Roving reporters

March 31st, 2010

The Warrior Beat is taking it outside with today's live coverage from UH's first practice of spring training.

We'll probably start at 8:30 a.m., then do live interviews at about 9.

Please join us.

* * * * *

Cornerback Tank Hopkins will miss spring ball because of an injury. Plans are for Hopkins, who started a few games as a junior last year, to redshirt in the fall. Hopkins will provide experience help in 2011.

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  1. Slugger:

    See ya there!

    Lewis told me that Tank hurt himself. Get well!

  2. al:


  3. Slugger:

    ST ~

    The replay is still stopping. I think it's the ad updates on the Warrior Beat video page. When it stops playing, the link showing up at the bottom of the page is: Waiting to .... display something different on the page. Could you get Gannet to STOP updating the page! Static ads. We're not going to look at the advertisements if we can't watch the show.


  4. al:

    i am watching the donovan chat without no difficulties. in fact, it is one of best feeds ever.

    perhaps your internet service is to blame or your router needs to be reset.

  5. 99club:

    Looking forward to the reports today! Rooting for the military vets to make the team. PEV JQ!


    Football is here! Well, almost.

  7. rylen:

    top 10

  8. 99club:

    Jason Elam retires today. A couple Super Bowl rings and a share of the NFL record for longest field goal. Not bad!

  9. Ralph:

    okay, I'm game, how do I reset my router to watch the livestreaming. I'm on oceanic cable and road runner. I can't remember the last time I was able to watch a video on livestreaming. I use both IE8 and firefox browsers, neither work. But I can watch Access on SMUMustangs and their video interviews work properly.

  10. SteveM:

    Ralph -- off-hand, I would not suspect the router (if you have one). Simply because if your router was not working, you would not be here posting. There are more complex possibilities, but I don't think it's something you would touch.

    But if you need to do "resetting", I prefer the 3-lb sledge to the carpenter claw hammer. Before that, try downloading the PC version of Safari from Apple and see if makes a difference.

    Good night.

  11. anonymous:

    Re-The start of the Heffernan era.

    With the start of spring ball today my curiosity would be of what approach the new strength and conditioning coach takes in leading practice.

    Everyone will be watching his inaguration.

    The players, coaches, media, observers and fans will get a first hand look of how Heffernan leads the players through the drills. And they want to see if it's different than in the past, especially of how it compares to how DeLaura lead the drills.

    Some of the questions that looms in everyone's mind will be answered today. Like what demeanor does the new strength and conditioning coach exude. Does he crack a whip or is he a patty caker, like the last one? Is he his own person or another brown nose, like the last one, too? Will there be stretching? Calisthenics? And most of all will the players be doing their exercises meaningful?

    Coach Mack recognized that there needed to be a change. In one interview he mentioned to the effect, as to why he hired Heffernan, is that he wanted his players to be better conditioned.

    As today's practice commences all eyes will be on Heffernan. That is for sure.

  12. ai-eee-soos:

    Good luck to Tank.

    Great idea regarding redshirting - will bring experience to 2011.

  13. wafan:

    Good morning, again!

  14. wafan:

    Whoo-hoo! Lucky 13!!!

  15. wafan:

    Maybe a dumb question. So, is Tank collecting and organizing his information -- just in case?

  16. wafan:

    Thought I had some melatonin. Need to find some later today.

  17. wafan:

    I hope the WB Show replay works.

  18. mctruck:

    The Tank situation unfortunate as it may seem illustrates why UH needs to try to stick to recruiting freshmen. It takes a recruit atleast a year or two to make adjustments to the system and in many cases by the time the team benefits from the so-called time and investment, the player is almost out the door so to speak.
    As the saying goes......"we hardly got to know him."

  19. Bulla:

    did someone say SPRING BALL?????

    see you there ST and's gonna be a great day in Hawaii Nei.......the story continues.............i hear that on the D side of the line, there is a lot of respect for coach tony, coach cal, and coach aranda....GO WARRIORS :)

  20. Garret:

    Sad to hear that Tank is injured so badly that he has to miss this season and redshirt.

  21. Garret:

    I hope that the replay works so that I can see this show and the JD show tomorrow...early reports did not seem to indicate that the Advertiser tech people fixed things. I appears that the show is fine live but not on replay, which is strange because there are all types of compression and other things that should make the replay easier to provide.

  22. Garret:

    If you want to see the APR for each conference and every D-IA team, click on this link. UH's APR is #4 in the WAC--behind BSU, Fresno State, and Nevada. The WAC is #10 out of the 11 D-IA conferences for the APR...that is not good.

