Game day: Idaho

October 30th, 2010

There's a lot on the line — for UH, for the WAC — when the Warriors play Idaho in tonight's homecoming game at Aloha Stadium. 

Warriors can clinch a winning regular season and the accompany berth in the Hawaii Bowl with a victory. And — don't look ahead, don't look ahead — it would set up a dramatic meeting at Boise State next week. 

When the WAC crafted the 2010 schedule, it set up late-season showdowns involving Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada. But that was before those three schools announces plans to secede from the WAC. Now the script changed. 

But Idaho presents a tough challenge for the Warriors. Nathan Enderle is the latest in a series of quality opposing quarterbacks. It should be interesting between Idaho's Enderle-led offense and the Warriors' improving defense.

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  1. chopsueyboy:


  2. whitey:

    morning tsaikos and chop suey

  3. chopsueyboy:

    #1 2 out of 3 days

    UH Football #1 everyday


  4. Matt:

    Game Day. Let's go Warriors!

  5. chopsueyboy:

    Hi Whitey! Good Morning to you and all the Tsai-kos!

    Game day and I'm ready.

    Is it still a black out?

  6. Matt:

    Good morning Warrior Fans.

  7. CoolEthan:

    Warriors now can play to Adjust.
    There seasoned with spices. ( That sounds weird, but true.)
    They will win, even if it's a close game or have to come back from behind.

    Because there a united team that is Seasoned with Spices.

  8. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Yep, fo me its black out day. xcept fo da green helmet an da Oakley's. :mrgreen:

  9. BigHiloFan2:


    MP here I comes. :D

  10. BigHiloFan2:


    Go Warriors!!!!

    I am sooo ready fo one good game frum da Warriors!!!!

    all da Warriors!!!!

  11. ai-eee-soos:


  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Love game day, except I wish it were earlier.
    Don't like waiting around.

  13. BigHiloFan2:

    make a statement, Warriors.

    make a statement. for all us.

  14. Matt:

    The Warriors should treat this game like the 2007 Washington game. This is the game to get us into the BCS. Then next week against Boise will be our BCS game where we will kick their okole like Mack promised.

  15. TYaiea:

    Aloha Kakahiaka. This is it! IMUA NA KOA!

  16. BigHiloFan2:

    i goin be close enuf fo hea all da katooshes. espeshully in da secondary. just waitin for
    Mana to deliver some cracks. i get his tshirt. :cool:

  17. BigHiloFan2:

    i hope i no get arrested fo yellin too loud.


  18. madeinhawaii:

    Ah... nice heavy morning showers here on the Windward side of Oahu.... nothing like good Hawaiian waters to make some good mashed potatoes..

    Good Morning ALL!

  19. BigHiloFan2:

    see you all in a bit.

    esme woooshhhhhh >>>>>>>>>>

  20. gmahoney:

    Go ahead BHF2, yell all you like, we'll bail ya out.

  21. aikea:

    Everyday should be SATURDAY in the Fall. GO WARRIORS!

  22. TYaiea:

    C'mon Warriors make Kekoa proud with his prediction of 70 - 7. IMUA!!!!

  23. TChahng:


  24. Michigan Warrior:

    Go, Warriors!!!

    Sack dem potatoes!!!

  25. wafan:

    Dang. Just rmembered i promised to bring a sack of potatoes to school on Thursday for a baked potato lunch.

    Come on D! Sack some potatoes for me!!!

  26. TYaiea:

    Achey Breaky Heart for Coach Akey. This the End for Enderle and TKO Keo!!! IMUA

  27. RedZone:

    Rock'em, sock'em kick them in the nuts
    Sack that quarterback no ifs, ands or buts

  28. Pomai:

    RedZone nice cheer LOL

  29. Old School Dave:

    Here's to a hard fought, hard hitting, injury-free, clean game. Oh course UH will win, but it'll be good to see some of the local boys playing for Idaho. Sad and upsetting to read about how Baldwin High's Jojo Dickson's season came to an end last week on a questionable hit by NMSU's Kenny Turner. The game could have gotten out of control after that, but it didn't. Still hate to see anyone's season end like that.

  30. chopsueyboy:

    hash browns for breakfast
    french fries for lunch
    Vandals for dinner

    Whatever happened to TGI Fidays?

    I need some fully loaded potato skins

  31. BG:

    Good morning everyone!

    This is the time of the year that the offense starts to click. No...with this rainy weather, I don't have sun-stroke! As well as the offense has played, history has shown that a RnS offense really doesn't hit it's stride until the last third of the season. It's been true ever since June hit the Islands. You can see the improvements each week. The O-line has improved its run blocking and Green has benefited. The long ball is becoming a factor. I just want to sit back and enjoy the way the offense AND defense continue to improve. IMUA

  32. BG:

    Almost time to pick up my buddy at Schofield and head for the t-gate. OH JOY!

  33. bb:

    It was mentioned by blog host a week ago...

    Is the "People's Champion," with the people's elbow, gonna be at the Stadium tonight?

    The Rock says UH will lay the smacketh down....

  34. NYUH:

    ESPN U running a nice ad today
    HAWAII vs. 3BOISE ST 3:30PM ET
    They are using a montage of UH and BS plays.

  35. djmitcho:

    I'm excited about the game today...I think I live too close to potato country. I'm so glad i'll be able to watch the game on GO WARRIORS!!!

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure if the Rock is appearing. UH told us he was in, then he was out, then they were in talks. Who knows.

  37. J-FORCE:

    WARRIORS - 62
    vandals - 21



  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Kind of bummed if Rock isn't there because I'm supposed to get autographs for people.

  39. gigi-hawaii:

    I know what you mean by DON'T LIKE TO WAIT AROUND. Me, too!!!

    Looks like a nice day at Aloha Stadium. Bright and sunny with just a few clouds. At least, that's my view from my Foster Village porch.


  40. gigi-hawaii:

    But, it did rain last night. My patio and yard are soaked. How long does it take for artificial turf at the stadium to dry?

  41. gigi-hawaii:

    you can have my autograph anytime. Famous author and all that. In fact, I'll GIVE you my autograph for only $1 each.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    I like big games. This has a sort of big-game feel.
    Who thought that would be the case a few years ago?

  43. RupertDaStupert:

    Both James McArthur and Jack Lord were 'haoles' who "got" what "the Aloha Spirit" really was. Hana Hou, Okole Maluna, Shaka Bruddah to the new Five-0. It is more than a TV show. I is a happening. It is a spiritual happening! In memory of James McArthur who just passed away, I hope the Warriors win one for James, for Danno. BOOK EM DANNO!!!!!! Idaho may give their leg whips, but I hope Mana Silva, Jeremy Bryant, Cory Paredes and defensive cohorts will give Idaho migraine whiplashes!!!!!!!! We cannot lose a war without a Band. We got the band, we got Five-0, and we got the WHIPLASH WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

  44. Warrior Dave:

    You are right Stephen that this has a big-game feel...


  45. al:

    focus...please stay focused. looking ahead is a common game day problem. please stay focused.

  46. bb:

    In talks?

    Like negotiating talks?

    Like we'll give you 2 field passes, a Warrior Dog, Garlic Fries and inner circle parking if you stand on the Logo H on the 50 and do your schtick with the lifting of the eyebrow talks?

    Is this some sort of trick on the eve of Halloween?

    I am assuming like how Dog the Bounty hunter big timed the basketball team during Ohana Fest that the Rock has big timed us too.

    Maybe they will have a "Fake Rock" --a token pacific islander with sideburns and dub in the real rock schtick.

    If the Rock doesn't show hows about somebody walk out in a Herman Frazier costume. That would get the crowd worked up.

    Thanks for the update ST.

  47. al:

    gigi, son is just like you guys. he don't like to wait around. he fidgets and soon his leg is shaking and i have to slap his thigh. his excuse is ADD.

  48. gigi-hawaii:

    It's a beeg game cause it is homecoming!!! How awful to lose one's own homecoming.

  49. CHEE!:

    Fierce. Focused. Unrelenting. GO WARRIORS - POUND THE VANDALS!!

  50. gigi-hawaii:

    if I fidgeted like your son does, I would lose tons of weight. My problem is not enough fidgeting.

    When I wait, I agonize internally not externally. Shoots!

  51. Old School Dave:

    Might be of interest to local sports fans: Alema Harrington nearly killed in traffic mishap.

  52. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    A great day for Warrior football: forecast is trade winds at 13-14 mph dipping to 8-10 mph after sunset. Sun setting and out of your eyes at 5:56 PM and footballs should fill the air. Temperature in the mid-70's at game time. Dunno about rain, but should be very light, if any.


  53. NorthShoreFan:


    Game day!....At Last!....I hope I don't lose my voice again!....

    Anyhoo, animal is being marinated, will have some Korean steroids (kim chee) available for anyone who likes the stuff....will bring a dessert experiment for early arrivals to test...(it's!) packing da truck with eseentials and den off to da T-Gate!

    Anticipating some MASCH Potato this evening. large potato (Enderle)
    Boil da sucker...(pass rush)
    Peel da skin off...(chase da mudder all arond da field)
    Masch, Meatoga, Umu, Paipai, Purcell, Paredes, Huen, da bugga until real creamy and smooth (half comatose)
    Den... Lyles da bugga on da green pasture and serve.....


  54. haawarrior:

    I'd like to see Rodney Bradley get at least a pair of touchdown passes against Keo.

  55. RupertDaStupert:

    I would not be surprised if the Rock does not show up for tonights football game. He has no ties with UH. He donated millions to his alma mater, Miami. I'd rather see Prez Barack Obama lead the Warriors out the tunnel. I hope the Warriors pound Idaho into the ground. In my mind. In my opinion, I think they play underhanded. Not saying "dirty", but prit near close. Greg Salas one hands the ball at the 50, He's at the 40, the 30, the 20, the 10 and it's A_L_O_H_A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. James:

    Big night.

