Update: Rob Fukuzaki

July 29th, 2010

Remember Rob Fukuzaki? 

The former KITV sportscaster was once on Oprah as one of  LA's most eligible bachelors. Fukuzaki is one of the top sports anchors in L.A., host of a charity golf tournament and, now, engaged. He proposed at Pebble Beach, arranging for the ring to be placed in the 18th hole. 

Rich2176 offers this update: 

I've attached a couple of pictures from Rob's tournament this past Monday, July 26 which was held at Angeles National Golf Club.  It's the 13th year he's had a golf tournament with the proceeds going to the Heads Up Youth Foundation, which he started to assist underpriviledged inner city kids.

Those attending included: Norm Nixon (former Laker Guard), Bryant Coleman (former UH FB player and current GM of the Water Grill - swank downtown L.A. restaurant), Laker Girls (photo attached), Clipper Girls, L.A. Chivas Girls (soccer), and two playboy playmates to pass out door prizes.  (In fact, in the picure of Rob & I, one of them is standing in the distance behind us.)  Also, Rob's parents and his fiance.

There was not one, but two "goodie bags", filled with ramin, King's Hawaiian sweetbread, first aid kit, gum, crackers, mochi, blistex, wet wipes, and several other items.  Also, there was PLENTY of Asahi in 100 gallon coolers around the golf course. 

Rob & Rich\

Laker Girls

* * * * * 

Avis has selected Garret as winner of something that resembles a UH football media guide. 

Let's double the prize today. We're giving away a WAC football media guide and something that resembles a UH football media guide. 

To enter, please post: I'm twice the football fan. 

Avis will pick a winner tonight. 

* * * * * 

Here's to Garret and his wife: Flintstones' tribute.

* * * * * 

Happy birthday to my little bro, Michael Tsai.

In brother Mike's honor: Bird.


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  1. Slugger:


  2. Slugger:

    Wonder who's up this time of day?

    I'm twice the football fan.

  3. Slugger:

    Congratulations, Garret!

    OK, someone else can jump in.

    Night, night!

  4. Ralph:

    Jordan Burton, Mission Hills HS, out of Escondido, Ca is profiled by their club as a 2011 Hawaii commit. She is currently playing for the So Cal Breakers club 18 gold. On that team is Kelly Majam's younger sister Grayce, a 2014 prospect.

  5. Ralph:

    So Cal Breakers senior picture taken in 2008, includes current Na Wahine star Kelly Majamhttp://www.socalbreakers.com/Pictures/Pictures.htm

  6. Ralph:


    hope this is better

  7. SteveM:

    Congrats to Rob Fukuzaki!

    Good to hear from Rich2176. Non-golfers haven't seen him here this year. :(

    Slugger -- what is the August 7 lower campus makeover that you and the A-Houses were discussing the other day? I can't the H-Mail (?) right now...and I would like to list it in the Tsai-ko events section.

  8. SteveM:


  9. SteveM:

    Finally updated the following web pages:

    Tsai-kos attending the 2010 UH Football Road Games. Please email me as your plans finalize.

    Tsai-ko Cruisers and future/past itineraries. Note two invitations to join (Mrs. Bulla's Divas on the Mexican Riviera and Garret in the Mediterranean).

  10. al:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  11. pcwarrior:

    Nice to Rob, haven't seen him since high school! Congratulations Rob
    I'm twice the football fan

  12. pcwarrior:

    Wow top 11.... guess it pays to be at work at this time of the night...
    and it's nice to see Rob

  13. pcwarrior:

    and Happy Birthday Mr. Sai

  14. About Time:

    Who else remembers "Fuks Follies" with Robert Kekaula when they would challenge kids in sports events??

  15. Michigan Warrior:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  16. Michigan Warrior:

    Happy birthday, Michael!

  17. mctruck:

    Rob, you waskal-u. Congrats, and good luck for many, many years to come.

  18. micah:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  19. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Good morning!
    Congrats to Rob Fukuzaki.

    I'm twice the football fan.

    Going to American History Museum today.

    BTW, went to CiCis last night. While their selection of pizzas was great, they only had 1 kind of pasta, 1 soup and no chicken wings. A little disappointing.
    Probably go to TGIFriday's tonight.

  20. Pride.:

    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai. On of my favorite things to do now is read the "Incidental Lives" column by ST's baby brother. I really enjoy that series.

  21. Garret:

    Wow, I haven't won something in awhile and I'd love to have something that resembles the media guide! That would make things easier for me to look up when I'm trying to gather some information.

  22. Garret:

    It is nice to see a photo of Rich on the blog again. It sounds like Rob puts together a good tournament for a worthy cause.

  23. Garret:

    For those curious about Masoli's transfer, his undergrad major was sociology and Ole Miss offers a master's program in social work while Oregon does not.

    ESPN reports that Masoli cannot get a football scholarship but he did well enough in school as an undergrad to received reduced tuition for Mississippi's grad school. At least he took care of things in the classroom even though he had problems outside the classroom.

