Salas, Meatoga to represent UH

June 23rd, 2010

Slotback Greg Salas and defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga will represent the Warriors at next month's WAC Media Preview in Salt Lake City.

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Perhaps it is a good thing the Warriors do not have extra available football scholarships. That ensures the Warriors will not try to recruit USC players. As  part of the NCAA punishment, USC football juniors and seniors may transfer to another Division I school without having to sit out a season. UH and USC have a good working relationship, which should be strengthened with the Warriors' refusal to poach players.

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Allen Sampson, a highly regarded freshman, practiced at slotback and wideout during today's 7-on-7 drillsa:


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After the practice, quarterback Bryant Moniz and slotback Kealoha Pilares took extra reps:




* * * * * *

Mana Silva and family:


* * * * *

Even when he's resting, nickelback Richard Torres is working out:


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The UH strength and conditioning program is hosting a kickball tournament Saturday at the school's grass football and soccer fields.

Cost is $250 per team (with a minimum of 10 players), with proceeds going to the UH strength and conditioning program.

For details, call 956-7882 or e-mail

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Happy birthday to Chop Suey Boy.

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  1. rage777:

    I say poach away. How many other times are you going to get a chance at a 5 star prospect.

  2. rage777:

    Plus, I thought we wanted to get into another conference. We need to do everything we can to win.

  3. madeinhawaii:

    Hey short blog!

  4. koakane™:

    ho ho top 5

  5. koakane™:

    good article by Ferd on 'CJ' concur with all the comments

  6. HiFlyer:

    Hi Mih,
    So who is the new coach?

  7. cheepono:

    first top 10 finish on the new blog site.

    cheepono out.

  8. chopsueyboy:

    top ten. Yippee!

  9. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Poach?...Nah! We fry doz buggahs come Septembah!

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    I'd be surprised if Mouse isn't hired. I'm thinking Friday?

  11. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  12. madeinhawaii:


    Only players who gained admission as UH full-time students are eligible to enroll in the mid-session classes.

    sort of explains why only 9 are here. But I'm really impressed at how Greg McMackin has gotten the kids to focus on their academics and how he's gotten the Nagatani Academic Center to create a special mid-summer session to bridge the gap between the second summer session and fall practice so that the kids that come over don't have to fly back home after the summer session ends. This will really
    start to pay off in a couple of years.

    "This is important," McMackin said. "That's why we have mandatory study hall.

    "If you want to compete on the field, you have to compete in the classroom. This is a good thing." nay sayers, he can say the right things, too.

    enjoy the article by ST... here.. ... you come back now.. you hear?

  13. Ralph:

    speech 151, is creole hawaiian, aka pidgin, allowed and accepted. After all we are Hawaii.

  14. RainbowCliff:

    #241 Diogenes: Mahalo for your knd remarks to my Rainbow guys Marv Vidatoe and George Ritter aka "Ritter Sitter" as he was just ONE BIG classy Giant who had little game BUT a Great Heart !

    Enjoy George very much as I met him his senior year when I was just a freshmen. Marv Vidatoe was a nice athlete with a pull up game that he will use when he got by you with his cross over and fade. GREAT guy who really could defend and run the floor as I believe Bruce O'Neil recruited him.

    Concerning your question of recruits here in LA I pretty much get majority of info from parents, H.S. football followers and some Coaches who choose to work out at Magic's 24 hour fitness. I have not put in the time to go look for you folks as to me it is a waste of time due to the ristrictions of Macks recruiting philosophies and myself having not the permission to represent Hawaii or influence my prescence on Southern Califonia High School Athletics.

    I know one thing Jesse Owens Park runs an "AWESOME" Pop Warner programs with 16 teams consisting of pee wees and majors as these young 8-14 year olds upside are TREMENDOUS with outstanding athletic abilities. These young studs are being taught the fundamentals of the game and they are serious tacklers !

    Got to go take out Mrs. RainbowCliff for lunch as she enjoy our time together !

  15. Ralph:

    Life Skills class, good one for incoming athletes, learn how to budget your stipend to last each and every month and don't go into debt with fellow athletes, it will only lead to tension.

  16. madeinhawaii:

    Nice pics!... Sampson looks like he needs to bulk up a bit... at least when you compare him to Pilares... Good to hear that Moniz and Pilares took a few extra reps after practice... The Combination of Pilares, Salas, Green, Moniz and Dimude should make us more effective in the RedZone... Having Bradley back will really spread the field.. Going to be an exciting season if the Offense clicks and the Oline can buy Moniz some time. Of course, the defense will have to get the ball back any way they can.

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Pilares looks like a bag o' rocks don't he?

    Salas and Meatoga should be great reps at the WAC thingy.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    There actually are more freshmen eligible for the mid-term session.
    But a lot of key people are on vacation, and a couple of them are awaiting clearance.

  19. papajoe2:

    speaking of Nagatani Academic Center, i knew Bob Nagatani personally and went to the dedication ceremony. his dream was for the University of Hawaii to have Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling as a UH sport. If Boise can have rodeo.....

  20. madeinhawaii:

    Aiyah... according to, looks like we might be having a full blown AIDS epidemic in the making here in Hawaii.... 7 new "full-blown" cases in 2 months and none were tested prior to this so I would think there's a good chance that they have already unknowingly spread the disease around. Parent's talk to your children...