    Trick or Treat?

    Go Warriors!

  57. haawarrior:

    Me. I no kea if the Rock doesn't show up. Main ting the fans do!

  58. NorthShoreFan:

    Would be great if Da Rock wen do da pre-game Haka with da Warriors...if he no how...

  59. EH NO MAKE!:

    Mr. Tsai (#12) - took the words right out of my mouth my friend....
    I love game days but I too wish ot were earlier, I get get too excited.

  60. James:

    No pumpkins.

    Mashed potatoes tonight!

  61. SteveM:

    Northshorefan -- are you bringing your flame thrower? The country style pork ribs recipe by Shannon in CA that I'm bringing (ETA 1330) might be better a little bit burnt... :-)

  62. whitey:

    rupert, your post made me laugh cause the first thing that came to my mind was da warriors will have rock(y) and bullwinkle (j huen) and they will be going against their old nemisis, snidely whiplask (s keo). hahahahahahahaaaa

  63. whitey:

    whiplask = whiplash. make mistake cause was still laughing.

  64. whitey:

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  65. Bigislandkurt:

    Mark my word. Enderle 'aint gonna do nutt'n! Like Kaepernick and Borell before him, he will get shut down. Let's not forget -- THIS IS OUR HOUSE! AND THEY EMBARRASSED US LAST YEAR IN THE QUONSET HUT NAMED KIBBIE! It's all lined up tonite for our boys to KICK IDAHO's A$$$$. YOU watch.


  66. NorthShoreFan:

    Can if need..let me know...JJ and homey wen get da faya going da last time..but can bring um..

  67. JaM:

    Game Day!

    Go Warriors!

    Thanks DPK for the weather update.

  68. RupertDaStupert:

    Whitey, I rather see Huckleberry Hound or Deputy Dog than the Rock at the game. But the strict state quarantine on incoming animals prevents that. "Aloha stadium ain't smokin unless the Rock ain't sweatin. No one touches my Jabroni. The first Vandal that lays a leg whip on a Warrior, I'll stick my Jabroni on a Vandal where the sun don't shine!!!!

  69. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Mash potatoes,
    French fries,
    Au gratin,
    Hash browns!!!
    Tonight the potatoes going down, down down!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  70. UH68Fan:

    RE: #55 RupertDaStupert
    The Rock's connection is to Coach Mac, who was his defensive coach when Johnson (and Ray Lewis) played football at the U. of Miami.

  71. whitey:

    rupert, i can see it is going to be a "fun" game. hooooohaaaaaaa!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  72. RupertDaStupert:

    Thank you for the correction on the Rock UH68Fan #70. I did not know the Rock knew Greg McMacken. The Rock tried to bring his Jabroni in but US customs blocked it. Five-0 and Steve McGarrett stepped in and they are still negotiating a deal to let his Jabroni pass thru. Well the Rock better show up than, McMacken might put a kahuna on him.

  73. A-House:

    not an expert and moocher:

    your posts, #235 and #239 from yesterday - I like that when individuals develop idas that may help UHAD with ideas on how to make UH attractive.

    many use travel and expense on why they do not want to schedule Hawaii - have they ever, I mean ever, do a study on travel time and cost to schools outside of their state? Is Hawaii always an excuse not to schedule games? Certain coaches dislike palying at Hawaii cause they end up losing and must use some excuse to why Hawaii won - Nevada, Michigan St, Purdue, etc. to protect their record and perhaps employment.

    yes, Jim D should really, really consider keeping football in the WAC and move all other sports to the Big West - better economically and competition for UH and the Big West plus $$$ savings for other WAC schools not to bring their "non-revenue" sports to Hawaii and vice versa.

    air travel key will be what UHAD can work out with Alaska and Southwest, if they secure a route to Hawaii - they have many connections to smaller cities where UH can "charter" and fly right in.

  74. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    The Rock is not relavent anymore. This is not 1999.

    What is relavent is how Enderle plans on removing rubber pellets from his okole after tonight.

  75. A-House:

    I have tremendous confidence that UH defense will do well tonight - each game we see improvement.

    And, thanks to ST for posting the names of so many QBs who came to play against Hawaii and made it to the NFL. Playing at a big time school is no gaurantee that a player will make it to the next level and succeed. Count/name the number of first team "all-americans" who never achieved in the NFL.

  76. rage777:

    The Rock probably just wants to promote his new movie, this has nothing to do with Hawaii or UH athletics.

  77. A-House:

    I do hope that ST and others will continue to reveal the NFL interest in Hawaii players - this gives home town players and from the mainland cause to wonder if UH can be that stepping stone to the NFL.

    And, I fully support the notion stated by many bloggers that the media concentrate on the "positives" of playing for UH - delete the negatives - we don't need that!!!!!!!

  78. Markazulu:

    The Rock is filming a new movie in Hawaii. But hey whether or not The Rock comes tonight I hope The Warriors do find there inner Rock an Layeth The Smack Down on Idaho.

  79. expat:

    The big news in the WAC today is that despite their best efforts either SJSU or NMSU will come out with a conference win today. Neither of them will be able to avoid it even if they want to.

  80. madeinhawaii:

    off topic..

    Congratulations to Ms United States for winning the Miss World Pageant.... Since it's a competition iinvolving every city, state, and country in the world.. do you think we can get beauty pageants listed as an NCAA sport for Title IX purposes?

  81. anccal:

    Last year was white out... is this year a black out? anyones know.....

  82. sportsforfun:

    University of Miami (Fla.) lost today. If Warriors win, get chance to move into da Top 25. Can't wait for da game tonight!! Go Warriors!!

  83. RupertDaStupert:

    We worry about bringing in no name teams to replace the departing Boise, Fresno and Nevada. Remember, one time they were no name teams. San Jose and New Mexico St can rise up and become powerhouses one day. Montana, Texas ST, Portland St, Weber St, etc can do the same. In the 70's, the TCU horned frogs were so far down the pecking order in Texas and look at them now. Navy is coached by a former UH Warrior and look at them now. Georgia Tech is coached by a guy who came for Georgia Southern and look what he did for Navy and Georgia Tech? Army's head coach was a former UH Warrior and Army is making great strides under him. UH was once a club status team but look where we're at now.

  84. madeinhawaii:

    This year, hopefully, is a wipe-out ... of Idaho!

  85. whitey:

    Time to get the spacecraft ready to go to the darkside. Have a great gang, will be cheering, yelling, and smiling for da warriors. GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!

  86. aussie aunty:

    G'day from Down under. Big hello to all Warrior fans, shall be watching the game. Even bigger hello to my family and friends going to the game, have a great day. If Alex sends down a boomer......

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Oi, Oi, Oi.

    Go Warriors!

  87. Pcwarrior:

    Aussie auntY welcome to the blog (again?). We should be doing that on everyone of his kicks. Can you imagine... While waiting for the snap all you hear is AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE and when the ball is in the air your Oi Oi Oi Oi until the play is over!!!! Whoa chicken skin!!!!!

  88. Pcwarrior:

    GO WARRIORS BEAT the vandals into Masch potatoes!!!!

  89. Pcwarrior:

    Re 87

    Your=you hear

    I got too excited

  90. geevum:

    re: #81

    I thought they said this whole season was supposed to be a "Green Out". That every home game fans are encouraged to wear green. Just remember hearing that at the beginning of the season from Coach Mack or Jim Donovan or someone from UH.

  91. Committed Road Warrior:

    Gosh. Tulsa-Notre Dame punt fest in progress.
    Nine (9) consecutive punts combined between the two teams...and to think that Tulsa is only down by two to ND mid-way through the 4th quarter.

  92. al:

    anccal...i am on my own blackout mission. the team will be wearing black i am sure as mack is a superstitous fellow.

  93. Mack's Vandal Salad:

    One potato
    Two potato
    Three potato, Four
    Cook'em, Peel'em
    Mash'em into lore!

    One potato
    Two potato
    Three potato, Four
    Whip'em, Beat'em
    Mash'em 'til no more!

    Beat da Vandals!
    Beat da Vandals!
    Beat'em even more!

    Beat Idaho!

  94. jm2375:


    2nd pan of bread pudding is in the oven. Should be there around 1300-1330. Also bringing some jabon for our guests to try (and Screecher #1).

    See ya soon.

  95. wafan:

    Halloween Eve.

    When the Warriors put the big score on the Vandals will they make mashed potatoes in their pants?

  96. wafan:

    All the talk of the yummy food at the T-Gate forced me to cook. Geez, you folks are disgusting.

    Chicken long-rice, lomi salmon, kalua pig, even some haupia.

    And here I was going to settle in with just some SPAM musubi.

  97. wafan:

    A little over 5 hours remain.

    Tic-toc, tic-toc . . .

  98. Hank:

    I can't believe notre dame went for the td with a freshman qb....they had a gimme field goal.

  99. Hank: I say every week...may the MANA be with our Warrior O-line and D-line...

    go Warriors!

  100. Hilo Moon:

    Big Hilo-

    Brada, please yell fo' me. Mahalo.

  101. Not an Expert:

    Thank you A-House for your acknowledgment.

    I felt it be better the football team go independent however staying in the WAC for another year to three and moving the rest of the sport programs to the Big West next year maybe the best possible option. At the end of that period decide what direction UH football should take. I believe this is a safer path to trek.

    Positive points:

    Texas State & University of Texas at San Antonio is no more than 100 miles apart. Hawaii can play back to back games. Spend about 10 days on the mainland. Same with Montana being close to Idaho and play those games back to back. Hawaii can still play 5 to 6 non conference games and more than likely enhance their finances. Still be able to play for a league championship. A couple of west coast teams needs to be on the schedule besides San Jose to help recruiting in California.