  24. Garret:

    This look at Miami's training camp mentions Bess and RGM.

    Davone Bess – The slot belongs to Bess and this year should see more opportunity for the product out of Hawaii. Barring a trade, he too is a lock to make the roster.

    Ryan Grice-Mullen – Grice-Mullen impressed during OTA’s and mini camps but as is more often the case, a solid performance then does ZERO to assure you a roster spot. While he won’t be taking a spot away from those WR’s already mentioned, he could make an impact as a return guy on the special teams.

  25. Garret:

    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai!

  26. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Happy birthday brother Mike!

  27. Kamaaina94547:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  28. NYUH:

    Who is Rob marrying? Michele Wie? Great to see his success. Always enjoyed his sportscasts.

  29. golfnut:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  30. TChahng:

    I'm twice the football fan.

    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai!

  31. gigi-hawaii:



  32. 702WarriorFan:

    Happy Birthday Mike
    Great pic from Rich and info..... thnx.

    Also congrats Garret on winning.
    I believe it's also congratulations to you and Lori on your anniversary today too! Enjoy the day.

  33. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    HB to Mike! and many more happy returns!

    Did Rob Fukuzaki propose to one of the Laker girls???

    I'm thrice the UH football fan!

  34. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    >i>Happy Birthday Michael Tsai!

    I'm twice the football fan.

  35. d1島:


    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai!

  36. d1島:

    Congratulations Garret!

  37. d1島:

    Good to see Rich2176 in such fine company! ;-)

  38. d1島:

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  39. truegreen:

    I'm twice the football fan!

  40. Garret:

    Oregon has such a huge budget that it surprises me that their people flew on a BSU-themed plane to go to the Pac-10 media day.

  41. djmitcho:

    Im twice the football fan...those who've met be can attest that I am the size of 2 football fans...lol.
    Happy Birthday Mike Tsai!

  42. Garret:


    Thank you for the congrats. It is nice that Buca di Beppo is giving out free lasagna on the same day that we get a free dessert or appetizer due to our anniversary.

  43. 4UHFAN:

    I'm twice the football fan

  44. Matt:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    I was going to make Fuk's Follies the headline, but then I was worried about what a first-glance editor might think.

  46. wafan:

    A great day after Hump Day everyone!

  47. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  48. wafan:

    Happy anniversary to Dr. and Mrs. Rocket Scientist!!!

  49. wafan:

    Happy birthday to Michael Tsai!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

  50. chopsueyboy:


    Happy Birthday Michael!

  51. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

    I'm twice the football fan, or maybe more.
    Watch games in person, delayed broadcast,
    dvr repeatedly. GO WARRIORS!

  52. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, there are other legitimate names that could startle a first glance copy editor --

    Pho King Vietnamese Restaurant

    Fook Yuen Chinese Restaurant

  53. Garret:

    The first college football game that ESPN will be showing in 3D will be the BSU-Virginia Tech game on 9/6.

    The will have about 13 games in 3D this year, including the national championship game. They can do 1 game in 3D each week.

  54. TJ KAUAI:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  55. gigi-hawaii:

    wow, Garret, all the more reason to buy a 3D HDTV!!!

  56. Lux Painter:

    I'm twice the football fan

    Happy birthday Michael!

    Good morning All!

  57. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Nice report from Rich!

    Happy Birthday to Mike!

  58. tommui:

    Hey - Michelle Wie is -2 today!

    Good morning Hawaii.

  59. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I'm twice the football fan.

    But I'm still nowhere near the football fan that al is. If I win, give 'em to him.

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Tom!

  61. Glenn:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  62. chopsueyboy:

    Took a look at Best Buy 3D tv
    Sony looked better than Panasonic.
    Their images seems to floats towards you.

  63. gigi-hawaii:


    what were the prices?

  64. chopsueyboy:

    Didn't like wearing the glasses and those special 3D glasses cost $180 each.
    Makes it difficult to invite family and friends over to watch in 3D.

    I remember when color tv was new and The Wonderful World of Disney and Bonanza were the only programs with color. Mom & I caught the bus from Kalihi to Kapahulu on Sundays just to watch 2 shows in color. Technology has come a long way. What's next?

  65. tarai:

    I'm twice the football fan

  66. mctruck:

    Who-da-guy, Michael Tsai, happy birthday and may everything turn out to be very special for you today.

  67. chopsueyboy:

    the Sony was $3300 and Panasonic $3000
    you need to ask the Best Buy rep to use their 3D glasses.
    Best Buy keeps it nearby locked up

  68. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, we will probably wait for the technology to improve and for the price to come down before buying a 3D TV. Maybe 2 years.

  69. Rich2176:

    Good Morning everyone. It's been quite a ride the past several months and my time on the blog has been non-existent.


    Rob is now the sports director of KABC, the local affiliate. He hosts a variety of sports shows from the ESPN Zone (owned by Disney, of course, which also owns ESPN and ABC), by the Staples Center. He is certainly one of the good guys.

