Ron Lee resigns from UH; Mouse will apply

May 24th, 2010

Ron Lee said he has resigned as a UH assistant football coach. The resignation goes into effect June 15.

He actually made his decision in February, but was asked to remain on the staff through spring practice, which concluded April 30.

Lee said he has some "options,"and expects to still continue coaching in the future.

But he said that after nine years under June Jones and two years as Greg McMackin's offensive coordinator "it was time to move on. I'm going to miss it."

Lee said his decision was not based on his reassignment, from offensive coordinator to assistant coach two months ago, or ceding the play-calling duties to Nick Rolovich early last season.

"Nothing to do with that," he said, adding the adjustment was what "I went through last year, kind of."

McMackin said: "He's a legend in Hawai‘i, and he's done a great job here We wish him well."

* * * * *

Mouse Davis, the father of the modern run-and-shoot offense, told the Warrior Beat he is  "absolutely"interested in rejoining the UH coaching staff. Davis said he will apply after the job notification is posted.

* * * * *

Coach Greg McMackin gave the Warrior Beat a tour of the new UH football offices today (the unveiling was earlier this month.)

As one coach noted, it was amazing that after a three-year wait, it took, perhaps, about a couple of months to complete the offices and meeting rooms.

The conference rooms — for the offensive and defensive meetings — are straight out of an expo: shades that offer privacy; screens that descend from the ceiling, high-tech projectors.

I took photos, but I forgot the connector at home, so I can't post them until tonight.

* * * * *

Today was the first day of volunteer weight training for the football Warriors.

* * * * *

As part of the domino effect, Rainbow Wahine basketball coach Dana Takahara-Dias inherited  Coach Mack's old office.

* * * * *

Happy birthday to Allen Allen and C.J. Allen-Jones.

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  1. Colomaohana:

    No way!

  2. ai-eee-soos:

    Good Morning - looking forward for the pics.

  3. bb:

    New football offices? Forget football. We one softball school now.

  4. Colomaohana:

    OMG, how odd......

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Coloma, weren't you passing out baked good this morning?

  6. Colomaohana:

    Oh, whew....there you guys are!

    Got sked, little bit!

    Okay, carry on.

    Hi, ST!

  7. Pomai:

    bb just wait till they win the whole enchilada, coach Mack might have to move out an let Coolen move in. LOL

  8. HiFlyer:

    Good Morning

    top ten

  9. Colomaohana:

    I was supposed to, but couldn't "sneak" outta this place today.....

    So, I'm watching our site, instead.....hehehehe...

  10. Colomaohana:

    Howzit, HiFlyer!

  11. addahknowjoe:

    Gmorning gang!

  12. BigIslandkurt:

    Gmorning Addahknowjoe!


  13. Colomaohana:


  14. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos! Top Twenty!

    Hope there's a 100% participation in the weightlifting program by every Warrior here for the summer and those elsewhere.

    So, how long is the trip to Tuscaloosa? Coolen said they were flying out of Oakland. Not sure if it's today or tomorrow.

  15. Old Diver:


    For entertainment purposes only, if the Big 10 and the SEC expand to 20 teams each, where would Hawaii fit into this equation assuming the PAC-10 and the Big 12 will be forced to expand also?

  16. chopsueyboy:

    Top Twenty!

    Go Wahines!

  17. LiteTsaik(o):

    What I find remarkable about this Wahine Softball Team is that their success so far in the postseason is that they have accomplished it all on the road. Think about it, on the road since May 10, long plane rides, long van rides, sleeping in strange surroundings in strange beds, playing in mostly unfamiliar fields, eating fast food, traveling through different time zones and thousands of miles. They don't have the luxury of being at home through the regionals and superregionals like Washington, Alabama, etc. I truly believe they have remarkable will and resolve, both physically and especially mentally. They are playing with a purpose and they are taking us along for this glorious ride. Feel the rush!!

  18. Garret:

    It is great that the football offices are first-class now! This would have been nice 10 years ago, but at least the coaches will have a better work space, the meetings between coaches and/or players will be equipped properly, and recruits will notice the upgrades offices during their recruiting visits.

  19. Garret:

    Maybe UH could start a recruiting pipeline to Africa, or for first-generation immigrants from Africa, like Texas has? Some countries in Africa speak English, so there may not even be a language barrier. Texas has 5 players whose families are fairly recently from Africa on their team now, and 2 of the 4 recent graduates mentioned in the article are now playing in the NFL.

    Wilson grew up speaking English — the language of his family's Liberian homeland — but he became fluent in French, the official language of Ivory Coast.

    "It was English in the house, French when I stepped out on the street," he said. "I'm equally comfortable with both."

    With Brown as their coach, the Longhorns have had a history of success with players whose parents came from Africa. The 2010 roster includes Sam and Emmanuel Acho, Alex Okafor and Patrick Nkwopara, in addition to Wilson.

    In recent years, the list also has included Brian Orakpo, Frank Okam, Chris Ogbonnaya and Ishie Oduegwu.

    All but Wilson and Nkwopara — the latter was born in Nigeria — are first-generation Americans. Brown said a common denominator for those players is strong families.

    "They're very disciplined kids, and they've all made good grades," he said. "We've not had one issue with any of those kids. Their parents do not ask about football. They ask about academics and if their kids are doing right."

  20. Garret:

    Old Diver,

    Before I answer your question, here is an article from today about why the SEC will *have* to respond to the Big 10's expansion.

    Right now it is a given that from its various shared revenue sources (TV, bowls, NCAA basketball tournament, etc.) the Big Ten pays each of its schools about $22 million per year while the SEC’s numbers are somewhere around $17 million per school.

    The Big Ten received a $60 million rights fee up front last year for the BTN from Fox Sports (which owns a 49 percent stake). Then the BTN made an additional $66 million in profit. Advertising revenue was up 30 percent last year in a down economy.

    Greenstein reports that if the Big Ten expands and chooses the right schools, league officials have seen estimates of revenues doubling by the 22015-2016 academic year.

    And this is the best one of all from Greenstein: For every BTN subscriber in the eight-state footprint of the Big Ten, the league gets 70 to 80 cents a month. For every subscriber outside the footprint it is about 10 cents. So guess what happens if the Big Ten starts adding states like Nebraska, Missouri and New Jersey to their footprint? Not only do the subscriptions increase but the income the Big Ten gets from those subscriptions goes up as much as eight-fold in that state. If Nebraska joins the Big Ten, how many homes in that state will sign up for the BTN? I’d say just about all of them.

  21. Garret:

    I like the quote about how commissioners need to take care of the future instead of just living in the present.

