No Hawaii vacation for Bess

June 28th, 2010

Former UH receiver Davone Bess said he will remain in Miami until the start of the Dolphins' training camp in late July. Bess had spent the past two summers in Hawaii.

"I've got a little spot here," Bess said.

Bess again will wear No. 15, after declining to sell it to Brandon Marshall, who popularized that number during his career wit the Denver Broncos. "I couldn't do it, just couldn't do it," Bess said.

He said NFL rules prohibit him from wearing a single-digit number, ruling out using the No. 7 he wore at UH. (Receivers are permitted to wear single-digits only if the Nos. 15-19 are taken.) Besides, Bess said, "our quarterback (Chad Henne) has No. 7."

Bess and his wife are expecting their second child — and first boy — in October. He said they have chosen the name Kingston Davone Bess.

* * * * *

A few scenes from today's 7-on-7 drills:

Despite the Americans' World Cup loss, quarterback Shane Austin still proudly wears his Landon Donovan jersey. Of course, Austin also wears No. 10.

5-austinjerseyAustin, Jett Jasper

* * * * *

Wideout Billy Ray Stutzmann:


* * * * *

Running back Chizzy Dimude's new shoes:


* * * * *

Jasper's old-school CD player:


* * * * *

Former UH linebacker Josh Andrews is now playing for Mesa State in Colorado.

* * * * *

Joshua Laurel, an outside hitter and 2007 graduate of Mater Dei High, is not expected to return to the Warrior volleyball team.

Head coach Charlie Wade said that, at last count, there will be 17 players trying out for libero in the fall. Ric Cervantes, a four-year starter at libero, completed his NCAA eligibility in May.

* * * * *

And a happy birthday to Melissa Wilton.

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  1. ai-eee-soos:

    Good luck to Davone Bess & family.

  2. cheepono:

    2nd place.

    cheepono out.

  3. Garret:

    It is sad that Bess and Colt won't be able to make it to Hawaii during this break. The important thing is for them to do what is needed to prepare the season, though.

  4. Garret:

    I posted a lot of article links and quotes about the Goodwill Mission to Samoa at the end of the last blog. I won't re-post it here because UH wasn't directly involved...though it was nice to see photos of Nate, Mel, Jesse, and others in Samoa.

  5. djmitcho:

    Aloha Tsaikoland! Hope everyone is having a good Monday! 10

  6. protector:

    Congrats to Davone & family on their anticpated addition.

    That's a lot of players trying out for libero. Wonder how many scholarship players are trying for it as opposed to walk-ons?

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm sort of disappointed that UH and SMU parted ways on the Goodwill mission. It is a worthy cause, and it really doesn't matter who gets the publicity and credit.

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Unless Gus Tuaniga gives it a shot, all of the libero candidates will be walk-ons. But that's to be expected. Ric Cervantes was a walk-on for the first two years, including as a sophomore, when he was named to the All-America third team.
    UH has to split the financial equivalent of 4.5 scholarships. That's tough when a volleyball team has seven starting positions.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Don't forget to ask Scott Morifuji, nicely, to bring back the numbers.

  10. Garret:


    They didn't have a football clinic for players this year and only JJ and Reinebold apparently went from SMU's coaching staff. So, this year's focus was pretty different than past years. Maybe part of that was because of the devastation that the tsunami caused and the need for the medical supplies?

    Another possible reason for the change is that one of the high schools in Samoa (Fagaitua High School) has been hosting a 1-week football camp, so maybe they don't need the UH/SMU coaches to host their own football camp (especially not at the same time!). I did notice that JJ was a guest speaker at that camp on the last day of the Mission.

  11. madeinhawaii:

    Morning everyone...

    Good luck to Colt and Bess this upcoming season.. Congrats to the Bess family on their soon to be born son.

    Happy Birthday to Melissa.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    I think it's always good to maintain contact.
    It's amazing how quickly time passes.
    Kids today don't remember the importance of UH's victories over BYU. They certainly don't know anything about the Holiday Bowl. And they have slight memories of the importance of '99. In a few years, they'll be like: Sugar Bowl?
    Which is why the camps are important. Pretty soon, it'll be: who's Melila Purcell?

  13. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :) :) :)

    And a special good morning to Scott Morifuji! Nice shirt, there dude! You look great, have you been working out?

    Say, if you have time, do think we could please get some numbers back up in here? Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter!

  14. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...hope all is well in Tsaikoland...

    Congrats to Devone and family on the new addition....continue to roll in the NFL!!!

    Yo, Scott, you did a good job last week with the numbers. They were awesome to have. Can we please get them back??? Thanks....

  15. (Jesse) James:

    Okay DPK....That's a bit much....LMAO

  16. Garret:


    I agree with you that maintaining contact is important. I agree about the importance of camps, and these annual Missions to Samoa do a lot of good and keep the Samoan NFL players who give back in the memory of the youth of Samoa.

    I also agree that I wish UH was a participant at the camp. But without having a football clinic, what would UH's coaches have been doing?

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Wishing Davone a great summer to prepare for a great season. Congrats to you and the Missus about the impending blessing!

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Better too much than not enough! :lol:

  19. RedZone:

    blog box on front page oopso.

  20. GRM:

    Morifujisan, pleez brin' bak da numbahs. Domoarigatogozaimasu

  21. RedZone:

    okay blog box is back but still no numbers.

