UH basketball game back on

February 27th, 2010

The UH basketball game will be played tonight.

It had been cancelled this morning because of  the tsunami warning. But when the warning was cancelled, UH officials decided it would be OK to play the game.

But the UH-BYU volleyball match on Maui will not be played today. No decision yet on if it will be rescheduled.

And today's baseball game was postponed, and now will be part of a doubleheader tomorrow.  The first game, which starts at 1 p.m., is the regularly scheduled Sunday game. The second game is today's postponed game. If you have a ticket to Sunday's game, you have rights to your designated seat for the 1 p.m. game. But you must vacate that seat for the second game if somebody else has an original Saturday ticket.

* * * * *

This morning, we went to fill up gas and hit Foodland. In times of crisis, these are what people seek:

• Water.

• Gas.

• Batteries (but the big-boy kind — D and 9 volt. There was no rush on AA or AAA batteries.

• Pet food.

• Toilet paper.

• Perry and Price.

* * * * *

It might not matter, but Slugger is the winner of six tickets to tomorrow's baseball game.

200 Responses to “UH basketball game back on”

  1. Momona:


  2. Momona:

    Take care everyone, heed the warnings and be safe!!!

  3. Momona:

    ST - would this game be made up at a later point in the season if it has bearing? BYU doesn't play on Sundays so postponing the game till tomorrow is not an option, right?

  4. Momona:

    Is the baseball game still on?

  5. wafan:

    Top 5?

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I've been told there's a possibility the match could be made up here. I guess they could extend BYU's stay through Monday.

  7. chawan_cut:

    how about basketball? i know sports isn't as important as safety, but it was senior night and they needed the greatest comeback ever in these last 3 games to make it to the wac tourney.
    be safe out there!

  8. βρεω808:


    Don't forget to charge-up all your "toys". Everyone - please be safe!

    BTW - what's the deal w/ 808 and TP? :roll:

  9. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    God Bless- be safe!
    Especially Big Island folks!!!

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Robert Kekaula: "I woke up this morning and there were all of these people in my house."

    Relatives from Waimanalo relocated to his house.

  11. chopsueyboy:

    eleven again

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Twelve! ;)

  13. NYUH:

    Be safe Hawaii! We've all been through the false alarms but no use taking unnecessary chances.

  14. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Whenever I order my Subways and ask them for everything, the "artist" always asks, "Did you want.....?" :evil:

    UH has cancelled all of today's sporting events, including the volleyball match between UH and BYU on Maui.

  15. chawan_cut:

    this is why i come to visit THIS paper. the other one still says the maui game is a go. sheesh.

  16. d1島:

    Please be safe all!

  17. Maverick:

    Nothing else should matter with this Wallop that mother nature is about to deliver.
    Residing down here close to cape kumuhahi pt. in Puna, there is no panic, but plenty of time to react and get prepared for evacuation.
    Last time we were put into evacutation mode, working on the beach in lahaina, the ghost town effect started right after all the liquor stores sold out. 1985, or '86 I believe. Turned out to be only minor, but important for that evacuation moment.

    This one is gonna have some reality slapping around for the shoreline residences here on our east side.
    I feel for hilo, because gridlock could be a real showdown soon.
    The bayfront area is so congested now with the canoe paddlers, and canoe storage, I can't imagine what will be going down with everyone thinking about getting the boats out of the area.

  18. d1島:


    There's another paper?

  19. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    Tsai-kos, you can follow the info (Joe Moore warning!) streaming here:

  20. d1島:


    BTW - what's the deal w/ 808 and TP?

    It's just a load of crap! ;-)

  21. koakane:

    morning 8) to you all and ditto d1 comments for being safe especially today.

    big :mrgreen: big congrats to cwade and the vball warriors on their victory against who dem oh I mean byu. they had to battle against some poor officiating at times. :evil: do these guys have someone who monitors their performances.

    take care now

  22. koakane:

    yep d1 something really smelly here bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    c_c Brand X is asking me for a username and pw to log in!

  24. Kazz:

    Aikae Bulletin.

    Crazy day. Brother woke me up with the civil defense siren blaring in the background.

    Got some cash, ***IMPORTANT TO GET CASH DURING POWER OUTAGE***, and filled up da tank, bro took care of da grinds. He left the house at 6:15 and JUST got back... Foodland was a mad house as expected...

