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Changes are coming

October 27th, 2010

With exit talks heating up among the WAC, Nevada and Fresno State, it is clear that the thing UH fans have been putting off is becoming a reality: Things are going to change. 

Is change bad? A few years ago, there was a collective groan when the WAC scrambled to replenish its membership. But now, the Utah State and Idaho became important UH football games. And Utah State has been a boost to WAC basketball. Suppose, say, Seattle and Denver were added as basketball members. Wouldn't those be substantial market gains over the current membership? Seattle or Fresno? Denver or Reno? 

The thing is, UH is in a situation where any plan it has — independence/Big West, stay put — is a backup plan. Boise, Fresno and Nevada get to brag about their prom dates; UH is spouting the fun of going stag. 

Not sure if things will be better. Not sure if they can get any worse. But things will change. 

* * * * * 

Don't feel guilty about watching the Boise State-UH telecast for free or getting a refund from the pay-per-view subscription. As part of the contract with Oceanic/K5, UH is guaranteed $2.3 annually. UH won't be getting anything less than what it expected. And nobody should feel sorry for Oceanic's bottom line. 

* * * * * 

David Graves, who served as the scout quarterback the past few weeks of practices, is back at quarterback. But he did earn another assignment: He's now the middle man on the hands team that receives onside kicks.

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