    1. First.

  22. koakane™:

    morning all just checking in and wishing all a good day and supa week.

    sorry to hear UH and SMU parted ways on the Samoan goodwill mission, we seem to be always going in a negative direction . warriors fball need to keep all options open especially in the pacific region (my opinion).

    yes yes scott can get back numbas pleassssssssssssse

  23. Pomai:

    Hey Scott what DPK said.. Please

  24. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Happy birthday to Melissa Wilton!

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Pomai!

    And a special good morning to you! Nice shirt, there dude! You look great, have you been working out?

  26. RedZone:

    When I use my Itouch I see numbers??????????????? I use Safari on both Itouch and laptop so I am confused as to why I can't see numbers on my laptop.

  27. (Jesse) James:

    DPK is scaring me a bit....MWAHAHAHAHA

  28. MichiganWarrior:

    Aloha everyone!
    Gratz to Davone Bess & family on their soon to be new addition.
    Colt & Davone... keep doing what you need to do, to be ready for your teams!
    Happy birthday Melissa!
    We have been hearing time and again that we want to be the team that represents Asia and the Pacific... we have to make good on as many events as possible in OUR region. What good is it to build that bridge one year, then turn around and blow it up (or willingly give it to the enemy) the next? Gotta be consistent and maintain contact!
    Just wish more big players in Hawaii's travel sector would up the ante and donate for the good of THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. Would be nice to see UH with complete travel arrangements (air, hotel, land at the minimum) donated by our bigger corporate partners.
    What? I still stay dreaming?
    Let me hit this lottery over here and I'll setup a travel fund or whatever!
    What? I stay awake... for real!

  29. Garret:

    BSU is really focusing a lot of their recruiting in California...that isn't good for UH and the other WAC schools that might be competing for the same recruits. Still, I guess this is better than how they took Ioane last year. The article lists their commits--4 from CA, 1 from Idaho, 1 from Texas.

    Smith is the sixth known commitment for the Class of 2011 — and the fourth from California.

  30. al: were we not invited to the samoa mission?
    did we not take the invitation to samoa?

    just want to know which party severed the relationship and the great opportunity to connect with samoa?

    clinics would be one thing and just building relationships and paying our respects would be the most important thing in continuing to bridge hawaii and samoa. the culture of the samoa nations and its cousin (hawaii) is built with the showing of respect for one another. i think someone is missing the point as to the importance of having a presence that humbles itself and offers the respect due.

    ...nuff said.

  31. Garret:

    La Tech is having a major press conference tomorrow to discuss their big campaign for facility improvements.

    Louisiana Tech will hold a press conference Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the Jarrell Room of the Charles Wyly Athletic Center to unveil a master facility plan and capital campaign for its collegiate athletics department.

    Tech President Dr. Dan Reneau, Athletics Director Bruce Van De Velde and Leadership Team Chairman Steve Davison will be addressing the media about the project. Renderings of the master facility plan will also be included in the media packets which will be made available to all media covering the event.

  32. al:

    mr. scott morifuji

    please, bring back the numbering and bold face names to this blog which you co-founded.

    *we'll buy you lunch at the next cc.

  33. madeinhawaii:

    Whether or not they remain in the WAC, it's good to see that La Tech is taking positive steps forward with their program.

  34. Garret:


    I am curious about that question also, but I was too hesitant to ask about it. I was going to ask last week also but deleted my post before submitting it.

  35. al: too. to the point i finally had to ask. we can't afford any missed opportunities. we need to do what is "pono".

  36. Hilo Moon:

    Could it be that La Tech is grooming itself to make becoming "attractive" because future plans are to ditch the WAC?

  37. madeinhawaii:

    mr. scott morifuji

    Ditto on al's request...

    and for the time being can put a link on the "The Warrior Beat" title that brings us back to the home page of this blog so that we can readily check to see if a new blog is up from time to time?

    Much mahalo!

  38. d1島:

    Better for Bess and Brennan to set their sights on a February visit home than a July one ;-)

  39. madeinhawaii:

    Hilo Moon,

    Doesn't matter... it's still a good thing. All teams should groom themselves to eventually ditch the WAC. That way, the WAC will get better as no team will want to be left back.

  40. Hilo Moon:

    Correction ... "grooming itself to become more attractive." Sorry, hard time wen English is second language and pidgin da kine, first.

  41. d1島:

    Happy Birthday Melissa Wilton!

  42. A-House:

    LaTech's massive plan to upgrade their athletic facilities is a sign that they are planning to make a move to another conference. Makes sense? Does to me!

    Unfortunately, Hawaii is left behind, again, because so many of our leaders fail to see the "big pciture" on how UH athletics enhances the economy of the State and Counties. The hotels, airlines, small businesses ( com on Sam Sloan ), and UH-Manoa upper campus should be the ones pushing this. Yes, it will cost $$$, but once in place, sit back and watch the $$ roll in. Enhance it and more $$$ roll in!!!!

  43. (Jesse) James:

    Happy B-Day to Melissa Wilton...

  44. d1島:

    17 is a very "libero" number of Libero candidates! :lol:

  45. d1島:


  46. d1島:

    Scott Morifuji,

    A gentle request that if you are able to find a moment in your understandably very busy day, please would it be possible to have the numbers put back on the comments?

    :-D (that's as big as I know how to make a smiley here)

    Thank you very much...

  47. A-House:

    Scott Morifuji:

    Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to work we go,
    no numbers here, no numbers there
    wea all the numbers, Scott?

    Hi ho, hi ho, its Scotty's time to show,
    a number here a number there,
    Hi ho, and off to work I go!

  48. Hilo Moon:

    A-House -

    Right on!

