DJ wins four tickets

February 24th, 2010

Avis has selected DJ as the winner of four tickets to Friday night's baseball game.

Please text or call me at 256-0223 with your information. Tickets will be left at Will Call.

* * * * * *

It was another eventful round of Super Games this morning, with the Warriors playing water polo. A few things to note:

• Linebacker George Daily-Lyles is an outstanding goalie. He knocked down both shots in the shootout overtime.

• Slotback Miah Ostrowski is a gifted scorer. His conversion rate of shots was well over 75 percent.

• Linebacker Aaron Brown is quite the defender, relying on a splashes-to-face tactics .

• Running back Alex Green does not fumble. Even when grabbed by four defenders, he still held on to the ball.

• And quarterback Shane Austin is an accurate thrower. In the semifinals, he scored five goals. He said: "That's not a hat trick. Is it a top hat?"

* * * * *

UH still is seeking a venue for its annual Green-White game that closes spring practice.

UH wants the event in the evening, and Aloha Stadium is undergoing repairs. Officials have looked into high school sites, as well as the possibility of having the game on Ching Field (although there is very limited seating).

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  1. 808Chef:

    NO way!


    Nice write up on the games. Hopefully pics and vids will come out soon!

    Good Morning Peeps!

  2. BleedGreen808:

    Good Morning to all!

    Here's to the team in GREEN!

  3. Kazz:

    Limited seating at Ching Field??? NAH!!!

    Tell fans to bring lawn chairs and set up on the perimeter of the track!!! :mrgreen:

    However, on 4/30/10, lower campus is already busy:
    -6:00pm Softball vs Fresno State (last home series)
    -6:35pm Baseball vs Nevada

  4. cheepono:

    top 5! cheeeepono

  5. (Jesse)James: ten...haven't had that happen in a while...Oh well...have to Esme...

  6. Kazz:


    February 24th, 2010 at 9:22 am
    Good Morning to all!

    Here's to the team in GREEN!

    Watch out now! No mention "green". Al or Ralph gonna give you pilau-eye! :lol:

  7. duffer (iPhone):

    Wonder why golf is not in the Super Games...

  8. A-House:


    Midori7 kindly remined me that our optometrist appointment is for the end of March.

    Therefore, we shall see what happens on 2/27/10!

  9. Slugger:

    Super Games! Will we see pictures later, ST?

  10. Slugger:


    That's a good suggestion: golf for the Super Games.

  11. Kazz:

    Ok... A lot of golf-friendly Tsaikos so I'm just gonna keep my comment about golf in the super games to myself... :cool:

  12. J-Dog:

    How about having the scrimmage at Roosevelt High School's new field? Lots of seats, but parking might be tricky.

  13. Alex:

    Any idea when the last phases of the Clarence T.C. multi-purpose field will be completed? It's supposed to include a 5,000 seat stand, locker rooms among other amenities. Right now it might not be the best time for such a question, but since it is being privately funded I thought I'd ask. That would be sick. Imagine when the facility is finished. One of the gems of lower campus.

  14. LizKauai \m/:

    Go Warriors!


  15. Kazz:


    Kala sir. The Ching Foundation dropped 5 million to UH on the condition that UH would match the equivalent totalling 10 million + (I think) to finish the remainder of the complex that was envisioned two years ago.

    There was a donation of 2 million or so made to UH about a year and a half ago and supposedly this counts towards the 4.5 or the 5 million needed to complete the cost for the actual Ching Athletic Complex.

    There was a timeline of completion by 2013 I think, but that is going to depend on what UH can raise in time through public or private donations.

    ***Now, unless anything changed over the past year, this is what I remember the story to be.***

  16. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    It will be interesting to see where the Green-White game will be played, if not at Ching Field. Who will step up in support?

  17. Kazz:

    Na Wahine face off against OSU to open the Cathedral City Classic tomorrow at 10:30am.


    ***All OSU stats in parenthesis are current as of 02/21/2010 for the
    2010 season***

    OSU is coming off its most successful season under fourth-year head
    coach Rich Wieligman. The team finished 36-22 with the most wins in six years and made its first NCAA Regional appearance since 2005. The Cowgirls went 2-2 in the Tallahassee Regional and defeated 16th-ranked Florida State twice.

    Oklahoma State is returning every starter from a year ago, including All-Big 12 third baseman Mariah Gearhart (batting .438, 32 at bats), who led the team in batting. Gearhart, a junior, finished with a .335 batting average, 58 hits, 46 runs scored and 32 stolen bases in 2009. Second baseman Alysia Hamilton (batting .212, 33 at bats), along with Gearhart, were named to the NFCA All-Midwest Region team.

