Leonard to miss three games; Tuaniga leaves

August 28th, 2010

Brett Leonard, who was going to start at center, will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and miss the first three games. 

Bronson Tiwanak will start at center now, completing UH's starting offensive unit:

LWO — Rodney Bradley

LSB — Greg Salas

LT — Austin Hansen

 LG — Brysen "Bulla" Ginlack

C — Bronson Tiwanak

RG — Adrian Thomas 

RT — Laupepa Letuli 

RSB — Kealoha Pilares 

RWO — Royce Pollard

QB — Bryant Moniz

RB — Alex Green

* * * * * 

People in the know tell us that it wasn't easy reading Leonard's MRI. The glitch is that 6-foot-4, 310-pound patients don't always slide neatly into an MRI tunnel. The good thing is UH is able to book MRI appointments quickly. Leonard was injured during a Wednesday morning practice, and a couple of hours later he underwent the MRI. 

* * * * * 

Nice to see the turnout at yesterday's volleyball match. 


The band was in good form ... 


It also was nice to see members of other UH sports teams supporting the Rainbow Wahine. There were several football players there. How scary is it for an opponent when linebacker Jake Heun is in the stands? Also, it appears a few Warriors have established a mini fan club for Kanani Danielson. Here's punter Alex Dunnachie holding a home-made sign after a Danielson kill:


* * * * * 

We're told that men's volleyball player Gus Tuaniga is enrolled at Long Beach City College this season. Tuaniga, who would have been a junior at UH this year, is taking some time to decide whether he wants to continue playing volleyball or pursue other interests. Tuaniga left the Warriors in good academic standing, and will be welcomed back if he so chooses. 

* * * * * 

Congratulations to dopaco24 for the hard work in constructing mock schedules. dopaco24 can either be blog host for a day or have a mini UH football helmet. Text me at 256-0223 for your choice.

328 Responses to “Leonard to miss three games; Tuaniga leaves”

  1. NYUH:

    B. Satele got into the Jets game last night for quite a few downs due to a couple of fumbles. Didn't make any strong plays but didn't seem to make any mistakes too. I liked that he didn't give up on any tackles. Held on for dear life it seemed.

  2. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Is it Tuesday?

  3. d1島:


  4. Slugger:


  5. d1島:

    Best wishes to Brett Leonard for a successful surgery and a quick and complete recovery.

  6. d1島:

    Goooo Y-P-Oooooo! (from 96797)

  7. NYUH:

    Looks like an awesome lineup.

  8. d1島:


    btw, no worry....

    YPO...Y-pahu...Y-K-le...no matter...we all call each other (808)


  9. d1島:

    How scary is it for an opponent when Jake Heun comes out of the stands? :shock:

    (or a stance, for that matter)

  10. d1島:

    What did Alex Dunnachie's sign say?

    "Kick me, I'm Aussie!"

    "Oy Oy Oy"

    "Real Wahine Spike it Down Under"

    ...ok, I'll stop now.

  11. Slugger:

    Looks like Lewis Walker on the other side of Dunnachie.

  12. NYUH:


    Bryant Moniz, who threw for 2,396 yards and 14 touchdowns is also back. Moniz started eight of the Warriors' last nine games.

    "He's gained 10-15 pounds and is throwing better than he's ever thrown," said McMackin, who is 13-14 in two seasons at Hawaii (6-7 last year). "He's been first in everything we've done this off-season. He's set a great example."

  13. djmitcho:

    Good Morning Tsaikos! Hope everyone has a good day. First some little league, and then the Hilo Boy, BJ Penn will show the world who the best LW fighter in the world really is.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I think it said something like: You've been Danielson'd
    I was trying not to look their way.
    When I got to the Box Office, I asked if they had any lower-level seats? Didn't realize they would sell us tickets in the student section. We were sitting next to a bunch of football players. (Softball player Kelly Majam was a couple of rows behind.)
    At $17 a ticket, we didn't want to move.

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    Indeed, that is Lewis Walker on the right.
    George Daily-Lyles was a row behind.
    Aaron Brown was walking around limp-free, so I'm convinced he's fully healed.
    Took a picture of Jonas Umlauft for jm2375's kid.
    Ran into former UH basketball coach Jackson Wheeler. I was walking around when I heard, "Hey, dumb ass." I turned, and it was Wheels.

  16. d1島:


    Good to know there's a way of getting the Blog Host's attention right away...

  17. haka:

    Good Morning All!
    You gotta believe!
    Win Waipio!
    Let's Go VolleyBows!
    Sock it to 'em SoccerBows!
    Geevum Michelle!
    Tap 'em BJ!
    Go Warriors!
    Who'd i miss?
    Hawaii No Ka Oi!

  18. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Good LLWS morning Tsaiko kids!

