin has purchased The Advertiser.

What does this mean? Not sure. I was at UH and missed the meeting.

From what I was told, everything will be status quo for the next six weeks. After that, maybe I'll have a job in journalism, maybe I'll be happy to super-size your next meal.

We'll figure out a way to keep this going for as long as possible, even if means I have to do it between making fries.

Keep you posted.  Meanwhile, may I have your empty soda cans?

* * * * *

Craig Sutzmann, a former UH receiver and graduate assistant coach, said  he has accepted a position with the Memphis football program.He will learn his specific role when he reports tomorrow morning.

Stutzmann received the offer through Memphis offensive coordinator Eric Price, son of UTEP coach Mike Price. Eric Price was an assistant coach with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Price and Stutzmann got to know each other better when both were speakers at Jason Gesser's football clinic last year. Gesser and Stutzmann were Saint Louis School teammates.

Most recently, Stutzmann was an assistant coach at Portland State.

* * * * *

By the way, Ron Lee, who competed in today's charity walk, said he and his brother, Cal Lee, are not leaving UH:

ron lee

* * * * *

Not only has UH closed its men's basketball practices this week, it has limited interview periods. The coaching staff and players were available for interviews yesterday, and they will be available after tonight's game, but tomorrow will be a dead period.

Sure, the Rainbows face a crucial must-play-well period. But I'm sure there could be a compromise that would allow the players to focus on games while maintaining an open dialogue with the public.

* * * * *

While waiting to use the SSC for today's shoot-around, Utah State players ran drills on the UH athletic complex concourse:


* * * * *

Tickets sales are going well for Saturday's volleyball match on Maui.

The 500 tickets sent to Maui have been sold. In addition, another 1,000 tickets were purchased through the UH Box Office.

The seating chart shows that War Memorial Gym can hold up to 2,996 fans, although a Maui County Web site lists the seating capacity at 2,500. UH is capping sales at 2,500, although some have questioned whether the gym can comfortably fit that many. In any scenario, the Warriors should have loud support.

* * * * *

I learn something new every day. Not because I'm intelligent or curious. It's because I'm forgetful.

Today I learned that the turnstile count at SSC events only includes those entering with tickets, which are scanned. In the past, especially at Aloha Stadium, everybody counted — the band, the national anthem singer, the youth soccer team working the garlic fries stand, the dorks on press row. All of them enter through the pass gate.

* * * * *

Happy birthday to Florida Ted and Joon Hartman.

DJ wins four tickets

February 24th, 2010

Avis has selected DJ as the winner of four tickets to Friday night's baseball game.

Please text or call me at 256-0223 with your information. Tickets will be left at Will Call.

* * * * * *

It was another eventful round of Super Games this morning, with the Warriors playing water polo. A few things to note:

• Linebacker George Daily-Lyles is an outstanding goalie. He knocked down both shots in the shootout overtime.

• Slotback Miah Ostrowski is a gifted scorer. His conversion rate of shots was well over 75 percent.

• Linebacker Aaron Brown is quite the defender, relying on a splashes-to-face tactics .

• Running back Alex Green does not fumble. Even when grabbed by four defenders, he still held on to the ball.

• And quarterback Shane Austin is an accurate thrower. In the semifinals, he scored five goals. He said: "That's not a hat trick. Is it a top hat?"

* * * * *

UH still is seeking a venue for its annual Green-White game that closes spring practice.

UH wants the event in the evening, and Aloha Stadium is undergoing repairs. Officials have looked into high school sites, as well as the possibility of having the game on Ching Field (although there is very limited seating).