Saturday ramblings

July 31st, 2010

• As part of team bonding, quarterback Shane Austin treated the offensive linemen to an outing at Camp Timberline yesterday. Here are Laupepa Letuli and Adrian Thomas ready to roll:


• Defensive back Kawika Borden, who has been impressive in summer workouts, is suffering from osteitis pubis  and will miss training camp. The same injury hindered cornerback Tank Hopkins, who might redshirt this season.

• Just saw the latest UH roster, and noticed it included Skye Kaapuni, a former Pearl City High receiver. Here's his highlight video: Skye.

• And Mei Ling submits this picture from last night's fund-raiser for the UH soccer team:


* * * * *

Avis has selected jm2375 as the winner of something that is like a UH football media guide.

We have yet another one to give away. To enter, please post: It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

Avis picks a winner tonight.

avisI was asked how Avis goes about choosing a winner. She gives me a number, and I match it to the corresponding post. So, if she says, "45," then post No. 45 is the winner. But if that post did not submit an entry, then the 45th person to have submitted an entry is declared the winner.

Why Avis? Some had questioned (complained?) about the process, especially when JoJo's sister was drawing names. So I asked my friend, and she recommended her best friend, Avis. She's a cardiac nurse, so I figure she's somewhat impartial.

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  1. ai-eee-soos:


  2. Michigan Warrior:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it!

  3. ai-eee-soos:

    ... caught up with yesterdy's posts ....

    ... now, brake time, as it's said on Maui ....

  4. al: stay up to be first?

  5. al:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  6. al:

    osteitis pubis


  7. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Good morning Tsaikos! Last full day here in DC. We leave very early tomorrow morning.

    Thanks Avis & ST. You know where to find me...

    Nice of Austen to treat the o-line to the outing.

    Good luck and fast healing to Borden and Hopkins.

  8. tani:

    It''s fourth down. Let's go for it.

  9. Michigan Warrior:

    Just over a month from our season opener... and I feel like I'm starving for information! Despite the great coverage we've enjoyed this off-season, don't you guys (and gals) feel like there's more that we're missing? This is always my first stop every morning, before checking the SA home page and emails... because you all know more of what's going on than what's reported in print.

    I definitely gots da fee-vah!!!

  10. mctruck:

    I don't usually echo the mantra posts of the day but, this one really tugs at my heart strings..."it's fourth down, let's go for it."

    Oh yeah!, am I top ten?!

  11. A-joe:

    Please tell Avis to think kinda low on her number selection this time. Because "It's fourth down. Let's go for it."

  12. mctruck:

    I was actually salivating while posting , "it's fourth down, let's go for IT."

    I can see it so clearly...the closer we get to kick-off time!!!..I must have fb feva as well!!

  13. LizKauai (iPad):

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

    Up with the hives. Forgot to take my Benadryl last night. :-(

  14. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Today is a Big Day! - we're getting a "new-2-us" kitty. If our friends who are looking for new tenants for their upper Kalihi Valley house aren't able to find tenants willing to take their dog Lucky, then we may very well get him as well.

    How come there's so much spam on this site? Perhaps it's time to use the screening methods other blogs use even if it would impact the number of posts here. I notice that some of them are pretty good at disguising themselves as real bloggers - even Rainbow Cliff has fallen for them. See #190 and #193 from yesterday.

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

    REMEMBER TO START SAVING YOUR HI-5 CANS & BOTTLES. Will have a contest to select which Good Cause should get the proceeds from the USC T-Gate.

  15. chopsueyboy:

    Top Twenty!

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  16. protector:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  17. chopsueyboy:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Top Twenty!

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

  19. Garret:

    Update on Miami's 2nd day of training camp. Ikaika Alama-Francis has been moved from DE to OLB.

    — Could Ikaika Alama-Francis, who has been moved from DE to OLBer, be training camp's first darkhorse, becoming a starter

    — Sparano said Ike Alama-Francis can gain and shed weight quickly and is presently around 275 pounds. Move to OLBer is complete.

    — Sparano said Bill Sheridan rammed the ideal of Ike Alama-Francis playing OLBer down his throat & he likes the way the former D-lineman move

  20. Garret:

    More updates.

    Ryan Grice-Mullen, Brian Hartline, Taurus Johnson and Davone Bess are working as the punt return guys.

    Ikaika Alama-Francis is still working as an OLBer and it appears he's running with the first team, paired with Cameron Wake.

  21. haroldwah:

    I was reminiscing about great running backs and thought of Bo Jackson. Talk about what if's.

  22. Garret:

    Another newspaper's reporter had this update:

    I watched punt and kick return drills and can report the Dolphins are obviously having tryouts for their punt and kick return jobs.

    On punt returns, the candidates getting the opportunity are Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Ryan Grice-Mullen.

    The kick return job is open to a bigger cast of possibilities. Patrick Cobbs, Kory Sheets, Bess, Hartline, Grice-Mullen, Tristan Davis, Marlon Moore and Julius Pruitt.

  23. Slugger:

    Good morning, gangeez!