    Don't mess with Waipio.. Texas!

  19. Kamaaina94547:

    Win Waipio!!!

  20. chopsueyboy:

    Top Twenty!

  21. chopsueyboy:

    Whew! Made it...Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  22. d1島:

    The Ump from Hawaii is on the field in the Int'l Championship Game. :cool:

  23. Calvin from Kona:

    Can everyone post "Hey dumb ass" to try to win a prize today? I'll offer up a UH shirt or hat :)

  24. Calvin from Kona:

    Oh and good morning Tsaikos

  25. Bulla:

    wait, if you're the dumb a$$, does that mean your brother Mike is the smart a$$???

  26. Bulla:

    just kidding,

    aloha calvin, how you hanging? you coming to the Undeniably Sanctioned Cheaters vs. Undying Hope game this week?

    hope to see you there....GO WARRIORS

  27. tommui:

    Good morning Hawaii!

    Good morning ST!
    Hey dumb ass

    Go WAIPIO!

  28. Mike:

    Brashton was credited for two tackles. Way to go Brashton!

  29. Last Call:

    Interesting article in the Salt Lake Trib as they reveal more about the e-mails they obtained and how it's the University Presidents who hold all the power .


  30. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    I met Kanani while shopping at Long's a couple of months back. She was very gracious and engaging. Not hard to see why she might have her own fan club.

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The "O" is set. Can't wait!

    BEAT USC!!!

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Bulla and d1!

    Looks like our teams got schooled by yhe OIA last night, eh?

    Kahuku looks like a juggernaut!

  33. gigi-hawaii:

    dumb ass. smart ass. aren't we all asses, when you come down to it?

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I hope aussiemum sees the picture of our "unoque" punter bein' his unique self! :lol: Good for him.

  35. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    *raises hand*

  36. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    The only difference is the quality and severity of our assihness, gigi.

  37. Kekoa (iPhone):

    My nephew Kaipo, who most of you know from his affliation with The Tsaiko All Star Band, umpired the LL Champioship game here. This was the game that Pearl City almost won, and might have been our rep instead.

    Sorry Whitey, the Maui boys were ousted in the semi-final game. Next year take them with you for a big Breakfast of Champions before you send them over.

    Wipe 'em Waipio!

  38. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to dopaco24 for winning the scheduling puzzle game!

    Did you have many alternate teams in case one or more of them said "no" to playing UH that year?

    GO WAIPIO !!!

  39. d1島:

    Wow...pretty solid teams in the Int'l. Final.

  40. d1島:


    No doubt the OIA road to the title will have to go via Kam Hwy. but I think a stop in Kalihi would definitely be in order as well.

  41. pcwarrior:

    Good morning!!!! Top 40ish woohooooo!!!
    I'm enjoying the LLWS Taipei and Japan very sound teams..... very impressed by the double play Taipei just turned...

  42. Calvin from Kona:

    Aloha Bulla, yep we will be there

  43. Garret:

    ESPN LA article about UH.

    “The defense can never be right if we’re executing what we’re doing as far as reading routes,” McMackin said.

    “We’re the only show in town,” he said. “They pray for you to win. Eighty percent of the fans are with you. It’s a lot different than most places. You always have people who aren’t happy on blogs and radio shows. I won’t name them.”

  44. Garret:

    Record-Courier article about the WAC--lots of info about Nevada, but they have some good information about each WAC team also. Here is some of their stuff about UH.

    The Warriors fell one victory short of a bowl game a year ago.

    "We learned a great lesson," McMackin said. "It was very disappointing. We put ourselves in position that last game (a loss to Wisconsin) but you can't put yourself in that position in your last game. We wasted some ballgames last year earlier in the year. Our big lesson is that we cannot waste any ballgames. We have to win the close ones."

  45. Garret:

    It sure doesn't sound like it was a close competition for the starting QB job in camp.

    Bryant Moniz, who threw for 2,396 yards and 14 touchdowns is also back. Moniz started eight of the Warriors' last nine games.

    "He's gained 10-15 pounds and is throwing better than he's ever thrown," said McMackin, who is 13-14 in two seasons at Hawaii (6-7 last year). "He's been first in everything we've done this off-season. He's set a great example."

  46. d1島:

    Good shot of the Hawaii and Texas kids watching the early game behind the scenes.

    HI keeds look "Hang Loose" but *Sheesh* those Texas kids look tense!

  47. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Thanks ST fir da pix. It was immediately forwarded to Screecher #2. She has the biggestt crush on Umlauft.

    Go Waipio/Waipahu/Hawaii/West!
    Go Wahine!
    Go Michelle!
    Go Dean! He made the cut, got chance to move on to next week.

  48. d1島:


  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Go Michelle!!!!


