WAC football preview: Day 2

July 27th, 2010

• It's interesting that New Mexico State picked up two players — quarterback Andrew Manley and running back Kenny Turner — who were recruited by UH but not offered 2010 scholarships. NMSU coach DeWayne Walker said Manley will have a chance to compete for a starting berth in training camp, which opens next week.

• Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Dykes on his confidence early in his coaching career: "I'm from Texas. We think we invented football."

• Dykes said it was his school's decision that quarterback Jeremiah Masoli would not be a good fit in the program. 

* Dykes coached with UH head coach Greg McMackin and defensive coordinator Dave Aranda at Texas Tech. 

* San Jose State's athletic department is in the black financially. 

• San Jose State was the only school to distribute a full football media guide. Two schools produced CD versions of their media guides; the rest brought reproductions of their online guides.

* * * * * 

C'mon, who had "Kalani" in the Where Will Ron Lee End Up pool? 

Shocking. Shocking.

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  1. PONO:

    Top 5, Chee

  2. Last Call:

    Turner is has a convected felon and served time in prison a perfect fit for New Mexico State a school with many felons . Even last years volleyball team had a felon on the roster.

  3. Garret:

    It will be interesting to see how Kenny Turner does at NMSU.

  4. Garret:

    The Clarion Ledger is now on Day 3 of their "Masoli watch".

  5. Garret:

    The PPV package will have a record 12 football games this season...good for short-term revenue generation but bad that only 1 game will be on free TV for the casual fan to watch. At least on the mainland we can see the games on CBSCS and other channels, but I guess they are blacking those out in Hawaii.

  6. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Recruiting is an inexact exercise...just gotta go with the one's ya got.


  7. Last Call:

    I would never, ever pay those prices to watch UH sports on PPV.

  8. Last Call:

    I'm betting Manley doesn't stay at New Mexico State very long.

  9. Last Call:

    5:58 AM Cable is out state wide according to the Oceanic web site.

  10. d1島:

    Last Call,

    Thanks for the heads-up...

    I wonder how I'll be able to post a comment?

  11. LizKauai (iPad):

    Aloha Kakahiaka and welcome back SteveM, wherever you are!

  12. LizKauai (iPad):

    Garret- can I get those games on Dish?

  13. Last Call:

    Who was the only media person not to give Boise State a first place vote ?

    According to bakersfieldnow.com it was Las Cruces sports writer Jack Nixon who gave his 1st place vote to Nevada.

  14. LizKauai (iPad):

    ST- what kind of media guide did UH share?


  15. bstunna2002:

    What's interesting is when Kenny Turner tripped us he said Hawaii was too different a place,So is Las Cruces like Vegas to him or something...lol

  16. NYUH:

    It seems after watching Coach Mac talk that re-inviting Hawaii players after a mainland stint needs to be a permanent part of the recruitment process. Of course, I'm probably the last to figure this out.


    Te'o, who prepped at Kahuku (Hawaii) High, and his wife, Lauren, who was raised in Laie, Hawaii, decided they wanted to return to their home state.

    "I did like it up there (in Provo)," Te'o told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. "I had a good time. But I'm excited to be back home. This is where my wife and I originally wanted to be."

  17. Last Call:

    Could some fan opposed to UH PPV be responsible for this mornings state wide cable outage ? I doubt it but what a story it would make .

  18. NYUH:


    Battling what was described as a “personal issue,” Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz did not participate in spring practices. However, the junior has returned to the Warriors and will be on the field when practices begin next month.

    “He’s been working really hard this summer with the rest of the guys, he’s put on 15 pounds, and he’s throwing better than ever,” Hawaii coach Greg McMackin said.

    Moniz threw for 2,396 yards and 14 touchdowns in 10 games last season. McMackin said he will work four quarterbacks with the first team in the fall and settle on a starter before the Sept. 2 opener against USC at home.

  19. Last Call:

    Jessica Iwata and the USA Futures Team

    I was kinda disappointed first that the USA coaches didn't play her much but I was additionally disappointed that when she did get to the plate because she struck out a lot.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    Greg Salas told reporters he expects Bryant Moniz to be the starting quarterback.

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    If I'm not mistaken, except for games shown on ESPN, all UH football games were shown live on pay-per-view last year.
    Reason more games will be on pay-per-view this year is because there are fewer games on ESPN.

  22. chopsueyboy:

    Top Twenty-Five!

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  23. chopsueyboy:

    Will UH football games be shown delayed for FREE?
    Any idea how long a delay?

  24. roysan16:

    Re-ESPN potentially altering it's contract with the WAC

    ST writes today that Benson foresees with the loss of Boise there may be some changes with ESPN.