    SJSU's horrible APR cost them a lot of scholarships and hurt the WAC's average. However, UAB was even worse.

    BSU has *by far* the highest APR of all of the WAC schools.

  23. protector:

    Congrats to Jason Elam for a fine career both here & in the NFL!

    I envy all the lucky souls who will be able to watch practices.

    I'll be there in spirit.

    Just when I think there's adequate depth in the secondary, Tank goes down. Who'll be the likely candidate to take his place as back-up to LD?

  24. postmanke:

    The Advertiser gets it! An newspaper taking it to the action live with streaming video! Thats how to engage your audience. You technology-savy beasts!

  25. protector:

    Thanks for the info, Garret.

    My hat's off to Boise State who once again shows they are the class of the league in many categories

  26. protector:

    mctruck on # 18,

    They accomplished that this recruiting year as the majority were from high schools rather than the JCs (impressive accomplishment considering some of the previous seasons) and Coach Mack has stated they are now in a position to maintain that trend.

  27. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Congrats, Jason!

    Get well, Tank.

    Go Warriors!

  28. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    I love the smell of football in the air! :-)

    Hoping the streaming goes well.

    Warriors! Imua!

  29. Bigislandkurt:

    Crack! goes the pads.......ok, not just yet. But Spring Ball is here.

    Have fun you guys.


  30. Matt:

    Late last night when I tried to watch the WB show replay, it was really, really choppy. I let it play through once while I made myself a snack. The second time through, it played flawlessly. People who are having problems might want to try that. Looking forward to the Spring Practice reports.

  31. Slugger:


    Watching practice on KGMB & it looks like I'd better change to long pants. Windy!

    Esme & out...

  32. Pauoa Boy:

    Chee Huu, cannot wait to see the live Spring practice interviews in a few...great job Princess and ST!

    ST, by the way, do you know what time the Pro-Day starts tomm???

  33. Pauoa Boy:

    Good Luck to bruddah Blaze Soares and hope he as well as the rest of the boys do well at the Pro-Day tomm. Looks like he's been working hard training as he looks a lot bigger, faster, and more ripped and ready to knock some heads off!

  34. Pauoa Boy:

    The OLine looks huge this year besides Sila in the middle...hope Pepa is granted an additional year that would be awesome. Hmm...if Pepa comes back should put Kainoa on he other Tackle spot and be massive. Nothing against Hansen but man that's some beef up front. 6'7, 6'5, 6'0, 6'6, 6'5...nice.

  35. jojo ®:

    It's raining and windy. eieiei

    but beautiful rainbow over manoa

  36. Kazz:


    The smell of grass and the crack of the pads. The quiet early morning atmosphere just below the dorms at UH Manoa being broken by the sounds of cheering and Warriors chanting…

    FOOTBALL IS HERE :mrgreen:

  37. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :) :) :)

    Spring is in the air. Footballs too!


  38. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hi jojo there!

  39. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Get better Tank!

  40. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Could that also be "The smell of pads and the crack of the grass"?

  41. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Coach Mack said on the news that the players are lifting better than he's seen in the five years he's been here. Lots of faith in Heffernan.

  42. djmitcho:

    Good Morning All! Just waiting for the live feed to start. Hope everyone has a good day!

  43. Kazz:


    It could also mean the chanting of the grass. But if the grass started chanting, I would leave quite promptly with holy water, Hawaiian salt, and ti leaf in tow screaming: "OBAKE!!! OBAKE!!! OBAKE!!!".

    Wow, that would be the WORST practice ever!

  44. koakane:

    d1 thats the smell of soap from the car wash bwhaaaaaaaaaa

    howzit howzit howzit tsaiko country cloudy but beginning of spring ball makes up for dat.

    morning to all attending spring ball especially bulla and nalani clan with their warrior men on da team. exciting times. shouting out to sj, myki and slugger toooooooo


  45. djmitcho:

    live feed working, but no sound...probably better since it's so windy

  46. LizKauai \m/:

    Looks like PL has a cold...

  47. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Want to go to USC's football practice?
    You need to be on a pre-approved list and no contact with players.

  48. chopsueyboy:

    USC Football Admittance Policy Announced

    Practices restricted to pre-approved guests who submit requests 24 hours prior.

    March 30, 2010

    Admittance to USC football team practices on campus will be restricted to pre-approved guests who submit requests 24 hours in advance, according to a policy released today by the USC athletic department.

    Those eligible to attend practices if pre-approved are parents, guardians, spouses and siblings of current players, as well as a limited number of guests escorted by certain USC administrators. Additional limited exceptions (such as other relatives of players) may be made with the pre-authorization of a Senior Associate Athletic Director.