    Big West teams all on the west coast. Less costly and easier traveling. Plus a big Hawaii fan base on the west coast that will help attendance for the Big West schools when Hawaii plays them. Keep stats on how many Hawaii fans attend those games to use for future information for entry into the Pac-12. That helps those sports to get closer to the break even dollar numbers. In so doing Hawaii's fan base will only get bigger due to the transplants and 2nd generation transplants feeling the "Aloha and Ohana" of their home state.

    But must get another commissioner for the WAC who has a vision and foresight to make the league take advantage of every opportunity and make the teams feel that one day by sticking together they will become an AQ conference. AND as I believe the trip to Hawaii by other schools who come to play in Hawaii should not only take it as a game that has to be won, but also allow their student athletes to experience the islands a couple days instead of flying one day before the game and flying the same night out after the game. A little more cost but I bet recruiting for these schools will take a turn to the upside.

  102. mctruck:


    I am in full agreement wit dat idea...UH fb in WAC and other sports in BW.

  103. d1島:

    It's GAME DAY!

    best thing the team can do ready to win the game!

    best thing a fan can do...get ready to cheer on the team to win the game!

    ...all the other stuff can wait for another day!


  104. Game day: Idaho - The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of … club university:

    [...] here: Game day: Idaho - The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of … By admin | category: University of HAWAII | tags: big-time, names, nfl, posting-the-names, [...]

  105. Not an Expert:

    For the betterment and survival for both the MWC and WAC. They both should fire their commissioners and hire one commissioner and create a new entity of these schools. The 2 salaries can get a highly capable person to lead them going forward.

    As mentioned make 2 corporations for 2 leagues. However the parent corporation to maintain the teams most likely to help qualify that conference of AQ status and the parent to own the other corporation that runs the lower rated schools. Doing so and sticking together will bring in more money for all schools although a little less for the top. Will work if no one is greedy. AQ conferences will not like this because overnight a conference with Utah, BYU, TCU, Boise and the next best 4 will garner the revenues which they can share with the subsidiary conference.

    Overtime the lower rated schools can build their programs with the extra money from the parent. Important that the parent watches over and help grow these schools because the greater the numbers they build the more clout they will have in the future.

    As I mentioned I believe there is a conspiracy by the AQ conferences and its heiarchy that controls the non AQ conferences and their commissioners.

  106. Steve:


    #96 - I would go with Spam Musubi any day of the week. Yum-Yum.

  107. madeinhawaii:

    tick.. tick.. tick.. tock...

  108. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Go SF GIANTS!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~

  109. βρεω808:

    ~~•~~~~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Go WARRIORS!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~~~~•~~

  110. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. Florida and Georgia are having a slugfest at 31-31 with 1 minute remaining.. Florida at midfield 4th down..

  111. d1島:

    βρεω808- the best of fans!

  112. madeinhawaii:

    Now Georgia with the ball on their own 6 with 54 secs to play...

  113. d1島:


    :lol: The World's Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party!

    Good chance that not many of the fans will remember the game!

  114. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Go WARRIORS!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: BEATIdaho!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~

  115. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Go WARRIORS!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: BEAT Idaho!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~

  116. Will-I-am:

    I would love to see Hawaii in a conference that does not have teams that are 4 time zones away.

    Being in a conference that is all west coast would be good for Hawaii. We would contribute good attendance of Hawaii fans at the road games.

    The WAC is a stepping stone and we need to take the next step.

    For the game today I know our offense will dominate. Our defense will dominate. But our special teams has seen better days.

  117. madeinhawaii:

    3 and out... 37 secs to play.. looks like OT for this game.

  118. βρεω808:

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:


    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

  119. madeinhawaii:

    Getting me all stoked out for tonight's game... WARRIORS!! WARRIORS!!! Come out and PLAAAAAAAY!

  120. 4UH:

    Go WARRIORS! The WARRIOR flag is up in California... can't wait for game time! Gotta love those pink shoes! Praying for VICTORY! :)

  121. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~ Go WARRIORS!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Make Potato Poi..!!! ~•~~~~•~

  122. βρεω808:

    :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

    :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

  123. bb:

    I'm f'n pissed.

    Whos the UH employee that FTP'ed the personal info?

    I got the letter from UH saying my personal info was compromised due to this clowns error.


  124. wafan:

    Worst part is it seems the information was up about a year.

    It could get costly for the system and employee.

  125. wafan:

    Make Shepherd's Pie!

    Go Warriors!!!

  126. wafan:

    T-Gate must be in full swing by now. Wish I could be there. But, I will be home in time for the Tsai-ko Christmas party!!!


  127. ai-eee-soos:

    WOW !!!

    Tulsa 28; ND 27

    Iowa 37; McChicken St 6

  128. madeinhawaii:

    Yep... over 40,000 names with personal information ... geeze.. so much for their version of secure system.

  129. βρεω808:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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  130. βρεω808:

    Mizzu lost 2! :)

  131. kev-1:

    #128 - this is not the first time and it actually happened not a little less than a year ago. I got a letter then. I wonder if I'll get a letter this time.

  132. kev-1:

    #129 - those are neat, but you must have a lot of time on your hands.

  133. d1島:

    ...or a lot of hands on his time.

  134. βρεω808:

    :) jail time...

  135. βρεω808:

    d1島 - How come U not "dere"? :roll:

  136. d1島:


    Hana hana.

    Almos' pau.

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  138. d1島:

    WooHoo! All cleansed now! :lol:



  139. βρεω808:

    'kay - here's a spesho one den.... :D

  140. βρεω808:

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    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ~~~~~~~~~~ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    ★ ★ ★ Go WARRIORS!!!! ★ ★ ★

  141. Cheyah!:

    Gameday Baby! Mash some potatoes!

    Go Warriors!

  142. wafan:

    Brew . . .


  143. wafan:

    UO 8, USC 3.

    USC driving.

  144. wafan:

    8 to 10, USC.

  145. wafan:

    Snow hittng the hill tonight. Winter is not far away. Tsigh.

  146. muscle building supplements:

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  147. madeinhawaii:

    Texas up by 2 over Baylor... still a couple of interesting upset possibilities tonight...

  148. wafan:

    Wow. We got all the way up to a dizzying 50-degrees today.

  149. wafan:

    So much for raking the leaves that jumped off the trees. If the wind picks up they will blow to the neighbor's yard.

    Wishful thinking.

  150. Koa-mahu:

    wafan - i can tell u erryting u need 2 kno bout 'blowing'. bwhahahahaha

  151. RupertDaStupert:

    Chanelsurfing has Hawaii vs Idaho scheduled. Don't know if it's verified but it is great if it is.

  152. Shoko:

    Wow, Stanford really put a thumping on Washington. Those two sacks Matt Masifilo had in the first quarter really threw off Locker's game. Stanford must have watched film when the Huskies played the Cornhuskers.

    Hmm, Idaho played Nebraska and Enderle got sacked...what five times and intercepted five times? Warriors D knows what to do? Sack early and sack often. Make Enderle question his pass protection.

    Oh, howzit gang!

  153. wafan:

    29-17, UO, 3rd.

  154. wafan:

    Dang. UO falling apart. 29-24, USC driving.

  155. wafan:

    Ugh. 29-32,USC.

  156. wafan:

    How is the weather in Halawa?

  157. gigi-hawaii:

    it is SUNNY and breezy in Halawa. Lots of sunshine in my living room.

  158. gigi-hawaii:

    too bad David didn't record the Oregon game. He was so sure Oregon would win.

  159. gigi-hawaii:

    chicken pot pie baking in the oven.

  160. wafan:

    36-32, UO.

  161. wafan:

    GG . . .

    Did you make the pies yourself? Mmmmm, been a long time since I made some.

  162. wafan:

    Been wanting to have some good scalloped potatos. Maybe later this week with some ham. Yum!

  163. gigi-hawaii:

    Marie Callender's chicken pot pies from Costco.

  164. gigi-hawaii:

    1,000 mgs of sodium. David can't eat the pies because of high blood pressure. The sodium doesn't affect me.

  165. wafan:

    GG . . .

    Tried those once. never again. Mostly crust with not much filling. And, yep, they are salty. I guess they have to be so there is some taste.

  166. wafan:

    UO has an interesting mthod of sending in their offensive signals. Somone holds up a big card with three pictures and one word. Looks really odd. But, it seems to work.

    43-32, UO, a littl over 1-minute inte 3rd.

  167. wafan:

    The Ducks' mascot must have humogous arms after doing all those pushups every week.

  168. wafan:

    Warrior D nedds to remember to tackle and hit. Offense clicking away. Special Teams really needs to be spcial -- in a good way.

  169. Sarah Greenwich Photography:

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  170. Committed Road Warrior: picked up the K5 broadcast!


  171. Stephen Tsai:

    Interesting. Shiloh Keo and Rodney Bradley are captains.
    They just hugged each other.

  172. Steve:

    Interesting Papa Leahey and Rick Blangiardi doing telecast.

  173. wafan:

    Folks in the North endzone (d1?) probably are not happy with that silly net stuck in the up position.

  174. Steve:


  175. Steve:

    Tackle Defense!!!! To many missed tackles already!!!!

  176. wafan:

    Come on D!!!

    Mash the spuds.

  177. Garret:

    At least they only got a FG. Good pressure to get that stop on 3rd down.

  178. wafan:

    Okay, giving them a false sense of security.

    O in the Green Room. Cue in a couple of minutes.

  179. Matt:

    Idaho FG and the spuds lead 3-0 early. Our offense needs to score a TD on their first drive and show them what's up.

  180. wafan:


    Hi, Garret and Steve!

  181. Matt:

    I'd love to see Blount take one to the house.

  182. Steve:

    Sorry, Hi Wafan and Garret, also, Matt.

  183. Matt:

    Hi Steve.

  184. Matt:

    Terrible start for the Warriors, but beautiful punt by Alex.

  185. Steve:

    Keep them down there Defense!!!!

  186. Garret:

    I'm glad that Dunnachie was able to have that 50-yard punt to pin Idaho in front of family at the game.