    From ST article today:

    "I expect there will be a reduction in either rights fee or distribution," Benson said, the latter referring to the number of guaranteed television appearances.

    In my opinion I think that ESPN, now, will have leverage over the WAC and pretty much dictate the terms favorable for them. With Boise leaving soon what would the league expect?

    ESPN knows that the WAC is starving for money, exposure and it's continued existence. So ESPN has the upper hand.

    Plus ESPN is smart. They'll alter the contract. Do it on their terms, probably. They even reel in Benson without putting bait on a hook. Because predictably Benson will jump straight into the fish bucket.
    I think ESPN has Benson pegged as one that gives in and not one that draws a line in the sand.

    This year with Boise still here what precedence did ESPN deliver to the WAC? The answer is look at the record number of WAC games being televised by ESPN on non Saturdays. Boise has (I think) 5 games being televised on non Saturdays. Do you think the Boise fans are happy about this? With 8 out of the 10 games televised by ESPN this year on non Saturdays there are probably a lot of happy TV executives at ESPN and greater amount of unhappier WAC fans.

    Assimilating the number of televised WAC games on ESPN this year, what do you think ESPN has up it's sleeve for the WAC in the future? More games on non Saturdays would seem to be the direction they're are taking the WAC.

    ESPN has a saturation of games on Saturdays and have open slots on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays so what do think works best for them?

    If ESPN is looking to maximize it's profits and viewership who could blame them for wanting to schedule a record number of televised WAC games this season on non Saturdays. And maybe in the future, too.

    Benson has to know this. It will not only be a fiscal loss when Boise leaves. The main altering will see ESPN, in my opinion, televising more of the WAC games in the future on non Saturdays, which is great for the league and ESPN. But not so great for the fans.

  25. Michigan Warrior:

    Lots of interesting side stories this off-season.
    Very happy that our team has taken a more serious approach too.
    Let's just settle on our starters and depth chart and start practicing to develop the cohesion we will need right at the start of the season. With future realignments bound to happen sooner than later, we can't look at these games as preseason stuff anymore. Everything counts now more than ever.
    You know... that football has a weird shape, which makes for some weird bounces. And we're big underdogs this year? No worry... get chance! Going be some good games this year!

  26. sjmacro:

    Good morning Tsaikos.
    Link mentions a fellow Tsaiko, legislator and soldier. Thanks for your service Mark Takai.

  27. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...hope all have a good one today....

  28. tommui:

    Because of physical limitations, I will (again) subscribe to PPV. I had been a season subscriber to UH football from at least 1962 to the Von Appen era when I had back surgery which limits the climbing/descending ability.

    When you look at the prices being charged for seats at Aloha Stadium in the end-zone seats, PPV price is relatively the same when you factor in parking etc.

    The problem is that when you focus on TV (whether High Def or regular) in a tight game - I would rather watch the late re-runs - too hard on the nervous system!

    So to really support UH athletics one should either go to the Stadium and get season tickets or go PPV.

  29. Slugger:

    Good morning, Tsaikos!

    Hope you're having a good day at the Media gathering, ST...or should I say, Dean ST? or Jack?

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

  31. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    From late last night:

    A quick report on Sunday’s community service project:

    We filled 97 bags of trash – each one holding 35 gallons of STUFF – plus picked up five tv sets, three microwave ovens, two mattresses, half a dozen assorted pieces of somewhat broken furniture, and 77 tires along one and two-thirds of a mile of Kapa`a Quarry Road in just under two hours. Plus two dead pigs and a dead dog.

    We didn’t have enough people to do the entire 2.5 miles.

    About 20 of us wound up at Boardrider’s Sports Bar afterwards for 6 pizzas, 4 calzones, 4 plates of nachos, and multiple plates of fried mozzarella & edamame. Plus cold beverages by the gallon.

    Next service project day – Saturday morning, August 21, followed by hosted barbecue & cold beverages. More info to come in about two weeks.

    Please join us - we need more trucks and one or two people with limited physical skills to staff the central command post. Service credit available for high school & college students.

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Dean Jack. DJ for short.

  33. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    If we weren't able to go to the Stadium, we'd go to a nearby bar - either the Kailua Sports Shack or Boardriders - and watch with other fans. Both in previous years have sometimes requested reservations - specially during Colt's last season when I was recovering from a car accident & couldn't negotiate the stairs.

    Question: Will the games be re-aired on K5 either later that evening or the next day? What about the ESPN games? Will they be aired later on without charge?