    He met his fiance during a tournament he partcipated in a year or two ago. Finding they had golf in common, they started dating. When he told me the story of how he proposed with the ring in the 18th hole at Pebble, I thought it was clever. He also said he actually birdied the hole. Probably couldn't wait!

    Anyway, I miss all of you and hope to be back on the blog on a regular basis and see some of you at some games this season.


  70. Slugger:

    Happy birthday, brother Mike!

    Good morning, gangeez!

    UH Soccer fundraiser at the Amuse wine bar in the Honolulu Design Center tomorrow night from 6-9 pm, $50, tax deductible. Hmmmmm....

  71. chopsueyboy:

    I agree about the price and there needs to be more programs to watch.
    with so many movie dvds being changed to blu-ray
    I wonder if there's the capability of changing from blu-ray to 3D

  72. cheepono:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  73. Tweets that mention Hawaii News - Staradvertiser.com -- Topsy.com:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Petals & Beans, Hawaii Warriors Buzz. Hawaii Warriors Buzz said: The Warrior Beat >> Update: Rob Fukuzaki http://buzztap.com/-Rm80VB [...]

  74. Slugger:

    Happy anniversary, Garret & Lori!

  75. chawan_cut:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  76. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...hope all have a good one today....

    I'm twice the football fan....

    Happy Birthday Mike...

  77. (Jesse) James:

    Hey Rich...Does Rob still do some form of his "Fuk's Follies" segment????

  78. papajoe2:

    I'm twice the football fan.

    Happy birthday Mike!
    Bird is the word.

  79. Southbay:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  80. LizKauai (iPad):

    I'm twice the football fan.

    Happy Birthday Michael Tsai!

    hiya Rich!
    Happy Anny Garret!

    Still got the hives and sleepy from meds.

    Nitey nite.

  81. madeinhawaii:

    Good morning Warrior fans...!

    and yes!

    I'm twice the football fan.


  82. gigi-hawaii:

    Poor Liz, Take care! Did you touch mangoes?

  83. Rich2176:

    J(James) - I know he used to. No sure any more.

  84. chopsueyboy:

    World's funniest soccer goal celebration...gone fishing


  85. ty1hawaii:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  86. Loa:

    morning gang!

    Congrats Garret and happy anniversary

    Happy Birthday Mike

  87. Loa:

    hiya jojo!

  88. GRM:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  89. al:

    happy birthday mike!

  90. al:

    congrats garret.

  91. duffer aka Ace (iPhone):



  92. chopsueyboy:

    Happy Anniversary Lori & Garret!
    Yabba Dabba Doo!

  93. Kazz:

    Well done Garret!

    Well played sir!!!

  94. madeinhawaii:

    Happy Anniversary to Lori and Garret!... When they said "good communications" was essential to the success of your marriage.. who'd a thought you'd make it a career, eh? Apparently, they were right!

    Happy Birthday Mike Tsai... looking forward to many many more years of in-tsai-tful articles from you.

  95. madeinhawaii:

    erm... filled with in-tsai information... that is..

  96. Michigan Warrior:

    Garret... gratz and double gratz!!! Hope you have an especially terrific day!

  97. Pauoa Boy:

    I'm twice the football fan.

    Happy Birthday Brother Mike...

  98. Ralph:

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Congratulations to Lori and Garret on their Anniversary.

  99. Kazz:


  100. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Anniversary to Garret and wife!

  101. chawan_cut:

    Happy Anniversary & Birthday!

  102. Loa:

    LizK - get well soon...

  103. Shoko:

    Congratulations and happy anniversary to Garret and Lori. Also, happy birthday to Stephens brother Mike. Go warriors!

  104. al:

    happy anniversary lori n garret!

  105. (Jesse) James:


  106. A-House:

    Happy birthday to Mikey. Happy birthday to Mike. Happy birthday to Michael. Hapy birthday to "seigh".

    and a roarous happy "anniversary" to Garret and Lori!

  107. A-House:


    since slugger did not respond - every August, UHAD, aka lower campus, has a "make over day" where volunteers come in to pull "direct maintenance" throughout the lower campus from power washing sidewalks, to planting trees, to cleaning up rubbish, to general maintenance.

    starts at 0730 hours and usually goes to noon with continental breakfast and bento lunch.

    lots of good fun and work!

  108. A-House:

    Wot, Lizk sta sik? whoa, there Andy, get well soon LizK!!!

  109. A-House:

    Nice to see braddahs Rich2176 and TChahng back on the blog! Long time no smell!

  110. Mike:

    Aw, thanks for the birthday wishes folks. Tiff started the all-food-all-the-time celebration with a 2 a.m. visit to Liliha Bakery last night. BTW, 2 a.m. loco moco = weird dreams.

    Happy Anniversary Garret & Lori!

  111. Mike:

    Love that soccer celebration, CSBoy. Kornheiser dubbed it "bass-tastic" on PTI. If you're only going to score once or twice a game, you should celebrate EVERY goal like it's the last one.