  21. A-House:

    Happy Birfday to the one and only Chop Suey boy - will drop by one day to check out the shop!

  22. A-House:

    oppppssss! apology to ST for he was busting his behind to get us all the pics of this mornings voluntary unsupervised workouts.

    as goo as he is, sure miss Princess Leila! hi, Mrs Wai.

  23. (Jesse) James: 25...awesome...

    Pilares looks solid...if the offense can click (and that means the O line can buy the QB some time) I think we will be okay...haven't been able to get to practices or 7 on 7's so can't say for certain...

  24. (Jesse) James:

    oh..and Happy B-Day to Chop Suey Boy!!!

  25. madeinhawaii:

    Happy B-Day... Chopsuey!

  26. A-House:


    your #13 speech 151 - dang, wished they offered this when I was a Freshman - garan ball barinz an A - cause dass all i wen talk.

    but got Prof who said that Pidgin would be a recognized American dialect if had more people living in Hawaii - hey, why does that sound so familiar - same ole story of why no conference like take UH because small population and insignificant # of TV households!!!

  27. RedZone:

    I remember when Pilares first came in I said the bugga needs to hit the weight room. I can't say that anymore. He should be the poster boy.

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday Chopsuey Boy!

  29. koakane™:

    hippo b-day…csb

  30. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsai-kos!

    Happy lunchowa.

    Happy Birthday chopsueyboy!

    Speech 151 - isn't that one of those required classes that everyone has to take but no one looks forward to?

    Hearing rumors about a current Warrior vb player who will not be returning next season. I think I know who it is, but, I'll let ST report it.

  31. J-Dog:

    is that Adam "steal your madam" Leonard in the last pic? He still a student manager?

  32. Garret:


    Thank you for the pictures. Pilares really has bulked up well and that should pay off this season. I agree that Sampson needs to bulk up, but he is just a freshman and has time to put on good weight gradually.

  33. Garret:

    Perhaps it is a good thing the Warriors do not have extra available football scholarships. That ensures the Warriors will not try to recruit USC players. As part of the NCAA punishment, USC football juniors and seniors may transfer to another Division I school without having to sit out a season. UH and USC have a good working relationship, which should be strengthened with the Warriors’ refusal to poach players.


    But what about USC players that have openly revealed that they will transfer? They have a junior LB (2-to-play-2) who says that he will transfer and apparently BSU is ahead in the battle to get him. Since he won't be at USC anyway, why shouldn't UH try to get him?


    CHOPSUEYBOY: Happy birthday!

  35. Garret:

    I'm glad that JJ's Foundation is doing so much good for the people of Samoa...but I wish that UH was being mentioned in the various articles about the Good Will Mission. At least several UH greats will be there. The most important thing is the benefit the people of Samoa will get as they recover from the tsunami.

    This year, over $450,000 in medical supplies and services and $50,000 in Athletic Equipment will be donated as part of the Mission.

    The Mission delegation will be once again led by SMU Head Football Coach June Jones and several past and present NFL players of Samoan descent, including San Francisco 49ers great Jesse Sapolu (four-time Super Bowl Champion) former Denver Broncos Defensive End Ma'a Tanuvasa (two-time Super Bowl Champion), Mel Purcell and Nate Ilaoa.

    The Medical Mission has been organized by Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (Stanford) Clinical Inpatient Manager Ellie Taft-Reinebold. Her team includes nine health care professionals including certified doctors and nurses representing more than 90 years experience in emergency medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics and more than 40 years of expert training.

    Some of this year's donated supplies include Exam Tables, Infant Cribs, a complete Children's Playroom, over 1,000 books, and 150 DVDs. Since the Mission's inception, over $1,100,000 in medical supplies and services have been donated.

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    The skinny on Pilares:
    Bench press max: 330 pounds
    225-pound bench: 20 reps
    Power clean: 356 pounds
    Squat: 425 pounds
    Reach: 7 feet 4
    Standing jump: 10-8
    Vertical: 40 inches
    10-yard dash: 1.48 seconds
    20-yard dash: 2.50 seconds
    20-yard shuttle: 4.03 seconds
    Broad jump: 10-1

    And, yes, kids, this is why you read the Warrior Beat.

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't think UH wants to irk your namesake.


    Nice to have a great relationship with USC - maybe they will give us a firm long-term commitment for home and home or play only in Hawaii games. (Ha!)

    Shake hands with them, pat them on the back and GO after the players that want to transfer. Like they say: "all's fair in love and war - not to mention recruiting".

    RAINBOWCLIFF: I forgot to mention Mel Werts who promised that "his boys" would protect me whenever I would be in NYC.

  39. madeinhawaii:


    Wasn't Speech 151 called Speech 145 before?

  40. madeinhawaii:

    Gotta be nice to PAC 10 members on the business side... but we need to beat them more often on the field.... I'm not talking just football...

  41. SteveM:

    Good noonish everyone!

    Happy Birthday chopsueyboy !!!

  42. ai-eee-soos:

    re - Allen Sampson's picture.

    I like his "take-off" stance - classic.

  43. papajoe2:

    what is Melton Werts doing now. i enjoyed watching play at UH. did he play any pro ball?

  44. Kazz:

    I think the Rainbow Wahine soccer team had a kickball team in last year's tournament fundraiser.