  49. d1島:

    I'm sure the Hawaii coaches have many other things that they are doing this summer to compensate for the severed opportunity to join The Former Coach on the trip to Samoa...

    ...I'm sure of it.


  50. A-House:


    is not Sam Slom, oopps misspelled his last name, the "head" of the Small Business Association? Are they not synoymus?

    key boarding is not my forte - unsure if mind is faster or slower - must be......oh, fell asleep!

  51. d1島:


    know who you meant. Not sure that small business is really the White Knight-type that UHAD needs at this time though.

  52. Kazz:

    d1島 Says:
    June 28th, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I’m sure the Hawaii coaches have many other things that they are doing this summer to compensate for the severed opportunity to join The Former Coach on the trip to Samoa…

    …I’m sure of it.


    We'll find out soon enough.

  53. Garret:

    La Tech has made it clear to the WAC that they wish to get into the C-USA. Karl Benson even publicly acknowledged that. Geographically they make more sense in that conference...and the other WAC schools probably would be happy to not have to travel all the way to Ruston.

    The problems are:

    1. The WAC would have just 7 teams and would need to invite 1-2 teams right away. Some of the candidates (like UC-Davis) might not have the money right now to move up to D-IA.

    2. The C-USA does not have any openings right now. La Tech is in line for one of their next spots, but North Texas and others have also been campaigning for the C-USA to take them.

    C-USA has 3x the TV money than the WAC, MUCH more NCAA basketball money, and significantly reduced travel costs for schools in Texas and Louisiana. Those are some of the reasons why La Tech wants to leave the WAC for the C-USA and why inviting just 1 Texas school might not be a great idea since they would dump the WAC for C-USA the first chance they got.

  54. al:

    ahouse...nice song.

  55. Garret:

    UH's press conference for the hiring of Mouse was during the first full day of the Mission, when the Mission delivered all the medical supplies to the hospitals in Samoa and had a number of events with the Governor.

  56. al:

    maybe we got this thing all wrong???

    pac10/12 will never happen.
    big10/12 will never happen.
    mwc never did like us.
    wac days might be numbered.

    maybe, us and a few of the solid wac members should be beating down the door of c-usa. enhancing their east/west conferences with realignment that includes hawaii, fresno st, nevada, north texas st, for example.

  57. Shoko:

    If LA Tech exits leaving the WAC with 7 teams, rather than the 8, and then is replaced with two FCS teams, wouldn't those two FCS teams have to wait two years to officially reach FBS status like W Kentucky due to the NCAA moratorium? I'm a little confused on that issue.

  58. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, I see numbers.

  59. Garret:


    You are correct. Wins over the 2 teams moving up do FBS would count as FCS wins (only 1 FCS win counts towards bowl eligibility) for at least 1 year even when they are full conference members.

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure about invitations, but I do know that the mssion was put on by the june Jones foundation. And it appeared to be timed to the JJ Foundation golf tournament on Maui.
    Maybe Na Koa needs to put on a golf tournament in the summer, especially since there won't be a Pigskin Pigout this year.

  61. Garret:


    Maybe C-USA could start a *3-division* conference. C-USA East could stay as they are. C-USA Central could have the Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas teams (UTEP would be C-USA West, La Tech in C-USA Central). C-USA West could have UH/Fresno/Nevada/UTEP/2 others (not everybody in the WAC would make it).

    Maybe C-USA could have each division winner plus the best 2nd place team have a mini-conference playoff. That would mean a semi-final round plus a championship game. That would need NCAA approval, of course, which is no guarantee.

    C-USA would then span every time zone in the US, but travel costs would be low because each school would play teams close to them in their division and just a few teams from the other divisions. If the C-USA already has 3x the TV money than the WAC, maybe the unique 3-division span would create an even bigger slice of TV money for everybody. Having 3 conference post-regular season games would bring in money and fan interest.

  62. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Scott -- please bring back the numbers and bold names. It is much easier on old eye balls... and Al promised you a Cattle Call. I'm sure he'll find a place with WiFi and a seat next to an electrical outlet. :)

  63. Shoko:

    Mahalo for the answering the question. Of course, this scenario might not apply if LA Tech decided to leave for the 2012 season as the moratorium expires in August 2011. Is that accurate?

  64. haka:



    RAINBOWCLIFF: As promised, I had sent your message to a friend at UHF and he has forward the same to Dave and Scott Wong. Now, if you can find some 6'5" linemen with at least a hint of Polynesian blood, blood type AB+, 4.5 speed, 290 pounds ...


  66. d1島:

    NUMB3RS!!! :-)


    AL: when's the next CC (preferably on Tues/Wed/Thurs)?

  68. d1島:

    Thank you Scott!

  69. d1島:

    (did I mention that I am off this Wednesday?)

  70. NCAA:

    Mr. DPK, what happened? You haven't been working out?

  71. madeinhawaii:


    I thought having "ties to Hawaii" simply meant a little more than, "I once saw a postcard of Hawaii and wondered what it would be like to play there."

  72. Garret:


    You are correct about the timing. Since the C-USA has no room right now for La Tech, then Texas State, UT-SA, UC-Davis, Sac State, Cal Poly, and others have more time to get ready for D-IA.

  73. al:

    you think jd is reading this c-usa explosion theory?

  74. al:

    welcome back!

  75. Jason:

    Cattle call? I'm all ears. (No, not pig's ears.)