  25. chawan_cut:

    i was just seeing what "they" were reporting. obviously not much. i'll just watch tv and twitter

  26. Kazz:

    When people call Perry and Price and ask if the State Wrestling Tourney is still on, obviously the message of public safety has not come through to some... :roll:

  27. Maverick:

    Kazz, those are the peeps that continue to live in their "own private Idaho"
    They just don't want to get it.

  28. Kazz:


  29. whitey:

    kekoa, know that you evacuated to the high land, how's the view????

  30. βρεω808:

    C_C, Liz_K - one demerit each! Eh - we're "open-minded" but we also keep score.... :roll:

    Kazz - no forget to charge up your electronics!

  31. Kazz:


    They don't get it, Mother Nature will GIVE it to them.

  32. βρεω808:

    whitey - Does this mean you got "extra" chocolate and peanut-butter mochi? :shock:

  33. Slugger:

    Goooood morning!

    My hula sistah in AZ called me this morning at 5:30 am to ask if I was going to be OK when the tsunami hits. So, I got to watch the moon set over the high rises. Made it to Sam's Club before they opened and got water for my Mom. Didn't need gas, thank Ke Akua.

    ST ~ Mahalo for the baseball tickets!

    Might be a double-header tomorrow. I'm thinking positive.

    HiFlyer, Pomai, Kekoa, Ralph, Kazz:

    If you guys want to go to tomorrow's game(s), let me know, since we were supposed to go today.

    HiFlyer: they might honor your tickets for today's game tomorrow. > We could get 6 more Tsaikos to da game!

  34. Kazz:


    Oh yeah, I did. My blackberry is good to go.

    T-Mobile SUCKS! When we had past power outages, no can use "all circuits busy"... I tried to call someone who has T-Mobile, and nada. I can understand an influx of calls at this time, but still that is pathetic...

    VZW BABY!!!!!!!!

  35. whitey:

    understand that some hotels in the tsunami zones are moving people up higher in the hotel. hope this works.

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    While the basketball game is currently canceled, if there's no damage from the tsunami, then there's a possibility it might be played. But it will take a petition to reopen the Manoa campus.

  37. wafan:

    Liz . . .

    Thanks for the video link.

  38. whitey:

    brew, the mochi sound super, but I don't think the Jones went to work this morning, so no more mochi. however, i do have a small bottle of 18 yr old Chivas in case of emergency!!!!

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    Big question:
    Where's Stretch?

  40. Kazz:

    I wonder who they will place on the committee that will be "needed" to form the petition to re-open the UH campus and I wonder if they will work smoothly with the other COMMITTEE that will meet to decide what sort of petition will be needed.

  41. d1島:

    "Marketing" is a 24/7 activity...

  42. Kazz:

    IF there is damage from the Tsunami to the UH campus..... uhhh....

    Man... ok, that is a whole different topic for another day.

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  43. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, the volleyball match is definitely canceled, mainly because many Maui residents are being evacuated to War Memorial Gym.

  44. Kazz:


    More people forget about this one than one would think.

  45. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Whitey ~ peeps are camping along side Kunia rd. Da view to Ewa beach is blocked by da "Pighting Cock! Wow this is unreal...so many tents the size of my UH tent.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    We bought the baby formula for the grand-daughter.

  47. whitey:

    Kazz, I don't have a phone directory, but in there is the tsunami zone and I would be very surprised to see if UH was in the tsunami zone. Most have never seen a tsunami and now many will get a first hand view of how destructive and powerful it is.

  48. Kazz:

    This is going to sound "out there", but since the Honolulu Zoo is closed, I wonder if the workers there noticed irratic behavior by the animals.

    There has been reported cases from the Indonesian Tsunami and many other natural disasters in the past of animals behaving oddly prior to the actual event occuring.

    If I saw an Elephant and a Tiger holding hands running up Diamond Head, I'd kaka in my pants and then follow them promptly.

  49. Kazz:

    Something about all these tourists on Diamond Head road with smiles on their faces "eagerly" waiting the arrival of something like this makes me want to re-instate KILL "HAOLE" DAY.

    Hope all of you out there have been entertained so far. :roll:

  50. Slugger:


    Da phonebook WHITE pages get da tsunami zones, not da yellow pages, like dey said on TV news...got da Aloha stadium seat map, tho.