    That's not fair.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    A former athlete who shall remain nameless suffered a severe hamstring injury at last year's kickball tournament .... while racing his 5-year-old daughter on the side.

  46. A-House:

    Kickball tournament:

    I think it's best for any Tsaiko(s) who want to create a team to just donate the $250 rather than risk injury - on the other hand, what exactly is involved in the tournament? Just kicking the ball for distance? distance and into the net?

  47. PIPER's SON:

    PAPAJOE2: Re: #43. I know Mel had played Bball in Japan for a while. Don't think he played in the NBA

  48. papajoe2:

    thanks PIPER's SON #47. i always wondered what Melton Werts did after UH. i saw him walking around campus as a freshman, before the season, during a Gabby Pahinui concert. he was by himself and looked lost. i was wondering who he was. after i saw him on the basketball team, he became one of my favorite players. i do no that he did not play in the NBA though.

  49. papajoe2:

    Kazz, #44, speaking of UH soccer, i saw a clip on You Tube on Tricia Nishikawa, former UH soccer wahine, playing football in Vegas (I think) with pads and all. she was the kicker and kicked several kickoffs from the 35 yard line out of the end zone. she also nailed the PATs and kicked a 41 yard field goal too! I don't know how to transfer facebook or You Tube to this site or I would let you guys see it. oh, btw, i think it is lady football but hard to tell with the pads and helmets on. now days even the men get long bushy hair ala Bryant Moniz.

  50. papajoe2:

    no raid USC players?? i think in this day and age of me first, if we don't do it someone else will. that's just the breaks that USC got themselves into. too bad for them. aloha spirit only lives at home not on the payroll. just win baby!

  51. BleedGreen808:

    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman!

    Saw Ashley Leile, Nate Ilaoa,Timmy Chang, Melila Purcell, Tim Grasso, and Jake Ingram after their golf tournament on Maui. Spoke briefly with Nate and Ashley.

    Nate said the golf tournament had one Boise St. fan wearing their colors and I said you should have taken the fan behind the bush and beat him with your golf clubs (Disclaimer: I was joking)? Nate laughed.

    Kinda been lucky meeting all the UH staffs and former players. When will I get to meet Mr. Tsai himself? lol

  52. BleedGreen808:

    This new blog continues to look more like the old blog. I am starting to right at home, once again.

    Mahalo to those who made it happen!

  53. Kazz:

    Can't we all just help donate to form the Tsaiko "sitting under the tree drinking and eating while watching others play kickball" team?

  54. Kazz:


    I didn't see that but doesn't surprise me. I think it was Iolani who had a girl kicker.

    I was walking into Aloha Stadium for the 2007 State Football Championships and after buying my ticket I saw the Iolani team walk by me and they had a girl on the team. Small girl too I think, had to have been the kicker.

  55. A-House:

    papajoe2 and Kazz:

    believe this past season, 2 or 3 teams had a female kicker - one was in the OIA Red Div - I keep thinking Mililani or Leileihua and a "town" team.

  56. A-House:


    You must be blessed to be meeting all the new and former Warriors - what's da secret??

  57. chopsueyboy:

    Mahalo for the mentions. Looks like I get #57 for my 57th birthday

  58. d1島:

    Happy Birthday chopsueyboy!
    Hope someone helped you with the deliveries today! :-)

  59. d1島:


    IIRC she is Coach Look's daughter.

  60. d1島:


    Something just doesn't sit right about that attitude of (over)gratitude towards SC and Garret's namesake....

    ...after all, how certain is it that he will survive the whole NCAA sanction thing once the appeals are done?

  61. A-House:

    I say better to have them (USC players) as Warriors rather than with Boise St - 2 players have expressed interest in BSU.

    Someone told me long ago, "all is fair in love and war".

  62. A-House:

    to become a better team, I believe Coach Mack has to look for players who have little or NO tie to Hawaii other than the love of the game.

    why restrict your horizon?

  63. d1島:



  64. al:

    poor never played kickball in elementary school?
    now you really showing your age.
    even i played kickball.

  65. al:

    if pilares runs a 4.4 in the combine he'll go as high as the third round with those numbers.

  66. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, chopsueyboy!!!

  67. al:

    happy birthday chop suey boy!

    let me guess...nine course dinner tonight?

  68. Ralph:

    the SA blog box is empty again, no wonder we don't have a lot of posts, much less lurkers who can find the blog.

    I notice if you increase the font size the margins disappear, I know now that all of you complaining of the margins can't see close, buy reading glasses.

  69. Ralph:

    no way the NFL take a small slot in the third round.

  70. al:

    i am still waiting for alternate background colors......

  71. al:

    ralph...just click on the
    "view all" link and it will take you to all the blogs this one included.

  72. SteveM:

    June 23rd, 2010 at 2:05 pm
    poor ahouse…you never played kickball in elementary school?
    now you really showing your age.
    even i played kickball.

    Ohhh...that kickball... :grin: Nah, we'll probably pull a hamstring or strain knee trying to kick...and then running all the way to the bases... :(

  73. al:

    at 5'11"/200lbs(that ain't small) and those numbers...

    in fact, i'll go out on a limb. if both pilares and salas put up huge numbers again and they both run legit low 4.5 or less in the combines, barring injuries...they will both get drafted.

    davone bess set the benchmark. rgm if he gets his break will also help pave the pathway for future warrior slots.

    they also have displayed the ability to create yac and can block with the best of them.