  76. al:

    yup...then the c-usa would truly be a conference united states of america wouldn't it.

    it would make scheduling a lot simpler with all the teams to chose from and those coming here would have a great vacation/recruiting tool and an extra game to boot.

    and i still say that the hawaii exemption should also include an extra week in the football calendar year for both hawaii and those coming to town given that the length of travel to and from could be eased by the extra early start or the extra week to prolong their end of season.

  77. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  78. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks Scott!

  79. al:

    d1, jason, w-god, scott m.

    wednesday is possible for me.
    any ideas?

  80. al:

    i think jason hasn't been to a cc in a year.

  81. Garret:


    I don't know if JD has read about the C-USA explosion theory...I just came up with it as I was typing my reply to your post. I agree, creating a west division would make C-USA's name really appropriate.

    The NCAA added 2 games to the regular season over the years without increasing the length of the season. With the last increase to 12 games, they really hurt the value of the Hawaii exception. It would be nice if they increased the season to 15 weeks, so teams would still have 2 bye weeks if they played 13 games.

    Worst case for UH would be for the NCAA to increase the regular season to 13 games--that would help every D-IA team's budget, but it would kill the value of the Hawaii exception.

  82. rage777:

    Maybe Davone heard that their isn't a Warrior Beat Show anymore and decided not to come because of that.

  83. Jason:

    I went to Pride.'s CC at Tsukiji's the other week.

    Wednesday is good for me too, as long as I get to HPU by 5:15 (which I doubt will be a problem).

  84. sunsfan:

    The Supreme Court successfuly upheld the 2nd admendment. The only thing concerning about this case was that it ended up with a 5-4 majority.

  85. d1島:


    Just a "Garden" variety cc would be fine....

    (as long as it's Maple ;-) )

  86. d1島:




  87. A-House:

    Did Pomai mention a cattle call to honor NYUH who will be in Honolulu for the East-West reunion/celebration?

    Unsure if this week or next - hope this week then I can attend - yes, al, i will attend!!!

  88. A-House:


    SBA may not the the "white-knight", but they should be part of the equation as "small business" is the key political/economic word today.

    Concept is getting all the big cheeses to back a single point that will be good for UHAD and economies for state of Hawaii.

  89. Scott Morifuji:

    The blog numbers are back. Some other changes were done to the template that accidentally overwrote the changes I made earlier last week. I'll work on getting the previous/next posts as they were on the old template.


  90. d1島:

    Mahalo Scott!

  91. Matt:

    Oh yeah, the numbers are back. Mahalo Scott!

  92. jm2375:

    Good noon Tsai-kos!

    Thanks for the numbers, Scott!

    Aloha and Mahalo to Josh Laurel. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  93. ai-eee-soos:

    no problem with the numbers ...

  94. Stephen Tsai:

    So, the 7-on-7s begin at 2:45 p.m., we think. It might have to be moved to the grass field since Chris Tormey's Koa Kids Camp is being held this week.

  95. Stephen Tsai:

    NYUH will be here? I'm there.

  96. homey ︻╦╤─:

    Cattle call on Wednesday? Hope to show up.

    Does anyone say good luck in your past endeavors???

  97. homey ︻╦╤─:

    Josh at Mesa State huh. Gotta tell my boy to go see him when he goes back to school.

    ...and good afternoon gangies.

  98. homey ︻╦╤─:

    Blog clock, what time is it?

  99. wafan:


  100. wafan:

    100 and numbers!!!

  101. wafan:

    Good luck to Joshua L.

  102. wafan:

    Thanks Scott!!!

  103. wafan:

    Early congratulations to the Bess' on the pending birth of their son. Whoo-hoo for you!!!

  104. wafan:

    And, a happy birthday to Melissa W.

  105. homey ︻╦╤─:

    Blog looks nice in HD.

  106. madeinhawaii:


    I suppose you could say, "Good luck with the fruits of your past endeavors."... or.. "Hope all your work pays off."

  107. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nice! The post #'s are back!

    Thanks, Scott!

  108. homey ︻╦╤─:

    mih - I wouldn't say that about my fruits. I take them as they are. As for work paying off. Oftentimes it goes unapplauded, but what the heck, there's always sabotage.

  109. Ralph:

    Wednesday is good for me, but how about somewhere else for a change, getting tired of Camellia's kalbi.

  110. madeinhawaii:


    To some, "sabotage" IS work... grrr

  111. madeinhawaii:

    If we don't hear about any more invitations for Schools to join conferences by July 1, will that be the end of it for this year?

  112. Stephen Tsai:

    There always could be announced moves. But for the WAC, for instance, there is a little more than a one-year notice. So, I suppose, a school could announce it is l leaving in October, but wouldn't be able to join a new conference until 2012.

  113. madeinhawaii:

    I guess that means that the WAC is standing pat, then... as it would have to extend an invitation pretty quick to replace Boise when it leaves.

  114. madeinhawaii:

    Doesn't that mean that all the WAC schools now need to find an extra opponent to play in 2011 and beyond?

  115. Stephen Tsai:

    WAC is standing pat because:
    1. A Division I-AA team, such as UC Davis or Sacramento State, would have to apply to upgrade in football. That would take a lot of meetings and lobbying.
    2. Doesn't seem the WAC has much to offer, say, San Diego State or UNLV to return.

    Now ...
    The WAC still could be a good little conference. Check out how many players were drafted in basketball. And it has it has some decent football teams. Maybe it won't be BCS caliber, but it does open the way for Fresno State, Nevada or UH to achieve greatness.