    Those who are pre-authorized to attend practices may only have contact with coaches and athletic department personnel.

    Among those not permitted access to practice are agents (such as athlete agents, marketing agents or financial advisors to athletes) or their employees, representatives or affiliates.

  49. rage777:


    I have a question: How can the Air Force Academy not have close to a 1000 score? Aren't they required to stay all four years and graduate?

  50. d1島:


    no video at work.... :-(

  51. papajoe2:

    anon. #11
    as i said on yesterday's blog, tommy heffernan is a real strength and conditioning coach, as mel delaura was a receivers coach. all is good. imua warriors! work 'em.

  52. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...Woo Hoo...Spring Ball is in the air....

  53. A-House:


    perhaps students like Kealoha Pilares who accepted an appointment, but changed his mind and lucky for Hawaii.

  54. LizKauai \m/:

    jake Heun sounded good- now Rolo is up

  55. (Jesse)James:

    d1 #28....Isn't the line, "I love the smell of Ben Gay in the morning." Oh, wait, it was Napalm.....sorry...wrong movie...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  56. LizKauai \m/:

    Coach Mack acknowledges Tsai-kos right off the bat!

  57. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good stuff! Leila is an excellent field reporter.

    Keep up the great work, Wai/Tsai!

  58. LizKauai \m/:

    Our job is to graduate players and to win. - Coach Mack

    He also mentions getting coaches into the positions they feel best in - or something like that. AND he really likes how the players are looking! Props to Coach Heffernan.

  59. LizKauai \m/:

    Every minute of practice is scripted out...

  60. LizKauai \m/:

    aigoo. my feed just froze.


  61. LizKauai \m/:

    OK... Greg Salas is last. (Yesterday he was stuck on the mainland for a missed flight according to fb).
    Princess Leila is cranking on the interviews, MAN!!!

  62. LizKauai \m/:

    OK Rich Miano.
    Steven's good but Leila makes him great...

  63. LizKauai \m/:

    Props to Kaiser Cougers...
    Wind gusts prove ST does not have a toupee.

  64. LizKauai \m/:

    Miano talks about ProDay... feels John Estes is solid and Blaze, Kia, have a chance.
    ST addresses John's challenges in today's NFL.

    Fonoti will not be there. Kimo, Clore, Jovonte, Nasti, Fale, Eric Robinson and other non-UH Poly players are being invited to participate. Have a rain plan if needed.

  65. LizKauai \m/:

    Good job, guys!!!

  66. al:

    ralph...sent you an email.

  67. NorthShoreFan:

    Smell the leather and sweat!..hear the pop of pads....FOOTBALL IS HERE!

    Ok .. Congratulations to Amber Kaufman and Jason Elam... looking like a tv fitness he looks really cut!..wonder if the Warriors are able to duplicate the training methods?

    Here's to hoping that Brian K can improve the APR for the Warriors...get on their butts Brian!..We Believe you can make it happen...

  68. Bulla:

    they looked real organized today, first 20 minutes spent doing dynamic stretches and working on explosive muscle movements, lots of warming up by coach tommy, all other coaches monitoring their players.

    2 hours went by quick, talking to other fans there, a common remark was, 'man they're organized this year, and everyone is hustling...' and that sounds good.


  69. (Jesse)James:

    Oh...and BTW...Happy Birthday to Jeje...

  70. (Jesse)James:

    Bulla...that sounds just gotta keep the focus on....

  71. NorthShoreFan:

    Has UH retired Jason Elam's #?...future Hall of Famer..imho..

    APR....if Gib don't ask the walk ons back, does that affect the APR?
    He said he won't give scholies just to have them filled...good idea but you may not have enough guys to practice/scrimage with..

    anyhoo, winds are killing my mangoes!...turn it off already!...

  72. Bulla:


    looking good, saturday is pads, but i know they're emphasizing speed and hustle, no walking today...i like that

  73. (Jesse)James:

    Awesome...yep, don't like to see the walking like they did last year....

  74. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!! :)

    Happy Birthday jeje !!!

    ....for those keeping track, jeje is the spouse of jojo and the brother-in-law to juju.

  75. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, Jeje!

  76. Old Diver:


    With all the talk of conference reorganization and the APR & Eligibility ratings of Texas and Colorado, do you still think the Big Ten and Pac-10 are interested in those teams?

  77. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday jeje!

  78. Slugger:

    Met Coach Richardson from Folsom, CA who was at practice with his two boys. He was waiting to catch up with QB David Graves who played for him in HS. Coach Richardson said they hope to be sending two more kids from Folsom to UH. Thanks, Coach!