    “If you are a commissioner your No. 1 job is not to take care of today,” said former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer. “Your No. 1 job is to look at least 10 years down the road to where your conference is going to be and where the competition is going to be.”

    f you are Mike Slive and the SEC presidents, do those numbers get your attention? You bet they do.

    Yes, the SEC has the competitive advantage now. But remember that there has been a spike in coaches’ salaries in the SEC because the funds were available from the new TV contracts. Remember we told you that a year ago only two coordinators in this league were making $500,000 or more. Now there are a bunch of them in that salary range. And that number will grow.

    What if every Big Ten school is suddenly making $35 million a year and the SEC is still at $17 million? Over ten years that’s $180 million more per school that is invested. Would that not make a competitive difference over a decade?

  22. Garret:

    For entertainment purposes only, if the Big 10 and the SEC expand to 20 teams each, where would Hawaii fit into this equation assuming the PAC-10 and the Big 12 will be forced to expand also?

    That is a very good question, but there are a lot of potential answers. It all depends on which teams are added when the Big 10 and SEC expand. For example, the Big 10 and SEC want Texas, but the Pac-10 wants Texas also. Any conference that takes Texas might have to take Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and maybe even Oklahoma State.

    If the Big 10 goes to *20* teams, then I think you would see the Big 12 and Pac-10 merging into East/West divisions of a larger conference. They would probably have to take a few MWC teams (Utah definitely), but there would be *less* room for other Pac-10 teams in this scenario than there would be if the Big 10 and SEC only took a few teams.

    If you had 20 teams in the Big 10, 20 in the SEC, 20 in the combined Pac-10/Big 12, 20 in a merged ACC/Big East, you would have a significant majority of D-IA teams. The rest of the teams might get whatever is left over in TV money (almost nothing) unless the MWC/WAC/C-USA would probably merge into a huge conference with horrible travel costs.

  23. A-House:

    Coach Coolen:

    Hope your playres are much more patient facing Alabama's pitcher who relies on her "risers" for strike outs.

    Remeber Lawrie of Udub and her "risers"? UH plalyers were swinging at pitches around the shoulders - especially with the count 2 and 2 or 3 and 2. It played amajor role in UH 1 - 0 loss to Lawrie at the WSBS.

    Just watch her and look for "tendencies" on the 2 and 2 or 3 and 2 pitch counts - it may prove to be beneficial in the later iningings. A walk with RBI is just as effective as a hit with RBI.

  24. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Twenny Fort!

    New offices and meeting rooms. Good.

  25. A-House:


    Your #21, the WAC is way behind the 8-ball as Benson is content to "sit and see what happens".

    He is not event thinking 2 years down the road!!!! Dang, if the WAC presidents are blind to this then UH sould seek to move to another conference!

  26. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Hauoli Lahanau Allen Allen and C.J. Allen-Jones!!!

    Another day in the WB Playground led off by Big C!


  27. SteveM:

    Good noonish everyone! least the Warrior Beat already knows how to find Coach Dana's new office. :lol:

  28. bb:

    Ron Lee out.
    Mouse Davis in.

  29. jayz43:

    So what's with Ron Lee?!

  30. duffer (iPhone):

    Mrs. C first. OMG what next! :-)

  31. LizKauai (iChrome):

    bb- wouldn't that be veddy interestink! The Mouse that Roars!

  32. jojo ®:

    update blog with some details, please

  33. NorthShoreFan:

    Ron Lee resigns...wasn't this kind of on the edge for awhile?

  34. chopsueyboy:


    I was checking Seattle newspaprs. The problem U-Dub girls had on being on the road for 3 weeks was "Where do we go to get our hair done?"

    You think the Wahines think the same?

  35. NorthShoreFan:

    Demotion might not have been a factor. ..officially speaking,.... was

  36. Kazz ($100.00):

    If I remember, Coach Coolen's office was pretty close to the new football offices on the 3rd floor.

    He's gonna need more room for his WAC trophies and coach of the year ones too!!! :cool:

  37. NorthShoreFan:

    Coach Lee....BIG MAHALO for all the years of commitment to UH Warrior football.
    I wish great things for you and your family.

  38. NorthShoreFan:

    Kazz, by the time Na Wahine get through with the season, you might have enough pledged to build Coach Cool his own office/complex right next to WSS!...

  39. NorthShoreFan:

    Start the building fund drive now...Garret will donate $1mil....Kazz catch the rest...!#@?@!

  40. Colomaohana:

    duffer: I know, right? I shocked myself! hahaha..

    Hi Liz!

  41. bb:

    Ron Lee has his 10 years with the state...
    My feeling is that he didn't "step down."

    Perhaps "shown the door?"

    I think Mouse is already in.

    Question is...who will be calling the plays?

    Or will it be another case of too many chiefs and not enough indians?

  42. Kazz ($100.00):

    What is the deal with these U-Dub girls and their hair?

    ST interviewed Lawrie during the series with UH and she was quick to point out the weather that weekend as being bad on her hair. "I don't like to get my hair wet" Lawrie noted... :roll:

    Also, Lawrie's risers were very effective but at that time in the season, the Wahine were still finding their real batting power and poise. Make no mistake though, Lawrie is the best and she has the mental toughness that is necessary to win as much as she does.

    With effective risers, I am more concerned about the Wahine being able to hit them cleanly. We MIGHT see a lot of pop flys to start our first game of the series against Bama.

  43. ai-eee-soos:

    Ron Lee: Mahalo for your service to the UH football program.

    Best of everything to you.

  44. Bowwar:

    Is Cal Lee far behind?? It was rumored that there were some coaches that didn't want to "spend the time" preparing for games or on the road actively recruiting...
    It's eventual that the Lees would move on to either retire or seek other opportunities. The question is what will McMackin bring in to replace them. We could use a skilled QB coach and/or receivers coach on the offense.

  45. Garret:

    Thank you to Ron Lee for 11 years of coaching at UH. Ron coached a *lot* of excellent receivers at UH and many of them got shots in the NFL.

    Who will coach the WRs now? There is a lot of coaching needed with several receivers inexperienced and game-time adjustments with the receivers. Stutz1 is the obvious choice to me, but he recently signed a contract with a C-USA school and moved his family there. There aren't that many experienced WR coaches with this offense...does Mouse want to coach WRs?

  46. Slugger:

    Hi, Colomaohana!

    Ron Lee was actually the first coach I got to talk to when I came home. And he remembered me from that first talk story meeting at the Outrigger one night. Good luck to him in whatever he does.

