Day after

September 26th, 2010

Chatted with a woman at Foodland last night. She went to the UH game, and typical of many UH fans, she was concerned about ... Charleston Southern's spirits. That's the cool thing about many UH fans: They have a great sense of sportsmanship. That's why you have to love the aunties at volleyball matches: Lei for everybody.

But not to worry about CSU, which might be one of the classiest teams in NCAA football. After the game, the Buccaneers gathered, and then head coach Jay Mills led the prayer for the Warriors to have good health and success the rest of the way. Quite a sporting gesture for a coach whose team just lost 66-7. 

As for the Warriors:

• A radio report had left wideout Rodney Bradley facing between a week and six weeks of missed playing time because of a hamstring injury. But after the game, Bradley said it was just a "slight strain," and while "painful," he is hopeful of playing in Saturday's WAC opener against Louisiana Tech. 

• If Bradley cannot play, then Joe Avery gets the call. If Avery, who left the game after landing awkwardly while trying to make a touchdown catch, is not available, then Billy Ray Stutzmann moves to left wideout. That's his natural position, a family member tells us, and Stutzmann certainly is deserving of playing time. He made his first TD catch of his career.

• And UH also could go with Mike Tinoco at left wideout. Tinoco was in the rotation in spring ball before suffering a slightly torn PCL. 

• UH will consider all options before going with Darius Bright, whom the Warriors would like to redshirt. 

• The unsung star of the season is Jordan Monico, who has become a tackling machine on kickoffs. Last week, Chris Tormey, who coordinates special teams, said to watch Monico. Tormey then showed video clip after video clip of Monico in action. We watched, we learned. 

• There were a few players with minor ailments that benefitted from rest provided by the blowout. Jordan Gomes got to fill in for safety Mana Silva, and left tackle Austin Hansen played some snaps at left guard in place of Brysen "Bula" Ginlack. Ginlack will be back, but UH's insurance is the return of Brett Leonard this week. 

• The Warriors are pleased with the hustle of John Hardy-Tuliau, who stole a pitch in the backfield, and then recovered the fumble. 

• Anyone else think the stars of Hawaii Five-0 should make an appearance at Saturday's game?

* * * * * 

Happy birthday to UHfan808.

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  1. CoolEthan:

    I agree,
    Charleston Southern has plenty of class.
    Standard for many of the Carolina schools.

    Good to see a 4 game deal with this school.

  2. CoolEthan:

    Hope the replay this morning will show the halftime with the Waipio Heroe's

  3. CoolEthan:

    Totally impressed with Stutzman and his brief but productive performance. Would be good for him to follow in Pilares footsteps with workouts.

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    Well worth the money.
    I know McMackin wanted to open the season against Charleston Southern, but this worked out better. It was nice to have this sort of game between a long road trip and the start of conference play.

  5. madeinhawaii:

    Morning... replay at 10am on K5...

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Stutzmann has the talent. He just needs the good health, or luck, or whatever it is that doesn't interrupt his training.

  7. 808ike:

    Top 10

  8. HiFlyer:

    good morning all.

    top ten

  9. TChahng:


    49 - 28 TChahng


  10. Michigan Warrior:

    Just keep this ball rolling!!!

  11. HiFlyer:

    It was good to see Stutzmann get into the rotation and to be able to score on one of his receptions.

  12. 808ike:


  13. Michigan Warrior:

    We finally saw the return of our swarming defense. That is a big relief!
    Monico is a beast on Special Teams! Kinda wanted to see him take a handoff to the house last night.
    Coach Mills is definitely a class act.
    Gotta keep reminding people to vote for UH's Band.
    Hope Rosehill will recover good and quick from his knee injury. Gotta remember to document all of these injuries... just in case!

  14. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    That was a classic moment at the end of the game. Im glad me and my friends decided to stay till the end.

  15. Hank:

    ....i enjoyed seeing Shawn Ching back with Jim Leahey....

  16. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    I remember when I was 18...

  17. tommui:

    GOOD MORNING HAWAII! - and it is a good morning recalling the game last night.

    Unfortunately for those who watch the game on Oceanic, the picture during the first quarter was jumping all over the place "our engineers are trying to fix ..." And Stretch was probably at the game harassing the opponents!

    Beat LaTech UH 35 LaTech 7

  18. Hank:

    ...what's impressive to me about Hardy-Tuliau is that for a freshman...his instincts and ability to "see the play" seems outrageous...he also plays quick but doesn't hurry...(stolen from John Wooden)...

  19. Michigan Warrior:

    Happy birthday, UHFan808!

    My dad's birthday is tomorrow... thanks for the reminder!

  20. GRM:

    YEEEEA! Top 20!! Great win - CSU has a very classy coach!

  21. Hank:

    ...i pray that Bradley's injury doesn't take too long...he deserves better...i thought that if he didn't get hurt last year that we end up beating idaho, after what i thought was a breakout game against WSU....

  22. Hank:

    ...Dustin Blount has got some wheels....where can we find him some PT?....

  23. BleedGreen808:

    Good morning Hawaii!

    Happy Birthday to UHfan808!

  24. Pomai:

    UH vs LaTech
    27    -    21    Pomai
    34    -    31    Rasu Begasu
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    10    MR. GIGI
    35    -    7    tommui
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    14    protector
    41    -    20    curious george
    44    -    24    Tyaiea
    44    -    28    DPK
    45    -    17    al
    49    -    14    Momo
    49    -    28    Tchahng
    52    -    17    Michigan Warrior
    56    -    14    d1
    56    -    13    Kekoa

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    Blount has been waiting a long time.
    I'm glad they gave him a lot of reps. Allen Sampson will get his chance, next year, but Blount has been deserving. So, too, has Ryan Henry.

