School of Hard Knocks

August 12th, 2010

I like HBO and I love the J-E-T-S, but that was cold for "Hard Knocks" to air the scene where former Warrior lineman Aaron Kia is being released. As Kia told the Warrior Beat, the show took a private moment and made it public. Even UH's Board of Regents knows that personnel decisions should go into executive decision. 

One of the scenes not shown is when former UH linebacker Brashton Satele agrees to carry starting linebacker David Harris' bags. But Satele reportedly turned down a request to carry a backup's bags. 

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KGMB has an agreement to show all of the New England Patriots' preseason games, which means that today's game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys will not air. Colt Brennan is expected to play in the second half for the Raiders. 

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UH rush end Siaki Cravens will miss an undisclosed number of practices because of a strained shoulder. He was wearing a sling yesterday. Cravens is not expected to miss the Sept. 2 season opener. The Warriors have been relatively healthy this training camp, a tribute their offseason conditioning program.

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Thanks to Slugger, Rich Sheriff and the newly reformed Rainbow Wahine Softball Booster Club, we have some old school apparel to give away. We'll start off with a Rainbow cap and Koa Anuenue polo shirt. Sorry, but "large" is the biggest size we have. 


If you wish to enter, please post: Book 'em, Danno. 

Avis will choose a winner tonight.

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  1. Garret:

    I think that I'd seen it reported that the new field turf for Aloha Stadium will cost about $1.5 million, with the state paying $1 million and the NFL picking up the rest. The strange thing is that Nevada just got new field turf installed for under $500k, all paid for by donations. This kind of adds to the discussion about how construction expenses seem to be higher in Hawaii.

    The Wolf Pack is putting the finishing touches on installing new FieldTurf in Mackay Stadium. The project, which started July 6, cost between $460,000-$465,000, Nevada’s associate athletic director Keith Hackett said Friday.

    Hackett said the project was funded by donors and has been three years in the making. He said it will actually save Nevada money in the long term over the cost of upkeeping a grass field, which he projected to cost about $50,000 annually.

  2. Garret:

    Phil Steele judges UH's home field advantage to be the 9th biggest in the country. BSU is #1 for home field advantage.

  3. Garret:

    NMSU just banned its players from using Twitter.

    On Wednesday, Aug. 11, NM State head football coach DeWayne Walker announced that he has banned the team from using Twitter during the season.

    Earlier this week, Boise State head football coach Chris Peterson also banned the use of Twitter for the Broncos.

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    Good point, Garret.
    I wonder if Aloha Stadium's infrastructure also has something to do with the higher costs. I know prep work usually is a significant part of turf installations.

  5. chopsueyboy:

    Top Ten!

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

    Good Luck Colt!

  6. Garret:

    One reason why BSU has been consistently good: It pays its assistant coaches more than any WAC or MWC school and only 2 Pac-10 public schools seem to pay their assistants more.

    Dan Hawkins was paid $150,000 as the head coach in 2001 - less than all but one current assistant.

    And based on salary figures compiled by USA Today last year, only two public schools in the three Football Bowl Subdivision conferences in the West paid their assistants more than $1.8 million - UCLA and Washington of the Pac-10.

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Home field.
    I'm glad that officiating wasn't mentioned, as it usually is.
    Especially this season, when there will be "WAC crews" as opposed to last year, when the WAC, MWC and Big 12 used combined crews.

  8. Garret:


    But more than 3x the cost is really significant. That type of multiplier could make it really difficult for a new stadium to be constructed in Hawaii.

  9. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Top Ten!

  10. Slugger:

    Good morning!!!

    Practice! KK, you going?

    Hope Siaki's shoulder heals quickly. He's fast.

    Good luck to Kia in the search for a team.

  11. Garret:

    I like that BSU ties the raises of its coaches to the number of wins the team gets, with a bonus for bowls.

    The new contracts provide a 5 percent raise for eight regular-season wins, a 7.5 percent raise for 10 wins or a 10 percent raise for a WAC title. The bowl bonus is $3,000, or 5 percent of a coach's salary for a Bowl Championship Series appearance.

  12. EastManoa:

    Anyone who reads this blog should go and order HBO to watch Hard Knocks, or at least go to a cousins house (with a scrambler) and watch for an hour a week. I have a feeling Satele is going to be a main character on the show, following him to see if he makes the team or not. Great Stuff. And I agree that was horrible when they aired what Rex Ryan said about Kia. I guess they had to live up to the name of the show....Hard Knocks!

  13. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hard Knocks needs some Cold Slaps!

    If their show ever gets cancelled, I hope the cameras are rolling on their producers, directors and editors!

  14. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Kia should be playing somewhere!

  15. Slugger:

    Good luck to Colt! Wish we could watch him tonight. :(

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thank you madeinhawaii!


    August 11th, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys 9pm EST... 3pm HST

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    GO COLT!!!

    BEAT USC!!!

  18. chopsueyboy:

    NM State head football coach DeWayne Walker announced that he has banned the team from using Twitter during the season.

    Earlier this week, Boise State head football coach Chris Peterson also banned the use of Twitter for the Broncos.

  19. chopsueyboy:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  20. tommui:

    Book 'em, Danno.

    Good morning Hawaii!

  21. Stretch:

    Re: Higher Construction Costs - Someone needs to pay for all the campaign contributions that are "solicited"

  22. Ipu Man:

    Made in Hawaii...luv that name...
    double meaning...should be a tee shirt...
    THANKYOU for the Justin TV watch NFL link!!!!

  23. Garret:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    I wish every year were an election year. I don't mind the traffic jams because roads are being repaired and people are working. OK, maybe I don't like the Pali being fixed while I'm heading to town. But it's not like I was going to make it practice on time, anyway.

  25. Ipu Man:

    Rainbow Cliff, I wish you a rainbow over you and your new pool
    and yard!

  26. Ipu Man:

    ST, Hawaii time, don't sweat it...
    except when refs make wrong calls...

  27. greenthumb:

    #16 DPK, thank you for posting (reposting?) this!

    But help, it says "windows media player" and I'm on a Mac. :( It also mentions two other players you can download, but I try to keep unknown stuff off my computer and am not familiar with the names the site mentions. Anyone familiar with sopcast or tvu, which it links to? Or is there a better alternative?

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Book 'em Danno!

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    George Gusman, who is a Big 12 referee, has been taking officiating reps this training camp. It's been helpful to him (keeps him sharp) and to the Warriors (he'll let them know when they're committing penalties). Today, he gives a session on the new rules to the players.

  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    greenthumb -

    Sorry, I can't help you with Mac. SteveM is a big time Mac guy. He should be on here before too long. Address your questions to him and you'll have better luck. madeinhawaii might be able to help as well.


  31. Stephen Tsai:

    Interesting about raises (rather than bonuses) for BSU victories.

  32. aikea:

    "Book'em Danno." "seal the rock" "heading mauka on ala wai" etc..... love that show.

  33. Tanks Ah!:

    Hey Stephen, ask the players how many fingers Cody Afusia has. I had a blast with the team last night.

    Tanks Ah!

  34. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, Satele is going to be a main character. He said they've mic'd him several times.
    Unfortunately for the Warriors, there's no HBO in training camp. They weren't able to see the episode.

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    I'll be sure to bring a camera to practice today ... hey, I think I'd better hit the Pali now. Practice starts in nine minutes. If anybody asks ... construction on the road.

  36. Last Call:

    Look for the The Oakland - Dallas game on Justin TV.I'm betting it will be there.

  37. madeinhawaii:


    I've had sopcast on my computer for over a year.. no problems ... yet. But then, I have a PC.

    Dadada dah dahh dahhhh.... dadada dah daaaahhhh....

    Book 'em Danno!

  38. Last Call:

    Little League Semi with Waipio and Arizona scheduled for 5 pm on ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 on the computer ,free for Hawaiiantel DSL users.

  39. al:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  40. Last Call:

    Forgot that is tomorrow not today on the Little league game

  41. Okole Maluna:

    If you have DirecTV Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys tomorrow @ 9am - noon HST
    and pre-season games all day.

    You can watch every NFL games for less than PPV on UH Warriors on Oceanic... that's 14 NFL games every weekend LIVE... and on your laptop or over your cell phone for $9.00+ extra/mo.
    I've also watched may UH games from Westcoast channels for free.

  42. cheepono:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  43. RedZone:

    greenthumb I use Flip4Mac which is a quicktime pugin. It lets me watch Windows Media files and you can download it at the Apple Website.

  44. jkk808:

    Cold was Rex Ryan calling Kia "awful", although to be fair, he looked awful.

    Showing players being cut is part of what Hard Knocks is all about, documenting the realities of training camp and appearances by the turk are mandatory.

  45. RedZone:

    And it is free.

  46. cheepono:

    Practice was looking very lively today. Good to see the centers, qbs, and running backs working on drills together. The combo of tiwanak/moniz/green looked crisp. Not one dropped ball. Had a couple dropped exchanges with graves/dimude and nielson with his RB, but nothing some reps won't fix. Was very refreshing to see Rausch taking snaps from BIG #55. Coaches must be really high on Afusia to have given him Estes's number and he looked good as a center. Left early, but I must add... Mana Silva is a vocal AND passionate leader of this team. Lot of leadership parallels with Leonard Peters.

    Aloha Tsaikos!

    Go Warriors!

  47. bk:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  48. POHS:

    for the OAKLAND vs COWBOYS game today you can try this link to watch online!

  49. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Tsai-ko Cruiser Call today at noon. I think Alaska Inside Passage and shore excursions will be a major topic of discussion today. Most have been there and we have a first-time cruiser heading there next month. Lots of tips and shortcuts from the group--since Alaska can be one of the most costly cruises.

  50. Na Koa Mike:

    Former head coaches Dick Tomey, Bob Wagner and Jimmy Asato will be appearing on Na Koa Bowl which will be televised on August 17th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm on KFVE and OC16. The show will also be streamed on

    Don't forget to vote for your favorite moment in UH football.

  51. Dusting:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  52. Ipu Man:

    Why dincha say dat in da first place:
    Book 'em, Danno
    And go Colt!

  53. SteveM:

    August 12th, 2010 at 8:07 am
    #16 DPK, thank you for posting (reposting?) this!

    But help, it says "windows media player" and I'm on a Mac. It also mentions two other players you can download, but I try to keep unknown stuff off my computer and am not familiar with the names the site mentions. Anyone familiar with sopcast or tvu, which it links to? Or is there a better alternative?

    greenthumb -- yes, download Flip4Mac. It is "Windows Media Components® for QuickTime™ provides Windows Media video and audio playback in the QuickTime Player for Mac OS X.". It seamlessly plays .wmv movies in QuickTime player. Links to it are even on the Microsoft site:

    I have used and installed Flip4mac on school computers for 8-10 years. It works flawlessly and is FREE. It costs around $30 if you want the version that will allow you to edit movies without a watermark in QuickTime. Like Acrobat Reader, it is free. You buy Acrobat if you want to edit.

    I recommend Flip4Mac to all Mac users.

  54. Manoa Mist:

    I've watched Hard Knocks for few years now. They do show athletes getting cut and also show the coaches discussing the process that leads to the cuts. It's cold, but that's life in the big city.
    You know Hawaii Five O is filming right next door to us, they have a tent out and the food truck was there yesterday. Felt like walking over and saying

  55. biggestuhfan:

    Book 'em, Danno

  56. SteveM:

    Ahhh... redzone posted #43 while I was composing. I knew there was something I liked about him... :-) Hey, do you cruise?

  57. wafan:

    Good morning!

    Book 'em Danno.

  58. wafan:

    mih . . .

    Thanks for the Colt v Cowboys link.

    This is one colt that will not be broken!

  59. chopsueyboy:

    page 8 of 8 has a photo of Colt

  60. curious:

    the scenes setting up the release of aaron were mean spirited and cruel...showing the actual meeting where he was released was cruel and sad...i hope they don't make a fool out of brashton too, i'm afraid to watch next week now. i hate hbo and rex ryan.