    Happy birthday, C.J. Allen-Jones! Happy birthday, Allen Allen, whoever you are...

  47. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for everything, Coach Lee! Best wishes to you.

  48. NorthShoreFan:

    A lot of good questions being asked. Hope Coach Mac caa shake it all out or us. Coach Ron has a great list of WR's who went on to a higher level of play. Coach Rolo still going to call the plays, coach the QB's?

  49. Derek:

    The two twin towers from Senegal who were considering Hawaii have surfaced, apparently via India. One kid 7'4" is 17 and 285 and his younger brother is 7'2" 15 years old and about 260. Don't know if they are interested in Hawaii but the UH coaching staff is very good at following and relating with international players. Maybe Walter Roese will follow up! Word is that the brothers are very good players and has a lot of potential.

  50. Idono:

    WAC Commisioner:

    Suggestion: Need to get active when a WAC team makes it to any post season tournament.

    Get the participating schools and have them communicate achievements and human interest stories to the WAC office. The WAC office to have these stories sent to each WAC school and the city's news media and TV stations with the hope of positive exposure and awareness. Build the comraderie spirit of the WAC and get the cities behind them.

    Also inform ESPN and all the networks and the opposing team and their conference about these accomplishments or stories, like UH record for hitting the most homeruns and still counting.

    As the saying goes in "Sales" Calling on 0 prospects ='s 0 sales. Calling on 100 prospects and make 5 sales. Got 95 no sales but got 5 which only brings positives with it. With the internet today one story can be emailed to how many TV stations and news media. 95 may not want to run the story but if that 5 did how many more people will know of the WAC and their teams in a better perspective. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  51. Garret:

    Pat Hill says that BSU is going to the MWC and he's hoping to schedule BSU as a nonconference opponent soon.

    Fresno State football coach Pat Hill said he expects the Mountain West Conference to invite Boise State soon.

    “They’re going to expand. I think that’s a good move for the Mountain West right now. That really helps them. Boise is a very popular item. That’s a reward for doing well,” Hill told the Statesman.

    Hill said he has told Fresno State athletic director Thomas Boeh to schedule Boise State if the Broncos do depart the Western Athletic Conference.

    “I told our AD to call Gene (Bleymaier), if Boise does leave, to continue the series,” Hill said. “It’d be good.”

  52. Garret:

    Some people are telling this DT recruit that BSU is going to the *Pac-10*! Even if BSU isn't going to the Pac-10, that rumor might help them with their recruiting...

    Kevin McReynolds, a defensive tackle recruit from Washington, has some interesting comments in this Bruce Feldman (insiders only) piece on

    McReynolds said:

    I talk to Boise State a lot. They're recruiting me too. I know they're going to the Pac-10 with this switch-up. That's what a lot of people have been talking about. They're probably going to the Pac-10.

  53. Jun Tao:

    I say that the current WAC school presidents should vote to oust the WAC Commissioner for incompetence!

    Well, its just a thought. .. . .

  54. Garret:

    Sports Illustrated article about how the MWC and BSU are saying that the MWC deserves to be an AQ conference. Their lawyer is asking whether or not the BCS is bad at business or guilty at collusion. Note that they are *not* saying to get rid of the BCS, they are saying that the BCS should make the MWC an AQ conference since they are just as worthy as the ACC and Big East.

    Note that the *only* school involved in this push are the MWC schools and BSU. It is curious that BSU and the MWC have been using the same lawyer for years on this issue...I wonder how long ago they decided that BSU should be in the MWC? *None* of the WAC schools except for BSU were invited to participate in this attack on the BCS...of course, it is questionable why any WAC school would WANT the MWC to become an AQ conference and leave the WAC in the dust unless they knew they were going to be in the MWC soon!

    This past year, the Mountain West sent TCU to the Fiesta Bowl and received $9.8 million. The WAC sent Boise State to the Fiesta Bowl and received $7.8 million. Conference USA, the MAC and the Sun Belt, which did nothing, received $2.8, $2.1 and $1.5 million, respectively. At the BCS meetings last month, Hancock said that split was the will of those conferences. Balderdash, said Alan Fishel, the Arent Fox attorney who represents the Mountain West and Boise State. "The BCS has created that fiction," Fishel said.

    The Mountain West may play its way into the Old Boy Network for the final two years of this cycle. We know the bottom of the conference is keeping the Mountain West from reaching the necessary level to earn an automatic qualifying berth, but the league might soon poach Boise State from the WAC, and the Broncos would bolster all the average rankings the BCS uses to determine whether a have-not receives a golden ticket.

    But why should the BCS extend the ACC and Big East's automatic qualifying status the next time around if they can't bring as much to the table as the Mountain West? The argument that the AQ conferences are more valuable commercial properties than the non-AQs is entirely correct, but all AQs are not created equal. The Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC have pulled their weight for the BCS in the past five years by bringing in monster ratings and by filling stadiums. The Big East and ACC have not.

  55. NorthShoreFan:

    HA has a couple of interesting articles on the NFL and a Supreme Court decision and another article about scholarships tht highlighted a couple of players who was heavily recruited and after the first year, "lost" the scholarship. Another thing athletes need to be aware of.

  56. Garret:

    The bad Orange Bowl ratings are the key issue highlighted by the law firm that the MWC and BSU are paying.

    On Monday, the Washington-based law firm representing the Mountain West Conference and Boise State fired back at the BCS by presenting an intriguing question.

    Why does the BCS offer automatic bids to conferences that don't hold up their end of the bargain competitively or economically? And why do some major bowls continue to do business with the group when they know they're going to get lower ratings and draw teams that bring fewer fans? Using data available on the Web sites of the BCS and the NCAA, attorneys at Arent Fox showed that since the end of the 2006 season, the Mountain West and WAC champions that have played in BCS bowls have, on average, been ranked higher, drawn better TV ratings and brought more fans to BCS games than the ACC and Big East champions -- which are guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl because the ACC and Big East are part of the cartel that created the BCS in 1998.

  57. Kazz ($100.00):

    Mahalo to Ron Lee for all of his years of service to UH football. Thank you coach for all you have given.

  58. Bulla:

    Mahalo Coach Lee for your hard work and dedication :) :)

  59. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Boise/Pac-10
    It really doesn't matter the conference in which a school is the member.
    It matters where the school is located.
    Boise State can play against UCLA, but it won't be L.A.
    It's important to choose the school that best fits. If you like outdoor activities, mountains, family-friendly businesses, then Boise might be for you.
    But I wouldn't choose a school based on where it might visit every other year. Because if that's the case, I'd rather be in the WAC, and get two Hawai‘i trips during my career.