  74. al:

    stevem...i can kick, but, i'd need a pinchrunner from the start.

  75. d1島:

    I know now that all of you complaining of the margins can’t see close, buy reading glasses.

    Is that your professional advice? :lol:

  76. A-House:


    APR, eh. is it because the coaching staff recruited the "wrong" player (grades or character) or too many players for the same position (ie, QB)?

    how do the major colleges/university get around the APR when so many underclassmen leave school early. like this morning, 35 basketball players were "highlihgted" and only 3 were seniors - most were freshman or sophmore with a sprinkling of juniors. do they ever come back to finish their degrees? seems a bit difficult if the player left after his freshman year.

    the NCAA acknowledges that 12-14 of the top teams in the 2010 "big dance" would NOt have been inivited if they, NCAA, mandated a 50% graduation rate to qualify for tournament play. Kentucky would have one of them as their grad rate is well below 40%. I believe 20% was mentioned. Yet, year after year, Kentucky draws a lot of prime time players. And, year after year, they are touted as having a very good recruiting year.

  77. A-House:


    no worries about me if 'kickball" was not part of our sports back then. we did other sports and had loads of fun. saw Masaboy in kickball action so I get the idea.

    like I posted, best if the Tsaikos just donate the $$$ and as Kazz posted, sit under the tree eating and drinking - that's the Tsaiko way!!!

  78. RedZone:

    Man I am surprised that they haven't fed this guy to the fishes.

  79. A-House:

    If UH put up the numbers this year, more than Kealoha and Greg will be drafted!

    now, if only the Oline can hold - does Coach Shaw ever read this blog? daily sightings does not speak volumes for the Oline.

  80. d1島:


    Reason #2.

    Mom's no can drive on 2500 miles of ocean.

  81. jm2375:

    A-house - #76 - I do believe APR and graduation rate are 2 different things. APR is more about academic standing than actually finishing school. Garret can correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe if the scholarships were good for 4 or 5 years rather than annually renewable, more players would stay, but the lure of the big money is hard for some to resist.

  82. al: over board!

  83. al:

    ahouse...i don't mind it if the oline can hold. i just don't want them to get caught.

  84. d1島:


    What's the going rate for kajiki in NC? ;-)

  85. GRM:

    Talked to a friend who's close to the program. He said that the O-line is the biggest question mark. Hope Coach Shaw can remedy this big proble. Wishing for the best.

  86. GRM:

    Ooppps. S/b 'problem' vice proble.

  87. (Jesse) James:

    GRM...#85...that's what I heard as well...but wasn't able to see any practices or drills myself. However, the source I have was reliable....which is what worries me.

  88. jm2375:

    Al - #71 - the "View All" wasn't there before!!! They should put the blogs on the Site Index.

  89. wafan:


  90. wafan:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Summer. I get to think even less now than I normally do.

  91. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    al -

    I agree with your #73. (There's them handy dandy post numbers again!)

  92. madeinhawaii:

    Got these links from SH Forum.. RE... Japan professional football team..

    Article on Japan beating Germany in 2010:

  93. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey wafan!

    I got something just for you! Take a look and a listen, you'll love this one! Retired guys like Koakane will too!

  94. koakane™:

    dpk good one

  95. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Did you know that the oriental guy is from Hawaii?

  96. wafan:

    DPK . . .

    Oh yeah!

  97. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  98. koakane™:

    wessai to poor to play kick ball cause no can afford ball so mainly played tin can or bean bag wars.

  99. koakane™:

    he da second one form the end bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  100. koakane™:

    e kala mai third one from end :lol:

  101. wafan:

    Tsai-ko kickball team name -- "Kickin' It".

  102. wafan:

    2nd Century!

  103. wafan:

    Gosh darn it. Almost forgot . . .

    Happy birthday chopsueyboy!!!!!!!!!

  104. chopsueyboy:

    Da Punchbowl Kid

    love the music
    don't know about being retired...wife makes me work longer hours and harder helping her at the shop than I ever did at a real job

  105. chopsueyboy:


    any girl recommendation for azngamer808 up at Shoreline, WA

  106. Ralph:

    chopsueyboy Koamahu is game, go anywhere there is action. Notice, I didn't say he or she, just don't know and not sure. But is azngamer808 really a gamer, cuz koamahu is big time.

  107. Ralph:

    thanks Al, so how many people know of the view all tab or out of curiosity click on the tab.

  108. Mad Dog:


    I just donated to the Wahine softball bracelet fund. I hope others will jump in so we may quickly achieve our goal.

  109. madeinhawaii:

    I thought Wayne Harada retired? Guess I was wrong.

  110. duffer:

    Hey Kazz,

    The "kid" is my son, not DPK The "kid" is a good golfer, but he's got a ways to go yet. Hard to tell the "kid", you're good, but not that good without deflating his ego. But with his work ethic, I have no doubt he'll be there.

  111. Hilo Moon:

    I saw the full page Sunset on the Beach dakine in today's Star-Ad and noticed that Amber Kaufman is ignored. How can that be? The NCAA HIGH JUMP CHAMPION won't be recognized.
    What the H is up with that? Also, why is the 2009 Wahine Volleyball not included? The man that would be governor better wake up.