    I'm not in da zone, so UH-Manoa is really not in dere. I hope da players stay in da zone.

  51. Kazz:

    *Wahine Softball vs Oklahoma was cancelled.*

    Game prior to this was cancelled too so must be a weather thing in California.

  52. Stevenson:

    Something about all these tourists on Diamond Head road with smiles on their faces "eagerly" waiting the arrival of something like this makes me want to re-instate KILL "HAOLE" DAY.

    Kazz - joking or not, this type of post is not appropriate and can be construed in many ways.

    ST - I hope this is deleted.

  53. Stretch:

    Was up at 330am this morning deciding if we should go Maui or not. Figured the golf course was along the ocean so wouldn't be a good idea to be on the course around 11am. Bummed that the VB game is cancelled but still might head over to Maui if the airports are open and roads clear. Stand by....

  54. Slugger:

    I'm so tired, I posted this at the end of the last blog...

    Hope all who need to move up have done so already. Stay safe, friends. Mahalo to those like Bulla keeping people safe.

    My great grandfather's pool hall in Hilo was wiped out in the 1946 tsunami.

    I need a nap...

  55. wafan:


    Congratulations, Slugger!!!

  56. rasu begasu:

    This sucks can't call my boy in HNL or any other family
    Circuits are super busy
    Worried most about the son, 'tard lives in Waikiki and is a deep sleeper
    and is lazy to boot.
    At least he's a good swimmer.

  57. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Guess I ran out of adrenaline last night and fell asleep. :( Glad all our on-line friends got longer advance notice. The blog and FB is a great peer info-sharing medium...as long as we have electricity.

    Stay dry everyone!

  58. wafan:

    rasu . . .

    I hope he goes to see Uncle Bulla and Aunty Lynn if he needs to go upward.

  59. wafan:

    Just saw pix of the major road between N and S Santiago. Dang. There are crazy people everywhere. Folks there were climbing onto the cracked, broken and very warpped roadway.

    Weird how the hill in the background kind of looked like a famous hill on O'ahu.

  60. wafan:

    Weirdest shot of the day -- so far. On CNN a shot of the Chinese Outlet (Walmart) in Honolulu. Guy pushing a cart with 2-3 bags of rice, 1-2 cases of water, and other things. Must be big rice eaters.

  61. wafan:

    Hopefully there are no nut-cases out there who will try to catch a nice wave.

  62. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Although our house is below sea level - we live in the lower part of the Enchaned Lake area on reclaimed land which was under water 60 years ago, we are also about a mile and half inland. Unless the tsunami is far more powerful than expected, we are just staying put.

    The big question is whether DrDoc is going to be able to get into downtown Honolulu to get into work. With baseball postponed and basketball probably canceled, why bodda to try to get into a downtown highrise less two blocks away from Honolulu Harbor just to prepare a few tax returns..

    Hopefully the Falls of Clyde will be okay. I'm not directly involved with the the organization anymore, but I still have a lot of aloha for the ship itself.

    Take care and see you at tomorrow's baseball games for sure.

    Than reminds me - is there any interest here in "renting" the big blue Budweiser tent out alongside the right field foul line fence and behind the Rainbows bullpen for a Tsai-ko Bowsball party? I'm making an inquiry for another organization and will share the information here if there is any interest. The per person cost will be for a ticket plus food & beverages. I expect that the cost will be around $20 - $25 per person. I don't know if folks who already have season tickets will have to pay a second time, but why not give away the ticket to someone on a limited income.

  63. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Calm before the calm. (I hope).
    ST- Stretch sez he's ready to catch a plane to Maui when all in clear.

  64. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Guy Hagi has been thinking about extreme weather for years. He must be having an adrenalin rush!

  65. whitey:

    looks like there is starting to have initial changes to the shoreline water. the big island will be hit first and because of past experiences, they will be taking no chances. my sister said bhf2 and his staff secured his office and all are in the safe zone.