  61. Blue Powder:

    Book 'em Danno!

  62. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...hope everyone has a good one...

    Pics from Practice????

    More reports???

    Did ST make it there already???


  63. greenthumb:

    redzone and SteveM and everybody, thank you for the replies and help!! :) Yes, I have Flip4Mac kicking around here somewhere ... had forgotten the name, which means it probably is a couple versions old, so will go now and update it. If memory serves, it also (used to anyway) have a cool utility that converted audio to text transcript, or maybe I am confusing it with something else.

  64. School of Hard Knocks - Hawaii News - club university:

    [...] here to see the original: School of Hard Knocks - Hawaii News - By admin | category: University of HAWAII | tags: city-boasts, downtown-hilo, field, [...]

  65. madeinhawaii:

    Ahh... the smell of turf being kicked up by cleats... the sound of shoulder pads bumping in the field... pigskin time ... just around the corner...

    Today's magic number is 21

    As in
    21 days to Warrior football..
    2+1 = 3 = at 3pm look for the Raiders and Colt Brennan in the 3rd quarter
    21.... 21st century football!!
    21 = 1+2+3+4+5+6 -- whoa how magic is that, eh?
    21 = $$ in Blackjack
    21 = drinking age
    21 = song from the Eagles
    Remember when Colt and fellow warriors had a sticker on their helmet in memory of Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins who wore #21?
    The Twenty-first Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, thereby ending Prohibition.

    Warriors IMUA!!

  66. Z-Trail:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  67. Ivy:

    Book 'em, Danno

  68. madeinhawaii:

    ST's there...
    he twitted 43 minutes ago...

    Today I learned there's training camp for shotput athletes.

  69. Zion:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  70. Zion:

    Although it was hard to watch Kia being bagged on and then eventually cut, it was good to see Hawaii football shirts on a lot of the hour show. Even Kemoeatu had one on! Hope Brashton makes it. He needs to get rid of the #48 if he makes it. LB's are 50's and 90's. If we see him issued a number like that, it is a good sign! I am also liking this years Hard Knocks. Ryan is very entertaining!

  71. jojo ®:

    Book 'em, Danno

  72. Anfield:

    Book'em, Danno.

  73. localboy:

    Book 'em, Danno

  74. Not an Expert:


    The reason for our higher cost is due to the middle men in our society. Call it the unions, the shipping company (protected under the Jones Act) and our government not researching and competing for the best bid without favors.

    However they do bring some positives but with higher cost.

  75. LizKauai \m/:

    Book 'em, Danno.

    GO COLT!!!

    A Hui Hi Ho!

  76. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Replays of "Hard Knocks" episodes can be seen on Hulu.

  77. Loa:

    morning gang!

    Book 'em Danno

  78. Loa:

    LizK - thanks for the news on Kea yesterday

    hope my channelsurfing works this afternoon

  79. Loa:

    hiya jojo!

  80. Loa:

    Garret - methinks the $1.5M includes the design costs too

  81. Computer Geeks columbus:

    Cool post. I'm totally looking forward to reading more articles.

  82. CoolEthan:

    The negatives outweight the positives with union control on construction.
    Look at every state in this country that is pro-union, and you will see a heavy tax burdened venue, with expenditures exceeding the tax base funds. New York is a prime example, as non-union construction takes a back seat, and there taxing everyone so heavily, the sensible people are leaving, no matter how little, or how much $ they have.

    Now look at all Right -to-work states. Many aredoing fine, but these states are much larger in population and overall demographics.

    Hawaii would be difficult to evolve into a right to work state, lacking competion in the work field and lack of development projects. It's not diverse enough here in the islands for this type of competition for all to survive.

  83. Shoko:

    Mahalo for the link MIH. You da man!

  84. CoolEthan:

    Go get 'em Colt.
    This is your day!

  85. jojo ®:

    HI LOA!

  86. (Jesse) James:


    Going back to a new stadium... if one were to be built on or near the new West Oahu Campus, the roads will have to be addressed now, before any more serious development is done. Traffic out there is already bad, and will only get worse. What about the opposite side of where the stadium is now? Where the State Fair is held? Is that area too small to build a new stadium? After it's built, the old one could be torn down for additional parking, or even a couple of parking structures/shopping centers/rail station.

    That was actually a proposal F. Fasi made about 12 years ago...Build a stadium in the lower Halawa lot area and when that was completed, knock down the old Aloha Stadium and convert that into the parking spaces. I think they ran some numbers and found it to be feasible...not sure though.. The only thing was that parking would be a mess for a few years but worth it...???

  87. RedZone:

    Ha, ha I was at hulu checking out Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe reminds me of Jim Varney.

  88. jojo ®:

    yes DPK, that was me, so Hiya! Right back atcha!

  89. papajoe2:

    Book 'em Danno
    Geevvuum Colt

  90. PONO:

    Book'em Danno

  91. Kyle:

    SFGate reports that with Oakland backup quarterbacks Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye out with wrist injuries, Colt Brennan will play the second quarter of tonight's Raiders/Cowboys game. Jason Campbell will play the first quarter, with Kyle Boller playing the last two quarters.

  92. Peter Sam:

    Book 'em, Danno

  93. Fran:

    Book 'em, Danno

  94. rage777:

    Book'em, Danno.

  95. Matt:

    They should hold an auction to sell sections of the old field turf. I think a lot of ex-players and fans would love to own a piece of the turf on which they had so many great memories. If there was a way to create a grid so that people could bid on a specific spot on the field, that would be even better. Imagine if people could bid on the spot that Colt stood when he set the single season record for touchdowns, the spot that Timmy Chang set his record for career passing yards, the spot that Chad Owens had one of his amazing returns, or the place in the end zone that Davone Bess made a spectacular catch. Since the field is only 7 years old, it wouldn't be too hard to research the most significant sections of turf by looking at the biggest plays of each home game.

  96. rajah:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  97. A-House:


    your #80 - how would design be involved if they will remove and install new turf?

    kinda weird that on the mainland turf can be installed for $500,000 and $1.5 million in Hawaii - that's a whole bunch of middlemen - appears some body is ripping off another!

  98. Loa:

    afternoon gang!

    A-House - design meaning that someone has to put together the bid package that would include plans and specs, also during construction you will have inspection costs

  99. Glenn:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  100. Loa:

    Matt - or someone could bid on the spot(s) that colt threw up on :)

  101. rage777:

    There is no way that the cost should be 3x as much as the mainland.

    1. There should be very little prep work since that was already done. You just have to remove the old turf smooth out some spots and lay the new turf down. Unless this is a totally different type of turf.
    2. Let's say that out of the $500k for the Nevada install $300k is for the actual turf. Let's also assume that the cost to ship it here would be $200k. The cost for prep work, maybe $50k. The biggest cost is usually labor which I will assume to be $500k. So the total could be $1 million. The costs for the permits and inspections should be pretty cheap since permits aren't usually associated with the cost of a job.
    3. The bid packages are not part of the cost to the state, those are costs to the company making the bid.
    4. The State of Hawaii should make this a price fixed deal so there are no hidden cost. The bids usually come out higher because the contractors don't want to get stuck with something, but it usually works out for both sides if done right. The State should also make incentives/dis-incentives like if you finish early you get some bonus, or for every week you are late 0.5% comes off the price.

    I think most of the cost is the way Hawaii is run, somebody's palm is probably getting greased. That was my biggest gripe about Hawaii when I lived there, nobody wants to change the way things are done. I don't know if it's just because of the Asian culture where you try not to disrupt things, or the people of Hawaii just want something to complain about (but not fix).

    Of course, I am no expert so take my words with a grain of salt.

  102. Ralph:

    hard knocks rebroadcast at 9 p.m. tonight or is it a new episode?

  103. rylen:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  104. Warrior Dave:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  105. madeinhawaii:

    How much did the turf cost at Ching?

  106. WarriorMojo:


    Colt's playing style is definitely reminiscent of Stabler's style. I would think most people who know anything about the two and have seen them both play -- as I have -- would agree. But if not, certainly reasonable minds can differ without name calling.

    On the other hand who in the world said anything about whether Colt's playing style will guarantee the same degree of success as Kenny? Talk about setting up a straw man.

  107. Stretch:

    Ching Field cost $1.2 million according to this Ka Leo article

  108. OldDiver:


    Garret have you been able to confirm the field turf numbers other than the newspaper article?

  109. Slugger:

    Back from walking around campus. Practice was...practice. Koakane said there's a sale going on at the Bookstore.

    Saw Kevin Spain. Surgery next week on his shoulder tear.

    Better get some errands done before 3 pm...

  110. madeinhawaii:


    Thanks for the link..

    "The turf comes in 15-foot panels (that) run from sideline to sideline, and there's a tape and glue that we use to secure the turf," said Sports Turf Hawai'i representative Logan Hamocon. "There are also roughly 230,000 pounds of sand that we put on and another 250,000 pounds of rubber, so that acts as a weight and balance."
    One notable difference between the T.C. Ching Field turf and the turf at Aloha Stadium will be an upgrade in the material, which is of a newer technology.
    "It's a much thicker carpet ... (and) the lifespan of the field depends on the wear and tear and how well they maintain it, but it could be upwards of 15 years," Hamocon said. "There will be a machine that will be used to maintain the field that basically every time upon use, the field will need to be groomed and brushed in, rotating the fibers for the rubber to settle."

    I suppose much of the added costs is the cost of sand... shipping that stuff is pricey.. not enough to go around locally, too.

  111. Ralph:

    don't they bring in sand from Molokai. I wonder which sand type they use, the larger grain coral type, similar to very fine cinders, or the type we find at Ala Moana Beach and Waikiki

  112. rage777:

    All that rubber and sand should still mostly be there. They shouldn't be paying for that much sand or rubber. If this does end up costing the State 1.5 million, I would hope there would be some kind of Attorney General investigation into the costs. But then again the Senate and council members are the ones getting paid off, so you might need the Star Advertiser to do some investigative work. With all the talk about the Bell city council here in LA, this could be some ground breaking work for the Star Advertiser.

  113. NCAA:

    Mr. Ralph,

    Silica sand is used.

  114. madeinhawaii:

    Ching field, I can see the extra cost if it's an upgrade and considering how badly in disrepair the previous field was. .. but for Aloha? Will it be an upgrade? And like you say rage777, the sand and rubber should still be there.. at least half of it.

  115. madeinhawaii:

    ST's tweets..

    Aloha Stadium has been deemed 'structurally sound' by current codes.

    Dick Tomey announced as special assistant for Aloha Sports Properties.

  116. Committed Road Warrior:

    I wouldn't be surprised if the turf job comes in at $1.5 million. The contract that the State enters into with the awardee should tell the contractor what to do, not how to do it. If the specs from the winning bidder calls for a megaton of new sand and rubber to be procured, then the State is stuck with it.

    I agree that the State should (and likely will) issue the work for the new turf under a fixed price contract, but mainly because it puts the burden of cost control on the contractor, rather than the State. That, and this type of work has been done quite often across the country that there are a lot of resources out there for cost comparison. Hence, any contract type other than a fixed price contract would be unfathomable (IMO).

    If State Procurement Regulations are anything like what's on the Federal books, offering an incentive for this type of work isn't exactly appropriate here for two reasons:

    1. The period of performance for this work, in the grand scheme of things, is so short that it wouldn't be worth it for both the State and the contractor to expend additional man-hours tracking progess and determining the amount of incentive they may or may not be on the hook for.

    2. The State would need to justify their rationale for potentially offering an incentive to the contractor, and create the incentive targets, profit adjustment formula, and negotiate with the winning bidder things such as target cost and price ceiling. Quite frankly, it isn't worth it to go through all that hassle for what could be a $1.5 million contract.

    It will be interesting to see where the bids come in at for this.

  117. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    The winning bid for the construction of Ching field was slightly under $875,000 - isgnficantly less than had been allocated.

