UH 26th in both polls; going bowling

October 31st, 2010

The Warriors received the 26th most votes in the AP, coaches and Harris polls.

Can't explain how Nevada actually moved back into the top 25 polls. There actually is a possibility UH could upset Boise State, but not break into the polls, while Nevada would remain in the top 25. 

Of course, nobody is getting respect these days. John Saunders yesterday mentioned "Boise, Ohio." 

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 Gritty effort by the Warriors, who received tough-it-out efforts from quarterback Bryant Moniz, slotback Kealoha Pilares, right tackle Kainoa LaCount, running back Alex Green and defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga. Moniz, Green and Meatoga were held out of practices last week because of wear-and-tear ailments. Pilares played the entire first half, excelling as a punt returner, despite tweaking his hamstring during warmups. And LaCount played virtually one-handed; his broken right hand was in a cast. 

* * * * * 

Perhaps opponents need to rethink their travel plans to Hawaii. Nevada spent less than 30 hours in Hawaii. Idaho arrived Friday afternoon, left last night. It's not easy playing at Aloha Stadium. The surface is faster — and harder. The Halawa winds. Opponents need a walk-through. UH fans should be happy that opposing coaches are stubborn.

456 Responses to “UH 26th in both polls; going bowling”

  1. Matt:

    Great morning Warrior fans.

  2. Last Call:

    It's early,No Comment

  3. Last Call:

    JD looks like he's about to have a bowel movement.

  4. Matt:

    When did LaCount break his hand. I didn't hear anything about that until the game last night. Hopefully Pilares and the other injured Warriors will be ready for BSU. We need everyone we can get for that game.

  5. d1島:


  6. d1島:

    ...or Fi :roll:

  7. Matt:

    Next year we'll have new turf so the field won't be as hard or fast.

  8. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Aloha Kakahiaka! Beautiful Anuenue over the stadium before the game set the tone.
    HEAL, HEAL, HEAL! Warriors in our prayers more than ever!

  9. PowderPuff:

    Way to go, Warriors - now you can "go fo' broke" in Boise. Are cowbells even allowed in Bronco Stadium? I do still have *someone's* cowbell...it might have to make an appearance in Bronco Stadium.

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Top Ten! :)

  11. d1島:

    This is the part of the season when the training staff really gets to kick it into high gear.

    Rapid healing for the Warriors...

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Jes barely!

  13. d1島:

    Cowbells definitely "good to go" in Bronco Stadium...as is the halftime jaunt into the parking lot for "refreshment" (No alcohol in the stadium)

  14. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    We have a really good football team!

  15. longdistance808:

    Top 15?

    Top 20?

  16. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    31    Pride
    35    -    31    longdistance808 X
    35    -    31    curious george X
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    41    -    35    Slugger
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    50    -    17    HLN
    56    -    14    d1

  17. AlaWai:

    Weekly Rankings


    No Aloha for the Warriors, except from CBS Sports.

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    As Tsai points out, one of the things this team has in abundance is heart!

    They play with pain, they aren't intimdated easily, they keep playing hard no matter what happens on the field, and they care about ech other.

    These Warriors don't back down! Great athletes across the boards who make big plays!

    Yah, I'm simple, but that's how I see it!

  19. Garret:

    Perhaps opponents need to rethink their travel plans to Hawaii. Nevada spent less than 30 hours in Hawaii. Idaho arrived Friday afternoon, left last night. It's not easy playing at Aloha Stadium. The surface is faster — and harder. The Halawa winds. Opponents need a walk-through. UH fans should be happy that opposing coaches are stubborn.


    You know that in most of these cases it isn't that the coaches are being stubborn. WAC teams don't have money right now! They are spending just one night in Hawaii to save money. When so many WAC schools are cutting Athletic Budgets and looking at which teams they might cut, having them save on 40 or so hotel rooms is pretty significant for their budgets.

    Chris Petersen took a pay cut before this season. NMSU is cutting $3 million from Athletics in a 2-year period. Nevada is cutting sports. That has *something* to do with why schools are minimizing their nights in Hawaii.

    Cal took a bus to play at UCLA last year and is cutting a lot of sports including baseball. This is a tough environment for college athletic departments.

  20. Garret:

    3rd quarter stats before and after the winning streak:

    During the 1-2 start to the season:
    UH 17, Opponents 53 (-36)

    During the winning streak (note: I'm not counting D-IAA games):
    UH 55, Opponents 31 (+24)

    The Charleston Southern game was UH 7, CSU 0 in the 3rd quarter, so the contrast would be even greater if I included it.

  21. Garret:

    Sagarin has updated its rankings and the poor WAC SOS is hurting both UH and BSU. UH will do better with the voters (I expect UH to be in the top 25 this week).

    13. BSU
    24. Nevada
    38. Hawaii
    67. Fresno State
    95. La Tech
    97. Utah State
    102. Idaho
    152. NMSU
    164. SJSU

    23. USC
    46. Colorado
    91. Army
    144. UNLV
    242. Charleston Southern


  22. Garret:

    I finished gathering the quotes from the game, but with no Idaho Statesmen quotes and no quotes from AP, ESPN, USA Today, or Idaho's website, you probably are best served just reading the Star-Advertiser articles again.


  23. Garret:

    Is ESPN really going to bring their College GameDay crew to Salt Lake City to promote the TCU-Utah game? The TCU-Utah game is on a nationally televised channel at the same time as the UH-BSU game will be on ESPNU.

  24. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    42 - 38 Warriors in OT?

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    I noticed that LaCount's hand was heavily wrapped, but I didn't know about the injury until Austin Hansen mentioned it.

  26. Garret:

    UH flies out on a Wednesday, going a day earlier because JD approved the extra expense. WAC opponents are flying to Hawaii on Friday, which probably hurts them on the field.

    I'm glad that JD is spending the money on things that can help UH perform on the field. Wins on the football field can have implications for UH for decades.

  27. Jack Flash:

    WARRIORS- 42
    bozo state- 24


  28. Stephen Tsai:

    Good point. But I'm wondering if they travel that for intra-Mainland games.
    I can understand leaving Saturday night, which is why UH has 5;30 starts, but I think it would benefit a team to get here maybe two days earlier.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    UH moved up the travel a day (to Mountain time zones) because Mack was upset about the performance at Utah State in 2008. That one was understandable, because it was the start of a two-game trip. It's easy to forget that Logan is a looooong way from the airport.

  30. NYUH:

    Congratulations to Vaughn Meatoga whose first sack of the year in the first quarter really turned the game around. Idaho was playing tough but his sack set up a 3rd and long leading to Mana Silva's fifth interception of the year. Soon after Pollard scored and the momentum continued to build. Nice win.

  31. cavewarrior:

    Still no respect in the polls...but votes are up...RIDICULOUS that Reno is still in top 25...@#$%@$#$

  32. CoolEthan:

    I'm campaigning to all those that will be visiting the Boise game.
    Support the local boise business with purchasing a -
    1. Cowbell
    2. Duckcall.

    Use both at the same time and irritate the heck out of boise's offense.

  33. CoolEthan:

    No worries with the polls.

    Next weekend, Hawaii will be ranked if they do "you know what"

  34. cavewarrior:

    I must be listening to Kekaula toooo much...love that word RIDCULOUS this week.

  35. longdistance808:


  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Cool Ethan:
    Powder will be in the stands. That's worth three cowbells and a duck call.

  37. Committed Road Warrior:

    I understand WAC teams only spending one night in Hawaii in an effort to save money.

    Nevada and Idaho flew to Hawaii via charter flight. I wonder whether the savings they attained in only staying in Hawaii for one-night (versus 2 or 3) made up for the [presumably] added cost of flying charter (versus commercial).

    Then again, I guess that depends on what kind of price those teams were able to get for their charter flights, and whether (or how much) they exceed the price of flying commercial.

  38. PowderPuff:

    For the first time ever, I'm packing earplugs to protect my ears from myself. :) I'll bring those little foam ones for others around me too.

  39. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    Who's idea was it to use the clip from the movie "The Warriors" on the big screen?

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure. Maybe Rolo?