    They will be joined on the infield by sophomores Chelsea Garcia (batting .231, 26 at bats) and Julie Ward (batting .343, 35 at bats), who was also an All-Big 12 selection, and freshmen Katie Asher (batting .000, 7 at bats) and Taylor Smith(NA, NA).

    Behind the plate will be another All-Big 12 player, senior Sam Heinlein (batting .000, 18 at bats). The Edmond, Okla., native started 44 games last season and finished with a .985 fielding percentage. She will be joined by junior Ashley Boyd (batting .000, 3 at bats) and sophomore Tamara Brown (batting .364, 11 at bats).

    Taylor Marcum (batting .083, 12 at bats) a junior for the Cowgirls, served as the designated player for the second half of last season. She's capable of playing first base, and has even added pitching to her gambit of skills.

    Senior Anna Whiddon (4-2, 3.46 ERA) will lead the pitching staff this year and will be accompanied by junior Sarah Odom (0-1, 5.40 ERA) and freshman Kat Espinosa (2-1, 1.96 ERA). Whiddon is coming off a season where she made 45 appearances, including 38 starts. She finished with 197 strikeouts, 17 complete games and 10 shutouts, including complete-game shutouts against No. 11 Stanford and twice against the Seminoles in the NCAA Regional.

    The outfield will consist of seniors Katelyn Bright (batting .233, 30 at bats), Megan Castle (.375, 16 at bats), Breana Casaus (batting.000, 2 at bats), and Kelsey Anchors (batting .296, 27 bats).

    Bright and Castle combined for 87 hits, 16 doubles, 42 runs batted in and 39 walks at the plate in 2009. They will be joined by sophomore Sammy Jo Diffendaffer (batting .333, 3 at bats) and freshmen Amy Graham (batting .364, 11 at bats) and Aaron Adams (on roster, no stats available)

    -Team is averaging batting .263, opponents are batting .226.

    -Pitchers are averaging an ERA of 3.18 and opponents are allowing an
    average ERA of 4.26.

    On paper, unlike the opening game of the Louisville Slugger Desert Classic against Utah, there appears to be no pitching threat to the Wahine.OSU's pitching statistics seem to favor the hot bats of the Rainbow Wahine as of late with no real "Ace" to worry about... ON PAPER... Again, on paper, they have racked up significant losses against Michigan and LSU (faced both at home and away) and were out scored 6-26 for those four games.... HOWEVER!!! HAHA! Those were their only losses of the season thus far. In their victories against UT Arlington, Northern Texas, Texas State, and New Mexico they outscored them for a combined score of 35-7... Ok, not the greatest squad of opponents, but wins nonetheless.

    In the sense of sharing losses to top tier opponents the Cowgirls and the Wahine share this commonality however, Na Wahine have had the momentum in their favor with 8 wins and intangible morale boosters like Kelly Majam and Kaia Parnaby earning WAC honors this week and Parnaby being named (just yesterday 02/23/2010) to the 2010 Australian National Softball Team along side former Rainbow Wahine standouts Justine Smethurst and Clare Warwick.

    It's been easy to say and hard to say that the Wahine have a few issues right now as we have not seen them in action for over a week now and all we know is that the bats are hot and that Kaia Parnaby has fullfilled all of our wishes for depth at pitching. Stephanie Ricketts remains the go-to pitcher thus far against the Wahine's better opponents of the season thus far and against Hawaii's only ranked opponents in then #10 Stanford and # 13 Georgia Tech her record is 1-2. It's too early to worry too much about where Ricketts is as I still believe that she is more than battle-tested" and "opposing batter DIS-approved" and I have NO qualms as a fan seeing her start this game. Still if it's Parnaby that will get the nod, Wahine softball fans should feel MORE than confident in her as well... My guess: Parnaby starts.

    Combine consistent hitting, not timely or home runs, but OVERALL consistent hitting and contribution from our top players like Majam, Gonzalez, and Tauali'i and continued contributions from Aguirre, Yoshikawa, Iwata, and Rodriguez at the plate should get us a win on Thursday, but we're gonna need continued reduction of errors as well...

    Why do I have a feeling, that OSU is the kind of team that will bury our errors, if any, right on home plate in their favor??? Honestly, I don't know, I just have a feeling OSU could be that kind of team.

    Then again, should any errors occur, I don't see any reason, given how our ladies have been performing at the plate, why we couldn't hit our way to a victory.

    It's been very comforting to see the players that were expected to produce are producing, especially on the road as four of our seven conference series are on the road this season. While it's never a bad thing to see others contributing, if the players that are expected to
    produce aren't doing so then that is when you have issues. As far as I can recall, I have never seen any team in any sport succeed in the long run without having their top players perform well even though others are stepping up. There is a reason your top players are your "top" players.