  66. koakane:

    Than reminds me - is there any interest here in "renting" the big blue Budweiser tent out alongside the right field foul line fence and behind the Rainbows bullpen for a Tsai-ko Bowsball party? I'm making an inquiry for another organization and will share the information here if there is any interest. The per person cost will be for a ticket plus food & beverages. I expect that the cost will be around $20 - $25 per person. I don't know if folks who already have season tickets will have to pay a second time, but why not give away the ticket to someone on a limited income

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc: got a good idea and interested if it doesn't cost arm and a leg. more info would be great. I can picture the tsaiko's parte-ing out there with the tsaiko banner up against the fence. whooootahhhhhh

  67. duffer (iPhone):

    Rob25 and family here on Maui with no place to go

  68. SteveM:

    Just saw the Oahu south shore shots on the news. As a cruiser, I am curious where the Pride of America is waiting at sea. They were to disembark their 2,000 passengers at Pier 2 Hono this morning. Captain had a major decision to make early this morning to do it or not.

    Anyone know?

  69. duffer (iPhone):

    Wouldn't you know it, Rob and her sister found a shopping center that's open. :-)

  70. protector:

    Like 'chawan_cut', I'm hoping things will turn out okay so that the basketball game can take place. And like Kazz, I'm hoping that the main players will get their act together to MAKE the game happen tonight. Although I'm too cynical to hold my breath, I'm still idealistic enough to hope they get this right!


    Just like koakane, I'm up for it!

  71. protector:

    Hey, is everyone hearing this; that there is some idiot in the water at Waikiki??
    As the old Bugs Bunny / Warner Bros. cartoons would say: What a maroon!

  72. Pomai:

    Slugger what time will we need to meet for the DBL header?

  73. Slugger:

    Hi, Stephen,

    The hard-core Tsaikos want to go to the baseball game tomorrow. I'll call you later so figure out the tickets for tomorrow. Thanks!

  74. d1島:

    re: Bud Light Bullpen

    remember reading about a $1200 fee and max 20 people; trying to locate the place I saw that

  75. d1島:

    Found it.

    Grand Slam Club brochure


    $1250 Use of Bullpen for party of 20

    It doesn't say what's included with that fee

  76. chawan_cut:

    the main tiser site is down for some reason.

  77. Jason:

    chawan_cut: It's been sporadic all morning. I can only imagine the strain the HA servers are under.

  78. d1島:


    I bought the power switch....and turned it OFF

  79. d1島:


  80. Slugger:

    Pomai, Ralph, HiFlyer, Kekoa, Kazz,

    I should be at Murakami by 12:30 p.m.

  81. Pomai:

    Crap I can't post on FB but can see all others updates.

  82. Ralph:

    UH down 7-1 top 5 Arizona batting. UH with 1 hit. Parnaby started, lasted 3 innings, Ricketts in. UH with 2 errors.

  83. al:

    i dare say that slugger has her own male harem?

  84. Slugger:

    My bud's...

  85. Slugger:

    It's pretty interesting to see the ebb & flow of the tsunami wave action.

  86. Ralph:

    bottom 5th UH scores a run on 3 walks and a HBP. Jenna Rodriquez hit a solo homer in the 2nd. UH with 5 Ks in 5 innings. Arizona up 7-2, top 6 with Az batting.

  87. wafan:

    Looks like the state dodged the tsunami.


  88. chawan_cut:

    yup. got lucky.

  89. wafan:

    So, how does one go about requesting a committee to study the feasibility of studying the feasibility of a blue ribbon committee to investigate the possibility of making a preliminary recommendation to begin the laying the initial groundwork to seek those qualified individuals who might be selected to serve on a committee to make a recommendation to the BOR through the proper channels, of course, to gather information on the possibility of opening the UHM campus to perhaps allow sporting events in the near future?

  90. d1島:


    Request the form...

  91. al:

    what concerns me is that we have been having a rash of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters in greater numbers and magnitudes.

  92. Ralph:

    UH loses to Arizona 8-3. Parnaby with the loss. Majam hit a solo homer in the 7th. UH finished with 2 hits, both homers. UH finished the tournament 1-3, unless the cancelled Oklahoma game is rescheduled.

  93. al:

    i wonder what rob and ohana are doing about now?

    maybe smelling the flowers at the kula lavender farms or riding a mule in haleakala would be nice.

  94. Ralph:

    Al too many evangelicals stirring up the heavens-Armageddon, Apocalypse-Pestilence, War, Famine and Death and we are located in the rim of fire.

  95. al:

    belated congrats to stutz1 as he pursues his life long dream to one day become a head coach for a d1 program.