    If NO to either or both of these options, would it be possible for one of the regulars to set up a recording system and let those of us who purchase a DVD make a donation to the T-Fund as a mahalo gift?

    That reminds me -START SAVING YOUR HI-5 CANS & BOTTLES. We'll be back in the recycling business. Forgot to mention that we picked up $32.65 worth of cans & bottles along Kapa`a Quarry Road the other day

  34. Slugger:

    Congratulations to Mark Takai on the National Medal of Civic Honor award!

  35. Ipu Man:

    Moniz only gained 15 pounds eating all that pizza?
    Hope he and the guys eat some at halftimes...
    Need lots of gas and pizazz.
    Maybe Dominoes could add to the sponsorship kitty
    like a percentage of every pizza will go to the UH football team...

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    I thought D1 was the Dean of the blog.

  37. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Aren't the schools like Charleston Southern D-1AA schools, not D-II?

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  39. Ipu Man:

    btw, thank God for Bobby Curan and espn RADIO coverage of
    all UH football games...when you can't watch it on tv.
    Sometimes it is fun to set up something like a chess board
    to play out the game during his broadcasts. Got them little plastic cowboys and indians or toy soldiers?

  40. koakane™:

    morning all, clousy day but still no place to be than in the 808

    welcome back to

    Te’o, who prepped at Kahuku (Hawaii) High, and his wife, Lauren, who was raised in Laie, Hawaii, decided they wanted to return to their home state.

    always glad to welcome back sons and daughter of Hawaii

  41. GRM:

    PPV: I used to be a season ticket holder since Aloha Stadium opened with Larry Price's 'Hula T' and a charter Na Koa member. After my stroke in '97, I got a handicapped seat along the railing on the street level. However, handicapped parking and being in a wheelchair (which a whole lot of people cannot/are unable to see) made it very difficult for my wife and I. Therefore, I got PPV in 2006. It is a blessing for us disabled UH fans that we can enjoy the live telecasts. It really is not to expensive when you consider the premium you have to pay for seats in the makai sidelines (2 seats in Section M - orange) and 2 seats in Section R, scramble for parking, inconsiderate fans, crowded bathrooms, and bad weather. I will definitely be renewing my PPV 'seats' this year.

  42. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Another beautiful day in Hawaii!
    Seattle was like this when the outdoor air conditioning stalled. Also note houses have heat and floor vents, but no A/C :|

    Trying to catch up with the blog. So, is Jack Tsai a new pen name for fuud reviews... and where does Dean fit in?

  43. Shoko:

    CWD (#37),
    Yes, they play in the (DI-AA)FCS Big South conference. Last time Hawaii played them was in 2007 (Sugar Bowl year) and lost 66-10. Charleston Southern have also played Florida last year and Miami the year before with similar beatdowns.

  44. d1島:


    Welcome back!

    Unfortunately "Dean" doesn't "fit in" to as many places as he used to.... :-(

  45. d1島:

    Interesting that SJSU's AD is operating "black".

  46. al:

    so dewayne walker's methodology of recruitment is like borrowing a page out of when dick tomey was at sjsu.

    interesting how recruits can develop their own language when a college does not offer them a scholarship. i'll bet one could write a thousand page almanac on the subject.

  47. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    If Karl Benson says your the Dean, then it must be so, no?

  48. Kazz:


    "The WAC will be better than ever..."

    There are some things Karl Benson says that doesn't make it so.

  49. Last Call:

    How about all that positive spinning at the WAC preview.It was so deep at times reporters had to stand on their chairs.

  50. SteveM:

    Thanks, D1!

    Aside from the karaoke contest last week, I thought of you and the Tsingers at one of the evening theatre shows on the ship... A tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. "Oh What a Night" ...that's the name of the foursome...all very good vocalists. They have a website with a video that was much like their show on a larger stage...


    For those who have not cruised, this is only one sample of the talents booked on cruise ships. Good stage musicals, comedians, juggkers, acrobats, magicians, etc.

  51. A-House:

    "Hurry up! Hurry up! No, no, I said just get the keyboarding going before you get tree more slaps on the head with my slippa" - sounds of Mrs A-House to A-House.

    My apology for taking credit for the picture of Florida Ted. It was d1's hand, not mine, and as someone put it, "it was not your hand", I should know after all da years been married to you!!!"
    Besides, Ted is wearing a sports coat. He came to meet us with a UH shirt. Mrs A-House pointed out that Florida Ted was holding a black Tsaiko shirt given to him by d1 when they met in Orlando.

  52. Garret:


    I do not think that Oceanic can block a national channel like CBS CS from being shown on Dish or DirecTV. Did you get to watch UH games on CBS CS on Dish in the past?