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Stutzmann and Bright should play slot next year.
    Go big. And fast.
    Avery and Pollard can handle the outside.

  27. NYUH:

    UH 38 LaTech 21

    Last year a bunch of us UH alumni met in a NYC bar to watch the the UH-LaTech game only to be totally embarrassed by the blowout on national TV. I think that was the worst loss of the season. Payback time.

  28. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


  29. Pomai:

    Overall I would grade last nights game b-, coach's performance brought them down, still a lot of confusion on the coaches part.

    al - never looked at it that way, but that does look good. LOL

    I liked that both teams met at mid field after the game. Didn't like some team member walking off during the Alma mater with some coaches, looks real bad when the coach's walk off too.

  30. NYUH:

    Whoops, Wafan got there first. I'll go with 35-21.

  31. LizKauai (macbook):

    Watching the replay now.
    Firstplay for me.
    Nice to see Brashton on the sidelines!

  32. LizKauai (macbook):

    Congrats to Mouton's victorious Titans!

  33. Shoko:

    Okay, voted tree times today. Tree is the lucky numba.

  34. 808ike:


  35. NYUH:

    What about trying Blount at WR?

  36. LizKauai (macbook):

    It would be AWESOME to see the Hawaii 5-0 team at a Warrior Game!

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Who won your contest?

  38. LizKauai (macbook):

    Even better if they came out onto the field after the team while the band played Hawaii 5-0!

  39. wafan:

    Great morning, again, Tsai-kos!

  40. wafan:

    A very Happy Birthday to UHFan808!

    Looking pretty good for 43!



  41. wafan:

    When will the Sehawks get rid of Hasselbeck. Dang.

  42. wafan:

    And, their head coach, too.

    He finally has legal professionals and he cannot produce.

  43. GRM:


    Us 41; Dem 28

  44. wafan:

    Does anyone have a recording of last night's game I may get?

  45. Pomai:

    ST - Derek with 56-0

  46. jm2375 (Backflip):

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy Birthday UHFan808!

    Watching replay now. Great game. Most memorable play was Salas' miracle catch.

    Had a good time at all 3 events - pre game tgate, game & post-game tgate. Many thanks to SteveM for the ticket and companionship at the game. The little girl sitting next to us is soooo cute.

  47. oldie:

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Wafan - I'm recording the game now. If all goes well, I'll send you one with Curran/Kekaula second audio

  48. wafan:

    Thank you, Oldie!

  49. gigi-hawaii:

    Enjoyed the Tgate, too. Were there any leftovers? Hope the Ted's pie I brought didn't spoil.

    JM2375, excellent bread pudding. Did it contain rum? All da better if it did.

  50. Pomai:

    JM2375 no forgit nov 12th, put down on your calendar already.

  51. gigi-hawaii:

    Funny, all this time I thought Lopaka43 and Paka were one and the same person.

    When I saw Lopaka43 at the Tgate, I was going to ask him why he was not in Texas, working on video! LOL. stupid me!

  52. Slugger:


    Love watching this game.


    Yup, dee-lish bread pudding! Life's too short, so I was there 1st. mmmmmm

  53. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Too bad there isn't a Mercy Rule in football. Sorry folks, but this fan does NOT enjoy blowouts. About the only good thing that came out of it overall is that a lot of players who normally spend most of their time watching from the sidelines got to play and show the coaches what they can do. Hope the injuries are not serious.

    Although we love our new seats from a viewing perspective, the people who sit behind us are really _____________ (fill in your favorite negative noun). Technically, they are UH fans, but their comments and the excruciating painful voice of the wahine shouting quasi-snotty comments make it pretty clear that the four of them are there to MakeAxx & not to cheer on the Warriors.

    Also, we'lll stick some plates & eating utensils in the car next week just-in-case for the Post-Game T-Gate. The Keeper of The Eating Equipment did not return to last night's PGTG - at least while we were still there.

    Gigi - We put the leftover desserts in our car as we were among the last to leave the site before the game - I didn't arrive until almost 5 pm - but with no utensils, I assume the pie went back home or someone ate all it after we left.

    Again, next week's HI-5 beneficiary will be the men's basketball team. Will be writing on check in early December with a breakdown for the distribution for each sport's summer school scholarship program.

  54. bb:

    It was nice to see all 6 QB's play.

    BUT, it is clear that unless we are in total domination, and up by 50, and taking knees with 4 minutes left that Corey Neilsen may never step on the field.

    This may not be the PC thing to say but scholarships are "essentially year to year contracts." Wouldn't be in the best interests of the team to use his scholarship on another player that could provide an immediate impact or a player that could at least make the three deep depth chart. Or give a scholarship on a kid that the coaching staff can "invest in" and just see how it goes?

    Corey is just one example as I assume there are others on the roster that are on scholarship but I always wonder why don't we give these scholarships to others that could contribute. He gave us 2 years and clearly unless he changes positions I find it hard for him to see any action--regular or garbage time.

  55. gigi-hawaii:


    Sorry we missed you. We left before 3 pm so David could do his quasi-mandatory workout at the gym, a must on Saturdays.

    I brought a pie cutter for the pie, but took it back when we left.

  56. gigi-hawaii:

    Sailor Blue,
    I really liked Site 5 on Richardson Field. It was cool and breezy and there was a lot of seating available.

    Too bad you couldn't reserve it throughout the season.

  57. bb:

    After halftime Coach Miano came out of the locker room pissed. He was swearing and obviously upset at something from the first half or what was shared in the locker room during the half.