  96. βρεω808:

    "riding a mule in haleakala" - What - Benson is there on Maui??? :shock:

  97. al:

    they have these neat bike riding stuff where they truck you up to the top of haleakala and then unpack the ten speed bikes. adorn you with a helmet, knee pads, and other falldown gear.

    throw you on the bike and say, okay meet you at the bottom of the hill. you determine your own pace or speed.

  98. al:

    i believe that tiffany's is out of the tsunami zone.

  99. Ralph:

    with Argentina's earthquake, will the tsunami amplitude be a summation of both quakes or at least the Chile's after shocks and the Argentine's quake.

  100. whitey:

    Tiffany's and sum of the dark side merchants are outside the tsunami zone. Did you see the poor popa on dryland??? Also the urchins, could have made sum uni for sushi.

  101. whitey:

    dark side merchants are opening as usual, no day off!!!!!!!

  102. Momona:

    On the top right corner of this page, why is the website sponsored by Valentine Love Lines? Valentine's was 2 weeks ago?

  103. Garret:

    I'm glad that it seems that Hawaii avoided any major tsunami damage.

  104. Ralph:

    7.0 earthquake reported off of Okinawa on Saturday morning..

  105. Ralph:

    okay Kazz you can come out from under the bed, the tsunami warning is being reduced, time to play.

  106. Ralph:

    momona you must have a different ad, i got UH athletics, equifax and identify guard, no valentine ads

  107. Ralph:

    i quess the ads to change, now its Moms like me. Never paid attention before Momona's post.

  108. d1島:

    i quess the ads to change, now its Moms like me. Never paid attention before Momona's post.

    A life-changing moment for Ralph :lol:

  109. d1島:

    Anyone in need of 14 pots full of water? :roll:

  110. Jason:

    KHON ticker reports, "UH basketball game now back on the schedule at 7:05 P.M. at Stan Sheriff Center."

  111. SteveM:

    February 27th, 2010 at 12:53 pm
    they have these neat bike riding stuff where they truck you up to the top of haleakala and then unpack the ten speed bikes. adorn you with a helmet, knee pads, and other falldown gear.

    throw you on the bike and say, okay meet you at the bottom of the hill. you determine your own pace or speed.

    Al-- it's available as a ship activity/excursion too. From the ship, it's an excursion that departs at 3:00 AM and watches the sunrise from Haleakala first. Visualize the cattle call Tsai-kos on bikes...we might have to bring our own custom bicycle seats though. :-)

    The falldown gear must be something recent. Last year I heard it was shut down for a while when someone fell of their bike and was critically injured or died. Still, it is an activity to remember...and you're back in time for the late breakfast buffet or early lunch. :)

  112. Jason:

    K5 confirms the same just now, as well.

  113. papajoe2:

    UH Mbb on tonight!!

  114. d1島:

    Shhhh...no tell Nevada.

  115. Jason:

    UH sports update:


  116. d1島:


    It doesn't say anything about TP streamers being allowed in the Arena tonite....

  117. don weir:

    Na Koa Update

    Mahalo to Tom, Jeff, and Russ getting up early here in San Francisco to sit down and talk with me about UH Football, Na Koa, and UH Athletics in the future. It is always gratifying to speak with fellow letterwinners, alums, and supporters!!!
    I didn't have all of the answers but I listened to the ideas. I changed my view on some things. I had the opportunity to tell UH Football stories!!

    Yes we will change our position and talk not about Na Koa helping to take Warrior Football to the next level but to identify aspects of that level: Top NCAA 25 team year after year. Win the conference (Pac 12). Win a bowl game (BCS).
    We will help lead the charge to call for a high profile group, well connected, to aid in the effort to place UH as a Pac 12 school. It is in our best interest as a support mechanism (Na Koa Football Club), a school (UH Manoa) , a business community, and as a state to make this happen.
    We will give Na Koa members on the neighbor islands and the mainland an even shake when it comes to membership benefits
    We will give all members news updates on activities surrounding away games and first shot at any activities put on by Na Koa

    Members will have an easier time to purchase tickets in the Warrior Football sections at away games.

    Na Koa will support neighbor island and mainland members in ways possible and permissable under NCAA, UHAD, and UHF guidelines.

    Mahalo for the ideas this morning guys!!

  118. al:

    whitey darkside adventures would be a great respite from all the stress. go back and pick up that popa for some nice hot chiri soup.

    did anyone ever find stretch???

  119. al:

    stevem....only eki cyclery carries the tsaiko bike seat. its called the "spread w/box springs".

