Summer fun is over

July 30th, 2010

It's back to business as the Warrior football coaches meet today to finalize rosters and training-camp plans. 

Team testing also concludes today. During the spring, each player was tested in several weight-lifting and running tests. Goals were set for the offseason conditioning programs. It appears almost everyone met or exceeded the goals. 

* * * * * 

Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda served an internship with the Cincinnati Bengals. 

* * * * * 

Avis has selected Made In Hawaii as the winner of the WAC and UH football media guides. 

We've got one another sorta-sorta UH football media guide to give away. If you're interested in entering, just post: Gimme my Warrior football. 

Avis chooses a winner tonight.

1,307 Responses to “Summer fun is over”

  1. ai-eee-soos:

    good mornin

  2. stacy:


  3. stacy:

    Oh well, third

  4. al:

    i would have been first if i didn't go make a three cheese quesadilla.

  5. al:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  6. Michigan Warrior:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

    Gratz, MIH!!!

    Good to hear the off-season workouts were a huge success!

  7. ai-eee-soos:

    ai-yah ...

    Michelle shoots 76. 2nd round.

  8. al:

    it is awesome that they meet their physical goals.
    that would also indicate that they are mentally prepared to take things seriously.
    opponents may want to make sure that they are ready for this year's warrior team.
    they certainly have the potential to have a spectacular season.

  9. al:

    the much maligned oline definitely has the horses to become a big physical unit. once they gain their mental readiness and continue to take things seriously they could be the surprise group of the year.

  10. NYUH:

    I could've been first. But I went to check my email to see if my bots had found anything interesting to post. All they had was Trent Williams signing with the Redskins. Glad to see Colt is getting more protection.

  11. al: mean michelle shoots foot, 2nd round.

  12. ai-eee-soos:

    Chad Owen;s team got whomped 41-10.

    no TD; one completion; one FUMBLE.

    saw it on Kanoa Leahey's news rerun.

  13. ai-eee-soos:

    ... brake time ... as it's said on Maui.

  14. NYUH:


    This is going to be a big offense, well, tall anyway. Anybody know if Rausch bulked up? I asked this the other day and apologize if I missed an answer. He committed at about 190 lbs. Looks like Moniz is going to be the starter but history has shown you need a few QBs to make it through the season.

    Quarterback Brent Rausch of College of the Desert (Palm Springs, Calif.) today accepted a football scholarship from the Warriors.
    "Yes, I'm going to be a Warrior," Rausch said. "I love it here. I love the people and the program."
    Rausch, who is 6 feet 4 and 190 pounds, will have three years to play three seasons.
    Last season, he threw for more than 2,600 yards and 28 touchdowns.
    "He's a tough kid," College of the Desert coach Dean Dowty said. "He'll get in there and compete. Hawai‘i will be very happy with him. He was the sharpest passer I've seen of anybody last year, and I've seen some of the better quarterbacks last year."

  15. al:

    nyuh...according to the uh roster he is listed at 180 lbs.

  16. RainbowCliff:

    Bon Dia Tsaiko Nation !

    Beautiful morning here in Los Angeles as I get ready to close the 5th week
    of my Day Camp with FOUR more weeks to go !

    It has been a GREAT camp with our average of 70 campers a day enjoying
    our full activities that we have plan for them and many coming back to join
    our fall after school program coming September.

    This morning I have our first ever double dutch jump roping contest with
    over 15 girls participating and showing their "AMAZING" talent as they can
    jump, style, skip and 360 with abilities that are pure joy to see !

    LA Sparks has given me CASH money orders as sponsors to the contest with
    first place receiving $25.00, 2nd place $15.00 and 3rd place $10.00 as my
    girls has been practicing "HARD" for the past week in anticipation of there
    FIRST ever prize money contest !

    Kool Aid is giving me the juice with Jolley Rancher supplying the fruit roll ups
    and granola bars as well as McDonalds offering prepaid meal deals for ALL
    participants as I keep the "HUSTLE" on to aid my children of South Central
    Los Angeles !

    VERY EXCITED for my young ladies as I provide a wonderful opportunity for
    them as this kind folks is what it is all about nuturing and giving back to
    others so that their LIVES can be richer today and they in return in their
    tomorrow life will share the WEALTH to aid and support others !

    Love it to live it EVERYDAY !

    Have a SUPER morning everyone !

  17. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Gimme my Warrior football.

    Nice to see that the summer goals were met/exceeded.

    More sightseeing. Hiho.

  18. Garret:

    I'm glad to hear that most of the players met or exceeded their offseason conditioning goals. Offseason work pays off during the season, and the players on all other teams are also working to improve so the Warriors have to also.

  19. Garret:

    According to the box score, Chad Owens had 1 reception for -8 yards.

    Montreal focused on limiting Chad's returns--Chad had 0 punt returns in the game.

    Chad's team had 7 kick returns for 134 yards--pretty low average per return.

    According to the game story, Chad's fumble came when the score was 24-10 and the other team scored a TD on the very next play.

    So, Chad didn't have a good game--but it should be noted that this was the first game where he was contained. Chad was leading the CFL in yards and was player of the week several times, so it isn't that bad that the team that is in first place and dominated his entire team was able to limited him.

  20. Garret:

    Every year a team in the WAC goes from having a losing record to making a bowl game. Utah State and La Tech are getting the buzz as the teams that could do that this season...why not UH?

    At least one team each of the last five years - Idaho (2009), Louisiana Tech (2008), Fresno State (2007), Hawaii (2006), San Jose State (2006) and Nevada (2005) - has earned a bowl berth in the WAC after posting a losing record in the previous regular season.

  21. LizKauai (iPad):

    Gimme my Warrior football

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

  22. TChahng:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

  23. kama krab:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  24. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    Good to see that the boys are making the most out of off-season workouts. Hopefully this will translate well into this coming season. Hopefully the workouts will translate into alot more wins than losses. But as they say got see it to believe it. Make me a believer.

  25. kama krab:

    My hope is that through this off-season not only have they met there physical goals but have also bonded well as a unit because we can have many individuals who are in great condition but that means nothing if they can't put that together and become a team. At this point it will become more about communication and knowledge then physical attributes. If you don't know where your going and your teammate is not willing to help you, all your forty times and bench presses mean nothing.

    That is why they call this a team sport because you can have many physically superior guys on your team but without the team these players are just that, physically superior and being physically superior can only get you so far.

  26. LizKauai (iPad):

    Unity and love make the team solid.

  27. Andy:

    Gimmie my Warrior football!

  28. Andy:

    I f I dont win this where can i buy the giude or see it online somewhere???

  29. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    kk and al: amen!

    There is no "I" in TEAM!

  30. SailorBlue:

    Gimme my Warrior football

  31. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    It's gonna be a lo-o-o-ng weekend for the Warriors as they anticipate the start of camp.
    It's gonna be a lo-o-o-ng training camp as the fans anticipate the start of the season.

    But it's all right around the corner now....

    Gimme my Warrior football!

  32. haka:

    Gimme back those filet-o-wins
    Gimme those wins
    Gimme back those filet-o-wins
    Gimme those wins
    What if it were you
    trying to tear down that wall?
    If you are a Warrior
    you wouldn’t be slacking at all!
    Go Warriors!

  33. d1島:

    Good to hear that "almost everyone" met or exceeded summer workout goals.

    Those who didn't will pay for it next week....

    those who did await "pay day" on Sept 2!