    ST ~

    Mahalo for posting the picture from the soccer fundraiser. Leila would have taken one... they missed her last night.

  24. SailorBlue:

    Good morning everybody...

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it!

    Can't wait for tailgaters...I start :-)

  25. haroldwah:

    From last post-I'm not a niners fan but if Colt is'nt given a fair shot in D.C I would like to see him go to San Fran. I can see him playing for Big Mike!

  26. Garret:

    Colt is struggled in practice today.

    QB Colt Brennan » Needs to pick it up. In one succession, he threw high to Logan Paulsen, made Devin Thomas wait a long time on an out route and then on a double move to Thomas, the throw never had a chance. The safeties weren’t fooled at all on that play, but not sure if it’s because Brennan didn’t draw them away or for another reason. Regardless, Lendy Holmes made an easy read. Like Colt; but has a ways to go.

  27. Garret:

    Oops, I had an extra "is" in my last post.

  28. chopsueyboy:


    saw yesterday's post...does your daughter's macbook have a dual processor?
    we have the macbook air and we can switch back and forth from mac to pc

  29. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, I don't know. But the Macbook is more expensive.

  30. Slugger:


    I think Rachel Domingo looks like a younger version of you. She's in the back row center of the soccer team picture.

    K, off to the Farmer's Market. Esme & out...

  31. al:

    good to see that the spam eraser is working this morning cleaning up the garbage.

  32. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, that Avis sounds like a figment of your imagination. lol

  33. al:

    on another note:

    It''s fourth down. Let's go for it.

    or as mack would say,
    "it's fourth down. let's go, er, let's ah, wait. let's call a timeout!"
    (as the reporter bolts to the restroom.)

  34. al:

    gigi...i don't get it.

    first you said he is being reduced to a part time position.
    then he gets a sizable bonus?


  35. al:

    hey slugger,
    if your headed to the one at kapiolani cc, pick me up some north shore salsa.

    and perhaps you could get a half dozen live abalone for rob25

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    So, wait, the PPV package includes "free" access to the NHL Channel.
    Where's our NFL Channel, darn it!

  37. gigi-hawaii:

    al, who said it was part-time???? He works full-time and over-time but at a salary that is $23K less!!!

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    No, Gigi, Avis is indeed real.
    I think we're bringing her to the next karaoke outing.

  39. LK:

    As June would say . . .

    "It's fourth down. Let's go for it."

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    How come David doesn't try to branch out on his own?
    It's never too late.
    More risks, but he'll never have to answer to anyone.
    Well, except for someone who wears a muumuu.

  41. chopsueyboy:


    have your daughter check, she might have pc capabilities and not even know it.
    Then you can have your Dell back

  42. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, he's gonna work just 9 -- NINE -- more years and then he will retire at age 70. Just biding his time...

  43. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

    Go Warriors!!!
    Beat USC!!!

  44. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    He shouldn't have to bide his time. He should do what he enjoys doing. He should enjoy life.

  46. djmitcho:

    Its fourth down. Let's Go for it!!

  47. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, yeah, it's sad, isn't it? Why can't he be like me? I am very happy just blogging all day long. And my friends aren't imaginary, either!

  48. d1島:

    It's shishi time....

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  49. Stephen Tsai:

    I guess Roy Williams didn't carry Dez Bryant off the field.

  50. Stephen Tsai:

    No, no, no, Gigi.
    My friends are real. My readers are imaginary.

  51. gigi-hawaii:

    CSBoy, even my husband doesn't know what you mean. Maybe, we should call the Apple store and find out.

  52. d1島:

    Nice that Shane Austin took the OL to Camp Timberline...

    Not so nice to see anyone riding in the bed of a pickup :=( :shock: :roll:

  53. d1島:

    I imagine that's right!

  54. Stephen Tsai:

    Want to feel old? Go to an Apple store.
    Want to feel confused? Try to find a cashier at an Apple store.

  55. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, look at all your "imaginary" readers who show up at your parties. You are very popular.

  56. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm not popular. UH football is popular.

  57. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, well, let's put it this way: If you started a personal blog, called ST'S BLOG, it would be an instant hit. I kid you not.

  58. d1島:

    Congratulations jmxxxx!

  59. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    d1 -
    I imagine that's someting you might say. :lol:

  60. d1島:


    Shilla-winnah! :-)

  61. d1島:

    Imagine that!

  62. d1島:

    Imagine Coco...

  63. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    I can't imagine why you'd think that!

  64. d1島:

    I imagine the roads are a little wet this morning...

  65. madeinhawaii:

    Tombo Ahi reports that Ikaika Alama Francis has moved to the OLB position and looks like he's practicing with the 1st team...

    Morning morning..good morning all!

  66. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #62 -
    You're scoring huge points on the subtle yet hilarious scale!
    Unless you're talking about the Coco who likes to flirt with the door.
    That's something entirely different.

  67. d1島:

    Imagine if the Warriors are 3 and 0 on 9/19/10....