  116. Committed Road Warrior:


    For the 2011 season, yes, I believe all the schools in the WAC will have to find an additional out-of-conference opponent. I suppose UH can stand pat with the current non-conference slate if they only want to have 12 games.

    If the WAC doesn't announce an invite by Thursday, I assume they'll stand pat (for now) and the above will apply w/r/t non-conference schedules. I suppose if they announce an invite some time down the road, it will apply with entry into the conference for 2012 or beyond.

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  118. Pomai:

    A-House yes I did, but forget when he said he would be in town. Someone said Maple?

  119. Pomai:

    His post on 6/26:

    June 26th, 2010 at 6:17 pm
    Coming back to Hawaii next week for the East-West Center’s 50th anniversary. Met my wife there. Sure hope our daughter can become the US President or at least PM of Japan for few months.

    Hope to catch an am practice.

  120. Slugger:

    Scott, mahalo for fixing the template!

    Ralph, I think d1 was suggesting Maple Garden for a CC with NYUH.

    2:45 practice?

  121. d1島:

    EWC/EWCA 50th Anniversary International Conference is 7/2 to 7/5/10.

  122. Slugger:

    From a KCC announcement:

    ... I invite you to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebration to be held July 2-5 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

    Wonder what day NYUH will be in town?

  123. d1島:


    was only asking al for a Garden variety event but if NYUH is in Hawaii then and can make it that would be great!

  124. d1島:

    The EWC arranged with Tori Richards for a special shirt. $45 for a Tori Richard aloha shirt ain't bad....

  125. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    125! :) :) :)

  126. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    But you know that already, thanks to these numbered posts! Thanks again Scott!

  127. homey ︻╦╤─:

    d1 - It's a sleeveless pullover aloha shirt. Perfect for you.

  128. d1島:


    Aghhhh...sold out of XXL!

    Lose money!

    ...wait, sold out of XXL? Must be more guys coming westbound than eastbound?

  129. homey ︻╦╤─:

    d1 - You look better in a Tommy Bahama, cargo shorts, and Reef sandals. DPK going be so jealous.

  130. NYUH:

    Hey Guys, I'm flying in tomorrow and will be in town until July 7. Maple Garden in Moiliili? I once sat next to Barry Manilow there - he was right behind me.

  131. al:

    so we have a cc this wednesday at maple garden high noon.

    who's coming???
    let us know here so we can reserve seats...


  132. chawan_cut:

    wow, there's a gigi spotting on Cat's blog. or does she post there all the time?

  133. d1島:


    No like silk shirts...


    Sounds like a plan!
    Just need al to make them...

  134. chawan_cut:

    good luck to rod
    lack of guard play hurt us the last few years.

  135. d1島:


    Dea ya go....

  136. Manoa Mist:

    Scott Morifuji is number one handsome buggah.

  137. homey ︻╦╤─:,0,17475814920011056750&ei=kkQpTKDxN9XlnAfg94CJAQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQnwIwAA

  138. homey ︻╦╤─:

    Oh, blog glitch.

  139. d1島:


    seems like an awfully long way of saying, "Up the block from Slugger's place."

  140. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, I am PROUD to announce that $200.00 will be coming in support to your na wahine bracelet fund that my $100.00 was matched by Father Sky Walker who was "MOVED" by the many positive posters who made important and detail information to his only daughter athlete that he has in LIFE !

    When we spoke early this morning he looked at me with so much sincerity and told me "Thank you for looking out for my baby girl" as he HUGGED me with so much love and appreciation my eyes wept from cheek to cheek.

    I mention ALL of the posters who made positive and interesting comments and mention the na-wahine bracelet fund that you good folks are doing for your lady wahine team and he pulled out a $100.00 bill to match my donation as he wanted to GIVE as you gave to the both of us in support to womens athletics as his baby girl is very special to have a single Father who cares for her so DEEPLY !

    The check is in the mail and on it's way to 3633 Puuku drive in the amount stated above as we co-signed it together RainbowCliff & Father Sky Walker as I can't tell you how spirits are move when you show passion and care to HELP God's people and his children !

    The following names: lost hawaiian, watchgodgifu, diogenes sinope, A-House, papajoe2, Kazz, last call, ralph, jeff, jm2375, ladeda, pomai and wafan MAHALO for your care and positive remarks as the old story is so true "spread a little kindness, receive a lot of heart" as the support to your wahine fund came sooner then I thought as your aloha spirit is so REAL as I live it and show it EVERYDAY of my LIFE !

    Pomai IF you can be so kind to be looking out for I and Father Sky Walker donation and let me know you got it as the check must be cashed by 7-16-10 as it comes from my credit card line and they put expiration dates on their checks. I acknowledge your INSPIRATION to this donation as keeping the card from the Foundation will make I and Father please to know their is a GREAT gentlemen who INSPIRES us to GIVE !

    Have a wonderful evening Tsaiko Nation as I continue to honor you GREAT folks with admiration, love and SO much respect as the names above have made this donation POSSIBLE !

    Mahalo For Your GREATNESS !

  141. homey ︻╦╤─:

    chawan - She forgot to mention her 56" tv that is outdated already...LOL

  142. d1島:

    Good Luck to Rod Flemings...

  143. d1島:

    ...does an outdated TV only play re-runs?

  144. (Jesse) James:

    al...I should be able to make it...put me down as a maybe...might be a little late though..

  145. homey ︻╦╤─:

    I bet the Wii console is a dust collector too.

    I bet she is lurking too.

    I bet hubby doesn't work out at Powerhouse Gym.

  146. Fact Checker:

    Me think # 140 is one McNugget shy of a Happy Meal.