  79. Cheyah!:

    Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but is LWJ participating in the pro day?

    Warrior Football is here... Oh yeah!

    Go Warriors!

  80. Ralph:

    Rage Cadets are allowed to transfer out of the Academy after their second year. I guess some of the students find out after a couple of years that military life isn't for them and need a change. Larry Cole came to Hawaii out of the AF academy.

  81. anonymous:

    I went to the Warrior athletic site and looked up the spring roster, noticeably missing was last year's punter and the DT transfer from Arizona.

    Does anyone have the scoops?

    Is UH going practice the kicking game during spring practices?

  82. BG:

    Nice piece of information, Slugger!

  83. Ralph:

    DPK surprisingly that coach Mac threw DeLaua under his 18 wheeler. The way he presents Heffernen is anything but a knock on DeLaura tenure. Or is it his subliminal excuse for his lousy won-lost record. June Jones had no qualms in hiring Mel to SMU when Viloria took the Florida State job. DeLaura was a receiver in college, but he worked as a personal trainer in Oregon, or was it Washington, when June asked him to join him at UH.

  84. anonymous:

    #81-Never mind. See that site is under construction, and added names since I last looked.

  85. al:

    anon...they changed their jersey #'s
    31 dunnachie
    49 tuipulotu

  86. Kekoa:

    Happy Birthday jeje!...and just to add to what SteveM said...jeje is also able to cook some really awesome PBS! Maybe he could whip some up for the Apr. 17th practice t-gate.

  87. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I don't know enough to comment other than to say I assumed DeLaura was doing a good job.

    From what I've heard, Heffernan is doing a great job too.

    Do you know if having 25 players benching 400 or more is a high or low figure for the team? Thats what they have this spring.

  88. Matt:


    The five military Academies have an attrition rate of around 20% or higher. For some classes, it is around 30%. Some cadets/midshipmen quit. Others, are kicked out for grades or unsuitability for military service (drugs, alcohol abuse, honor violations, failing physical fitness tests, failing to adapt to the military lifestyle, etc.). About 10% of cadets/midshipmen leave before the start of their second year. People start quitting within a few weeks of getting to the Academies, sometimes even in the first couple of days.

  89. Pomai:

    In case some of you missed this.

  90. jm2375:

    Good hump day Tsai-kos!

    Ahhhh, the smell of football is in the Spring air!

    Go Beast! Whip dem O-line guys into shape!

    Early warning to those of you who will be attending the LAST men's vb homestand this weekend. Da keed and her friend will be there both nights, so bring earplugs! If da weather stay like dis, going get good crowd at SSC.

  91. (Jesse)James:

    DPK...I think people make too much out of the bench press....Yes, it's awesome to be able to lift that much weight...and I know homey can bench more then my measly 350....but to me at least, players are not lifting there opponents as one would in a bench press.

    Players, especially guys on the line, need more core strengths..and leg power...more important to train with dead lifts, squats, clean and jerk sort of exercises...although I'm no expert and you'd have to ask guys like Pride for a more definitive answer on that one....

    It's sort of like people always think that paddling is based on upper body strength when really its based on core strength and leg strength...which is why our paddling coaches always made us run a heck of a lot for the endurance...and do lots of core exercises...they pushed us to bench and stuff too but not as much as our core training....


  92. Ed:

    Mel had the instensity of a linebacker and seemed the really vocal workout with the guys type. He knew his strength and speed stuff with plyometrics and power squats, cleans etc... Specificity is the key to a good strength coach, applying the exercise specific as possbile to the athletic movement. For example, is the punching motion power coming from a full cocked range from hands from chest or halfway cocked therefore there needs to benching from that half position also. Hefferman worked with the other teams, so if you like the results of the women and other men's teams that that is what you are going to get. The football teams in the past had good results except for some OL people.

  93. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    I've read and heard that they are also doing a lot of core stuff which is great. The main thing is how they're going to look on the field.

    How's your mom doing? We pray for her everyday.

  94. Ralph:

    DPK are more people benching 400+ because of the coaching change or because more players are now working harder. Benching is benching, you just got to do it IMHO. Once the coach shows the proper technique of holding the weights and lift regimen, the rest is up to the player. Players who do not show up for off season lifting sessions won't lift much in the Spring,so is it the coaches fault, I think not, but can the coach institute a check on who shows and reprimand those who don't, I don't know if its within NCAA rules.

  95. Ralph:

    Jones stated that Mel is doing a great job in the short time he has been at SMU, the players are buying into the system and working hard in the weight room. Maybe a difference in player attitude toward lifting weights, we need Bulla to hang out at the weight room and give us an insightful update and observation.

