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Day after

September 26th, 2010

Chatted with a woman at Foodland last night. She went to the UH game, and typical of many UH fans, she was concerned about ... Charleston Southern's spirits. That's the cool thing about many UH fans: They have a great sense of sportsmanship. That's why you have to love the aunties at volleyball matches: Lei for everybody.

But not to worry about CSU, which might be one of the classiest teams in NCAA football. After the game, the Buccaneers gathered, and then head coach Jay Mills led the prayer for the Warriors to have good health and success the rest of the way. Quite a sporting gesture for a coach whose team just lost 66-7. 

As for the Warriors:

• A radio report had left wideout Rodney Bradley facing between a week and six weeks of missed playing time because of a hamstring injury. But after the game, Bradley said it was just a "slight strain," and while "painful," he is hopeful of playing in Saturday's WAC opener against Louisiana Tech. 

• If Bradley cannot play, then Joe Avery gets the call. If Avery, who left the game after landing awkwardly while trying to make a touchdown catch, is not available, then Billy Ray Stutzmann moves to left wideout. That's his natural position, a family member tells us, and Stutzmann certainly is deserving of playing time. He made his first TD catch of his career.

• And UH also could go with Mike Tinoco at left wideout. Tinoco was in the rotation in spring ball before suffering a slightly torn PCL. 

• UH will consider all options before going with Darius Bright, whom the Warriors would like to redshirt. 

• The unsung star of the season is Jordan Monico, who has become a tackling machine on kickoffs. Last week, Chris Tormey, who coordinates special teams, said to watch Monico. Tormey then showed video clip after video clip of Monico in action. We watched, we learned. 

• There were a few players with minor ailments that benefitted from rest provided by the blowout. Jordan Gomes got to fill in for safety Mana Silva, and left tackle Austin Hansen played some snaps at left guard in place of Brysen "Bula" Ginlack. Ginlack will be back, but UH's insurance is the return of Brett Leonard this week. 

• The Warriors are pleased with the hustle of John Hardy-Tuliau, who stole a pitch in the backfield, and then recovered the fumble. 

• Anyone else think the stars of Hawaii Five-0 should make an appearance at Saturday's game?

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Happy birthday to UHfan808.

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