  41. RupertDaStupert:

    All the major polls excluded Hawaii again and included Nevada. They are a buncbh of hypocritical, prejudiced, Sh@@heads. I got the feeling even if they beat Boise, they won't put Hawaii in the top 25. The whole BCS ranking system sucks. Even though Boise is our opponent, I have to say they are getting screwed. They will intentionally keep Boise from reaching the title game. Unless we of course have something to say about that when we beat them.

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    Anytime there's something innovate recently, it usually came from Rolo.

  43. CoolEthan:

    But can PowderPuff draw in a herd of Cows and Flock of Ducks during the game?

    Anywhich way, there all a good distraction :>

  44. Hank:

    ...Aloha Kakahiaka all...

    i like that we're right outside the polls...more reason to play with something to prove...

    great game by the Warriors last night...best special teams effort of the season...

  45. Michigan Warrior:

    I saw Mr. Miyagi clap his hands together and place them onto an injured part of the body...

    Hope we get healed up enough... this is the biggest game of the season so far.

    We get chance... Aside from VT (close game) and maybe Oregon State, Boise's wins this year were against junk teams. They didn't look invincible against LaTech.

    Boise's Opponents so far:
    Virginia Tech 6-2
    Wyoming 2-7
    Oregon State 4-3
    New Mexico State 1-7
    Toledo 6-3
    San Jose State 2-7
    Loiusiana Tech 3-5

    Go, Warriors!

  46. bb:

    The 10 minute wave was cool.

    What was more funny were the wave haters. --Fans getting all agitated that it was during an offensive series. One fan above me was wave hating and another fan turned around and said "brah, you weren't even here La Tech and Nevada and we up by 35 chillax"

  47. Ballpicker:

    Hawaii 33
    them 30

  48. Townieboy:

    I got my wish...a hungry and "dissed off" Hawaii team walking into Bronco Stadium. A rusty Bronco team is bummed that they are not getting a ranked team to play and don't have as much respect for Hawaii as they should.

  49. Steve:


    UH 52 BSU 17

  50. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    The only thing I hate about the wave is that its old and outdated...

    But considering the circustance, it was awesome last night. Me and my friends kept laughing and the longer it went, the louder we got.


  51. NYUH:

    Watching the Jets and Sanchez. I think Colt's problem was that they couldn't make him boring enough for the NFL. Luckily I have the replay of the UH game playing on my computer and the Warrior Beat.

    Just unsubscribed from Washington Post sports news alerts. Like I really care about a Colt-less Redskin score at halftime.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    I think pollsters should rank all 120 teams.
    That forces voters to put more analysis into the choices.
    How can you know who the top teams are when you don't know who the worst ones are.

  53. cavewarrior:

    So one of the reasons, benefits, for moving the home games from 7:30pm start to earlier time slot, when more people could attend after their daytime activities, was so the polls and voters would see the UH scores in their morning papers/internet. UH should reconsider the game time start time. Would a 7:00pm start draw more attendance at the games?

  54. Last Call:

    I'm not getting all caught up in the Boise State hype folks.Confident but respectful of the opponent.Boise isn't where they are because someone picked their name out of a hat.

  55. chawan_cut:

    here's my schedules of schedules. take a look at how our opponents are doing all year. i still don't understand nevada too.

  56. NYUH:

    UH 34 Boise 33

    I've underestimated the defense for the last 6 games. Expect I've done the same here.

  57. RupertDaStupert:

    I may be paranoid but I think the pollsters intentionally kept Hawaii off the top 25 polls. That way, Boise can't say we played a ranked team and deserve a higher BCS ranking. With Nevada in the top 25, Boise can point to only 1 ranked team on their schedule, not 2. All crooked politics by the pollsters.

  58. Pomai:

    You watch when the Warriors beat BSu all the talking heads are going to say "see they aren't that good" no one will mention that Hawaii is a good team.

  59. cavewarrior:

    Rupert.. like the conspiracy theory!

  60. Pomai:

    You should have seen it yesterday, screecher #1 was in seventh heaven when she got her picture taken with the volley bows.

  61. Pomai:

    Replay is on at 10:00 - kfve

  62. Last Call:

    The Poll..Does it really matter ?

  63. RupertDaStupert:

    Cavewarrior, I feel that by keeping Hawaii from the rankings, Boise has only 1 top 25 team they beat, and not 2, thus no ammunition that they deserve a higher

  64. Pomai:

    #62 - Last call - To us not so much, but to BSu means a lot. That's why that I would bet that they would have liked to see UH ranked before they play us, helps the SOS especially if they would win over us, They would like to see both UH and Nevada in the top twenty five.

  65. RupertDaStupert:

    God, I think a pollster has sabotaged this laptop. It sent out my text to this blog before I finished typing it. I think Pomai is right, even if we beat Boise State, people will say "see, Boise wasn't all that good". And no credit given to Hawaii. We should go out and win this for Hawaii. Screw national attention. The NFL scouts know who we are. Salas and company will play on Sundays. And we got the Hawaii Bowl. The pollsters are like crooked politicians, good for nothing.

  66. cavewarrior:

    With all the big money being spent on political ads in the newspapers, maybe some "entity" can place full page notice in major mainland papers that UH did indeed BEAT Reno, and are undefeated in conference...just venting.

  67. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    35    -    31    curious george X
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    41    -    35    Slugger
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    38    DPK
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  68. Kazz blogging via DROID X:


    The Warrior vball team has a history of having that effect on some people.

  69. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    31-28 DrDoc
    28-31 Capitol-ist/WassupDoc

  70. BG:

    Good morning everyone!

    It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday after a week of dark, drizzly days! Have to thank Mr and Mrs Sailor Blue for the great lengths they go in arranging for the T-gate site. Not only taking the time to physically go down to make each reservation, but also showing up early to make sure the gate is unlocked and the restrooms are open (somewhere Myki is smiling!), then staying late to lock up the place. They have my vote for MVT (Most Valuable Tsaiko) this year!

    The MVT support team needs to be mentioned too. We take for granted that the place is clean and everything is running smoothly when we arrive. But, it wouldn't be that way if it weren't for the grill crew. Floors are sprayed down and squeeged, coffee is made, and the grill prepped for cooking. There are many things to be done and Tsaikos that do them to pave the way for another fabulous T-gate. So, take a bow M/M Sailor Blue, Myki and SJ, Koakane, J(J), Hi-Flyer and Pomai...sorry if I missed a few cuz I know there are more.

  71. Shannon:

    ST: Any word on Kealoha's hamstring??? We could sure use him this saturday...

  72. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Didn't see the 31-28 pick - keep mine and change DD's to 30 - 29

  73. Shannon:

    I'm not making ANY score predictions... The two times this season I made them, UH lost... Since I HAVEN'T.... UH has WON!!! =)

  74. BG:

    Ethel (or Momo if Ethel doesn't blog)

    Betty was very touched by the orchid...so very thoughtful on your part!


  75. boo-sit:


    UH 38; donks 34.

  76. HiFlyer:


    UH 38 BSU 28

  77. Tarai:

    uh 38
    boise st 28

  78. Markazulu:

    I think its a conspiracy theory maybe the BCS people did this so they can keep the complaint going about how Boise aint playing Ranked teams. An to save there weak argument of its the WAC and blah blah blah..

    Go Warriors.

  79. Tarai:

    uh 38
    boise 24

  80. BG:

    I find it amazing each week to see Hardy-Tuliau flying around and hitting with ferocity although only listed at 165 lbs. Very much reminds me of former UH feather-weights who hit like 200 lb'ers!

  81. madeinhawaii:

    MIchigan Warrior.

    How have the Warriors Oppenents done in comparison?

  82. madeinhawaii:


    #24 on cfn's list

  83. Mr C:

    Good morning Tsaikos.
    Friendly reminder, please remove all costumes or mask when partaking at the food line.
    My apologies to the masked man for interrupting your food groove.
    I / We have never seen you before.
    Carry on Tsaikos, the area is safe and clear.
    I was waiting for BG to say book em' danno.
    Back to work.