  96. Ralph:

    Why did it take his third season for Mac to state that his players are finally in top condition, if he felt his players weren't in top form could he not have made in season or spring adjustment to the conditioning and strength regimen the last two years. No wonder game time management and adjustments come show with him and his crew, no one leader, lots of chiefs imputing at the same time so the final decision is confusing to some.

  97. Bulla:

    it's called self motivation; bottom line, they have to want it, burning desire inside of them.

    If the team buys the package, success is around the corner..... But a good kick in the butt is always useful. GO WARRIORS

  98. Old School Dave:

    All Coach Heffernan needs to do is to play the video of the Wisconsin game over and over again in the weight room on large screen TVs. That should motivate the players.

  99. A-House:

    First, what the heck was LizK watching? What did I miss?

    Second, here I sit in a state of bliss, listening to my trickling p--, no that's not right and I am not in bliss as I am tired, ache all over - yup, flu season is here!!! So, where is the offical ST report of practice?????

    Third, if Dayton Morinaga's article is true, did Wiseman really fly under many radars or are we getting another ------------? A 6'8" point guard is what UH needs!!!

  100. al:


  101. rage777:

    Thanks all of you for the info about the Air Force Academy. I still think their rates should be higher, because the selection process is so tough.

  102. Na Koa Mike:

    The 16th Annual Ed Wong Memorial Golf Tournament on April 13th has been sold out.

    Corporate sponsorships and prize donations are still being accepted. Please contact Shay Yanagi at 864-0377 for more information.

  103. Ralph:

    today's football practice with Leila and ST- good video, no sound, not a problem when watching practice, but the interviews, sorry, not good at lip reading

  104. A-House:

    Neva mind about what LizK was watching - I so slow that I neva connect ST's post about "going outside" that they would do a "live" coverage for first day practice - watched Huen, Coach Rolo, Coach Mack - if you can call it "watched" as the replay was better, but still "herky jerky".

    Going "live" is important, but more important that any replay is flawless because that is what most of us will watch, here and on the mainland.

    So, my frustration continues------------------------!

  105. Ralph:

    Rage lots of the Academy cadets are political appointments, lots of smart kids, but lots of "who you know" and many are not prepared for the strict regimen of academy life. Great education, noble deed serving our Country, but very disciplinarian and regimented way of life that is hard to adjust to away from Momma's apron.

  106. Ralph:

    A House the word on the blog is that Wiseman's core grades are suspect, he needs to achieve passing grade in a core class, and retake his SAT. I don't think he is under the radar as much as colleges waiting to see if he can qualify for college.

  107. Ralph:

    UH expects the student to do well on the essay portion of the SAT which a lot of colleges do not use in their acceptance guidelines. UH also requires Algebra II which a lot of students who are not interested in a math related career will not take in HS.

  108. RedZone:

    The vid worked okay for me. Liked STs new hairdo.

    Pilares has sure come a long way. He will be one to watch this fall.

    Can't wait til Saturday.

  109. RedZone:

    I read that Wiseman's coached once challenged him to improve his academics and attitude or say bye bye.

  110. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The core and cardio training are important, power cleans are key, but I think the more guys you have who can bench 400, the better. The main thing is they gotta be able to move and play hard all 4 quarters.

  111. A-House:

    How important is strong lower body to a sumo wrestler? Is he constantly in contact with a moving body who is eqaully or stronger that he?

    Is this what an Olineman does? Why train only with "static" weights?

    Interestingly, sumo began weight training only AFTER the Hawaii sumotoris arrived in Japan. Chionofuji(sp), the "wolfman" began very good at it and you could see his traps grow.

  112. al:

    ahouse...the meds are taking over your brain.

    wiseman can play. he needs to qualify with one more core class which he is taking.

  113. al:


    March 31st, 2010 at 12:58 pm
    The vid worked okay for me. Liked STs new hairdo.

    i couldn't see the new 'do,
    too much glare!

  114. al:

    ralph...did you ever buy the new pc?

  115. A-House:

    eqaully = equally

    began = became

  116. A-House:

    hey, al: you been sneaking around my house? how you know i'm taking meds?

    i neva reach the "dementia' stage yet! close, but no cigar!

  117. wafan:


  118. wafan:

    If you have dementia . . . how would you know?

  119. wafan:

    Gave up trying to watch the replay.

    Thanks to Liz for the recap!

  120. wafan:

    1/2" hail followed by snow then more hail.

    Slippery roads made for an exciting drive home.

  121. Kazz:

    It is time to concern ourselves with ONLY what UH is doing.

    GO TOMMY GO!!!! :mrgreen:

  122. d1島:

    If you have dementia . . . how would you know?