  60. Garret:

    Given ST's updates above, it sure seems like Mouse Davis will be taking the spot that Ron Lee is vacating...UH could still use one more coach on offense (the coaching staff has more defensive coaches) and this won't change that ratio. The GAs are evenly split between offense and defense, but Inoke's background is with the QBs/RBs, so he probably wouldn't be a good replacement at WR coach. So, I guess Mouse would coach WRs?

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    Also, a school can be part of a BSC conference. And while that school might reap great financial rewards and have really nice weight rooms, in the end, with the limits on scholarship money, you're still eating at Subway and looking under the sofa cushions for loose change for laundry.

  62. Garret:

    I still cannot get over the fact that a WAC team is paying a law firm to lobby for the MWC to become a BCS AQ conference. Isn't that working *against* the best interests of the WAC?

  63. Kazz ($100.00):



    Home Run = $20.00
    Mercy Ruled Game = $200.00
    Wahine pitcher tosses a shut out game = $50.00

  64. Garret:

    The other reason why this would *really* hurt the WAC is that adding another AQ conference would decrease the number of at-large spots available. The MWC could actually get *2* teams in BCS bowl games and contribute to no non-AQ team going to a BCS bowl.

    Right now the rules are structured such that the BCS bowl system pretty much *has* to take 1 non-AQ team and the 2-team conference limit FORCED them to take both TCU and BSU last season. So, instead of giving 2 spots to non-AQ teams, they can give those 2 spots to AQ conference teams...the MWC could get *2* teams with 1 loss each in BCS games if they were an AQ conference.

  65. Garret:

    It looks like one of the stars of UH's recruiting class will be going to Arizona Western instead of UH...

    The Trojans will lose WR/S Taz Stevenson, who will be matriculating to Washington, and Zach Quines, who is expected to land at Arizona Western College after signing with Hawaii.

  66. labrat:

    Oh no not Ron Lee. Who is going to be the eyes in the booth? Or is Rolo going to move upstairs? I hope they get someone with R&S experience. Didn't someone promise Stutz 1 something?

    Ron Lee thankyou for your service to the UofH. This is one fan who will miss you.


  67. madeinhawaii:

    So we don't have a wide receiver coach? Not a good position to be in at the start of Summer.

    Zach Quines looks to be going to Arizona Western.. another academic casualty, I guess.

  68. madeinhawaii:

    I wish Ron Lee the best... wherever and in whatever he decides to do.

  69. A-House:

    Thank you, Ron Lee, for your dedicated service to UH via your experience, expertise, knowldege, and recruiting skills.

  70. Ralph:

    Stutz signed with Memphis, C USA. I don't think its a good idea for someone who wants to get into coaching to renege on a contract, cuz the Hawaii job may last as long as Mac is here, then what, would another coach take a chance on him not reneging at the last moment. Build bridges, add to his coaching resume, he is a young coach who needs experience coaching at the D1 level.

  71. A-House:

    I for one has only visited Bob Coolen's office to present the bracelet donation for the 2007 WAC season championship.

    No idea where the other offices are.

    Waiting for ST to post the photos he took this morning!!

  72. NorthShoreFan:

    BCS need to dole out the $'s even to institutions who do not hold up their end of the "bargain". This is to keep them satisfied. If the $'s were only given to those who participated in a bowl, the BCS will have problems.

    I you skim all the programs that have high "tv ratings", what do you have left? So to keep them "satisfied" you need to give the $'s and tell them to keep quiet cause you getting something for nothing..

    Zach Quines...grades?

  73. Ralph:

    did Mililani hire a new head coach? Ron Lee would be a good mentor for the fb program.

  74. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Mahalo, Ron Lee.

    Looking forward to the future for everyone...

    "Mouse Davis, the father of the modern run-and-shoot offense, told the Warrior Beat he is "absolutely"interested in rejoining the UH coaching staff. Davis said he will apply after the job notification is posted."

    Can't deny that having a Mouse in the House will make things very interesting for the Warriors!!!

  75. NorthShoreFan:

    LizK.."Mouse in the House"..? may not know it but you are a poet....

  76. J-Dog:

    I like Stutzmann as a candidate for the WR coach as he seemed to prove himself to be quite worthy of a full-time position at UH.

    But, I think we also need an assistant that can recruit as well.

    Someone like Jeff Reinebold (who is currently SMU's WR coach), would seem like a good fit and brought some good recruits when he was at UH.

    Although, if I remember correctly, there was some reason why he was not retained by Mack.

  77. mctruck:

    MWC????, looks like at least couple of the top teams from that conference will be going to big12/pac10???, so how you figure the MWC is going to be an AQ after that move? even with the addition of BSU., back to ground zero.

    Actually, both the MWC and WAC should regroup and form a new conference with whomever is left, end story.

  78. Garret:


    Reinebold wanted to work for UH, Mack didn't want him. Given that, and given his situation now at SMU, I'd be surprised if he applied. I'd *love* for a recruiter like Reinebold to be at UH, but that ship might have sailed 2 years ago.

    Reinebold has been assigned to recruit Louisiana for SMU (he sure has been all over that state according to his twitter feed) and he's going with JJ to Canada, Japan, and Samoa in the next month or so.

  79. Garret:


    You know the funny thing is that if the Big 10 waits a year to expand like they say, then the Pac-10, Big 12 and SEC might also wait a year. If that happens, no MWC team would decide to leave until next year at the earliest.

    The reason why the MWC needs to invite BSU now is that they need BSU in their conference in 2011 to count BSU towards AQ status. If Utah or other MWC teams decide to leave in 2011, they will not join their new conference until 2012. So, all of their BCS points would count for the MWC! So, you could have Utah and others out of the MWC...but their points would make the MWC an AQ conference.

    So, if teams leave, that would put BSU in an AQ conference with an easier time to win the automatic spot. If the MWC has to invite other teams in 2011 to replace the teams they lost, those teams would be joining an AQ conference in 2012 even though they had nothing to do with that conference becoming an AQ conference!

    If the MWC becomes an AQ conference, *none* of their members will leave to join the WAC even if Utah or others leave. It is also looking like only Utah might leave, so they would basically be replacing Utah with BSU and not much will change for the rest of their conference.

  80. Baseball. Lobo Baseball Headed to 2010 Conoco Mountain West Confernece Baseball Championship:

    [...] T&#1211&#1077 Warrior Beat| UH football, University &#959f Hawaii athletics | [...]

  81. mctruck:

    how's about doing what the bigeast did and absorb non-football schools which played mostly, great basketball.