  68. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I imagine you're right, Pu'owaina has had steady rain all morning. Do you imagine its affecting the camping for Austin and the others?

  69. d1島:

    I imagine guys that age don't really care if it's raining...

  70. d1島:

    I imagine Avis' work efforts are always "heart-felt"...

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  71. Stephen Tsai:

    I imagine if I keep mocking Apple stores they'll stop posting iPhone spam on this site.

  72. d1島:

    I imagine Scott Morifuji is the best person to help with that....

  73. Bowwar:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  74. d1島:

    I imagine many will agree with Slugger's "separated at birth" assessment of ColomaOhana and that soccer player.

  75. Stephen Tsai:

    As I understand it, the Star-Advertiser is going to crank up the football coverage starting this week. Three stories a day. For home games, we're going to have two columnists (Reardon, "Ferd") and three sidebar reporters (Kaneshiro, Hull, McInnis).

  76. Stephen Tsai:

    I imagine I should be doing something else at the moment than watching "17 Again" on HBO.

  77. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, ran into the Beast at UH yesterday.
    Sounds like he's back on track academically.
    He won't be on the 105 training-camp roster because he has to redshirt this season.
    Also ran into Ron McBride this past week in Utah. He's sad that the Beast left him.

  78. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Throw in the Dean of UH and WAC football writers and the SA has the Warriors covered very well, I imagine.

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    To the theme of "17 Again," if we were to go back in time, and were 17 again, with all of the accumulated knowledge, would we be cooler than we were?
    Uh, probably not.
    Maybe it would be better if we could go back 17 days.

  80. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    ST -- I'd settle for 17 years back in time... :|

  81. d1島:

    I imagine for some the "accumulated knowledge" might only make them more neurotic than they were at 17!

    btw, did anyone really believe Janis Ian was that woeful when she was 17?

  82. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Michael Tsai is a helluva writer. Today's installment of "Incidnetal Lives" - awesome.

  83. madeinhawaii:

    Imagine telling all your 17 y/o friends what the world will be like when they get to the impossible 50's... Would they believe? Could you prevent the death or tragedies involving some of them? Should you even try? Can you remember the games UH almost won and send letters to the coach to tell them to be aware of.... Could you live with yourself after having cheated 'fate' and maybe taking credit for the things you make 'happen'?

  84. Lux Painter:

    Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, on eyeing some beauty walking down the street, sighed and said "ha, to be 70 again!"

  85. d1島:


    Would you throw to Walter Murray?

  86. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I imagine she may actually have been that troubled at 17.

    17 is magic for some kids, not so magic for others, I imagine.

    I imagine I'd like to come back 17 years ago and invent Facebook and YouTube.

  87. d1島:

    I imagine this would be something special to see...

    If and when unsigned first-round draft pick Tyson Alualu of Honolulu reports to the Jacksonville Jaguars camp, he'll take part in a training camp tradition — a one-on-one confrontation called the Oklahoma drill.

    The drill pits blocker vs. defender in a run-blocking/run-stuffing drill. Coach Jack Del Rio allows to make requested matchups.

    Alualu, a Saint Louis School and California alum, has requested to face Farrington and Hawaii alum Vince Manuwai, according to the team's website. However, Manuwai already had approached Del Rio beforehand and requested the same matchup. Del Rio has honored Manuwai's request.

  88. GRM:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it!!

  89. d1島:

    I imagine the blog will still be here later.....

  90. chopsueyboy:


    shut down your mac

    after power is off

    press option key and continue to hold down
    now press the power on button while still holding option key down
    until you see the screen give you a choice of mac or pc
    then you can release the option button
    select the pc and enter
    and you should be able to enter the pc side of the macbook

    hope this helps
    I gotta go on the road for deliveries
    will check back later

  91. SteveM:

    July 31st, 2010 at 12:15 am
    Question kind sir, have you ever been to Tahiti and does it come close to Hawaii in terms of weather and scenic view ? ...

    RainbowCliff -- sorry, I went back to editing my cruise pix from last week, then fell asleep. NO, I have never been to Tahiti, so have no opinion. In fact, it is one of my life's little frustrations that I have never crossed the equator.

    But FWIW, Costa Rica is a lot like Hawaii except for the crocodiles and brown sand.

  92. Slugger:

    Thanks, al... I feel for Kawika and Tank... Heal up soon, guys.

  93. madeinhawaii:

    Today's magic number is 33... as in 33 days and 6 hours to GAME TIME!
    Tick tick tick tick...
    tock.. tock ... tock.. tock..
    tick. tock.. tick tock..

    Summer Camp in 4 days..

  94. Don Weir:

    I read Ferd's column today and saw some points: no UH rivalries.

    Natural rivalries occur with Navy and Army as their head coaches played at UH and now coach opposing teams. I know that when we played San Jose many of us were out to put a little more H in the 'hit' as Coach Cal Murphy recruited many of us and then left for SJSC.

    San Diego State used to be a great rivalry as many of their sports teams went head to head in recruiting the same players as UH. SDSU was scared of the Stan Sheriff Center as a recruiting tool so they solicited Cox Cable to underwrite much of the Cox Arena.