  34. d1島:

    Speaking of summer workouts, #2 son reports seeing the Jags 1st Rd pick at Kalaepohaku with just one word, "Massive!"

  35. d1島:

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!



  36. Pomai:

    When are they going to upload the media guide to the UH website?

  37. Bigislandkurt:

    Summer Fun Ends.......Fall fun begins.

    Gimmie my warrior football.


  38. tada15:

    please give us some up dates who made the roster for the august football camp i hope some football players that had work hard off season and a good grades made the 105 roster for the summer camp . coach mac open your eyes

  39. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

    Gimmie my warrior football.

  40. LizKauai (iPad):

    Yeah, summer would have been more fun for fans if we had had Princess Leila reports and videos.

  41. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, Liz, feeling better today? go away, hives!

  42. golfnut:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

  43. chopsueyboy:


    I was introduced to Broadway musicals when mom took me to New York to see the World's Fair in 1964. We saw Carol Channing in Hello Dolly and Barbara in Funny Girl. I've been hook ever since and recently loved Mama Mia in Las Vegas and in Honolulu.

  44. chopsueyboy:

    Does anyone who comes onto their computer go straight to Warrior Beat before opening emails and checking out the rest of Honolulul Star-Advertiser?

  45. koakane™:

    morning tsaiko country, happy aloha friday and its the weekend gangie.

    chopsueyboy I have direct connect to the beat.

  46. Glenn:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

    You mean there are people who don't have this on their Favorites?

  47. koakane™:

    listening to 1420 bcurran and much excitement with warrior fball season just a few days away. if they put in the time let things run its course and we'll see how it goes. wishing the fball team and all dem warriors much success this 2010 season.

  48. tani:

    gimme my warrior football.

    Go warriors!

  49. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  50. koakane™:

    my mana'o is for the team is to be competitive, battle every down and improve every game. nuff said

    UH vball also starting up and looking forward in seeing how far this team will go. imua wahines!!!!!!

  51. Slugger:

    Great to hear that those who kept working on their conditioning met or exceeded goals. Can't wait to see them at practice next week. Kudos to Tommy Heffernan!

  52. madeinhawaii:

    Whoa!!! Good Morning Everyone...
    I mean... wow.. really... what a good morning!
    I can't believe I won...

    pinch me.. I must be dreaming...

    Today's magic number is 34....
    as in 34 days to WARRIOR FOOTBALL!

  53. madeinhawaii:


    Isn't this your homepage, yet?

  54. chopsueyboy:

    Washington Post has a great site on Shanahan's playbook

  55. chopsueyboy:


    Nah, stuck with Teleflora message first, then it's off to the real world of Tsai-kos.

  56. madeinhawaii:

    Feed the hunger....

    Greg Salas Highlights courtesy of KapoleiCoug from SportsHawaii

  57. koakane™:

    cb need to put in favorites or make it your home page

  58. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Hard work in the off season is a good sign! Good attendance during summer drills and the good scores on the physical tests show that this group is commited to win.

    BEAT USC!!!

  59. koakane™:

    kope up so out for now

  60. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Haka #34 -

    Good one!

  61. oldie:

    Tom Mui,

    Yes, I passed my test. Actually, I was setting up an old iPod to browse the Warrior Beat. Finally figured out how to force the browsing to the mobile version.

  62. Slugger:

    Good luck to Ray Hisatake with the Panthers. Study hard.

    Spoke with Dan Fisher, MVB, yesterday. He said Charlie finished the phone interviews for Tang's replacement. Hope to have a new coach named in a week or so. The MVB team met their $25,000 fund-raising goal last season. Their popularity is growing after last season. Go Bows!

    Congrats, MIH!

  63. haka:

    tanks dpk :)

  64. chopsueyboy:


    already got it in favorites, thanks

    flowergirl gave okay for your poster

  65. papajoe2:

    #57csb. Real World? Are you crazy? Its the only world.
    Gimme my Warrior football.
    "I want my daddy's records." (Bubba, Sanford and Son)

  66. gigi-hawaii:

    hmmm. How does Avis select a winner? Congrats to MIH.

  67. Don Weir:

    (Jesse) James
    Mahalo for the website link about the leather helmets.
    UHAD has the full collection of helmets with this one exception.
    I started the conversation yesterday to get them all displayed at the University Branch of 1st Hawaiian (South King & Isenberg) in the big glass case.

  68. chawan_cut:

  69. madeinhawaii:

    I use iGoogle for my homepage and have the WarriorBeat as one of my 6 quick links on the G-marks widget.

  70. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, CC, loved that Grease vid.

  71. tarai:

    Gimme my Warrior football

  72. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, lucky you got to see Barbra in Funny Girl. I bought tickets to Beauty and the Beast at the Blaisdell - Oct 3 show. Looking forward to it.

  73. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM, mahalo for the link to that article in the previous post. I guess, when all is said and done, I'll stick with cable, after all.

  74. djmitcho:

    Gimmie My Warrior Football!!!

    Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

  75. TJ KAUAI:

    Gimme my Warrior football

  76. PANAEWA:

    Gimme my warrior football

  77. Kamtruck:


  78. YPO:

    gImme My wArrior FootbaLL

  79. tommui:

    DON WEIRS re: #67 - you too good!

    I live only a hoot and a holler from 1st Hawaiian (Isenberg). Looking forward to seeing them there!

    Good morning Hawaii!

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  80. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Love that display at FHB Moilili!

  81. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Gimme my Warrior Football!

    And if I win, give it to the man who's twice the fan, al. ;)

  82. Calvin from Kona:

    my question is how does Avis choose the winner? Random drawing? Cute posts? Most posts? Witty posts?

  83. Calvin from Kona:

    Gimme My Warrior Football..darnit!~

  84. Calvin from Kona:

    By the way..was Made in Hawaii really "Made" in Hawaii?

  85. gigi-hawaii:


    MIH and his wife have a gallery in Windward Mall, I believe. She is a professional photographer. Her photo of sunset at Ala Moana graces the front cover of my 3rd book! Stunning photo!

  86. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Excitement, anticipation, and footballs are in the air!

    RE: #144
    chopsueyboy -- Not me. I read emails first nowadays...mainly because the Tsai-ko email items I receive might need the immediacy of a blog post in certain instances. But I really should check the Star Advertiser home page more often... :roll:

  87. cheepono:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  88. Carmelita Brehm:

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  89. TheObserver:

    any word on how the punahou boys are doing hope to at least see miaha drew and kainoa the players from the05 championship team on the field this year how about the newer players who just joined the team

  90. Shenita Petrovich:

    Williemae Laich

  91. madeinhawaii:

    Calvin from Kona:

    Yep..born, bred, fed and reared in Hawaii... from Kaimuki to Waianae, Aiea, McCully and now Kaneohe...(with a few stops abroad). Mom and Dad were among the last 13 'war bride' couples (WWII) allowed from Japan. After that flight, war brides were no longer recognized from Japan. Mom was pregnant with my eldest sister and stranded in Korea at the end of the War... my father was in Osaka, Japan as an intelligence officer. For 6 months my father frantically pulled every string he could to get her back to Osaka so that they could reunite and make the deadline. They made it by hours, in my mother's 8th month.

    BTW... we don't own the's a co-op, so we just work it two days a week. We're looking to open our own photo studio within the year but I need to solidify our business plan a little more before diving in. Pinching every penny till then and slowly collecting all the equipment we'll need.

  92. gigi-hawaii:


    so your sister is a Japanese citizen? Does she still live there?