    I'm thinking like the WAC/WCC, if not WAC/MWC.

  82. d1島:

    Mahalo and Aloha to Ron Lee.

    Best wishes in any future endeavors.

  83. mctruck:


    just noticed your #79 it's 2-3 years down the road. No wonder all the talks' been sorta, wait and see?

    what do you think about a WAC/WCC matchup; one conference deal?

  84. Maverick:

    Yea Baby.
    Bring back "The Mouse in the hale"
    And I don't mean Topo Gigio.

    p.s finally got rid of that mouse in my dishwasher. Just added a few more phosphates to the mix.

  85. Maverick:

    Howdy McTruck

  86. Kazz ($100.00):


    DATS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  87. d1島:

    Happy Birthday Allen Allen!

    Happy Birthday C.J. Allen-Jones!

  88. Garret:


    The WCC wouldn't want to travel to Hawaii...they really watch their travel costs. They don't have huge football profits to pay for their other programs and they won't get the benefit of the extra football game. Why would they want to join the WAC when the WCC's basketball profits are probably higher than the WAC's basketball profits and they lose money on everything else?

  89. Garret:


    The TV contracts for the Big 12 and Pac-10 aren't up for 2 years, so next year is when they would negotiate their next TV contracts. So, they can wait until next year to add teams. *If* the Big 10 doesn't expand now (they say they will wait a year), then nobody except the MWC has an incentive to expand now.

    *Next* year the Big 12 and Pac-10 will need to worry about their TV deals and the Big 10 will probably need to grab things to make sure their TV network stays ahead of everybody else. *This* year the pressure is on the MWC to get all the BCS points they can.

    Of course, the Big 10's problem is that they probably tried to get Texas and failed and they tried to scare Notre Dame to join them and they failed. So, they can scratch their heads now and wait a year to see what craziness happens.

  90. 808ike:

    From ESPN 1420.

    Game 1; UH vs Bama--------------Friday @ 12:30 p.m. (ESPN U ?)
    Game2: Bama vs UH--------------Saturday @ 11:00 a.m. (ESPN)

  91. Garret:

    By the way, I was wrong and Stutz1 is *not* an assistant coach at Memphis...according to Memphis' website, he is a *GA*. So, he's basically working for free and looking for an assistant coaching job...all GAs are on the look out for assistant jobs. However, he hasn't even started at Memphis so the timing is bad for him to leave now to take another job.

  92. Pomai:

    After all this talk about conference shake ups, there doesn't seem to be any bright side for UH. No matter what shakes down it seem's like we will be the third man out.

  93. 808ike:


    Do you have a Chinese money tree in your backyard? You should share
    the seeds with all of us so we can grow a money tree in our backyard.

  94. labrat:

    If Stutz can land a permanent job I don't think any head coach would hold him back if he was just a GA. If he did I don't think he would be worth working for.

  95. Garret:

    Phil Steele's Preseason All-WAC team is out:

    Greg Salas, 1st team WR
    Laupepa Letuli, 2nd team OL
    Kealoha Pilares, 3rd team WR
    Lametrius Davis, 2nd team CB
    Mana Silva, 2nd team FS
    Corey Paredes, 4th team LB
    Alex Dunnachie, 4th team P

  96. Garret:


    I've never heard of a head coach who tried to stop a GA from taking an assistant job.

  97. Garret:


    There are a lot of scenarios where UH would end up with a MWC-WAC combination. You know the funny thing is? If the MWC gets BSU and becomes an AQ conference and then gets raided by the other conferences, they might need to invite UH to join their conference (if Nevada and Fresno State said they would join the MWC only if UH was invited also).

    That would mean that UH would be in an AQ conference! That would be pretty amazing...and not likely, but possible.

  98. jm2375:

    Mahalo to Ron Lee and best wishes in his next endeavor.

    Happy Bday to Allen Allen, one of the finest mvb players & CJ Allen-Jones!!


  99. 808ike:

    Thanks to Ron Lee for his dedication and support!

  100. LizKauai (iPad):

    100? Hiho!

  101. LizKauai (iPad):

    Mav 84- eeeuuuwww

  102. Kendall:

    Screw mouse & stutz. If you want to make a splash on the national scene, bring in mike leech.

  103. Maverick:

    Thats utopia.
    Aint gonna happen

  104. mano1:

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to Hawaii Ron. Best wishes to you and your family.

  105. Maverick:

    That mouse was wearing a UH jersey and looked like a MLB.
    No trap was big enough for the job

  106. Slugger:


    Thanks for clarifying who Allen Allen is...before my time watching MVB.


    Was that tongue-in-cheek?

  107. 99club:

    Mahalo Coach Lee!

    mctruck- I like your post #77. Hope TCU makes the jump to the Big-12 so they can play the other TX teams each year.

  108. MikiMiki:

    Thanks coach lee for years of service. i think the game has passed him by. i think the same about coach davis. his last stint in portland didnt go so well and alumni ,coaches and players said similar things. we need a young ,energetic wr coach.

  109. LizKauai \m/:

    Mav- Speaking of mice. I went to the store looking for sticky traps the other day. No Mo. Said they were inhumane. So instead they have a trap that looks like a box and traps the mice alive.
    And what do we do with it after we catch one?


  110. d1島:


    Rat Zapper...check it out.

  111. Curt:

    Mahalo and best wishes to Ron Lee.

    It'll be interesting to see who Coach Mac picks up as a replacement. We definitely need to get back to an aggressive, attacking offense. This is an important hire.

  112. NorthShoreFan:

    LizK...going set them out to catch dat rat that wen do you car?....wait I come help you...

  113. LizKauai (iPad):

    Tsigh. Now we gotta figure out how to get rid of all the glass shards everywhere. Dat gonna cost more than the stolen stuff!

  114. Kazz ($100.00):


    I'm putting my state tax return dollars to good use. :cool:

    Any overages… oh well, we'll see what happens… :shock:

    Besides, it's money I'd waste on cigs or something. :roll:

  115. Should Atheism Be Defended? | Louisiana Child Support Information:

    [...] The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … [...]

  116. labrat:

    Damn my wireless router crapped out. Now I got this blue wire (from modem) connected to my lap top.

    My router just keeps blinking like a christmas tree. Sad.

  117. wafan:

    Whew! Long Monday.

    Sorry to hear of Coach Lee's departure. Many thanks to him for all the years of professionalism as a Warrior. Best of luck to him in all of his future endeavors!!!

  118. Ralph:

    Kazz got a State tax refund! dang, AKA deductions must have helped!