    GO WAIPIO!!!
    GO WAIPIO!!!
    GO WAIPIO!!!
    GO WAIPIO!!!

  50. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    GO WAHINE!!!


  51. d1島:


  52. d1島:


  53. d1島:

    ...no pre or past

  54. d1島:

    Sque-e-e-e-ze the winnah in!

  55. d1島:


  56. RedZone:

    Clutch hitting Japan beats Taipei 3-1 in extra innings.

  57. RedZone:

    Coming up Texas vs Hawaii.

  58. RedZone:

    Correction 3-2.

  59. d1島:


  60. d1島:

    You on it, RedZone.

    "Never say die" for Japan produces the winning run...

    ...never say no mo' time for a Poke Run! :-)

  61. RedZone:

    Hawaii vs Japan would be a really fun matchup.

  62. gigi-hawaii:

    is the Hawaii game on ESPN or ABC?

  63. haka:

    Speaking of Japan and Asses

    Japanes say Americans very confuse...
    Lawnmo gudass
    Smoke gudass
    Look thru gudass
    Wear eye gudass
    Drink from gudass
    And like gudass

    Ok, ok,
    Speaking of asses...
    Got it

  64. haka:


  65. Pomai:

    #33 gigi

    I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. chopsueyboy:

    they talk about cost for Hawaii Little League players and family,
    How much are the international teams spending?

  67. d1島:

    Eh, dat's Kawika and Goliath!

  68. d1島:


    maybe not a single dollar? ;-)

  69. d1島:

    :-) :-)

  70. d1島:

    :-) :-) :-) :-)

  71. d1島:


  72. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...Hope all is well...

    Go Waipio!!!!!!

    d1...you are in fine form this morning.

    Hope that Brett's surgery goes well and he heals quickly....

  73. sports for fun:

    4-0 Waipio, top of the 2nd.
    one on for texas, one out.

  74. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Like I said before, "Don't mess with Texas WAIPIO!"

  75. sports for fun:

    man on 1st n 2nd, two outs

  76. d1島:


    Howzit (J)J!

  77. sports for fun:

    texas 2nd pau. no runs on one hit. two left on...
    hawaii coming up

  78. d1島:

    ....fine form? Maybe.

    Outta shape? Definitely!

  79. sports for fun:

    Noah Shackles has a line drive two run homerun in the 1st.

  80. Slugger:

    I'm glad not much happened in the 2nd & 3rd innings...I fell asleep...woke up in time to see the action.

    GO WAIPIO!!!

  81. Slugger:

    I take that back...I must be REALLY tired...missed the bottom of the 1st inning only...mis- reading the box score. Yawn...

  82. sports for fun:

    Going to the top of the 3rd...Texas coming up.

  83. Ipu Man:

    Tomorrow, Sunday, Rainbow Clift will be 25 yrs old...

  84. sports for fun:

    texas 3rd...two down, no hits, no runners on base

  85. sports for fun:

    umpire has a wide strike zone for both pitchers...

  86. sports for fun:

    strike out!! texas done in the 3rd. no runs, no hits, no runners left on base...

    bottom 3rd, WAIPIO coming up...

  87. d1島:

    Someone doesn't wanna be there...

  88. sports for fun:

    two on two outs, man on 1st n 2nd

  89. sports for fun:

    pass ball runners move up, 2nd and 3rd

  90. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Texas kids really takin' things hard. Hawaii kids are to be commeneded for net getting down on themselves no matter what.

    Does anybody else suspect that the Hawaii coach might have been hiding his lefty pitcher from the opposition's scouts. This Hawaii pitcher is doing a great job!

  91. sports for fun:

    pass ball runners move up
    WAIPIO runner scores

  92. sports for fun:

    single through 3rd and SS. run scores
    WAIPIO 6-0

  93. d1島:

    sports for fun,

    Good pbp...keep it up.

    btw, earlier Orel mentioned that the umps are giving the pitchers a big outside corner mostly for safety reasons.

  94. d1島:

    Pour it on! YPO!!!

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  95. sports for fun:

    walk...runners on 1st and 2nd
    two outs
    Akau up to bat

  96. sports for fun:

    akau double

  97. sports for fun:

    run scores
    WAIPIO 7-0
    runners on 3rd and 2nd

  98. Slugger:

    Keep it going, Waipio! It's only the 3rd inning.

  99. d1島:


    Positive coaching is good, and all but the guy should pull his nephew already.

  100. sports for fun:

    the texas pitcher is really down. personally, i think the coach should take him out

  101. sports for fun:

    Ty DeSa up. Had a two run home run in the 1st

  102. sports for fun:

    fly out...
    3 runs scored. two left on
    end of 3rd
    texas coming up to bat...