  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Top Twenny! :)

  19. Jack Flash:

    They should do the Warrior Bowl at Ching field a couple hours before the softball/baseball games start. Guaranteed good crowds for all events!

  20. loa:

    morning gang!

    re: green-white game
    what about Waipio Soccer Complex?
    lights, nice turf, stands on both sides, scoreboard, pressbox, tv hookup, overflow dirt parking lot, plenty room for t-gate, good for the westside fans, only thing no more goal posts and i think no can make fire

  21. tommui:

    TOP 25!

    Back from the wars! Back home safe and sound but broke.

  22. Kekoa:

    Re: Mosi Tatupu

    ~ Sent to me by a bashful lurker:

    "A wonderful man of raw sophistication, and superior intelligence. He was always the first to help kids. He had the ultimate respect of his peers, and the admiration of his fans...from high school, to USC, to the NFL. Mosi opened doors for many, particularly Hawaii kids of humble means....showing that they could excel at Punahou, USC and beyond."

    Aloha Mosi

  23. SteveM:

    Tom Mui -- Welcome home! Certain cruisers want to talk to you about Northern Europe cruising and, of course, your debrief on SE Asia ports and Azamara Line. Please check your email. :)

  24. duffer (iPhone):

    Is there a golf fundraising event fo the football team?

  25. Old School Dave:

    Wasn't there talk of increasing the seating of Ching Field (Formerly known as Cooke) to 10,000 in order for High School games to be played there? Something that could be expanded in the future, perhaps? Like UC Davis' stadium:

  26. anonymous:

    Re-Mosi Tatupu

    The most touching tribute to Mosi today, of all the articles I've read so far, is one in which the author remembered to mention Mosi's homeland. And to have acknowledged that he is a native of American Samoa. So many article the authors are remiss and fail to mention this. His roots and bloodlines trace to America Samoa. And when you eulogize and honor someone's passing, especially someone as recognized as Mosi, I think it's important for authors writing newspaper articles and columns to mention Mosi's homeland.. I think Mosi would want this.

  27. A-House:

    Really, slllllooooow day.

    OK, nap time in da office - close door for one hour.

  28. Kekoa:

    Welcome back Tom Mui. Please fill me in on the Vietnam portion of your trip at the next cc. I'm not sure I would have such a memorable experience on a return engagement to my former duty station.

    I'll email you my impressions of what could have been a delightful tour of duty.

  29. addahknowjoe:

    Possible fields of interest:

    Mililani Field

    Kaiser Field

    Roosevelt Field (no mo parking)

    Waianae Field

    Kapolei Field

    Campbell Field

    Pearl City Field

    Waipahu Field

    Which ever school gets it will grab the opportunity to run concession stands.

    Possible expenses:
    -Parking Attendants (Volunteer)
    -Grounds Keeping
    -Clean up (Volunteer)

    McNamara and Clapp should be hustling corporate sponsors by now to help defray costs where ever this event is held.

  30. al:

    kapalama hts has a nice field turf mini stadium.

    roosevelt, mililani also good venues.

  31. al:

    isn't there some way to block off the areas of renovation for this event?

    seems like someone forgot to plan properly for this event.

  32. Pomai:

    Can anyone remember what the attendance was for last years Green-White game?

  33. Kazz:


    I drive past Aloha Stadium to and from work. The lighting is an issue amongst other things.

    They are working on replacing the rest of the roof so the lighting rigs are being changed too. For the next few months looks like only 30% of the lights will be left untouched.

    Also, they are doing major work on the outer portion of the Mauka sidelines, seems like either rust removal/proofing.

    Not sure what will happen with the Makai sidelines but I can only assume they are next for rust work.

    Personally I am 5% apprehensive about setting foot in that GIANT rust bowl and with the rennovation I would be about 65% apprehensive about walking in there. :lol:

  34. Kazz:


    Not sure what the exact or ball park figure was,but it was EASILY less than half of what the FIRST Warrior Bowl was in 2008 and in 2008 it was a very good turnout of possibly just under 10,000.

  35. kama krab:

    I would probably look at the Kapolei Field. Theres a good amount of parking and a good amount of seating for a decent sized crowd.

    I would have liked to see the game at Roosevelt but no mo even parking for 10 people let alone 1,000.

    Mililani might be a headache parking wise also.

    Just do um in the stadium and block off where they fixing or do um at ching field and do what Kazz said, just bring the lawn chairs.

  36. Alex:

    Off topic but, any idea when the new turf will be in Aloha Stadium? Last i heard was 2011, so hopefully they can get it in before the Pro Bowl next year...