  187. wafan:

    Hi, Matt!

    Snuck in there. HA!

    Nice punt. Junk series.

  188. Stephen Tsai:

    Slow start for the Warriors.

  189. Shoko:

    Okay, ESPN is really annoying me with the lack of stats on their website. Nice kick by Dunnachie.

  190. Matt:

    Hi wafan! Come on Defense!

  191. Garret:

    He threw that ball with his left hand while being tackled...amazing first down instead of UH getting a safety.

  192. Steve:

    Make sure tackles, Defense!!!!

  193. Stephen Tsai:

    Enderle is a big guy.

  194. Matt:

    Come on Defense!!! Hit somebody and hit 'em hard!

  195. Matt:

    Good job defense.

  196. Matt:

    Pilares back to return the punt.

  197. wafan:

    Yay D!

    Be special Special Team!!!

  198. Steve:

    Ok Offense, Get Going!!!!

  199. Stephen Tsai:

    NIce return by Pilares. Fearless.

  200. Garret:

    10 yard return for Pilares. I'm glad he's the starting punt returner...I posted earlier this week I thought he could do well if given a shot.

  201. Steve:

    Nice return Pilares!!!!

  202. wafan:

    Viriliter Age, Pilares!!!

  203. Committed Road Warrior:

    Shoko #189:

    Yahoo appears to be pretty good with game stats, albeit slightly delayed.

  204. Steve:

    Hoping another Chad Owens. :-)

  205. Matt:

    Alex Green still has some of that magic from last week.

  206. wafan:

    Warriors going Green!

  207. Matt:

    Moniz needs to calm down. All of his passes are sailing on him.

  208. Steve:

    Settle Down Moniz, Lower Passes a Little!!!!

  209. wafan:

    Warrior 3!

    Very slow start.

  210. Matt:

    Enos FG. Tie game.

  211. Matt:

    Mack looks pissed.

  212. Logan:

    Is anyone else out there not getting the UHPPV working? Wondering why no one has commented on this.

  213. Garret:

    Moniz is off this game so far. They got a lot of pressure on that 3rd down with just 4 rushing.

    Enos made the FG so we're starting over.

  214. wafan:

    Looks like a good crowd.

  215. Matt:

    Two good kickoff coverages for the Warriors so far.

  216. Stephen Tsai:

    Warriors dominating special teams.

  217. Steve:

    Defense, Do It Again!!!!

  218. wafan:

    Nice face plant.

  219. Steve:

    If you are having a problem with PPV go to channel 1999, then back to 256.

  220. Matt:

    Nice sack of potatoes.

  221. Matt:

    INT by Mana Silva. Yeah baby.

  222. Matt:

    Makes up for the earlier personal foul.

  223. Steve:

    Interception, Alright, Mana!!!!

  224. Garret:

    Meatoga's sack shook Enderle up...INT next play for Silva!

  225. Matt:

    Nice run by Mo.

  226. Garret:

    I thought I saw an illegal block by UH on Moniz' scramble...but not called.

  227. wafan:



  228. wafan:

    Foolish penalty.

  229. Logan:

    For the UHPPV we went to 1999 then to 256 with no difference. No good on 255, 1255, 1256 either. #42 in the Oceanic Support Chat queue, all phone lines are full. I don't mind listening to Kekaula in the meantime. Go Bows!

  230. Matt:

    Stupid penalty Austin Hansen.

  231. Matt:

    Get the ball to Salas.

  232. Okole Maluna:

    penalty was very late the ref are flag happy today

  233. Okole Maluna:

    The ref must be from Idaho

  234. Okole Maluna:

    Just Run with Green

  235. Matt:

    TD Royce Pollard!!!

  236. Garret:

    TD Pollard!

  237. wafan:


  238. Steve:

    Touchdown, Pollard!!!!

  239. Okole Maluna:

    Where is the shaking hands they forgot

  240. Matt:

    Mo, is starting to settle down and completing some passes.

  241. wafan:

    Go Warriors!

  242. Steve:

    What happened to the Handshake????

  243. Matt:

    Did they go to the high five instead of handshake?

  244. Stephen Tsai:

    Again, special teams is dominating. And that's against really good returner.

  245. wafan:

    Dang. Special Teams is being, unfortunately, special.

  246. Stephen Tsai:

    Whoops. Can't end the quarter on a defensive penalty.

  247. Steve:

    Warriors need to play smart!!!!

  248. Matt:

    kickoff coverage has been outstanding even with the penalty.

  249. wafan:

    Like that Mack is getting upset and going after folks.

    Go Mack!

  250. Okole Maluna:

    They sure are flag Happy today and Mac is Mad at something ref didn't see

  251. Stephen Tsai:

    if it's an untimed down, and a team scores a touchdown, is the elapsed time 0:00?

  252. Steve:

    If Mac gets any madder he could turn this into a "R" rated game. :-)

  253. d:

    what up with uhppv!!!
    oceanic don't even post on website or tv about status!

  254. Committed Road Warrior:

    Zebras appear to be trigger-happy early on. Hopefully their actions don't influence the outcome of this game...

  255. Okole Maluna:

    they didn't turn it on

  256. kawika49:


  257. Okole Maluna:

    just but another one d:

  258. Okole Maluna:

    sorry ment just buy another PPV d....

  259. Okole Maluna:

    another flag

  260. Steve:

    These Refs must be paid by the hour, reason for all the flags.

  261. Matt:

    With two passing teams and so many flags, we might see a four hour game.

  262. Steve:


    The way these refs are throwing flags you will be able to see the sun rise and the game will still be going on.

  263. Matt:

    INT Paredes baby

  264. Michigan Warrior:

    Another pick!

  265. Matt:

    Enderle is falling apart.

  266. Steve:

    Cory, Interception!!!!

  267. Logan:

    Okole, thanks for your suggestion. I just purchased the PPV (that was already ordered with the UH package). Still hanging in the Support Chat queue now to make sure I get reimbursed. Ch. 1999 showed our box was eligible to view it, but the PPV channel said it wasn't.

  268. Homegrown:


  269. Matt:

    Salas drops a pass, tell me it isn't so. That was a perfect pass.

  270. Michigan Warrior:

    Wide open... can't believe Salas dropped it. I think he was surprised he was that wide open too!

  271. Garret:

    Wow, Salas normally doesn't drop that. NFL scouts hopefully won't see that...

  272. Steve:

    It must be close to Halloween, Salas drop a TD pass.

  273. wafan:


  274. Okole Maluna:

    1st down I love it

  275. Matt:

    That was a good blitz pickup by Green.

  276. Garret:

    Penalty extends the drive...

  277. Okole Maluna:

    run run Moniz

  278. Okole Maluna:

    He sure is Runing a lot today

  279. Matt:

    Nice run by Mo for another Warrior 1st down.

  280. wafan:

    "Heck, if they will not catch it I will just run for it."

  281. Matt:

    Go back to Salas. You know he feels bad for dropping the last one.

  282. Matt:

    Green is doing a really good job blocking tonight.

  283. wafan:

    I think the refs are getting a bonus for each time they throw the towels.

  284. d:

    what box on ch.1999
    u talking about logan?

  285. Stephen Tsai:

    Going for it on fourth down. Gutsy call. But the right one.

  286. Okole Maluna:

    Anyone how have PPV and can not see the CH1255 just purchase another that what I did and lseem like Logan too and your welcome enjoy the Game ..>>>. lol

  287. Rasu Begasu:

    or are they?
    time out

  288. Okole Maluna:

    PPV has too much commercials

  289. d:

    moniz on a rollout......can pass or run it in? what u think?

  290. Okole Maluna:

    Most PPV do not have commercials ONLY in Hawaii Oceanic making $$$$

  291. Matt:

    TD!!! pilares

  292. Garret:

    TD Pilares!

  293. Rasu Begasu:

    was sleepy in the 1Q, but got a pot of coffee in me now WOOHOO!!!

  294. Michigan Warrior:


  295. Okole Maluna:


  296. wafan:

    Viriliter Age, Pilares!!!!

  297. Garret:

    Good call on the 4th down play in the red zone. Inside screen was perfect for how Idaho had been blitzing.

  298. Rasu Begasu:

    nice call

  299. One Big Dog:

    Tsaikos, thanks very much for the updates. Gamecast is not working and I haven't found any working streams. This is the only way I can follow the game here in Japan. Keep up with the updates.

  300. Okole Maluna:

    And they sure screwed up the PPV game today

    REFUND OCeanic service is very crappy

  301. Steve:

    Looks like Mac seems happier now when talking with Refs.

  302. wafan:

    No viriliter age for Bailey tonight!

  303. Matt:

    Bull crap.

  304. Okole Maluna:

    GO here One Big Dog:

    Ling to :

  305. wafan:

    Another foolish penalty.

  306. Okole Maluna:

    At least you'll get Live Stats Big Dog

  307. Logan:

    Yep, used to not have to put up with commercials on the PPV. We got a visitor from the mainland and he can't believe that we even have to pay to watch it.

  308. Matt:

    Someone needs to take away the refs hankies. This isn't PE football.

  309. Michigan Warrior:

    I think the zebras are getting paid piecemeal... per flag thrown.

  310. Homegrown:<----this one works

  311. Matt:

    Lametrius Davis plays too far off the WR.

  312. Homegrown: here this one

  313. Okole Maluna:

    Fumble and TD

  314. Matt:

    TD on a fumble recovery by Torres!

  315. Michigan Warrior:

    Hurry up and kick it! No review!

  316. wafan:

    Pick 6

  317. Matt:

    Play under review.

  318. Garret:

    That was a great forced fumble...another TD is really putting Idaho in a hole. They move the ball, but the D keeps getting turnovers.

  319. Stephen Tsai:

    It looked like Daniel Hardy made a football move.

  320. Michigan Warrior:

    No matterz... that ball is out.