  112. RainbowCliff:

    WatchGodGifu & PapaJoe2, Re:#38 & #43 / Melton Werts

    Gentlemen, your acknowledgement of Melton Werts is pure joy to the heart as he truly was a talented BIG men that was tough on the boards with mid range game and shot blocking abilities !

    Had the plesure of being shown Hawaii by him when I visit that summer of 1976. Native New Yorker that Bruce O' Neil got to sign with Hawaii as Rick Pitino then an assistant was the pipeline connection that brought not only Melton but freshmen prize recruit Reggie Carter, George Lett and Henry Hollingsworth from the BIG apple !

    Melton Werts could play but he was from the NY City as warming up to Hawaii and it's culture was quite a doing as keeping him here in a Hawaii uniform Bruce had to reach out to many boosters who provided cars and condo's to main stay players as Tom Barker, George Lett, Henry Hollingsworth and Prize freshmen recruit Reggie Carter were "Taken Care Of" !

    That 75-76 team was very talented but the Honolulu Ford Commercial and jealous individuals blew the whistle on this team to the NCAA as they finished 11-16 after starting 6-0 with quality wins over Oregon, USF and Weber State. Starting line up had 6-10 Mel Welts at the power forward position, BIG 7-0 Tom Barker manning the middle, 6-7 smooth sophomore shooter George Lett at the small forward with sophomore shooter Henry H and freshmen Reggie Carter being the "true dynamic duo" as they combine for an average of 36 points between the two with Carter averaging 8 assists per game.

    Season ended in turmoil as Werts and Barker were seniors with the ladder three transfering and leaving the program. Two years probation with restricted scholarships, no national tv coverage and the "TOUGHEST" schedule in the nation during that probation ban. Transfer Gavin Smith from UCLA came that 1976 year with I and three other talented freshmen and JC All American John Moore, Transfer forward Brian Austin and UNLV Jeep Kelly lacing up the Canvas Converse and salvaging Rainbow Basketball with tough play, defense and all out hustle !

    Mel Werts did play over seas as Barker never really worked hard on his game as he should of played in the Pros with his height and athletic skills as he went 4th round to the Atlanta Hawks but failed to make the team. Love that team as they wore aloha shorts, rainbow colors on the side and warm ups were aqua blue with "Hawaii Rainbows" embroider in white on the front and back as Blaisdel Arena aka "The Spaceship" will rock that Thursday and Saturday nights when the Bows played on Kapiolani Boulevard as local television KGMB was the flag ship station and play by play sports caster Mel Proctor calling the games from his words eye view with a young "Kimo" Leahy doing radio for K59 as he was just begining his stand out career as future Hawaii athletics "Circle Of Honor" broadcaster !

    Mahalo for the memories gentlemen !

  113. wafan:

    chopsueyboy . . .

    Dunno any wahine up that way, but there are lots down here. Waaaay to young for me, though.

    He is up near UW! Why not sniff around the U-District! Or head out to Redmond/Bellevue areas. Rich witches -- but not the kind he could or should bring home to meet the family. Mrs. chopsueyboy would have a fit.

  114. al:

    st...did i hear you correctly this afternoon on the 'animals' show that veni manu was weighing in at a very light 210 lbs as compared to 240lbs?

    and did you tell the 'animals' they could apply for blog mascot?

  115. Koa-mahu:

    happy birfday, chopsuey man!

    tell azngamer808, i'm single and sooo ready to mingle, li'dat.

  116. BG:

    Happy Birthday Chopsueyboy!!! Gemini's rock!

  117. PIPER's SON:


    Do you know what happen to Skip Williams?

    He and Marv Vitatoe used to come up to my place for lunch every so often.

  118. wafan:


  119. Ralph:

    So far 18K+ fans renewed their fb season tickets, with students, staff and faculty deadline approaching soon, and final push for late subscribers by kick off time. UH always post high numbers per game, in the high 30K to low 40K per game, am I to believe that in the next two months UH expects to double their per game ticket sales through additional season tickets and single game tickets. UHAD needs to be more transparent, how can they expect a large walk up in sales and claim a high attendance mark and at the end of the fiscal year we hardly made any money to cover the athletic department and reduce prior debt.

  120. Ralph:

    I hope UH hits the mother lode and fills Aloha for the USC game, because I don't see a big crowd for Charleston Southern, and possibly La Tech unless La Tech shows its a very good team to watch based on their preseason performance. Crucial season as everyone speculated, we need wins, we need fans, and we need to impress people to want UH in the next realignment whenever that comes about.

  121. LK:

    Way to go Scott,

    Finally able to get the WB on my Windows based mobile phone.


  122. LK:

    Hey Y'All,

    Don't forget to renew your FB season tickets if you haven't yet. Or, are you waiting for a coach or player to call to remind you? Still remember earlier in the decade when I forgot to send in my renewal and got a call from Tim Chang at my office, I thought someone was pranking me when over the intercom our receptionist said that Timmy Chang wanted to speak with me. It was cool but still a little bit embarassing.

  123. Curt:


    I remember most of those players very well. I recall taking photos of the games when they were at the HIC/Blaisdell. In fact, I think may have one of you. I'll have to take a look.