  120. al:

    and thank God that this tsunami passed with no damages reported.

    d1....i have 150 gallons of water in various coolers. what to do?
    too bad i can't fit in them to take a tub bath. then again my neighbors would call hpd for indecent and gross exposure since they are out on the driveway.

    i kept telling the boss that no need the water.

    maybe a waipio car wash could use some extra water?

  121. duffer (iPhone):

    Stretch & Sleaze are safely on Maui.…

  122. d1島:


    that means Oahu is safe from Stretch and Sleeze! :lol:

  123. d1島:


    Not today! We were thinking the possibility was high that a lot of car might be getting "washed" anyway.....

  124. d1島:

    don weir,

    Sounds great! Mahalo for the update.

  125. d1島:

    ....or was that "washed away"?

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    Sorry, just woke up.
    I guess that's how I deal with potential disaster. I sleep.

  127. duffer:

    There's another warning for Maui, worst then the tsunami. It's the "darkside" tsunami warning! :-)

  128. Alex:

    Hey stephen i slept too. Weather is all around bleh today. Don't know if making up the basketball game tonight is a good thing or bad thing, but i guess UH does need to win to catch up to Boise St and qualify for the WAC tournament

  129. RedZone:

    I fell asleep to waiting for Sue Numme. I heard she was coming but failed to showup.

  130. Slugger:

    I'm up from my nap...the only thing to do if you were up really early this morning.

    Guess I can go to the basketBows game.

    Don Weir,

    Thanks for the update.

    Wish I could haul the bathtub of water over to my garden...

  131. wafan:

    If the water company complains that water use went up someone needs to go down and smack 'em upside the head.

  132. Stephen Tsai:

    We're going to basketball tonight.
    I love to yell and I often say things that don't make sense, so this is a perfect opportunity to yell things that don't make sense.
    Besides, I've had such tunnel vision with football, volleyball, softball and grand-parenting, that I haven't paid any attention to basketball. This is a chance to see for myself what Derek, Anonymous and Post Manke are talking about.

  133. Momona:

    Michelle Wie is 2 under after 4 holes in the final round. She's just 2 shots back of the leaders who haven't teed off yet.

  134. chawan_cut:

    I always yell stuff that the WAC refs never seem to see or understand.

  135. Stephen Tsai:

    I think refs have a tough job.
    And the games are so fast now, it's easy to miss a call.
    The only thing I don't like is when you can see a ref is focusing on one area, like 3 seconds or a travel. There's 3 seconds and traveling on every play. It's like a police officer trying to catch speeders going Kailua bound in the morning. Everybody is speeding, but does it matter if there's no traffic?

  136. chawan_cut:

    i'm surprised how well everyone got out of the danger zone. it was a good practice for next time. hope everyone listens next time and doesn't do the cry wolf thing and ignore the warnings.
    we got lucky.

  137. chawan_cut:

    we're just there to remind the refs how much they're missing.

  138. Slugger:

    ST ~ Bring the baseball tickets to the game tonight. I'll get them from you there.

    Does anyone want baseball tickets for the double-header tomorrow?

  139. Stephen Tsai:

    When I first got the UH football beat, in 1991, I was kind of a bastard.
    That's what we're taught in journalism, to be bastards.
    And then one spring, Wagner asked me and Paul Arnett to be guest coaches for a scrimmage at Aloha Stadium.
    So you see the commitment and effort up close .
    Ever since then I try to be understanding. I mean, you can still be a bastard when needed. But you have to be fair, and be sensitive to feelings. So, yeah, I might not like officiating, but I try to be somewhat understanding.

  140. HiFlyer:

    Slugger - how many tickets do you have left?

  141. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    I have... just too much spam.

  142. Slugger:

    I have 2 tickets left; I may need one of your's for a friend if she can make the 2nd game tomorrow.

    Thanks, ST!!!

  143. al:

    kazz must be one thick musubi, eh?

  144. Ralph:

    Don Weir #117 thank you for the report and info, but you could have learned that by reading this blog or coming to our cattle calls. It has been hashed over many times. We can thank the mainland group for their effort and your open mindedness to help UH football become a successful program with new ideas and loftier goals.

  145. Pomai:

    Ok on a baseball note - that kid Kitamura who is playing third base is a good one, he has made some outstanding plays at third. Now if he can get his hitting going he will be one of the real good ones, and he is only a Fr.