  321. wafan:

    Darn, meant pick up 6.

  322. Stephen Tsai:

    And he did.

  323. Matt:


  324. Homegrown:

    the tight end dropped the ball trying to break his fall

  325. Michigan Warrior:

    Yeah, baby! No can overturn!

  326. Matt:

    John Hardy Tuliau causes his second fumble in as many weeks and they both result in TD returns. Good thing we didn't redshirt that guy.

  327. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Oceanic PPV: EPIC FAIL!!!

    Lucky the Warrioprs rock, because Oceanic SUCKS!!!

  328. Stephen Tsai:

    Plus 11 on turnover margin this year?

  329. Garret:

    Nevada sure was ready to play in their first game since their UH loss. 35-0 at halftime over Utah State, now it is 42-7.

  330. Steve:

    The Potatoes Are Cooking!!!!

  331. wafan:

    Nice. But need on those penalties. Next week they will definiely hurt.

  332. Steve:

    Next Comes The Mashing!!!!

  333. Stephen Tsai:

    And Bubba Poueu-Luna is as good as Hardy-Tuliau.

  334. Okole Maluna:

    Logan tell your visitor that's why everything in Hawaii is expensive

  335. Rasu Begasu:

    congrats to a proud dad, Reggie T!
    All that work is worth it!

  336. Okole Maluna:

    I don't know what Tamanaha is doing Interviewing Idaho player while still during game..>>>??

  337. Matt:

    Come on defense, let's get the ball back again

  338. Okole Maluna:

    I don't know what Tamanaha is doing Interviewing Idaho player while still during game..>>>??
    If Idaho coaches saw that they will be pissed

  339. Okole Maluna:

    Ho Ho ho HOOOOOOO Happy Halloween

  340. Okole Maluna:

    Dam that s not a penalty

  341. Okole Maluna:

    That was a GOOOD tackle

  342. wafan:


  343. Logan:

    horrible face mask call

  344. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  345. Garret:

    Okole Maluna,

    Yes, that *was* a penalty. He grabbed the face mask and twisted the runner's entire head around.

  346. Logan:

    woo blocked FG!!

  347. wafan:


  348. Matt:

    Blocked FG!!! Oh yeah.

  349. Garret:

    Idaho was CRAZY to try the FG...they can't catch up with 3 points...UH made the nice block.

  350. Hawaiianbod:

    Homegrown - mahalo for the link! U DA MAN!!

  351. Okole Maluna:

    ONLY 3 points so far so Good

  352. Stephen Tsai:

    UH only has 20 plays so far in the first half. 5:25 remaining in second quarter.

  353. Michigan Warrior:

    LOL, Garret... it's even harder to catch up with a blocked FG!!!

  354. Okole Maluna:

    Logan And I didn't see it that way
    Only the Refs are Flag happy today

  355. Michigan Warrior:

    Offense still needs to get it together and march down the field.

  356. wafan:

    H-Bod . . .

    You did not go to the T-Gate or game?!?!

    Hope you are feeing better!!!

  357. Okole Maluna:

    Even Robert and Bobby says they want to see that again

  358. Hank:

    ...i think Blangiardi's doing a good job...trying not to correct Jimmy too much...

  359. Okole Maluna:

    That was a same tackle where is the Flag on that then

  360. Matt:

    Let's get another TD offense.

  361. wafan:

    What is with the paint being powdery? Do not remember it doing that before.

  362. Matt:

    Lots of bad snaps so far.

  363. Okole Maluna:

    Bobby said the same thing that was same tackle Hawaii got flag for

  364. Matt:

    wafan, the paint does look a lot like powder. I wonder why it's doing that.

  365. Okole Maluna:

    FG coming up

  366. Matt:

    Long FG missed by Enos.

  367. Okole Maluna:

    49 yard FG is NO GooooooD

  368. Matt:

    I wanna see some Masch-ed potatoes

  369. Matt:

    Hell yeah Defense.

  370. Okole Maluna:

    what was that a 13 yard lost

  371. Matt:

    Still enough time to score again.

  372. Okole Maluna:

    GOOOOOd run back

  373. Stephen Tsai:

    Chad Owens is back .... as Keaoha Pilares.

  374. Matt:

    Pilares needs to not go backwards when catching the ball so close to the goal line.

  375. Okole Maluna:

    Boy Pilares make good returner just like Chad Owens he will brake one yet

  376. Matt:

    Come on Mo. Need to hurry up.

  377. Okole Maluna:

    Guess we're seeing the same thing ST

  378. Matt:

    Mo has had some good runs tonight.

  379. Okole Maluna:


  380. Matt:

    Nice catch Salas inside the 5.

  381. wafan:

    Really practicing the long ball tonight.

  382. Okole Maluna:

    TD Hawaii

  383. Matt:

    TD Green

  384. Michigan Warrior:

    Pour it on, Warriors!!! Gravy on dem potatoes!

  385. Okole Maluna:

    Ahhhh theres the Hand shake finally by Green

  386. wafan:

    Whoo-hoo, Green!!!

  387. wafan:

    2nd team may get to play tonight.

  388. Steve:

    Gives those Donkeys next week more to think about!!!!

  389. Matt:

    I hate the squib kick.

  390. Okole Maluna:

    31 to 3 and it's Half Time

  391. wafan:

    Nice the band played Co-Ed. In years past when standing on the sidelines and the, then, 'Bows scored the band would just stand there.

    Nice job!

  392. Okole Maluna:

    Now lets see the Homecoming Halloween Band for Half Time Show

  393. Matt:

    The old orange level seats look gray on TV.

  394. Homegrown:

    28 utah state 49 nevada 11mins 4th qtr looks like utah state coming back

  395. Matt:

    I like the Driver's license costume.

  396. wafan:

    UI coach sounds like a Big-Time Hawai'i wrestler. Johnny Berand, perhaps?

  397. Okole Maluna:

    3 touchdown and No score for the 2nd Quarter is very Nice indeed

  398. βρεω808:

    :D Good job - Warriors!!! :D

  399. Hank:

    #396...wafan...if he had dark hair...he would look like johnny too...:>>>

  400. Hank:

    Really love the way the team stepped up their intensity level at the end of the lst quarter...just great.

  401. Matt:

    Warriors get the ball to start the 2nd half too.

  402. βρεω808:

    Akey breaky heart?!? :) :wink: :lol:

    I like that coach! :D

  403. Okole Maluna:

    Our Final Opp UNLV need to Show Up more against TCU 35 - UNLV 6

  404. Matt:

    Dooley might get fired at Tennessee. 2-6 so far.

  405. Okole Maluna:

    UNLV playing like they dont want to score.
    Make sure TCU moves up in ranking to share Million $$

  406. βρεω808:

    :) Okay - put Idaho down for the count!

    How 'bout a little Hawaiian salt
    on that freshly pounded Potato Poi!!!
    :twisted: :D :lol:

  407. βρεω808:

    Tenn had 6 Frosh players on Offense - 3 OL, QB, 2WR - really young team. But I won't shed any tears for Dooley. :|

  408. βρεω808:

    UNLV would have trouble playing their own shadows. :roll:

  409. βρεω808:

    "Homecoming Halloween Band for Half Time Show" ... be careful ... some Tsaikos are participating ... and they don't have to wear costumes to be spooky!!! :lol:

  410. βρεω808:


    ~•~~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Now PLANT those SPUDS!!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~~•~

  411. Matt:

    Let's Masch some potatoes.

  412. Matt:

    Blount needs to take the kickoff to the house.

  413. wafan:

    Difficult for Bount this game. Only 2 kickoffs that he will receive tonight.

  414. Matt:

    Nice play Rolo.

  415. wafan:

    Tine to take care of the 3rd qtr bugaboo.

  416. Okole Maluna:

    there was also holding by Hawaii on that play

  417. wafan:

    Nust be on shi-shi break up stairs.

  418. A-joe:

    I really like the Idaho coach in interviews. That was a WWE performance! He woulda done well in the wrestling Hawaii days.

  419. wafan:

    Hi, A-Joe!

    You at the game?

  420. Matt:

    I wonder if Pilares is hurt. Blount getting more reps this half.

  421. wafan:


  422. Matt:

    That sucks. We were marching right down the field before that INT.

  423. Matt:

    Need some pressure on Enderle.

  424. wafan:

    Come on DDD!

  425. Matt:

    Sack of Potatoes. Masch, Masched the potatoes.

  426. Matt:

    Pilares has a hamstring injury. Looks like Lametrius Davis is hurt as well.

  427. wafan:

    Dang. Pilares is out. Needs to get better for the geldings.

  428. wafan:

    Go Warriors!!

  429. SojuNTaegu:

    Hopefully Pilares isn't too bad. Rest him till next week. This game is pau....

  430. wafan:

    So, how is swimming trunks, no shirt and shades a costume?

  431. Matt:

    Come on offense. Salas needs more catches to catch Davone Bess.

  432. Matt:

    Fumbled punt by the leg whipper. recovered by the Warriors.

  433. Matt:

    Lucky break because coverage broke down and they ran right past him.

  434. Matt:

    Pilares wants back in. Good sign.

  435. Matt:

    TD Dustin Blount.

  436. wafan:


  437. Matt:

    38-3 Warriors. We scored in the 3rd quarter. Woo hoo.

  438. SojuNTaegu:

    Yea BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  439. wafan:

    Pilares needs , should sit. Let the others play under and in the lights.

    Get in next week -- big time!

  440. Committed Road Warrior:

    Utah State reeled off 42 points in the second half against Nevada, but unfortunately fell short of the number needed for the W.

    Nevada beats Utah State, 56-42.

  441. wafan:

    Dang. USU scored 42?!?! Good thing their buzz saw was out of order last week. HA!

  442. Matt:

    wafan, I agree. Pilares should sit for the rest of the game. No use trying to get back in the game and get hurt worse. I still think it's a good sign that he wants to get in the game.