    By asking yourself, of course!
    (Although you may not like the answer ;-) )

  123. al:


    you said you were beset with the flu and your p was trickling, so, i assumed that both conditions needed some kind of meds.

  124. al:

    wafan...glad you made it home safely.
    driving in sleet, hail, and snow can be a rather harrowing experience..

  125. RedZone:

    As someone mentioned earlier I had problems watching the replay the first time around but I just let it go the the second time it was good. Unfortunately I had to put up with the gannet popups.

  126. RedZone:

    al the duck tail was classic.

  127. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Chiyonofuji was awseome. My favorite of all the Japanese sumotori, and he was built like a middle guard. Very powerful!

  128. wafan:

    Just saw a photo of DC's cherry blossoms.


    I hope CRW does not have allergies and is able to enjoy the sights.

  129. wafan:

    Going to miss Elam and the Broncos. Used to be the team the 'Hawks loved to hate. Lots of good memories from those games.

  130. chawan_cut:

    sorry so late but here's the next two months of uh sports on a printable calendar to schedule your weekends. (i included softball this time)

  131. A-House:

    that's why I love this blog - get so many friends who always try to help out!!!!

  132. Garret:

    With all the talk of conference reorganization and the APR & Eligibility ratings of Texas and Colorado, do you still think the Big Ten and Pac-10 are interested in those teams?

    Old Diver,

    Texas' APR score of 939 is fine (better than 4 Pac-10 and 4 Big 10 schools) and the Pac-10 and Big 10 would happily accept them into their conferences. Texas took hits to their APR from players being kicked off the team after off-the-field incidents or going to the NFL academic problem there.

    Colorado's APR of 929 is not great (better than 2 Pac-10 and 2 Big 10 schools), but the Pac-10 would still take them. They are not in the danger range of losing scholarships, so there is no problem and they are a good research institution.

    Unless a school has a horrible APR, I don't think this factors into conference realignment.

  133. Garret:


    Only Stanford has a higher APR, so I see no problem with Air Force's APR. All military academies have a people leave (either their choice or by being kicked out), and that prevents a perfect APR.

  134. Garret:

    MAJOR storm is predicted for tonight and tomorrow where UH will be having their Pro Day. The rain is forecast to be ending by around 9am or 10am, but the ground will be soaking wet if they are running outdoors. I'm glad that they have a backup plan in case of rain, since I do not think that the outdoor track will be ideal for the Warriors to impress during Pro Day.

  135. Garret:

    Walk ons do not affect the APR, only scholarship athletes.

  136. Ralph:

    We got my daughter a new laptop, best buy was selling a desktop that we wanted but it was not in their inventory locally and on the mainland, an HP Core i7 with 4 gb ram and 500 gb hd, added a 1.5 T and a 750 gb external HD for backup and her school work and a 17+ in screen, weighs 9+ lbs. She told me she doesn't want small screens and keyboard, her last laptop was a 15 screen, whatever happened to the idea of going light to lug around school.

  137. Ralph:

    Okay, tonight I'll give it a final attempt to watch both Arnold's and Donovan's video. I'll let it loop to completion then watch the replay, hope it works.

  138. Ralph:

    Per ponyfans interview with De'von Bailey, he was one of 9 players Jones kicked off the team after the first year. Some appealed the basis that their scholarships were taken away to clear their record at school, but they were not put back on the team roster. How does that impact SMU APR? Coach Arnold has the similar situation, to renew or not to renew scholarships on the mbb team. Garret said it would be too much of an impact on UH APR, but Jones didn't flinch at SMU, he is still offering a full complement of offers for 2010 and 2011.

  139. homey:

    Easier to lug around a laptop than a desktop. DOH!

  140. Garret:


    APR scholarship reductions are not necessarily 1-for-1 with dismissals, especially if the players were in good academic shape. The APR takes into account 2 years of data, so if there weren't many transfers and everybody was in great academic shape then teams can afford to take a hit.

    One thing to consider is that individual players have a MUCH larger effect for basketball than football--12 scholarships vs. 85 scholarships makes a big difference! Kicking *7* players off a football team is less of a percentage of the 85 than kicking *1* player off a basketball team.

    Have UH's basketball players all been graduating? If so, then Gib has some flexibility. However, hasn't the basketball team had a lot of players leaving due to transfers or being kicked off the team? If so, Gib has almost no flexibility.

  141. Garret:

    Quotes from Jason Elam's retirement press conference.