  112. Kazz:


    Weird dreams is when you have Donald Sutherland dressed up as Albert Einstein teaching your logic class with buck-teeth and a heavy southern accent to the point where you can't understand him, but everyone else in the class does.


    When you dream you are traveling up a hidden road in the Waianae mountains and you come across a cave and in that cave you find a bunch of Nene geese. However upon approaching the Nene a giant walking and talking pumpkin emerges from the dark and proclaims; "THOU SHALL NOT DISTURB THE NENE!!!".

    If someone attempted to perform an inception on me, they wouldn't make it past level one before losing their sanity.

  113. tommui:

    ChopSueyBoy #71: I doubt it as it would mean reception of really two signals.

    Interestingly, Roger Ebert thinks 3-D does not do much for movies. I did see Strek III or (IV) in 3D and wasn't impressed by the 3D. Will order from Netflix when it is available to see it in 2D.

  114. Mike:

    OK, my dreams are kid stuff next to Kazz's. That's like going inception on the serial killer guy from "The Cell."

  115. Mike:

    Haven't seen anything in 3-D since that Kikaida movie back in the 70s. After the first five minutes, my grandfather took off his glasses and went to sleep.

  116. madeinhawaii:

    Now-a-days, I just have dreams where I'm chatting with my ancestors...sometimes with deceased friend playing pranks on me... must be getting old...

  117. gigi-hawaii:

    Kazz and Mike,

    so you guys saw Inception? David loved the show, but after seeing the trailer on TV, I refused to see it. I hate freaky movies like that one. It would give me nightmares. LOL

  118. Mike:

    I'd pay to see UH football in 3-D, though. Oh, wait, I do. It's called "actually going to the game."

    I miss the press box =(

  119. gigi-hawaii:

    What I want to see is UH football in 3D also!

  120. Mike:

    MIH, you're not old until you're the one pulling pranks on your living friends...

  121. lumster:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  122. Kazz:


    I honestly think you'd like it. The deeper storyline (not shown in the trailers) was done well.

  123. A-House:


    sorry, but forgot to put 8/7/2010 as the date for this year's make-over.

    all participants get a t-shirt.

  124. Kazz:

    Once I thought I was dreaming. I was standing in line at the 7-11 on Atkinson and a girl with blue hair and a sword comes walking in followed by a bunch of other characters and one thing that looked like Darth Vader.

    Then I found out the convention center across the street was hosting some sort of anime convention.

  125. Kazz:

    Sports are better live.

    In 3-D television you are just lying to yourself.

  126. RainbowCliff:

    Rob Fukuzaki !

    Had the DISTINGUISH pleasure of Rob acknowledging my leadership to the Al Wooten Center by making our after school program a recipient of his heads up youth foundation by rewarding us with a $1,000.00 to purchase sports equipment and provide healthy nutrition snacks to the many young children that attend the Center.

    Mr. Fukuzaki is an ICON here in LA and is highly RESPECTED by the Asian culture who watches him religiously on KABC channel 7. Articulate, kind and very generous to help others as his good will in Los Angeles has been instrumental to many charitable organizations since I witness his good deed in 1999 !

    The guy over the years has to have the "fountain of youth" formula as every time I look at him he never gets old or lose any of his good nature charm or good looks !

    Rich2176 you got a GREAT shot of a GREAT guy as I will share my photo shot of Rob with you when we have our lunch cattle call as I have some Callaway warbird plus golf balls to GIVE you as we share conversation of an AWESOME gentlemen !

  127. Rich2176:

    Mr. Rainbow Cliff - Rob certainly has a lot of credibility in this crazy media market here in L.A. The day after the tournament, I went to a sushi restaurant for lunch and there was a picture of Rob and the owner near the entrance. He's not "untouchable or unapproachable" like so many other news and sports tv personalities.

    BTW, looking forward to getting to gether w/ you. Lot's to catch up on. Also, we need a LoCal call soon!!!! (Ronnie, you hear that???)

  128. tommui:

    Nice story in the papers on Bill Quon.

    Billy was not only an outstanding sports writer but also has a great Classical music collection.

    He was sports editor at Ka Leo and saw him from time to time when I emerged from the (photo) darkroom!

    Nice tribute to Benny Woods (also another sports person at Ka Leo) in the paper. He also was an editor for the school paper during my day.

  129. Andy:


  130. Andy:


  131. Kazz:

    Looks like "Andy" is 2x the football fan. :cool:

  132. roysan16:

    Re-Wie's round today

    I watched her play a few holes, maybe 11 thru 15, and then I dozed off. That was around 5 a.m. Later on, I looked and saw she did pretty well with a birdie on the seventeenth and a eagle on the eighteenth.She enters tomorrow's round near the top of the leader board at -2. On a day when I listened to the golf commentators described how the players and spectators were exposed to the elements-cold,rain wind, gust-and where I can see both the players and spectators bundled up under the gloomy conditions, Michelle's appearance, I thought, was something to behold. She sports the reddish lipstick that I ever seen on a women golfer. It certainly wasn't innate to those conditions where her peers may have been reaching for extra chap stick instead of the reddish shade of lipstick. But you know something this is Michelle. And this is why I like her. And this is why I continue to root her on.