  443. Tivi:

    Keo got injured...karma

  444. wafan:

    Who does Reno have as qb next year? Will he be as good as the stork? His coach will froth otherwise.

  445. Committed Road Warrior:


    USU was down 35-0 at the half. Sounds like Nevada's defensive flaws were exposed in the second, as Borel ultimately ended up with 400 yards passing...

  446. wafan:

    What the heck is the camera man and director thinking? A guy yawning and another showing off his sunken chest.


  447. Matt:

    Wafan. Hilarious. I typed almost the same thing as your #446 and decided not to post it.

  448. A-joe:

    Wafan- no. We're up in Wahiawa watchin the gm.

  449. wafan:

    Hugs to A-Sports!

  450. Matt:

    Maybe it's a camerawoman that likes those types of guys.

  451. Matt:

    Took five Vandals to bring down Salas.

  452. wafan:

    CRW . . .

    After the Reno/Warrior game the entire nation could see Reno's weaknesses.

  453. wafan:

    Matt . . .

    She needs to raise her standards.

    A lot!

  454. Matt:

    wafan...yes she does.

  455. Committed Road Warrior:

    Sounds like Koa-mahu was calling the camera shots there...

  456. wafan:

    Whoo-hoo Warriors!

  457. wafan:

    CRM . . .

    Then, good luck to Mr. sunken chest! Yay!!!

  458. Stephen Tsai:

    David Matlin brought the plaque, which serves as a Hawaii Bowl invitation.

  459. Stephen Tsai:

    Postgame ceremony planned.

  460. wafan:

    Wait. Or was KM looking at the yawning guy?

    Ugh. That is okay. I would rather not know.

  461. wafan:

    Looking for a Hawai'i Bowl ticket.

  462. wafan:

    Go Green!

  463. Matt:

    Tough running by Mo for the TD!

  464. A-joe:

    Wafan: done! From A-sports: ((BIG HUGZ))

  465. wafan:

    Go! Mo!

  466. Matt:

    I think Mo might be done for the night. Salas did all that work to get them down there and still doesn't have a TD.

  467. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, that was a manly play by Moniz.

  468. kruzen:

    Take the starters out.

  469. Matt:

    Defensive starters still in for this series.

  470. Matt:

    lametrius davis is back in the game. Good sign.

  471. Matt:

    What the heck K5? You need to get the rookies out of the production truck. This game is being seen on ESPN Gameplan and ESPN3 across the nation.

  472. SojuNTaegu:

    K5 is horrible in this game!!!!! Are they all drunk? LOL

  473. Matt:

    Offensive Backups in.

  474. Hank:

    Idaho is playing pretty dirty right now...stupid...

  475. Matt:

    They should kick 95 for Idaho out of the game. Two late hits on the QB.

  476. Matt:

    Starting D still in.

  477. Matt:

    Idaho has their backup QB in.

  478. A-joe:

    Good to see tomorrows stars playin tonite. Little sloppy but awesome!

  479. Cheyah!:

    Da Monster Masch! I'm so glad he's in the rotation!

  480. Michigan Warrior:

    Are they going for a record on how many flags they can throw in a D-IA game?

  481. wafan:

    Go, Mo!
    Whenever there's trouble
    He's there on the double
    U.H. Mo is there!

    It's U.H. Mo against the spuds of Idaho
    Fighting to save the day.
    He never gives up.
    He's always there,
    Fighting for yardage over land and air

    U.H. Mo - A real Warrior hero
    U.H. Mo is there

    U.H. Mo is the codename for the Warriors daring, highly trained
    run and shoot force.
    It's purpose, to defend the hale against invaders -
    ruthless, terrorist organizations determined to ruin the world.

    He never gives up.
    He'll stay til the fight's won.
    U.H. Mo will dare.

    U.H. Mo - A real Warrior hero
    U.H. Mo

  482. wafan:

    Sounds like there are a bunch of folks in the stadium, still.

  483. Matt:

    Alright defense. Nice stop. Masch-ed those potatoes again. Then Masch almost took on Tuioti on the bump.

  484. Michigan Warrior:

    I love watching Zach Masch. Even as a backup, he brings a ton of energy to keep the team going.

  485. Matt:

    I meant almost took out Tuioti.

  486. Steve:


    Did not realize you were a poet, too!!!!

  487. Michigan Warrior:

    Man... 3am here already. This game is going real slow.

  488. Michigan Warrior:

    Graves in now.

  489. wafan:

    Steve . . .

    Right. Poet non-extraordinare. HA!

  490. wafan:

    UHFan808 . . .

    You were on TV!!!

    Just a quick shot, though. No mo sunken chest that is why.


  491. A-joe:

    Jus saw UHfan808 on TV cheering with the band. Hahahahahahahaa!!!

  492. Matt:

    Come on defense. We don't want to give up a garbage TD.

  493. Michigan Warrior:

    Did I just see UHFan808 on tv?

  494. Steve:

    Tsaikos now have a TV Star in UHfan808. :-)

  495. Rasu Begasu:

    Het I jus' saw Julie with the alumni band! Cool

  496. Matt:

    Aaron Brown is hurt. What is he still doing in the game?

  497. Michigan Warrior:

    Now Aaron Brown limping off. Gotta end this game and stop these injuries!

  498. Matt:

    TD Idaho. Shucks.

  499. wafan:

    Brown looks like a cramp.

    Darn it! Fave up a gimme TD.

  500. Matt:


  501. Matt:

    I think the Warriors will be ranked this week.

  502. wafan:

    Not worried about ranking for this week. What will they be after next week?

  503. Matt:

    shutter coming in.

  504. Matt:

    The Boise supporters will rank UH this week to improve Boise's strength of schedule.

  505. Matt:

    Heun in at running back.

  506. wafan:


  507. Michigan Warrior:

    Jake Heun in at RB!

  508. Michigan Warrior:

    Too bad they're keying off on him, since they know we're running the ball to kill the clock.

  509. Steve:


  510. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    38 - 21.

    Warriors geld the Broncos!!!

  511. Michigan Warrior:

    Oh well... lots of penalties on both sides, but we won.
    Wondering how bad our injuries are. Seems we had several of them in this game.

  512. Matt:

    Great game Warriors. Very happy with the defense. Offense had a pretty good game after the 1st quarter too. Special teams made some big plays as well.

  513. longdistance808:

    UH 35 BSu 31

  514. Cheyah!:

    Great job Warriors! Rest up! Heal up! And get ready to Beat Up Boise!

    Go Warriors!

  515. cavewarrior:

    ridiculous...they set up stage ok...but now the fences for what ....keep da players away from da stage

  516. Ipu Man:

    Congrats to Steve:

    His prediction on the money:
    45 - 10 Steve

  517. Michigan Warrior:

    Way to go, Warriors!

    Next up... our biggest conference game, ever!

    Happy Halloween, everybody!!!

    What? Is UHFan808 auditioning for Hawaii Five-0 next?

  518. Hawaiianbod:

    Good win WARRIORS!


    jack arses 35

  519. Matt:

    Next week is our BCS game. We need to leave everything on the field. We can make it the worst day in Boise football history when we eliminate all talk about them making the national championship game and kick their okole before they leave the WAC.

  520. Steve:


  521. HNL:

    Great game. Go warriors. Us 50 - dem 17. Thanks Pomai

  522. madeinhawaii:

    Okay ... come Monday... break out the blue visors.. blue shades... let's get acclimated.
    Whooo hoo!

    Nice Win!!

    Way to Go WARRIORS!

  523. wafan:

    T-Gate must be rocking again!

  524. wafan:

    May i get a DVD copy of the game if anyone recorded or will record the game?


    After 9:30. It will be a good sleep!


  525. 4UH:

    (Oh... I was so close again! Congrats, Steve!)

  526. madeinhawaii:

    Way to go Steve...

    Good job!

  527. wafan:

    Gosh. Almost forgot!

    Congratulations to the Warriors on their Hawai'i Bowl invitation. The earliest bowl invite in the nation!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  528. tommui:

    Looking good UHfan808!

    The Warriors looked pretty good too!

  529. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great win in every phase of the game! You could see the Potatoes come out fired up and ready to play, and UH just hammered them down. Great character on this team. Many players making great plays!

    Da beautifilessest fan shot was that one wahine sitting in the band! ;)

  530. Michigan Warrior:

    3:45am... sleep time. Talk with you all after I wake up. Happy Warrior dreams tonight, everybody!

  531. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.... Awesome! Congrats!
    Warriors undefeated in the WAC on a tidal wave towards Boise!

    Dis is IT!!! GO WARRIORS!

  532. Hawaiianbod:

    WOO HOO...Lix on the Fans line.

  533. wafan:

    Yay Liz!!!

    A radio personality, too!

  534. Michigan Warrior:

    Liz on da radio again... right as I was getting ready to shut down!

  535. madeinhawaii:


    please vote.. A vote for Mack is a vote for out team

    Vote for Mack:

  536. tommui:

    Had no problems with Oceanic PPV UH GAME - unusual, but true!

  537. sportsforfun:

    The defense played really well tonight!! The defense gave the offense great field position with the turnovers they forced. The offense was okay. To me, it seemed like the offense struggled in the second half. There was one shot of Rolo looking up at the scoreboard. To me, he didn't seem pleased with scoring only 7 pts. in the 3rd quarter. Hopefully the offense will put a whole game together against the Boys in Blue in Potato Country.

  538. curious george:

    blue ballz 31

  539. sportsforfun:


    Warriors - 38
    Boise St - 35

  540. curious george:

    sportsforfun - please see #318

  541. curious george:

    oops, i meant #518

  542. bb:

    time to bring out the BUCK FOISE shirt.

    i still want to know who was the clown faculty member that ftp'ed the personal info.


  543. sportsforfun:

    Okay. Gotta change my prediction den. Thanks curious george.

