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August 29th, 2010

• Nice to see that former Warrior wideout Ashley Lelie has been re-classified as a UH student assistant, allowing him to coach on the field. As a student manager, he was allowed to serve as only an off-field mentor to player. Lelie received clearance from the NCAA, which allows schools to offer student assistant positions to players who returned to their schools to complete work on a bachelor's degree. Jason Rivers also will be a student assistant. Not sure what roles Fetaiagogo Fonoti and Lance Samuseva, who already has a bachelor's degree, will fill. 

• It's nice when popular opinion and the coaches' opinion match. Freshman sensation Allen Sampson will not redshirt this season. 

• With Scott Enos locking down the placekicking job, freshman Tyler Hadden will be available on a need-to-play basis. Barring injury, for the first road trip — to Army and Colorado — safety Kenny Estes will be Enos' backup.

• The Warriors got to wear their game-day helmets during yesterday's practice. Seeing those dark-green helmets makes you realize the opener is very near. 

• Some players were under the illusion that they could still request number changes. What they're learning is the number worn in practice might not be the number worn during games, if a formal request was not made. The names already have been sewn onto the jerseys. 

• It appears Brashton Satele survived the New York Jets' first cut. Linebacker Calvin Pace's foot injury, while bad for the Jets, is helpful to Satele's situation. 

* * * * * 

Very happy birthday wishes to ... 

Dylan Linkner — fellow Windward resident who always works hards (and usually for low or no pay). 

Kerri Mokulehua — one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. 

Keith Ah Yuen — the voice of reason, and what a "One In A Million You" voice. 

Ian Rutka — To paraphrase Rod Tidwell: You're militant but we love you.

Pomai — One of the many who walk the walk. 

Cliff Sanchez — A man whose heart is as big as his playing-days hair (and he had big hair back in the day). Those kids in L.A. are lucky to have your help. 

Pohai Keli‘ikipi — One of the top nurses around. And funny, too. She's doing my eulogy. 

And ... how many birthdays are there today? Pomai and a Pohai. Michael Jackson. Elliott Gould. Weezy from the Jeffersons ... 

Happy birthday to all.

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