  146. bighilofan2:

    what a day! Left house about 4:30 a.m. Cleared out BHF2's office (in an inundation zone), went down to the Bayfront to help clear out Canoe Club. Moved about 10 6 man canoes and much more. We then went to a park upslope to watch. Could see water being sucked out but the water coming back wasn't much, thank God. Finally, home at about 1:30. Tired but thought you all would want to know how BHF2's day went. Hope you are all well and safe. Signed Big Hilo Fan 2's wife.

  147. Ralph:

    I guess I wasn't the only one put to sleep watching Guy Hagi and the tsunami watch. I just got up about 20 minutes ago.

  148. Ralph:

    good job Susan, while you were doing all this work, where was bighilo?

  149. Momona:

    #145 - Kitamura is a good one. Comes from good baseball lineage. Grandpa was Dick Kitamura, Farrington & Mid-Pac baseball coach, who had an great baseball mind. Dad is Galen Kitamura, ex-Punahou & Colorado State great who used to coach at Damien and Punahou. Uncle is David Kitamura who played at Colorado State and I believe was the first Hawaii-born Collegiate All-American. Still is the smoothest-fielding shortstop in the makule leagues.

  150. Pomai:

    #146 Now how did we know that it wasn't BHF2 writing that comment - we could understand what was being written LOL

  151. Pomai:

    Basketball starts at 7 do you think we will hear ST in the crowd?

  152. Slugger:

    Hey, Susan! You did a lot today. Take a nap...

    I also liked what I saw of Kitamura.

    K, off to basketball....

    Esme & out...

  153. protector:

    Great news about the basketball game tonight! So miracles do happen once in awhile, huh?

  154. wafan:

    #90 . . .


    Well, that was too easy.

  155. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Back on the ceded lands, safe and sound. Thankful that Ke Akua spared me any turmoil.

    Baby girl experienced her 1st emergency Evac. Handled it like a real trooper! Her smiles and laughter kept everyone in good steed.

  156. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Thanks for the report from Hilo town Susan. Glad you and the big guy are safe.

    Give him a NCIS - Tony D'noso slap to the back of his head for us, for all his help.

  157. postmanke:

    c'mon +5 1/2! Tsunami Tsaturday

  158. Ralph:

    Momona didn't Glenn Goya make all american at Colorado State, I know he did very well as a hitter. Murakami had one scholarship, Goya or Ako, Murakamin needed to build with pitching. Too bad for Hawaii he didn't have a full complement of scholarships from day one.

  159. Ralph:

    people read the paper and showed up at the SSC tonight, I hope they have a good crowd for senior night.

  160. Ralph:

    UH finishes 1-3, Fresno Stat 2-3 in the 2010 Cathedral Classic, does not bode well for WAC RPI for softball. We beat the non ranked teams, lose to all the ranked teams, except Stanford in Hawaii, so UH RPI will start low. Once the WAC starts, there won't be many opportunities to build up the RPI points

  161. Momona:

    Ralph - I'm not sure but I believe he led the NCAA in batting average.

  162. postmanke:

    132 - hey, i dont think i've made any comments on BB all season other than leave em alone, let them finish the season. =)

    I dont get frustrated watching them anymore.. it is what it is on the court. nothing changes unless nothing changes.

  163. duffer (iPhone):

    Anyone know of a hotel or condo near Turtle Bay?

  164. duffer (iPhone):

    EH al,

    The kids lucked out today, the tsunami cancelled the match. Whitey and Sleaze playing their match tonight.

  165. Kazz:


    Softball RPI won't matter if we win the WAC tournament. :cool:

  166. Garret:

    Texas will travel to Hawaii to play the UH baseball team next season.

    The Longhorns are heading to Hawaii to take on the Rainbows in a series.

    “Yeah, we’re planning on going to Hawaii,” Texas coach Augie Garrido confirmed. “So Stanford will come here next year and we will go there two years in a row sometime down the line.”

    So get ready to head to Hawaii, Longhorn fans.

  167. Garret:

    UH should get a nice boost in football ticket revenue--I read that USC fans are buying UH season tickets to get better seats than where the visitor's section is. Those seats may remain empty for the rest of the season, but it will be nice for UH to get that money.