    Coach Mack also was pissed at something as well. He shrugged off Liz Chun and wanted nothing to do with Yamanoha with the mic. Mack's body language and own verbal words clearly showed he wanted nothing to do with those two. (At least at that moment after halftime).

    (Mind you, when he came out of the big Helmet H at the start of the game Coach Mack was being "Coach Mack" acknowledging those gathered on the field and even those in the South Endzone crowd)

  58. Pomai:

    UH vs LaTech
    27    -    21    Pomai
    34    -    31    Rasu Begasu
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    10    MR. GIGI
    35    -    7    tommui
    35    -    21    NYUH
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    14    protector
    41    -    20    curious george
    41    -    28    GRM
    44    -    24    Tyaiea
    44    -    28    DPK
    45    -    17    al
    49    -    14    Momo
    49    -    28    Tchahng
    52    -    17    Michigan Warrior
    56    -    14    d1
    56    -    13    Kekoa

  59. 808ike:


    2 pans bread pudding, if Ajoe comes to T-gate, 3 pans.

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  61. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    . bb: September 26th, 2010 at 11:11 am After halftime Coach Miano came out of the locker room pissed. He was swearing and obviously upset at something from the first half or what was shared in the locker room during the half. Coach Mack also was pissed at something as well. He shrugged off Liz Chun and wanted nothing to do with Yamanoha with the mic. Mack's body language and own verbal words clearly showed he wanted nothing to do with those two. (At least at that moment after halftime). (Mind you, when he came out of the big Helmet H at the start of the game Coach Mack was being "Coach Mack" acknowledging those gathered on the field and even those in the South Endzone crowd)


    Angry coaches are not content coaches.

    Nothing worse than a coach that is content when they have nothing to really celebrate about.

  62. LizKauai (iPad):

    Redskins are playing like a real team. Good weekend for my teams!

    Will continue the Warrior replay after chores.

  63. wafan:

    Bad play calling and no time management by the Seahawks.

    Disgustingly familiar.

  64. wafan:

    I give up. Time to do some baking and cooking.


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  67. d1島:


    If not from oldie, I can bring you a DVD when we get up there. No radio dub though...but I can greet you with, "hope you're having uhhh...pleasant evening." :lol:

  68. d1島:


    Hope you inherit part ownership in an egg farm soon.

    With all these requests for multitudes of pans of bread pudding, you're gonna need it!

  69. d1島:

    Oh well, no free trip to Vegas for me from the S-A....done in by the No Fun League.

  70. Steve:

    Wafan, last I saw Seattle was leading, in the 3rd Qtr.

  71. RupertDaStupert:

    I would love to see the cast of Five-O appear at a UH game. But I know they shoot around 12-16 hours a day and if lucky, get one day off a week. If the game was on national TV, they might feel motivated to show up to give their show promotion aired by TV. Or CBS might pay the cast members extra pay to show up and promote the show on national TV. I'm not trying to make the actors sound selfish or non-careing but long shooting hours and long schedules, makes them value the few free time to rest. But if CBS can arrange a break and give them a couple days free time, who knows? Even better if they can arrange to be at a game which UH recruiters brought in some 4 star recruits and getting to meet Steve McGarrett, Danno, Chin-Ho and maybe some Five-O badges?

  72. d1島:

    Man, just started watching the replay.

    Hope the crowd shows up next week for the WAC opener. :roll:

  73. wafan:

    d1 . . .

    Waiting for word from Oldie. Will let you know.


  74. Steve:

    Wafan, you bake, and cook, too.

  75. d1島:

    I wanna see the Five-0 crew show up with the Kukui HS marching band!

    Those nutz are entertaining!

  76. jm2375:

    808ike and other t-gaters - 2 pans possible, but not likely, 3 pans is impossible. *IF* I come, it will once again be a "you snooze, you lose" deal with the bread pudding. I can be had with an offer of *2* tickets. :D j/k

  77. d1島:

    Speaking of the Five-0 crew...

    September 26th, 2010 at 12:13 pm
    Wafan, you bake, and cook, too.

    Uh-oh...sounds like another budding bromance! :shock: :lol: :twisted:

  78. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    2 minute warning immediately followed by the Seahawks' last time out. With ~13 seconds in the 2nd. Seahawk ball 2nd down at about the Charger 2, with no timeouts. They run the ball on a QB draw. Haselbeck gets nothing. Quickly try to get the field goal team in. Too many men on the field and time runs out.

    Really makes the guys look bad.

  79. d1島:

    With the talk on the radio about Jordan Monico I focused on him for a couple of kick-offs. Da braddah has an uncanny ability to work thru the chaff and find the ball. Must be extraordinary eyesight like his Dad.

  80. wafan:

    d1 . . .

    Uhhhh . . . no.

    I not like that.

  81. d1島:


    That was a sore spot I saw last night, too....special teams.

    Wondering how a former HC could make things seem so complicated with getting the proper people on the field?

  82. d1島:


    OK...good. We come see you den. ;-)

  83. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    Gotta bake and cook or go hungry

  84. d1島:

    After halftime Coach Miano came out of the locker room pissed. He was swearing and obviously upset at something from the first half or what was shared in the locker room during the half.

    Coach Mack also was pissed at something as well. He shrugged off Liz Chun and wanted nothing to do with Yamanoha with the mic. Mack's body language and own verbal words clearly showed he wanted nothing to do with those two. (At least at that moment after halftime).

    Sumboddy musta told them the attendance coming outta the lockah room.

  85. WenatcheeWarrior:

    49-21 Hawaii

  86. wafan:

    Maybe the coaches were finally trying to fire up the guys for the 3rd qtr?

  87. Shoko:

    Uh, must be missing something about why Miano and Mack left the locker room all mad. Any speculation?

