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September 30th, 2010

It will be a reunion of sorts when Louisiana Tech and UH meet Saturday. LaTech coach Sonny Dykes and UH's Greg McMackin were on the same Texas Tech coaching staff for three years through 2003, with Dykes coaching the receivers and McMackin as defensive coordinator.

McMackin said it was fun because Mike Leach, then Texas Tech's head coach, allowed full-speed drills between the offense and defense.

"I'm anxious to see Greg," Dykes said. "I think a lot of him. He's a great guy."

UH defensive coordinator Dave Aranda also was part of that Tech staff, as a  graduate assistant.

"Dave is a real sharp guy," Dykes said. "He's one of the hardest-working guys I've been around. He has a great work ethic."

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My two  cents:

They say it's easier to get a job when you have a job. I think UH will have more options if it stays put in the WAC in football while seeing how expansion works out. Independence will always be an option. Why rush? And all of that talk of how UH, as an independent, could fill its schedule with road games against SEC and Big Ten schools? It still could do that, although judging from recent news conferences, it doesn't seem like there's a willingness for the Warriors to travel more than four time zones for games. There are a few advantages to remaining in the WAC. For one, UH doesn't have to pay travel subsidies, something that surely will be required if many of its sports, say, join the Big West. And with all of the talk of finding the next Boise State, why can't that school be UH?

Here are the negatives about going independent:
• Who are you going to schedule in October and November? I know everyone can come up with a wish list, but the reality is the five WAC schools UH ditches won't want to play. I mean, I think BYU already has drained that sucker pool. And Fresno State, Boise State and Nevada won't want to play.

• Where are you getting the referees? I think the last thing potential opponents want to hear from UH is: "Don't worry, we'll provide the referees."

• Travel subsidies. If UH can afford them, then I think the students might want to ask: Why did you ask for a student fee?

• If you get a national TV deal, how do you make up the money lost from the demise of pay-per-view? And, of course, that also means that  UH's non-revenue sports will never be telecast locally. If UH can't sell tickets to an event, how is a TV station expected to sell ads?

So, adding two more cents, here's the solution:

• Stay in the WAC in football and go elsewhere in other sports. Of course, that will tick off the WAC.

• Have UH women's volleyball go independent. I'm sure the same people who think UH won't have trouble filling an independent football schedule must think that Wahine volleyball will have an easier time.

OK, my time's up.

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Sailor Blue is the winner of the UH hat. Thanks again to Dr. Irwin Sewake for the donation.

Wednesday ramblings

September 29th, 2010

• Left wideout Rodney Bradley attended but did not participate in today's practice. He has a strained left hamstring, and is listed as questionable for Saturday's WAC opener against Louisiana Tech. 

• Billy Ray Stutzmann, Joe Avery and Dustin Blount worked out at left wideout today. 

• Lametrius Davis has reclaimed the starting job at left cornerback. 

• In addition to serving as a cornerback and nickelback, Lewis Walker also is working out at left safety. 

• Kamalu Umu has moved back to defensive left end. 

• Teammates are still gushing over slotback Kealoha Pilares' block on Alex Green's long touchdown play. 

• Dr. Irwin Sewake donated an H hat for a prize giveaway. To enter, please post: "Another tackle by Jordan Monico." Avis will choose a winner tonight.

Second chance

September 28th, 2010

Two days before the Charleston Southern game, linebacker Aaron Brown overslept, showing up about 30 minutes late for practice. His punishment was a variety of on-field exercises (bearcrawls, rolls, wheel-barrel) as well as his starting job for the CSU game. 

But he was allowed to play in the second half, and he paid off his debt with seven tackles, including two in the backfield. 

"I'm grateful they let me play that game," Brown said. "I made a mistake. I paid for it. Now it's time to move on. It's behind me."

The Warriors could have easily held out Brown in an undramatic second half. But Brown has worked hard this year. His overall good work merited a second chance. It's nice that the Warriors were able to mix discipline with compassion. 

* * * * * 

Good practice today:

• Billy Ray Stutzmann worked out as the No. 1 left wideout. Dustin Blount also got work there. 

• Brett Leonard is back, this time at left guard. He missed the first four games because of a knee injury. 