  119. Ralph:

    did coach Dana have an office? if so, who got hers now that she inherits coach mac's.

  120. Maverick:

    Liz- Forget about spending your kala at that store.

    Their weak.

    The only real mouse I want around is called Mr. Davis.

  121. wafan:

    Liz . . .

    Best glass shards remover on the market?

    Find the clown(s) who did the vandalism and theft. Strip them down to their skivies. Then, have them sit and rub their extremities on all of the interior surfaces.

    Of course, now you have another problem of their cooties in the interior of your vehicle.

    Or . . . you could ask a resident auto kind of guy for some advice.

  122. duffer (iPhone):

    Hey Kazz,

    I was already to match your Wahine donation until you upped your dollar amount. Plus challenge any Tsaikos to join in. Gotta consult my broker now.

  123. wafan:

    Kazz is very generous with his monetary donations.

    He works at a bank.


  124. wafan:

    There is another RnS guru. Not sure JJ would be interested though.

  125. wafan:

    Bought a couple of filters for my camera. Gosh! The prices have gone crazy.

  126. wafan:

    Twenty-one wake ups to go.

    Next week we will be down to fifteen. Two hands and a foot.

  127. wafan:

    Go SoftBows!

  128. 808ike:

    Kazz #42,

    re: Risers

    Pitchers, who have great risers, makes it difficult for batters to make
    contact. The purpose of a riser is to have the batter chase a pitch,
    resulting in a K or a strike by swing and miss.

    Cat Osterman (Texas--around 2300 career K's) had a mean drop
    ball (sinker). In the CWS, she had 18 K's of 21 outs against team A.
    Both met again in an elimination match. The head coach made an
    adjustment. The players were told not to swing at a pitch below their
    upper thigh. Team A won and Cat had only 6 K's.

    Same principle can apply to risers. Risers in the strike zone, does not
    rise very much. It is the risers out of the strike zone that create most of
    the K's. This year Lawrie is a good example. She has a great riser. In
    the first meeting against UH, she recorded 15 K's of 24 outs.

    Wahines need only to stare at the high risers. For when they swing at it,
    the result may be disastrous, many K's for Dunne.

  129. Kazz ($100.00):

    Honestly folks, I would have been TERRIFIED to pledge this amount earlier in the season. I REALLY would have been in trouble!!!!

    The competition is higher, the pitcher is of championship quality and the stakes are HUGE, so why not the donation right?

    If the Wahine make me pay I'll pay, DEARLY.. But who's gonna deny that it was worth it.

    The monthly deductions to softball from Koa Anuenue do indeed help. One would be surprised what 12 months times (blank) a month can add up to in writeoffs.

  130. al:

    i'll bet like most brokers yours is out of town.

  131. al:

    hmmmm department...


    May 24th, 2010 at 5:15 pm
    did coach Dana have an office? if so, who got hers now that she inherits coach mac's.

    now tell me why this is so significant?

  132. al:

    labrat...try turning your router off for fifteen minutes and if you are also connected to road runner turn off that modem as well.

    then replug your road runner modem and wait till all the blinking lights are running at regular intervals. then replug your router.

    sometimes one needs to reboot both the modem and router.

    and if you got road runner just call them and reach the trouble desk. they could help determine where your problem exists remotely. they could also tell which is the problem.

    and its free. 643-2300

  133. Kazz ($100.00):

    Hmmm.. Maybe I should have a kid. People with children tend to get some nice kala back… :twisted:

    But seriously though, as 808ike mentions, that's one concern I do have, amongst others. It's hard to say though as we met UW very early in the season and were able to hit Lawrie at times, times enough to threaten, but not enough of course. Lawrie was tough, but provided she should the intangibles of a championship pitcher and was able to remain focused while we threatened a few times with runners on 3rd and 2nd with 2 outs.

    I assume that Dunne is NOT in the same class as Lawrie, but the pitching talent goes up a few notches against Bama. I realistically anticipate a lot of pop flys in the beginning of Friday's game and as long as our pitching keeps up and we minimize our errors we should be able to buy some time for our batters to "figure out" Dunne as best as they can.

    I was a little upset that Ttech did NOT start their ace right away and had to go through two of their other lesser pitchers and they got BOMBED big time.

    There are no free passes this deep into the NCAA softball tournament.

  134. Ralph:

    significance, none, but point of interest, yes. I was wondering if the women programs were given the same accommodations as the men program. I can see football with the most physical space alloted because its the primary source of UH athletics revenue, but beyond that, all things should be equal, after all, our mbb is not the bread winner it can be or ought to be over the last decade.

  135. Kazz ($100.00):

    Coach Dana HAD to have had an office. It's a tight squeeze on the 3rd floor in general though.

  136. whitey:

    way to go Kazz. You da man!!!! Will confer with duffer and see what we can do to match you. Thanks.

  137. labrat:

    al I got dsl but I will try again. Still I panicked and already ordered a new one.

    i almost brought out the sledge.

  138. whitey:

    Coach Ron Lee, thank you for the many years of memories. My best wishes to you on your future endeavors and hope to see you at all of the warrior's home games.

  139. whitey:

    al, coming to maui this week????

  140. Kazz ($100.00):

    Title IX compliance, no matter how much of a unnecessary burden in some people's eyes, should allow for fairly equal accommodations even for the coaching staff. I believe the basketball offices face the arena. You could see the men's basketball head coach's office when coming down the stairs or the escalator when making one's way to the arena. I assume her original office was in the vicinity.

  141. 808ike:


    There is a solution to your dilemma regarding when you catch the live
    rat(s). Release it / them in your car. The next time someone decides
    to vandalize your car, you'll have a surprise for them!!!!!!

  142. Kazz ($100.00):


    I'm not asking anyone to "match", but hey I ain't gonna stop you or others from giving either. :cool:

    Maybe next season you and Duffer can come to the games. I know you guys have frequented football and basketball games, but hopefully we can see you down at the softball stadium soon.

  143. whitey:

    have no problem with mouse, but would like to see someone who is familiar with recruiting in the oklahoma, texas, la area. a receiver coach is important, but more important is to get a coach who truly stresses basic fundamental football and can recruit.

  144. al:

    you think that josten thomas' teammate at csi might want to see what is up at hawaii?

    carrick felix all american wing at csi was denied entrance to duke and is looking around.

  145. whitey:

    kazz, like last season, YOU ON!!!!!

  146. whitey:

    al, it seems that the "dinosaur" game is becoming extinct and in the evolution, the "avatars" are starting to emerge.