  133. d1島:

    Way to go, Andy!

    Say, "Hi!" to Buzz! Loved you guys in 3D....

  134. A-House:


    perhaps you can hook up with Rich2176, Rainbow cliff, and Ronnie at a SoCal cattle call. there will be other Hawaii expatriots in attendance as well.

    Good hunting!

  135. Mrs. A-House:

    Mike -

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to an outstanding journalist who possesses writing skills that are unsurpassed...bar done. Best wishes to you as you continue to provide SA subscribers with articles that both entertain and inform.

    Garret & Lori -

    Congratulations and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ain't it grand when restaurants provide complimentary meals/deals that fall on the day of the happy occasion! Enjoy!

    Rich 2176 -

    Thanks for sharing your pics of you and Rob. You're still as handsome and charming as ever. Best wishes to Rob and his fiancee'. It's so nice to hear that a "good" guy is rated "#1".

    A-House -

    Again, I caution you on posting something that you may not be authorized to do. Just because we got a "free" t-shirt last time does not mean attendees will be receiving one on Aug. 7 at the Campus Clean-up. If any of my fellow Tsaikos are physically up to it, please join us on that day. As A-House cautioned, it is hard work, but for me, at least, I felt I was contributing in a small way toward the success of the athletic program...that goes for ALL sports in the UH athletic program.

    and lastly,
    "I'm twice the football fan."

  136. d1島:

    I miss my Flintstones lunch box....

    chili pepper moment.... :-(

  137. d1島:

    Hi Mrs. A-house! :-)

  138. Don Weir:

    UH Letterwinners is in need of an original leather football helmet.
    We have copies of all helmets going back to the leather period.
    Once we have this helmet the collection is complete and we can start to make a travelling show to garner support for UH athletics.
    Any help??

  139. A-House:

    OK, den. i goin wear mine from last year!

  140. chawan_cut:

    I'd put out that request on the SH site as well. Try to get as much of the UH sports fan population out there.

  141. Kazz:


    Did you want an actual game worn one or at least something fashioned to look like a real leather helmet from back in the day?

  142. tommui:


    Congratulations and best wishes!

  143. Slugger:

    M/M A-House,

    You're right, Mrs. A-House. We were told by the woman-in-charge (sorry, I've forgotten her name) to save our shirts from last year and to wear them again for the next Manoa Makeover. It's a shade of florescent green (the new safety color). I just have to cut the neckline down on my shirt, wear a sweat band, carry a bandana to swab my face, etc. It is hot out there, but it looks much nicer for the start of the season. Wonder if Coach Coolen will be back in time? Just before he left for the ESPYs, he was out there with a broom & dustpan.

  144. Slugger:

    Leila Wai, where are you?

  145. A-House:


    I believe her name was Terri Chang, Facilities Manager of some sorts for lower campus.

  146. Kazz:


    Coach Coolen won't be back by the 7th.

  147. Kazz:

    August 7th.. Clean up at Manoa huh/

    sounds like a plan.

    Stay cool that day.

    Wear Under Armour. :wink:

  148. Don Weir:

    The helmets are real, some with suspension bands and 'do-nuts' in the top and some are newer airpacks all painted by FB Alum Marivs Tauala in his shop. The leather helmet does not need to hae game expereince but it does need to look real.

  149. (Jesse) James:

    I often wondered....Why did Bedrock have a fire department??? and why did they have gas stations when everything was run by foot power???

  150. (Jesse) James:

    Don Weir...if you are looking for replica leather helmets from back in the day, you can check this out...


  151. A-House:

    Because they needed something for Barney Rubble to do!

  152. NCAA:

    I'm sorry but for some reason I picture Mr. DPK wearing a leather helmet to school.

  153. (Jesse) James:

    Mr. A-House speaking of Barney....what did he do? He always caught a ride to work with Fred...who dropped him off on the way to the quarry...but what did Barney do???

  154. gigi-hawaii:


    maybe they'll do a spin-off on Barney and you'll find out!

  155. Pomai:

    Good find JJ

  156. Mike:

    Remember the episode where Barney went to work at the quarry and got promoted to be Fred's boss? Yeah, watched a lot of Flintstones when I was a kid.

  157. Mike:

    And has anyone actually seen Joe Rockhead?

  158. gigi-hawaii:

    WIL-MAAAAAA!!! (Fred's long-suffering wife)

  159. chopsueyboy:

    Walk softly and carry a big stick.


  160. kama krab:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  161. RainbowCliff:

    LOVE the Flintstones as Fred was something else BUT what burst me with laughter was watching Dino and Bam-Bam making their appearance as Dino jumping on Fred & Bam Bam picking up Barney and slamming him all over the place was "PRICELESS" !