  103. Steve:

    No, Shackles had the home run in the 1st.

  104. d1島:

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  105. Ipu Man:

    Shane Victorino just slammed a triple for Philly...

  106. d1島:

    Ipu Man,

    How many of these keeds would Victorino name as his favorite? :-)

  107. Ipu Man:

    ABC praising Waipio's left handed pitcher as a secret weapon...
    Not many of them around even in pro ball he said.

  108. sports for fun:

    WOW!! What a wide strike zone!!

  109. sports for fun:

    single to right...texas pitcher up to bat

  110. sports for fun:

    one out, one on, full count...

  111. sports for fun:

    runners on 1st and 2nd...
    one out...

  112. sports for fun:

    about 5 to 6 kids said that shane victorino was their favorite player

  113. sports for fun:

    ground out
    runners on 3rd and 1st
    two outs

  114. sports for fun:

    texas 4th
    two strikes on current batter

  115. d1島:


  116. sports for fun:

    two runners left on base
    WAIPIO coming up to bat, bottom 4th inning

  117. Steve:

    Heleski, the Waipio pitcher, is normally their closer.

  118. d1島:


    Got it.
    Was just commenting on if Victorino would reciprocate.

  119. sports for fun:

    WAIPIO leads texas

  120. sports for fun:

    since they play only 6 innings, is this the 4th inning stretch?

  121. sports for fun:

    WAIPIO: 7 runs, 8 hits, no errors
    texas: 0 runs, 2 hits, no errors

  122. sports for fun:

    winner of WAIPIO/texas team plays Japan for overall championship
    loser plays taiwan in consolation game...

  123. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #105 - he's inspired bt his LL homeboys! ;)

    #106 - All of them! Same for everybody in the 808 today! :lol:

  124. sports for fun:

    consolation game will be on ESPN,
    championship game on ABC

  125. tommui:

    GO WAIPIO!!!!

    Michelle lost ground today but is tied for 1st place with Shim. But the the 3rd place people are only 4 behind. So, GO MICHELLE.


  126. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Tom!

  127. sports for fun:

    bottom 4th
    no runners
    two outs

  128. sports for fun:

    WAIPIO 4th done:
    no runs, no hits, no runners left on base...
    texas coming up to bat...
    5th inning

  129. Body Workout 101:

    The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics ......

    I found your entry interesting do I've added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)...

  130. sports for fun:

    two outs no runs or hits

    WAIPIO lefty holding the texas bats silent

  131. sports for fun:

    STRIKE OUT!! texas 5th done!!

  132. sports for fun:

    this lefty has been very crafty...

  133. sports for fun:

    Championship game 10am HST on ABC.

    WAIPIO 5th...

  134. sports for fun:

    texas changing pitchers...

    texas coach comes out, tells pitcher we're gonna save you for tomorrow. asks pitcher if he knows who he's gonna pitch against tomorrow...
    pitcher says taipei,
    coach tells him wrong answer, it's japan...we're gonna score 8 runs in the 6th...

    taipei is in the consolation game tomorrow...

  135. sports for fun:

    runner on 2nd, no outs

  136. sports for fun:

    loooooooong towering triple to right
    run scores

  137. sports for fun:

    lefty pitcher strokes a single to right, 9-0!!

    no outs...

    announcers talking about 10-run rule

  138. sports for fun:

    pass ball, runner moves up to 2nd...

  139. sports for fun:

    ground out to SS, runner moves up to 3rd

    one out.

  140. chopsueyboy:


  141. sports for fun:

    WAIPIO wins 10-0!!
    Ten run rule...

  142. d1島:

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


  143. sports for fun:

    WAIPIO plays JAPAN tomorrow for the overall world championship!!

  144. sports for fun:

    i bet the announcers were shocked that that little lefty blanked the texas bats...i know i am!! GO WAIPIO!!

  145. expat:

    Congratulations to Waipio. Excellent work.

  146. d1島:

    It's intoxicating....

  147. madeinhawaii:

    Dang! Waipio... 10 run mercy ruling! whoo hooo!! Way to go!!

    #1 in the USA! now for the WORLD!

  148. jm2375 (Backflip):


  149. Kekoa (iPhone):

    One last time Texans...


  150. Da Menehune:

    Good game Waipio!!!!
    Good job sports for fun!!! Need your
    play by play tomorrow!!!!

  151. RedZone:

    Congrats Waipio.

  152. bb:

    Isn't Billy Hull in Boston for BJ Penn?
    Perhaps SA should send him down 300 miles.....

  153. haka:

    And so it begins...
    The sport season is upon us...

    Great job by Hawaii's little big men of summer!
    Big game tomorrow!
    Better go do all my chores NOW!

    Next up....
    Go Wahine!

    You gotta love it!

