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March 7th, 2010

In 1995, three years after winning the Holiday Bowl and with a couple of years left on his revoloving football contract, Bob Wagner asked the higher-ups about his job situation. Apparently assured about his security, he started renovations on his house. With a game left in that season, he was fired. Business, he was told. Team had consecuive losing seasons, offense was uninspiring, and a change was needed to spur next season's ticket sales.

The point wasn't whether it was the right move — history will judge replacing Wagner with Fred vonAppen — but would Wagner have operated differently had he known he had less sand on his tenure than what he believed.

Despite injuries and suspensions, this basketball season rests on head coach Bob Nash. The team has had three consecutive losing seasons, the offense was uninspiring and budget-minded officials are concerned about next season's ticket sales.

Same question, different Bob: Would Nash have operated differently if  he had known this was a make-or-break season, especially after receiving an extension last year?

This was to be Nash's final year of an original three-year contract. But last year, a fourth year — 2010-2011 season — was added, with the promise of a fifth year if he met certain goals within the two-year span. Extending Nash's contract was in contrast to the situations of volleyball coach Mike Wilton and baseball coach Mike Trapasso, who coached under soon-to-be-expiring contracts in 2009. Wilton retired as head coach, and Trapasso was given a one-year contract extension.

By extending Nash's contract last year, it gave the appearance  his job would be safe through next season. As we've learned, business isn't science.

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Jacky Buder found a way to do what tourism officials could not: stage a Pro Bowl activity in Hawai‘i in a year when the Pro Bowl was not held here.

His Field of Legends Football Clinic was a success yesterday at Aloha Stadium. A Who's Who of UH football standouts served as guest instructors, such as Colt Brennan, Davone Bess, Jesse Sapolu, Chad Owens, Maa Tanuvasa, Vince Manuwai, Samson Satele, Laanui Correa, Chris Brown, Eddie Klaneski, David Maeva, and so forth.

Buder had wanted to cap the morning session at 220 kids. But he extended the cap to 250 because of the large response. Another 150 attended the afternoon session for older kids.

bf-coltColt Brennan

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bf-davoneDavone Bess

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bf-jakeJake Ingram

bf-vinceVince Manuwai

bf-chadChad Owens

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fb-eddieEddie Klaneski


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