  93. d1島:

    Congratulations madeinhawaii!

    ....for winning the "media guide" and for your Dad's diligent efforts!

  94. gigi-hawaii:

    or did your parents make it to Hawaii before she was born?

  95. madeinhawaii:


    Actually no.. she was born in Hawaii.. so she is a US citizen.. I don't think there was a dual citizen option then. She passed away 4 years ago.. She was a year younger than I am now...

  96. Pride.:

    Great article by ST in today's paper on Ray Hisatake. Like I said on the blog before, Hisatake reminds me of Johan Asiata of the Chicago Bears. Like Hisatake, Asiata didn't play football in high school, so he is new to the sport like Ray is. Johan was on the Bear's practice squad last season, but has made enough progress during the off-season to be in the running to start at left guard this year. You can read about Johan here.

  97. al:

    congrats madeinhawaii....

    this could be one of your sisters????

  98. al:

    feels like a monday to me.
    but an aloha friday to others.

  99. al:


  100. Pride.:

    Good luck to Ray. I'm hoping that the Panther coaching staff is patient

  101. madeinhawaii:


    Yep..that's the one..
    I saw that on youtube only recently, myself. Was surprised that someone dug it up. It was the album following that that she was backed up by the Ventures singing American Oldies... .

  102. madeinhawaii:

    Why do I keep thinking it's only Thursday?

  103. gigi-hawaii:

    Al, I didn't understand a word of that song! haha. What was it about?

  104. Pcwarrior:


    I work at night and that's the last thing I do before leaving... And when I wake up, it's the first thing I do!!! Lurking is fun!!

  105. Kamaaina94547:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  106. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, my eyes are blurry now from looking over stats and rosters.

  107. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, the latest I've heard is rookies report Tuesday, veterans on Wednesday and the first practice is Friday. Although I'm not 100 percent certain.

  108. Patrica Budniewski:

    Hey, I just like your write-ups! :) is it alright if I use some of the content from this post if I make a link back to your site?

  109. (Jesse) James:

    Gimme my Warrior Football...

    Oh, and Good Morning Tsaikos...hope all is well today...

    Good to hear that most of the Warriors met or exceeded their off-season strength and conditioning goals...for those that didn't, work hard and continue training...don't give up or give in....

    Okay...gotta esme today....

  110. gigi-hawaii:

    poor Redskins, poor Haynesworth.

  111. duffer aka Ace (iPhone):

    Hey Kazz,

    You got mail…

  112. Lux Painter:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

    DPK - long time no see! Book coming along?

  113. Hilo Moon:

    PLEASE ... Gimme my warriror football.

  114. chopsueyboy:


    I've been using Google Chrome that gives me 8 link buttons, my favorites on a bar, and a folder on the side for more bookmarks

  115. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, I use IE with a list of Favorites on the left. Also make tabs on the top. Works for me!

  116. gigi-hawaii:

    My poor daughter bought a Macbook and always has to use my Dell PC to download assignments from her UH classes.

    She bought a Macbook because the keyboard is better for her. But what good is it when she needs to use my PC?

  117. gigi-hawaii:

    Slow day on the blog when we're talking about computers. But better than yesterday when we talked about cartoons...

  118. Zenaida Ineson:

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  119. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Lux -
    The book is a screenplay which I'm still writing. So far so good. Thanks.
    Did you post by another nic? Have we met?

  120. SteveM:

    RE: #116
    gigi -- Does she have internet access at home? Did you folks ever connect her wireless base station properly? I seem to recall you were hesitant to give up your ethernet cable straight to the cable modem.... :?

  121. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM, yeah she has internet access at home. She attached something to my modem. She gets email on her Mac from her professors, but assignments need to come from my PC.

  122. A-House:

    Are we in the "lazy, hazy days of summer"?

    waiting for the hammer to fall on those who chose NOT to meet the off-season requirements? now, one or more may have a valid reason for not meeting or exceeding their individual goals.

    will USC be the threat people make them out to be? or, will the Warriors play the game of their college careers? "people, people, people, gather round" (from McLintock) and watch the "hearts" grow in the Warriors. will 9/2/2010 be the genisus of another perfect season? Will ESPN allow a rebroadcast of the game to allow Warrior fans to make DVDs or VHS tapes? hey, why not tape the game as it will be free!!!!!!

    lunch is pau - the tummy is full - office is warm - eyes slowly close as i keyboard this -------

  123. gigi-hawaii:

    For her UH classes, she has to use my PC to respond to questions on her assignments, which sometimes contain color slides of the human anatomy. She takes a lot of science courses.

  124. Lux Painter:

    DPK #119
    Did you post by another nic? Have we met?

    Yes and yes. Last time I think was at Buffet100.

  125. gigi-hawaii:

    A-House, we might lose to USC, but we will beat Army! I can live with that scenario.

  126. A-House:


    slow because the State and City & County have furlough day today? workers cannot sit at their computers and post.

  127. A-House:

    I'm baggin out as soon as my little freezer defrosts - go home sleep!

  128. gigi-hawaii:

    A-House, so we actually pay workers to write on the Warrior Beat? lol

  129. A-House:


    we need your positive vibes from Foster Village and those of your neighbors to cheer the Warriors on to their victory over USC!!! no say they "might lose".

    UH will be 3 - 0 or 2 - 1 after the road trip!

  130. Mrs. A-House:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

    ...and the quest for the elusive prize continues...


    p.s. Hiya to D1 from your greeting yesterday.

  131. gigi-hawaii:

    hmmm. tug of war between A-House and the Missus over the computer.

  132. gigi-hawaii:

    or are you guys using 2 puters?

  133. Body Workout 101:

    Summer fun is over - Hawaii News -

    I found your entry interesting do I've added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)...

  134. Rob25:

    *peeking in*

    Just wanted to say Happy Friday everyone!!

  135. jm2375 (Backflip):


    Saw all the memorials today - Jefferson, Lincoln, WWII, Vietnam, Korean War. FDR. Saw the Changing of the Guard at Arlington Cemetary. Chicken skin...

    Can't believe football is starting next week!

    Gigi - as a diehard Redskins fan, I have absolutely no sympathy for Haynesworth. What an idiot...

  136. Rob25:

    Joanne...Do you ever stay home?

  137. Janie Burreson:

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  138. gigi-hawaii:

    Hi Rob25! Long time no see.
    jm2375, yeah, I agree. Think the Redskins will cut him free?

  139. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Rob25 - look who's talking! This is my only vacation this year. Sheesh. J/k

  140. Garret:

    Feature story on the renovations at Aloha Stadium.

  141. Kazz:

    One thing that the stadium needs is a BETTER SOUND SYSTEM.

    This probably might have cost the least or at least would have been one of the "cheaper" improvements in compairison to the others.

    Yes, I understand safety improvements are MUST, but I have not read in any article concerning the current rennovations or future ones where they mention a new sound system.

  142. Randy F:

    "Gimme my warrior football" Can't wait for the opening kickoff for Warrior FB.

    P.S> The battle between Colt Brennan and Bartel for the Redskins 3rd QB spot is close according to various posts. Colt needs to be playing his best football now!

  143. GRM:

    Gimme my Warrior football

  144. protector:

    Great to hear that the majority met or exceeded expectations. What's the deal with those who didn't? Were there valid reasons like injuries, work schedules, etc? If it's lackadaisical attitude or poor work ethic, that would be disappointing, if not alarming.

  145. protector:

    Randy F on # 142,

    I was hoping that Colt would be pushing McNabb rather than being in a close battle for 3rd
    string. You're giving me an ulcer.