  168. Ralph:

    if we win the WAC softball tournament, but then again, a low RPI puts UH against a top RPI team bracket, cannon fodder.

  169. Garret:

    I hope that the basketball team can keep thing going...I won't post the score because Al might be DVRing this game.

  170. Garret:

    "thing" should be "things"

  171. postmanke:


  172. Ralph:

    Momona I know Goya was one of the leading national hitters and he won conference batting titles but I was wondering about the all american status. I think Kitamura followed Goya to CSU. I think Kitamura played there the same time Leroy Ujimori, Kaimuki HS, played at CSU or their careers there overlapped.

  173. Ralph:

    no worries, Al using his DVR to record the tsunami!

  174. duffer (iPhone):

    @Ralph & 173


  175. Ralph:

    Stephen goes to his first mbb game and they win. I hope his karma helps the wahine softball team this season, but he did attend the football games didn't he. lol.

  176. Momona:

    Ralph - David Kitamura was at CSU in the late 60's. Glenn was there in either '71 or '72. Galen Kitamura went there in '74.

  177. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    One of the greatest chefs in Europe has created dishes that the astronauts now eat in space--he said that the old freeze-dried tubes that the astronauts tasted like "cat food" and replaced them with delicacies like braised veal cheeks with wild mushrooms.

  178. Garret:

    New Jersey man was shot with a stun gun, beaten, kidnapped and driven from New Jersey to Missouri by his kidnappers...and it turned out that his kidnappers had meant to kidnap a different man with the same name as him!

  179. Garret:

    Australia's 400 meter hurdles champion (she won the world championship twice) had her breast implants removed to improve her chances of winning a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.

  180. Garret:

    Wealthy couple from Iceland who are renting an apartment at a luxury hotel in Manhattan for about $300k are being sued for installing an inexpensive IKEA kitchen.

  181. Garret:

    The Olympic Villages were stocked with 100,000 condoms for the athletes (an average of 14 per athlete)...and they have run out and need an "emergency airlift" of 8,500 more condoms!

  182. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  183. Ralph:

    UH has games against Boise at Boise, and Idaho at Idaho. Boise finishes with a game against SJst. Down to the wire.

  184. Ralph:

    Senior night, no long whispers by Ariel Chun, program moving along

  185. Momona:

    Ralph - according to the CSU website, Goya was an All-American in 1977. Both he and David Kitamura are in the school's hall of fame.

  186. Momona:

    Michelle Wie finishes in 15th place - 6 strokes behind Ai Miyazato who won her 2nd straight tournament.

  187. Kazz:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SC fans stay the _ _ _ _ away from Section UU Orange Level!!!

  188. al:

    duffer....not much except turtle bay resort in that area.

    there are a lot of beach cottages available in the north shore.
    when is the golf tourney?
    how many coming?
    etc, etc, etc...

  189. al:

    garret...thanks for your consideration. you are too polite. this time though i actually watched the live broadcast.

    been a long day trying to keep up with the tsunami since last night.

    btw, over 100k condos eh?
    whew. no wonder no records are falling.

  190. Ralph:

    thanks Momona, we must be in the same generation lol

  191. SteveM:

    Sheesh... I had to go the main HA page to get the score on the bb game. I was too busy writing a term paper to watch. :|

  192. SteveM:

    duffer -- would a bed & breakfast place suffice? Google "Kahuku bed and breakfast" or similar.

  193. Slugger:

    Yay! What a great BasketBows game!

  194. jm2375:

    Howzit guys!

    We dodged a bullet today. Got woken up at 5:40 this morning by an automated call from my employer. That, I could have done without. Lounged around and slept through the all clear determination. Ended up taking the keeed to Windward Mall. Tried to purchase some stuff from Macy's that was on sale this am only. Turns out they were open this morning!! Wouldn't honor this morning's sale price. I may complain, but dunno how much good it would do...

    Finally, the bb team wins! Congrats. Now gotta win on the road. Hah!

  195. Ralph:

    HOYA SAXA goes down to Norte Dame, ND is looking at being an invitee to the dance, they are on the bubble.

  196. Slugger:

    Night all! Glad that you all are safe and warm.

    Hope our blog host had fun at the MBB game twirling those freakish looking signs. Did it help? Looked like it might have.

    More UH sports tomorrow...Koakane, you going to be there?


  197. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    ST looked like he enjoyed himself in the student section!

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