    Air Force was a good one as well since they threw the ball so much and the scores of the games showed true offensive power.

    BYU: need I say more.

    Rivalries develop over time. Once the WAC spilt up many of the rivalries faded into the forgotten past. Admin changes and scheduling problems forced previous administrations to schedule games that had no real draw power other than it being a UH game.

    I believe that is changing with a new Athletics Admin. It could change radically over the next 2-3 years as the conference shakeup continues.

    Bring back BYU, SDSU, Air Force, Navy, Army and let's see what shakes loose.

  95. Hilo Moon:

    Good Morning. It's fourth down. Let's go for it!

  96. SteveM:

    Carry over from last night's blog....

    Today is the U.S. Coast Guard's 219th Birthday celebration in Hawaii (at Barber's Point Air Station beach). Interestingly, it was our esteemed Navy person, SailorBlue, who indirectly alerted me. I salute your spirit, sir (and if you're a Coastie, you know that's kinda rare).

    I also ran into this very succinct overview of the U.S. Coast Guard...

    I remember trying to book a military discount once...the agent, from inland Texas, asked me if the Coast Guard was an "armed force of the United States". :|

  97. Slugger:

    Congrats, jm2375!

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it! ... the bathrooms won't be as crowded...

  98. Garret:

    Article about the battle for the #3 QB spot between Colt and Bartel. Colt points out that the winner will be decided in the preseason games.

    But although the practices are filmed and analyzed by the coaches, the battle between the two won’t be settled at Redskins Park.

    “What it comes down to is preseason, and that's what it always comes down to,” said Brennan.

  99. Garret:

    Of course, it might not matter that much who wins the #3 QB spot...since Shanahan may cut *both* QBs and keep just 2.

    Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan was asked about the battle for the No. 3 quarterback position, but that could be a spot on the depth chart that's irrelevant in September. Shanahan noted that for most of his career, he's only carried two quarterbacks in the regular season, which surely isn't a good news for Colt Brennan. Or Richard Bartel. Or maybe even Rex Grossman.

  100. Garret:

    Colt will be 27 before the season begins and he's never taken a snap in the regular season. For him, the limited reps he'll be getting in preseason will be like fourth down on every play and he'll have to do his best and go for it.

  101. lumster:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  102. Pomai:

    RainbowCliff try to imainge Hawaii 50 years ago, that's Tahiti.

  103. CoolEthan:

    Tahiti has caught up to the real world with fast food outlets. Big bummer

  104. CoolEthan:

    Bring Back the Paniolo Cup with Wyoming.

  105. Stephen Tsai:

    Tahiti is under French rule, right?
    Does it have American chains, like McDonald's?
    Hmm. Are there are fast-food chains internationally that are not available in the U.S.?

  106. CoolEthan:

    McD's, Pizza Hut, Subway so far. They all have international franchises. The French Govt. in Tahiti take a big chunk, but they do mega crazy business.

    The Lunch trucks are feeling the loss.

  107. d1島:

    Did Penny's Lunchwagon go to Tahiti? Miss that one...

  108. gigi-hawaii:

    We are guilty of having breakfast at McDonald's in Hong Kong and Tokyo, and lunch at Burger King (or was it McD?) in Seoul. The meals were much cheaper than in Hawaii!

  109. CoolEthan:

    No A&W Drive in, or In & Out Burgers. My fav's

  110. gigi-hawaii:


    Thanks. I printed your directions and will give it to Lisa to follow. I'll let you know if it works.

  111. Sabaman:

    stephen tsai do you have the names of the 105 uh football player roster . that made it for the summer camp .

  112. chawan_cut:

    whoa, what's going on here?
    PC doing the haka and actually scoring TDs?
    i don't remember any of that.

  113. Derek:

    To get us in the mood for the upcoming season what about posting the team resultls of the off season conditioning testing, like the weight lifting, running, agility, etc. Who made the most improvement and who made the most strides. What players have significantly improved their chances to play, or even moved up the depth chart, or even pushing for starting positions. That would get us excitied. I would assume that tomorrow you folks will post the fall camp roster since Sunday is a very big day. I also think the Star Advertiser should do a feature every day about one, maybe two players about them to introduce the players to the fans, such as background, intersts, major, playing experience, statistics, improvements, etc. Another suggestion: run a story every day about recruiting. People are always interested about recruiting and recruits. What players are sitting out the season for various reasons.

  114. d1島:


    Or have video chats covering those topix. :-(

  115. SteveM:

    RE: #90 & 110

    Excellent advice by Chopsueyboy. Note that success is based on both these conditions:

    1) That her MacBook is a newer one with an INTEL processor (approx 3 years).
    2) That Windows OS was ever installed (minimum of XP w/service pack 2) separately.

  116. papajoe2:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it!