    Actually, the amount donated by the NFL for the Aloha Stadium is as much as $2 million on a dollar match. If the field costs $1.5 million, each party will pay $750K. See, my math classes are paying off.

    Third, many of the contracts for repairs being done at the Aloha Stadium have been awarded to out-of-state firms. This has caused a major uproat in the labor union movement because construction workers here in Hawai`i have experienced a major downtown in their earnings over the past four years.

    The reason why wages are so high in the unionized construction industry is due to one simple fact: The cost of living. When the average price of a 50 year old single-wall house on 7500 sf in a working class enighborhood costs $600K, then wages have to be high.

    As someone who has tracked more than 20 capital improvement projects here in Hawai`i over the past 15 years both at the City & the State level, I can tell you right here and right now, there are no greasy palms as SOP. The bids are opened in public and all aspects of the contract are open for inspection. Furthermore, at least two contracts which I strongly opposed wound up being canceled for much the same reasons I'd given over the previous three years.

    Carrying on yesterday's discussions:

    There are three critical issues followed by two more extremely important ones which need to be addressed before anything much can be done with either Aloha Stadium or the entire site. Bear in mind that the comments about naming rights and other related commercial issues would apply to any state-owned building, not just the Aloha Stadium.

    The Aloha Stadium site contains over 130 acres of land. Most of it is currently used as a parking lot or for running the swap meet. Others do rent either the parking lot or the Stadium, but there are no other permanent buildings on the site except for storage. .

    The first two policy issues to address before anything else can be done are: The various federal & state agencies & departments which have some element of control over the site must re-visit the original deed issued by the federal government more than 40 years ago which restricted the land use to recreational activities and to limited non-permanent business activities such as the swap meet. Food, beverage & souvenir concessions within the stadium as well as parking contractors are exempt from the restriction.

    A land exchange is being investigated in order for this to take place.

    The second policy issue is to enact legislation after the transfer which would permit corporate sponsorships, a broad range of commercial activities, and even naming rights. Any limitations would be included in the legislation itself.

    A third policy issue to discussed would be the possibility of transferring the management & oversight of the site from the Department of Accounting & General Services to the University of Hawai`i. Developed properly & appropriately, the annual revenues to UH could generate tens of millions. If it stays where it is - in the Department of Accounting & General Services - the money will go into the General Fund to pay for a wide range of government services.

    Perhaps the most important set of policy issues to be discussed would be how to develop the site as part of Transit-Oriented Development. Should the site be just a parking lot with a few retail and service businesses? Should multi-family affordable/workforce housing be developed? Should a portion of the land be set aside to develop a business center? Should another portion be set aside to develop an international outdoor sports venue? Should there be extensive commercial, retail, and even perhaps a limited light industrial area be built on the site along with parking garages?

    All of these lead into the final public policy issue - bringing all the players & stakeholders to the table right from the very beginning: Representatives from nearby communities, military bases, swap meet & other long-term site facilities renters, University of Hawai`i, Department of Education, Hawaii High School Athletic Association, Sheraton Hawaii Bowl & Pro Bowl administrators, businesses leaders, state & city elected officials & administrators, sustainable economic growth organizations, architects & planners from the private sector, and others who have an interest in the property & its uses such as UH sports fans..

    Making decisions cannot be done lightly - or easily. Aloha Stadium's future - or for that matter any stadium of equivalent size - is tied to UH's future as an FBS/D-1A school.

    Stay tuned for changes coming down the pike.

  118. Slugger:

    Thanks, MIH & POHS, for the links to the Raider game.

    Tanks Ah!, were we talking to you at yesterday's afternoon practice?

    Esme & out to go pick up some mango....

  119. OldDiver:

    I have to imagine if it normally cost $500,000 to replace field turf on the mainland and $1.5 million the NFL who is paying for half the cost would balk. I would guess the Nevada vs Aloha Stadium installation is not an apples and apples comparison.

  120. LizKauai \m/:

    W-Doc - some of the best actions take place when the stakeholders act in the best interest of the project and not use the project for personal or partial interest gain.

  121. Stretch:

    I would think that they would be able to get the sand here but the rubber would need to be brought in. There wouldn't be anyone here in Hawaii producing it.

    When I first heard the cost, working in the construction industry, I thought it was reasonable.

  122. Garret:

    Wassupdoc has recently said (yesterday or today) that the Hawaii taxpayers would pay about $1 million for the field turf replacement, so I thought I had remember that the NFL was kicking in $500k and the total came out to $1.5 million. However, she clarified above that the NFL was actually paying for half of the cost, which means that if the taxpayers pay $1 million then the total cost is $2 million.

    Something else *has* to be added into the price or the cost estimates are just too far off. I know that Wassupdoc attends the Stadium Authority meetings and has seen the bidding process for countless other state projects so she knows her stuff, but hopefully the real cost will be much less. Or prices in Hawaii are just crazy.

  123. Garret:

    Here is an example of a $500k field turf replacement.

    What is the FieldTurf’s life expectancy?

    The life expectancy is 15 years.

    What’s the anticipated replacement cost?

    The replacement cost is estimated at $500,000.

  124. Garret:

    Another example.

    As for cost, the company offered a 20 percent price reduction, since 14 months remained on the warranty.

    District and FieldTurf Tarkett representatives debated and negotiated until both sides agreed on the overall replacement cost of $455,504, which includes the 20 percent discount.

  125. Garret:

    Utah spent a little extra for a top-of-the-line field. Their upgraded turf is expected to last 15 years instead of the normal 8-10 years.

    The $770,000 turf replacement project began on May 18 and is expected to be completed by the end of June.

    FieldTurf officials have told both Burk and athletic department events coordinator Steve Pyne that the project is "one of the very best" installations in company history. The attention to detail, Burk said, will remind stadium patrons that they are truly "Entering the Red Zone" when the Utes play.

    "We decided to go with it and really make a statement," he said.

    The Utes' new turf is expected to last 15 years, and the colors are designed not to fade.

  126. LizKauai \m/:

    Dang. I got a Colt Alert and read the article and remembered why I don't read Reardon- sorry if it's the same newspaper...
    But I don't like feeling slimed.

  127. RedZone:

    My question is would they have to remove the existing substrate that was installed with the old turf? I would think that they would be able to recycle it.

  128. RedZone:

    Everybody wants to be in the redzone.

  129. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the red zone is second only to the end zone.

  130. Garret:

    Bad news about David Veikune--he was doing well in camp and Cleveland had been having injury problems with other LBs so he had been getting a lot of reps. Unfortunately, he was injured today.

    (On David Veikune’s injury status)- “I’m not sure, Terry (Pluto) whether he’s going to be out there tonight or not. I think we’re close on him. You saw Titus (Brown) come back this morning and Brandon (McDonald) came back this morning. A lot of those guys are day-to-day guys.”

    (On how Veikune was playing before he got hurt)- “He was playing well. He really has made some significant jumps since last year, similar to (Brian) Robiskie, just in terms of his comfort level, the calls he was making, how he read blocks right on down the line. Last year, trying to find your way, this year really he was making some strides, so hopefully he’ll be back sooner rather than later and continue to see that progress.”

  131. greenthumb:

    Re: Aloha Stadium turf ... to add to the discussion, it would be nice to know what kind of warranty period the current turf has. There was a lot of "discussion" about pricing and NFL contribution and NFL expectations before the current carpet was laid. I hope that if there is time left on the warranty, a prorated credit is being sought.

    The other issue is quality of work. I can't speak to how well the turf was installed, but as a fan I certainly continue to notice the ghosting of the yard numerals and have always wondered who signed off on accepting the work this way. Cuz if the work was turned over this way with assurances that the mistakes would fade, well, they haven't.

    These are two of the reasons, IMO, that UH might be prudent not to take on the management of the stadium. The upside potential of added dollars would seem to be outweighed by the risk of having to hassle with repairs and liability and so forth. Add to that the fact that Manoa upper campus needs so much in the way of remediation and repair, it just seems like maybe UH would be better off leaving the stadium stuff with DAGS. Also because of the land encumbrance stuff that has been outlined above....?

  132. LizKauai \m/:

    Pats over the Saints 10-0 10mins left in the 2Q

  133. RedZone:

    I don't know why people compare Colt to the snake. I think he is more like Kurt Warner.

  134. RedZone:

    I don't know why people compare Colt to the snake. I think he is more like Kurt Warner.

  135. RedZone:

    Actually 2 is my favorite number.

  136. Garret:

    Stretch is much more expert for the construction industry than me and he made a good point that bringing the rubber in would be expensive. Mainland stadiums can have the rubber brought in by ground which is probably a lot cheaper for that weight.

  137. dj:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  138. LizKauai \m/:

    Pats- Saints 10-7

  139. RedZone:

    wow check out the size of this walkon at ole miss.

  140. Ipu Man:

    How much for a dozen bags of grass seed
    and Honolulu zoo elephant doo-doo?
    Even with high cost of water, bet it would
    be cheaper than artificial turf. And maintenance?
    Don't cut it during the off season. Let it grow.
    Book 'em Danno

  141. d1島:

    Book 'em, Danno.

    If i win, give 'em to Ralph....going match his ol' skool jacket. :cool:

  142. papajoe2:

    With all this warranty talk about the field turf, I know some of the high schools a have or are getting field turf (Roosevelt, Leilehua, and others on the drawing board). Who is going to maintain it? Who is going to replace it it 7 years? Where is the money going to come from to replace numerous field turfs? What is going to happen when there is no money to replace the turf for the high schools? Aloha Stadium uses its turf probably less than once a week. High schools use it just about all year around for practices for various teams at different times of the year. Will the warranty state that the field can only be used once a week? Most high schools don't have alternate fields for practice and games. There is a rift between the high schools (state) and the city for park use. That must be resolved first. With the fear of law suits against the state, can the high school teams practice at off campus fields? Getting to and after off school practice is a law suit waiting to happen. What about trainers for practices at off school practices? Some teams will split sites for various sports. Do we have enough trainers go go around? I'm so confused........

  143. Ipu Man:

    God bless the big men...
    The bigger they are, the harder they fall...
    on top of the little guys...
    Terrell Brown, who at 6-foot-11 and 390 pounds
    can always be used in special limited situations.
    How about a short slant pass to him?
    Or a lead blocker into the red zone.
    Or a goal line stance---
    Can he jump?
    Book 'em mean Danno!

  144. Slugger:

    Elephant poo at the zoo is free.

    k, gotta see if I can find the game.

  145. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Colt's game streaming here:

    the other link isn't working.

  146. LizKauai \m/:

    10-4 DPK~

  147. SailorBlue:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  148. Ipu Man:

    Justin tv not yet showing anything.
    The other one by POS(?) did but now is frozen...
    Book 'em Danno
    and throw them both into the Ala Wai...

  149. NCAA:

    Thank you Mr. DPK.

  150. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Austin picks up where he left off last year.

  151. Ipu Man:

    Thankyou dpk,
    clicked on yours and now back to watchin the game.
    Missed Cambell's first series...wha happened?
    Book 'em Danno
    And dpk

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    ile start-ups and developers. click here fdsfsd

  153. Curt:

    Book 'em, Danno.

    All right Colt; your time is coming up soon.

  154. greenthumb:

    Thanks everyone, channelsurfing feed is not working but the adthe one is. Wish Safari had adblock plus though. :(

  155. Slugger:

    Can't get the game on the link now. It was on for a while...then lost signal..."clip fail..."

  156. Slugger:

    It's baaaack...

    I hope AnnodahLiz can get this broadcast recorded somewhere...

  157. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Did you try hitting the refresh button, Slugger? It worked for me.

  158. Hoohiki:

    After reading his column on Colt Brennan, I get the feeling Dave Reardon is not as big of a fan as a lot of us are in this blog.

  159. OldDiver:

    Oakland, two three and outs. Put in a real QB.