  37. Kazz:

    Friday, April 30, 2010.
    Stan Sheriff Arena
    GREEN vs WHITE in a one time only event… WARRIOR ARENA FOOTBALL

    General Admission: $5.00


    Eh, I can dream right?

  38. LizKauai \m/:

    #24 - there will be a golf fundraiser for Na Koa on Kauai in a few months.


  39. KapoleiWarrior:

    I think the Kamehameha field would be a great venue. Its the best high school stadium on the island (sorry Kapolei) and one of the biggest. The field is in good shape, and the view is fantastic. And most of the extra expenses you mention (security, parking attendants, grounds keeping) are already covered by the school. If it has to be a public school then I would pick Kapolei because the grass is junk at most of the others and Kapolei's turf is still in top shape (thanks to the NFL). Waianae's field is in great shape also but might be too remote for some people. Roosevelt would be a good choice too if not for the parking situation.

  40. Stretch:

    I vote for Kapolei. Get the perfect place for post game celebrations right outisde!

  41. Ralph:

    the ceded lands a stone's throw to Kapolei stadium.
    The neighbors might wonder why there are so many people in the cul-de sac from early Saturday morning to Sunday morning.

  42. Ralph:

    Kazz green is okay, especially if it is blackest green. UH needs to promote a specific green color-there is a color series with lot numbers for all colors, just got to know which shade of green is UH green.

  43. Ralph:

    senior night for wbb tonight at the SSC. game time is 7 pm. Dita is the lone senior. She is from Latvia, one of the countries that broke away from the USSR, a long way from home and I haven't read if her parents made the trip for this game. She can be a hanai child tonight by a lot of Tsaikos.

  44. Garret:

    What about having the Warrior Bowl on the Big Island? More people could attend the game there than will fit in most of the options on Oahu.

  45. Garret:

    I am assuming that the Big Island has a suitable stadium just like Maui and Kauai have.

  46. Pomai:

    Garret I don't think so, lord if they grumble about going to the stadium can you imagine what they would say if you asked them to go to the big island?

    So what kind of crowd are we talking about here, 10,000, 5,000 less??

    I like the idea of ceded lands game!!!

  47. uhfan:

    Rumors galore that a wahine volleyball player is transferring. Any idea who?

  48. Garret:


    I'm talking about Big Island fans attending the Warrior Bowl. How many Warrior fans can attend a game at a high school on Oahu?

    Although, having the game at a high school like Kapolei might be good to get people to attend that would not normally go to Aloha Stadium for the Warrior Bowl. The other big benefit of having the game at Kapolei, Kamehameha, etc., is that their high school players and the parents of those players would probably attend...which could help with recruiting.

  49. BG:


    Rumors galore from where? Definitely not on this board.

  50. uhfan:

    Volley Talk BG

  51. ai-eee-soos:


  52. dj:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  53. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    The turf replacement project will be in the Spring of 2011 AFTER the 2011 Pro Bowl. The repair work will continue this year right up to the start of August and will not start back up again until mid-2-late Febriary, 2011.

    Stadium repairs are a several-year project.

    Re Ching Field updates: Funding for UH's share will come from the sale of bonds - not from the General Fund. As far as I know, there are no funding requests in the upcoming fiscal year's budget, but that does not mean this is how it will be at the Session's end.

    You want to see something added to the budget? Then you have to get actively involved in advocacy work. .

    See my previous lectures over the past couple of years about getting involved in the decision-making process.

    Another somewhat-related political athletic issue: On Friday, March 5, at 1:15 pm, three of the current members of the Stadium Authority will be on the Committee on Economic Development and Technology's Agenda as Gubberantorial nominees for another term on the Stadium Authority through June 30, 2014.

    The terms of the four people who were confirmed/re-confirmed last year will expire on June 30, 2013.

    No seats are up next year. Assuming no unexpected vacancies, this means the new Governor elected this fall will not be able to name anyone to the Authority until 2012 when two seats open up.

    How do you feel about this? Granted, the Authority should be exempt from overt politics, but this Authority has even worse vision than I do right now.

    Off to the Wahine basketball.

  54. LRob:

    Show me the Friday night lights!


  55. d1島:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  56. Aaron:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  57. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Warriors are at Ching Field right now working on redzone TDs. Hard to I'd who is out there but I can see Moniz, Austin, either Shutter or Graves, Brashton, Heun (maybe?), Pollard, Avery, and Pilares.

    There are about 20 of them. All skill position guys.

  58. Pomai:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  59. kaifrommaui:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  60. Pomai:

    Hey Doc could you explain this a little?