  53. Garret:

    BSU's President just *unloaded* at Idaho...I really don't think that BSU will be scheduling Idaho soon. BSU's game at Idaho this season should be pretty interesting. The full quotes from Pres. Kustra are pretty interesting.

    Kustra said it's a "cultural issue,'' pointing out an article last week in the Argonaut, the University of Idaho student newspaper. The headline of the article was, "Who do we hate?''

    "This is a great example of why my wife and I no longer travel to Moscow games,'' Kustra said. "It's a culture that is nasty, inebriated and civilly doesn't give our fans the respect that any fan should expect when visiting an away team.

  54. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Garret- I watched the away games with Kymry guys at their house...
    Hope Oceanic gets the Fiber optic cable solved before football season!
    I'll look into CBS CS...

  55. Michigan Warrior:

    Wait... is that the Manley from Wahiawa, who did some magical things with Leileihua back when he was still a Sophomore? (Took them to the state title game or something?) Or am I confused? Little help, please...?!

  56. Last Call:

    Idaho has had their own North/ South civil war going on for long time they flat out hate each other.

  57. Bulla:

    IMUA WARRIORS, sounds as though Coach Mack played nicely at Media day............oh well :)

  58. al:

    #55 same one

  59. madeinhawaii:


    You too young to go senile...
    You should have known better...
    How could you ?...


    What we talking about?

  60. Michigan Warrior:

    #53... I didn't think Idaho drew any fans to it's little stadium, or "dome". BSU probably had two or three times the amount of fans that Idaho did, at least. If it weren't for their football successes, that BSU president wouldn't even be dishing out the BS. Perception makes it seem like the elitist is taking all his toys and running away from his stepchild, yelling "sit in the corner and stay there 'til your mother gets home" over his shoulder as he leaves.

  61. roysan16:

    To Coach Mack,

    I took in the video of your appearance yesterday at the WAC media get together and I'd say you kicked off the season pretty well. Good job.

    Here, get a laugh out of this poem I pieced together for the upcoming season. Best wishes.

    Our coach named Mack

    Has filled in the cracks

    An erection of changes

    To the playbook's pages

    Coaches switched positions

    And need to rise to fruition

    Off season training was gigantic

    Paces of the players were frantic

    Players want to be on top

    And not hear the balloon pop

    At the end of the season

    Let there be a lot of good reasons

    Uncorking the inner fire

    Is the key to rising higher

  62. madeinhawaii:

    Michigan Warrior...

    yep.. that's da Mule's former QB... was offered a UH scholie in his Jr. Year..he couldn't decide.. then came his senior year and UH offered Kevin Spain and declared that the first to commit gets the Scholarship... Spain committed... UH then offered Manley a "gray-shirt" proposition (defrayed scholarship). Manly chose to go elsewhere. Das da breaks!

  63. Don Weir:

    Tom Mui,
    Give me a heads up for a game down the road and you can be my guest. I'll drive, parking is at Aiea, a walk across the bridge and in through the pass gate. You do need to negotiate the stairs up to HH Row 36. Beare of 'row mates' as we have eight seats so 6 will be cousins!!
    Under the overhang means no rain problems!!
    Sometimes there is just something about seeing the game live.

  64. Michigan Warrior:

    Okay, mahalo, Al! Good to know the memory is still working. From the news clips I'd seen, I thought that kid was pretty good at running the offense, even at that young age. Guess with the number of QB's we presently have, we can only give out so many scholarships. Sometimes, that kind of forces kids to go to mainland schools, since they cannot get the full ride back home.
    These last couple of years, Hawaii high schools have been turning out some really good athletes in several sports. As much as we'd like them to all stay home, it's good to see the rest of the nation recognizing the talent we have growing up in the islands, in more sports than just football!

  65. Michigan Warrior:

    Mahalo for da scoops, madeinhawaii! I thought Manley might do well at UH. But if he takes that long to decide on which receiver to throw to, he'd be sacked frequently too. Gotta have some patience... but also gotta have that trigger finger and feel when it's right to fire it off. We'll see how he does at New mexico State.

  66. roysan16:

    Ok scratch #61

    Edited version.

    # roysan16:
    July 27th, 2010 at 11:33 am

    To Coach Mack,

    I took in the video of your appearance yesterday at the WAC media get together and I’d say you kicked off the season pretty well. Good job.

    Here, get a laugh out of this poem I pieced together for the upcoming season. Best wishes.