  117. chopsueyboy:


    thanks for the add-on specs
    we only got the pc side for flowergirl one program
    and now she doesn't use it anymore
    but I'm happy with the Mac side of the MacBook Air

  118. Kamaaina94547:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  119. RainbowCliff:

    #14 Wassupdoc: Thank you for letting me know that post #190 from yesterday was spam as I really thought it was sincere from the individual who was really looking for comfort and information.

    I pretty much give anyone the benefit of the doubt but as your keen observent eye can recognize true posters from false.

    If I may ask what "CLUE" do you look for in identifying spam from the truth and how does it happen to get on this blog and can it be stopped ?

    Mahalo for your intelligence and "EXPERTISE" !

  120. RainbowCliff:

    #91 SteveM: Thanks for getting back to my question of your possible travel to Tahiti as I remember from my younger days seeing it advertise on city buses with a beautiful Island girl marketing tanning oil.

    Costa Rica has crocodiles and brown sand as the cuisine of rice and beans is favorable I assume but what do they eat for meat and drink as "cuba livre" does that exist among the Island locals ?

  121. TChahng:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

    Pick me Avis!

  122. Ipu Man:

    Rainbow Cliff,
    Those spammers never mention football or food, nor
    any sport.

  123. Stephen Tsai:

    I do have what is believed the closest to the 105 roster.
    It runs in tomorrow's paper.

  124. Stephen Tsai:

    There still are some questions marks.
    For instance: Veni Manu.
    I've spoken to Manu several times, as well as people on both sides of the issue, and I still can't get a reading on his situation.
    As far as I can tell, he did everything he could to be eligible. And yet ...
    I think somebody is supposed to sign off on it. Don't know who that somebody is. But he supposedly is enrolled in school.

  125. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the perspective on Tahiti.
    Don't know much about the place other than Marlon Brando had property there and it has kick-butt paddling teams.

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    One of the benefits of JJ's offense was that it taught the skills that made the offensive linemen attractive to NFL teams.
    I'm wondering if it's time for UH to go back to the 3-4. I mean, there already are elements of the 3-4 in the Okie and 4-5 packages. And, unlike 2005, when UH had too many NT types — that's why Reagan Mauia moved to running back and Lawrence Wilson never got on the field — only Vaughn Meatoga fits the true NT mode. A lot of the NFL teams are going with the 3-4, and, it appears that the NFL believes former Warriors Ikaika Alama-Francis and David Veikune make better stand-up pass rushers than down linemen.
    Your thoughts?

  127. RainbowCliff:

    #102 Pomai: IMAGINE Hawaii 50 years ago will be in 1970 as I came on board in 1976 as Blaisdel was the place for entertaining, Magoos Pizza was fast and friendly with Ala Moana housing crazy shirts and Liberty House being the store for die hard shoppers !

    Hawaii 5-0 will that resemble Tahiti much as the Island was very young back in Steve McGarret days ?

    Off the topic sir I received a receipt from the UH Foundation for the $200.00 donation that I specify for the wahine softball bracelet fund BUT it has "Hui Kako'o Pa'ani Pohili" as the recipient with my deepest fears the funds donated from myself and Father Sky Walker went to the wrong specification !

    Can you clarify ?

  128. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, somebody called me about Malcolm Lane today.
    No, he won't be playing.
    The team — not the school — placed him on academic suspension in the fall of 2009. He apparently did not do well academically that semester, either, although he still remained in good standing with the school. But then he did not attend several meetings, and was again suspended. He claimed he did not have to attend the meetings because he was told to focus on school. UH felt otherwise, feeling the lack of communication meant disinterest. He had a meeting with the coaches and was told he would be allowed back, but only as a walk-on. He hasn't been heard from since.

  129. OldDiver:

    I'm guessing the problem with us going to the 3-4 was a lack of quality linebackers. Mack is clearly recruiting better so maybe a 3-4 will be in the future.

  130. bb:

    Spammers mention ipods and ipads and how gloriously wonderful, insightful and how so bad they want to link to this blog.

  131. OldDiver:

    When there is a communication breakdown between the coaches and one out of a hundred players, I have to place the responsibility on the player for not following through.

  132. Matt:


    Hui Kako'o Pa'ani Pohili is the name of the Wahine softball team's booster club. Your money went to the right place. My receipt says the same thing.

  133. OldDiver:


    I have to believe someone is fudging the truth here. I can't believe no one knows whats going on.

  134. Stephen Tsai:

    I was crunching the numbers, and it appears that Aaron Brown and Paipai Falemalu are sharing the same spot in the base 4-3. Withi Corey Paredes at buck linebacker, and George Daily-Lyles in the middle — yes, he's entering camp as the No. 1 middle — then one of the Warriors' top playmakers (Brown or Falemalu) won't be on the field. If they went to the 3-4, then Falemalu and Brown could be bookends, with Daily-Lyles and Paredes in the middle.
    Then again, what the heck do I know?

  135. Ralph:

    bring back Jerry Glanville, 3-4 defense with lots of blitz packages. A few said we should get rid of him and use the 4-3 because our players were better suited for the 4-3. But I think bloggers were hoping for a change to see their own favorite players having more playing time. Bottom line, as Pride stated, you got to tackle, no matter what alignment, if you do your assignment and tackle you get the job done.