  162. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    (Jesse) James:

    July 29th, 2010 at 1:51 pm
    I often wondered....Why did Bedrock have a fire department??? and why did they have gas stations when everything was run by foot power???

    To clean the wind shields they didn't have.

  163. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Mr. NCAA -

    You do humor now too? Har!

  164. chawan_cut:

    i think i saw an episode once where the "tire" wore out or broke and had to get replaced. maybe thats what the service stations were for.

  165. chopsueyboy:

    Where can we join
    Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes?
    Maybe with today's politically correct world, we can allow women.


  166. chopsueyboy:

    Originally called the "Loyal Order of Dinosaurs," the Water Buffaloes' membership roster included loudmouth Fred Flintstone (voice of Alan Reed) and his friend and neighbor, Barney Rubble (voice of Mel Blanc).

    Water Buffalo Lodge
    Bowling Tournament

    The head of the organization was the Grand Pooh-Bah. Their headdress is a large furry beefeater-like hat with a set of horns protruding from it.

    The lodge's secret password is "Ack, Ack, A-Dak"

    TRIVIA NOTE: The Water Buffalo Lodge (set in Bedrock 1 million B.C.) was a take-off of the Raccoon Lodge on the situation comedy THE HONEYMOONERS/CBS/1955-56 starring Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.

  167. chawan_cut:

    you said the magic word bowling.
    ST and jm2375 should be showing up pretty soon.

  168. chopsueyboy:

    I used to live at Kalihi & Leeward Bowl.
    Worked 8 am - 4 pm at Kalihi
    then 4:30 - closing at Leeward
    and lots of free practice

  169. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, do you watch The Simpsons? Homer reminds me of Fred.

  170. chopsueyboy:


    sorry, never got into the Simpsons, but our son loves them

  171. gigi-hawaii:

    You know it's a slow day on the blog when people talk about cartoons!

  172. chopsueyboy:

    will football have FREE delayed broadcast?

  173. gigi-hawaii:

    DSL vs. Cable. Anybody care to weigh in on this?

  174. Buffoman:

    As cartoons go, I sort of liked Top Cat. That was a very cool dude and his crew was the best.

  175. gigi-hawaii:

    Because David received a bonus yesterday, we have decided to purchase PPV.

  176. gigi-hawaii:

    Never saw Top Cat. But, then, I am not much of a TV viewer.

  177. Mike:

    I was always partial to Deputy Dawg and Grape Ape.

    Hey, OC16 should do a UH Football cartoon. Like the old Harlem Globetrotters cartoon from the 70s. Nick Rolovich already looks like a Flintstone.

  178. gigi-hawaii:

    hmmm. I thought Fred and Barney were clean shaven.

  179. Mike:

    Love the Simpsons.

    Ralph Wiggum: "I ated the purple berries ... They taste like burning."

    Gawd, this is a slow afternoon...

  180. gigi-hawaii:

    One of my first dates with hubby was watching the Harlem Globetrotters play at Blaisdell Arena. Wow, very exciting and fun.

  181. Mike:

    You're right, Gigi. Maybe Rolo should let it go for a week. Then he could be Capt. Caveman.

  182. gigi-hawaii:

    And then much later, he took me to watch Shaq and the Lakers at the SSC. Man, those shoes of Shaq's were humongous.

  183. Mike:

    Did they do the bucket of water/confetti trick?

    Crud, now I have "Sweet Georgia Brown" stuck in my head.

  184. (Jesse) James:

    Mike/Rainbow Cliff et al....

    Actually, what is sort of funny is that Dino used to speak. Fred and Barney caught him on a hunting trip in the first episode that he was featured in....but suddenly, he couldn't speak and only yelped....LMAO

  185. Mike:

    You know what they say about big feet...

    Crappy free-throw shooter.

  186. gigi-hawaii:

    Have you noticed that Rolo NEVER SMILES on camera? Not even a twinkle in his eyes. Dead serious all da time. Does the guy ever joke?

  187. (Jesse) James:

    CSB...I actually think the entire idea for the Flintstones was based upon the Honeymooners....

  188. Mike:

    JJ, didn't he have a British or New England-y accent?

  189. (Jesse) James:

    Mike...Yep....I think it was Phil Silvers...or something like that...

  190. Mike:

    Flintstones jumped the shark when they introduced that little martian guy.

  191. (Jesse) James:

    Yep...the Great Gazoo....that was almost as "lame" as some people I know...MWAHAHAHAHA

  192. gigi-hawaii:

    All this from ST's Flintstone's Tribute to Garret and Lori. lol

  193. gigi-hawaii:

    What's with BIRD for Mike? Sesame Street?

  194. Calvin from Kona:

    I'm twice the Football Fan
    I'm twice the Football Fan

  195. Calvin from Kona:

    haha...I'm twice the Football Fan...twice.. :)

  196. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, Calvin, how do you like living on Oahu now? or are you still in Kona?

  197. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    James #187 -

    I think you're right!