  154. madeinhawaii:

    Wonder if Colt will get a chance to play today?? Chad Owens?

  155. OldDiver:

    Waipio reminds me of our softball team. Undersized but determined, plays every game likes it's their last.

  156. Steve:

    Hope Waipio's character rubs off on the Warriors!!!

  157. GRM:

    The Hawaii ump is Cliff Yaguchi from the Pearl City Little League. Yaaay Waipio!!

  158. Derek:

    Is it nice that Hawaii has beaten Georgia and Texas! To bad it's not in football....yet! Great job by the players and coaches and the suppport group up there. All Hawaii is very proud of them. I had a good feeling that lefty Heleski would do a good job. The big question now is who is Bryan Yoshii going to throw tomorrow. He doesn't have much options and has only Ramos, Kushima, and Yoshii left unless he has something else up his sleeve. Maybe DeSa can pitch, he's a lefty! The key against Japan will be patience and play good defense and not make a lot of errors. A couple of home runs by Hawaii would help. Prediction: Hawaii - 6, Japan - 3. World Champs!

    Wahine volleyball was nerve wrecking last night. Maybe it's because of the opener and the fact that UC San Diego is a good team that is ranked. Too many service errors and the Shoji should get them to practice their serves more. 19 service errors is not acceptable. If half of them were good serves they probably would win at least half of of them, which is about 4 to 5 points. That's huge. They should play better tonight against K-State after the jitters go away. I was impressed with Hewitt, Satele, and of course Danielson. Hartong hit ok but her lserves were terrible. I think Shoji should play Forsythe more. Waber will be good, but she's a freshman.

  159. Steve:

    I hope the Warrior offensive line does not play like the Dallas Offensive line, god they are awful. It seems like Dallas is playing 6 against 11, Houston front is going thru line like it was not even there.

  160. Steve:

    Anybody heard the rumor about BYU and ESPN announcing a conference realignment on Wednesday, Sept. 1?

  161. AussieMum:

    Da Punchbowl Kid:
    re: # 34
    thanks, yes I did see it with some prompting from another fan back here. It's good to see him out supporting others. Go Warriors!!

  162. sports for fun:

    what time is colts game? can it be seen online?

  163. Kekoa:


    My prediction for tomorrow...

    Waipio wa bikutoriusu sa remasu!

  164. Kekoa:

    sports for fun ~

    Re: 49ers - Traiders

    Don't know about *on-line* but KITV is showing it 'live' on HDTV @ 7 PM Hawaii time.

  165. World Wide News Flash:

    The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics ......

    I found your entry interesting do I've added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)...

  166. sports for fun:

    Thanks Kekoa!!

  167. Ralph:

    Raider Nation owns the Bay area, adios 49'ers.

  168. Last Call:


    Sept 1st is the drop dead date for BYU to make a decision so yes there is a possibility that we will hear from them between Mon and Wed.

  169. Last Call:

    Raiders game in KITV is tape delayed. Game is underway right now if you can't find a live stream you can listen on the radio here


  170. sports for fun:

    found it online: raiders/49ers


  171. Last Call:

    7-0 Raiders Score

  172. mongoose bmx bikes:

    thanks for posting. Great article.

  173. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Not on 'live'. Shoots, dey lied! Thanks last call.

  174. Kazz blogging via DROID X:



    tsaikotailgate (at) gmail (dot) com.

  175. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    OldDiver: August 28th, 2010 at 1:18 pm Waipio reminds me of our softball team. Undersized but determined, plays every game likes it's their last.


  176. Last Call:

    Travis LaBoy two sacks just knocked Campbell on his arse Campbell still on the ground.

    Campbell leaving the game on a cart.

  177. Shoko:

    Laboy looking out for Colt. ;)

  178. Last Call:

    Gradkowski takes Campbells place.

  179. Steve:

    Now Laboy has to knock out Gradkowski. :-)

  180. Not an Expert:

    BYU. It is my hunch that BYU will go independent. I believe the biggest reason besides money at this time is the essence of the MWC and their commissioner on how they handle business. It does things in a very watch your back kind of way and a school like BYU and their religious background will not want to continue that type of relationship. In addition since the MWC was born, BYU has not elevated their stature and growth like other big schools over the years. BYU knows that their destiny lies with what they have created and what support they have due to their religion here in the US and around the world. People don't realize that the Church of LDS has a great presence around the world and with that, new avenues can be opened with BYU athletics being part of it.

    I'll say it again if BYU follows through with their plans and if Fresno and Nevada wants back in the WAC, the president of Fresno will be ask to resign, it could be the same for Nevada. Then again if BYU goes ahead with their plans other schools may join, Fresno and Nevada won't be asked back. If I were those schools and the tide is going against the MWC ask for forgiveness and get back to the WAC before it is too late.