  136. RainbowCliff:

    #122 Ipu Man: Thank you for the spammers tip as football, food or any sport is the key as I won't get stooped again !

    "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me as I won't be shamed again" !

  137. Stephen Tsai:

    I love the generosity of the fans in buying bracelets for the Rainbow Wahine softball team. But I don't think UH officials should get off the hook, either. It should be like a 401K. If, say, fans raise several thousands for bracelets, then UH should put a matching amount into the program's discretionary fund. Or maybe UH should pay for a banquet for the team.

  138. RainbowCliff:

    #132 Matt: Mahalo for the clarification as I am RELEIVED to say the least as my FAITH in the UH Foundation has been restored !

  139. RainbowCliff:

    WOW Mr. Tsai ! Is it really that BAD the Athletic department cannot fit the bill for even a banquet for those softbow wahines who brought pride, respect and national attention to a fleeing program that can't match funds being raised ?

    MAN that is so lame and pathetic !

  140. Garret:

    Ryan Mouton was the first team CB in the Titans' first day of camp.

    It was a bit of a surprise, but Coach Jeff Fisher said not a lot should be read into it. Jason McCourty worked with the starters most the offseason, although rookie Alterraun Verner got some work there as well.

    “I improved in the offseason and grasped the defense,’’ Mouton said. “Everyone wants the job and I am trying to prove that I belong out there.’’

  141. Garret:

    Author of a new book about the development of offensive football talked about Mouse Davis. The book has a chapter on the spread offense and the influence that Mouse has had on the game.

    GV: Mouse Davis is a legend in our area, and really made his name with his Run-and-Shoot offense at Portland State in the late 1970s. Everyone here is partial to him and considers him a bit of a football genius. How is he viewed by coaches and football officionados in other parts of the country??

    TL: I think Mouse is viewed with a mix of curiosity and reverence in the football world. There are a lot of young coaches who ask if I talked to Mouse and clearly only know of him as that crazy Run-and-Shoot coach from way back when. But there are at least as many people who I came across – probably more – who respect Mouse as one of the real innovators in the game’s history. And I’ll say this: There’s nobody out there who hasn’t heard of Mouse.

  142. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm not sure, but it seems like it's the booster clubs that put on the banquets.
    But, obviously, football, men's basketball and the volleyball clubs have bigger booster clubs.
    And the timing is bad because the Rainbow Wahine end their softball season usually after the conclusion of the spring semester.
    But, still ...

  143. RainbowCliff:

    Mr. Tsai all I can say is WOW and MAHALO to the Tsaikos for coming through with their monetary donations to RECOGNIZE these OUTSTANDING ladies !

    SPECIAL thanks to Pomai and Kazz for their "die hard" leadership as it was contagious that those who could give got the SPIRIT from these two OUTSTANDING gentlemen as I am humble that I could provide !

    Have a good evening as tomorrow I and my LA Hawaii Chapter will feed 60 incoming freshmen UH students and parents at Emerson Park in Torrance, California with an "Aloha Feast" and program as we get them ready for you good folks of Hawaii Nei and prepare them for academic excellence and culture enrichment !

    Good Night folks and thank you for your GREATNESS !

  144. d1島:

    B$-You is on pace to sell about the same number of season tickets as last season...20,669 processed as of Thursday. 21,782 sold last year, down 2.7% from record sales in 2008.

    They have sold 7,000 tickets for their season opener vs. VaTech

    ....despite the fact that it will be in 3D.

  145. gigi-hawaii:

    d1, I just came back from watching a 3D movie at the Dole Theaters. Believe me, it's not that great. I would just as soon watch a 2D movie on my HDTV at home.

  146. Michigan Warrior:

    #108... Gigi...

    While stationed at Camp Casey in Korea, we often visited the Burger Kings on Army bases, or the McDonalds on the Air Force bases. We also had to stop in at Burger Kings and Pizza Huts off base, like those found in Itaewon. When it comes to off-base eateries, prices at the burger places were usually cheap, while Pizza Hut always seemed to be extra expensive. The burgers used didn't taste like 100% Angus beef, so we usually went with the chicken sandwiches. Pizza Hut, on the other hand, was definitely "da bomb"! So, the extra high prices were justified, in our opinion.
    When I was stationed at Camp Zama in Japan, I remember going out to explore in some marketplaces away from any military base. It was several stops away from where we lived, via their awesome train system... (something we could really use to help alleviate traffic in Hawaii).

    After a long morning, we decided to stop in at a local McDonalds to take in some noodles and soda. After looking at how much yen we had, we decided to skip the meal and just have some coffee, and just head back home, since we didn't have much money to really shop. Once home, we decided to calculate how much it cost for the various things we bought. Lo and behold, the tiny sip of coffee I had (approximately 4-5 ounces) cost the equivalent of nearly five US dollars! We never ever stopped at any US eateries in Japan for the duration of my assignment. Those sushi bars, with the conveyor belts snaking through the restaurant, those were our favorites from then on.