  147. GRM:

    Morifujisan, Mahalogozaimasu for da numbahs!

  148. whitey:

    Good afternoon Tsaikos.

  149. Slugger:

    #146 ~ Don't eat those McNuggets! One of the preservatives they use in the coating formula is an ingredient in Playdoh. Doh!


    Please add me to the list for lunch on Wednesday. Yup, I goin' walk.

    Good luck to Rod Flemings!

  150. whitey:

    kazz, the softbow wahines have in their account a few dollars more from the CWS wheel of fortune. Sent it to UH Foundation.

  151. whitey:

    Happy Birthday Melissa W


    AL: (#131) Poor Richard (the owner) - I told him to beware of the eating habits of the Tsaikos!

  153. RainbowCliff:

    DaPunchbowlkid !

    Thank you for your encouraging words that you wrote on my behalf as I was so humble to your acknowledgement and sincerity !

    I can go back to the first time I posted to you as reading your bio I marvel at your beginings that was why I wanted you to have that Sugar Bowl shirt from New Orleans even when I had that sweat on it as you gave me so much LOVE for my thoughtfulness in giving it to you !

    I needed to post this to you as I always enjoy your post's as you really care for UH and you do it with style, sophistication and class as your intellect words I enjoy reading !

    I pray kind sir that God's light will always be shining on you and that I can find a forum to express my words of appreciation, sincerity and RESPECT to let you know it !

    A Hui Ho !

  154. chopsueyboy:

    Happy Birthday Melissa!

  155. chopsueyboy:

    I can see numb3rs!

    Thanks Scott!

  156. SteveM:

    Al -- put me down as a "maybe" for the CC. If I break into uncontrollable fits of coughing, it's only because my antibiotic meds are too weak. I asked doc for the stronger stuff. :evil:

    Nah, maybe better I stay home. Sorry. :(

    NYUH -- please send me an email at stevem.hnl (at)
    Over the years you have mentioned your first name, the names of your wife and daughter, your title and field, etc... but I don't have an email address... if you don't mind.... :|

  157. Ralph:

    Al I'll make it to Maple Garden on Wednesday. Is there a parking lot?

  158. jm2375:

    Good evening Tsaikos!

    bit of trivia - Maple Garden was once owned by a local engineering (not Stretch's) firm where a former UHAA president/UH regent was employed.

  159. whitey:

    i don't know what to make of this, but when UCLA's fb team has 3 players arrested for suspicion of theft, does this have any effect on their recruiting??? 2 of the players were 4 star rated and the third 3 stars. And these are not just any players, but these are players that UCLA are counting on in the future.

  160. RainbowCliff:

    #65 WATCH GODGIFU: Thank you for your sincere efforts !

    6'5" linemen with hint of polynesian is a TALL order as will keep eye out and when found let you know wiki wiki !

    My intuition tells me South Bay and Carson area. El Camino JC and Southwest JC is demographically border line between the two. Harbor JC in Harbor City over the past years has had polynesian athletes BUT that when I was coaching from 1981-86 as TIME has changed !

  161. wafan:


  162. false gigi:

    Homey -

    1) Ok, i must confess, i'm a closet lurker (shhh).

    2) FYI - it's a 52-inch Sony Bravio HDTV, but in a couple of years hubby wants to purchase a 70-inch 3D HDTV. IDK about that man, sometimes.

    3) Hubby works out at the new 24-hour Fitness Super Sport in Pearl City...then he 'works out' on me. :lol:

    4) Fridays are still my five (5) loads of laundry day - whew, i should get paid for it.

    5) I continue to enjoy my limit of one (1) Beck's beer per week. BANZAI!

    6) Hubby and I vacationed in Hong Kong, last month. We are sooo the 'jet-setter' couple.

    7) Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary. 4th of July fireworks will be on display in Foster Village, tonight.

    *and, in closing, as you all know my favorite catch phrase NO WORRY, BEEF CURRY!

  163. Stephen Tsai:

    Whoops. I screwed up.
    The 7-on-7s started at 4 p.m.
    My bad.
    But I took some dubious photos and came up with some interesting tidbits.

  164. gigi-hawaii:

    sheesh! Have you been reading my blog??? LOL.

    Okay, hi guys! Ever since the WB joined the SA, I have been glancing at this blog. Nothing much has changed. Same old crew with a few new names like chop suey boy.

    BTW, it's much easier to read the WB with numbers and highlighted names.

  165. gigi-hawaii:

    HI, ST!!! I was glad the SA hired you, since I subscribed to the SB and not the HA. Congrats.

  166. d1島:


  167. gigi-hawaii:

    Who is false-gigi? hmmm. You know too much.

  168. d1島:

  169. d1島:

    Wow! Needed the smelling salts...

    Hi gigi.

    Nice to see you posting here again! :-)

  170. gigi-hawaii:

    Hi d1. I probably won't be posting here much. It's so hard to read and the discussion moves too fast.

  171. SteveM:

    June 28th, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    Who is false-gigi? hmmm. You know too much

    Hello gigi. Everyone knows that stuff... well, except for the Hong Kong trip and the fact that it's a becks per day (not week)... and hubby won't wait that long for a 3D HDTV.... :)

    Hope you stick around a while--it's been way too quiet around here. :roll:

  172. gigi-hawaii:

    Nah, I rarely drink beer anymore. Prefer champagne at the restaurant.

  173. Hawaiianbod:

    Welcome back, Aunty Gigi!

    ...everyone missed you.

    if it is you, Happy Anniversary!