    Another somewhat-related political athletic issue: On Friday, March 5, at 1:15 pm, three of the current members of the Stadium Authority will be on the Committee on Economic Development and Technology's Agenda as Gubberantorial nominees for another term on the Stadium Authority through June 30, 2014.

    Are you saying that three of the existing members are trying to get another term?

  61. Pomai:


    Show me the Friday night lights!

  62. (Jesse)James:

    Show me the Friday Night Lights!!!!!

  63. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Ok I read the volleytalk rumors vague but not really. The person adding to the rumors rules out Kanani Danielson but just claims that the so-called transfer would effect the Wahine's chances of a Final Four return next season.

    Since its in the Jane Croson commiting to Hawaii thread it must be a OH or at least that is what they want ppl to think.

    Rumors... Sheesh...

  64. Bob:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  65. Ahikatsu:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  66. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but in yesterday's H-Mail there is a full 25 page report Jim Donovan and the athletic department submitted to the UH Board of Regents with financial figures of the department.

    In it are proposals for increase student seat allotments.
    Revenue #s for what a student fee would generate compared to others in the WAC.

    In what I like to call a "middle finger" to those thinking cutting a sport is a good way to go, there are figures of how much non-schollie athletes bring to UH.

    Of the 19 sports at UH, approx 200 student athletes are walk ons or not on schollie. They represent over 2 million dollars of tuition income to the university.

    Of course if UH didn't offer the sports these kids participate in, UH can kiss that money goodbye and might as well gift wrap it to another D1 program elsewhere.

  67. wafan:


    Long, slow day.

  68. wafan:


  69. SteveM:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  70. whitey:

    Show me the Friday night lights

  71. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Was just outside the SSC and there is a group of about 30 Japanese tourists and while not one word was spoken in English amongst them I heard TWO words in English:

    COLT BRENNAN :cool:

    There is a glass mural outside the mini Rainbowtique at the arena of all current and recently past UH athletes.

  72. Pomai:

    Kazz while I was at the game Saturday I was standing by a couple of Japanese tourist type, they where talking in Japanese, but then one local kid came up to them and started talking to them and they understood everything he said to them. So the excuse of language being a barrier is bull hockey.......

  73. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Anyone watching Wahine bball at home. Here live at the game and we don't see Galdones anywhere.

  74. Kekoa:

    Catching up on the blog and notice the earlier post concerning a venue for the Warrior Bowl.

    I vote for Kapolei stadium for obvious reasons:

    ~ Might influence the players on the Leeward coast to focus on going to UH.

    ~ Brings folks out to take a closer look at the 2nd city, and how much it has grown.

    ~ The upgrades are completed for the stadium, (but they are still lacking ample parking).

    ~ As mentioned by Ralph & Stretch, the before and after t-gate party is in a proven party hardy location!...and there is lots of free parking!

  75. Old School Dave:

    Can someone tell me what purpose these Super Games serve for the football team? Do they offer anything in terms of improving the team's conditioning, speed, & quickness? Is it a team building tool? Not meant as a criticism, just curious.

  76. duffer (iPhone):

    I need some "bonding" ideas for our golf team before the season. Any ideas?

  77. Alex:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  78. SteveM:

    duffer -- who's on your golf team?

  79. Alex:

    Wahine look solid in the first half. Hopefully they can pull it off and send Dita off on a good note on senior night & create some breathing room from the bottom of the WAC!

  80. duffer (iPhone):

    Six boys, a senior, a junior, and four sophomores

  81. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsai-kos!

    Heard that the giveaways for tomorrow night's men's bb game are stress balls. Yep, the fans are gonna need those stress balls watching the game.

  82. jm2375:

    Kazz - #73 - Galdones suspended for breaking team rules. Wahine down to 8 players.

  83. SteveM:

    duffer (iPhone):
    February 24th, 2010 at 7:47 pm
    Six boys, a senior, a junior, and four sophomores

    OK--who can give duffer bonding suggestions for his golf team?

    (all mine would be illegal) :|

  84. The Warrior Beat » Blog Archive | UH football, University of … | Drakz Free Online Service:

    [...] more from the original source: The Warrior Beat » Blog Archive | UH football, University of … Share and [...]

  85. whitey:

    duffer, take them to the philippines. hoooooooohaaaaaaaaah

  86. protector:

    Yahoo! Congrats to the Wahine Bball Team! Great win. Too close for
    comfort, though.

  87. protector:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  88. whitey:

    Congrats to the Wahines bb team. Their first half was more than very good, but in the 2nd half and towards the end, somehow they lost the concept that bb is a team sport. I like their perserverence and attitude and hope that they can continue through the WAC playoffs.