  147. Kazz ($100.00):


    FYI, Pomai is still gonna work on organizing the fundraising for the Wahine's WAC Championship bracelets. Right now, we're hanging on until the season is pau and Pomai is working his "magic" so to speak.

    Personally I am keeping my donation money for the WAC bracelets separate from my Koa Anuenue kala and the pending pledge dollars.

  148. whitey:

    al, meant for mbb.

  149. Ralph:

    is Carrick Felix a post player? we need a tall, well built player who can control the paint from the #4 or #5 position, and hope he can rebound and shoot from up close. Like the Lakers Odum, lots of rebounds and most of his shots from 4 feet away.

  150. whitey:

    kazz, true, donated to the bracelet and this is something separate and "VERY SPECIAL"!!!!!!

  151. Kazz ($100.00):


    I enjoy your competitveness!!!!

    It's all good though, it's fo da keeeeeds. :wink:

  152. whitey:

    ralph, felix has a very, very impressive basketball background and accomplishments. He is an "avatar".

  153. Kazz ($100.00):

    Cheapest deterrent for car theft.

    Just crack one fut in your car before you leave and lock it. :lol:

  154. labrat:

    al it did not work. i know my modem works which is what i am connected to right now. the problem is I can't connect via ethernet to the router then modem. The modem doesn't see my router and I can't connect thru the router to get to the internet so I can't even try a firmware reflash.

  155. 808ike:


    Coach Cool needs to find another Brooke W. for a pitcher.

  156. Kazz ($100.00):



  157. Ralph:

    Carrick is listed as 6'6", wing player. Joachim, Amis and Kurst in the #5 spot. Looking forward to an upgrade in mbb, can't wait to see the schedule. Read the coaches want to schedule Chicago State, why, they fired his assistant.

  158. Kendall:

    Hey al,

    Carrick Felix has been rumored to be interested in
    joining csi's aziz ndiaye at Washington. I think we
    get chance, but I don't think that Thomas & Felix were close. Their personalities are totally different.

    But this guy would be the crown jewel of the recruiting class

  159. Kazz ($100.00):


    Some have suggested that this particular Wahine team (2010) maybe only one pitcher away from a "guaranteed" shot at the World Series of College Softball.

    I've been watching Ricketts since she got here last season and I've seen her pitch "gems" in dominant fashion at times and I think we've all seen her struggle too.

    It's an interesting dynamic we have as Coolen has let Grimes call ALL of the pitches since Grimes got here in 2007. Would certain games have been different if other pitches were called for Ricketts than what Grimes called? I dunno?

    Katie Grimes has been AWESOME for us these past four years, but I do want to bring up one instance. Last season, the Wahine lost a WAC home game to Nevada and that game went into extra innings and it was a home run derby at the end. In Stephen's article he interviewed both Coach Coolen and Grimes with regards to the pitch call selected for Nevada's game winning homer. I believe Coolen thought it should have been a different pitch than what was called for by Grimes.

    I'm NOT singling out Grimes because things like this WILL happen in ANY sport on ANY level.

    Now, the thing that I am unsure of is if Coach Coolen has ALWAYS allowed his catchers to call the pitches for his pitchers in the past and if he plans on doing it after Grimes has left UH.

    Next season, we will all see how much Katie Grimes meant to the softball program and how under-appreciated she was.

    Ricketts and Parnaby will be here next season, so the pitchers will not change, the catcher will. Will the process be the same? Will we experience a negative drop-off? I dunno...

  160. 808ike:


    Katie Grimes is a rare breed as a catcher. It is not her offense but her
    defense.She has been involved in very pitch this season. What makes her
    so AMAZING, is she has made only 3 errors this year.

  161. Pomai:

    Kazz got it!!!

    Now for Ms. Ricketts, she needs to step it up big time, she can't afford to get behind or walks as in the past. IMHO one of her problems is after she gets behind she starts to think about how to throw, when she needs to just throw, let her natural talents get it done. The other thing is and I don't know if it is her or Grimes, but when she get ahead like 0 and 2 she tends to try and nibble at the plate, and that gets her into trouble. Having watched her over the season when she just goes out there an throws no one can hit her, especially when she brings the heat right sown the middle.

  162. whitey:

    Any tsaiko know how we can send encouraging emails to the wahines in alabama????

  163. papajoe2:

    #153 Kazz, no can do. some people are fut smellers. i'm a smart fella.

  164. duffer (iPhone):

    Awww Kazz, what the heck, I'm in. My new set of golf clubs can wait. Just let me know how much and where to send the check.

    C'mon Tsaikos let's backup Kazz and the WAHINE SOFTBALL TEAM!!!!

  165. Kazz ($100.00):


    Bob Coolen can be reached via his UH email at .

    I've e-mailed him numerous times throughout the season and he responds in a reasonable amount of time. He's responded to his e-mails pretty quickly considering they're on the road and he's busy with the IMPORTANT stuffs.

    Other than that, I dunno. I don't have FaceBook, but if you are on I guess you could find the players on it and send some messages their way.

  166. Kazz ($100.00):

    It would be nice if Dunne throws heat down the middle on us. :cool:

  167. Kazz ($100.00):

    One plus about playing Dunne and Bama is that there is a lot of video on them.

    I can just imagine Coolen on his iPhone watching clips and the gears in his head are turning at a deliberate pace. :cool:

  168. Kazz ($100.00):


    I will NOT be able to watch the Wahine at all this weekend. I will be in the office for ALL the games, even the Saturday ones!!!!

    That's ok though. I said it before, with ESPN broadcasting the games I would have turned on the mute button and flipped on ESPN 1420 instead.

  169. Kazz ($100.00):

    Duffer, you and Whitey are just TOO AWESOME!!! :mrgreen:

  170. labrat:

    Katie and Amanda bring leadership to the table. You can see Katie taking control during the game and I like when Amanda walks up to the mound catches the ball and hands it to Ricketts.

  171. troll:

    keys to success for wahine softball vs. alabama

    preparation for alabama is important

    watch films of the opposing pitchers delivery etc.

    plus coach coolen pitching batting practice and simulating pitches, like

    risers and change ups, of the alabama ace is important preparation

    plus having the players taking batting practice against this type of pitches helps them familiarize of what they should be facing in the game

    ive been reading where the riser is a hard pitch to hit, so preparation this week is key. getting the timing down, making adjustments, coordinating eyes and hands are important

    coach coolen seems to be one step ahead of the game, so the team should be very well prepared for alabama.


    saw your response and proposition. i was only being sarcastic, maybe even letting off some steam. with the blog coming to an ending soon the troll can't miss any opportunities, so they say, or how people think. Personally, though, i hope the upcoming season for the fb team and coach mack have many praise worthy moments instead.