  84. GRM:

    Us 31 Dem 24

  85. mctruck:

    I say, let's put BSU out of their misery of not being either #1/#2 in the bcs rankings and therefore not qualifying for a national play-off spot, by us giving-it to them on their blue field.
    I'd rather see our Warriors stomp the broncos rather than see them qualify for the national championship....except for the money the wac stands to get from the national play-off picture??? hmmmm? shud UH throw the game???....I DON'T TINK-SO!!!!!!
    When UH win's in Boise.....they'll be seeing blue alright!!

  86. gigi-hawaii:


    24-21 MR GIGI

    35-14 gigi

  87. al:

    hawaii 45-38

  88. LizKauai (iPhone):

    42-28 LizKauai

  89. al:

    bg...i wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. jht has a nose for the ball. imagine him in two three years when he is 195 lbs of muscle and blood.

  90. BG:

    Kudos to Lametrius Davis for elevating his play. Idaho tried one long pass in the 1st qtr to their fastest wr (Veitung?) and another to Bryant's side late in the game. Their vertical passing game was shut down all night.

  91. kawika49:

    HAWAII-28 BSU-14

  92. al:

    so i am calling out to lizk in the parking lot. she is but ten yards away from me on the cell phone. she never flinches as i am yelling out to her.

    she was on a mission trying to get on the 1420 post game fan phones. apparently she did get in and i realized i was hearing her echo as she was speaking with bc and robert.


  93. al:

    i find it hard to believe that some of those recruits at the game didn't tender a verbal last night.

  94. BG:

    Mr C

    You're too funny! :D There's always a sense of security when you're around. Mrs C is a hoot (pun intended on Halloween) to be around too! FUN + FUN = Fun times and plenny keeds!

  95. chawan_cut:

    orton sucks

  96. βρεω808:

    For entertainment purposes only....

    10/31 3:49pm BOISE-27.0

    R they crazy!!! :shock: :twisted: :shock:

  97. NYUH:

    I was really hoping for a USC win last night. Although a Duck fan it would have been good for UH's status going into the BS game. I think ESPN will continue to publicize the game and it should be major news item next week leading up to the Hawaii win.

  98. Going bowling - The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of … club university:

    [...] the rest here: Going bowling - The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of … By admin | category: University of HAWAII | tags: bcs, exposed-the-private, feeling, [...]

  99. BG:

    Mr/Mrs C

    BTW, gotta say that I'm impressed every time I see your keeds. So good looking and they handle themselves so very well. If I had your formula while I was in the Army, I wouldn't have needed that 2x4!!! :wink:

  100. βρεω808:

    Whoopee.... Niners are 2-6 ... :|

  101. βρεω808:

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:
    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

  102. LizKauai (iPhone):

    #92. Haha, Al! I was focused on the radio show and oblivious to all else. :-)

  103. βρεω808:

    "oblivious to all" ... now that's an understatement... :roll: :) :D

  104. gigi-hawaii:

    I rarely listen to the radio at home or in the car. Liz really seems tuned into those talk shows. Way to go, Liz!

  105. βρεω808:

    They try to ignore her ... but NO CAN !!! :) :roll: :D

  106. tommui:


    UH28- BSU14

    Another win for the Polynesian/Portuguese and company team!

  107. bb:

    Liz calls are so so much better than "Sean on cell" calls.

  108. βρεω808:

    Donkeys head to the -
    BCS Championship Game
    BCS Bowl Game
    uDrove Humanitarian Bowl after losing to the UH Warriors!!!

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  110. bstunna2002:

    Just read the box score and stats we held Enderle to just over 50% in completions and only 200 yards passing Great Frigging Job Defense and they even got a Touchdown way to stay alert Richard Torres is quickly becoming a key contributor to this D...Let's Beat The Donks!!

  111. TYaiea:

    Pomai, NaKoa 34 Jackasses 27

  112. Committed Road Warrior:

    brew #96:

    Wow! I didn't expect it to start that high...double-digits, yes, but 27? Aigh!

    Is there something Vegas knows that we don't?

  113. Kazz (click to support Rainbow Wahine Softball)):

    Watching the replay and seeing Coach Mack spurt out profanaties and anger to the officials brings a tear to my eye.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DON'T BACK DOWN MACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE 'EM HELL!!!!!!!!!!

  114. gigi-hawaii:

    yes, I saw Mack mouth the words, "Oh, b-- sh--!!!"

    David said, "At least, he didn't say the F word!"

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  116. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Brew- even moreso now than ever before- sweet oblivion!

  117. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!!

    Pomai - #60 - yes she was. Screecher #2, who was invited, would've been in the tstrastophere with seeing Jonas. You gotta see them in action at the vb games, in concert with the conversationalists.

    BTW, did anyone notice that the guy sitting in the on-field endzone "thrones" was Salevaa Atisanoe aka Konishiki?

  118. TYaiea:

    Wow! Warriors plus 27...jump on it guys. This is a xmas gift in early november. IMUA Na Koa...

  119. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Wow jm2375! Missed the man in the chair!
    Loved seeing the VolleyBows!

  120. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    24    -    21    MRGIGI
    28    -    14    kawika49
    28    -    14    tommui X
    28    -    31    wassupdoc
    30    -    29    DrDoc
    31    -    24    GRM
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    27    Tyaiea
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    35    -    31    curious george X
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    24    Tarai
    38    -    28    HiFlyer
    38    -    34    Boo-sit
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    41    -    35    Slugger
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    28    LizKauai
    42    -    38    DPK
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    45    -    38    al
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  121. Kaimuki Kid:


    Us 45 Them 28

  122. Kaimuki Kid:

    Doesn't Hardy-Tuliau remind of Nate Jackson on the field, making big plays?

  123. gmahoney:


    UH 28
    Donkeys 27 (go for 2 and epic fail)

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  125. gmahoney:


    Just for you: It's another Idaho 4TH DOWN!!

  126. Kaimuki Kid:

    Hoping for 200 yds and 5 TD's for Alex Green this time around with mom in the stands, or better yet Mo breaking Rolo's TD throwing record in a half and then Green going hog wild on traps and draw plays. BUCK FOISE! GO WARRIORS!

  127. jm2375:


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  129. Stretch:

    Good win for the Warriors last night!!

    Not sure if anyone already mentioned this but did anyone notice UH's first offensive play they ran?? Inside screen to Bradley, the same play he got hurt last year.

  130. PowderPuff:

    Eh gmahoney, nice meeting you! And thanks for yelling that for me last night. :) Need to be well-hydrated for next Saturday when I replace "Idaho" with "Boise State."

  131. cavewarrior:

    One vegas line has UH -27 vs the donkeys. Wow!

  132. Kaimuki Kid:

    We need to mind our P's and Q's pick up the guy we tackle, shakes after we score. Project class so that the Zebras don't have extra incentive to whistle against us more than they already will in a bid to protect Boise's Dream season...Hit like Warriors, act like gentlemen, no taunting , no showboating, play like you been there before.

  133. Kazz (click to support Rainbow Wahine Softball)):

    Rick Blangardi has a LOT of good things to say about Hawaii Football TRADITION.

    I agree that it's BULLCRAP how some people want to come in and update things with NO RESPECT for the past.

    Updates are fine, but show some damn respect for what this program and institution was in the past.

    GREEN AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Kazz (click to support Rainbow Wahine Softball)):


    I thought it would be higher.

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  136. Kaimuki Kid:


    Go Warriors!!!

  137. Michigan Warrior:

    #81... MIH... Just for you:

    Boise State's Opponents so far: (24-34)
    Virginia Tech 6-2
    Wyoming 2-7
    Oregon State 4-3
    New Mexico State 1-7
    Toledo 6-3
    San Jose State 2-7
    Loiusiana Tech 3-5

    Hawaii's Opponents so far: (36-35)
    USC 5-3
    Army 5-3
    Colorado 3-5
    Charleston Southern 2-6
    Louisiana Tech 3-5
    Fresno State 5-2
    Nevada 7-1
    Utah State 2-6
    Idaho 4-4

  138. expat:

    The last two BCS conference teams that we have beaten (UDub and Wazzu 2x) lost by a combined 83-0 yesterday.

    Respect will be hard to come by this year after losing by three scores to a Colorado team that is struggling. Colorado has been up and down to say the least. They get blown out by a Cal team that has had its own struggles. They beat Georgia, but are winless in conference play. Things would be much different in the polls had the team not melted down in Boulder.