  89. anonymous:


    1.It breaks the monotony of regular off season training.

    2. Enhances team chemistry, unity, bonding

    3. Evokes leadership, team work

    4. Fuels competitiveness, the drive of winning

    5. Maintains discipline, game rules are enforced

    6. Develops character, execution

    7. Within the framework of the team it develops self esteem where the players are feeling good about themselves

    8. Promotes better attitude, team play

    9. Players are having fun, allows them to showcase their athleticism in different sports

    10.Allows them to think, game plan

    11. Develops intensity, boosts excitement

    12. Maintains stamina, endurance

    What the super games ultimately does it allows the players to ripen as a team. It allows them to have a little fun before the long and arduous training ahead of them. And simultaneously it's building the good qualities that are needed within the team and players.

    The Boise team, for example, in giving it's players a boost, a shot in the arm, in preparation for their bowl game this last season were playing soccer and handball in their free time.

    The principal I see is this analogy: If you play the piano all your life and then take a break and played the violin for relaxation and fun that when you do go back to playing the piano you do it with a lot more eagerness. For the Warriors when they get into the football mode they'll likely do it with a lot more eagerness, too. Super games are good and it supercharges the team.

  90. Kekoa:

    Great victory for the WBB. Congrats to the lone senior on the team. Dita, you did yourself proud girl. Good luck to you in whatever you choose to do.

  91. protector:

    anonymous on # 89,

    Great post; well expressed / articulated.

  92. Kekoa:

    Ditto protector. Good post anon!

  93. labratatouie:

    Too bad they can't use the stadium. Last year the band showed up and it was a game day atmosphere.

  94. koakane:

    congrats to the bball wahines for their gutty performance and most excellent win.

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  95. labratatouie:

    Wow i can't write like anonymous. My answer would have been yes.

  96. koakane:

    oh e kala mai, good evening to tsaiko country and #

    Show me the Friday night lights

  97. Bowwar:

    Show me the Friday night lights!

  98. al:'s is a great bonding experience.

  99. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Any idea who some of these "noteworthy" applicants for the coaching job might be?....

    According to Ferd Lewis' column maybe the admin might be looking at bringing new blood in.

    I for one am all for it if these are proven and successful coaches.

    Soooo, does anyone have the inside scoops? Maybe a couple names?

  100. al:

    duffer...find a beach cottage spend a weekend taking turns cooking, cleaning, fishing. have uncle whitey teach em how to dive and one paddle.

    no golf for the weekend.

  101. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Add to #99 ,

    Could it include possible candidates formerly with Texas Tech's staff? Or even Tenn?....hmmm

  102. al:

    iwonder.....thats gotta put a crimp in mack's plans don't you think???

  103. papajoe2:

    i read a few blogs ago that there is a golf tournament to benefit UH at waialae. does anybody have any information on such. i have a couple of teams that are interested.

  104. al:

    hmmmmm. i was gonna watch the replay of wbb game.
    now....what to do????

  105. al:

    koakane....your alma mater is here with there baseball team. i think there's a tournament here in maui.

    what other team would sit in the hotel lobby with their dress shirts and ties? being all polite and all.

  106. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    yep yep. thing is i don't know if the names will ever be made public. only speculation from our part as to who it might be.

    you know never, this might be a blessing in disguise.

    if it were T-Techs coaches I would think that Mack would all know them seeing he was with Leach for a while.

    Could be good, could be good. =)

  107. jm2375:

    al - watch it anyway. it was a good game.

    Congrats to the Wahine on their win on Senior Night!

  108. SteveM:

    February 24th, 2010 at 8:36 pm
    duffer, take them to the philippines. hoooooooohaaaaaaaaa

    February 24th, 2010 at 9:16 pm's is a great bonding experience

    Hmmmm. Are they supposed to be able to golf afterwards? :|

  109. al:

    stevem....he talked about bonding nothing to do with chasing a little white ball all over the lawn.'s is to wailuku and kuhio grill was to moilili.

  110. al:

    oops.... as = and

  111. Ralph:

    duffer six boys bonding with koa mahu would make them stronger, learn survival skills, perseverence, and feel lucky they live Hawaii

  112. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    #79 :cool:

    Nitey Nite and SWEET Winning Warrior/Wahine Dreams!

  113. al:

    dna = sa......spoo

  114. al:

    since you are all so bored except ralph.
    here's a test for you to find out if you are left brained or right brained.

  115. Jason:

    Hahaha, it says I'm 30% left brained, 70% right brained. Er ... :-D

  116. Slugger:


    I don't think that right-left brain test works. If I can find the one I saved, I'll send it to you.