    Our coach named Mack

    Has filled in the cracks

    An erection of changes

    To the playbook’s pages

    Coaches switched positions

    And need to rise to fruition

    Off season training was gigantic

    Paces of the players were frantic

    Players want to be on top

    And not hear the balloon pop

    Coaches do too

    But they have to pay their dues

    At the end of the season

    Let there be a lot of good reasons

    Uncorking the inner fire

    Is the key to rising higher

  67. al:


  68. chawan_cut:

    good call Mrs. A-House! i didn't remember FT dressing so nicely either to meet us for dinner.

  69. chawan_cut:

    or is ST the Jack of all (UH) sports?

  70. roysan16:



    Are you going to save it? LOL.

  71. al:

    yah, i am printing it out and pasting it on my wall.

  72. chawan_cut:

    watch out. wait till kazz gets a rhymin...

  73. tommui:

    Don Weir: Re #63. Thanks for the offer. USC? Notre Dame? Aloha Bowl?

    My point is that whether you are physically able to go to the games, or if you cannot go for whatever reason, PPV does give UH $$$ and whichever way, you are supporting UH football.

    Undoubtedly being there is the best.

    And thank you for the thought.

  74. LizKauai \m/:

    Interesting news about Ron Lee. Hope the Kalani program can beef up.


  75. madeinhawaii:

    Tom Mui,

    Notre Dame? What year is that?

  76. tommui:

    madeinhawaii: #75: one can dream, can't I?

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  78. d1島:


    I like know what year is the Aloha Bowl? :lol:

    j/k, tommui!

  79. d1島:



  80. d1島:

    RIP Jack Tatum.

  81. Don Weir:

    I second that comment.
    He was an inspiration to many of us in our high school days.
    I will alwyas remember that flowing bandana at OSU when he took off the bucket.

  82. RedZone:


    "They Call Me Assassin"

  83. d1島:

    #85 welcomes the Era of Batman and Robin to Cincy



  84. d1島:

    ...maybe more like Joker and Riddler?

  85. LizKauai \m/:

    Yup- football season is nearing...
    too bad Rob25's Cowgirls are going to fall to the 'Skins on opening day!


    Let the games begin...


  86. Curt:

    Leading up to the Redskins training camp which starts on Thursday, QB Donovan McNabb talks about the past week's preparation and mentions Colt in the process:

    And McNabb expects that time together -- that so-called Hell Week -- to pay dividends, not just for him, and not just for the receivers, but even for Colt Brennan. "It was truly big for us. It was it was something we'll benefit from I think mid-season toward the end of the year. I think for us coming into camp having kinda an upper-hand -- [knowing] a little bit more about the offense and what Kyle Shanahan likes to do in this offense and in his mindset -- it was easy for myself and Colt because we were just getting out plays, working with each other as well as throwing with the receivers and getting our time in and chemistry there."


    It's do or die time for Colt. It's time to face the challenge head on.

  87. madeinhawaii:


    Kalani was winless last season.. maybe Ron can come full circle and do a JJ there at the same time.

  88. al:

    ron lee to assist at kalani hs. awesome.
    hc greg taguchi is one of the best coaches in the state, both as a person and a coach. his working with ron will certainly help boost that program.

  89. al:

    jack tatum...the original hit man of ohio state and the raiders.

  90. LizKauai \m/:

    mih- exactly... sometimes a school needs a new edge to get the kids interested again. And UH gets more potential recruits!

    Curt- thanks for the Colt fix!

  91. Curt:

    You're welcome LizKauai. It's nice to know that the two of them have been working together. Interesting that McNabb didn't mention the other two QBs.

  92. RedZone:

    Lest-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-ter Hayes was my favorite Raider.

  93. chopsueyboy:

    Are we still getting FREE delayed telecast of football and other sports?

  94. d1島:


    Methinks it will be much more challenging at Kalani than it was at Kaiser...no more those kids from "around the bend" in Kalanianaole Hwy.

  95. d1島:


    If you throw in AYCE Waffle Dogs maybe something can be worked out! ;-) :lol:

  96. chopsueyboy:


    that's something to consider

  97. Stephen Tsai:

    Jack Tatum was a tough guy.

  98. Stephen Tsai:

    di is correct. Those Waimanalo kids really helped Kaiser.

  99. d1島:


  100. d1島:

    Did you try that diner in SLC?

  101. Last Call:

    PAC 10 will change name to PAC 12 in the future according to Forbes.com.

    I guess the message is that they're done expanding.


  102. gigi-hawaii:

    #100-- d1 -- still thinking about that corned beef? sheesh!

  103. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Curt~ You're the only person I know that could even spell *Konocti* much less know where it is located.

