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Craig Stutzmann to Idaho State

November 30th, 2010

Congrats to former Warrior Craig Stutzmann, who has been named the receivers coach at Idaho State. He was the GA at Memphis this season and, prior to that, served as a GA at UH in 2008 and assistant coach at Portland State in 2009. Stutzmann, of course, had a productive career as a UH slotback. 

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At last count, there will be 30 seniors honored following Saturday's regular-season finale against Nevada-Las Vegas. Defensive tackle David Hafoka and offensive lineman Clint Daniel are seeking medical exemptions that will allow them to play next season.

Let's hope the mic hogs and  unauthorized pre-ceremony lei givers can can do the right thing so the program can start on time. Nothing worse than long delays leaving the stadium to look like  a New Mexico State home game.

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Progressive thinking should not be discouraged, but sometimes it is better, really, not to take the tools to something that is hunky and dory. 

For instance, UH officials should scrap any suggestion of creating a men's volleyball league of Big West teams. The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation is one of the best sports conferences in the country. Among the members are USC, UCLA, BYU and Stanford.  Those also would be the schools that UH would not be guaranteed to play if it were part of a Big West-only volleyball league. And don't forget that it's hard to schedule UCLA, anyway. The Bruins have long refused to play the Warriors in football. And they will only meet in basketball in Pauley Pavilion, and even that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

And, besides, there is only one slight glitch to the plan. UH isn't even in the Big West yet. UH officials need to stop trying to remodel a house it doesn't own.

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After every football game, there are statistical and play-by-play sheets distributed. We have an autographed one from the New Mexico State game. If you'd like to enter a drawing for this, ahem, green-friendly prize, please post: Happy birthday, Mrs. BigHiloFan.

Avis chooses a winner tonight.

Green day

November 29th, 2010


After rushing for a school-record 327 yards in a 59-24 victory over New Mexico State, Alex Green today was named the WAC's Offensive Player of the Week.

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In case you were wondering, the Warriors' (co-)WAC championship rings and assistant coaches' bonuses will come out of the payment UH will receive for playing in the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl. 

 UH will net about $400,000 for participating in the bowl — $375,000 in guaranteed pay, $25,000 for a bonus for  selling tickets. 

* * * * * 

TCU is going to the Big East in all sports. Hmmm. If UH's deal with the MWC is finalized, the MWC will have 10 football members in 2012. Should UH now seek to bring all of its sports to the MWC?

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There would be a little more empathy for Boise State if head coach Chris Petersen didn't say stuff like this: 

"The only thing I think is we're still going to a better league than we're in right now. And that's no disrespect to anybody."

But it does sound disrespectful. Never got the feeling Boise State was representing the WAC during its BCS quest. Which is why it didn't sound like many WAC members were rooting for them. For instance, Idaho has to feel snubbed because Boise doesn't want to continue the series after 1012 and, if the teams meet, the Broncos don't want to play in Moscow. But don't feel too bad for the WAC teams. Each receives $150,000 as part of the don't-sue-us payoff for non-AQ leagues that don't play in BCS games.

The day after: Warriors ranked No. 25

November 28th, 2010

Spend a mere 13 hours in airports and airplanes, you realize the world keeps spinning. The Warriors are ranked 25th in the Associated Press top-25 poll. That's significant considering that media across the country now have to stay up to follow Saturday's regular-season finale against UNLV. 

UH fans should send thanks to "Ferd" Lewis, who voted for the Warriors. 

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LAS CRUCES — It was interesting to see the emotion when coaches and teammates spoke of running back Alex Green's 327 rushing yards. Green has been such a selfless player — blocking, never griping — that everyone was really happy for his success. 


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The Warriors were waiting for their fans to gather before doing a pre-game haka. But then they noticed that the Aggies were honoring their seniors. So, they postponed the haka until after the game. 


* * * * * 

After doing the haka, the players formed a line and thanked the fans who showed up. As Bryant Moniz said: "If there are 10 people or 100,000, we appreciate each one of them."


* * * * * 

Haven't figured out how people can walk in with a giant flag:


* * * * * 

After the game, the players autographed this sign:


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Moniz's two cousins — Mike and Matt — made the 12-hour drive from California to watch the game. Good guys, good karaoke singers. 


* * * * * * 

Moniz, center Bronson Tiwanak and tackle Kainoa LaCount:


* * * * * * 

After the celebration, Andrew Manley came over to congratulate the Warriors. Here are Manley and Moniz:


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Happy birthday to Tannya Joaquin.

Green runs for 327 yards; UH clinches share of title

November 27th, 2010

LAS CRUCES — Alex Green's school-record 327 rushing yards boosted the Warriors to a 59-24 victory over New Mexico State and a share of the WAC title. 

It was the Warriors' fourth WAC title in 32 seasons. Only once have they won the regular-season championship outright, in 2007. They shared titles in 1992 and 1999. But the WAC does not compute head-to-head matchups in distributing trophies, so if things should stand — UH, Nevada and Boise State each have one WAC loss — there will co-champions. Besides, how do you resolve this triangle: UH beat Nevada, which beat Boise State, which beat UH. 

* * * * * 

It has been an all-in adventure for Boise State, which came close to playing in the national title game, and now: 1) might be out of the top 10 in the voting, 2) out of a BCS bowl. There has to be some trade talks, one would imagine, in terms of bowl placement. It would make sense to keep Boise State in its hometown bowl, but New Mexico probably would not relish taking Nevada, whose fans don't travel in great numbers. Thing is, with both teams set to leave the WAC — Boise State in July, Nevada in July 2012 — maybe the MWC commissioner should be the one making some calls.

* * * * * 

An hour before kickoff ... 


UH poised for share of WAC title

November 26th, 2010

EL PASO — In the aftermath of Nevada's upset of Boise State, the Warriors can clinch a share of the WAC's regular-season title with a victory over New Mexico State tomorrow in Aggie Memorial Stadium. 

The WAC awards a trophy to each co-champion, regardless of head-to-head results. UH, Boise State and Nevada each have one WAC loss this season. 

While UH supporters cheered Nevada's victory in the El Paso  bar of the hotel where the Warriors are staying, the team was sequestered in position meetings. (OK, maybe not. Maybe there might have some loud yelling on the second floor.)

From today's walk-through:

Defensive line coach Tony Tuioti points to his brother's name on a wall honoring former Aggie players:


* * * * * 

Because the Aggies were meeting near the front ramp, the Warriors entered the stadium from the stands:


* * * * * 

The new Fantastic Four — Aaron Brown, Alex Green, Lametrius Davis and Chizzy Dimude:


* * * * * 

Radio football analyst Robert Kekaula sang "One In A Million You," received a rousing ovation, and bought a round of shots.