    I remember at the University of Hawaii, Mr. Bowlen and myself had some common acquaintances. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, I would love to play for Mr. Bowlen. I would love to play for the Denver Broncos." I got the opportunity. On draft day I had no idea they were looking at me. They never tried me out, they never called me, nothing. Then I got a phone call that they had taken me as a third-round pick, and it was just a dream come true.

    Coach Johnson for recruiting me to the University of Hawaii. Who could've asked for a better college experience than the University of Hawaii? Coach Bob Wagner, my head coach there for my entire stay. I really appreciate your leadership and your friendship along the way.

  142. postmanke:

    I think JD should offer Gib a 2 year contract extension right after the next recruit he signs. might wanna lock em up early.. there is going to be lot more talent headed to Manoa..

  143. Ralph:

    Homey we needed to replace 3 computers, wanted to replace the desktop first, then the laptops. Pomai told me that a good laptop with a large screen can do most of the work at home in place of the desktop. So the laptop serves both purposes for now, home use and when she needs to take it to school.

  144. Ralph:

    I can't locate the Arnold and Donovan video on livestreaming menu, the library goes up to #30 only, JD is #56.

  145. Ralph:

    UDUB hosts UCLA and Stanford hosts CAL this weekend in sb. UH finished 0-2 against UDUB, 1-1 with Stanford and 1-3 against Cal. Got to hope UDUB sweeps and Stanford wins the series to help UH RPI. UH also lost to Oregon and Arizona. The Pac 10 often send 6 to 8 teams to the NCAA regional.

  146. OTTO:

    #140. Coach Nash stressed academics so everyone is on track to graduate. Arnold should have a full complement of scholarships. The NCAA tweaked the APR formula so that if they leave while in good academic standing it shouldn't impact the APR. The guys who left last year (e.g., Nitoto, Parghalava, etc.) were in good academic standing. They weren't kicked off, but were either not renewed or ask for a release. Some left for more playing time or to be closer to home. Ji Xiang is schedule to grad this summer, and the seniors are also scheduled to graduate either after the spring or a few might need finish up next fall.

  147. BigIslandkurt:

    Postmanke....Give Gib an extension? And he hasn't even coached ONE game yet? You joking right? Or do you have mancrush on Gib? Not that anything is wrong with a mancrush. Me and Brett Farve been on that level for a while now.


  148. LizKauai \m/:

    Video link:

    Gotta go get adjusted.

  149. wafan:

    Need to make up for the loss of sleep last night.


  150. labratatouie:

    Tsai on radio right now.

  151. wafan:


  152. Garret:

    The UH-Army game will be available nationwide in HD! Kickoff time is *6am* Hawaii time...too bad that is at the start of the trip without much time for the body clocks to adjust. At least the players are used to practicing early in the morning.

    As part of a new multi-year agreement between CBS College Sports Network and the Army Athletic Association, Army Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson and Steve Herbst, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS College Sports Network, announced on Friday that all five of Army's home games this fall will be televised live nationally in high definition with kickoff times for all five games set for noon.

    Sept. 11, Hawaii, 12 p.m. (CBS College Sports Network)

  153. Garret:


    The NCAA reduced the penalty for players leaving if they are in good academic standing, but it was not reduced to zero. Each player that leaves early does have an impact. 1 player makes little difference, 2 could be worrisome, 3 or more and there will be some impact.

    It is good to know that everybody is on track to graduate. Does that include the player that was suspended or had other problems last season?

  154. Ralph:

    thanks Liz, but live stream library goes up to #44, most current videos are in the #50's

  155. postmanke:

    BIK =)

    Ok, I dont think it's NEVER ok to confess a mancrush in a football blog.

    no matter how much Farve and Gib wanna make you sing "she bangs"

  156. postmanke:

    Cant wait to see Aranda and his arsenal of defensive packages. We are so gonna crush Army and in HD!

  157. Slugger:

    I was able to watch today's practice interviews with only a couple of glitches this afternoon. I would like to be able to watch the current archived videos, though. Ralph's right, the library only goes back to #43; #44 is the WB credits.

    FUUD note:
    Bulla, I found a recipe for a soup, Boula Boula, which calls for peas and a can of turtle soup. It's in Joy of Cooking. I'm making beet borsch...much better.

  158. Ralph:

    SB rankings 2/20/2010

    USA Today/NFCA

  159. Ralph:

    SB rankings as of 3/30/2010

  160. Ralph:

    Rainbow baseball rankings: Warren Nolan
    ranked: 103 RPI 36 SOS 12

  161. chawan_cut:


  162. BleedGreen808:

    With the debut of the Advertiser covering spring practice LIVE via the internet, the Advertiser might be the next new NEWS station on the islands.

    Thanks for the videos and keeping us in the loop with UH sports.