  544. madeinhawaii:

  545. madeinhawaii:

  546. madeinhawaii:

    of course the Tizer has theirs too.

  547. sportsforfun:

    Pomai, I gotta change my prediction because Hawaiianbod already took it, so

    Warriors - 31
    Boise St - 28

  548. madeinhawaii:

    Article regarding breech of UH alumni personal information including DOB SS# Marital Status.. etc.. etc.. etc.

  549. madeinhawaii:

    What I'm seeing these past four games is the kind of defense that beat Boise in 99 and 2007. Need the offense to really hone a number of fast, short yardage key plays to keep moving the chain and to take Boise out of it's rhythm.

  550. madeinhawaii:

    The good news? This defense is young! We got depth.. and greater promise in the years to come. Offense... ? Scary good..but they still haven't put it all together. Next week, hopefully, they will... can you imagine that?

    Can't wait!

  551. madeinhawaii:

    Oceanic ppv replay is available now for free on ch. 1256 (oceanic)

  552. Slugger:


    Not available to all of us...have to have the right sports/digital package.

  553. madeinhawaii:


  554. Slugger:

    Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

    Congrats to the team & coaches & trainers & managers & volunteers!

    The Tsaiko bike is still there on the sideline.

    Caught up with the Dunnachie family & friends at the game. Shane Austin's Mom was there & met Scott Enos' Mom. Also have a picture of Corey Paredes' niece who tried to get her Uncle's attention when they were warming up pre-game. I'm sure everyone is proud of their Warriors!

  555. madeinhawaii:

    Rare to see Hawaii win time of possession, and out rush the opposition.

  556. madeinhawaii:

    Okay.. shower and sleep time for me.. night all!!

    Awesome game.. AWESOME!!!

    No forget... vote for da coach...

    Tanx !

  557. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    The 10 minute wave throughout the stadium was the best thing about the game in the second half.

    Although the wave is seriously out-dated it was funny as hell!

  558. TYaiea:

    Told you guys! minus 15 p-f-f-f-f-t. This was another easy money game. Next week going be tougher, but Na Koa going prevail. Bring on the jackasses!!! IMUA NA KOA

  559. Pride.:

    Come on gang. No stupid, selfish, personal fouls next week. Need to be disciplined all the way around.

  560. Hawaiianbod:

    TYaiea -u called it - congrads....but the big one is next week. i like the money line (gotta go all in).

  561. Pride.:

    I'm really glad that Hardy-Tuliau is on our side. Some guys have a knack for making big plays.

  562. TYaiea:

    Hbod, go half with spread and half money line, if get. Some houses in vegas don't have money line for college games. Believe the illegal houses here puts up a money line. Remember this is all for fun and entertaiment purposes....IMUA.

  563. al:

    as the first half closed you could tell that last score putting us aheah 31-3 really took wind out of their sails.

  564. PowderPuff:

    Congratulations, Warriors on your Christmas Eve date! GREAT game....watching the game on channel 1256 now. NICE to see lots of Tsaikos before the game, including gmahoney and 808ike. And I gotta look for UHfan808 on the tube now.

  565. al:

    this game should nudge us in to the top 25. i hope the voters i both polls get it right, we should be ahead nevada after we did beat them.

  566. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    re: the 10min wave...

    yes that was funny to goes to show how bored people were in the second half.

    the guys sitting in front of me who are usually very into the game were playing some kind of game on their phones in the later part of the 2nd half. lol.

  567. Slugger:


    Who was that masked man?


    I agree. 'Stupid penalties' is like having an opponent playing on our team. They have to clean that up. Giving up the extra yardage can beat us. The team has to play at yet another higher level next Saturday.

    Looks like both sides tonight had worked at tipping passes in practice. It's a great take-away.

  568. TYaiea:

    Brother Al, the only reason that nevada is ranked higher than us, is because they have only one loss and their loss was to Nebraska whereas Warriors lost to lousy Colorado and USC. IMO...Imua Na worry about the standing, it will come soon...

  569. chawan_cut:

    Enderle, a pro prospect, really????

  570. Slugger:

    Congratulations to the team on making it a lock in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl!

    Safe travels to those who are headed to the Boise game on Saturday.

    I'll be traveling, so blog contact will be spotty. Yell LOUD for me at the football, softball and volleyball games!

    Night all!

  571. TYaiea:

    Re the wave, was neat, usually goes once or twice around and dies out. but the fans gotta do it during breaks and not when we are on offense.

  572. Townieboy:

    Oh boy. The rants about the PPV will probably blow out the circuits at Oceanic tomorrow. Ya should have been at the stadium.

  573. al:


    October 30th, 2010 at 11:56 pm
    Brother Al, the only reason that nevada is ranked higher than us, is because they have only one loss and their loss was to Nebraska whereas Warriors lost to lousy Colorado and USC. IMO...Imua Na worry about the standing, it will come soon...


    i thought nevada's only loss was to us a few weeks ago??

  574. al:

    safe travels slugger.

  575. jm2375:


    Great win! Congrats on the Hawaii Bowl invitation. Not a pretty win, but a win nonetheless.

    What time is the replay on tomorrow? Usual time? 10:30?

    That wave was the longest I've ever seen.

    time for sleep. oyasumina-tsai.

  576. Destination Wedding:

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in composing this article. I am going for the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your fanciful writing abilities has prompted me to start my own blog now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.

  577. al:

    and mana silva's stock keeps rising.

  578. Kazz (click to support Rainbow Wahine Softball)):

    Time for some sleep.

    -Game was sloppy as hell. We play like that against BSU and we have no chance. BSU doesn't over-whelm anyone, but they do every little thing right.

    -Special teams... Let me know when they decide to arrive.

    -Going forward on 4th and long in "field goal range"... kick or go for it? Outside the 20, I think we have to go for it.

    -Hope Pilares is ok.

    -What happened to the awesome tackling we've been seeing lately????

    Enough on the Idaho game. Pau.


  579. ai-eee-soos:

    "I think (Hawaii is) pretty good," Idaho head coach Robb Akey said. "They're pretty good like that team they took to the Sugar Bowl a few years ago. I've got a lot of respect for them. Coach McMackin and his crew have done a great job and the players have done a great job. They've got a lot of respect coming from us."

    from SA sports article.

  580. Pride.:

    I would start pushing Paredes and Moniz for national post season awards for 2011. Start today, to have momentum going into next year.

    Corey Paredes:
    Dick Butkus Award(Outstanding Linebacker)

    Bryant Moniz:
    Heisman(Outstanding Player)
    Johnny Unitas Golden Arm(Outstanding Sr. QB)
    Davey O'Brien (National QB Award)

    Mana Silva:
    Campbell Trophy(Top Scholar Athlete Award)

    John Hardy-Tuliau:
    Mosi Tatupu Award(Outstanding Special Teams Award)

  581. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Big Island Kurt ~

    You called it @ #65!...the game was as you predictated. You really had your ESP working overtime!

    Meanwhile I'm upset at the offense for not scoring 70 points as I had predicted.

  582. LizKauai (iPad):

    Thanks, Pride.

    Moniz did not make it to the second round Davey Obrien. :-(

    I'm voting daily for Coach Mack as Coach of the Year!

  583. 99club:

    Way to go Warriors! That's the way to get the bowl invite and "Carpe Per Diem." Nice to have some cash and swag for Christmas.

    Current National Weather Service forecast for Saturday, November 6th, in Boise, the land of ID:

    Saturday: A 20 percent chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 59.

    Hmmm...looks like the same as what was at Utah St.

  584. Pride.:

    I always believe in winning the turnover battle. Listed below is a comparison of the Warriors of the past, and how their turnover ratios compared to their won-loss records.

    2010/ 7-2 (+11)

    2007/ 12-1 (-6)
    2006/ 11-3 (+1)
    2002/ 10-4 (-14)
    2001/ 9-3 (+9)
    1999/ 9-4 (0)
    2003/ 9-5 (-8)
    2004/ 8-5 (-2)
    2008/ 7-7 (-7)
    2009/ 6-7 (-11)
    2005/ 5-7 (-3)
    2000/ 3-9 (-7)

    Overall Red Zone Percentage:

    2010/ 7-2 (80%)

    2007/ 12-1 (87.7%)
    2006/ 11-3 (85.7%)
    2002/ 10-4 (79.7%)
    2001/ 9-3 (78.8%)
    1999/ 9-4 (78.7%)
    2003/ 9-5 (81.7%)
    2004/ 8-5 (86.5%)
    2008/ 7-7 (73.1%)
    2009/ 6-7 (61.4%)
    2005/ 5-7 (75.4%)
    2000/ 3-9 (62.9%)

    Touchdown Red Zone Percentage:

    2010/ 7-2 (54%)

    2007/ 12-1 (74%)
    2006/ 11-3 (76%)
    2002/ 10-4 (66%)
    2001/ 9-3 (54%)
    1999/ 9-4 (57%)
    2003/ 9-5 (61%)
    2004/ 8-5 (77%)
    2008/ 7-7 (58%)
    2009/ 6-7 (44%)
    2005/ 5-7 (61%)
    2000/ 3-9 (37%)

    Rushing Defense:

    2010/ 7-2(142.1)***95.8 against WAC opponents

    2007/ 12-1 (133.8)
    2006/ 11-3 (136.1)
    2002/ 10-4 (168.7)
    2001/ 9-3 (181.9)
    1999/ 9-4 (186.7)
    2003/ 9-5 (158.4)
    2004/ 8-5 (252.6)
    2008/ 7-7 (142.1)
    2009/ 6-7 (201.8)
    2005/ 5-7 (187.6)
    2000/ 3-9 (210.8)

  585. Shoko:

    Morning folks!

    Didn't get to finish watching the game, so I'm watching it now. Hopefully, I finish before the kids wakeup! Wish me luck.. ;)

  586. 99club:

    UH is tied for second in the takeaways category with Toledo. Both teams have 26 takeaways. Oregon is first with 28.