  174. Pomai:

    cc I'm there

  175. gigi-hawaii:

    Does anyone know how much Oceanic is going to charge for Pay Per View this year? As usual, we will watch the Warriors at home.

  176. gigi-hawaii:

    Thanks, HB.

  177. A-House:

    Hi gigi:

    thank you for posting with us again! really, long time no see (hear).

  178. madeinhawaii:

    72" TV! ... heh.. I'd hate to be the one to have to lug that one around when it comes time to move furniture... I'll stick to my projector.

  179. A-House:


    put me down at attending - garans ball bareens!!

    Maple Garden is well known for its egg plant dishes - like the spicy one - ono, ono, onolicious!!!

  180. A-House:


    72" tv! that's larger than the Sony we saw at Sears Ala Moana - or was it a Sam Sung - but only 66".

    dat buggah is monstreous!!! goin need 4 Tsaikos fo carry.

  181. madeinhawaii:

    How far back do you have to sit to really enjoy a 77" TV? I mean without moving your head from side to side?

  182. madeinhawaii:

    Oops Make that 70"...still big..and 3D HDTV? Egads... got to really sit back pretty far to enjoy the 3D, I would think... I have to wonder what will be broadcast in 3D, though. Lots and lots of bandwidth there.

  183. gigi-hawaii:

    We'll probably buy the 3D TV when there are more DVDs in 3D available. Why buy it now?

  184. Stephen Tsai:

    So I made a call to the Salt Lake area and ... Gigi is indeed back.
    Welcome back.
    We have Gigi back, and we saw Wreck at the party. Sure feels like 2007 again.

  185. gigi-hawaii:

    Hey, ST just called me to see if I was fake gigi.

  186. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, hubby wants to know "what party"?

  187. chawan_cut:

    in the words of mr. urkel,
    Did I do that????

  188. chawan_cut:

    there was a karaoke party to thank ST and esme for their dedication and hard work at the HA and to enjoy all the new friends that were made thanks to them. definitely a 5 F's night.

  189. gigi-hawaii:

    chawan, how nice! What is esme doing now?

  190. Pride.:

    Welcome back Gigi. Great to have you back.

  191. gigi-hawaii:

    thanks, Pride.

  192. Stephen Tsai:

    And the hits go up.

  193. chawan_cut:

    i believe esme is doing just fine. she's facebooking a lot more.... her momslikeme site is going strong.
    she pops in and out here once in awhile. usually not for long though.

  194. Stephen Tsai:

    Or as Jett Jasper said to me today: Sorry to hear you're not doing your blog anymore.
    Me: I'm still doing the blog.
    Richard Torres: You have to go to Star-Advertiser.

  195. Stephen Tsai:

    At church, this old lady told Wena: "Sorry to hear about Stephen."
    It's nice to know that nobody thought I would be hired.

  196. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, most people don't realize they can access your blog by clicking on VIEW ALL BLOGS even when the little box is empty.

  197. jm2375:

    ST - bwahahahaha!

  198. facebooklayop–:

    Create a custom Facebook profile page for free. Chec out the themes here

  199. SteveM:

    gigi-hawaii -- As in 2007... Hello gigi...well hello gigi...

    Long Time UH Fan is not here to do the honor this time, so I will...

  200. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    Welcome home GG!! and Happy Anniversary! I guess that calls for that "boiling tofu...whatever you call"!

  201. gigi-hawaii:

    thanks, guys!
    I saw LTUHF's obituary in the paper and sent his widow my condolences. He bought my 3 books and often left comments on my blog. I miss him!

  202. d1島:

    Annoddah Dave,

    Just got thru watching Soko Ga Shiritai...episode about the "dichotomous nature of tofu" :lol:

  203. d1島:


    Good timing. There's a cattle call set for this Wednesday.

  204. Jason:

    I think Annoddah Dave wants a Korean cattle call. :-)

  205. Annoddah Dave:

    dichotomous??? How so? I love tofu but I don't see this dichotomous nature...unless it is a love it or hate it thing.

  206. Jason:

    Hey, Scott put the previous/next links at the top. Thanks!

  207. chawan_cut:

    mmmm sundubu jigae...

  208. d1島:

    Annoddah Dave,

    Missed the first half of the show so I guess I only got the one-sided story! :lol:

  209. d1島:

    btw, I like the bigger, bolder font in the "Leave a Reply" box

  210. d1島:


    Yeah, and I was just getting used to the FB/twitter update notifications for the new posts!


    AL: I may have two friends with me on Wednesday - will let you know tomorrow.

  212. Slugger:

    I knew that was gigi-hawaii on Cat's blog. Hi, Gigi!

    Nice pictures of practice.

    ST ~ What time will practice start on Wednesday? Probably need to let NYUH know since the times they are a-changing...

  213. Curt:

    Hi gigi! Welcome back. Long time no see/hear. Hope you and hubby are doing well.

  214. Curt:

    If gigi and Wreck are back, does that mean that we'll have another football season like 2007? I dream, I wish, I want, I think I'm hallucinating.

  215. chawan_cut:

    did anyone in pc/aiea hear a big boom maybe 20 mins ago???

  216. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    SSSSSSSSSuuuuuuuupppppp Gigiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    How you doin girl?! Welcome back!

  217. gigi-hawaii:

    Hi guys!
    I still remember the 1st ever party we had for the WB at Murphy's. Was it Dec 2006? Cat was there and so was Robert Kekaula, bragging about his 6 toilets! I'll never forget it. haha.

