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September 30th, 2010

It will be a reunion of sorts when Louisiana Tech and UH meet Saturday. LaTech coach Sonny Dykes and UH's Greg McMackin were on the same Texas Tech coaching staff for three years through 2003, with Dykes coaching the receivers and McMackin as defensive coordinator.

McMackin said it was fun because Mike Leach, then Texas Tech's head coach, allowed full-speed drills between the offense and defense.

"I'm anxious to see Greg," Dykes said. "I think a lot of him. He's a great guy."

UH defensive coordinator Dave Aranda also was part of that Tech staff, as a  graduate assistant.

"Dave is a real sharp guy," Dykes said. "He's one of the hardest-working guys I've been around. He has a great work ethic."

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My two  cents:

They say it's easier to get a job when you have a job. I think UH will have more options if it stays put in the WAC in football while seeing how expansion works out. Independence will always be an option. Why rush? And all of that talk of how UH, as an independent, could fill its schedule with road games against SEC and Big Ten schools? It still could do that, although judging from recent news conferences, it doesn't seem like there's a willingness for the Warriors to travel more than four time zones for games. There are a few advantages to remaining in the WAC. For one, UH doesn't have to pay travel subsidies, something that surely will be required if many of its sports, say, join the Big West. And with all of the talk of finding the next Boise State, why can't that school be UH?

Here are the negatives about going independent:
• Who are you going to schedule in October and November? I know everyone can come up with a wish list, but the reality is the five WAC schools UH ditches won't want to play. I mean, I think BYU already has drained that sucker pool. And Fresno State, Boise State and Nevada won't want to play.

• Where are you getting the referees? I think the last thing potential opponents want to hear from UH is: "Don't worry, we'll provide the referees."

• Travel subsidies. If UH can afford them, then I think the students might want to ask: Why did you ask for a student fee?

• If you get a national TV deal, how do you make up the money lost from the demise of pay-per-view? And, of course, that also means that  UH's non-revenue sports will never be telecast locally. If UH can't sell tickets to an event, how is a TV station expected to sell ads?

So, adding two more cents, here's the solution:

• Stay in the WAC in football and go elsewhere in other sports. Of course, that will tick off the WAC.

• Have UH women's volleyball go independent. I'm sure the same people who think UH won't have trouble filling an independent football schedule must think that Wahine volleyball will have an easier time.

OK, my time's up.

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Sailor Blue is the winner of the UH hat. Thanks again to Dr. Irwin Sewake for the donation.

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