  88. Shoko:

    Running up the score isn't necessarily bad. I'm all for style points, like Ohio State and Wisconsin, however as DR mentioned confidence is not just important, its imperative. Yet someone mentioned "batchi" and "karma". I no like mess with the either. I'm very Supersticious when it comes to sports.

  89. bb:

    I didn't even consider what Kazz mentioned above thinking that they were just keeping up the intensity.

    I just found it odd that he blew by Liz Chun when she tried to acknowledge him and when Yamanoha asked him politely to comment, Mack had this look on his face like "don't ____ with me now"

    When Miano came out he was obviously pissed at something. (He came out before Coach Mack) He was speaking at a few other coaches and they seemed to be the sounding board. He was trying to cover his mouth but clearly and since we were close enough audibly we heard some naughty words. :)

  90. bighilofan2:

    Coaches Mack and Miano,

    c'mon guys, you gotta love today. its uhFan808's birfday!

    Happy 29. :D

  91. d1島:

    btw, that UA sign on the North EZ netting gotta go. It's about as transparent as a Congressional hearing!

  92. oldie:


    I'll let you know if I can't get it out to Wafan soon. Takes me longer since KFVE edits the commercials on the replay and I have to adjust the radio audio coming out of each commercial break.. And sometimes I just fail to get everything recorded correctly.

    When are you going up?

  93. d1島:



  94. bb:

    Agreed on the UA logo on the North Endzone net.


    should be now:


    If there was a game winning type field goal kick, a good portion of the NEndzone fans will be screwed as they don't get to see the screen nor a huge portion of the field of play.

  95. 808ike:


    2 pans bread pudding= corned beef and onions(what I made for T-gate)

  96. 808ike:


    My culinary skills are very limited to items like corned beef and onions, tuna sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, vienna sausage and etc.

  97. gigi-hawaii:

    I thought Slugger's almond float was cold and refreshing. Great after a hot meal.

  98. 808ike:


    Don't forget Smell-A-Vision via the internet.

  99. djmitcho:

    Happy Birthday UHFan808!

  100. 808ike:

    Esme out!

  101. gigi-hawaii:

    D1shima thought you made the cheesecake. True? Is that you behind Al in the last photo on my blog? Click on my name to see it.

  102. d1島:

    ...close the window, I feel a draft.

    Happy Birthday UHFan808!

  103. whitey:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY UHFAN808!!!!! Congratulations on finally reaching 21!!!! hooooohaaaaa!!!

  104. whitey:

    if i have anything to say about the game, will wait till tomorrow to be more objective.

  105. Steve:

    Wafan, BIG WIN for Seattle.

  106. gigi-hawaii:

    Really? Seattle won? Kudos to Pete Carroll, then!

    David is watching the Colts-Denver game right now.

  107. Michigan Warrior:

    Remember to vote for the UH Band so they can win some money!

    "The winning band will receive $25k and the opportunity have their video featured on CBS this Fall!

    You can come back and VOTE once per day through October 4, 2010."

    Find their thumbnail picture and Vote using the [VOTE] button under their picture.

  108. BleedGreen808:

    Congrats again to the Warriors!

    I am starting to like what I see in John Hardy-Tuilau. A name that will come up time after time. Continue to improve, John.

    BTW, nice to finally have met 808ike, UHFan808, and the infamous al. Good chatting with NorthShoreFan, Pomai, Kazz, Ralph, and sjmarco.

  109. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented sportswoman, UHFan808!

  110. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    Lucky win.

    The offense and defense did everything they could to give the Chargers the game.

    The one amazing play of the Seahawk defensive 2nd half was the final interception with 6 seconds remaining.

    A win is a win, though I am still not impressed with Hasselbeck and Pete C.

  111. wafan:


    UHFan808 is a guy, right?

  112. BG:

    Saw Sailor Blue after the game and gave him your contribution. Just great to have you able to make the Tgate! Hoping to see you again real soon (schedule permitting)

  113. SteveM:

    Had a long discussion with Northshorefan as we watched the side belly pork slowly cook at the tailgate (Thanks, HiFlyer!). Real bad for you and not found on "Healthy Choice" menus. :|

    But, in an effort to reduce the fat and possibly increase taste, he offered to bring a wok and oil next time so we can deep-fry it. :roll: Yum, crispy. Sounds like a plan. Maybe just salt for this batch? Anyone have any suggestions what else to add if it's deep fried?

  114. Matt:

    I voted for UH, but the Notre Dame video was really good. Their performance was so much more intricate than everyone else, I wondered if that video wasn't something that they did during the 2008 season, when they were coming over to play in the Hawaii Bowl, which they just recycled for this competition. I looked at the official rules on the CBS website and it said that the schools had a little over two weeks to submit their videos. It also looked like the ND video was shot in the Michigan State stadium since it says Spartans in the end zone. ND played Michigan State September 18th, the day before their entry was due. Still, for ND to accomplish that in two weeks is very impressive.

  115. BG:

    For the first time I gave first priority to eating dessert at the tgate! Started with the fabulous bread pudding worked my way thru the refreshing almond float and delicious cheesecake. Paused to loosen my belt, then continued on with a cream puff and malasada before scoring a never before seen piece of peanut butter pie from Mrs Sailor Blue. Had to take a long time out but kept myself in the game with some unbelievable oysters and tidbits of grilled steak and onolicious sausage. Being such a lightweight I never got around to the wonderful looking kombu, belly pork, noodles, pasta, and pork ribs. AUWE

  116. Midnight:

    Happy birthday to UHfan808! from midnight and Barbara.

  117. TChahng:


    Happy Birthday!!!