  146. Mad Dog:

    Gimme my Warrior football

    I'm so desparate for football that I watch reruns of last years games on ESPN. Saw the Notre Dame/Michigan game yesterday.

  147. Slugger:

    Met an Aussie family at Ala Moana shopping center on vacation here for a week. Maybe they'll buy a UH hat to celebrate having an Aussie on our football team & Parnaby on the softball team.

  148. Garret:

    SMU just got their 15th and 16th commits today. The reason why this is relevant to UH is that their latest high school commit (6'2" CB) is from La Habra High School--a school that UH recruits at. Dominick Sierra (who recently graduated from La Habra) signed with UH in February and UH was in the final 3 for 2010 RB recruit Josh Quezada from La Habra.

    I mentioned before how I was happy when SMU got a lot of recruits from Texas, Louisiana (Reinebold is the chief recruiter there), and Oklahoma because UH wasn't recruiting in those areas much. Now with Klemm doing well recruiting OL in California and now Odum going after defensive players in California, UH has yet another school competing for similar recruits there.

  149. BigIslandkurt:

    NFL Camps have opened! yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  150. Buffoman:

    If Colt doesn't stick, is his career over?

  151. Al:

    Gigi - Re# 117 - Talking about cartoons or Obama.. Both the same

  152. Elease Eilbeck:

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  153. biggestuhfan:

    gimme my warrior football!

  154. wafan:

    A beautiful Aloha Friday to all!

  155. wafan:

    Bravissimo to those Warriors who made or exceeded their training goals.

    Uh-oh to those who did not.

  156. Berry Wildhaber:

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  157. A-House:


    hope you and your Mom had a most successful trip to Vegas and brought back a lot of money that Stretch and G'nalo and I left there!!

  158. NYUH:

    # al:

    Evidence of commitment? I don't know.

    July 30th, 2010 at 2:29 am

    nyuh...according to the uh roster he is listed at 180 lbs.

  159. Slugger:

    UH Women's Soccer team wine-tasting fundraiser tonight at the Amuse wine bar in the Honolulu Design Center. 6:00-9:00 pm, features "Look Me in the Eye" wines by LANAI, Pupus, Live entertainment and Silent Auction. $50 admission, which is tax deductible. All proceeds go to the UH Soccer program. The Princess, unfortunately, is not going to make it tonight, but she sends her Aloha.

    If you're looking for something to do tonight, stop by 1250 Kapi'olani Blvd. & Pi'ikoi.

  160. Ralph:

    congratulations to Kaile NaKao, sr. Santa Monica HS, a UH commit for 2010 in softball, First Team All CIF Div 4 Southern Section

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    man now I am really ready for football. on three WARRIORS

  163. Ipu Man:

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    And go Warriors!"...

  164. Kazz:


    A commit for Wahine softball in 2010???????????

  165. Kazz:


    I think you meant 2011 cause she signed her LOI to UH in the 2010 signing period, but at first I didn't recognize the name when you typed her last name that way.

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  167. OldDiver:


    I like most people have been reading the tweets, posts and blogs about Colt and the Redskins over the past two years from fans and DC sports writers. Seems to me that most of them are filled with useless information that doesn't give readers an accurate picture of what's going on during practice. As opposed to ST who in a few sentences gives us a real feel of what's going on in Manoa. Is it just me? JMHO

  168. wafan:

    Congratulations to Garret and MIH!!!

  169. roysan16:

    Unlike the last two years, I hope the days leading up to fall camp this year are free of any major announcements regarding certain players having to sit out the season because of personal reasons.No bombshells will be great. No repeating of what happened the first year where a QB had some issues and last year where a WR and OG had issues. Keep the momentum going. Keep the snowball rolling. Approach the season with *all aboard*, well conditioned, hungered for wins and starved to highly prove themselves as a team will be great.

  170. A-House:

    Compliance gurus:

    Mrs A-House and I watched The Blind Side yesterday and there was a section about a NCAA investigation regarding Michael's Orr's decision to attend Ole Miss.

    It had to do with "boosters"; seems that his new family was big contributors to Ole Miss ( husband and wife are grads) and the tutor they hired to help Michael attain a 2.5+ GPA was also an Ole Miss grad. NCAA was looking into why Michael chose to play at Ole Miss with the connection or insinuation that the new "parents" pushed Michael into picking Ole Miss; which is a BIG no no.

    What are parents to do? What are Tsaikos to do? Let's be careful and NOT enter into an area that could hurt UH as many of us contribute to UH sports and wear the label of "booster" by NCAA standards.

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  172. Ralph:

    kazz i was just trying to make Al happy, if i wrote recruit he would be shaking his head. She is or should be enrolling in August. she was recruited, she did commit, she is a recruit who signed a LOI but she still is a recruit because she is not a student at UH until she officially enrolls in August Isn't that right Al? Kuehu is a prime example. Al is picky with the choice of words

  173. Curt:

    I think Colt is in a very tough battle for the 3rd QB position. Apparently, his competition, Bartel, is looking very sharp. Not only that, he's getting less snaps than last year. Lets go's time to respond.

  174. Curt:

    Buffoman #150,

    If Colt doesn't stick, there's still a chance that someone will give him a look. But unless someone gets injured, there won't be very many vacancies and those willing to take a chance on someone with no regular season playing experience. His best shot? Produce now!

  175. Matt:

    I think Colt working with McNabb and some of the receivers in Arizona will definitely help him. Anytime you can study with/get pointers from the starting QB, and work with some of the starting receivers you are going to get better. Colt also mentions that this is the healthiest he has been since college.

    Dang, a lot of people are getting free IPhones today, huh? ;) Maybe they can call Hormel with those new phones and get a can of Spam.

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  176. Curt:

    To give you an idea how tough it might be for Colt, he was fourth in the QB rotation today. On Thursday's opening practice, a blogger reported on the individual passes of McNabb, Grossman, and Bartel; Colt was not mentioned. Hmmmm. I think he's in a tougher battle than many of us realize.

  177. Silibil n Brains:

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  178. Derek:

    In "The Replacements" Keanu Reeves (Shane Falco) had to beat a starting QB by the name of Eddie Martel who was very arrogant because he had 2 Super Bowl rings. It is pretty eerie that Martel sounds like Bartel!!!!! Anyway, Colt shoulld go out there and like a Shane Falco. The head coach, played by Gene Hackman, said that Falco had what it takes to win, not because of his talent, but because he had "heart." That's what Colt has to do. Play with "heart" like when he played for the Warriors. Play the sing "I Will Survive."

  179. Ipu Man:

    I think Redskins coach doesn't like June Jones and thus wants to
    distance himself from Colt. Some team who likes June Jones will

  180. Marni Vaz:

    Leola Suga

  181. Ipu Man:

    Maybe the Bengals?

  182. Curt:

    Ipu Man,

    I don't know if Shanahan doesn't like June. I wouldn't think that would factor in.

    I hope Colt gets to play in the pre-season games and excels. That would sure raise his stock again and increase his chances if he were still cut loose. In Colt's first pre-season, he led the NFL in QB efficiency. If he could get a chance and do something similar--that would be great.

  183. Randy:

    Gimme my Warrior football!

  184. Kendall:

    Just read bball recruit leonard Washington is going to play for Wyoming. That's heartbreaking.

  185. Ipu Man:

    Agree with ya, Curt. Colt is dang good. And yes, as the old song
    goes, Ya godda have heart...miles and miles of heart...gee, where
    did I hear dat song???