  124. Curt:

    Rainbow Cliff,

    What was your jersey #?

  125. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    I was told by a staffer in the Athletic Department that Amber Kauffman will competing this weekend on the mainland which is why she is not listed.

    Alas, the Wahine and Men's volleyball teams are not included even though they competed and won in the 2009-2010 season.

    .....the City and County of Honolulu and Waikiki Improvement Association, in partnership with the Honolulu County Sports Commission, will host a Rally of Champions on Waikiki Beach next Saturday, June 26, beginning at 6:00 p.m........

    ....In addition to the Waikiki Improvement Association, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and Honolulu Star-Advertiser are sponsors of the celebration.

    The red carpet will be rolled out for sports champs who made their mark in national competition in recent months. Feted teams or individuals include the Hawaii Pacific University Sea Warrior softball squad, NCAA Division II national champion; University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine softball team, WAC champion and NCAA Women’s College World Series participant; University of Hawaii Rainbow baseball team, the WAC champion; Hawaii Pacific University Cheer and Dance Team, Division II National Champions; Punahou School boys volleyball team; Pac-Five softball team; Campbell High School softball team; and Kamehameha Schools varsity cheerleaders, who earned a national crown.

    Benny Agbayani, the former Major Leaguer and HPU star, will be a special guest. The evening will be hosted by broadcaster Bobby Curran and former UH baseball star and broadcaster Howard Dashefsky. Nesian NINE will perform. The featured movie will be “Field of Dreams,” in keeping with the baseball theme of the event.

  126. Curt:


    That's pretty good Timmy Chang called you...and announced over the intercom too. Funny. I'm still waiting for my call from Colt Brennan. :)

  127. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Curt: Could you get some of those photos of basketball players from back in the day wearing those cute little shorts which barely covered their buns to Stephen. I know, I know - the long baggy shorts help protect the players' legs, but......


  128. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Forgot to mention in #125 above that the quote was from a press release issues by the City and not from a story in today's paper.

  129. Granville Sonnenfeld:

    Last week i downloaded Madden NFL Torrent from and, despite the fact its not really a new game, its simply the best XBOX 360 game ever made in my opinion =)

  130. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    So we got numbers, lets get them numbers up y'all!

  131. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    One Hundred Thiry One!

  132. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thirty One even!

  133. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Make that One Hundred Thirty Three!

  134. Curt:

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc,

    I'll talk to Stephen about it.

  135. jm2375:

    Hi DPK!!

  136. Curt:

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc,

    So are you interested in checking the players' hot pants for clinical reasons? ;)

  137. jm2375:

    Anybody heard from BigHilo lately?

  138. jm2375:

    Still wanna see a picture of that o-line that featured JD and a Tsai-ko as members.

  139. Kekoa:

    jmxxxx ~

    1. You got my vote for the pup to be da blog dog.

    2. Which reminded me of BHF2 being MIA.

    3. So while at the Fed Courthouse today, I checked with the officers on duty. They say he is still unofficially listed as 'MIA." Missing in America.

    4. I heard that photo in #138 is a rare collector's item.

  140. Kekoa:

    Wow! I almost let the day slip by without saying Happy Birthday to Chop Suey Boy!

    (Everytime I hear someone say Petals & Beans, I think of the dog food commercial about Kibbles & Bits)...but then that's just the PTSD still rattling around upstairs.

  141. jm2375:

    kekoa - you got an upstairs? :D j/k

  142. jm2375:

    I heard puppy was mentioned on the Sports Animals today. Sorry I missed it. Keed hijacked the radio this afternoon. Had to listen to rap all the way home to Kailua.

  143. jm2375:

    did i scare everyone away?

    time for a clubhouse raid. Blog mascot needs to get the lay of the land. :D

  144. jm2375:

    *sneaks in back door* lets puppy lay on the couch while chewing on the leftover ribs found in the fridge. mascot tears around the clubhouse for a bit. *sneaks out back door*


  145. jm2375:

    oh wait. 145!

  146. Slugger:

    #136 ~ I like the shorter shorts in ST's pic of the players at unsupervised practice on Monday. Alex Green and Aaron Brown had reasonable length shorts on = great legs; the others guys, like Tank, wear those shorts that are 3x too large. Baggy is ugly. Sorry, I have to agree with W-Doc, the shorter shorts were much more fun to look at...

    Re: Richard Torres' picture - he was working on core exercises with Steven Stepter, as I sat there jawing with Lewis Walker and Little Mana. Lewis' shoulder is still hurting. Dang those scrimmage injuries.

    Good night gangeez!

  147. Ralph:

    I got the call from Rolovich to renew, but I waited a month more to renew, no rush for the north end zone in yellow.

  148. Slugger:

    Oh, I do have a picture of a player who came out to practice without his shorts on, well, shredded shorts over his whatever-they-call-those-long-white-tights. Fun-nee reaction to seeing people other than his teammates on the field.

    K, I go now...

  149. Pomai:

    Mahalo mad dog, got you on the list. Also to all you who have not done so yet, write that check and get it in the mail, or donate online but make sure you send me an email with the amount you gave.

    Also all of those who sent in a check, if you did not include your email address please send me an email letting me know what your email address is.

  150. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Good Folks Of The Warrior Beat !

    Sun slowly rising here in LA as anticipation of sunshine, cool winds and clear clouds are forecast with many places to go and variety of people to see !