  198. gigi-hawaii:

    DPK - da Hollywood screenwriter!!! Who's starring? Tom Cruise?

  199. Calvin from Kona:

    Aloha Gigi! Love being back...still from Kona but now on Oahu. I live in Kailua

  200. gigi-hawaii:

    Kailua? I rarely go in that direction.

  201. gigi-hawaii:

    The last time I went to Kailua was to sample Obama's shave ice concoction at Island Snow. We also ate at Ted's Burgers. Messy but ono.

  202. gigi-hawaii:

    Kailua is another world. The people there are... uh, different. j/k

  203. gigi-hawaii:

    sorry, ST, didn't mean you. lol

  204. Maverick:

    Gigi, Did your Obama special resemble this?

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: " Barocky Road ."

    Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

    The cost is $100.00 per scoop.

    When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge.

    You are left with an empty wallet and no change, holding an empty cone with no hope of getting any ice cream.

    Are you stimulated?

  205. gigi-hawaii:

    Maverick, don't tell me you are a Republican!!! Lordy, Lordy!!!

  206. gigi-hawaii:

    or a Tea Partier?

  207. gigi-hawaii:

    actually, the Obama sno-cone I ate was a "refreshing change of pace."

  208. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Touche, Gigi!

  209. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, instead of talking about Fred Flintstone, we are now discussing Barack Obama.

  210. d1島:


  211. d1島:

    From The View

    "We are sort of a mongrel people. I mean, we're all kinds of mixed up," Obama said.

    Best line I heard today,

    "So does that mean we can get rid of the son of a .....?"

  212. PowderPuff:

    Hey, nice to see Rich! And nice recap of the golf tournament. Eleven years ago when I started out in my current career, I contacted Fukuzaki at KABC for something (can't remember...getting old), and he was soooo nice and accommodating. Congrats to him on his successes and his engagement.

    Happy Birthday, Mike - even though you partied like the Saints did in February after Kaiser's ineligible player. :) Happy Birthday from this Cougar...RAWRRR!!!!!

  213. Mike:

    Thanks, PP. Shoot, if it wasn't for ineligible players from Kaiser, we'd never have any victories.

    Hey, there's this guy, Reggie Bush, that Coach Lobendahn should check out.

  214. papajoe2:

    gigi-H #193, What's with the bird?
    Haven't you heard? Bird............. is .... the word.
    b b b b b b b bird, bird, bird. bird is the word. b b b bird, bird, bird is the word. hahahahaha. Lets see you guys get this song out of your head.

  215. gigi-hawaii:

    papajoe, nope, I never heard that song. Who sang it?

  216. Kazz:



    Nuff said.


    Ok... now enough said!!! :cool:

  217. gigi-hawaii:

    and what year was that song recorded? If it was the 1970s, I only listened to classical music back then.

  218. Kazz:

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force lost it's appeal with me a long time ago.

  219. Kazz:

    Droid 2 looking a little more appealing than the X.

  220. Kazz:

    Android 2.2 along armed with Adobe 10.1 drops tomorrow on the HTC EVO for Sprint I believe...

  221. Kazz:



  222. biggestuhfan:

    i'm twice the football fan

  223. chopsueyboy:


    by special request

    bird bird bird, bird is the word by the Trashmen


  224. SteveM:

    Hi everyone. Had to replace my Road Runner cable modem this afternoon after being down all morning. It was an original model from around 8 years ago and the Tech Support person was surprised I still had one that worked--mostly. Well, thanks.

    So now I have a new one. Curiously, the modem PC light to the router is not lit, but everything works fine so far on my net. :|

  225. SailorBlue:

    I'm twice the football fan.

  226. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, haha, now I've heard everything. Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen.

    Hubby complained as I listened to it: "Why are you listening to that junk???"


  227. gigi-hawaii:

    1st time hearing it, honest to god!

  228. gigi-hawaii:

    trying to make the connection between BIRD and MIKE -- he likes to surf and write?

  229. SteveM:

    July 29th, 2010 at 4:03 pm
    DSL vs. Cable. Anybody care to weigh in on this?

    Alright...since I am not irritated with Road Runner at the moment, I'll offer this (being too lazy to look up current tech info)...

    I generally agree with hubby that ethernet (cable) is faster. The disadvantage is that high density installations (many users-- like in multiple apartment buildings) may result is slower speeds . DSL is theoretically faster ethernet over cable... BUT the distance between your house and your phone substation is a major factor in speed. This distance is measured in wire length and its routing--it is not straight line "as the crow flies" distance. A major horror story is a web site server that lost 90% speed when the DSL service was switched to another head office further away.

    So considering the lower density of your area of residence, I would stay with cable. Of course, technology and ethernet switches have advanced considerably. If I were switching to DSL, I would ask the provider what download/upload speeds they can guarantee me at my location (I know what my cable speeds are via tests).

  230. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM, ah okay, I'll stick with cable. But cable seems to break down more frequently than DSL. Twice so far this year for me. Really irritating and frustrating.