  186. Ipu Man:

    Derek sings, "I will survive" which is not as old as mine...

  187. Ipu Man:

    Well, nighty night lurkers...yawn got to go to bed.
    But no forget UH won 4 straight games last year with its thumping
    of Navy last year. Pilares had eight catches for 147 yards and Greg Salas caught 10 passes for 102 yards for the Warriors. And Moniz passed for 366 yards while Navy only passed for 88.

    But the Midshipmen rushed for 248 yards to the Warriors' 62...

  188. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    What happens to Colt at the end of this season if he winds up sitting on the bench again? Will he ever get to play pro football on a regular basis? Who else would be interested in taking him? Why can't he get any respect?

  189. Slugger:

    ST ~ You have mail.

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  191. SteveM:

    Slow night on the blog and after 2100, so...

    I noticed in FB thatSailorBlue entered a dessert dish in the U.S. Coast Guard Day picnic today. Today? Coast Guard day is usually in August, but with August 4 falling in the middle of the week, the large party is scheduled tomorrow at USCG Air Station Barber's Point.

    The U.S. Coast Guard was formed on August 4, 1790 and will celebrate it's 219th birthday. Mahalo to SailorBlue for his participation and spirit... and the dessert dish at the next tailgate. :)

    Ran across this page while searching to confirm the "early" party date. It is different from Wikipedia's...

  192. Slugger:

    I think the blog is like a musubi...the Spam keeps showing up on it.

    Night all!

  193. RainbowCliff:

    #190 Angelyn Selvera: Thank you for your positive comments to the Warrior Beat. Many of the posters reside in Hawaii as the other half on the mainland with pretty much SPORTS being the main topic especially Hawaii athletics with a passion for UH Warrior football !

    This blog was started by Sports beat writer Stephen Tsai who saw a need for LOYAL Hawaii fans to communicate their passion to Hawaii athletics with many of the writers here professionals, retirees, home owners, boosters or business people who meet regularly at local tailgates or cattle calls for good food, beverages and fellowship. I joined the blog in 2007 as I do believe 2005 it originated but don't quote me on that ?

    Despite Hawaii athletics that brings us all together, there is VALUABLE information being shared with many posters discussing topics to a variety of subjects as just reading the insights and intelligence of conversations is like learning "LIVE" on the computer as posters will link information, debate topic of concern and share personal story of their growth and development as TRULY there is no other blog that you can go to that offers so much care, love, intelligence and compassion !

    Mahalo for your interest in the Warrior Beat and WE hope to see you post regularly as you came to the right place !

  194. RainbowCliff:

    Steve M, are you really up as it is after 3:00 in the morning here and I just woke up after a deep sleep of early zzzzzs ?

    Always interesting to read your cruise adventures as Marco Polo can't navigate the sights and sounds of discovering America as much as you do !

    Question kind sir, have you ever been to Tahiti and does it come close to Hawaii in terms of weather and scenic view ?

    Mahalo and have a good sleep !

  195. al:

    so i am sitting in the ssc.
    i look up at the scoreboard.

    wham. still got the foursided banner hanging there, it reads, sadly "the honolulu advertiser"

  196. al:

    kendall, you have to ask yourself.
    did hawaii really offer him?

    laramie vs waikiki beach.
    no way he chooses the boring plains of wyoming and horseback riding as its biggest feature attraction over the beach at waikiki.

  197. al:

    anyway new asst coach will be on board by sunday.

  198. al:


    unless someone big comes along we should be done with this year's basketball recruiting. even though we have one more scholie, it might be wise for us to save that one for next year since we would have four scholies with that one for 2011.

    but, of course unless someone big comes by.

  199. al:

    please go check out the katina's in concert saturday at the ssc.
    concert starts at 6pm with oliva and recording artist jaci velasquez.
    price of admission is "nada" as in "nada" a single penny, its free.
    you won't be disappointed.

    and you can visit the honolulu advertiser banners on the scoreboard.

  200. al:


  201. al:

    looks like an early post was deleted.
    then i would have been 100 and 200.

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  207. tarai:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it

  208. tarai:

    Gimme my Warrior football.

  209. A-House:

    Guess good neighbor is still asleep or at church, which is good!

    Last day of July - dang, 7 months have gone by and the interesting last 4 soon to be here as fall practice begins!

    here's a song I learned many, many years ago from my rommie who was born and raised on Molokai, grad from Lahainaluna and UH with a degree in Agriculture. His last Fed assingment was Deputy Under Secretary of Agriculture for the Far East.

    " enjoy your self it's later than you think"
    " enjoy your self while you're still in the pink"
    " the years go by as quickly as a wink"
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  212. A-House:

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    HECO will be asking the PUC for 2 rate increases, if approved, will raise the "average" monthly bill by some $7 for whatever.

    If part of this is to "off-set" purchase of biofuels and power from alternative energy sources, why don't they off-set this cost with the $$$ that will be saved from purchasing less barrels of oil? It appears to me that they will "save" by buying less oil and then charging us customers additional $$$ for "whatever". Is this what happens when one is caught in a monopolistic situation? Something does not jive here.

    also, keep hearing around that HECO refuses to purchase electricity from alternative energy sources, wind farms and individual homeowners that generate power, and is the foremost critic whenever testimony is requested for alternative energy. Apparently, they will do anything to keep their "grip" on electrical power on Oahu. what am i missing? no make sense!!!!!!!!

  213. A-House:

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  218. A-House:

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  219. A-House:


    who da heck is Heckle?

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  220. A-House:

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  369. Chau Gavigan:

  370. Claretta Grove:

  371. Chau Gavigan:

  372. Antony Ealley:

  373. Reed Clester:

  374. Sonya Colella:

  375. Fernando Koterba:

  376. Kyle Silvestri:

  377. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  378. Nick Howieson:

  379. Olympia Fleischacker:

  380. Shirlee Echaure:

  381. Georgianne Kear:

  382. Carol Elizando:

  383. Tamica Krall:

  384. Tamera Yokely:

  385. Abram Macayan:

  386. Jake Niimi:

  387. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  388. Bryon Barrientos:

  389. Grady Jamgochian:

  390. Lakia Mountjoy:

  391. Carmelita Brehm:

  392. Danika Lohrey:

  393. Alia Vaneaton:

  394. Nakia Callis:

  395. Vernetta Morejon:

  396. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  397. Vanna Mofield:

  398. Xiomara Judkins:

  399. Beverly Fritchley:

  400. Blair Bertholf:

  401. Ira Sinton:

  402. Tammy Tin:

  403. Katherin Salvage:

  404. Jill Tabion:

  405. Armida Grunewald:

  406. Brock Liner:

  407. Abram Macayan:

  408. Hal Laessig:

  409. Willis Zella:

  410. Zandra Troe:

  411. Vanna Mofield:

  412. Ethan Zappulla:

  413. Yon Kissinger:

  414. Arica Falldorf:

  415. Claretta Grove:

  416. Suellen Madia:

  417. Genaro Scipioni:

  418. Nick Howieson:

  419. Guadalupe Paloma:

  420. Leah Burklow:

  421. Melonie Eckle:

  422. Shaun Groder:

  423. Brock Liner:

  424. Shaun Groder:

  425. Buster Neubauer:

  426. Grady Jamgochian:

  427. Chau Gavigan:

  428. Cornelia Rulli:

  429. Ira Sinton:

  430. Zandra Troe:

  431. Ron Depauw:

  432. Brock Liner:

  433. Olimpia Keuler:

  434. Buster Neubauer:

  435. Fernando Koterba:

  436. Milton Mainey:

  437. Isaac Moresco:

  438. Shirlee Echaure:

  439. Isaac Moresco:

  440. Drew Satsky:

  441. Lorine Dorer:

  442. Darnell Kopatz:

  443. Reed Clester:

  444. Olympia Fleischacker:

  445. Armida Grunewald:

  446. Rich Gerritsen:

  447. Melonie Eckle:

  448. Darnell Kopatz:

  449. Dania Johannes:

  450. Zandra Troe:

  451. Melonie Eckle:

  452. Olympia Fleischacker:

  453. Xiomara Judkins:

  454. Audrea Beacom:

  455. Hortense Vento:

  456. Claretta Grove:

  457. Bryon Barrientos:

  458. Milton Mainey:

  459. Willis Zella:

  460. Josue Merrick:

  461. Georgianne Kear:

  462. Mitch Duey:

  463. Tomas Rineer:

  464. Alexis Jankoff:

  465. Carmelita Brehm:

  466. Antony Ealley:

  467. Vernetta Morejon:

  468. Eusebia Fastic:

  469. Mitch Karban:

  470. Duane Misnick:

  471. Olimpia Keuler:

  472. Elease Eilbeck:

  473. Alia Vaneaton:

  474. Drew Satsky:

  475. Katherin Salvage:

  476. Armida Grunewald:

  477. Alexis Jankoff:

  478. Ted Goldfarb:

  479. Abram Macayan:

  480. Zandra Troe:

  481. Tobias Leggett:

  482. Enrique Ancel:

  483. Leah Burklow:

  484. Nakia Callis:

  485. Danika Lohrey:

  486. Carol Elizando:

  487. Russell Shrawder:

  488. Olympia Fleischacker:

  489. Vanda Mefford:

  490. Leah Burklow:

  491. Lakia Mountjoy:

  492. Detra Whinery:

  493. Nakia Callis:

  494. Elease Eilbeck:

  495. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  496. Suellen Madia:

  497. Fernando Koterba:

  498. Tomas Rineer:

  499. Elease Eilbeck:

  500. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  501. Guadalupe Paloma:

  502. Lakia Mountjoy:

  503. Claretta Grove:

  504. Karan Wedo:

  505. Janie Burreson:

  506. Mitch Karban:

  507. Lakia Mountjoy:

  508. Hortense Vento:

  509. Tamica Krall:

  510. Zenaida Ineson:

  511. Roland Khu:

  512. Vanna Mofield:

  513. Tamica Krall:

  514. Grover Dawley:

  515. Janie Burreson:

  516. Vernetta Morejon:

  517. Leah Burklow:

  518. Fernando Koterba:

  519. Rich Gerritsen:

  520. Dorian Huitron:

  521. Isaac Moresco:

  522. Guadalupe Paloma:

  523. Olympia Fleischacker:

  524. Nakia Callis:

  525. Zenaida Ineson:

  526. Claretta Grove:

  527. Buster Neubauer:

  528. Arica Falldorf:

  529. Maryland Marlette:

  530. Janie Burreson:

  531. Tamera Yokely:

  532. Ethan Zappulla:

  533. Milton Mainey:

  534. Hector Valko:

  535. Armida Grunewald:

  536. Shirlee Echaure:

  537. Tomas Rineer:

  538. Olimpia Keuler:

  539. Danika Lohrey:

  540. Elbert Grossen:

  541. Suellen Madia:

  542. Bryon Barrientos:

  543. Russell Shrawder:

  544. Alia Vaneaton:

  545. Danika Lohrey:

  546. Eusebia Fastic:

  547. Xiomara Judkins:

  548. Mitch Duey:

  549. Isaac Moresco:

  550. Chau Gavigan:

  551. Nick Howieson:

  552. Buster Neubauer:

  553. Tamera Yokely:

  554. Danika Lohrey:

  555. Alexis Jankoff:

  556. Tobias Leggett:

  557. Darnell Kopatz:

  558. Elease Eilbeck:

  559. Kyle Silvestri:

  560. Erica Cellio:

  561. Katherin Salvage:

  562. Lynwood Formey:

  563. Nick Howieson:

  564. Milton Mainey:

  565. Nakia Callis:

  566. Noel Magar:

  567. Lynwood Formey:

  568. Drew Satsky:

  569. Danika Lohrey:

  570. Yon Kissinger:

  571. Melonie Eckle:

  572. Ted Goldfarb:

  573. Josue Merrick:

  574. Mitch Duey:

  575. Cornelia Rulli:

  576. Vanna Mofield:

  577. Tobias Leggett:

  578. Xiomara Judkins:

  579. Tammy Tin:

  580. Dorian Huitron:

  581. Berry Wildhaber:

  582. Danika Lohrey:

  583. Lizbeth Agoro:

  584. Jim Rebuldela:

  585. Brock Liner:

  586. Carmelita Brehm:

  587. Zandra Troe:

  588. Vanna Mofield:

  589. Carmelita Brehm:

  590. Erica Cellio:

  591. Brock Liner:

  592. Drew Satsky:

  593. Dorian Huitron:

  594. Bryon Barrientos:

  595. Grady Jamgochian:

  596. Tamica Krall:

  597. Chau Gavigan:

  598. Vanna Mofield:

  599. Blair Bertholf:

  600. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  601. Hal Laessig:

  602. Grover Dawley:

  603. Tomas Rineer:

  604. Noel Magar:

  605. Tamera Yokely:

  606. Claretta Grove:

  607. Danika Lohrey:

  608. Tamica Krall:

  609. Claretta Grove:

  610. Xiomara Judkins:

  611. Tamica Krall:

  612. Georgianne Kear:

  613. Vanda Mefford:

  614. Reed Clester:

  615. Detra Whinery:

  616. Mitch Duey:

  617. Jay Delmore:

  618. Jay Delmore:

  619. Leah Burklow:

  620. Beverly Fritchley:

  621. Raymond Besancon:

  622. Alexis Jankoff:

  623. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  624. Shirlee Echaure:

  625. Carol Elizando:

  626. Mitch Karban:

  627. Tammy Tin:

  628. Jim Rebuldela:

  629. Toni Tolden:

  630. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  631. Elease Eilbeck:

  632. Gaston Incera:

  633. Hector Valko:

  634. Chau Gavigan:

  635. Janie Burreson:

  636. Genaro Scipioni:

  637. Darnell Kopatz:

  638. Buster Neubauer:

  639. Olimpia Keuler:

  640. Nakia Callis:

  641. Ethan Zappulla:

  642. Toni Tolden:

  643. Jake Niimi:

  644. Dorian Huitron:

  645. Ron Depauw:

  646. Olimpia Keuler:

  647. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  648. Shirlee Echaure:

  649. Elease Eilbeck:

  650. Nick Howieson:

  651. Ethan Zappulla:

  652. Dolores Boening:

  653. Josue Merrick:

  654. Ted Goldfarb:

  655. Fernando Koterba:

  656. Wade Paletta:

  657. Cornelia Rulli:

  658. Nakia Callis:

  659. Noel Magar:

  660. Toni Tolden:

  661. Janie Burreson:

  662. Carmelita Brehm:

  663. Genaro Scipioni:

  664. Duane Misnick:

  665. Alexis Jankoff:

  666. Alia Vaneaton:

  667. Tobias Leggett:

  668. Berry Wildhaber:

  669. Mitch Duey:

  670. Jill Tabion:

  671. Tamera Yokely:

  672. Isaac Moresco:

  673. Deon Godina:

  674. Shaun Groder:

  675. Josue Merrick:

  676. Duane Misnick:

  677. Eusebia Fastic:

  678. Ted Goldfarb:

  679. Genaro Scipioni:

  680. Antony Ealley:

  681. Noel Magar:

  682. Shirlee Echaure:

  683. Ron Depauw:

  684. Sonya Colella:

  685. Roland Khu:

  686. Maryland Marlette:

  687. Elbert Grossen:

  688. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  689. Leah Burklow:

  690. Alia Vaneaton:

  691. Toni Tolden:

  692. Sonya Colella:

  693. Jim Rebuldela:

  694. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  695. Jim Rebuldela:

  696. Eusebia Fastic:

  697. Yon Kissinger:

  698. Shirlee Echaure:

  699. Grover Dawley:

  700. Noel Magar:

  701. Tamera Yokely:

  702. Raymond Besancon:

  703. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  704. Gaston Incera:

  705. Katherin Salvage:

  706. Vernetta Morejon:

  707. Beverly Fritchley:

  708. Armida Grunewald:

  709. Zenaida Ineson:

  710. Jill Tabion:

  711. Isaac Moresco:

  712. Reed Clester:

  713. Darnell Kopatz:

  714. Olimpia Keuler:

  715. Ron Depauw:

  716. Olympia Fleischacker:

  717. Sonya Colella:

  718. Mitch Duey:

  719. Jay Delmore:

  720. Raymond Besancon:

  721. Roland Khu:

  722. Tobias Leggett:

  723. Hal Laessig:

  724. Roland Khu:

  725. Ira Sinton:

  726. Mitch Karban:

  727. Olimpia Keuler:

  728. Xiomara Judkins:

  729. Shaun Groder:

  730. Melonie Eckle:

  731. Audrea Beacom:

  732. Jill Tabion:

  733. Zenaida Ineson:

  734. Beverly Fritchley:

  735. Wade Paletta:

  736. Duane Misnick:

  737. Blair Bertholf:

  738. Nakia Callis:

  739. Deon Godina:

  740. Gaston Incera:

  741. Georgianne Kear:

  742. Vanna Mofield:

  743. Dolores Boening:

  744. Berry Wildhaber:

  745. Vernetta Morejon:

  746. Rich Gerritsen:

  747. Enrique Ancel:

  748. Lizbeth Agoro:

  749. Vanna Mofield:

  750. Ethan Zappulla:

  751. Nick Howieson:

  752. Tomas Rineer:

  753. Nick Howieson:

  754. Berry Wildhaber:

  755. Tamera Yokely:

  756. Karan Wedo:

  757. Hal Laessig:

  758. Ira Sinton:

  759. Reed Clester:

  760. Vernetta Morejon:

  761. Venus Ullrich:

  762. Reed Clester:

  763. Nakia Callis:

  764. Hector Valko:

  765. Russell Shrawder:

  766. Yon Kissinger:

  767. Tamica Krall:

  768. Brock Liner:

  769. Gaston Incera:

  770. Deon Godina:

  771. Sonya Colella:

  772. Toni Tolden:

  773. Sonya Colella:

  774. Tamica Krall:

  775. Buster Neubauer:

  776. Tobias Leggett:

  777. Isaac Moresco:

  778. Vanna Mofield:

  779. Raymond Besancon:

  780. Tobias Leggett:

  781. Detra Whinery:

  782. Kyle Silvestri:

  783. Elease Eilbeck:

  784. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  785. Shaun Groder:

  786. Detra Whinery:

  787. Olimpia Keuler:

  788. Melonie Eckle:

  789. Enrique Ancel:

  790. Nick Howieson:

  791. Duane Misnick:

  792. Shaun Groder:

  793. Jake Niimi:

  794. Elbert Grossen:

  795. Leah Burklow:

  796. Ted Goldfarb:

  797. Lorine Dorer:

  798. Mitch Karban:

  799. Nakia Callis:

  800. Abram Macayan:

  801. Reed Clester:

  802. Carmelita Brehm:

  803. Jay Delmore:

  804. Mitch Duey:

  805. Russell Shrawder:

  806. Kyle Silvestri:

  807. Duane Misnick:

  808. Tamera Yokely:

  809. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  810. Nakia Callis:

  811. Arica Falldorf:

  812. Brock Liner:

  813. Bryon Barrientos:

  814. Arica Falldorf:

  815. Zandra Troe:

  816. Carol Elizando:

  817. Detra Whinery:

  818. Maryland Marlette:

  819. Giovanni Scordato:

  820. Giovanni Scordato:

  821. Wade Paletta:

  822. Blair Bertholf:

  823. Mitch Duey:

  824. Cornelia Rulli:

  825. Dolores Boening:

  826. Hal Laessig:

  827. Beverly Fritchley:

  828. Claretta Grove:

  829. Jay Delmore:

  830. Milton Mainey:

  831. Jill Tabion:

  832. Isaac Moresco:

  833. Ira Sinton:

  834. Ethan Zappulla:

  835. Fernando Koterba:

  836. Jim Rebuldela:

  837. Josue Merrick:

  838. Ira Sinton:

  839. Tobias Leggett:

  840. Detra Whinery:

  841. Tammy Tin:

  842. Maryland Marlette:

  843. Ted Goldfarb:

  844. Lynwood Formey:

  845. Dania Johannes:

  846. Alexis Jankoff:

  847. Gaston Incera:

  848. Georgianne Kear:

  849. Genaro Scipioni:

  850. Darnell Kopatz:

  851. Roland Khu:

  852. Hal Laessig:

  853. Hortense Vento:

  854. Tomas Rineer:

  855. Lorine Dorer:

  856. Elease Eilbeck:

  857. Chau Gavigan:

  858. Noel Magar:

  859. Dania Johannes:

  860. Giovanni Scordato:

  861. Darnell Kopatz:

  862. Detra Whinery:

  863. Deon Godina:

  864. Eusebia Fastic:

  865. Drew Satsky:

  866. Lakia Mountjoy:

  867. Hal Laessig:

  868. Vanda Mefford:

  869. Arica Falldorf:

  870. Arica Falldorf:

  871. Reed Clester:

  872. Ron Depauw:

  873. Gaston Incera:

  874. Hector Valko:

  875. Wade Paletta:

  876. Shaun Groder:

  877. Noel Magar:

  878. Russell Shrawder:

  879. Mitch Duey:

  880. Giovanni Scordato:

  881. Tomas Rineer:

  882. Wade Paletta:

  883. Rich Gerritsen:

  884. Grady Jamgochian:

  885. Bryon Barrientos:

  886. Xiomara Judkins:

  887. Eusebia Fastic:

  888. Enrique Ancel:

  889. Zandra Troe:

  890. Erica Cellio:

  891. Maryland Marlette:

  892. Ira Sinton:

  893. Xiomara Judkins:

  894. Josue Merrick:

  895. Lorine Dorer:

  896. Vanda Mefford:

  897. Melonie Eckle:

  898. Kyle Silvestri:

  899. Olympia Fleischacker:

  900. Dolores Boening:

  901. Toni Tolden:

  902. Shaun Groder:

  903. Hortense Vento:

  904. Josue Merrick:

  905. Darnell Kopatz:

  906. Tomas Rineer:

  907. Erica Cellio:

  908. Ron Depauw:

  909. Jim Rebuldela:

  910. Vernetta Morejon:

  911. Ira Sinton:

  912. Mitch Karban:

  913. Buster Neubauer:

  914. Maryland Marlette:

  915. Yon Kissinger:

  916. Alexis Jankoff:

  917. Tomas Rineer:

  918. Alia Vaneaton:

  919. Lynwood Formey:

  920. Dorian Huitron:

  921. Shaun Groder:

  922. Suellen Madia:

  923. Katherin Salvage:

  924. Tobias Leggett:

  925. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  926. Ron Depauw:

  927. Alia Vaneaton:

  928. Jay Delmore:

  929. Josue Merrick:

  930. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  931. Willis Zella:

  932. Alia Vaneaton:

  933. Cornelia Rulli:

  934. Danika Lohrey:

  935. Elbert Grossen:

  936. Berry Wildhaber:

  937. Vanna Mofield:

  938. Grover Dawley:

  939. Beverly Fritchley:

  940. Berry Wildhaber:

  941. Leah Burklow:

  942. Venus Ullrich:

  943. Eusebia Fastic:

  944. Suellen Madia:

  945. Kyle Silvestri:

  946. Tamera Yokely:

  947. Claretta Grove:

  948. Georgianne Kear:

  949. Wade Paletta:

  950. Lorine Dorer:

  951. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  952. Danika Lohrey:

  953. Mitch Karban:

  954. Lakia Mountjoy:

  955. Nakia Callis:

  956. Brock Liner:

  957. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  958. Ron Depauw:

  959. Georgianne Kear:

  960. Rich Gerritsen:

  961. Jim Rebuldela:

  962. Nick Howieson:

  963. Tamica Krall:

  964. Genaro Scipioni:

  965. Lizbeth Agoro:

  966. Buster Neubauer:

  967. Zandra Troe:

  968. Hal Laessig:

  969. Noel Magar:

  970. Zandra Troe:

  971. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  972. Armida Grunewald:

  973. Armida Grunewald:

  974. Guadalupe Paloma:

  975. Giovanni Scordato:

  976. Roland Khu:

  977. Blair Bertholf:

  978. Sonya Colella:

  979. Arica Falldorf:

  980. Janie Burreson:

  981. Katherin Salvage:

  982. Beverly Fritchley:

  983. Noel Magar:

  984. Wade Paletta:

  985. Isaac Moresco:

  986. Elbert Grossen:

  987. Ethan Zappulla:

  988. Duane Misnick:

  989. Grover Dawley:

  990. Enrique Ancel:

  991. Alexis Jankoff:

  992. Venus Ullrich:

  993. Leah Burklow:

  994. Toni Tolden:

  995. Reed Clester:

  996. Jill Tabion:

  997. Carmelita Brehm:

  998. Willis Zella:

  999. Roland Khu:

  1000. Dania Johannes:

  1001. Tamica Krall:

  1002. Enrique Ancel:

  1003. Antony Ealley:

  1004. Berry Wildhaber:

  1005. Maryland Marlette:

  1006. Enrique Ancel:

  1007. Duane Misnick:

  1008. Dolores Boening:

  1009. Dolores Boening:

  1010. Jake Niimi:

  1011. Georgianne Kear:

  1012. Karan Wedo:

  1013. Lizbeth Agoro:

  1014. Ira Sinton:

  1015. Eusebia Fastic:

  1016. Katherin Salvage:

  1017. Yon Kissinger:

  1018. Lakia Mountjoy:

  1019. Enrique Ancel:

  1020. Arica Falldorf:

  1021. Vanda Mefford:

  1022. Tammy Tin:

  1023. Grady Jamgochian:

  1024. Melonie Eckle:

  1025. Mitch Duey:

  1026. Tomas Rineer:

  1027. Vanda Mefford:

  1028. Grover Dawley:

  1029. Hortense Vento:

  1030. Josue Merrick:

  1031. Grady Jamgochian:

  1032. Jill Tabion:

  1033. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  1034. Raymond Besancon:

  1035. Milton Mainey:

  1036. Karan Wedo:

  1037. Maryland Marlette:

  1038. Armida Grunewald:

  1039. Olympia Fleischacker:

  1040. Xiomara Judkins:

  1041. Maryland Marlette:

  1042. Yon Kissinger:

  1043. Karan Wedo:

  1044. Vanda Mefford:

  1045. Ted Goldfarb:

  1046. Eusebia Fastic:

  1047. Jim Rebuldela:

  1048. Willis Zella:

  1049. Audrea Beacom:

  1050. Georgianne Kear:

  1051. Armida Grunewald:

  1052. Lynwood Formey:

  1053. Lakia Mountjoy:

  1054. Drew Satsky:

  1055. Katherin Salvage:

  1056. Fernando Koterba:

  1057. Grady Jamgochian:

  1058. Bryon Barrientos:

  1059. Russell Shrawder:

  1060. Carol Elizando:

  1061. Guadalupe Paloma:

  1062. Zenaida Ineson:

  1063. Claretta Grove:

  1064. Drew Satsky:

  1065. Jim Rebuldela:

  1066. Zandra Troe:

  1067. Tammy Tin:

  1068. Detra Whinery:

  1069. Hortense Vento:

  1070. Carmelita Brehm:

  1071. Maryland Marlette:

  1072. Milton Mainey:

  1073. Karan Wedo:

  1074. Chau Gavigan:

  1075. Suellen Madia:

  1076. Abram Macayan:

  1077. Buster Neubauer:

  1078. Carmelita Brehm:

  1079. Abram Macayan:

  1080. Jim Rebuldela:

  1081. Shaun Groder:

  1082. Milton Mainey:

  1083. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  1084. Georgianne Kear:

  1085. Elbert Grossen:

  1086. Grover Dawley:

  1087. Detra Whinery:

  1088. Erica Cellio:

  1089. Milton Mainey:

  1090. Mitch Duey:

  1091. Nick Howieson:

  1092. Venus Ullrich:

  1093. Audrea Beacom:

  1094. Dolores Boening:

  1095. Lynwood Formey:

  1096. Noel Magar:

  1097. Jay Delmore:

  1098. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  1099. Vanna Mofield:

  1100. Abram Macayan:

  1101. Carol Elizando:

  1102. Carol Elizando:

  1103. Claretta Grove:

  1104. Gaston Incera:

  1105. Vernetta Morejon:

  1106. Xiomara Judkins:

  1107. Shaun Groder:

  1108. Dorian Huitron:

  1109. Gaston Incera:

  1110. Dania Johannes:

  1111. Roland Khu:

  1112. Tamica Krall:

  1113. Isaac Moresco:

  1114. Katherin Salvage:

  1115. Karan Wedo:

  1116. Drew Satsky:

  1117. Shirlee Echaure:

  1118. Blair Bertholf:

  1119. Maryland Marlette:

  1120. Vanda Mefford:

  1121. Olympia Fleischacker:

  1122. Detra Whinery:

  1123. Dania Johannes:

  1124. Leah Burklow:

  1125. Elbert Grossen:

  1126. Cornelia Rulli:

  1127. Darnell Kopatz:

  1128. Tammy Tin:

  1129. Genaro Scipioni:

  1130. Noel Magar:

  1131. Audrea Beacom:

  1132. Lakia Mountjoy:

  1133. Gaston Incera:

  1134. Jake Niimi:

  1135. Gaston Incera:

  1136. Gaston Incera:

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