    Boise State has not looked invincible, but Toledo is at the top of the MAC and Virginia Tech is at the top of the ACC and has a realistic chance of winning the ACC. (That would really be something if Virginia Tech went to a BCS bowl having lost to an FBS team.) Oregon State is also not a bad team. They have three losses -- two to top ten teams and one to UDub in OT. That game could have easily gone the other way. They did beat Arizona for Arizona's only loss. Boise still has to play the three next best teams in the WAC.

    If I am not mistaken our only road win against a ranked team in recent history happened two years ago at Fresno, who was ranked #22. Beating the #2/#3 team on the road would have to be considered the biggest win in program history. We have beaten a few highly ranked teams named BYU at home late in the season, but the opportunities late in the season have been scare. (and late in the season means something while early rankings rarely do).

    I guess the question is whether the guys are ready to make history. If they win it would be the biggest win in program history and if they won out, including the postseason, they would go down as one of the best Hawaii teams ever.

    I think one of the big keys will be whether Moniz can settle down early. Boise will be the best secondary we face all year and they can turn errant passes into points.

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  140. cavewarrior:

    PPV on Sat...Has there been a definitive decision and announcement on if the game will be on Oceanic for PPV customers?

  141. buy car online south africa:

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

  142. βρεω808:

    So... "south africa" agrees w/ the Beat the donks! and/or the "Buck Foise!"??? :roll: :shock: :roll:

  143. JR:


    buck foise 27

  144. βρεω808:

    For entertainment purposes only.... another group has this -

    Wynn Lose
    10/31 6:19pm BOISE-25.0

    :shock: :twisted: :shock:
    I wonder what the $-line will be? :roll:
    I suppose the players know what this is all about and this is good bulletin-board stuff!

    Go WARRIORS!!!!

  145. βρεω808:

    Liz_K - we know.... :roll:

    ❦ (((Liz_K))) :D

  146. Steve:

    Brew, not surprised, Vegas still has no respect for the Warrior "D", expecting them to give up 7, 8, or 9 TD's.

  147. 4UH:

    UH 27 BS 21

  148. curious george:

    Pomai - *because of duplicate score, my cystal ballz sez:

    Kukui Nutz 27
    Blue Nutz 20

  149. Mr C:

    Re#99- Believe me, we no more 2x4, we get bamboo stick and old school spankings.

  150. whitey:

    Congratulations to da WARRIORS!!!!! It is very obvious that you have spent time to work on tackling and it shows. I luv the low tackles below the knees cause it makes the opposition flinch and affects their ball carrying or receiving mentality. But the big plus is that it stops the opposition dead in it's track. Way to go WARRIORS!!!

  151. Hawaiianbod:

    just saw UHfan808 again...WOO HOO!...u go girl!

  152. whitey:

    can imagine shoko, tyaiea, and al drooling this week. take a deep breath and say hahahahahahahahahaaaaaahhhhhh

  153. Hawaiianbod:

    e kala mai.

    g'afternoon Tsaikos!

    have a blessed Sunday erryboddy!!

  154. wafan:

    Left overs for dinner. Mmmmmm, oven kalua piggy, lomi salmon not lomi tomato, chicken long rice.


  155. βρεω808:

    Eh - wea you get dat from? :shock: :mrgreen: :roll:

  156. wafan:

    You folks missed a beautiful nearly flawless day of blue skies, very new high puffy white clouds, the the temperature right around 50! Whoo-hoo!!!

  157. wafan:

    Brew . . .


    Made it yesterday for dinner.

  158. βρεω808:

    Maui peeps sure talk funny-kine.... Not the same ask Hilo dialect. It's special! :roll:

  159. Last Call:

    23 to 27 point dog to BSU depending on where you go.

  160. mctruck:

    Brew808, ur#158.....must be da onions.

  161. Stephen Tsai:

    The Harris poll is interesting. I believe Bob Wagner votes on that.

  162. duffer:

    Hey Brew
    Go GIANTS!!!!

  163. Michigan Warrior:

    Toledo = 2nd place, presently in the MAC West. They don't even rank in the top half in any statistical categories out of the 120 D-IA teams. Remaining opponents include 7-2 Northern Illinois, 2-7 Ball State, and 2-7 Bowling Green. Their combined opponent's records so far: (36-39)
    (Thanks to losses against 7-0 Boise and 7-1 Arizona that boosted their SoS)

    Virginia Tech = leads the ACC Coastal. Their remaining schedule includes .500 or better teams. Combined Opponent's records so far: (31-33)
    (Again, thanks to 7-0 Boise for boosting their SoS. When VT was ranked #13, they also lost to D-IAA 4-4 James Madison)

  164. A-House:


    Mrs A-House: UH 30 BSU 28

    MasaBoy: UH 38 BSU 33

    A-House: UH 43 BSU 38

  165. A-House:


    Will pass on your message to Ethel - we work at same company.

  166. Ralph:

    Oakland! Oakland! Oakland! Raiders on a roll, two in a row. :)

  167. Michigan Warrior:

    Haven't seen the conference rankings for this week yet, but as of last week, here's the rankings:
    3......Big Ten.........88.9......2..........4
    4......Big 12...........85.5......5..........1
    5......Mountain West....75.2......4..........6
    8......Big East........21.0......8..........8
    9......Conference USA...16.8......9..........9
    11.....Sun Belt.........10.6......11.........11

    Obviously, certain conferences are overrated in the national polls.

  168. Michigan Warrior:

    Alignment Attempt...

    3.........Big Ten.................88.9......2..........4
    4.........Big 12...................85.5......5..........1
    5.........Mountain West.....75.2......4..........6
    8.........Big East................21.0......8..........8
    9.........Conference USA...16.8......9..........9
    11.......Sun Belt...............10.6......11.........11

  169. BG:

    A-House #165

    Das right! Wow, another senior moment! Ethel arrives with the A-Houses not Momo. Duh

    Mahalo Col!

  170. Garret:

    TCU passed BSU in the BCS standings. Even if BSU beats UH, if TCU beats Utah, there will be *no way* for BSU to pass TCU even if BSU wins out.

    The SOS in the MWC is far stronger than in the WAC. BSU has better nonconference wins and it won't matter...for the 3rd time, an undefeated BSU team will be passed by a MWC team. At least this won't happen to BSU anymore since they will be in the MWC after this season.


  171. Garret:

    By the way, if both TCU and BSU go to BCS bowl games and TCU is ranked above BSU, then the WAC will only get $4.5 million instead of $6 million. BSU will still gets its $3 million, so the WAC will split $1.5 million instead of $3 million...that will cost UH a lot of money.

    However, it won't matter since UH should take BSU out in their final shot on the blue turf. I just wanted to point out that the financial hit for beating BSU just got cut in half.

  172. madeinhawaii:

    Our Defense is playing as good as our 2007 defense did... They are creating turnovers, hitting hard, breaking up pass plays and hurrying the QB... Offense, though, is a little short of the 2007 team. There were at least three deep passes that feel right in and out of the hands of three different receivers. Warriors can't afford that kind of luxury against Boise.

    Warriors will need to stretch out the playing field as much as possible against Boise's defense. I like the pitch out plays and short passes to the outside to get outside of the containment with yards up the sideline. Too bad Pollard's knee was ruled down when he caught and lateraled that ball to Bradley, that was an otherwise well-executed play. They are going to need a few more plays like that to keep Boise's Defense wary and on their heels when they play them next week.

    I also like that the team is not forcing the plays but taking what is given, eating up the clock, giving the defense time to rest, and still finding a way to march down field. The opposition is learning to put their hands up in the Red Zone to create tips and errant throws by Moniz. That tipped ball caused the one interception last night. After that the Warriors mixed it up in the redzone and put it in a number of different ways. Salas, Bradley, Pilares, Moniz, Blount and Torres. It was good seeing how effective they could be in the Red.

    I wish the team had one more week before this Boise match up.. but it is what it is and our Warriors will have to be ready to put it all together. If they do, they will win.