  147. Pomai:

    Softball team - granted you guys are right the school should do something, but they don't so who cares, the girls will get what they deserve period. News of the new and improved Na Wahine Softball booster club will be forth coming within the next week.

  148. d1島: writer rips B$-You's Prez for his tear at Idaho football.

    Never again, Boise State.
    I've always taken up your cause when power-conference teams have ducked you Smurf-Turf titans. Not anymore. Not since you began acting just like the snobs who have looked down their facemasks at the Broncos for years. Thanks to this Idaho flap, you've forfeited your right to ever complain about any program that -- due to fear, multinational conspiracy or a plain old lack of respect -- declines to schedule you.
    You joined the Mountain West, Broncos, not the Skull and Bones. You're not too good to play Idaho, the in-state rival you've faced every year since 1971. You're certainly not too good to face the Vandals in Moscow.

  149. d1島:

    Apparently, some readers in Idaho feel the same way.

    SI's guy hit on the head. This is what is so funny. I could care less if BSU plays idaho, i get the financial reason's, the same way i was against teams from USC or UW or somewhere which seats 80k fans would come to boise and lose all that money for what potential gain? Of course i was killed by bsu fan for saying it, and now you all are the EXACT SAME THING. of course now it will be explained away like everything else.

    funny how the rest of the nation sees this issue and how bsu fan zone sees it.

    a rivalry is about hate, it's about loathing everything about the person and university. go try a uw/oregon, ucla/usc or osu/oregon game just for starters, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of SEC rivalries.

    It's like you all expect someone who's a rival to kiss your ____. nice call.

  150. d1島:


    You gotta use the glasses!

  151. madeinhawaii:

    With the outstanding seasons that B$U has been having, makes you wonder if 25K is the max number of season ticket fans they can muster now or in the near term future.

  152. gigi-hawaii:

    M. Warrior,

    Tokyo has the BEST sushi, which puts Japanese restaurants in Hawaii, like Genki Sushi, to shame.

    As for Seoul, when you're as hungry as we were, a burger hits the spot!

  153. gigi-hawaii:


    Glasses are another reason for not caring much for 3D. So uncomfortable!

  154. Slugger:

    Rainbow Cliff,

    Thank you for providing the welcome dinner for the incoming UH students & their parents in LA. The Hawaiian club at NAU started doing that the first weekend that the parents were in town with their students. I think it helps to ease the minds of parents to know that their children will be taken care of when they're away from home. In fact, Alvin Katahara, UH-Foundation, attended a dinner with his wife & son who was at NAU for a couple of years.

    Team banquets are paid for through the Foundation accounts, so, therefore, the boosters.

  155. Mad Dog:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  156. Ralph:

    unfortunately most of the UH sports programs do not have a booster organization, and those that do, not all of them are large or well financed.

    From a long coma the Na Wahine softball booster club is awakening, thanks to the healing hands and nurturing from a transplanted hill billy from West Virginia. He is often flabbergasted by the way the game is played-slap hitting, subbing players in and out, designated players-strange rules, but his heart is bigger than his understanding of the game, for that we are thankful as he leads the charge to make things pono for the Na Wahine. Hopefully the booster by laws are acted upon sooner than later by Clapp and Katahara, without a set of by laws, Pomai can't officially move forward.

  157. Ralph:

    Rainbowcliff your donation did go to the UH foundation account-softball, the name in the form letter was the listed name of a none functioning booster club that is carried on the books. Bob Coolen is the only active organizer of the boosters for the last several years. Thanks for the donation. the name can be found on the AKA site, go to individual sports-softball, you'll see a picture of coolen and a message from him with the name of the booster club in the message

  158. Ralph:

    Rainbow cliff the old by laws were in place since 1985, Pomai is up dating it and now we wait for the bureaucracy called UH.

  159. A-House:

    all day, i was posting on the "old" post by ST because i only concentrated on the time of day.

    lucky me that Midori7 taught me several steps in pulling the current post on the screen so i wouldn't look so dumb.

    many years ago, my rommie from Molokai via Lahainaluna, UH grad with a degree in Agricluture, was recongnized as a VIP by UH whose last assignment with the Feds was Deputy Under Secretry of Agriculture, Far East taught me this song.

    " enjoy your self it's later than you think"
    " enjoy your self while you're still in the pink"
    " the years go by as quickly as a wink"
    " ejnoy your self, enjoy your self it's later than you think"

    Ever see a lefty play the uke?

  160. Slugger:


    I got my copy of the OHA paper, Ka Wai Ola, today and it is a nice article by Howard Dashefsky on the "Warriors: The Team of Polynesia".

  161. PowderPuff:

    Wow, did we have some sort of "blog blackout?" Had a hard time getting on in the last hour...went to an error page. Hope last night's fund-raiser was super successful for the ladies. Aloha to July - onto August, and a step closer to FOOTBALL. :)

  162. al:

    david katina is in the house

    so many of you, myself included, have been wondering if american samoa recruit david katina was still committed since no one has reported his whereabouts.

    well, tonight he was introduced by his uncles at the stan sheriff as the newest american samoan uh warrior. his uncles, all five, play in the band, the katinas.

