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Manoa makeover

March 29th, 2010

Yep, the word on the boulevard was true. So adjust your lineup cards for these football coaching changes:

• Nick Rolovich will be the offensive coordinator in charge of quarterbacks.

• Ron Lee will be the assistant offensive coordinator working mostly with the receivers.

• Dave Aranda will be the defensive coordinator in charge of linebackers.

• Cal Lee will be the assistant head coach in charge of defensive ends.

• Tony Tuioti will be an assistant coach in charge of defensive tackles.

• George Lumpkin has been recommended as the director of player personnel (a positioned funded by Na Koa).

As part of the established pay ranges set by the Board of Regents, Rolovich, Aranda and Tuioti will receive pay raises.

* * * * *

Several years ago, the NBA figured out that it takes a minimum of 0.3 seconds to catch an inbounds pass and shoot.

In that vein, I would love for the math geniuses — Jason? — to get together and come up with a formula in which a trailing team cannot catch up by fouling. I bring this up because Duke is up by eight, and Baylor keeps fouling. And that's how a great sport like basketball takes five minutes to play the final 40 seconds. There has to be a mathematical point where it really is over before it's over.


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