  118. LizKauai (iPad):

    Watching Davone having a great game. Sorry ST.
    (watching on delay from the dvr)

  119. tommui:

    Thought I had to ask OLDIE for a print but this AM re-broadcast of the game didn't have the jumping picture we got last night on PPV.

    The HD shows that our carpet is in really sad shape.

    Watching the Boise/Ore State game - NCAA should step in re: the blue carpet or else the TV people should boycott showing BSU games. Hard to watch the blue uniforms against the blue carpet. Now if their uniforms were totally blue without any of those white/red highlights, they would be totally impossible to see at all!

  120. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    After the CSU touchdown, Coach Mack was very animated as he talked to the defense. His facial expression and body language indicated that he was ausgapissed!! There was finger pointing and I presume expletive laced words...but I can't read lips. He went on longer than I have ever seen him. He usually says a few things and leaves it for the coaches to do the rest. Me thinks he dressed down the defensive coaches in the locker room at the half. Needless to say, the defense shaped up after that and gave no quarter!

  121. gigi-hawaii:

    I did not see any of Mack's animated discussion with the defense on TV. It's just as well, I guess. The game was so lopsided, I found it boring. Went to bed at the beginning of the 4th quarter!

  122. 808ike:


    If I had known of that snapshot, I would of hid behind Al.

  123. d1島:


    Rex Ryan gets animated. Mack gets disappointed.

  124. 808ike:


    Sailor Blue can bake. Last year, He baked a flourless cake.

  125. 808ike:

    Sailor Blue= Pastry Chef.

  126. HNL:

    #120, right after Mack went off on them Miano did to. Then Cal did also

  127. LizKauai (iPad):

    808Ike=king of the wok

  128. LizKauai (iPad):

    LizKauai=TSA fodder

  129. curious george:

    Well, it's about time the UH coaches act like 'real' coaches and show some emotion and not be perceived as the players' best friend or favorite uncle.

    As grandpa quips THIS IS NOT P.E. FOOTBALL!

    Kick Some ARSE!!!

    GO WARRIORS - kalua da bulldogs!!

  130. wafan:

    Finally watched Rpbin Hood.


    Wonder if there will be a sequel.

  131. bighilofan2:

    the speculation is sooo intense. why wuz day p.o.'d?

    i think Coach was upset because da handlaz neva bring him 4 plate lunches fo da haff. :D

    how i'm doing whitey? :lol:

  132. 808ike:


    Was expecting to see you yesterday.

  133. Steve:

    Wafan, which version of Robin Hood?

  134. Steve:

    Wafan, the State of Washington is just like the Big Island. One half is wet, the other is dry.

  135. d1島:


    Hah? Steve said half of WA is dry. Your half get bars?

  136. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    The one with Russell Crowe.

  137. d1島:

    Run Davone, Run!

  138. wafan:

    d1 . . .

    Depends on the side of the hill.

  139. wafan:

    d1 . . .

    And, both sides of the hill has jail.

  140. wafan:


  141. Steve:

    Wafan, on the wet side, WenatcheeWarrior, on the dry side.

  142. d1島:

    djmitcho always inviting errybody for Kokanees on da oddah side...

  143. BG:

    Liz...wat? TSA still hassling you?

  144. d1島:

    J-E-T-S...Jets, Jets, Jets!

  145. BG:


    Did you see the stop that the Estes (Kauai Kid) put on the receiver running the wr screen over the middle? No the play and moved in like a missle...whooosh..boom! Impressive.

  146. BG:

    Wafan reminds me that tomorrow is just around the corner and it's time to do some homework.


  147. 808ike:

    Miami lost because only 1 pass to Bess in the 2nd half.

  148. Shoko:

    When I first moved to WA state I probably didn't see the sun for a good three weeks (except for those so-called sunburst) and even longer before I knew where Mt. Ranier was. :lol:

  149. Shoko:

    Not to get ahead of ourselves, but based on the stats that has been updated, Warriors should be favored by approx. 11 points against LA Tech.

  150. Shoko:

    Funny story, I went to the grocery story to pick up a case of beer tonight and was carded as usual. The funny part was the clerk who checked my ID said, "Wow, you're old!" This wouldn't have been a problem, but the clerk must have been in her late 60's! Wife laughed. In fact, I can still hear her laughing. :(

  151. Mckinley Lovelady:

    Geez, I want to share my thoughts when providing unique presents, most of us think suprising those you love with gifts can really benefit us as a whole. A nice gesture is always a gift. I gave my mom a jump-rope and they have now lost 10lbs

  152. NYUH:

    808ike: I was just coming in to make a similar comment. While I'm a Jet fan I'll take any Bess catch or run. I saw a number of times Bess was open and would have made important contributions.

  153. protector:

    bb on #54,

    You forget that hindsight is 20-20. If the recruiting process was foolproof, then the coaching staff coiuld make Swami-like decisions before approaching kids. With your logic, Moniz would not be playing now; he was 4th string, right? Was Colt Brennan even on the 3-deep chart when he arrived? By your reasoning, Shane Austin wouldn't even be vying for PT. Because QB is such an integral & important part to the O, we have to carry a lot of QBs because of that possibility of injury. How do you think it came to pass that FOURTH-string Moniz got his opportunity last season?

  154. chawan_cut:

    here's my updated weekly schedule of UH's opponents' schedules

    and tonight's news

  155. chawan_cut:

    happy birthday!

  156. LizKauai (iPad):

    Watching the 3Q of the Warrior game now.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the bench on the field. Right now CS is having a great series 7 mins into the quarter. I can see why Coach Mack might be wild at this point. The fm called on Vaughn looked a bit suspect and swung the momentum totally. CS is having their way with the defense.