    One of the best Resort venues to watch the 'Super Groups' perform in a smaller Dinner crowd setting.

    Got to see acts like The Eagles, Doobie Bros, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Hall & Oats, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Fleetwood Mac. Now that there are several Indian Casino around the NW side of the lake, more people are discovering this back water hide-away. Tennis is still a big draw to the resort (if you like playing in triple digit heat!)

  104. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM -- glad you really liked the cruise ship. I still think it's like a fancy floating prison. lol

  105. gigi-hawaii:

    Babysat my 5 mo old grandson today. Thank god he is napping, cause I am exhausted.

  106. tommui:

    GIGI: re #104 - re fancy floating prison

    Except the ship does stop at different ports - often the next day - and you are "parole'd" for at least 8 hours where you can explore the port without reporting to the parole officer!

  107. Curt:


    Wow...so you know where Konocti/Clear Lake is. After I wrote it, it occured to me that nobody will know where that is. But holey smoley, Kekoa knows where it is.

    I'm guessing you must've lived in Northern California. That's alot of big-time performers that played there. Kind of surprising as it's away from any major cities. I distinctly remember the adjacent volcanic peak and the curvy roads you have to traverse just to get there.

  108. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Howzit! Spent the day at the Air & Space Museum. Then had dinner with friends at a Cuban restaurant. Yummm....

    Go Colt! HTTR!
    Go Warriors!

    USC alum nephew coming home to see da Warrior MEN give the BOYS of Troya beatdown. At least, that's what his mom & I hope.... :l

  109. Curt:


    Floating prison? Just when I thought SteveM convinced me give crusing a try.

  110. gigi-hawaii:

    Tom, the trouble with ships is that you cannot leave the ship til it docks. And you are under the gun to return at a certain time.

    Reminds me of my former roommate who shipped out to Japan from Thailand. The ship docked in Hong Kong. When she returned, she discovered to her horror that the boat had left without her with all of her luggage still on board.

  111. Curt:


    Don't ask gigi to do your cruise ship marketing. Just kidding gigi.

  112. gigi-hawaii:

    Curt, anyway I do tend to get sea sick. Remember the Mighty Mo, docked in Pearl Harbor? David and I toured it, and, boy, did I feel nauseous -- even though I was told the ship moved maybe 1 inch. I guess I am too sensitive.

  113. d1島:


    Actually I was wondering if he mighta tried the Salmon Club or the Tempura Onion Rings or Portabella Reuben or the Pork Chili Verde Burrito or the Blue Plate Fish n Chips or the Homemade Meatloaf or the Salmon Caesar or the Classic 1/3 lb Burger or the Classic Blue Breakfast with honey pepper bacon or any of the Blue Plate Omelletes or any of the Blue Plate Benedicts or anything else on the menu?

  114. Curt:


    We've got to stop USC from running all over us. Then Nick's Boys gotta bomb the begeebees outta da Men of Troy. No skared. Bomb, bomb, bomb. It's da Warrior Air Raid!

  115. gigi-hawaii:

    d1, now you're TALKING!!!! All that food has got to be better than corned beef!!! lol

  116. Curt:


    Wow. I thought I was bad. But getting nauseous on the Mighty Mo when it moved one inch? I think you got me beat...by an inch. I guess "No cruise for you!"

  117. gigi-hawaii:

    Curt, strangely enough, I don't get nauseous on planes. Except for that one time in 1969 when we descended steeply into the old airport in Hong Kong. Thank god for barf bags. lol

    But this year, it didn't happen going down into the new airport -- I guess because the descent was more gradual.

  118. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Aren't we lucky to have Aloha Stadium!!!


  119. gigi-hawaii:

    WDoc, I bet that sort of thing is pretty common everywhere. Makes me think twice about ordering a mixed drink. I'll stick with champagne or beer!

  120. d1島:

    Watch for another new land speed record on the Salt Flats....

  121. Derek:

    Pay Per View will be much better since home games for football, volleyball, and basketball will be in high definition. Oceanic and K-5 do a good job. Away games on PPV are not HD is my understanding. But, that's okay. With HD you get a real flavor of being just like there at the game. Shawn Ching will be a good color analyst w/ Jim Leahey. Maybe Dick Tomey can also chime in as a volunteer announcer or paid part-time announcer. He would be real good too. Or he could be a half time intereview. I was a season ticket holder since Dick Tomey named Head Coach at UH and gave it up after Bob Wagner left. Thankfully, I did not go to the games during the Von Appen era. I go to certain UH home games and try to go at least one UH road games, sometimes 2 if they are back to back, i.e. Oregon St. and UNLV and WSU and UNLV. I have to admit that I was more excited when June Jones was coaching. I hope McMackin, Rolovich, and company will bring that spark again. Wouldn't it be nice be have another season like the 2007 undefeated team. That year, it felt like it was magic. I believe all of Hawaii is waiting for another miracle. Why not. Hawaii....you gotta believe!!!! If UH beat USC in the first game maybe that will be the motivation. Let's pray.