    Piper Son #117: I never met Skip Williams as his name was known in the basketball office when I came in 1976 as a true freshmen. The guys I have mention I played with or against in klum gym or met them during my recruiting trip here in Hawaii. During that Golden Era there were many places in which Rainbow basketball players ate as we had as individuals or groups certain boosters who would allow us their hospitality as "THEOS" restaurant in downtown Honolulu was a wonderful buffet as well as Chico's Pizza up Waialae Avenue. Nicks Fish Market was a place frequent by football and basketball players as well as the Red Lion Inn. That era was "AWESOME" as you good folks really supported Hawaii athletics as the quarry on 1337 Lower Campus Road had the famous bungalow offices with Larry Price Head Coach of the "Green Machine" with Alexi Kaloi calling the signals and Wilbert Haslip dragging tacklers on his massive thighs that was a sight to see !

    Curt#123: Kind Sir IF you may have ANY of those still black and white shots of the mention team members above will appreciate kindly that you may copy and send to me ! That era "MAJORITY" of us had afros or long hair as Gavin Smith, Packy Ryan and Gary Gray were definetly the Peter Framptons while George Ritter dawn the Beattle look of Ringo Starr !

    My number was #12 as I had the short shorts with thighs, legs and calves as I was a 42 inch chest, 34 waist, 42 thigh and 40 calf !

    5'11" with speed, quick hands, lateral movement and a "Tenacity" to love and play defense !If any photos please mail to Cliff Sanchez c/o Al Wooten Center 9106 S. Western Avenue L.A. CA. 90047.

    Mahalo Curt and Piper's Son for the support and GREAT memories as a Bow from that Golden Era of Rainbow Warrior Basketball and Football !

    "Give Em Bows" !

  151. Pride.:

    Happy Birthday Chop Suey!

  152. Garret:

    Feature article on Colt in the Washington Post. He predicts that they will have success right away under their new coaching staff. He's going to spend his week off in SoCal instead of Hawaii.

    Brennan said the atmosphere at Redskins Park is similar to what he's experienced elsewhere when he's been a part of winning teams - specifically during his period of success at Hawaii under then-Coach June Jones - and he predicts "success right away."

    "One thing that is super fun, and the way this is relatable to June's offense, is June attacked defenses no matter what was going on," Brennan said. "We always had an answer to some degree. Last year it felt we always had to revolve around what the defense was doing. Well, this year, it's again we are attacking defenses.

    Brennan plans to take a week off to return home to California and go fishing with his father. He will then return to Redskins Park to train before reuniting with McNabb in Arizona in July. It's been an exhausting offseason, but Brennan has new coaches to impress and a team to try to make.

  153. Garret:

    This part of the article was encouraging.

    Brennan interviewed with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan when he was coming out of college and Shanahan coached with the Texans. Shanahan has since made it clear that he's always been a fan of Brennan's.

    "That kind of made things easy for me and put me at ease a little bit," Brennan said. "They expressed that I have some real talent and I got to really work and get this offense down so I can show that talent."

  154. mctruck:

    Good morning all.....

    Moniz has got to get a hair cut.

  155. wafan:

    The sun is already out.

    Got to sleep in to 6.

    The heat is back.

    This is going to be a super-duper Thursday!!!

  156. Garret:

    This article about BSU has a strange line--is it actually saying that BSU will have a chance to play for the national title because everyone will think of BSU as a MWC team instead of a WAC team?

    This is the best Boise State team ever, and it’s not even close. The team loses five lettermen from last year’s dominant, unbeaten squad. Five. The program lost four games in four years, and now it has to find a way to replace just five players with 21 starters back (and that’s not including Kyle Brotzman as two for serving as both the punter and the placekicker), there’s ridiculous depth (the second team would win the WAC), and there’s a real Heisman candidate in quarterback Kellen Moore to lead the way.

    This time, most will ignore the WAC schedule if the Broncos can go 12-0. This time, everyone will be thinking of Boise State as a Mountain West team and will be given more respect. This time, everything is in place … as long as there’s an impressive win over Virginia Tech.

  157. wafan:

    I think we set a record yesterday -- weather wise. We finally broke the 75-degree mark for the first time this year. Dang, it was HOT!

    Nearly half the year gone and we finally get there. This Winter might be kind of interesting.

  158. Garret:

    My comment is awaiting moderation, so let me get through the blog filter:

    Chad Owens update:

    Owens definitely fits a need for the Argos, who lost special-teams dynamo Dominique Dorsey to free agency in the off-season, then had 2010 draft pick Steven Turner suffer an Achilles tendon injury during rookie camp.

    “Chad is an experienced receiver and return spec ialist who will fill a need for us in the development of our offensive and special-teams schemes,” Argos player-personnel director Mike Hagen said in a statement. “We are excited to acquire a player of Chad's abilities.”

  159. King Katonk:

    Greetings Tsaikos,

    It looks like Chad Owens will get another shot in the CFL. He was just traded to Toronto.

  160. King Katonk:

    Hey Garret,
    How are you? It looks like we're on the same page. I hope your family is doing well.

  161. wafan:

    Is there a way to get to the archieved WB's prior to March 11, 2008? The SAdertiser only goes back to that date.