  160. Michigan Warrior:

    Book 'em, Danno!

    Just wondering... who else within the whole state has Field Turf installed on their fields, and how much did they pay for the whole job? If we're paying that much for the job, then we should have it in Hunter Green with Silver yard markers and trim... to match the team's colors!

    Go, Colt!!!

  161. greenthumb:

    #159: +1 :D

  162. Ipu Man:

    ahem...where exactly is the "refresh" button?
    My keyboard has not such animal by that name.
    Not a geek, so appreciate any computer cindness.

  163. Ipu Man:

    no such animal
    and Kindness
    spell check
    Book 'em Danno

  164. greenthumb:

    #162, look for a circle with arrow icon near the URL, or put your cursor in the URL (address box), make sure it's there, then hit your return key.

  165. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Its a button at the top of your browser, like two curvy arrows.

  166. Matt:


    Hit the F5 button to refresh.

  167. OldDiver:

    Campbell sacked.

  168. greenthumb:

    channelsurfing feed is working now, goodbye "you have mail" window blocking part of the field. :)

  169. OldDiver:

    Oakland punt when the 2nd qtr begins

  170. OldDiver:

    Channelsurfing has pop up adds of young girls wanting to date me. What do you guy think?

  171. LizKauai \m/:

    Oakland is not looking too bad - interesting calls on new rules.

  172. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Dive right in!

  173. Ipu Man:

    thanks...that "arrow" is my return arrow...
    so that is what refresh means...
    btw, you can x out you have mail window spam box in the football game...Thanx guys.
    Book 'em Danno

  174. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Or not.

  175. LizKauai (iChrome):

    McBriar is getting some work!

  176. Ipu Man:

    4th and one by Cambell in shotgun...too high.
    He could have run it and made it easy I think.
    Colt should shine.
    Book 'em Danno

  177. wafan:


    Streaming locked up . . . what is happening? Is Colt in?

  178. wafan:

    Great! Back on -- just in time for a commercial.

  179. Committed Road Warrior:

    wafan: Should be coming in this upcoming series, if things stick to script.

    Would be starting from the DAL 10.

  180. Ipu Man:

    raiders' 2nd string defense just held cowboys 2nd string quarterback.
    bad news, cowboys punted deep

  181. Committed Road Warrior:

    Guess not. Oh well.

  182. J:

    High school that I coach at installed Field Turf in 2000, still ok. Project at the time was probably a little over $1M for the football field and included a new track as well. They put in turf for the softball field around 2004. Earlier this year the baseball field was changed to turf from grass.

    All of the school's fields get a lot of use and it was hard to keep the grass in good condition. Report is that less injuries after turf was installed...easier to maintain, important after budget cuts eliminated regular grounds crew/landscaping. The coaches were taking care of the field maintenance year-round...

  183. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Boller is in.

  184. Matt:

    Colt isn't going to get in until late in the 3rd or early 4th quarter. Boller will be in first.

  185. CoolEthan:

    I like this plan.

    Colt will need to play to win

  186. OldDiver:

    Colt would throw

  187. Ipu Man:

    What? Kyle Boller is in instead of Colt...
    Oh well, maybe 2nd half?
    Two penalties put Boller back to the 2 yard line.
    2nd and 21...

  188. Committed Road Warrior:

    Off to bed. Gotta get up early, so I'll likely read about the outcome tomorrow morning.

  189. greenthumb:

    Glad Colt did not have anything to do with those last 2 possessions.

  190. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    And he will.

  191. J:

    School's baseball field's turf project also ran close to $1M. (San Diego county)

  192. bb:

    Boller stunk it up.

  193. Ipu Man:

    Seventy Million dollar lottery commercial...
    Hmmmm...anybody bought tickets?

  194. d1島:

    Yada yada yada (not you folks)

    ....get in the locker room, get back out and


  195. d1島:

    Why is Kitna still in the league?

  196. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Colt woulda made that pass!

  197. d1島:

    That woulda been a TD if Colt was in....

  198. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Hey- liking the deep ball after Rock's nice run.

  199. d1島:



  200. Ipu Man:

    Book 'em Danno...
    4th down and one for the cowboys near the redzone.
    They only lead 3 to 0.
    No td yet...
    pass completed but too short.
    Raiders defense held.
    They look good.
    9 seconds to go and Boller bombs away...
    And too long...not accurate?
    Half over...

  201. d1島:

    ....wonder where The Former Coach is?

  202. Ipu Man:

    They are showing half time highlights of the late Safety Jack Tatum...
    But his ferrocious hits look like he leads with his helmet...
    Head butts...
    Now illegal...supposedly
    But that was how football really was played for many many years.
    Book 'em Danno

  203. badayu:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  204. mctruck:

    So Dallas is pretty sure that Romo is their #1 QB, and play him for just the 1st quarter; Oakland is pretty sure that Campbell is their #1 QB, and so far played him for an entire half??..his stats sorta looks like he was still playing in Washington?, wassup?!, at least play Colt to see if he can move the team....either that, or the offensive coach's have got to be pretty poor play callers.

  205. wafan:

    If Kitna is still in the league then Colt has to be a starter.

  206. madeinhawaii:

    getting a good feed of the Raiders game on this link... hope Colt comes into the game soon.

  207. RainbowCliff:

    #26 IpuMan: Thanks for the Rainbow over pool & yard as I am high enough over the hill to hopefully get one SOME day !

    Drive way is nice size with soft lawn to relax your feet on. Raider vs Dallas game is on as defense for both teams has shine more then the offense. 2nd half is on the way with John Kitna driving the Dallas offense.

    Kitna looks good for a 36 year old back-up quaterback as his 3 passes has got the Cowboys on the Raider 9 yard line. 2nd and 3rd string players are in for both sides.

    Field goal for Dallas is good. Cowboys 6 Raiders 0.

  208. d1島:

    Grrrrr...... :evil:

  209. d1島:

    Where's Colt?

    I want my money ba....


    ...never mind.

  210. Ipu Man:

    Kyle Boller starting second half for the Raiders...
    How come no one is saying book 'em Danno?
    Game over?

  211. Shoko:

    Just got back home to watch the 3rd quarter. One question: Where's Colt?

  212. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Lost my feed...

  213. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Yours is a MUCH better feed! Thanks!

  214. LizKauai (iChrome):

    OK. found a new one...

  215. Ipu Man:

    Boller throws wide...
    3rd and six...
    Hit as he throws...incomplete
    Book 'em Danno
    And guess what?...
    Another freeze...
    Can't watch anything now...
    Will try "refresh" and or Made In Hawaii's channel again.
    refresh did not work
    nor did mih link

    did somebody say "grrrrr"?

  216. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Book 'em Danno

  217. Ipu Man:'s mih link different than yesterdays?
    Thanks the game back.
    Book 'em Danno

  218. wafan:

    MIH's feed link is to the 1st half.

  219. haroldwah:

    Keep trying I finaly got in after about 5 tries

  220. d1島:

    got to the home page: and look for a different feed

  221. haroldwah:

    Nuff already put in "COLT"

  222. d1島:

    What am I watching 4????

  223. RainbowCliff:

    3rd quater still playing out as Boller got the silver and black
    on the drive with runs and short wide outs to his receiver. 4:00
    and counting as Raiders are into Dallas territory. Boller incomplete
    as 3rd and 13 0n Dallas 48 yard line. Incomplete pass as 4th down will

    Raider broadcasters has announce Colt Brennan will be playing the 4th
    quarter !

  224. Ipu Man:

    ...a little jerky tho...but not the commercials...

  225. gigi-hawaii:

    R. Cliff,

    keep up the reports of the game. I will follow yours from now on. It is too frustrating trying to watch the game live on line.

  226. Shoko:

    Rainbow Cliff,
    I hope Colt plays the last quarter. If not, I'm turning off the TV! Good thing the game is close, there's always that chance Colt makes the winning touchdown! ;)

  227. Ipu Man:

    Jason Cambell back in as quarterback...

  228. gigi-hawaii:

    unbelievable. the raiders are still scoreless???

  229. ballpicker:

    DPK thanks, I got cut off a few minutes ago and tried to log back on but didnt refresh but once I did bingo bango, good to go, thanks back to watching the game. Comments of the game to come later.

  230. RainbowCliff:

    Dallas has ball with Texas A&M quaterback whose name I did not get.

    Three and out as Dallas is punting with 2:38 to play in the 3rd quater.

  231. LizKauai (iChrome):

    d1- I'm listening until Colt comes on... still at work...

  232. RainbowCliff:

    Raiders are still score less with Dallas leading 6 to 0.

    Good return from Raider punt returner as Boler just competed
    pass over 10 yerda for a first down.

  233. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sup BP! ;)

  234. ballpicker:

    book em danno. May have said a few times in jest.

  235. RainbowCliff:

    Shoku and Gigi you folks are welcome !

  236. ckl22:

    wtf why is boller still in?

  237. RainbowCliff:

    Raiders first down as Boller got the silver and black on a good drive
    in Dallas territory on it's 20 yard line with less then 1:00 to play.

  238. RainbowCliff:

    Third down and six as Boller just scramble for a 4th down field goal attempt as time
    has run out for the 3rd quarter.

  239. Shoko:

    Okay, end of third quater. Now lets see some Colt action!

  240. Ipu Man:

    Jason 4th and one misses again...

  241. ballpicker:

    Alright my friend. Hope ur planning for the Hawaii/sc game. Getting close.

  242. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey bp-
    After the game can you email me with your phone # again. I lost your first email.


  243. Shoko:

    Oak just missed the FG. What the hell?

  244. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Jason... hey, where is Jason?

  245. Ipu Man:

    hey, I think mih's link is still first half...????

  246. wafan:

    Try this one

  247. Shoko:

    MIH's link is delayed. Channle surfing one.

  248. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Colt's on deck!

  249. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  250. LizKauai (iChrome):

    YUP- we are delayed.

  251. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Colt has to wait a little longer-

  252. gigi-hawaii:

    how does colt look? sharp or nervous?

  253. Shoko:

    Cowboys just hit an FG. Score is now 0-9.

  254. ckl22:

    this is kinda bs...only 12 minutes left and colt still hasnt gotten a snap...horrible game management by the coaches

  255. Shoko:

    I expect Colt to take the field. If you guys are watching the Channel Surfing website, I'll hold off on the commentary.

  256. chopsueyboy:


    I like your site best.
    seems to be running a few plays behind game tracker
    but it's great to see video and audio

  257. Ipu Man:

    GBU wafan...your link got it backed...
    try it gigi and everyone

  258. gigi-hawaii:

    Since I am not watching the video, I would appreciate your commentary.

  259. greenthumb:

    #246 - thanks! The nfl-7 was OK until it wasn't. So far pretty good with this one, but it is a choice between Safari and ads and solid feed, vs. Firefox and no ads and hangs.

  260. haroldwah:

    Unbelievable Kyle is back in

  261. Bowbooze:

    Boller just came in agin. No sign of Colt!

  262. ballpicker:

    Wow still no Colt. But we got Hawaii and sc to look towards.

    DPK I'll let u know. Back to the game...

  263. greenthumb:

    Are they serious, the A/C is strong enough to blow the football off the tee?

  264. J:

    Still no Colt.

  265. chopsueyboy:

    glad Raiders didn't run the kickoff back for a touchdown

    GO COLT!

  266. Mad Dog:

    My feed just went from the second quarter to the third quarter with the score 0-6. Now it's back to the second quarter with the score 0-3. Now the score is 0-9. I'm lost.

  267. Ipu Man:

    but bad news, 4th quarter and Kyle Boller is back in game...

  268. Shoko:

    Boller still in as QB. Again, where is Colt?

  269. ckl22:

    unbelievable, still no brennan

  270. Ipu Man:

    why? Score is 9 to zero...nada...

  271. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Boller? WE WANT COLT!~

  272. Mad Dog:

    Keep up the commentary. I'll just read your updates.