    Got my fingers crossed for Pilares and Davis. Hope their injuries are going to slow them down next week. Wonder how Smith is doing?

  173. madeinhawaii:

    If Hawaii takes BSU out of the BCS picture the financial picture for UH will also be worth a lot more next season in tangibles and intangibles. More ticket sales.. more exposure.. more of everything... including good feelings and pride. Hopefully Salas, Pilares, Bradley and more will get good looks from the NFL and keep the Warrior name out there.

  174. madeinhawaii:

    Greg McMackin did really well in his post game speeches, I thought.. .although he thanked everyone except Ms. Greenwood.

  175. Warrior36:

    Well, just heard that Mo's parents house (he lives their with his family too) was broken into last nite during the game! Here he is with the team braking there butts off playing for Hawaii and somone is breaking into there home stealing their things!

  176. madeinhawaii:

    WHAT?????? That's utterly disgraceful! As a local, I'm embarrassed by such actions! I hope they find out who did it and incarcerate them without mercy.

  177. A-House:


    that really sucks as whomever it/they was/were knew that the Moniz family would be at the game and house empty.

    ok, people, we need your help in tracking down those thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. mauiwarriorfans:

    so is this a done deal with the hawaii bowl. no chance of the humanitarian bowl. just want to know. dont want to make reservations to oahu then they go to boise instead.

  179. Garret:


    NO chance for the Humanitarian Bowl or any other bowl. UH goes to the Hawaii Bowl when it doesn't go to a BCS bowl.

    UH accepted the Hawaii Bowl invitation already. It is a done deal. Some C-USA team will be the opponent.

  180. USMA BOW FAN:

    Uh...okay...will buy a cowbell AND a duck call.

  181. Garret:


    I agree, UH will make far more by beating BSU in future tickets sales, TV, etc. than the $187.5k is worth.

  182. Ronnie:

    mauiwarriorfans, it's a done deal with the hawai'i bowl.

  183. Garret:

    It is shameful if anyone broken into the Moniz family home because they knew they would be at Aloha Stadium.

  184. SteveM:

    Today's print Star-Advertiser TRAVEL section had a 2 page spread on Alaska from a cruising perspective. Alaska big ship season ended in September as always. There are Tsai-kos who might like to cruise (maybe first time) Alaska and attend the UH-WA game next season. Very possible, but no other Alaska cruise-WA game-UNLV game combo will work.

    Will discuss this in next month's Tsai-ko Cruisers newsletter. email me if you wish to receive it. stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com

  185. James Gonsalves:


    I'll be at the California Hotel Sports Book on the mezzanine next Saturday cheering "Go Warriors" on every play. Aloha!

  186. RedZone:

    UH 34 - BS 31

  187. gmahoney:

    When they catch the perps, maybe Mo can line 'em up and take target practice.

  188. gigi-hawaii:

    That's terrible news! Poor Moniz and his family. They should be like us -- have a monitored security alarm system.

  189. d1島:


    he can aim "low" :twisted:

  190. d1島:

    However, it won't matter since UH should take BSU out in their final shot on the blue turf. I just wanted to point out that the financial hit for beating BSU just got cut in half.

    :lol: I like the logic, Garret!

  191. huh:

    re #178

    huh? really? are u serious? hellooooo!!! i guess when Coach Mack accepted the Hawaii Bowl invitation after the game was just one of my 'wet' dreams. bwhahahaha

  192. wafan:

    #175 . . .

    Disturbed folks running around. Sure hope they catch them.

  193. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    24    -    21    MRGIGI
    27    -    20    curious george
    27    -    21    4UH
    28    -    14    kawika49
    28    -    14    tommui X
    28    -    27    gmahoney
    28    -    27    JR. X
    28    -    31    wassupdoc
    30    -    28    Mrs A-House
    30    -    29    DrDoc
    31    -    24    GRM
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    27    Tyaiea
    34    -    31    Red Zone
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    24    Tarai
    38    -    28    HiFlyer
    38    -    33    Masaboy
    38    -    34    Boo-sit
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    41    -    35    Slugger
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    28    LizKauai
    42    -    38    DPK
    43    -    38    A-House
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    28    Kaimuki Kid
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    45    -    38    al
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  194. Markazulu:

    Intresting stuff

    The team with the best ATS mark in the country now is the Hawaii Warriors, who bounced the Idaho Vandals at home 45-10 on Saturday night, setting up what should be a great showdown against the Boise State Broncos next weekend at Bronco Stadium. Hawaii also extended its cover streak to six games, which tied the idle Virginia Tech Hokies for the longest in the nation. The UCF Knights also joined the fold with their sixth straight cover when they seized control of the East Division of Conference USA with a 49-35 win over the East Carolina Pirates.

  195. gmahoney:

    I'll take the high road, I was thinking hit 'em in the head with a football going 90 miles an hour. At 10 yards. Ouch, that will leave a mark.

  196. huh:

    gigi - thank you for sharing, but everyone is not as fotunate as you to have an alarm system.....a 52 inch Sony t.v., travel abroad yearly, purchase a $1,800 bed, etc., etc!

  197. Warrior Ken:

    Yeah Warriors, go Giants!!!

  198. Markazulu:

    Anyone still tripping out that Greg Salas dropped a "sure TD" I'm not like mad or anything cuz he is human but I was just so shocked to even see him drop a pass. But I hope MO an his Fam is okay I went to school with his brother. We werent aquantinces but I hate seeing such dispecable acts its irritating.

  199. Warrior Ken:

    Pomai- UH 35 BSU 17

  200. jeezy33:

    Anyone know w hat recruits were on the sidelines against idaho?

  201. JR:

    Pomai - Seems that I need to pick another score.

    Winnahs 28
    donkees 20

  202. lil.s:

    UH 35
    donks 28

  203. wafan:

    I think I have an explanation for how and why Reno is back in the 25 and the Warriors are not.

    The Warriors did beat Reno; both the Warriors and Reno beat up on USU; and the Warriors are going to play the geldings for the conference championship next week. Which all means that the voters

    are lolo.

  204. wafan:

    Rough week ahead. Parent conferences all day Thursday 8 to 8, and 1/2 day Thursday monring.

    At least the kids will not be in on Wednesday afternoon through Friday! Yipee!!! HA!

  205. wafan:

    Thinking of taking the Warrior DVDs in during conference hours to watch them between appointments.

    Thank you to oldie for helping to save my sanity (what little there is, anyhow)!!!

  206. wafan:


  207. Art Thacher:

    I really like this site and have been a constant follower of your blog and of course continue to do so. the info here is very valueable... Well done. You're doing really well!

  208. CoolEthan:

    Aurity USMA BOW FAN!
    Mahalo for the recognition.

    I'm campaigning to all those that will be visiting the Boise game.
    Support the local boise business with purchasing a -
    1. Cowbell
    2. Duckcall.

    Use both at the same time and irritate the heck out of boise's offense.

  209. Ronnie:

    coolio! wvb on espn3!

  210. TYaiea:

    For entertainment purposes. Vegas odds: Leroy's: Boise -22 Wynn: Boise-23 the other houses haven't posted their odds yet. imo as saturday get closer odds will drop because more peeps will take Hawaii. Imua Warriors.

  211. Matt:

    Thanks for the heads up about the wvb game Ronnie.

  212. Ronnie:

    You're welcome Matt.

  213. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    24    -    21    MRGIGI
    27    -    20    curious george
    27    -    21    4UH
    28    -    14    kawika49
    28    -    14    tommui X
    28    -    20    JR
    28    -    27    gmahoney
    28    -    31    wassupdoc
    30    -    28    Mrs A-House
    30    -    29    DrDoc
    31    -    24    GRM
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    27    Tyaiea
    34    -    31    Red Zone
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    17    Warrior Ken
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    28    lil.s X
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    24    Tarai
    38    -    28    HiFlyer
    38    -    33    Masaboy
    38    -    34    Boo-sit
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    41    -    35    Slugger
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    28    LizKauai
    42    -    38    DPK
    43    -    38    A-House
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    28    Kaimuki Kid
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    45    -    38    al
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  214. 702WarriorFan:

    Interesting observation -
    Since Warriors started the winning streak, I haven't seen any comments about Coach Mack getting paid $1m+ and/or wanting him replaced and/or UH should stop playing as a D1 school.
    As someone said, just win!