  587. 99club:

    Good morning Pride, didn't see your post. That's good stuff!

  588. 99club:

    So far this year Boise has thrown only 2 interceptions, but has given up 7 fumbles. Oregon has had 0 fumbles lost, BTW.

  589. 99club:


    Us: 39
    Them: 27

  590. Michigan Warrior:

    You guys notice that most of Enos' FG's go between dead center to wide right? I don't ever remember him missing wide left. Most FG's that he *barely makes* are just inside of the right goal post. He will be more effective from farther out if he remembers and adjusts to his tendencies. He nails stuff in practice, but is not automatic in games. Hope this Boise game doesn't come down to it.

  591. Shoko:

    Looks like the UH-BSU game the Warriors might be 13 point underdogs.

  592. Michigan Warrior:

    My early guess:

    UH 45 - 23 Boise

  593. wafan:

    A blessed Sunday to all.

  594. wafan:

    Good game save for the foolish penalties. Hope the coaches take care of those brain-farts at practice tomorrow.

    On the other hand, good to get it out of their system. No mental lapses needed next week!

  595. wafan:

    Pride . . .

    Your #580 assumes UH will be actually proactive in something.

    But, I agree. They, someone, anyone, needs to start producing now. Not just thinking about it!

    Maybe they will get back to us on their thoughts sometime October 1st?

  596. duffer:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

  597. Garret:

    I finished gathering the quotes from the game, but with no Idaho Statesmen quotes and no quotes from AP, ESPN, USA Today, or Idaho's website, you probably are best served just reading the Star-Advertiser articles again.

  598. Garret:

    Sagarin has updated its rankings and the poor WAC SOS is hurting both UH and BSU. UH will do better with the voters (I expect UH to be in the top 25 this week).

    13. BSU
    24. Nevada
    38. Hawaii
    67. Fresno State
    95. La Tech
    97. Utah State
    102. Idaho
    152. NMSU
    164. SJSU

    23. USC
    46. Colorado
    91. Army
    144. UNLV
    242. Charleston Southern

  599. βρεω808:

    599 - on behalf of 99club :D

  600. Garret:

    3rd quarter stats before and after the winning streak:

    During the 1-2 start to the season:
    UH 17, Opponents 53 (-36)

    During the winning streak (note: I'm not counting D-IAA games):
    UH 55, Opponents 31 (+24)

    The Charleston Southern game was UH 7, CSU 0 in the 3rd quarter, so the contrast would be even greater if I included it.

  601. βρεω808:

    ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ Good..Morning..Tsaikos..and..Warrior..Nation!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

  602. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    31    Pride
    35    -    31    longdistance808 X
    35    -    31    curious george X
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    45    -    23    Boise
    50    -    17    HLN

  603. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ They be => W A R R I O R S !!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~

  604. βρεω808:

    ~•~~~~•~~~~•~ ★ ★ ★ Go SF GIANTS!!! ★ ★ ★ ~•~~~~•~~~~•~

  605. Michigan Warrior:

    Pomai... that 45-23 guess is me... post #592 above. Thanks!

  606. βρεω808:

    ~~•~~~~•~~W A H I N E V O L L E Y B A L L!!! ~~•~~~~•~~

    ~~•~~~~•~~~~•~ ❀ ❀ ❀ Go WAHINE!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ~•~~~~•~~~~•~~

  607. Michigan Warrior:

    We can win on the Smurf Turf.

  608. βρεω808:

    :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

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    . /// :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ~~~~~~~~~~ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: \\\ .

    .. ★ ★ ★ WARRIORS!!!! ★ ★ ★ ..

  609. BleedGreen808:

    Great morning everyone! Hope all is well wherever you are.

    Great win once again for the Warriors. Sorry couldn't be there to cheer on the Warriors in person but was listening and watching via the internet.

  610. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos! And mahalo, brew, for the 599 as I was off reading the local Sunday paper. The sports section contained a story about Boise St. losing TV coverage when they go to the MWC next year. I think Garret has posted about that topic previously.

  611. NYUH:

    Passes Intercepted Leaders
    1 Florida 15.0 90 22 16 359 89 3
    Toledo 21.0 141 30 16 217 51 1
    3 Ohio State 15.0 113 28 15 247 80 1
    Alabama 10.0 57 37 15 139 35 1
    Miami (FL) 25.0 166 20 15 155 74 2
    Oregon 21.0 128 46 15 137 76 2
    7 Hawaii 14.0 84 28 14 153 48 1

  612. papajoe2:

    I"ll be out town for the BSU game. Anybody know how on the puter? Please post. Mahalo.
    Uhfan808 looking good on the tube toward the end with Yamanoha. Autograph?

  613. βρεω808:

    papajoe2 - Best bet is to try ESPN3 as the game is listed for next Sat. - It's a game that certainly will be picked up by the usual suspects on the web.... :roll:

    03:30 PM FOOTBALL NCAAF Hawaii vs. Boise State

  614. βρεω808:

    "... looking good..." => as al often says... 'nuff said. :)

  615. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Just good enuf to blowout the stop, Boise!

  616. d1島:

    Kudos to Coaches Aranda, Tuioti and Lee. DLine is playing terrific.

    Possibly the most improved facet of the team compared to the last team that ventured to BOI.

  617. βρεω808:

    99 - Shucks.... I had visions of the brisket being loaded into the smoker.... :roll:

    Tried to look for a reasonable flight to/from ELP in case my schedule clears (doubtful) - but no such thing for Thanksgiving weekend. :(

  618. d1島:


    You get 'em, right?

    56 - 14 d1島

  619. d1島:


    No idea who that masked man was...Mahalo to BG and CrM for "rapid intervention"

  620. Moocher:

    no ap or coaches top 25 UH.
    No worries though, all the respect for uh will come after a boise win.

  621. d1島:

    Also saw chawan_cut and Lefty in the Alumni band. Great job all!

  622. Garret:

    I was wrong...UH is *not* in the top 25 in either poll. UH is #26...Nevada is #23 and #25 in the polls.

  623. βρεω808:

    "small potatoes" are pau (or ka-POW!!!) :D

    Bring on the "big potatoes" next!! :twisted:

    They are just ... potatoes. Same recipes apply. Need to cook them a little longer and apply more Hawaiian HEAT !!! :lol:

  624. CHEE!:

    BUCK FOISE!!!!

  625. d1島:

    Glad we decided to stop by after the was nice to see erryboddy!

    Have a terrific day!


  626. 702WarriorFan:

    Good morning all,

    Good game played by the offense and a great game by "D" and "Specials".

    Did anyone see any recruits along the sidelines or elsewhere?

    Glad we aren't ranked in the top 25 before BSU, big motivation for the team and coaches to put it together and put a big 'W' on the blue turf.

  627. Moocher:

    its ok, you would not want a top 25 ranking going into boise anyway.

    IF we lose, at least we dont give boise points for a tougher SOS by having a top 25 ranking.
    WHEN we win, we'll take the ranking, boise's dreams, and continue to break the door down for a WAC championship.

  628. 99club:

    Just got done watching a show on the greatest upsets in college football. #1 was Navy over Army in 1950. Key factor to making the list was the game had to have national title implications. Hmmmmm....

  629. βρεω808:

    Re: no rankings .... :|

    Contributing factors:
    _ weak schedule & early season losses
    _ late games
    _ no respect

    Only thing Warriors can do is W I N !!! :twisted:

  630. wafan:

    Beating the geldings as an unranked team will be sweeter. #2 upset by a nobody.

    Go get 'em, Warriors!

  631. wafan:

    Time for the paniolos to ride into Boise.

  632. PowderPuff:

    Good Morning After, Tsaikos. wafan, you riding in?

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  634. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    31    Pride
    35    -    31    longdistance808 X
    35    -    31    curious george X
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    50    -    17    HLN
    56    -    14    d1

  635. wafan:

    PP . . .

    Dunno if I can find a crazy low airfare really thinking about it since we have a 1/2 day on Friday without, so far, meetings in the afternoon.

    Will have to find lodging, too. What's inexpensive out there?

  636. Slugger:



    US = 41
    Dem = 35

  637. d1島:


    Dude Ranch!

  638. PowderPuff:

    Hhhhhm, I have some ideas on lodging. :) Let me e-mail you.

    Uh oh, looks like one poll is out - I don't pay too much attention to the polls, but looks like it'll rouse the Warrior nation:

  639. Slugger:

    Safe travels to those who are going to the Home of the Mashed Potatoes.


    Gave MsLiz some warm clothing, but don't know how many she'll have room to take with her today. If can, can... Mahalo!

  640. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    boy o boy, yelled for errybody, hilo moon. had a blast. saw man and da ma, and da whole gang of Warriors.

    they played fierce.

    i wuz gonna say $get chance, get chance.

    now, Boise playing Tues., then us on Sat.,
    da prediction is, day going down down down.


    UH BSU

  641. CoolEthan:

    I'm campaigning to all those that will be visiting the Boise game.
    Support the local boise business with purchasing a -
    1. Cowbell
    2. Duckcall.

    Use both at the same time and irritate the heck out of boise's offense.

  642. PolyMom:

    Next week is Hawaii's BCS BOWL game!
    Last night was a great game.
    Now did anyone see the BLOW OUT with USC?
    Wanna play them again...soon! Barkley cried.

    Boise better have their A GAME!
    Would LOVE to see that UPSET!!!!!!

  643. NYUH:

    Following the game, the Warriors (7-2, 5-0 Western Athletic Conference) accepted an invitation to its hometown Hawaii Bowl and set their sights on next week's showdown at No. 2 Boise State that could determine the WAC champion.

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    5.........Mountain West....75.2......4..........6
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    11.......Sun Belt...............10.6......11.........11

  647. Michigan Warrior:

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    4.........Big 12...................85.5......5..........1
    5.........Mountain West....75.2......4..........6
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