  162. sjmacro:

    70-68 --third day of the EPIC-- congrats Isner :!: UGa boy--- 11 hours over three days---wheeww :cool:

  163. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Nice to read about Warriors/Bows keeping the dream alive...

  164. Garret:

    King Katonk,

    My family is doing well, though almost all of my sister's family (and my Dad) got really sick by some virus that my nephew had before he left Hawaii. He was sick on the flight from Honolulu to LAX and most of the others were sick on the flight from LAX to Honolulu.

    My kids, wife, and I miss them already. We'll get to see my parents in Vegas next month (Lapahoehoe reunion), so at least we'll see them soon.

  165. d1島:

    Have a great day erryboddy!


  166. King Katonk:

    We were all set to fly out for the UH/USC opener until our school district changed the first day of class. Traditionally, it was always after Labor Day. Now its on Aug. 26th, the week before the game. I could go solo but I don't think my wife would be too keen on the idea. Oh well, I guess it's going to be a trip up to the Pacific Northwest.

  167. Garret:

    King Katonk,

    I'm sorry that they changed your school calendar so you have to miss the USC game! We start the week before the game also--our school district always starts the week before Labor Day for some reason.

  168. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

    Mahalo for all the birthday wishes

    azngamer808 continues his search. high school classmates area already getting married making him think too much of his current status

  169. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez!

    Yep, Pilares still looks pretty buff today too! :lol:

  170. chopsueyboy:

    Colt Brennan predicts 'success right away' for Skins
    Colt Brennan was the only quarterback selected in the two NFL drafts when Jim Zorn was the Washington Redskins' coach, and spent the past two offseasons as the third quarterback behind Jason Campbell and Todd Collins.

    Since Mike Shanahan became head coach, both Campbell and Collins have been jettisoned. Two new quarterbacks - Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman - already have been added to the roster, but Brennan is actually more encouraged about his role in the organization.

    Brennan interviewed with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan when he was coming out of college and Shanahan coached with the Texans. Shanahan has since made it clear that he's always been a fan of Brennan's.

    "That kind of made things easy for me and put me at ease a little bit," Brennan said. "They expressed that I have some real talent and I got to really work and get this offense down so I can show that talent."

    Like many players on the Redskins, Brennan has found that the organizational upheaval of the past few months has provided an infusion of vigor.

    "What's been a really fun thing was Kyle, him coming in. He's a younger guy, younger coach, and he's unbelievably talented, but he's really easy to interact and be coached up by. He has a great understanding of what it's like to be a player, and the right things to be said to get that player to listen and kind of buy in. He's got a great sense of humor, as well. So there's a great balance of him and his work ethic and keeping [it ]fun."

    The sense of humor is seen most in the meeting room, and it's a way to counteract the intense discipline of the offense, from reading the progressions of a play to the proper footwork required while passing.

    Brennan said the atmosphere at Redskins Park is similar to what he's experienced elsewhere when he's been a part of winning teams - specifically during his period of success at Hawaii under then-Coach June Jones - and he predicts "success right away."

    "One thing that is super fun, and the way this is relatable to June's offense, is June attacked defenses no matter what was going on," Brennan said. "We always had an answer to some degree. Last year it felt we always had to revolve around what the defense was doing. Well, this year, it's again we are attacking defenses.

    "We are very aggressive. We are trying to score and score a lot. ...It's super exciting, because it's an offense where I get up in the morning, I like coming in, I like learning the new plays, learning the new concepts. I already see so much success at this time of year and compared to the last few years."

    Brennan struggled with injury last season and spent the entire regular season on injured reserve. His rookie year was a whirlwind. He adjusted to the NFL while the team was acclimating to Zorn. That's why Brennan said 2010 feels like it's his first season in the league.

    "Basically, I feel I've gained a ton of knowledge of this league and this game, but with me being injured, I feel I haven't felt like myself at all the last two years," Brennan said. "Even my first year when I was having success, I was like, 'Wow, this is a little easier than I thought.' And then last year, I was humbled having to get hurt, but also not having the success I had the previous year. So, through it all, I finally do feel healthy, I do feel the closest to myself in a real sense. I feel like this is my rookie year, and I'm coming in and I'm healthy and I have a brand new coach to get used to and a whole new coaching staff to prove myself."

    But there are also different quarterbacks in front of Brennan, including McNabb. Brennan met McNabb while they worked at the same training complex in Arizona even before the Redskins traded for McNabb, so the pair was friendly before they were teammates. Brennan said it's comforting to know that he and McNabb are learning the offense together. Brennan has also developed by watching McNabb, realizing that the quarterback must trust himself to make plays - whether it's by running or passing downfield.

    Brennan plans to take a week off to return home to California and go fishing with his father. He will then return to Redskins Park to train before reuniting with McNabb in Arizona in July. It's been an exhausting offseason, but Brennan has new coaches to impress and a team to try to make.

    "Every year that you're competing, you're looking for a chance to get some playing time, compete for a position," said head coach Mike Shanahan. "It's very hard to be a quarterback in the National Football League. He's been working extremely hard to give himself every chance to make the football team."

    By Zach Berman | June 24, 2010; 6:00 AM ET
    Categories: quarterbacks

  171. wafan:

    Good news for Colt!

  172. wafan:

    csb . . .

    He is worried? Still young -- relax. HA!

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