• Brent Rausch did not practice today. Not sure why. 

• Offensive lineman Chauncy Winchester-Makainai has been cleared to practice. He missed the past game because of a concussion. 

* * * * * 

They call it the "turf monster," that invisible force that caused running back Chizzy Dimude to lose his footing in the open field the other night. 

But what happened to running back Hogan Rosehill is not a joking matter. Rosehill fell to the turf after making a non-contact move. He's now expected to miss the rest of the season because of the knee injury. 

Opponents consider the Aloha Stadium turf to be "fast," which means it has little give. Unfortunately, it is different from the grass and artificial surfaces the Warriors use for practices. Plans call for the stadium's turf to be changed after the season. 

* * * * * 

While the renovations at the UH athletic complex continue, Dave Shoji is using a room in the Stan Sheriff Center that does not always have cell-phone reception. And that explains why he was outside, sitting on the Sheriff Center steps, doing a telephone interview with a radio show. 


On a related matter, this picture was sent to the radio host, who said his phone does not accept picture texts.

Monday ramblings

September 27th, 2010

• Strength of schedule apparently factors in determining WAC awards. No UH player was named WAC player of the week following a 66-7 rout of Charleston Southern.

• One of the rewards of a victory was "Omelet Monday." But that tradition is a victim of the austere times. We're told the value of the made-to-order omelets increased the per-person cost of a training-table meal. Yes, the omelet reward system has been scrambled. 

• Rodney Bradley and Joe Avery both insist they will be able to play in Saturday's game against Louisiana Tech. If neither can go, then Billy Ray Stutzmann gets the first shot at left wideout. Slotback Dustin Blount also will practice there. 

• Running back Hogan Rosehill is expected to miss the rest of the season after suffering a no-contact knee injury. Losing Rosehill ends plans for the Warriors to move running back Jordan Monico to linebacker. Monico has impressed coaches with his 10 tackles on kickoffs.

Day after

September 26th, 2010

Chatted with a woman at Foodland last night. She went to the UH game, and typical of many UH fans, she was concerned about ... Charleston Southern's spirits. That's the cool thing about many UH fans: They have a great sense of sportsmanship. That's why you have to love the aunties at volleyball matches: Lei for everybody.

But not to worry about CSU, which might be one of the classiest teams in NCAA football. After the game, the Buccaneers gathered, and then head coach Jay Mills led the prayer for the Warriors to have good health and success the rest of the way. Quite a sporting gesture for a coach whose team just lost 66-7. 

As for the Warriors:

• A radio report had left wideout Rodney Bradley facing between a week and six weeks of missed playing time because of a hamstring injury. But after the game, Bradley said it was just a "slight strain," and while "painful," he is hopeful of playing in Saturday's WAC opener against Louisiana Tech. 

• If Bradley cannot play, then Joe Avery gets the call. If Avery, who left the game after landing awkwardly while trying to make a touchdown catch, is not available, then Billy Ray Stutzmann moves to left wideout. That's his natural position, a family member tells us, and Stutzmann certainly is deserving of playing time. He made his first TD catch of his career.

• And UH also could go with Mike Tinoco at left wideout. Tinoco was in the rotation in spring ball before suffering a slightly torn PCL. 

• UH will consider all options before going with Darius Bright, whom the Warriors would like to redshirt. 

• The unsung star of the season is Jordan Monico, who has become a tackling machine on kickoffs. Last week, Chris Tormey, who coordinates special teams, said to watch Monico. Tormey then showed video clip after video clip of Monico in action. We watched, we learned. 

• There were a few players with minor ailments that benefitted from rest provided by the blowout. Jordan Gomes got to fill in for safety Mana Silva, and left tackle Austin Hansen played some snaps at left guard in place of Brysen "Bula" Ginlack. Ginlack will be back, but UH's insurance is the return of Brett Leonard this week. 

• The Warriors are pleased with the hustle of John Hardy-Tuliau, who stole a pitch in the backfield, and then recovered the fumble. 

• Anyone else think the stars of Hawaii Five-0 should make an appearance at Saturday's game?

* * * * * 

Happy birthday to UHfan808.