  218. al:

    allright you have to prove it to us that this is the real gigi.,

  219. wafan:

    Hey GG!!!

    Heck, sometimes insomnia is a good thing. Not very often . . . okay just this once.

  220. Curt:


    Maybe the boom had something to do with gigi's return to the WB.

  221. d1島:


    Haven't heard from Kazz in a while...

  222. Koa-mahu:

    c_c - eh, no ack! das was us , you know, BOOM, GOES DA DYNAMITE!!!</b.

  223. Curt:

    Maybe it was the sound of bubbling tofu soup exploding.

  224. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, Al, mahalo for recommending that hubby and I take weekend trips to the neighbor islands... because of you, we went to Kauai and had a great time!

  225. al:

    cc list

    j/j - ???
    stevem ???
    ahouse - maybe?
    watch godifu +2 - iffy
    ralph - if can find parking

  226. al:

    w- g

    tsaiko's have been to maple garden so no surprises here. da family calls him little richard since the original yen king days.

  227. Curt:

    Maybe it's the sound of Dunnachie booming a 70-yard punt at Aloha Stadium. I sure hope he's been practicing hard. C'mon Alex--give it your best this year.

  228. al:

    well if that is gigi...glad to see that you still using that phrase i taught you and that the bravia still working good.

    welcome, did see you at the dish the other day.

    and no worry beef curry.

  229. Hawaiianbod:

    just noticed that 'says' is no longer a fixture after your name (which is a good thing).

    thanks Scott for the return of the numerical postings!

  230. al:

    whoa gigi you have memory like elephant.

    okay, take the hubby to maui coast hotel in kihei. best deal in town at 136 bucks a night for kamaaina.

  231. wafan:

    al . . .

    Cannot make it even though I want to be there. I am still here.

    But, not for much longer -- just a few more days!!!


  232. Curt:

    Speaking of punting, I wonder if Dunnachie will be kicking directionally or given the green light to bomb it. Has anyone seen him practice lately?

  233. wafan:

    Okay, back to staring at the ceiling again.

    Nytal, part 2.

  234. gigi-hawaii:

    wafan, take 1 Advil with milk -- you will sleep like a baby!

  235. Curt:

    G'nite gigi. G'nite all.

  236. SteveM:

    gigi -- should have taken that $650 11-night Hawaii cruise. :-) No such fares/itinerary today....

  237. SteveM:

    BTW -- I made a web page last year for Tsai-kos trying to give a "look and feel" of what a medium-large cruise ship interior is like. Take a look before you race the cat up the drapery.. :-)

  238. gigi-hawaii:

    Night, Curt. Steve, that was real cheap, but David can only take 1 week trips because he is the only accountant at work.

  239. gigi-hawaii:

    Steve, those pics reminded me of The Titanic! Very impressive. But, I wouldn't opt for those window-less rooms. I prefer the ones with large windows with a view. I also liked the restaurants with tablecloths and cloth napkins, which were elegant.

  240. d1島:

    June 28th, 2010 at 6:38 pm


    put me down at attending – garans ball bareens!!

    Nuttin' iffy about that!

  241. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    I'll be at the CC although I'll have to leave shortly after 1 pm in order to get back into town for more boring but mandatory meetings.

    DrDoc and I have had three fantastic meals at three very different locations recently - Ala Moana, Kailua, and Ward Warehouse - wonderful food, great service, and at two of the locations, lots of big screen tvs for watching away games. The third location would be a great location for a non-football party. Let me know if anyone is interested in my getting more information.

    Hi, Gigi - the more things change, the more they stay the same - the rule applies here as well.

  242. papajoe2:

    chawan_cut: that's the sound of fireworks. July 4 coming up so expect more. Because of a few idiots, now they will ban all fireworks.

  243. Stephen Tsai:

    Good golly: Gigi, Wreck, Hawaiian Bod.
    I'm feeling the chili peppers.

  244. al:

    d1...#240 may i remind you that a similar guarantee was issued previously at one such gathering.

  245. LizKauai [iMac] \m/:

    Back ()rom India- ate kimchi jigae and ready to sleep. The key between e and g is not working... argh.
    Nitey nite!!!

  246. HiFlyer:

    al - I'll be there for the CC.

  247. HiFlyer:

    Ralph - they have a parking lot but not very big. I don't know what the street parking is like during the day time, maybe Slugger can let us know.

  248. al:

    btw...did someone say that they were looking for some habaneros???

    maui habaneros are a backyard specialty of non-other than the horticulturist of kihei, our own mayor of maui, mr. whitey.

  249. al:

    cc list

    j/j – ???
    stevem ???
    ahouse – maybe?
    watch godifu +2 – iffy
    ralph – if can find parking

    small parking lot. but if lucky, little richard will park your car for you. not sure how far away.

  250. Hawaiianbod:

    thanks for the 'shout-out', ST! *sniff-sniff*

  251. Hawaiianbod:

    welcome back, LizK!


  252. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Al: See #141 above - I'll be there. There's plenty of parking on King Street across from First Hawaiian Bank - where Chunky's used to be - if nothing is available on Isenberg Street or in the restaurant's lot.

  253. Pomai:

    al look at #174

  254. 702WarriorFan:

    Good morning all and welcome home LizK- can't wait to see your pics and read da stories too.
    Good to have numbers back again.

    Da Mouse is in the house with BC sometime this morning.

    Looks like reunion of the 07 Tsaikos - but missing LV san
    Can dream for 07 in 10 repeat at Aloha and on the road.

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