  172. referring to hiring:

    MOUSE: Total failure at Portland State a fews years ago, don't bring him to Hawaii. glanville canned him!

  173. labrat:

    i will be watching the matchup with the WAC freshman or the year vs the SEC freshman of the year. 2 amazing leadoff batters.

  174. el guapo:

    I'm trying to understand something.

    Why would Inoke not be a good WR coach? He definitely knows what the assignments are.

    Why would Coach Dana not know how to coach her post players? She definitely knows what the assignments are.

    Bob Wagner played tackle in college. I remember him coaching DBs and LBs as a position coach.

    Jeff Reinebold played DB in college, yet seems to be pretty good at coaching DL and WR.

    Mike Cavanaugh looks like he was a catcher. Dick Tomey was a catcher and never played college football. I'd love to see JJ as a defensive coach.

    Should a coach not know all aspects and positions? It helps to have played the position, but isn't it the mind and not the body they were given? Of course all coaches have their specialties, but why would they not know anything at all about other positions?

  175. whitey:

    el gaupo, good points, but my first choce would be for a coach who really stresses the basics of football, blocking and tackling. Our tackling is something that could really use a coach who believes in the discipline of tackling. tackling the legs is a lost art.

  176. LizKauai (iPad):

    Labrat- did you look at the router in a browser? If you can login, you may be able to see what's wrong and reset it..

    As for Mouse. He could bring something to the program that left when Coach Jones left. It is more than Xs and Os.

  177. Old Diver:

    # 76

    Reinebold was not kept because the remaining coaches from the JJ staff didn't like him. He would take credit for recruits he had nothing to do with, and was a headline grabber.

  178. el guapo:


    Now those are excellent reasons for selecting a coach

  179. Tweets that mention The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics | | Honolulu, Hawaii --

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  180. al:

    the most important part of hitting the riser is recognizing that it is a riser from the moment it leaves the pitcher's hand.

  181. al:

    labrat...80 bucks will get you a decent router. if you have had it for five years then you got your money's worth already.

  182. al:

    ralphie....amis should be the starting pf (4) as long as he has recovered. in a pinch he would relieve at the c (5) position. it is joaquim and kurtz' to win or lose.

    sounds like the giant will stay put at nebraska.

  183. al:

    el guapo i agree with most of your statements. and don't forget the greatest nfl coach never played the game as well.

  184. al:

    in baseball as well as in softball aside from the is the catcher's position where one's talent defensively and his ability to handle the pitchers is more important than his/her bat.

  185. Ralph:

    Al you think that Amis will be ahead of Brumfield and Thomas. Amis has one year of eligibility, got to learn a new system like the rest, if he plays the most minutes then Brumfield and Thomas will not be game experienced as need be the following year. If all things being equal, better to play the JC guys to gain experience in the system and they will be better adept in what Gib wants the following year.

  186. Slugger:


    I applaud you for your commitment to Na Wahine as they make their way through Tuscaloosa and 'Bama.


    The homerun record should be on the bracelets, too, when they are made.

  187. LizKauai (iPad):

    Nitey nite and tsweet dreams!

  188. Pride.:

    Ron Lee is good people. Class act.

  189. koakane:

    keys to success for wahine softball vs. alabama

    play solid defense with minimal errors that gives up xtra bases, see ball, hit ball (deep or in gaps) and capitalize on all alabama mistakes.

    evening to all the night sages around the table sharing their strategies.

  190. koakane:

    forgot sending mahalo to ron lee for his dedication to the UH football program. he should like being at SMU.

  191. Ralph:

    I wonder if Ron Lee would want to be a graduate assistant at SMU or join Paka as video technical support-break down game film and practice film.

  192. ‘Bows’ recruiting blitz pays off | BingSite:

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  193. troll:

    Re-Ron Lee's resignation

    In my book he went out as a winner. In year one he had reigns to the offense, calling the plays, and the team averaged 29 points scoring a game. This comes in the wake of the offensive line giving up nearly sixty sacks.

    In year two his duties were lessened and he was resigned to taking a back seat to Rolo in calling the plays. The averaged team scoring decreased to 22 points a game.

    In year three, up until this last spring, he was stripped of his OC title.

    In year one he was made out to be the scapegoat. In year two he was made out to be the scapegoat, too, especially with how the public saw the offense sputtering and not running how when Coach Jones was here and casting the blame on him.

    In year three, he came to his senses. And presumably resigned. His abbreviated stay here in my opinion as OC came with not very much to work with and not given the full opportunity to prove himself.

    But the bitter pill to swallow for Coach Lee in my opinion is on how Coach Mack played on his emotions. And their friendship. For it's one thing in being demoted and it's another thing of being stripped naked of one's dignity, especially of how on more than one occasion I've personally heard Coach Mack say on his radio show that Coach Lee will always be his OC as long as he's the head coach here at UH.

    For Coach Mack to have made this statement speaks volumes of his trust and faith in Coach Lee. There's no arguing that Coach Mack has a good heart. But why say and make these elevations (and promises), evidently, if he didn't mean it, or honor what comes out of his mouth.

    As I said earlier, Coach Lee walked away from UH as a winner in my book. Best wishes to him. He can escape the snake pit.

    One time I wrote that watching the coaches at practice and during games, especially with their lack of comradeship, was like watching nine stakes in a pit is proving prophetic.

  194. Kazz ($100.00):


    You and I are thinking on the same wave-length!

    I shot an email to Pomao suggesting the same thing!

  195. troll:

    btw troll's pet peeve are people that post 198. 199, 200 like how wafan and al do at times. just saying.

  196. Capital -ist/WassupDoc:

    UDub and a triple play.

  197. Slugger:


    I think your timeline is off. According to the post above, Ron Lee has been with the team for 11 years.

    Good luck to Coach Ron.

    Night all!

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  199. LizKauai (iPhone):

    199. :lol:

  200. LizKauai (iPhone):


  201. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Dang stray dog knocked over the rubbish can & woke me up.
    Now I can sleep.

  202. LizKauai (iPhone):

    No snakes in Hawaii, btw. Especially in the football dept.

  203. al:

    oh liz...that little troll is not going to like you.

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  207. Dobbs Dude-Hank:

    Nobody is pursuing the real truth of local sports stories:
    1. Why is Ron Lee REALLY resigning?
    2. Why did last year's starting quarterback take a leave of absence?
    I wonder if there is simmering discontent in the program. I mean, really, Cal Lee must also be hacked off.

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