  231. SteveM:

    ooops... "DSL is theoretically faster than ethernet over cable... "

  232. gigi-hawaii:

    I definitely don't want to see the hourglass on my computer screen, waiting for it to boot...

    hubby has DSL at work. It works okay, he said.

  233. chopsueyboy:

    It's a song I remembered from my past
    but definitely not a 45 rpm that I purchased

  234. Kekoa:

    Gigi ~ You must have lived a very sheltered life as a young woman. How could you get past your youth without hearing songs like the 'Bird is the Word' from the Trashmen?

    I'll bet you never heard Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport, or Please Mr. Custer, either. Not that it really mattered...

    You and Hubby hitting those golf balls?

  235. Kekoa:

    Happy Birthday Braddah Mike!

    I'll be at a party this weekend. The host is (married to my cousin) in your Chain of Command at the paper. Should I negotiate a pay raise for you 2 guys? If nothing else, I hope I can make an appeal for Princess Leila vids to be restored.

  236. chopsueyboy:

    Mom took me to Wigwam on Dillingham/Kamehameha Hwy where Marukai is to buy 45's.
    First non-kid album purchased was The Beatles' first album.
    What about everyone else?

  237. Kazz:

    Hmmm.. I thought The Beetles performed and wrote "The Bird is the Word".

  238. Woodrow Fralin:

    Intriguing report. Had been did you got all the info from...

  239. Ralph:

    Team Hawaii Gold softball post on their Facebook site that teammate Leisha Liilii, Castle 2011, has committed to the Na Wahine for 2011

  240. BG:

    Good evening all!

    Happy Birthday MIKE!!!

    Lori and Garret...It's great celebrating a successful partnership!

    Kekoa...my fave is "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?"

    Just stopped in to see wassup in the clubhouse. Gotta go!

    Doing the Esmmeeeeee

  241. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    When I logged in a few minutes ago, I was sent to the June 16th blog - any explanation? Didn't pick up it until they were talking about Mack hiring another coach.

  242. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    d1 #133: It took me awhile, then I got it, you cracked me up!

  243. oldie:


  244. gigi-hawaii:

    #234 Kekoa,

    Growing up until age 19, I never had the benefit of a hi-fi or stereo at home, so I never bought records. My parents didn't believe in such things. It was only when I moved into Grandma's house at age 19 that I listened to HER stereo and bought Broadway musicals and Frank Sinatra records for the first time.

    I remember listening to KPOI (Elvis and Ricky Nelson) during the late 1950s and early 1960s, but in college I listened to KUMU (easy listening). I don't remember the Trashmen or that Bird song!

  245. RedZone:

    You can have Hawaiitel test your land line to see if it can handle DSL. The low price they advertise is for the slower speed as they can cap the speed of your service. You can pay more for faster speeds. When it comes to internet service how much speed do you really need should be the question. I have had ASDL for a very long time and in the beginning I had speed problems but ever since they upgraded their equipment it has been good enough for me. I can stream netscpape movies with no problem.

  246. gigi-hawaii:

    Right now I pay about $44 for cable. No problems with speed. It is the interruption of service that irks me.

    I will have to re-think switching to Hawn Telcom.

  247. gigi-hawaii:

    good night, folks!

  248. SteveM:

    gigi -- after reading Redzone comment #245, I did a google search on "DSL Speed". Here is one of the hits that explains ASDL and elaborates on my impressions...


    DSL is OK and it's my Plan B. But the article confirms it's still about "location, location, location..." :)

  249. Slugger:

    Good night, gangeez!

  250. papajoe2:

    csb, just got back from an outing. saw your bird is the word. CLASSIC!!!

  251. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Papajoe...had plenny novelty songs back in the day. Funny songs that were dubbed together to tell a story sometimes.

  252. tommui:

    Kekoa: Hope the Mrs. is better.

    Re: #251 - how's about "When I'm not near the girl I love, I love the girl I'm near"?

  253. tommui:

    OLDIE: re:243 - did you pass?

  254. Ralph:

    British Open, after 5 holes Wie was tied for 8th place, after 13 she is tied for 60th at +5

  255. papajoe2:

    Speaking of nostalgic songs, I just finished watching the tail end of "Don't Knock The Twist" with Chubby Checker. Reminds me of the time I won the twist contest on the cruise ship.

  256. Curt:


    Now you have to show us your hot twist moves at the next cattle call.

  257. Curt:

    Okay potners, time to sey goood nite. See y'all on da flip side. zzzzzzz

  258. Kamtruck:

    I'm twice the football fan

  259. ypo:


  260. PANAEWA:

    i'M TwicE The FooTbaLL FAn

  261. al:


    July 29th, 2010 at 11:01 am
    What I want to see is UH football in 3D also!

    just go to the games

  262. SteveM:

    RE: #261
    heheheh :shock:

    What a concept! Don't need 3D glasses either. Cost less, more filling (tailgate-wise).
    Genius! :lol:

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