  163. al:

    any japanese will tell you that genki sushi is to japan as mcdonald's is to america.

    it's fast foods.

    no one has ever gone to genki for quality.

  164. Pcwarrior:

    Al, I was there too! It was a nice round of applause for him too!!! I too, was pleased to hear that announcement!!!

    GO WARRIORS!!! Down with USC

  165. al:

    cool pcwarrior.

  166. Slugger:


    I wished either you or Stretch were at the soccer fund-raiser last night. There was a silent auction item for a golf foursome with Charlie Wade; I thought you guys might have liked it. The last bid I saw for it 1/2 hour before it closed was $75. I think it went for a steal. Charlie was the only coach in another sport to donate something to the silent auction, according to the organizer. Such a good guy!

  167. al:

    two nights of japanese cuisine.

    last night maguro-ya.
    tonight, sushi king.

    good thing i japanese ne?

  168. Slugger:


    How's Sushi King? I walk by there often, but have never eaten there.

  169. SteveM:

    I ate my favorite chicken katsu at Genji's tonight... thought about it even when on the cruise. :) Very slow night and cuz Gaye had time to chat and said she will open up at 0545 on September 11 for the UH-Army PPV game.

    She said they will prepare a modest all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast again if there is sufficient interest. I await further fuud info before collecting RSVP info...probably in late August.

  170. al:

    all indications are that masoli will be a rebel as in ole miss. he was there today and told a confidant that he will most likely go there even though florida came knocking on the door.

    a lil birdie also stated that a former coordinator info'd mack of masoli's availability back then when he was exiting ccsf. but, it fell on deaf ears. and again a couple of weeks ago.

  171. al:

    slugger...sushi king good bang for the buck.
    lots of lunchtime and late night specials under ten bucks.

    however, my fav is three course teishoku at 24.95; miso soup, japanese salad, tsukemono, namasu, endless bowl of rice, hot tea, choice of three entrees. my picks are deep fried oyster, broiled unagi, and chicken karaage. also comes jello for dessert.

  172. Ala Wai:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

  173. al:

    tell gaye why not just serve an omelet bar. cut fruit, toast, rice, home made hash browns and pancakes to order.

    another fun breakfast is having a fried rice station. fried rice to order based on customer's choice of ingredients and topped with two eggs any style. bacon, sausages, etc.(i am giving away my secrets).

    and of course champagne by the glass.

  174. Pcwarrior:

    It's fourth down. Let's go for it.
    Hoping for a high number!

  175. Slugger:

    Tsaikos would want to have fried rice AND an omlette...

    K, night all!

  176. RainbowCliff:

    #154 Madam Slugger Good Morning !

    Miss Wahine you are SO VERY MUCH welcome to I and my LA Chapter support for our efforts of providing the in-coming 2010-2011 UH Southern California freshmen an "Aloha Feast" in which over the years has been highly succesful !

    The food is either home cooked by many of the Chapter members or bought from local Hawaiian restaurants here in Los Angeles. Menu includes: rice, teriyake ribs & bbq chicken, katsu chicken, beef stew, macaroni salad, mix green salad, kalua pork & cabbage, lau lau, tempura shrimp, guava chiffon cake, macadamian nut cookies, Hawaiian sweet bread, Hawaiian sun drinks, guava juice, beverages, water and kona coffee for "NERVOUS" parents !

    WE don't play when it comes down to this aloha send off as the park is fully decorated with balloons as Hawaiian music feels the air as we permit a section months a head of time. Raffle of Hawaiian prizes to all in attendance with program of local hula dancers performing as we really get them "READY" for the aloha spirit !

    We quiz them on Hawaiian folk lore and at the very end of the program we stand up before the large audience and give them a testimony of our experiences during our time as graduates from the University as you can hear a "pin drop" with these young eyes just FOCUS to every word we say on the aloha spirit and quality education they will receive from Manoa !

    Simply the best, better then all the rest !

    Mahalo for your GREATNESS !

  177. RainbowCliff:

    #157 Ralph: Mahalo kind sir for the clarification to the wahine booster club !

    If you can link that aka site for me I would appreciate as I am off early this morning to exercise then prepare for the UH freshmen Aloha Feast this afternoon for incoming students.

    Will catch up with you good folks later on the blog as "ALOHA" is calling me this morning to deliver the goods as my "HAWAII NEI INSPIRATION" is on with Cazimero Brothers and Na Leo giving me the WONDERFUL music to keep me pumped up ALL DAY !

    Thank you Tsaiko Nation for your GREATNESS !

  178. Michigan Warrior:

    #176... RainbowCliff...

    That is simply outstanding! Thank you for doing what you do. Every little bit of aloha spread around on the mainland is contagious! I bet all participants really enjoy all the festivities, food, etc.


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