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July 31st, 2010

• As part of team bonding, quarterback Shane Austin treated the offensive linemen to an outing at Camp Timberline yesterday. Here are Laupepa Letuli and Adrian Thomas ready to roll:


• Defensive back Kawika Borden, who has been impressive in summer workouts, is suffering from osteitis pubis  and will miss training camp. The same injury hindered cornerback Tank Hopkins, who might redshirt this season.

• Just saw the latest UH roster, and noticed it included Skye Kaapuni, a former Pearl City High receiver. Here's his highlight video: Skye.

• And Mei Ling submits this picture from last night's fund-raiser for the UH soccer team:


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Avis has selected jm2375 as the winner of something that is like a UH football media guide.

We have yet another one to give away. To enter, please post: It's fourth down. Let's go for it.

Avis picks a winner tonight.

avisI was asked how Avis goes about choosing a winner. She gives me a number, and I match it to the corresponding post. So, if she says, "45," then post No. 45 is the winner. But if that post did not submit an entry, then the 45th person to have submitted an entry is declared the winner.

Why Avis? Some had questioned (complained?) about the process, especially when JoJo's sister was drawing names. So I asked my friend, and she recommended her best friend, Avis. She's a cardiac nurse, so I figure she's somewhat impartial.

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