  157. LizKauai (iPad):

    Until the knock-away. Great play!

    Wafan- looking forward to seeing Robin Hood. I ordered the director's cut from Amazin. Love Ridley Scott. Kingdom of Heaven is one of my all-time faves.

  158. Glenn:

    I don't like LaTech.
    Warriors - no mercy.
    UH- 49, LT 17

  159. Hoohiki:

    All these new players introduced last night who have so much potential, like John Hardy Tuliau, David Graves, Aaron Brown, Billy Ray Stutzman, Jordon Monico, Gomes and so many more which makes one look forward to the future but I can't help thinking, "Where will Hawaii be in the next 1 -2 years with the WAC ?"
    What these new players maybe thinking"? "Transfer"? "Stick around and see what happens?" "Do I want to be in a weaker conference with the addition of schools like San Antonio-Texas?"
    We haven't heard of any new recruits yet, while some teams, like SMU are maybe done. I hope things get squared away soon, because these future warriors will be exciting and have the potential to rejuvenate UH football.

  160. LizKauai (iPad):

    Shoko- LOL at your being carded. :lol:

    Yup. Bess was money today.

    But happy for ST.

  161. Pomai:

    UH vs LaTech
    27    -    21    Pomai
    34    -    31    Rasu Begasu
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    10    MR. GIGI
    35    -    07    tommui
    35    -    21    NYUH
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    14    protector
    41    -    20    curious george
    41    -    28    GRM
    44    -    24    Tyaiea
    44    -    28    DPK
    45    -    17    al
    49    -    14    Momo
    49    -    28    Tchahng
    49    -    21    WenatcheeWarrior
    49    -    17    Glenn
    52    -    17    Michigan Warrior
    56    -    14    d1
    56    -    13    Kekoa

  162. LizKauai (iPad):

    Graves to Blount. How sweet is that?! TD!

  163. AlaWaiPipeLayer:

    There's a poll on CBS' College Football site
    which shows 68% of readers against Boise playing for the National Championship. We all know there is a big conference bias and this will never be resolved until there is a playoff system. On the other hand you have CSU coach Jay Mills leading his team in a post game prayer for the safety and success of the Warriors year. This after a game which CSU approached as a field trip to Hawaii with a luau, snorkeling, Pearl Harbor etc. This was a game in which our Coaches cussed out players for who know's what. These things made me start wondering. My sentiments are mixed. I love UH football and have been attending for 42+ years. I've seen it go from its lowest to highest. I just wonder if UH is there for football or is football there for UH? Its great to see us succeed, but is it worth the cost and investment to stay at this level. Do we have the alumni and community financial support to climb to a higher level like the major mainland universities? With the WAC falling apart, the shortage of FBS schools and the reluctance of FBS teams to travel to Hawai`i for games unless they are guaranteed a pay day, is it worth continuing our current efforts. If we were to go independent and started winning consistently, would a Boise St, USC or Notre Dame risk there "undefeated status" to come here? It seems that leaving the FBS to all the schools who are willing to pimp themselves to their own devices might be the best thing for schools like Hawai`i. If UH were to play in a FCS conference with predominantly local talent would we not have a better chance to make it into a playoff and possibly the FCS Championsip? Wouldn't we have a bigger turnout at games especially from local families rooting for their kids, nephews and friends etc. Wouldn't we be better off like the old days when families brought in there bento, snacks and food to share with those around them than paying $50plus/person for an evenings entertainment? Don't get me wrong I love watching and rooting for the Warriors, but I was just thinking out loud.

  164. confused:


    If you don't like changes, use a horse for transportation. For communication don't use the internet, use the pony express!

  165. Ipu Man:

    Last year, LaTech beat UH by great run blocking
    and poor tackling. Also Tech defenders sacked quarterback Greg Alexander five times before knocking him from the game late in the third, and finished with seven.

  166. LizKauai (iPad):

    Cool! Got to see Kenny get some tackles, got to see Jett and saw ST getting some sound bytes from Moniz!

  167. Na Koa Mike:

    Na Koa game photos are up:

  168. Steve:


    LTU 31 UH 41

  169. Slugger:


    #111, UHFan808 is a tomboy...

  170. AlaWaiPipeLayer:

    @#164 Confused. Thank you for reading my post and responding. Do you donate to Na Koa to help make our athletic programs better? If not you are the reason for our not being able to get to the next level. Have you ever wondered, why UH gets left behind and not invited to a bigger stage? We need money, lots of it to get there. Those that put forth the effort to upgrade the program and see 23,000 people in the stands get frustrated and look to using their hard earned dollars to use elsewhere. FBS football is a business. Big business designed to make money for the schools involved to make them better institutions of learning. If we want to be big time, its time to walk the walk.

  171. HiFlyer:


    UH 35 - La Tech 20

  172. ai-eee-soos:

    33. Shoko:
    September 26th, 2010 at 10:08 am
    Okay, voted tree times today. Tree is the lucky numba.

    Shoko: I voted twice.

    C'mon folks, help out.

  173. LizKauai (iPad):

    Na Koa Mike, thanks for the pix!

  174. confused:


    I don't think of problems in the past but I'm glad you are looking or thinking forward into the future. Na Koa member for many years. Are you a member?

  175. AlaWaiPipeLayer:

    Yes and season ticket holder for many years.

  176. abs fast get pack six:

    Great post. Thanks. I just tag your article to my facebook page

  177. madeinhawaii:

    Is the Coach Mac show tonight? if so.. .what time?

  178. Steve:


    #169, UHFan808 definitely does not look like a tomboy, she is all girl.

  179. jm2375:

    Hawaii has the 3rd highest per capita rate of players in the NFL, behind LA & MS.