  122. PowderPuff:

    From either "end of the bend," we're all Cougars! Rawr! :) But wow, Ron Lee going to Kalani. Good for the Falcons. Congrats to the Honorable Mark Takai, too!!!

  123. roysan16:


    Ty al. Printed. Pasted to wall..and not framed hmm.

  124. SteveM:

    Just back from food shopping. Back in the real world where the 24/7 food is not free. I have to be careful at sit down restaurants for a while--having lunch and dinner in fine dining without paying is real habit forming.

    gigi -- don't cruise. There's nothing to do on a cruise ship and you will be perpetually seasick and bored to death. But maybe you'll gather new material for a new book. But let hubby go...maybe he'll like the fitness center and might like to join people like Bulla, pride., whitey, and I as we suffer through the far east ports...

    As for exercise on a ship, I did notice a new strategy by the spa department the last two cruises. The daily exercise leader/instructor can be mistaken for a spa poster model. Aside from the free morning workouts, there are many other exercise classes for a nominal fee... :| I'm resistant and don't want to break my record of 123 consecutive cruise days missing morning sessions. :roll:

  125. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    It took me awhile but I think I figured out why Commissioner Benson said that ST was the "Dean" of UH sports writers. He apparently was alluding to the original nickname of the football team and in celebration of the 100 years of playing football at Manoa. So from the "Fighting Deans" we get ST who, to Benson, must be older than dirt when it comes to writing about UH football.

  126. pcwarrior:

    Good luck to Ron Lee at Kalani!! ???? As a former Cougar, thats blasphemy. LOL... Best of Luck

  127. duffer:

    Geez PP went to Kalani. Seems to me she's more of a St. Andrew's Priory type material! :-)

  128. d1島:


    No! No!
    I tink you mis-read dat...She's a Cougar!

    (ahem)...alumnae, that is. ;-)

  129. Shoko:

    I was just thinking. I know, thats a dangerous endeavor, but what the hell.
    Regarding Masoli. He might be able to play another year of college ball at Ole Miss, but one thing no one has mentioned is whether Masoli is able to meet the academic requirements to be eligible for graduate school. Also, according to the Ole Miss website, the deadline for filing an application for graduate school for this coming Fall was April 1. Obviously he missed the deadline and therefore wouldn't be enrolled this coming semester, and consequently unable to play. Doesn't sound like Masoli would solve any of Ole Miss' problems in the QB position this coming season. Or is this just a technicality that can be resolved easily?

    Anyway, I leave you folks with that thought. Have a good night, Warriors.

  130. Slugger:

    August 7th, Saturday, 7:30 am ~

    Lower Campus Manoa Makeover!

  131. d1島:


    My Mama says, Nothing good ever happens before 9 o' clock! (or was that after 12 o' clock?)

  132. Slugger:

    9 pm?

    I think it was after 12 o'clock... :P

    If you got the H-Mail, you know they're serving juice & ? early and lunch at the SSC. I think Mrs. A-House said the next time, she's power-washing.

  133. Slugger:

    ... or was that landscaping, Mrs. A-House?

  134. Mrs. A-House:

    Hi Slugger -

    Last time I saw a great need for sprucing up within the planted areas close to/near by/underneath the stairwells. I'd like to be assigned to that area. In my mind, what's the sense of the outside campus area looking good when the interior areas that the students pass through daily look very neglected. So, in answer to your inquiry, yes, I'd like to be assigned to landscaping.

    Mr. A-House is willing to power-wash again. However, he strongly recommends that the grounds staff wet down the corridors/stairwells the night before so the volume of water needed will be better utilized.

    See you Saturday, Aug. 7, 7:30 am.

  135. al:

    duffer...i heard that the phone lines were out in maui today.