  163. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next batch of posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Bees smell just as well as dogs and are being studied as a much cheaper way to detect various odors in the environment. A UK company is training bees to find explosives, land mines, identify diseases and cancers in people and animals, rapidly detect spreading bacteria in food, and identify dry rot in buildings.

  164. Garret:

    Las Cruces teen wanted to get revenge on his girlfriend by pooping in her car...but he was arrested because he was caught pooping in the wrong car!

  165. Garret:

    I never thought that *this* could cause cancer...

  166. Garret:

    Fifth Third Bank sure doesn't worry about the obesity problem in the US...first they offered a 4,800 calorie burger at one baseball stadium and now they offer a 15-scoop ice cream sundae at another baseball stadium.

  167. Garret:

    Arizona State and the University of Tokyo formed a partnership to advance PV technology. The University of Tokyo is the leading solar-energy research institution in Japan and already received about $100 million from the Japanese government for its solar power research. I wish that UH could have these types of ties to would bring in a lot of money and prestige.

  168. Garret:

    The Clay Institute offered $1 million prizes in 2000 to anyone who can solve any of 7 math problems. Over this 10-year period, only 1 of the problems has been solved...and the reclusive genius who solved the problem isn't sure if he wants to accept the money or not! The 43-year-old unemployed (for 4 years) man lives in a small apartment with his elderly mother and has declined other major awards before.

  169. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  170. Jason:

    I still can't believe Perelman didn't accept his Fields Medal. He is a very interesting man.

  171. duffer:

    From the Dark Side to the Pink Side..............


  172. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Are any of the spring training sessions here on O`ahu other than the Warrior Bowl going to be held at any time other than early morning?

  173. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, Mama Colomaohana!!!

  174. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday Mother Colomohana!

  175. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Did anybody see the documentary on PBS tonight entitled "The Street Stops Here" about the nation's top prep basketball team, St. Anthony? What an inspiring movie.

    Coach Gib, if you can get a copy of it, show it to the team.

  176. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Here's a link to the movie's site.

    Good stuff!

  177. Ralph:

    Happy birthday mrs. c., many green bottles to you.

  178. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Hauoli Lahanau, BIG C!!!

    Nitey nite and sweet Warrior Football Dreams!

  179. jm2375:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. C!!

    time for sleep... esme and out. whoooosssh

  180. SteveM:

    Happy Belated Birthday Colomaohana !!!

  181. Committed Road Warrior:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. C.!

  182. Committed Road Warrior:


    I stayed up last night and watched that documentary. Really inspiring!

  183. Garret:

    40-yard dash times at USC's Pro Day will be interesting to compare with UH's times today.

  184. Garret:

    Unfortunately, it appears that USC doesn't have as many high draft picks, so less NFL scouts showed up at their Pro Day yesterday. That is bad for UH since UH schedules their Pro Day to be the day after USC's Pro Day so that some of the scouts at USC's Day can go to UH's Day.

    It didn’t seem as crowded as in recent years, and that’s not shocking considering that none of the Trojans’ best prospects — Taylor Mays, Everson Griffen, Charles Brown — is a certain first-round pick.

  185. Garret:

    Happy Birthday Big C!

  186. Pride.:

    Great to hear that Kealoha Pilares can clean 356 pounds. That is an amazing feat. Pilares weighs 200 pounds so with th 356 pound clean, gives him a power factor of +156. That great core strength will really help Pilares this year. He already had the athleticism, but now has added some weight and power to his game. That will give us a great one-two punch at the slots. The more playmakers we have the better. That will definitely keep the defense on their heels when the can't focus on only one or two playmakers.

    Some of us have negative power factors. You know what I mean. Weight 250 lbs, clean 95 lbs, for a power factor of -155.

  187. Pride.:

    Having Tommy Heffernan with the football team appears to paying major dividends.

  188. Pride.:

    Can't wait to see what Tommy Heffernan can do with the basketball team.

  189. duffer:


    Good new for the Texeira family..........

  190. Garret:

    This website obtained the 3-year APR data for all schools and figured out what schools need to get for the APR this year to avoid losing scholarships due to their APR.

    It looks like it is a mathematical impossibility for SJSU to avoid APR scholarship losses again...but they need to improve to lose as little as possible.

    Washington State, NMSU, and Idaho look like they will definitely lose scholarships also due to their APR.

    Colorado had a horrible 2007 APR, so they will probably lose scholarships for the 2011 recruiting class.

    I'm not happy that 3 WAC teams are going to lose scholarships again. It is hard for the WAC to improve themselves when they do not take care of things in the classroom.

  191. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos.

  192. whitey:

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