    It was a good women's basketball game tonight! You should watch it even though you know the outcome. Lots of us watch the replays of the games even after seeing it live. Live it, love it!

  117. Momona:

    Whitey - carrying over from yesterday about the Diamond Sponsorships. I apologize if I offended you with my comment. It was not meant to criticize you - I did it in jest. My apologies.

  118. al: father like son.
    although i have a little more left than you.

  119. d1島:

    Congratulations DJ!

  120. al:

    jm911 and slugger....i am watching the game right now.
    good to see gaddis getting some meaningful pt.

  121. al:

    i think whitey is fast asleep.
    manapua overdose methinks.

  122. whitey:

    al, 45 left, 55 right. am surprised. thought was going be 0 left, 0 right.

  123. whitey:

    ralph, i told you say your prayers before going to sleep. the manapuas were something else and to top it off, i got one platter of poke to go along with it.

  124. al:

    anytime we can beat boise state in anything is good.
    let's have a jan ken po tournament with them.

    bsu is the new byu.
    and they both come dressed in blue.

  125. whitey:

    momona, over and pau.

  126. al:

    and miller lite
    whitey feasts.

  127. al:

    whitey....late meeting ended just before nine.
    ran over to da kitchen.
    the tempura mahi is the best i've had in a long time.
    the portions...i could not finish.
    must have served a pound of fish.

  128. Ralph:

    Al with gaddis, a walk on, the Na Wahine had 8 players dressed. She played about 7 minutes, the other 7 girls had to tough it out and win with a lot of determination. Coach Dana gave a few girls a few minutes rest except Kanekoa, she went the distance. With Dew and Gaddis seating most of the game, only six girls were pushed to the limit-credit the girls and coach on wise substitutions

  129. whitey:

    been putting a small pan of water in the yard for the birds, but every am, water gone, so figure must be deer. put a trail cam and lo and behold get more deer than i thought, 3 bucks in velvet, 2 does, and 1 fawn. cannot figure how the fawn jumps over the fence in the back.

  130. al:

    allie patterson is a great example of how her game has improved by leaps and bounds simply because she is focusing on playing better without the ball.

    i can see that happening with the team as a whole.

  131. whitey:

    al, thanks again for the puas and it's friends. they neva have chance and now all gone!!!!

  132. al:

    whitey...the buggah when crawl em.

    whoa plenny bambi in your back yard eh.
    my neighbor's kid is an expert at gutting and bleeding.
    when he brings back venison there is never a gamey taste.

  133. al:

    guess i need to double up your order.
    next one....more variety for a change.

  134. whitey:

    ralph, if coach dana is able to get quicker players next yr, it will be huge. i wonder if she going try to get the center from lunas to uh. she would be a rock in the middle.

  135. al:

    gaddis need to get in the weight room real quick.
    altough she as always been a thin one.
    was good hs player at kalani/la pietra

  136. whitey:

    I think the women bb team has a very good chance to get to the WAC playoffs and this is a feather in their cap.

  137. al:

    milika taufa has great knowledge of her low post role.
    she will get quicker if she works on it and could be a wes unseld type for any team.

    that guard maiki viela is a playa.

    together the m & m girls of lahainaluna were just awesome.
    at 5.4" viela can still compete like our long tradition of little fiesty points; mel azama, bj "da pilot" itoman, etc.

  138. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:


    I'm 35% left-brained and 65% right-brained. Not what I expected.

    POMAI - Sorry to take so long to answer your question in #60 - was at the Wahine basketball game and had to take two buses and then walk almost a mile from the busstop back to the house.

    Before I forget, I note that my Bad Eyes did not pick up the spelling error in #53 - it's Gubernatorial - not Gubbernatorial.

    Another somewhat-related political athletic issue: On Friday, March 5, at 1:15 pm, three of the current members of the Stadium Authority will be on the Committee on Economic Development and Technology's Agenda as Gubberantorial nominees for another term on the Stadium Authority through June 30, 2014.

    Are you saying that three of the existing members are trying to get another term?

    The nine members of the Stadium Authority are nominated by the Governor on a stagggered basis for four-year terms and are confirmed by the State Senate. Any individual can serve at least one additional four-year term. I will have to check to see if there are now any limitations as to how many terms a given member can serve. Back in the early days there were no limits - and the Stadium Authority was one of those boards/commissions that was used to pay off political IOUs. It was more than two decades before a woman sat on the Authority.

    Members confirmed last year will have their current terms expire in 2013 while the three this year will have their terms expire in 2014. That's three and four years AFTER a new Governor is elected this falll.