    Thanks for the info that there were recruits at the game but nil verbal commitments to date. WAC survival issues looks to be impacting our recruiting efforts, but Warriors will get commits after our next win.

  215. Matt:


    27-Us 24-Them

  216. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Wahine take first set 25-18

  217. tommui:


    28-17 us v. them


  218. LizKauai (iPhone):

    No need mention what going to happen to Moniz Ohana gametime raiders. De bachi mo worse dan anyting we can come up with!

  219. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Da Tsai-ko connection is going strong today. jm2375 picked me up at the Baha'i Center and met some of my friends- who are friends with her sis on the BI.
    Then we go to a play at MidPac where Lopaka43's son was the STAR!

  220. LizKauai (iPhone):

    SSC is strangely pin-dropish. Started with the unmiked Anthems.

  221. Markazulu:

    Go Warriors


    UH-42 Boise-21

  222. jm2375 (Backflip):


    At the vb game. Student section looking pretty empty. WTH?

  223. huh:

    Halloween parties.

  224. TChahng [DroidX]:


    49 - 35 TChahng

  225. geevum:

    I still don't understand people who, objectively, can't see why Nevada is ahead of UH. I love the Warriors, and I'm loving this streak. But it's really simple to see why Nevada is ranked ahead of UH, if you're a fan and not a homer. Nevada is 7-1 and Hawaii is 6-2. Point Nevada. Hawaii has lost to 30th ranked USC and sub .500 Colorado, while Nevada's only loss is to 26th ranked Hawaii. Point Nevada. Yes, Hawaii did beat Nevada head-to-head, but who would rank South Carolina ahead of Alabama right now?

  226. Pcwarrior:

    Da WARRIORS 31 the rodeo clowns 27

    Expect Da WARRIORS to play well in all 3 phases

    GO WARRIORS bet the rodeo clowns

  227. expat:

    Michigan Warrior

    Toledo is unbeaten in conference play and shares first with Northern Illinois. Virginia Tech is the only ACC team unbeaten in conference play so far.

    Obviously I earlier meant that the Hokies could go to a BCS bowl with a loss to a FCS team.

    Boise's strength of schedule should improve-- they have one ranked team left as well as the top half of the WAC left. Oregon State still has to play the meat of the PAC 10 & Viginia Tech could win the ACC. Anything Oregon State does benefits TCU as well of course.

    Nothing Boise can do about SJSU, NMSU and Wyoming.

    Of course none of that will matter once the Warriors beat them next week.

    I don't see TCU winning at Utah. That should be a good game.

  228. LizKauai (iPhone):

    SSC is warming up a little as NMSU is keeping pace with UH in the 3rd game. 14-12 UH

  229. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors 45 ... 17 Broncos....

    When the warriors get ahead of Boise.. they won't look back and they won't take a chance of letting them back into the game... by the middle of the 3rd qtr Boise will implode because they are not used to being so far back.. and it will take a toll on them. THEN they will go on to lose to Nevada and possibly even Fresno.

    Warriors will go on to close out the remainder of their regular season at 11-2.... 1 win shy of their record.

  230. expat:


    You are absolutely right. Hawaii should not be ranked over Nevada right now. Nevada's only loss was a close "quality" loss.

  231. Momo:

    34-30 for momo
    38-30 for ms momo
    Make it 7 in a row...make us Hapy

  232. Mui Bolter:

    I apologize if this topic has been discussed in this forum but I could not locate anything recent (saw some 2007 posts)when I searched for it. Does anyone have projected 787 deliveries by year as they stand now based upon 2010 certification? Thanks in advance.

  233. A-House:


    maybe this is old news, but learned last evening that Christain(sp) at Kamehameha will be or has committed to USC. old news?

    interesting that NO local football player has yet committed to UH for 2010 - that's why we love the Stutzman bros for making their committment early and standing by it - did not matter how well or not UH was doing - all they wanted to do was play for the Warriors!

  234. LizKauai (iPhone):

    230- you forget. Nevada did not lose to Hawaii. They lost to themselves! CTL-AULT-DEL

  235. Trigger808:

    Prior to the Team entering the field, the stadium plays the Under Armour "Protect this House". I strongly feel they do not hype that up enough - play it loud and long!! The "click clack" anthem for UA calling on who will protect this house would send the stadium into a frenzy!! The Warriors come out and play is hilarious, but good! Gotta get the crowd fired up!!

  236. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Trigger808- my favorite stadium thin last night was Vili an the Cheer starting the WAVE that went on forever!
    Now we just have to train ourselves to make the SILENT WAVE when we are on offense.

  237. Stephen Tsai:

    It reminded me of the Bachelor, where the Hawaii Bowl presents the rose to UH.
    I suppose UH could have turned it down. Probably the only other option would be to do a switch with the Las Vegas Bowl.

  238. Pomai:

    The people who run the PA system have no clue as how to run it. It seems that all they worrie about is playing all of their adds. It bad that you pay for your tickets and then get pelted with adds all at the wrong time.

  239. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Hi ST. Can you mail my shirt please?

  240. Stephen Tsai:

    It should be interesting to see what happens next year.
    The bowl game in Boise is actually owned by the WAC, ESPN Regional TV, and community leaders in Boise. I suppose the WAC could be stink about it and keep it as a WAC game.

  241. Stephen Tsai:

    Yep. I'll mail your shirt. I was going to bring it to the tailgate, but didn't go to the tailgate because I was ailing.

  242. Stephen Tsai:

    So, they were supposed to get The Rock.
    But that fell through.
    So, I suggested that they get Maa Tanuvasa, since Maa means "rock" in Samoan.
    And they gave me a blank stare.
    And then three days later, they said: Hey, we should get Maa Tanuvasa because Maa means "rock" in Samoan.

  243. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Mahalo Ke Akua! What a wonderful weekend full of Fs and Ws and 2B on an earlier flight home!
    God bless and fast healing to all who ail!

  244. LizKauai (iPhone):

    ST prayers for you to get well before you have to travel again. Mahalo and Ma'a was beautiful!
    Now if only we could understand what announcements are in yellow. It all sounds like mush.

  245. Stephen Tsai:

    Yeah, the speakers aren't as good since June took back his eo na toa speakers.

  246. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    Fact: what we hear from the PA system is the best that old equipment can do.

  247. LizKauai (iPhone):

    So, have our hard-working assistant coaches been locked into good contracts yet?

  248. jm2375:


    Back home after dropping Liz off at the airport. Watching the replay. :D

    They need to fix the speakers at the stadium and the scoreboard screens at the SSC.

  249. Ralph:

    Repeat Performance: Oakland! Oakland! Oakland! Raiders on a two game roll. Victory is so sweet. :)

  250. Kazz blogging via DROID X:

    . Stephen Tsai: October 31st, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    So, they were supposed to get The Rock. But that fell through. So, I suggested that they get Maa Tanuvasa, since Maa means "rock" in Samoan. And they gave me a blank stare. And then three days later, they said: Hey, we should get Maa Tanuvasa because Maa means "rock" in Samoan. Geesh.

    Why does this sound familiar?

  251. Ralph:

    UH Homecoming is coming to a closure. One more event tomorrow, Na Wahine vs La Tech at 7 pm SSC. For those getting off work early or retired, come out to the RWSS and watch the Na Wahine softball practice at 4 p.m.

    General observation: four girls working out at second, Dori Leong, Dara Pagaduan, Kaile Nakao and Jazmin Zamora, and utility Jasey Jensen who is also in RF may get some work at second.

    at First, Makani, Sarah Robinson, and Shannon Lum.

    In Right, J Rod, Jasey and Mikalani Tagab-Cruz.

    at catcher, Ashley Smith, Sharla Kliebenstein and Jocelyn Enriques.

  252. Hawaiianbod:

    Ralph - btw, how did the Silver and Black do today? heheh

  253. Ralph:

    hi Hawaiianbod, glad to see you up and well. Great day for Oakland, it's been a while since we've had something to cheer about. Good bye JaMarcus, don't come back to Oakland, spend your money wisely, and I don't mean to spend it on jolly rancher juice and codeine.