  181. Punaluu:

    For those of you who have DISH network, the Raiders game is on right now on channel KTLA. It seems they show all the Raiders games.

  182. Derek:

    More and more, it looks like Hawaii's success this year hinges on the offensive line. If we can't protect our QB it will be a long season. Scoring points depends on being efficient and making plays, especially in the red zone. The other thing is, turnover ratio. This is coaching.
    I hope our coaches do a good job in these areas in teaching and emphasizing its importance.

  183. Ipu Man:

    Waipio 7
    Japan 3

  184. Yoko Lista:

    Hi there can I reference some of the information found in this blog if I link back to you?

  185. dopaco24:


    Thank you. To answer your # 38, No. I just tried to come up with the schedules as quickly as possible. However, since no conference schedules have been filled out yet, it is easier to schedule road games during October and November, provided the team has open OOC slots.

    I really enjoyed watching the Wapio team battle it out for the US Championship this past week. Next up, Japan for all the marbles. Haha, Japan and marbles. Makes me think of Major league II.

  186. dopaco24:

    Dang it!!! W-A-I-P-I-O, I'm almost as bad as the announcers. almost

  187. wafan:

    Now the announcers will really have a hard time with all of those Asian and Polynesian names.

    Go Waipio!

    Go Wahine!

    Go Monarchs!

    Go Warriors!

  188. Steve:

    Wafan: Monarchs??

  189. Steve:

    Wonder who the announcers will be rooting for tomorrow, they definitely were not rooting for Waipio today, 90% of the time they were talking about the Texas team.

  190. madeinhawaii:

    2 minute warning for Raiders game.. doesn't look like Colt will get his chance...

  191. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    August 28th, 2010 at 5:51 pm Wonder who the announcers will be rooting for tomorrow, they definitely were not rooting for Waipio today, 90% of the time they were talking about the Texas team.

    Sound familiar? :roll:

  192. protector:

    Congrats to the Waipio team, coaches and their families! Good luck tomorrow against Japan!

    re: the O-Line

    I'm sure Tiwanak and the rest of our guys are going to do the job on Thursday. It's going to be all the more impressive doing it in the face of adversity. Go Warriors!

  193. dopaco24:

    It was way different than the ESPN softball announcers. It's little league. Heck, I was rooting for Texas to at least make a game out of it. They looked dejected the whole game. The announcers didn't make excuses for Texas, they were just trying to convince the viewers that Texas could possibly come back. But, we all knew it wasn't going to happen.

  194. protector:

    Steve on # 189,

    Although Texas may have been their sentimental favorite, I think they did acknowledge the Waipio's team resiliency and ability. They also had to admit that the Hawaii boys "came to play"
    and how confident the team & their families were. I think those announcers were a lot more palatable than Michelle Smith was, in any case.

  195. legit jobs:

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  196. Shoko:

    If not mistake, Orel Hershiser and Brent Musburger were the announcers. In my opinion, I think they did a great job with no intentional bias when giving props to each team. They both gave fair shakes to every team that had played in the series. Or maybe I concentrated too much on the game rather than the announcers. :)

  197. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    #188 . . .

    Damien (middle campus)

  198. wafan:

    What the heck is up with the Wahine and the 2nd set?

  199. J:

    Earrlier today on Twitter...

    “@SI_PeterKing: How cute is it, all these Hawaiian Little Leaguers saying their favorite player is native Hawaiian Shane Victorino. Priceless.”

  200. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    The Wahine lost some key players this season.

    I have always been an advocate of good leadership.

    Aneli Cubi-Otineru was fabulous at being that leader vocally and on the court and Amber Kaufman too brought that intensity factor.

    The new gals and returners have the skills many other ranked teams would kill for.

    If we see a leader emerge soon, the rest will follow.

  201. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    Wahine softball will be in the same boat this season. Losing leaders like Grimes and Taualii and how the returning players pick up those roles will be key.

    Leadership is everything.

  202. wafan:

    Kazz . . .

    Understood. But, it just seemed like they had a similar problem last year, too.

  203. Steve:

    Kazz, the one person I foresee stepping forward as a leader and a vocal on at that is, Majam.

  204. Stephen Tsai:

    As I understand it, the third game of a team's preseason is the one the starters play in the most. They coast for the fourth. So, if Colt sticks, he'll probably get a lot of reps next week.

  205. chopsueyboy:

    so we still have hope for Colt

  206. Curt:

    Looks like Jason Campbell got injured. He was hit hard by Travis Laboy. Don't know how serious. That also could affect Colt's playing status.

    Apparently, Gradkowski filled in and played really well. I didn't see any passing stats for Boller or Colt. If Campbell gets back soon, you would think Colt would get put on the practice squad if he plays well next week. Otherwise, it's adios amigo.