  273. al:

    Just saw Colt eating a cheeseburger on the bench.
    Did you see that?

  274. chopsueyboy:

    great screen pass

  275. Last Call:

    I got the NFL's message about Colt a long time ago why you guys so slow ?

  276. LizKauai (iChrome):

    My screen is too small to see cheeseburgers...

  277. Shoko:

    Fourth and short. Raiders are going for it.

  278. chopsueyboy:

    my bad, I thought 4 th quarter
    I just assumed it was Colt

  279. LizKauai (iChrome):

    This game was a publicity stunt to get the ratings up...

  280. Shoko:

    Raiders got it. First and goal on the 5-yard line. Looks like a TD. Again, where is Colt!

  281. Shoko:

    Raider TD. Pass caught by Miller on a fade.

  282. al:

    Colts going for the 2nd cheeseburger

  283. chopsueyboy:

    touchdown Raiders, but where's Colt?

    Saving Colt for game winning drive.

  284. gigi-hawaii:

    so is Boller better than Campbell?

  285. Shoko:

    Uhoh, a challenge has been called. Could be bad.

  286. J:

    No catch. Coach's challenge.

  287. madeinhawaii:

    Doesn't look like Colt will get his chance to shine.. ;-(

  288. Bowbooze:

    Boller just threw a touchdown...but the zebras called it off. Time for a review!

  289. J:

    Overturned. TD.

  290. Bowbooze:

    It is a touchdown for Oakland!

  291. Shoko:

    No, Refs call a Oak TD. 7-9 Cowboys.

  292. gigi-hawaii:

    that's too bad -- after all the hype

  293. Michigan Warrior:

    Despite scoring a touchdown, I'm not even remotely impressed with Boller. The majority of his passes were in heavy coverage, and/or his receivers just making good catches to save their QB. Most were poor decisions, just like running into a crowd on 3rd and 6, which ended up setting up their missed FG.

    Now, we're under 5 minutes with the ball to go back to Dallas. Well, at least Colt will have more time to study the playbook for next week's game. Not much time to do anything tonight.

  294. gigi-hawaii:

    i guess the coach just does not believe in Colt

  295. madeinhawaii:

    Not that gigi... more like they didn't want to lose without a score... so Boller had to stay in until they put up some points... but with less than 5 minutes to play, we many not see the Raiders with the ball again.

  296. RainbowCliff:

    Sorry folks I lost the blog feed as NO good news for Colt to play as Raider Coach kept Boler in the game as they have scored a touchdown to cut the lead to 9 to 7 as extra point is good.

    On side kick has failed with Dallas having ball with 4:57 to play in the game.

  297. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Worst case- they cut Colt without a try.

    Better case- Colt gets to play next week after having more time to study, work out, and make a better showing.

  298. LizKauai (iChrome):

    The Raiders dee may get Colt the ball - if they let him come in...
    Would be nice to see him WIN IT!

  299. chopsueyboy:

    onside kick please

  300. LizKauai (iChrome):

    They almost got the ball back..

  301. Shoko:

    Well, Boller performed better than Cambell based on stats. Guess the Raiders didn't think Colt absorbed much of the playbook as needed to see some snaps tonight. Maybe next game.

  302. d1島:

    No respect for the Raiders/Tom Cable....

    it's obvious they signed him with no intention of keeping Colt.

    Why does Cable need his QB2 to prove he can move the ball vs. Cowboys #3 D? :evil:

  303. Michigan Warrior:

    4:28 to go and Boller still in.

  304. haroldwah:

    This is B$. I guess Boller's going to finish the game

  305. d1島:


    Boller performed better against the 'Boys rookies....

  306. RainbowCliff:

    Funny thing to this whole situation was the Raider announcers has stated Brennan will see some time as I gather Raider Head Coach has to show some offense as he kept Colt in the game.

    Dallas is punting with 4:28 to play as Boller is BACK IN to finish up the game as Colt will not play as I knew Oakland is notorious for going back on their word.

  307. Shoko:

    Bennet with a huuuuge gain. 33 yarder.

  308. ckl22:

    thats real shitty to tell him he's going to go in and then not play him 1 minute

  309. Shoko:

    Oak looking good for da win on the 10 yard line.

  310. d1島:

    They never intended to play Colt...all BS.

    They just needed an emergency guy.

  311. Shoko:

    Oak hits FG with 2.24 left. 10-9 Oakland

  312. al:

    so who's the false al?


    August 12th, 2010 at 5:20 pm
    Just saw Colt eating a cheeseburger on the bench.
    Did you see that?


    August 12th, 2010 at 5:28 pm
    Colts going for the 2nd cheeseburger

  313. RainbowCliff:

    Raider is on a DRIVE as Boller is getting rave reviews with Raiders in deep territory of Dallas. Milking the clock with short runs as Boller attempted to pass with ball poked up in the air as Dallas muffed the interception.

    Raiders has hit Field goal with Janikowski connecting from 20 yards out as Raiders hsa got the lead 10 to 9.

  314. Last Call:

    I wasted 3 hours of my day watching two teams I don't even like.

  315. Blue Powder:

    Most of Boller's yards came from a couple screen passes.

  316. d1島:

    Colt's agent better be on the phone already...

  317. ballpicker:

    I'll just start... before I go off on the football game, by saying what a deal with technology. Logon, login, log off who knows... and find the game with some help from friends... bing bang boom. u dare..

    Of course everyone here is always helpful when it comes to Colt. And I love it.

  318. al:

    on another note...
    you think maybe they like him that much that they want to work him in the package a bit more before they test him out?

    okay, i am reaching.

  319. haroldwah:

    d1-I'm afraid you could be right

  320. Shoko:

    Although disappointing not to see Colt play, I'd would rather they not rush Colt and let him have a chance to learn the playbook and perform to his ability. A bad performance will only hurt his chances.

  321. al:

    #317...i just got to ask. is your handle in reference to one who intercepts passes or just plain picks on balls?

  322. Hibubba:

    Book 'em Danno

  323. gigi-hawaii:

    is the game over now?

  324. Mad Dog:

    I didn't really care for the Redskins, but I watched the preseason games just for Colt. I hate the Raiders (I'm a 49er fan), but I watched for Colt. Gads, I'm beginning to go nuts with pro football. Thanks to the Tsaikos for their contributions and game updates. That makes life bearable.

  325. haroldwah:

    less than a minute to play

  326. RainbowCliff:

    WOW simply SAD as I feel Colt will not be around for the Raiders to use as the WIN was more important and Boeller play will get headlines and applaudes from Coaches and fans alike.

    Mr. Brennan I hope won't get down to much as in reality he needs to get out of the NFL and get hooked up in the arena, Canadien or NFL Europe as the "DISRESPECT" is on and at this stage he will just be an emergency player that soon will be cut for injured players to return.

    I hope I am wrong but the Raiders are horrible in keeping truth to their players as this game is over and Colt is not important to play as WINNING is all they care for even in a pre season game !

    Sorry good folks of Tsaiko Nation !

  327. Ipu Man:

    In out...

  328. Bowbooze:

    Interception...touchdown Raiders!

  329. d1島:

    Once the other QB's heal up, Colt is gone...

    ...hope he enjoyed his cup o' coffee.

  330. haroldwah:

    Raiders just intercepted and scored

  331. Last Call:

    Yes,Yes he may play the last 59 seconds

  332. gigi-hawaii:


  333. Last Call:

    Nope forget it.

  334. haroldwah:

    Rainbowcliff-There's no NFL Europe anymore-Get UFL though

  335. RainbowCliff:

    Miss Gigi !

    Raiders just intercepted pas and ran it back for TD.

    Raiders has a 17 to 9 lead with 33 seconds left to play.

    Colt will not play as Raider Coach wanted to WIN pleasing
    Al Davis with Boeller getting props and Raider Defense getting
    the game ball !

    I am sorry for the mislead as Raiders are horrible in keeping any word
    towards un proven players !

  336. d1島:


    The NFL is all business....

    btw, congrats on the new digs :-)

  337. Ipu Man:

    As the Honolulu tv hearing aid commercial says:
    "Time to take a shower now?"

  338. mctruck:

    I hope....just by chance that the Raiders keeps Colt around for the pre-season games left and possibly give him a chance to play.

    This Campbell QB is a real jinx for Colt.....both in Washington and now the Raiders; needless to say Boeller outplayed Campbell and hopefully will be the Raiders starter.

    So many no-name QB's getting a shot ahead of's heartbreaking...I guess these coaches see what we Colt fans don't sad is that???

  339. Bowbooze:

    Game over Oakland won 17 to 9. Boo Dallas and boo Oakland...Go 49ers!

  340. RainbowCliff:

    Haroldwah: Thanks for the correction as ANY league besides the NFL in which he can play. I was leary of him being in Oakland as Al Davis has no LOYALTY and all Colt to them is a safety net until their injured quaterbacks get better then he will be RELEASE !

    Game is over the Raiders has won scoring 17 points in the Final quater as Camera is on Boeller as simucast is over with Campbell smiling to the cameras !

    Raiders "SUCKS' !

  341. Last Call:

    Well at least Colt won't have to take a shower.

  342. LizKauai (iChrome):

    Rainbow Cliff- I hope you are WRONG and Colt gets a chance!!!

  343. haroldwah:

    My vision-Colt plays in the 49er's game and has a good showing but the Raiders decide to cut him anyway. Coach Singletary is impressed and decides to pick up Colt and the rest is history. I am a Raiders fan but Al Davis has got to go.

  344. ballpicker:

    If you are a raiders fan, that's great.... but IF YOU"RE NOT... then it sucks. No Colt...

    Hey.... NFL typical coaching, they wanted to win the game.

    NFL ...its all biz

  345. Ipu Man:

    Good call Rainbow, "raiders sucks"

  346. Shoko:

    lol@341. I think Colt took the early flight out.

  347. haroldwah:

    Sorry should be My Dream

  348. Michigan Warrior:

    The feed I'm getting... no one has been praising Boller's abilities or skills, or anything. Although he was in as QB while they scored 10 points, the majority of that were due to the receivers and Bennett's runs. At least they gave Bennett his props. Most passes Boller threw were forced into heavily covered receivers who just made plays on the ball to make those catches. He's the 2nd string QB... he better be doing something against Dallas' 3rd stringers! If Colt had been in and doing those things, the announcers would've probably been all over him for forcing nearly every pass.

    Well, Colt, more time to study that playbook and get more experience with your new teammates. Be ready for next week.

    Raider defense looked pretty good tonight. Hope we come out and play as aggressively on Sept. 2!

  349. RainbowCliff:

    d1: thanks for the house props as you are right NFL is a hard business as NO care for
    what you did as a record college quaterback !

    Hope Mr. Brennan can keep striving as Raiders are not the answer for Colt to establish himself in the NFL !

  350. Ipu Man:

    Hey, Tsai wins...we are in the 300's
    Book 'em Danno

  351. Michigan Warrior:

    Colt will always generate this much interest from us... imagine if he played!

  352. al:

    keeping the tough.

  353. ballpicker:


    U can get in towch, ooo.. new word...touch with me at


    Hope practice went well for everyone attending the practice.

  354. d1島:

    Colt just gotta take advantage of the Raiders as much as possible. His agent gotta work the other camps while he is still in uniform.

    Try get his coaches to say as much good stuff about him as a good "team guy"...try make stuff happen in practice when he mistakes....give no excuse to cut him....

    Hope for the best....

  355. RainbowCliff:

    Michigan Warrior: I hope your right on Boeller BUT he did lead the drives and when the chance for Brennan to play as the Raider broadcasters announced in the 4th quater that he would Mr. Boeller came in to start the scoring drive.

    NFL is all about production and wins as you are right Boeller playing against 2nd and 3rd string players BUT he did play as the Raider Coach went to him instead of Colt suppose playing time in the 4th that I heard clear as bell from Raider announcers !

    Maybe next week to learn more plays as that seems to be the same old song !