    The most impressive showing is by Louisiana, which ranked 25th in total population but has the sixth-most high school players in the NFL. The Pelican State has the highest per-capita rate of NFL players (1 in 65,720) followed by Mississippi (1 in 76,883) and Hawaii (1 in 80,769). By comparison, California's rate is 1 in 175,163.

  180. curious george:

    10:30 p.m. KGMB

  181. madeinhawaii:

    curious george..


  182. Steve:


    #177, Coach Mac show should be on at 10:30, on KGMB.

  183. BleedGreen808:



  184. Steve:

    Whoops, curious george beat me to the info.

  185. BG:

    jmxxxx #179

    Saw that article...pretty neat! Anyone know how many players from Kahuku are in the NFL? The top hs from Pittsburg is credited with 6.

  186. BG:

    Besides bringing awesome potluck dishes to the t-gate, Momo and Mrs Momo are wonderful to talk to. You can tell they've been together awhile since Mrs Momo knows A LOT, but tries to stay in the background! I got all my questions answered about the problems I've been having in Betty's garden (I'm the caretaker while she's recovering lol). Fungus, ants, aphids...there's nothing I couldn't get an answer to! Oh, and I could get all the latest scoops on Garret and family too! :D

  187. BG:

    OK...break over...back to homework! :(

  188. SteveM:

    I was tired, achy and sleepy all day... maybe too long since the last home game. :? Anyway, before my arteries clog, anyone have a suggestion (besides salt) of what to put in the rub/marinade for the side belly pork if we were to <b<deep fry it?

    Work day tomorrow-- good night everyone!

  189. Slugger:


    #178 - UHFan808 is a self-described'll have to spend some time talking to her. Fun to talk to & to hang out with her. You'll have to make it to a tailgate.

    Watching the replay...

  190. Curt:

    Happy Birthday UHFan808...a classy lady.

  191. curious george:

    *for entertainment purposes*

    UH opens at 6.5 vs La Tech

  192. Steve:

    Happy Birthday, UHFan808!!! Sorry so late with the Birthday Wishes.

  193. Steve:


    #189, never expected a self-described tomboy to look like she does, and with her knowledge of sports. Need to make it to a tailgate. Is she always at all tailgates?

  194. Ballpicker:

    I thought the Mack Show was a great expos'e of coach Aranda and his family. Too much work lately but got to do what u got to do.

    C G is that a minus 4.5 or plus 4.4

  195. bet365:

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    I come from endland, I was fortunate to seek your topic in yahoo
    Also I get much in your Topics really thank your very much i will come every day

  196. curious george:

    BP - UH is the fave -6.5.

  197. Kekoa:

    Anybody going to the Willows today?

  198. Ballpicker:

    Thank u C G.

    That's a lot of pts. interesting for me to watch the movement of the spread, but like u say 'amusement' only.

    Since I've moved back from glitter city I have Not placed a 'pirated' wager on any football games.

    Believe me when I say that's not easy to do when
    you come from "sin city" back to the islands.but I'm fine with it

  199. al:


  200. al:


  201. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos...

    Happy belated birthday to UHfan808!

    The 'experts' in the desert have UH favored by 10 pts over LaTech. Kickoff is at 10:30 pm by La Tech's body clocks. Hope we put 'em to sleep by halftime.

  202. bighilofan2:

    howzit howzit howzit


    UH 45 LaTech 13

  203. Pomai:

    UH vs LaTech
    27    -    21    Pomai
    34    -    31    Rasu Begasu
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    10    MR. GIGI
    35    -    07    tommui
    35    -    21    NYUH
    35    -    20    HiFlyer
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    14    protector
    41    -    20    curious george
    41    -    28    GRM
    41    -    31    Steve
    44    -    24    Tyaiea
    44    -    28    DPK
    45    -    17    al
    49    -    14    Momo
    49    -    28    Tchahng
    49    -    21    WenatcheeWarrior
    49    -    17    Glenn
    52    -    17    Michigan Warrior
    56    -    14    d1
    56    -    13    Kekoa

  204. bighilofan2:

    psstt... Pomai

    ahem ahem

    UH vs LaTech
    27 - 21 Pomai
    34 - 31 Rasu Begasu
    35 - 21 LizKauai
    35 - 14 gigi
    35 - 10 MR. GIGI
    35 - 07 tommui
    35 - 21 NYUH
    35 - 20 HiFlyer
    38 - 21 wafan
    38 - 14 protector
    41 - 20 curious george
    41 - 28 GRM
    41 - 31 Steve
    44 - 24 Tyaiea
    44 - 28 DPK
    45 - 13 BHF2
    45 - 17 al
    49 - 14 Momo
    49 - 28 Tchahng
    49 - 21 WenatcheeWarrior
    49 - 17 Glenn
    52 - 17 Michigan Warrior
    56 - 14 d1
    56 - 13 Kekoa



  205. Pomai:

    bighilofan2 you just happen to post just before I did and I got your pic already. LOL
    UH vs LaTech
    27    -    21    Pomai
    34    -    31    Rasu Begasu
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    10    MR. GIGI
    35    -    07    tommui
    35    -    21    NYUH
    35    -    20    HiFlyer
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    14    protector
    41    -    20    curious george
    41    -    28    GRM
    41    -    31    Steve
    44    -    24    Tyaiea
    44    -    28    DPK
    45    -    17    al
    45    -    13    bighilofan2
    49    -    14    Momo
    49    -    28    Tchahng
    49    -    21    WenatcheeWarrior
    49    -    17    Glenn
    52    -    17    Michigan Warrior
    56    -    14    d1
    56    -    13    Kekoa

  206. wafan:

    Great Monday everyone!