  136. papajoe2:

    Looking at the WAC's "weak" reputation and getting weaker, I too. don't like the weak schedule that UH is playing. But after thinking it over, during Hawaii's Sugar Bowl season, we had the weakest D1 schedule in the nation. While other teams were knocking each other off, Hawaii kept on winning. UH was a curiosity among the mainland football world with their unreal numbers passing the football. UH wasn't ranked immediately, but after winning several games while other teams were knocking each other off, finally cracked the top 25. Didn't we linger around 22/23 for awhile then moving up to around 18? It wasn't until the about the last 2 weeks of the season that we really moved up as other major football powers suffered 2 of 3 losses. We were one of the very few undefeated teams. Maybe we should schedule the weakest D1 schedule as possible and capitalize on having a great record, great offense, a ligitimate All-American (Greg Salas), and possibly be the only undefeated team in the nation. Remember when BYWho won the national title a while back? They were the only undefeated team in the nation. I'm not saying that Hawaii will win a national championship but the curiosity will keep the die hard fans up late Saturday night watching us. This may "force" the BCS committee to look at Hawaii for a BCS game. 1 lost though, all bets are off. Just something to think about. Any comments?

  137. ai-eee-soos:

    Jack Tatum - wasn't he the one that put the HIT on Darryl Stingley (sp) ?

    Quadreplegic (sp).

    Did Jack ever show compassion for Darryl?

  138. d1島:

    According to the article today, he tried to visit Stingley in the hospital but was kept away by family.

    The story also recounts Tatum's friends saying he "never was the same" again after the incident.

  139. d1島:

    Hope the trek across the salt flats was worth it!


  140. Slugger:

    M/M A-House,

    You should send that suggestion in to JD or Carl Clapp re: pre-wetting the walkways the night before. They'll need to put up safety signs if they wet down the walkways; they might not want to do that. I don't remember who was in charge, but it might have been a Grounds supervisor. They may understand why & what Mr. A-House is suggesting.

    I'll have to get my Manoa Makeover t-shirt neckline cut down & sewn before the 7th. It was too hot to wear a t-shirt.

    Night all.

  141. chawan_cut:

    MMA House? what? haha, ok, bad joke.

  142. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    d1- #138 What article? I skimmed through the sports section, but didn't see anything retrospective. Could you please provide the backstory on Jack Tatum. Mahalo.

  143. Pomai:



  144. LizKauai (iPad):

    Nitey nite and sweet Warrior Dreams!

  145. RainbowCliff:

    #136 papajoe2: For Hawaii to have another 2007 Sugarbowl season will take many things to happen and playing in the WAC is just not going to cut it as powers of be don't look at the conference as a legitimate threat of teams with the ONLY exception of BSU causing eyes to open among pollsters.

    2007 was SPECIAL because you had JJ running the show and Colt coming back with a trio of OUTSTANDING receivers who could catch the ball all over the place as well as a TOUGH defense with a clutch kicker in Kelly !

    That year was a GREAT season as I am so GLAD that I made the effort and had MONEY to see Hawaii have its GREATEST moment in sport as coming from an ex hawaii-athlete WAY back in the late 70's and early 80's an opportunity like this don't come often as being on a National Stage was really a TREMENDOUS experience !

    Three years later we are face with an up hill climb as losing JJ lost recognition, stability and credability as ONE thing he could do was get you the "SKILL" players at key positions as his ability to evaluate talent and put that talent to succeed with his mastery of the run n shoot offense was a thing of beauty to watch !

    "Curiosity kill the cat" as this team will have to play the games of their lives each week for an undefeated season as USC, Army and Colorado is going to be TOUGH with the WAC media and coaches picking Hawaii in the middle of the conference with Boise, Fresno, Nevada and even Utah State ahead of the Warriors !

    I like you will be "CHEERING" for them all the way BUT when tough or blow out losses mount up and games being LOST like last year creep into play then this Tsaiko camp of faithful campers turns quickly of wanting changes as Coach Mac popularity vote will be in serious jeopardy !

    Be well kind sir and continue to support Hawaii as ONE DAY we will meet and your favorite food and beer is "ON ME' !

    Mahalo for your GREATNESS !

  146. RainbowCliff:

    #103 Kekoa: KIND SIR !

    I love playing in the triple digit heat as your directions to this resort is tempting to this tennis phenom who loves playing the game and have a LARGE contingent of fellow players who follow the lead !

    Before this resort up North comes to fruition sir that you and Curt know so well, my tennis company wants Hawaii to be it's nestle of balls, net and racquets as can you advise me on the BEST time of year to visit "the gathering place" with opportunities of playing tennis in which my aristocrats tennis buddies here in Los Angeles "LOVE" to do ?

    Got high interest among several club members as they will LOVE me coming along giving them the personal tour and hopefully to take part in ONE of your Tsaiko bashes !

    Always a pleasure old "obie one kanobie" as leaving a comment to my request will be GREATLY appreciated !

    Mahalo !

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