  356. Ipu Man:

    Boller was shaking his wrist one play when he went down...

  357. greenthumb:

    Well, the best that can be said is the chicken commercial was funny. Colt has been his usual ethical, best-interests-of-the-team guy. That counts for something and hopefully that helps for the next game. It will be interesting to hear the official line on why Oakland didn't put him in.... And also what d1 says in #354, make the most of every day being in uniform.

  358. Ralph:

    Book'em Danno!

  359. RainbowCliff:

    Liz Kauai : We said Colt to get a chance with the Redskins as they really screwd him around as in reality I don't have NO faith in professional sports as the only thing that counts with them is WINNING as it is a numbers game and Coaches keeping their job and lively hood over dedicated players who play the game that they have sweated and love their entire LIFE !

    Will watch College before the PROS as dirty politics play heavily in their profession !

  360. World Wide News Flash:

    School of Hard Knocks - Hawaii News -

    I found your entry interesting do I've added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)...

  361. RedZone:

    I thought that Boller did a pretty good job. It is all about opportunity. As I watched the game I felt that it would have been a mistake to put in Colt. If the coaches really like Colt he will get his shot.

  362. RedZone:

    I do think that some of those receivers are over-paid..

  363. Momo:

    Book'em Danno

  364. RainbowCliff:

    #338 mctruck: VERY SAD !

    Luckily I told dvd Al to hold up on the recording as I was just leary of Oakland
    coming through to play Mr. Brennan.

    Raiders have been LOSING for quite some time and WINNING for AL to see is
    important as pre-season games will get deeper into the schedule as playing
    time for players who are trying to make squad will be difficult to come by IMHOP.

  365. Na Koa Mike:

    Our line-up of former players staffing the phone bank at the Na Koa Bowl on Aug. 17 is growing! Jason Rivers, Inoke Funaki, Nate Jackson, Michael Carter, Garrett Gabriel, Eddie Klaneski, David Maeva, and Mike Tresler will all be there. You will you get when you call in?

  366. Momo:

    I guess Oakland is just using Colt until their other qb get well. What crap to say he will play and not play him.

  367. RainbowCliff:

    Well good night folks and pleasant dreams as I did my best to bring the game to you DESPITE losing the blog site as I kept trying to get back on and finally got the signal by re-booting and closing all links.

    Trouble shooting I have learned over the years !

  368. birthday party supplies:

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  369. OldDiver:

    Anybody here think Boller is gonna lead the Raiders to the SuperBowl?

  370. Ipu Man:

    In the other game shown on channel 8, chase danials, Colt's
    similar situation team mate, did get in to play for the Saints,
    and with the game tied, threw a beautiful pass but the defense
    made the ball pop out of the receiver's hands into one of the
    New England Patriots who THUS went on to win the game...

    And the announcers mentioned how hard it was for Danials to get
    a chance as 6 foot 2 inches is too short nowadays for quarterbacks
    in the NFL to get drafted.

  371. madeinhawaii:

    I thought Daniels was a bit shorter than 6'2"...

  372. Ipu Man:

    Well, now, got to root for the University of Waipio...
    Book 'em Danno

  373. Ipu Man:

    MIH, you are right. He is only 6 foot flat. But the announcers
    did say 6'2" is still too short. Oh well, don't tell that to David
    when he slew the giant with his sling shot...

  374. ballpicker:

    It's a golf reference...Al

  375. Ipu Man:

    I remember hitting golf balls at the guy in the ball picker upper golf cart at the driving range...

  376. ballpicker:

    Oh look at me now refreshing every five seconds.. good night tsai

  377. papajoe2:

    I watched the first half and had to leave. I just got home. Are you guys saying that Colt didn't even play? I predict he will be waived tomorrow. I would love to see Colt in the NFL as much as anyone, but if he didn't play a pre-season game and with 5 QBs........

  378. Ipu Man:

    Well, time for the old timers to get back on this blog...
    Got to go nighty night...
    past my bedtime.

  379. Dirty Commish:

    It might actually be a good thing that Colt didn't see any action tonight. Having spent what... just about a week with the team? Not having a full grasp of the playbook or a good rapport with the WRs... Throwing him in tonight, he might have had a bad showing that would do more harm than good. Assuming he survives another week, let him grasp the offense more so IF they put him in he has a better chance to show his stuff.

  380. papajoe2:

    #379 DC. Way to go being positive. But I think the Raiders are just pulling everybody's leg. So what happens to Colt if the other 2 QBs come back from their injuries? Until Tuesday, they said that Colt would play if one of the other QBs wasn't ready for the game. Sounds like its a minor injury. I understand the other QB's injury will take a little longer but it is not a season ending type of injury.

  381. OldDiver:

    Raider coach Tom Cable has clearly set his goal for this years team. An undefeated pre-season.

  382. Rainbowbozowarrior:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  383. Bob Rosehill:

    Way off subject, BUT Bob Kekaula interviewed RB Greene last nite about his blocking. He didn't seem to like blocking. The theme of the discussion was, on the UH team, "a RB must block to get to carry the rock." So I ask all of you knowledgeable fans, sports reporters and coaches, who is the best blocking UH Warrior RB? Which running back is rated the best blocker by our defensive guys.

    I saw Meatoga get rocked during the Warrior Bowl by a RB, and get so frustrated he tore off the RB's helmet. That RB has got my vote. We throw 90% of the time, so hopefully the coaches are looking for a blocker to give the O-Line a hand. Wait until we run into USC's D-Line. We'll need all the help we can get.

  384. Shoko:

    What I've seen tonight, the Raiders need to consider all their options. No one is standing out. Cambell? Nah. Boller? Nah. If they don't allow Colt a chance to shine, they would shorting themselves. They wouldn't invite Colt and not give him a chance to see who would be productive. Wouldn't make sense.

  385. Derek:

    Book 'em, Danno.

  386. William Hung:

    Cheer up guys

    Colt reminds me of myself

    We have a lot in common, we have a cult following

    Everyone said I couldn't sing, especially Simon

    Everyone's shortchanging Colt

    But look, here, I have three albums

    Something good will happen to Colt just watch and see

    Have the faith

    William Hung

    Hong Kong

  387. BowsForever:

    For now, I wouldn't get worried about Colt's immediate future with the Raiders until next week passes by without him getting in any playing time.

    Counting down 'til next Saturday...

  388. papajoe2:

    #386 yeah She Bangs!

  389. BowsForever:

    Of course, I'm sure as heck hoping Colt will play!

  390. Slugger:

    I hope our players are watching ESPN with Jon Gruden talking to a rookie about how to work in the NFL. Kevin Spain, you listening?

  391. Slugger:

    Dirty Commish,

    I agree with you. Better to sit Colt until he's ready to play with his team. Being thrown out there after one week sould have been really a bad showing for him. K, next week...

  392. Slugger:

    sould = could

  393. oldie:

    Book’em Danno

  394. Dirty Commish:


    Let me give myself an out by saying I would never expect the Raiders to do the right thing... so who knows what next week will bring? :P

  395. Pomai:

    Come on guys Colt's been in camp for what a week, they would be crazy to play him in any situation, but do agree that if he doesn't play next game, well his time with them is limited.

  396. RainboWarrior:

    Book'em Danno.

    The Raiders really Suck Now!!!

  397. d1島:

    Chree-nainee ate...

  398. d1島:

    wea whitey?

  399. Slugger:


  400. d1島:


    wat dat? Chinese for "400"? :lol:

  401. RedZone:

    A lot of tall qbs in the NFL but the last Super Bowl Champs qb was how tall? Where is Chase now? I think that is where Colt should be.

  402. Slugger:

    Yo! Thar be pi-rates here! :D

    I'm watching the Ravens-Panthers game. Love listening to Jon Gruden analyze. I used to play his day-after-game video conferences on the Bucs site.

  403. Slugger:


    Guess that should be, "Yo Ho!", for the Chinese version.

  404. d1島:

    Gruden is very entertaining.

  405. d1島:


    Colt didn't play today...he GOT PLAYED!

    If Gradkowski or Frye suits up in Chicago, I'll be surprised if he takes a snap in the game.

  406. Puhi:

  407. Puhi:


  408. #29:


    Is that you Dad? You're embarassing me.

  409. #29:

    when a coach says that he is gonna play you and then renigs during the game...well that is saying a lot about the coach's character and integrity doesn't it?

    is it no wonder that tom cable's overall record as a head coach is 20-54?

    of which he is 9-19 in the nfl, all at oakland.

  410. Slugger:

    CONGRATS to the Ewa LL team who won the PONY Bronco World Series!

  411. madeinhawaii:

    UH website's 2010 Warrior Football Outlook: Starts today with the Offensive Line

  412. madeinhawaii:

    Eeks.. where have I been.. the series started on the 9th... and I was caught snoozing.. ah well... I suppose i should go visit UH's website more often..

  413. al:


    technically speaking...the ewa bronco team that won its age class, bronco 11-12 year olds are not a Little League associate. that team participates in the PONY organization which is nearly as big as Little League.

  414. Slugger:


    Ah, yes, they are not 'little'. Are they referred to as 'Broncos', and not foals, or Colts? :)

    Hawaii is producing a bunch of winning small ball teams.

  415. chawan_cut:


  416. Slugger:


    So is that you, Hogan? :D

    Keep running hard.

  417. Slugger:

    Night, chawan!

    I should get going, too. Practice tomorrow, and people to see and places to go.


  418. al:

    small ball = bunting game, hit n run, moving runners up, etc.

    baseball = sometimes referred to as hardball.

  419. Stephen Tsai:

    I suppose imitation is flattery, but no need to flatter Al.
    To understand the difference between Al and Fake Al is the content.
    Recruiting news, insights, 70s discos. That's Al.
    Cheeseburgers on the sidelines is the other Al.

  420. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    If Colt is playing for the Raiders on October 31, 2010 - and I mean actually playing, not parking his okole on a bench somewhere - I will treat every Tsai-ko with an October birthday or a wedding anniversary (with spouse) to dinner at Roy's in Hawaii Kai that evening. Costumes optional.

    If he's playing for any other team in the NFL - same offer but at Tsukiji's.

    If he's out of footballl altogether, then it's takeout chili from Zippy's at the next T-Gate. Anyone who wants some can have a bowl or two.

    When are the Wahine volleyball and football season tickets going to be mailed out?

    One last comment on the contracts for any public project in Hawai`i. All the records are public and it you think that there might be a connection between campaign contributions and contracts awarded, all you have to do is get copies of both & compare them line by line.

    However, and this is really, really important to remember: Honolulu is the smallest town in the whole wide world. Everyone who's in business - no matter field - or in politics or works for a non-profit or the government as a civil servant has no more than a three degrees of separation. I"ve met people standing outside a hearing who have the craziest connections to me which I never knew until I met them: the business manager for the guy who repairs our car or the ex-husband of the new daughter-in-law of the woman who is my workout partner or the wife of the undertaker who cremated six of our pets.

    When the first question you ask when you meet someone for the first time who grew up in Hawai`i is "Where you wen' high school?" - you're going to see a lot of contributions. But at least they're visible & accessible.

    It's the hiding behind the PACs that's the killer of good government.

    'Nuff with the preaching. Off to bed.

  421. al:

    best of luck to jeremiah masoli at ole miss. where they have a history of nurturing nfl qb's.

    i don't know about you but i would have invited him to the university of hawaii. i believe he would have made an impact here.

  422. al:

    70's music?

  423. al:

    one more for the road...