  207. wafan:

    Hi Pomai and bhf2!

    Looks like Pomai's Picks game is starting to take off with the addition of a prize.


  208. wafan:

    Slugger and Steve . . .

    "Guy" comment referring back to 1st UHFan808, T-Gate, KK, al, . . .

  209. wafan:

    Liz . . .

    Robin Hood was a Costco and did have the director's cut included and the theatrical release on the same disck. Would it be less expensive through Amazon figuring shipping, etc.?

  210. wafan:

    Warriors need to get serious about their WACy schedule. Really need to make this a good year!

  211. Bulla:


    Have a great day Tsaiko Ohana :)

  212. A-joe:

    Gmorning Early Morning Tsaikos!

  213. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Gonna be a long week anticipating the start of the WAC season.

  214. d1島:


  215. d1島:

    Have a terrific Monday erryboddy!


  216. Shoko:

    Good uh, Monday morning, Gang!

    Amazon is always cheaper when you consider the no tax and you opt for the free shipping. Bad side is the order could get screwed up and you would have to go through the hassles of the return process.

    Bought my copy of "Robin Hood" at Walmart. Figure I pour some money back into the local economy.

  217. 702WarriorFan:

    Morning all,

    Coach Rolo will be on 1420/BC shortly
    Another summer day in LV - no fall temp yet.

  218. 702WarriorFan:

    Happy belated birthday to UHfan808.

  219. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    just funnin Pomai.

    howzit wafan, d1. sure nice to sleep on a win.


    i no wat you sayin. . .

    Go Warriors.

  220. Garret:

    This was *not* a good week for the WAC. ZERO wins against D-IA schools will count for the WAC's 2010-2013 BCS evaluation period. If the MWC gets AQ status, this weekend may play a huge role with Colorado State and San Diego State getting nonconference wins for their conference over WAC schools.

    Colorado State got its first win by beating Idaho
    Southern Miss beat La Tech in Ruston
    Kansas killed NMSU
    San Diego State 41, Utah State 7
    Utah 56, San Jose State 3

    Boise State beat Oregon State, but that win counts for the MWC

    Mississippi beat Fresno State by 17, but at least that loss will count for the MWC in the future

    Nevada beat BYU by 2 TDs, but Nevada will count for the MWC in future BCS qualification periods and BYU will not count for anybody, so this was a win for the MWC

  221. NYUH:

    We are not the only ones who miss Colt.....

    Wanted Man

    Last week featured a Redskins fan teeing off on former Washington quarterback Colt Brennan of Laguna Beach. What a difference two weeks out of an NFL jobs can do for a guy."BRING BACK COLT BRENNAN!!" pleads a fan of the team that last cut Brennan, the Oakland Raiders. "Get rid of Boller or Jason, and bring back Colt Brennan. Let's be done with failed players. While Grad is our best bet now, Colt Brennan could be our future. Wake up Raider Nation!" That idea brought an immediate reaction from another Raiderette, who makes a joke out of Brennan's alma mater, the University of Hawaii: "ONLY QBS FROM THE MAINLAND NO FOREIGNERS. (ibabuzz). Calls for Brennan's services came from fans of NFL teams all over the country, even North Carolina, where a Colt backer titled his message, "Panthers please sign COLT BRENNAN!"

  222. CoolEthan:

    Bulldog alert:

    --Louisiana Tech head coach Sonny Dykes still hasn't settled on a quarterback.

    The somewhat convoluted timeline of the quarterback carousel in Dykes' first season reads like this: Senior QB Steven Ensminger named starter after first week of August camp, but has yet to take a snap this season and now plays some wide receiver; incumbent starting QB Ross Jenkins starts season opener vs. Grambling State, but splits time with backup QB Colby Cameron and hasn't seen the field since the opener; Cameron, a sophomore, starts games No. 2, 3 and 4, but is benched after two series Saturday against Southern Miss after going 0-for-4 with an interception; junior college transfer Tarik Hakmi, who looked good in limited duty in week 2, then didn't play a down in week 3, took over after two series Saturday against Southern Miss and finished the game with 262 passing yards, a touchdown and a pair of interceptions.

    "It wasn't really a surprise," Hakmi said of entering the game in the first quarter and playing the rest of the way Saturday. "You have to go into every game mentally prepared for if your number ever gets called and you have to expect to play."

    If you're a quarterback on Dykes' roster, it seems your number could be called in any given week.

    --Louisiana Tech doesn't seem to know how to close out games. While Saturday showed the Bulldogs were only outscored 10-9 in the second half, the team simply has to figure out a way to play much better after the break. The Bulldogs have outscored teams 53-43 in the first half this season and have been outscored 61-18 in the third and fourth quarters.

    "We haven't been a very good second-half football team this season," Dykes said

  223. protector:

    Belated Birthday wishes to UHfan808!

  224. LizKauai (iPad):

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Wafan, dang. I have not been to Costco in a couple of weeks.. I ordered the blue ray, DVD and digital download version. It was $22.95 and free shipping.

    ST. Any news from Colt?

  225. NYUH:


    Local community? Try Arkansas and China.

    I digress....

    The view from Ruston

    For the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (1-3), the best part of Saturday's heartbreaking 13-12 home loss to Southern Miss was the fact that it put to an end an agonizing non-conference schedule that has them taking a three-game losing streak into next week's conference opener at Hawaii.

  226. Shoko:

    Wasn't aware that California's tax goes to Arkansas and China. Perhaps I need to talk with my local congressman. ;)

  227. Shoko:

    Yet again, Corey Paredes gets nominated for Defensive Player of the Week. Just a matter of time...

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    jm2375 ~ Go easy on da RUM!

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