    By the way, he went to court hearing, has a trial date been set for him.

  254. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    24    -    21    MRGIGI
    27    -    20    curious george
    27    -    21    4UH
    27    -    24    Matt
    28    -    14    kawika49
    28    -    17    tommui
    28    -    20    JR
    28    -    27    gmahoney
    28    -    31    wassupdoc
    30    -    28    Mrs A-House
    30    -    29    DrDoc
    31    -    24    GRM
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    20    momo
    34    -    27    Tyaiea
    34    -    31    Red Zone
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    17    Warrior Ken
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    28    lil.s X
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    37    -    27    Pcwarrior
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    24    Tarai
    38    -    28    HiFlyer
    38    -    33    Masaboy
    38    -    34    Boo-sit
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    39    -    30    ms momo
    41    -    35    Slugger
    42    -    21    Markazulu
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    28    LizKauai
    42    -    38    DPK
    43    -    38    A-House
    45    -    17    madeinhawaii
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    28    Kaimuki Kid
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    45    -    38    al
    49    -    35    Tchahng
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  255. Ralph:

    since we are on softball, this Friday the Na Wahine softball team will be hosting Chaminade in an exhibition game at RWSS at 6 p.m., and on Saturday, a DH starting at 12 noon.

    Pomai, change the web calendar for Saturday's game to 12 noon DH

  256. Backlinks:

    Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned :)

  257. Ralph:

    The three game Fall exhibition series with Chaminade will give Na Wahine softball fans a preview of the up coming season talent on hand and please come out to watch the incoming freshmen and walk ons compete with the returnees for PT.

  258. Ralph:

    Na Wahine soccer finishes season with losses to Nevada and Utah State on the road. I don't think they will make the WAC play offs, they finish the season 3-14-3 overall. Good luck to four seniors, Gusman, Deptula, Punzal and Euers.

  259. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Almost home. Had a stopoff at TSA to gather some belongings inadvertently left behind on Friday whilst they were carefully examining my Hawaiian salt. Just polished of my Hamura Saimin special and ready to drive the last leg home. What a memorable Homecoming weekend. So many wonderful memories made.
    Special MAHALO to slugger, gmahoney , jm2375, SteveM and Mhomey, SailorBlue and the T-gate gang for making it all happen!
    And Congrats to the Lopaka43 Ohana for raising such a fine young thespian!
    Go SoftBows, Go Wahine and GO WARRIORS!

  260. madeinhawaii:

    Just a reminder.. Coach Mack Show in 20 minutes

    Also, if you haven't voted yet.. please vote for Coach Mack


    Just enter ...

    Greg McMackin - Hawaii


  261. protector:


    Can you put me down for: Warriors 40 Broncos 24

  262. Kazz (click to support Rainbow Wahine Softball)):

    Sorry, but UH needs a new SOCCER COACH.

  263. Ballpicker:


    What a weekend for us Warrior football fans. And the week before the game of the year is upon us.

    And now I get to sit and relax and watch Da Coach Mac Show. Alrytee.

    Thanks once again Mr Pomai for the Pomai pix celebration.

    Geevum Warriors

  264. Hawaiianbod:

    Howzit Ballpicker!...did the links work 4 ur dad?

  265. Ballpicker:

    HawaiianBod I sat down with him and passed on all the info and he was like damn u can do that ! I told him that's what blog friends are there for. So he was checking out on going games and was able to locate the Hawaii game and he happy just like he got away with something. Thanx HB

  266. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    41 - HAWAII
    35 - Boise

  267. chawan_cut:


  268. Na Koa Mike:

    UH 34
    BSU 32

  269. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    What I didn't like about The Wave last night - besides the noise while we were on offense - are the vibrations from people stomping their feet. I am concerned that the Stadium could crash to the ground because of the vibrations. It's happened to other structures.

    Oh, well, better to die in a collapsing stadium than in a hurricane or tsunami or from cancer or a stroke/heart attack.

    During the month of November, there will 18 separate intercollegiate events either on campus or out at Aloha Stadium in which tickets are required to attend PLUS a three day WAC volleyball tournament in Las Vegas.


    Back to work.

  270. lil.s.808:

    sorry pomai didn't realize i stole your score!
    new score:
    UH 49
    BSU 28

  271. kev-1:

    UH 31 BSU 27

  272. ai-eee-soos:

    time check

  273. LizKauai (iPad):

    Curveball, #3 son is delighted and NorthShoreFan, mahalo again for the special sparagus!
    Nitey nite and healing prayers all around!

  274. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    yep, a great great great weekend in da city. good fun!

    you is right. M/M Sailor Blue, Myki and SJ, Koakane, J(J), Hi-Flyer, Pomai, Ralph, Curveball, Kazz, Kekoa, JaM, Brie, jm2375huthut, you guyz are the bestest of the bestest! thanks for making the Tgate wonderful.

    and big cheers to Sauvignon and Stella and Sauvignon hisselfs. :D

    MP can handle. not only da Halawa but da Keehi too. :lol:
    cuz, dat wuz fun fun fun.

  275. Hawaiianbod:

    Rest In Peace Artie Wilson.

    Mr Wilson passed away on Sunday at the age of 90 yrs old in Portland Oregon. He was a former Negro League All-Star and the last player to hit .400 for a season in a top professonal league.

    (this is UH's Artie Wilson II father)

  276. al:

    #275...with respects to the late artie wilson, senior's family.

  277. wafan:

    Good Monday morning everyone!

  278. wafan:

    Condolences and prayers to the Wilson family.

  279. BigHiloFan2:

    sincere condolences to the Wilson ohana.

  280. BigHiloFan2:

    sincere condolences to Mo's family too.

    sure hope they catch the guyz and get their stuffs returned. bachi on dem buggaz!

  281. BigHiloFan2:

    have a great day Tsaikos.

  282. al:

    ahouse...i am not sure of whom you are speaking of from kamehmeha by the name of christain?

    unless, you mean micah christenson all state volleyball athlete? who will probably play setter in college. he's attended nearly every hawaii home game and is usually sitting/standing right behind the team bench.

  283. USMA BOW FAN:

    ref #269.

    Aloha stadium has ALWAYS vibrated, even when brand new (and still move-able). Now going to a packed house (20,000+) at Honolulu stadium was a REAL adventure. Stands collapsing there was a definite concern.

  284. BigHiloFan2:



    whose on your wish list would commit to UH football?

  285. Toccara:

    Hey :) Is it alright that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view the blog on my new Mac but it won't show correctly, do you have any suggestions? Shall I try and find an update for my browser or something? Thanks for the help I hope! Toccara x :)

  286. Michigan Warrior:

    Expat... Boise beating Toldeo means absolutely nothing, regardless of where Toledo is within that conference. The MAC is so weak, even their top team, Northern Illinois, has just gotten a single point as "Others Receiving Votes". That's why I posted the Conference Rankings (#167) above.
    Similarly, VT is supposedly a strong team, according to those biased East Coast voters. But, while they were ranked #13 in the country, the lost to D-IAA James Madison. The whole ACC is overrated this year. All four 6-2 ACC teams receive votes, with three of them in the top 25. Miami (5-3) still receives votes too. Why?
    So is the Big East. Syracuse is 6-2, and Pitt is 5-3, and yet both receive votes that should go to other teams (like Hawaii). No one in THAT conference should be getting any votes yet.

    Anyways, all I was trying to point out is that the majority of Boise's wins so far this season weren't as impressive as they've been in past years. They've beaten up on bad teams, and barely got wins against stronger opponents.
    While our losses to USC and especially Colorado didn't help national perception, we still have played better and better against tougher competition since then.
    As long as we continue to play solid ball, we should win this game. We gotta watch their trick plays and special teams. We've faced a number of great QB's and RB's, and our defense has risen to the challenge every week. We also can't afford to give up so many yards and first downs via penalties.

    Should be a great game.

  287. Michigan Warrior:

    I see us going into Boise with a "can do" attitude. While, I see Boise entering this game nervous and worried as heck. We just gotta take it to them like we have everyone else during this run.