    Don't misunderstand my concerns here - the members are dedicated to what they are supposed to be doing, but....and this is a BIG but......I would prefer to have people on the Authority who understand how valuable Aloha Stadium is both financially and emotionally to the public..

    When I think about transit-oriented development, for example, and the potential revenues the parking lot could generate if planned properly for commercial/retail/light industrial/residential/ I would prefer that the members - at least some of them - have the vision and the ability to think way, way beyond two years from now.

    Let me do some research about the term limits, when the current members were appointed, and when their terms are up. I'm also got inquiries out about the upcoming budget requests for both Aloha Stadium and the Makai Campus as well as how much has been allocated AND released over the past three years for renovations, repairs, and new construction.

  139. protector:

    al, Jason & others,

    Came up with 35% left-brained, 65% right brained. It does seem appropriate as the test indicated that right brained people prefer sports, etc.

  140. protector:

    Congrats DJ!

  141. Jason:

    protector: Let me put it this way. Left-brained people like mathematics. The test says I'm right-brained. I have a degree in math, and I teach high school math and coach the math team. Go figure that out! :-)

    I did take another test online, which said I was 50-50. Well, I do have right-brain tendencies at times, although I'd say I'm a left-brain.

  142. Curt:

    Last? Time to catch some zzzzzzzzz.

  143. Ralph:

    Al and Whitey the Na Wahine need rebounders, tall, quick, and athletic. Only Arbuckle was quick enough or could jump high enough to get the rebounds. Patterson and Bunjaite tend to reach for the ball on tippy toes, not much jumping, and definitely not quick.

  144. Ralph:

    UH vs Oklahoma State in softball, 1030 am california time, on gametracker on OSU site.

  145. Pomai:

    #103 papajoe2:

    The only golf tournament I have heard of is the one Doris is putting on to benefit PIAA, which of course benefit's the whole state. But there could be another one.

  146. Pomai:

    cunnfunit, da test said I no more.......right or left says I stay in da middle.

  147. SteveM:

    RE: Al's #117 test

    I'm 35% left brain and 65% right brain.
    --same a Protector and WassupDoc. :)

    Never took such a test before. I'm curious. Slugger -- please send me the other test too.

  148. wafan:

    A great morning here in the PNW. As far as PNW mornings in February go, anyhow.

  149. wafan:

    Congrautlations DJ!!!

    Enjoy the game!`

  150. wafan:

    Yay for the Wahine Ballers! Any win is a good win.

  151. Garret:

    As many people already read, the gambling bills for Hawaii are now dead.

    The state House Finance Committee agreed last night to defer a bill that would have allowed a casino on O'ahu, as lawmakers discarded gambling as an option to help with the state's budget deficit.

    The committee also has decided not to hear a bill that would allow casinos on Hawaiian home lands, so lawmakers will likely not move any closer toward legalized gambling this session.

    Hawai'i and Utah are the only states that do not permit some form of gambling.

  152. Garret:

    I read that Kenny Turner visited NMSU last weekend and will not be visiting SMU this weekend...if Turner signs with NMSU, it will be interesting to see how he does against UH over the next 3 seasons.

  153. wafan:

    Seriously? Stress balls at the MBB game?

    Most appropriate.

    How many will be tossed toward the refs/players/coaches/trash can? Or simply left behind.

  154. mctruck:

    I find myself going around in circles from time to time, so maybe I'm 80-100 % right......sometimes I even list so much I actually crash on da floor.

  155. mctruck:

    who's Kenny Turner??

  156. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Aloha kakahiaka!

    Mmmm. Bambi ribs. Now I am hungry.

    Have a great HiHo day everyone !

  157. RainbowCliff:

    Good morning Tsaiko Nation, my deepest condolences goes out To Hawaii Great full back Mosi Tatupu as I watched him play at USC when I was 14 years old in front of my black and white TV set. I was a HUGHE sport fan and USC games were televised and Mosi was a "HORSE" opening up BIG holes for Ricky Bell and Sam "The Bam" Cunningham. Never met him but watched his career winning Rose Bowls and having a solid pro career at New England.

    From reading the many articles of his passing he was truely the "PRIDE" of Hawaii and opening many doors for polynesian players to play on the mainland and contribute sucessfully to his or her sport. A public moment of recognition should be establish in Hawaii for this GREAT athlete as well as kind person. It makes me feel good that I chose to play for Hawaii as all players from the past played with their Heart on their sleeves and played for the State and it's wonderful people !

    Have a GREAT day Tsaiko Nation and remember the power of "THE OHANA" as it is one of a kind that NO other culture can claim. Simply The Best, Better Then All The Rest !

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    TSAIKO 4 LIFE!!!

    Nuff said!

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