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  485. Alexis Jankoff:

  486. Hortense Vento:

  487. Dorian Huitron:

  488. Toni Tolden:

  489. Duane Misnick:

  490. Venus Ullrich:

  491. Raymond Besancon:

  492. Chau Gavigan:

  493. Audrea Beacom:

  494. Ted Goldfarb:

  495. Gaston Incera:

  496. Reed Clester:

  497. Sonya Colella:

  498. Genaro Scipioni:

  499. Eusebia Fastic:

  500. Tamera Yokely:

  501. Antony Ealley:

  502. Alexis Jankoff:

  503. Dorian Huitron:

  504. Milton Mainey:

  505. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  506. Ron Depauw:

  507. Mitch Karban:

  508. Vanna Mofield:

  509. Tobias Leggett:

  510. Leah Burklow:

  511. Yon Kissinger:

  512. Darnell Kopatz:

  513. Fernando Koterba:

  514. Ira Sinton:

  515. Shaun Groder:

  516. Shaun Groder:

  517. Tammy Tin:

  518. Drew Satsky:

  519. Blair Bertholf:

  520. Mitch Karban:

  521. Jay Delmore:

  522. Dolores Boening:

  523. Roland Khu:

  524. Tomas Rineer:

  525. Isaac Moresco:

  526. Tamera Yokely:

  527. Isaac Moresco:

  528. Chau Gavigan:

  529. Alia Vaneaton:

  530. Carol Elizando:

  531. Grady Jamgochian:

  532. Raymond Besancon:

  533. Buster Neubauer:

  534. Yon Kissinger:

  535. Tammy Tin:

  536. Venus Ullrich:

  537. Roland Khu:

  538. Genaro Scipioni:

  539. Jill Tabion:

  540. Jim Rebuldela:

  541. Ted Goldfarb:

  542. Vanna Mofield:

  543. Vanna Mofield:

  544. Elbert Grossen:

  545. Cornelia Rulli:

  546. Bryon Barrientos:

  547. Brock Liner:

  548. Zenaida Ineson:

  549. Tammy Tin:

  550. Carol Elizando:

  551. Carmelita Brehm:

  552. Georgianne Kear:

  553. Guadalupe Paloma:

  554. Toni Tolden:

  555. Zandra Troe:

  556. Mitch Duey:

  557. Ira Sinton:

  558. Detra Whinery:

  559. Gaston Incera:

  560. Darnell Kopatz:

  561. Berry Wildhaber:

  562. Dania Johannes:

  563. Zandra Troe:

  564. Berry Wildhaber:

  565. Josue Merrick:

  566. Grover Dawley:

  567. Elease Eilbeck:

  568. Brock Liner:

  569. Ethan Zappulla:

  570. Kyle Silvestri:

  571. Vanna Mofield:

  572. Alexis Jankoff:

  573. Willis Zella:

  574. Elbert Grossen:

  575. Arica Falldorf:

  576. Elease Eilbeck:

  577. Nick Howieson:

  578. Isaac Moresco:

  579. Wade Paletta:

  580. Enrique Ancel:

  581. Olympia Fleischacker:

  582. Suellen Madia:

  583. Antony Ealley:

  584. Leah Burklow:

  585. Audrea Beacom:

  586. Olimpia Keuler:

  587. Milton Mainey:

  588. Olimpia Keuler:

  589. Elbert Grossen:

  590. Tobias Leggett:

  591. Lorine Dorer:

  592. Mitch Duey:

  593. Noel Magar:

  594. Zandra Troe:

  595. Jim Rebuldela:

  596. Audrea Beacom:

  597. Willis Zella:

  598. Jay Delmore:

  599. Buster Neubauer:

  600. Antony Ealley:

  601. Berry Wildhaber:

  602. Alia Vaneaton:

  603. Isaac Moresco:

  604. Dolores Boening:

  605. Mitch Karban:

  606. Zenaida Ineson:

  607. Detra Whinery:

  608. Audrea Beacom:

  609. Tammy Tin:

  610. Xiomara Judkins:

  611. Cornelia Rulli:

  612. Antony Ealley:

  613. Olympia Fleischacker:

  614. Shaun Groder:

  615. Jay Delmore:

  616. Mitch Karban:

  617. Vanda Mefford:

  618. Chau Gavigan:

  619. Josue Merrick:

  620. Darnell Kopatz:

  621. Ted Goldfarb:

  622. Ron Depauw:

  623. Ron Depauw:

  624. Janie Burreson:

  625. Ethan Zappulla:

  626. Reed Clester:

  627. Kyle Silvestri:

  628. Genaro Scipioni:

  629. Nick Howieson:

  630. Drew Satsky:

  631. Xiomara Judkins:

  632. Dania Johannes:

  633. Tamera Yokely:

  634. Grover Dawley:

  635. Gaston Incera:

  636. Olimpia Keuler:

  637. Olimpia Keuler:

  638. Tomas Rineer:

  639. Georgianne Kear:

  640. Antony Ealley:

  641. Lakia Mountjoy:

  642. Deon Godina:

  643. Lakia Mountjoy:

  644. Reed Clester:

  645. Olympia Fleischacker:

  646. Lynwood Formey:

  647. Jake Niimi:

  648. Vernetta Morejon:

  649. Reed Clester:

  650. Noel Magar:

  651. Sonya Colella:

  652. Lorine Dorer:

  653. Olympia Fleischacker:

  654. Brock Liner:

  655. Karan Wedo:

  656. Enrique Ancel:

  657. Shaun Groder:

  658. Olympia Fleischacker:

  659. Xiomara Judkins:

  660. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  661. Arica Falldorf:

  662. Carmelita Brehm:

  663. Carmelita Brehm:

  664. Karan Wedo:

  665. Russell Shrawder:

  666. Maryland Marlette:

  667. Karan Wedo:

  668. Beverly Fritchley:

  669. Buster Neubauer:

  670. Ron Depauw:

  671. Tamica Krall:

  672. Guadalupe Paloma:

  673. Suellen Madia:

  674. Giovanni Scordato:

  675. Sonya Colella:

  676. Giovanni Scordato:

  677. Guadalupe Paloma:

  678. Vanda Mefford:

  679. Grady Jamgochian:

  680. Isaac Moresco:

  681. Berry Wildhaber:

  682. Tamera Yokely:

  683. Jim Rebuldela:

  684. Fernando Koterba:

  685. Alexis Jankoff:

  686. Ira Sinton:

  687. Suellen Madia:

  688. Erica Cellio:

  689. Jim Rebuldela:

  690. Gaston Incera:

  691. Hal Laessig:

  692. Karan Wedo:

  693. Darnell Kopatz:

  694. Xiomara Judkins:

  695. Wade Paletta:

  696. Alia Vaneaton:

  697. Nakia Callis:

  698. Audrea Beacom:

  699. Chau Gavigan:

  700. Armida Grunewald:

  701. Melonie Eckle:

  702. Dania Johannes:

  703. Lakia Mountjoy:

  704. Drew Satsky:

  705. Kyle Silvestri:

  706. Dorian Huitron:

  707. Arica Falldorf:

  708. Eusebia Fastic:

  709. Antony Ealley:

  710. Drew Satsky:

  711. Sonya Colella:

  712. Arica Falldorf:

  713. Armida Grunewald:

  714. Yon Kissinger:

  715. Ethan Zappulla:

  716. Milton Mainey:

  717. Elease Eilbeck:

  718. Rich Gerritsen:

  719. Blair Bertholf:

  720. Shirlee Echaure:

  721. Elease Eilbeck:

  722. Maryland Marlette:

  723. Beverly Fritchley:

  724. Toni Tolden:

  725. Kyle Silvestri:

  726. Roland Khu:

  727. Grady Jamgochian:

  728. Beverly Fritchley:

  729. Reed Clester:

  730. Chau Gavigan:

  731. Melonie Eckle:

  732. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  733. Georgianne Kear:

  734. Shaun Groder:

  735. Olympia Fleischacker:

  736. Cornelia Rulli:

  737. Hector Valko:

  738. Chau Gavigan:

  739. Jay Delmore:

  740. Cornelia Rulli:

  741. Jake Niimi:

  742. Fernando Koterba:

  743. Leah Burklow:

  744. Tomas Rineer:

  745. Hector Valko:

  746. Ron Depauw:

  747. Carmelita Brehm:

  748. Lorine Dorer:

  749. Georgianne Kear:

  750. Giovanni Scordato:

  751. Alexis Jankoff:

  752. Duane Misnick:

  753. Karan Wedo:

  754. Isaac Moresco:

  755. Roland Khu:

  756. Lorine Dorer:

  757. Toni Tolden:

  758. Grover Dawley:

  759. Vanna Mofield:

  760. Erica Cellio:

  761. Enrique Ancel:

  762. Beverly Fritchley:

  763. Jill Tabion:

  764. Raymond Besancon:

  765. Mitch Karban:

  766. Berry Wildhaber:

  767. Olimpia Keuler:

  768. Lynwood Formey:

  769. Lynwood Formey:

  770. Katherin Salvage:

  771. Karan Wedo:

  772. Jake Niimi:

  773. Genaro Scipioni:

  774. Erica Cellio:

  775. Nick Howieson:

  776. Maryland Marlette:

  777. Berry Wildhaber:

  778. Jim Rebuldela:

  779. Guadalupe Paloma:

  780. Tamica Krall:

  781. Shirlee Echaure:

  782. Suellen Madia:

  783. Armida Grunewald:

  784. Vanda Mefford:

  785. Vanda Mefford:

  786. Venus Ullrich:

  787. Nick Howieson:

  788. Tamica Krall:

  789. Zandra Troe:

  790. Elbert Grossen:

  791. Vanda Mefford:

  792. Beverly Fritchley:

  793. Russell Shrawder:

  794. Karan Wedo:

  795. Russell Shrawder:

  796. Danika Lohrey:

  797. Ron Depauw:

  798. Brock Liner:

  799. Gaston Incera:

  800. Deon Godina:

  801. Lizbeth Agoro:

  802. Grover Dawley:

  803. Jim Rebuldela:

  804. Lizbeth Agoro:

  805. Elbert Grossen:

  806. Elbert Grossen:

  807. Dania Johannes:

  808. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  809. Detra Whinery:

  810. Erica Cellio:

  811. Wade Paletta:

  812. Brock Liner:

  813. Katherin Salvage:

  814. Danika Lohrey:

  815. Hal Laessig:

  816. Claretta Grove:

  817. Leah Burklow:

  818. Raymond Besancon:

  819. Enrique Ancel:

  820. Kyle Silvestri:

  821. Mitch Karban:

  822. Hector Valko:

  823. Erica Cellio:

  824. Tammy Tin:

  825. Darnell Kopatz:

  826. Berry Wildhaber:

  827. Tobias Leggett:

  828. Grover Dawley:

  829. Yon Kissinger:

  830. Lizbeth Agoro:

  831. Arica Falldorf:

  832. Mitch Karban:

  833. Jill Tabion:

  834. Zenaida Ineson:

  835. Tamera Yokely:

  836. Duane Misnick:

  837. Shaun Groder:

  838. Olimpia Keuler:

  839. Toni Tolden:

  840. Olympia Fleischacker:

  841. Georgianne Kear:

  842. Tammy Tin:

  843. Olimpia Keuler:

  844. Carmelita Brehm:

  845. Vanna Mofield:

  846. Zandra Troe:

  847. Hortense Vento:

  848. Rich Gerritsen:

  849. Arica Falldorf:

  850. Roland Khu:

  851. Vanna Mofield:

  852. Katherin Salvage:

  853. Fernando Koterba:

  854. Erica Cellio:

  855. Guadalupe Paloma:

  856. Ira Sinton:

  857. Dolores Boening:

  858. Enrique Ancel:

  859. Detra Whinery:

  860. Berry Wildhaber:

  861. Deon Godina:

  862. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  863. Sonya Colella:

  864. Sonya Colella:

  865. Tamica Krall:

  866. Leah Burklow:

  867. Wade Paletta:

  868. Janie Burreson:

  869. Venus Ullrich:

  870. Audrea Beacom:

  871. Tammy Tin:

  872. Shaun Groder:

  873. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  874. Jim Rebuldela:

  875. Zenaida Ineson:

  876. Duane Misnick:

  877. Katherin Salvage:

  878. Buster Neubauer:

  879. Enrique Ancel:

  880. Berry Wildhaber:

  881. Shirlee Echaure:

  882. Beverly Fritchley:

  883. Elease Eilbeck:

  884. Rich Gerritsen:

  885. Audrea Beacom:

  886. Jay Delmore:

  887. Nakia Callis:

  888. Olympia Fleischacker:

  889. Tobias Leggett:

  890. Antony Ealley:

  891. Lakia Mountjoy:

  892. Milton Mainey:

  893. Deon Godina:

  894. Drew Satsky:

  895. Suellen Madia:

  896. Tamica Krall:

  897. Guadalupe Paloma:

  898. Hal Laessig:

  899. Ted Goldfarb:

  900. Drew Satsky:

  901. Jill Tabion:

  902. Eusebia Fastic:

  903. Lizbeth Agoro:

  904. Grady Jamgochian:

  905. Dolores Boening:

  906. Mitch Karban:

  907. Leah Burklow:

  908. Carol Elizando:

  909. Enrique Ancel:

  910. Arica Falldorf:

  911. Blair Bertholf:

  912. Tobias Leggett:

  913. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  914. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  915. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  916. Giovanni Scordato:

  917. Detra Whinery:

  918. Hector Valko:

  919. Vanna Mofield:

  920. Grady Jamgochian:

  921. Alia Vaneaton:

  922. Drew Satsky:

  923. Elease Eilbeck:

  924. Duane Misnick:

  925. Vanda Mefford:

  926. Claretta Grove:

  927. Lakia Mountjoy:

  928. Darnell Kopatz:

  929. Jake Niimi:

  930. Tobias Leggett:

  931. Tomas Rineer:

  932. Dorian Huitron:

  933. Tamera Yokely:

  934. Jill Tabion:

  935. Eusebia Fastic:

  936. Noel Magar:

  937. Lynwood Formey:

  938. Tomas Rineer:

  939. Georgianne Kear:

  940. Jay Delmore:

  941. Noel Magar:

  942. Zandra Troe:

  943. Deon Godina:

  944. Fernando Koterba:

  945. Yon Kissinger:

  946. Guadalupe Paloma:

  947. Isaac Moresco:

  948. Hector Valko:

  949. Armida Grunewald:

  950. Dania Johannes:

  951. Janie Burreson:

  952. Lynwood Formey:

  953. Vernetta Morejon:

  954. Erica Cellio:

  955. Brock Liner:

  956. Rich Gerritsen:

  957. Tamica Krall:

  958. Lakia Mountjoy:

  959. Shirlee Echaure:

  960. Suellen Madia:

  961. Duane Misnick:

  962. Grover Dawley:

  963. Vanda Mefford:

  964. Elease Eilbeck:

  965. Shirlee Echaure:

  966. Vernetta Morejon:

  967. Eusebia Fastic:

  968. Josue Merrick:

  969. Ira Sinton:

  970. Darnell Kopatz:

  971. Antony Ealley:

  972. Isaac Moresco:

  973. Tammy Tin:

  974. Cornelia Rulli:

  975. Giovanni Scordato:

  976. Chau Gavigan:

  977. Mitch Karban:

  978. Duane Misnick:

  979. Tamica Krall:

  980. Genaro Scipioni:

  981. Tamica Krall:

  982. Detra Whinery:

  983. Nakia Callis:

  984. Lakia Mountjoy:

  985. Dorian Huitron:

  986. Isaac Moresco:

  987. Arica Falldorf:

  988. Kyle Silvestri:

  989. Zandra Troe:

  990. Hector Valko:

  991. Deon Godina:

  992. Duane Misnick:

  993. Nick Howieson:

  994. Blair Bertholf:

  995. Tamica Krall:

  996. Tamera Yokely:

  997. Katherin Salvage:

  998. Vernetta Morejon:

  999. Blair Bertholf:

  1000. Reed Clester:

  1001. Dorian Huitron:

  1002. Kyle Silvestri:

  1003. Genaro Scipioni:

  1004. Ted Goldfarb:

  1005. Nick Howieson:

  1006. Vanda Mefford:

  1007. Dorian Huitron:

  1008. Ethan Zappulla:

  1009. Darnell Kopatz:

  1010. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  1011. Tobias Leggett:

  1012. Toni Tolden:

  1013. Josue Merrick:

  1014. Audrea Beacom:

  1015. Gaston Incera:

  1016. Antony Ealley:

  1017. Shirlee Echaure:

  1018. Bryon Barrientos:

  1019. Gaston Incera:

  1020. Karan Wedo:

  1021. Georgianne Kear:

  1022. Giovanni Scordato:

  1023. Maryland Marlette:

  1024. Mitch Duey:

  1025. Sonya Colella:

  1026. Eusebia Fastic:

  1027. Detra Whinery:

  1028. Ted Goldfarb:

  1029. Carol Elizando:

  1030. Jill Tabion:

  1031. Carol Elizando:

  1032. Elbert Grossen:

  1033. Antony Ealley:

  1034. Chau Gavigan:

  1035. Tomas Rineer:

  1036. Toni Tolden:

  1037. Armida Grunewald:

  1038. Lakia Mountjoy:

  1039. Sonya Colella:

  1040. Drew Satsky:

  1041. Alia Vaneaton:

  1042. Fernando Koterba:

  1043. Hal Laessig:

  1044. Genaro Scipioni:

  1045. Abram Macayan:

  1046. Isaac Moresco:

  1047. Noel Magar:

  1048. Giovanni Scordato:

  1049. Vanda Mefford:

  1050. Russell Shrawder:

  1051. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  1052. Mitch Karban:

  1053. Buster Neubauer:

  1054. Detra Whinery:

  1055. Tomas Rineer:

  1056. Rich Gerritsen:

  1057. Alexis Jankoff:

  1058. Milton Mainey:

  1059. Russell Shrawder:

  1060. Tamica Krall:

  1061. Olimpia Keuler:

  1062. Blair Bertholf:

  1063. Buster Neubauer:

  1064. Mitch Duey:

  1065. Olimpia Keuler:

  1066. Brock Liner:

  1067. Lizbeth Agoro:

  1068. Xiomara Judkins:

  1069. Hortense Vento:

  1070. Darnell Kopatz:

  1071. Tammy Tin:

  1072. Ron Depauw:

  1073. Grady Jamgochian:

  1074. Lynwood Formey:

  1075. Ethan Zappulla:

  1076. Mitch Duey:

  1077. Lynwood Formey:

  1078. Lynwood Formey:

  1079. Alexis Jankoff:

  1080. Katherin Salvage:

  1081. Brock Liner:

  1082. Hector Valko:

  1083. Maryland Marlette:

  1084. Zenaida Ineson:

  1085. Josue Merrick:

  1086. Giovanni Scordato:

  1087. Erica Cellio:

  1088. Ira Sinton:

  1089. Guadalupe Paloma:

  1090. Zenaida Ineson:

  1091. Armida Grunewald:

  1092. Carmelita Brehm:

  1093. Duane Misnick:

  1094. Raymond Besancon:

  1095. Genaro Scipioni:

  1096. Ted Goldfarb:

  1097. Grover Dawley:

  1098. Georgianne Kear:

  1099. Nick Howieson:

  1100. Jim Rebuldela:

  1101. Claretta Grove:

  1102. Tomas Rineer:

  1103. Toni Tolden:

  1104. Alia Vaneaton:

  1105. Maryland Marlette:

  1106. Dania Johannes:

  1107. Melonie Eckle:

  1108. Ted Goldfarb:

  1109. Alia Vaneaton:

  1110. Jay Delmore:

  1111. Guadalupe Paloma:

  1112. Carmelita Brehm:

  1113. Buster Neubauer:

  1114. Tamera Yokely:

  1115. Ira Sinton:

  1116. Bryon Barrientos:

  1117. Lynwood Formey:

  1118. Giovanni Scordato:

  1119. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  1120. Abram Macayan:

  1121. Milton Mainey:

  1122. Kyle Silvestri:

  1123. Hortense Vento:

  1124. Audrea Beacom:

  1125. Carol Elizando:

  1126. Armida Grunewald:

  1127. Shaun Groder:

  1128. Elbert Grossen:

  1129. Lizbeth Agoro:

  1130. Reed Clester:

  1131. Zenaida Ineson:

  1132. Venus Ullrich:

  1133. Bryon Barrientos:

  1134. Alonzo Vaneaton:

  1135. Rich Gerritsen:

  1136. Yon Kissinger:

  1137. Erica Cellio:

  1138. Drew Satsky:

  1139. Dorian Huitron:

  1140. Jill Tabion:

  1141. Toni Tolden:

  1142. Tammy Tin:

  1143. Bryon Barrientos:

  1144. Abram Macayan:

  1145. Hector Valko:

  1146. Antony Ealley:

  1147. Maryland Marlette:

  1148. Yon Kissinger:

  1149. Hal Laessig:

  1150. Detra Whinery:

  1151. Abram Macayan:

  1152. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  1153. Ira Sinton:

  1154. Maryland Marlette:

  1155. Suellen Madia:

  1156. Blair Bertholf:

  1157. Russell Shrawder:

  1158. Leah Burklow:

  1159. Bryon Barrientos:

  1160. Xiomara Judkins:

  1161. Willis Zella:

  1162. Gaston Incera:

  1163. Guadalupe Paloma:

  1164. Buster Neubauer:

  1165. Raymond Besancon:

  1166. Grady Jamgochian:

  1167. Janie Burreson:

  1168. Milton Mainey:

  1169. Maryland Marlette:

  1170. Detra Whinery:

  1171. Carol Elizando:

  1172. Alexis Jankoff:

  1173. Kyle Silvestri:

  1174. Yon Kissinger:

  1175. Kyle Silvestri:

  1176. Ron Depauw:

  1177. Vanna Mofield:

  1178. Nick Howieson:

  1179. Janie Burreson:

  1180. Claretta Grove:

  1181. Hortense Vento:

  1182. Hal Laessig:

  1183. Beverly Fritchley:

  1184. Shirlee Echaure:

  1185. Karan Wedo:

  1186. Hortense Vento:

  1187. Dania Johannes:

  1188. Olimpia Keuler:

  1189. Danika Lohrey:

  1190. Olimpia Keuler:

  1191. Katherin Salvage:

  1192. Dolores Boening:

  1193. Gaston Incera:

  1194. Jake Niimi:

  1195. Carmelita Brehm:

  1196. Shaun Groder:

  1197. Janie Burreson:

  1198. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  1199. Wade Paletta:

  1200. Shaun Groder:

  1201. Xiomara Judkins:

  1202. Blair Bertholf:

  1203. Reed Clester:

  1204. Leah Burklow:

  1205. Armida Grunewald:

  1206. Maryland Marlette:

  1207. Hector Valko:

  1208. Nick Howieson:

  1209. Hal Laessig:

  1210. Toni Tolden:

  1211. Tamica Krall:

  1212. Lynwood Formey:

  1213. Tobias Leggett:

  1214. Cornelia Rulli:

  1215. Jill Tabion:

  1216. Reed Clester:

  1217. Buster Neubauer:

  1218. Alia Vaneaton:

  1219. Grover Dawley:

  1220. Grady Jamgochian:

  1221. Jake Niimi:

  1222. Olimpia Keuler:

  1223. Leah Burklow:

  1224. Josue Merrick:

  1225. Carmelita Brehm:

  1226. Leah Burklow:

  1227. Raymond Besancon:

  1228. Lakia Mountjoy:

  1229. Gabriel Gadbaw:

  1230. Katherin Salvage:

  1231. Mitch Duey:

  1232. Danika Lohrey:

  1233. Danika Lohrey:

  1234. Karan Wedo:

  1235. Enrique Ancel:

  1236. Janie Burreson:

  1237. Wade Paletta:

  1238. Deon Godina:

  1239. Cassandra Daughtrey:

  1240. Ira Sinton:

  1241. Zandra Troe:

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