  207. A-joe:

    I noticed ESPN played allot of Island music in their lead in commercials that showed the Hawaii boys. Didn't recall hearing Country music playing for the Texans.

    Yesterday and today ESPN/ABC did a few 10 second features where they showed clips of local Pennsylvania and national papers covering Hawaii.

    It didn't seem like the Texas fans were as organized as Waipio's blue section. There were a few ladies dressed in 5 gallon hats and rhinestone white shirts.

    There were a few personal interviews ESPN did with the Waipio parents.

    I have to say, with the kids and their parents footing an astronomical financial burden to be there Hawaii and HTA got allot of free priceless coverage.

    LL vendors are loving Hawaii's presence. All Hawaii merchandise are sold out! Locals can't recall any team ever having that kind of effect on memorabilia.

  208. LizKauai (iPad):

    Today I pursued F6 with little result but lots of enthusiasm.
    Checked the LLWS stats in my phone and let out a whoop.
    I think the unfortunate remarks about wanting to see "Americans" and not Pacific Islanders win today by a reader on ESPN online pretty much laid the big bachi on Texas.

    Secretly smiling to myself about LaBoy. Ok you know how we feel about Colt and people seeing him as less than Campbell.... So maybe not so secretly...

  209. LizKauai (iPad):

    A-Joe. Also- TheGuv is asking for donations from the public for the Waipio team. Something like 10k$ per player.


  210. LizKauai (iPad):

    Love this tweet from Coach Mack:

    GregMcMackin Congratulations to United States World Series Champs Waipio Little League All Stars! Outstanding job by coaches & players!! Believe!
    about 3 hours ago

  211. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Congrats Wahine!

    Watchibg KITV sports. Who is this guy? He"s terrible. Couldn't understand him at alll. He really mangled names.

  212. Bigislandkurt:

    AJoe....Myron Enos probably still paying off that trip to the first LL WS we won years back. His son Mryon Jr....or Kini boy just about to start his freshman year in college!


  213. Ralph:

    Na Wahine memorabilia also sold out at the softball world series. Hawaii has the allure and presence that draws people to the islands, I wonder how come it doesn't work with football recruits. LOL :)

  214. LizKauai (iPad):

    My fave tweet so are:

    Magniator After watching the 49ers vs Raiders game I felt like I waisted a lot of time.... Where the hell is Colt Brennan?
    about 1 hour ago

  215. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    That's correct. The Wahine were also one of the more popular teams at the WCWS. They stood at the side to sign autographs for a lot of the younger kids there while your teams that usually appear at the WCWS didn't participate.

    Hawaii sells.

  216. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    Steve: August 28th, 2010 at 8:37 pm Kazz, the one person I foresee stepping forward as a leader and a vocal on at that is, Majam.

    Without naming names, there are more indeed in addition to the two seniors in Melissa Gonzalez and Jenna Rodriguez.

  217. Steve:

    Kazz, the others seem to be more the lead by example, rather then being a vocal leader. That could be the undoing of the volleyball team in crunch time. They really do not have that vocal leader like Aneli was last year.

  218. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    After a historic run last season, I feel pretty good about the returners really taking ownership of the team.

  219. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    Would like to see our "guv" take some kind of stance for UH athletics during this time.

    Its easy to make a statement about something great as opposed to something challenging.

  220. RedZone:

    Campbell had a stinger. I think they will be very careful with him. He was doing a pretty good job until he got LaBoyed.

  221. Ralph:

    I doubt if Campbell plays next Thursday at Seattle, Colt will move up to the 2 spot for the game with Frye out for the year.

  222. Hawaiianbod:

    Happy Birthday RainbowCliff!

    .....ejnoy our birthday/house warming celebration.

  223. Hawaiianbod:

    GO WAIPIO!!!


  224. J:

    Peter King tweeted "Seahawkisms: Whitehurst looks lost..."

    Meanwhile I'm hoping that Seattle picks up Colt this year...

    King also thinks Arizona has QB trouble...

  225. CoolEthan:

    Waipio should of been on ESPN's Top 10 plays last night, but was not.

    No Neil Everett too.

  226. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Happy 50th Birthday to Pride!!

  227. Stretch:

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    Happy Birthday Pomai!

  230. d1島:

    Lost in the shuffle is the 2002 Waipio LL team that also went to Williamsport. This started the string of current Waipio success.

    In a different format that team just missed advancing out of Pool Play but still ended up with a 2-1 showing by gutting out a 2-1 win over Webb City, MO (Midwest) on a walk-off HR by Travis Jones. Waipio ace Kurt Tanabe overshadowed a great effort by the Midwest pitcher with a complete game performance that saw him strikeout 10 while only walking one and only yielded an unearned run on a passed ball by Jones in the top of the 6th.

