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A new direction

March 27th, 2010

With Don Weir leaving as Na Koa's executive director and great samaritan Don Murphy taking a break from hosting the Pigskin Pigout, the football booster club will be challenged to find revenue-raising avenues.

Or not.

Maybe it's time to re-think some of the expenses.

First, there are things that should not be changed. Tuition for summer school and fifth-year students are a must. The club's most basic purpose is to help the student-athletes. In that regard, how about limiting the training table only to players? It would save a lot of money — and wasted food. On the road, every meal is catered. How about catering two meals a day, and giving the players a small per diem for  the extra meals and snacks? It will save money, and give players a little more independence.

Also, maybe the director of football operation's position should be fully paid by the athletic department. It is clearly an important position.

What it comes down to is, as one Upper Campus official said, the athletic department is "under-funded" by the school and the state. A university does benefit from successful intercollegiate athletic programs — through increased enrollment, stature, jobs created and opportunities for women. If more of the necessary expenses — summer school, key positions — can be placed on the athletic department, it would help in its requests for more financial help through subsidies or student fees.

* * * * *

Belated congratulations to Inoke Funaki, who recently got married.

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