  288. Pomai:

    Ok folks this weeks pix is for the game worn jersey #66 Adrian Thomas from the 2007 season also if you have an X by your name you need to make a different pix
    UH vs Boise
    24    -    21    MRGIGI
    27    -    20    curious george
    27    -    21    4UH
    27    -    24    Matt
    28    -    14    kawika49
    28    -    17    tommui
    28    -    20    JR
    28    -    27    gmahoney
    28    -    31    wassupdoc
    30    -    28    Mrs A-House
    30    -    29    DrDoc
    31    -    24    GRM
    31    -    27    Kev-1
    31    -    28    sportsforfun
    33    -    30    ballpicker
    34    -    20    momo
    34    -    27    Tyaiea
    34    -    31    Red Zone
    34    -    32    Na Koa Mike
    34    -    33    NYUH
    35    -    14    gigi
    35    -    17    Warrior Ken
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    30    longdistance808
    35    -    31    Pride
    37    -    27    Pcwarrior
    38    -    21    wafan
    38    -    24    Tarai
    38    -    28    HiFlyer
    38    -    33    Masaboy
    38    -    34    Boo-sit
    38    -    35    Hawaiianbod
    39    -    27    99club
    39    -    30    ms momo
    40    -    24    protector
    41    -    35    Slugger
    41    -    35    iwonderwhytheyhateme X
    42    -    21    Markazulu
    42    -    24    Jack Flash
    42    -    28    LizKauai
    42    -    38    DPK
    43    -    38    A-House
    45    -    17    madeinhawaii
    45    -    23    Michigan Warrior
    45    -    28    Kaimuki Kid
    45    -    35    bighilofan2
    45    -    38    al
    49    -    28    lil.s
    49    -    35    Tchahng
    50    -    17    HLN
    52    -    17    Steve
    56    -    14    d1

  289. mctruck:

    UH to win by (9) points.....just not sure if it's going to be high or low scores???

  290. mctruck:

    Boise qb, (Moore), is one wyly-wabbit!! This team does not really have outstanding stats outside of Moore being very accurate in the passing department....seems like the key is to have Moore hurry his passes and to keep him contained.

  291. mctruck:

    Moore get's dangerous when allowed to drift to the right/left edges; that often disrupts the defensive backs watching for the wr's/rb's to improvise.

  292. CoolEthan:

    The Moore - Tight End connection is very efficient. About as efficient and similiar as Moniz - Salas connection.

  293. CoolEthan:

    WAC player of the week announcements come out today.
    Hawaii will be in there somewhere.

    Down with the AP, USAToday, Coaches , Harris, and BCS Pollsters.

  294. USMA BOW FAN:

    Bows 32 Boincos 27

  295. Garret:

    This may be why Houston's President tweeted last week that conference realignment was still going on. If C-USA loses a few teams, then La Tech will probably get an invitation and leave the WAC. If the MWC loses TCU, they will probably invite a WAC school. In other words, I'm hoping that the Big East chooses *not* to expand...as this could be bad for UH (unless the MWC takes UH due to this season's football success).

    Several sources confirmed a Post report last month that TCU is a strong candidate. Houston, Central Florida, Temple and/or Villanova, which is in the midst of evaluating a move up from FCS, are other lead candidates.

    Two sources said if the presidents give their blessing to explore expansion, invitations could be issued before the end of the college football season. TCU is said to be very interested, as is Central Florida.


  296. Garret:

    Here is Houston's President's Twitter feed (she mostly talks about their football team):

    At Conference USA Board meeting..conferences are still shifting...


  297. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Happy All Saints' Day!

  298. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Pomai ~ Please post my winnah winnah chicken dinnah score: Warriors 56...and reluctantly, I will allow the Bozo Boyz to have a meager 10 points....

    ...It's kinda like what Pat Sajack awards his loser contestants on the Wheel...they may consider that my parting gift.

    Good Morning America! How are

  299. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos.

  300. whitey:

    Happy All Saints Day

  301. whitey:

    This is a big game for UH, but it is a much, much bigger game for BSU. They lose, can kiss the BCS game away. So to alleviate their problem, GO WARRIORS!!!!

  302. whitey:

    d1, good to see you ready to go and same for me, so ho hi and enjoy the day.

  303. Michigan Warrior:

    Boise State Receptions by position: Total Receptions 143. Total TD Receptions 21.
    Wide Receivers: 99/143 = 13 TD's
    Titus Young 37 (4TD)
    Austin Pettis 30 (5TD)
    Tyler Shoemaker 17 (3TD)
    Chris Potter 6 (1TD)
    Geraldo Hiwat 4
    Aaron Burks 4
    Mitch Burroughs 1

    Tight Ends: 20/143 = 6 TD's
    Kyle Efaw 12 (3TD)
    Tommy Gallarda 7 (3TD)
    Gabe Linehan 1

    Running Backs: 22/143 = 1 TD
    Doug Martin 11 (1TD)
    Jeremy Avery 5
    D.J. Harper 4
    Matt Kaiserman 1
    Dan Paul (FB) 1

    Quarterbacks: 1/143 = 1 TD
    Kellen Moore 1 (1TD)

  304. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Hanging w/ Annodah Liz. I believe...Wish I could be at practice these next few weeks, but I'll just have to send energy.


  305. Slugger:

    Sincere condolences to the Wilson 'ohana.

  306. Michigan Warrior:

    Boise's WR's like getting into trick plays.
    Austin Pettis has thrown and completed 2 passes. Both were TD's.
    Chris Potter has thrown and completed 1 pass (26 yards).

    Boise has 21 TD Passes; 19 Rushing TD's.

    QB Kellen Moore has rushed a total of 9 times in 7 games, for -24 yards total. Most rushes in a game this year = 2.
    Only been picked 2 times and sacked 3 times.

  307. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Btw ~ The Tsaiko T-Gate was another feast for the always discerning taste buds of the Warrior faithful.

    Kudos to the ever popular bread pudding bakers.. JM2375 has sparked a competition amongst the Tsaikettes that has raised the bar several feet above flood stage!

    The latest entry from Mrs Sailor Blue contained a mixture of Bananas and Taro. (...she wen cocka-roach da recipe from Don Ho's personal Chef down at Aloha Towah).

    Hey! No joke...da buggah was ono!

    Mahalo plenty to all the Tsaiko Sistahs for their contributions to the food fest. It rivals the buffet spreads from any of the big hotels.

    I can't ever forget the pit crew at da grill. These real men of da rolling cooler, cooler rollahs set are da besess!

    Dey really can cook da chicken j'like aunty

  308. Shoko:

    Good Monday morning folks!

    Interesting that LVSC's line has the Warriors as underdogs by 27 points. Obviously those guys have glaucoma as they are not seeing any of UH's games so far this season. Guess the medicinal marijuana initiative finally hit the state of Nevada. Keep lighting it up Vegas as Warrior fans are making choke cash this season... ;)

  309. willie:

    Ohaya gozaimasu. Watched the replay yesterday and savored the moment again from live action. Special teams played super and very impressed with both the punter & kicker. Enos is technical perfection, smooth & effortless. Both have "swinging gate" legs.

    Had this observation at the game and then yesterday I read Pilares tweaked his hammy at halftime warmups it's no wonder (ST highlights this above). At the game after the half Warriors came out after 20 minutes in the locker room. The warm immediately started up consisting of lines of Warriors running at a full sprint. My immediate thought is that someone is going to pull something. After twenty minutes muscles cool down and start to tighten. Can someone explain why you would do this with a cold, tight body to start the half?

    On the other hand Idaho came out and did kind of a slow skipping exercise with high knee action, then moderate stretches.

  310. Health Care Product:

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  311. Derek:

    If you saw the last Boise St. game against La Tech on a Tuesday, you saw La Tech moving the ball almost at will up and down the field. The problem was that La Tech imploded deep in Boise St.'s red zone and didn't come up with any points. The final score of 49-21 was very deceiving. Hawaii will be able to move the ball against Boise St. and I think the Hawaii defense will play better than La Tech did against Boise St. Look for a closer score than people expect. My prediction later. Stay humble.

  312. kabelky online:

    ROFL this shit is so funny :)

  313. Shavonda Groenendyk:

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