    The team started the game knowing that they were a huge long-shot for advancing even with the win but represented Hawaii well nonetheless.

  231. d1島:

    Wow...Chinese Taipei is pasting Texas, 13-0 in the 3rd. :-(

  232. Garret:

    Maybe it wasn't UNLV or SDSU that tipped off the MWC about the WAC's plans. It seems that the WAC feels that someone in C-USA's office tipped off the MWC's commissioner. When the MWC met with the C-USA last week, numerous articles discussed how the commissioners of the MWC and C-USA were close friends and longtime colleagues. So, with the MWC and C-USA discussing multiple partnership/teaming opportunities, isn't it feasible that the C-USA's commissioner let his good friend Craig Thompson know about what Karl Benson told him?

    Karl Benson told UTEP that the WAC wanted to trade UTEP with La Tech after BYU joined the WAC, and Benson hinted to UTEP that other teams would be joining the WAC also. Wasn't that enough information to get the MWC to prepare to defend itself, especially since the other teams weren't coming from C-USA so they could only have been coming from the MWC? The WAC says that "protocol" made Benson tell C-USA about the WAC's plans (did the MWC follow that protocol? did the WAC follow protocol and tell the MWC anything?)...so, it appears that the WAC itself thinks that *Karl Benson* was the source that let C-USA know, and the WAC feels that C-USA told the MWC.

    Protocol dictated that Benson notify C-USA, which Benson did, calling commissioner Britton Banowsky and informing him of the conversation and possible changes. It was someone at C-USA, people involved surmise, who might have tipped Thompson about the rapidly accelerating moves afoot.

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  234. Garret:

    Looking at the Athletic Budget numbers, it is understandable why the bottom of the WAC has such a hard time improving itself. There is also a BIG problem at NMSU since they are #3 in spending in the WAC and they couldn't afford a training table during their training camp last year and had to ask for fans to bring snacks and juice boxes for their players to have after practice.

    UH spends by far the most of any WAC school, probably due to travel (that is a huge line item in UH's audited budgets). However, UH would only be #8 in spending in the MWC, with only Wyoming and Colorado State spending less. The lowest budget in the MWC would be #4 in spending in the WAC.

    BSU spending less than UH, Fresno State, Nevada, and NMSU surprises me.

    MWC athletic budgets (2008-09 fiscal year)
    » TCU, $46.5
    » BYU, $35.6
    » San Diego State, $34.5
    » Air Force, $33.0
    » New Mexico, $32.0
    » UNLV, $31.9
    » Utah, $31.0
    » Wyoming, $24.7
    » Colorado State, $21.7

    WAC athletic budgets (2008-09 fiscal year)
    » Hawaii, $30.6
    » Fresno State, $26.7
    » New Mexico State, $25.6
    » Nevada, $21.4
    » Boise State, $20.5
    » San Jose State, $17.0
    » Utah State, $16.5
    » Idaho, $15.1
    » Louisiana Tech, $13.9

  235. Garret:

    Happy Birthday RainbowCliff!

    Happy Birthday Pomai!

    Happy Birthday Pride.!

  236. Garret:

    Interesting feature article about whether or not Montana and Montana State can afford to move up to D-IA. Montana sure doesn't have much of a TV market right now:

    O’Day said the Grizzlies brought in around $72,000 in television revenue last season, while WAC schools grossed close to $500,000.

  237. Garret:

    “I think the average base budget in the WAC is somewhere around $20 million. In the Big Sky, we’re at $10-13 million.”

    “We’d have to have an expansion of the (football) stadium. You’d have to increase your academic staff, your weight room staff, your equipment staff, your administrative staff. So you have a lot of expenses.”

    Would the increase in revenue be more than enough to offset the increase in expenses?

    “I think we’d be hard-pressed to make the connection,” Fields said.

  238. Garret:

    So which way is O’Day leaning?

    “Today, I wouldn’t make the move,” he said. “When I look at the WAC and what is there? It would take a lot of work.”

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    3 года назад у мужа был виртуальный роман с девушкой (она из другого города, и я надеюс, что только виртуальный) , я узнала о нем невзначай. Чуть не померла я тогда, таким ударом тогад это для меня было… абсолютно по-другому посмотрю в данный момент на это. Долго я выкарабкивалась из этого – буквально год, и сумела я это отпустить только тогда, когда сама стала общаться в соцсети с одним мужчиной. Он сам меня там нашел, мы с ним из одного городка, зашел на мою страничку, отпустил любезность, и началось…. Очень долго, буквально год мы общались обо всем – о наших семьях, детях, мшаинах, политике, религии – ну просто обо всем, засиживались буквально до утра…
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