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Green runs for 327 yards; UH clinches share of title

November 27th, 2010

LAS CRUCES — Alex Green's school-record 327 rushing yards boosted the Warriors to a 59-24 victory over New Mexico State and a share of the WAC title. 

It was the Warriors' fourth WAC title in 32 seasons. Only once have they won the regular-season championship outright, in 2007. They shared titles in 1992 and 1999. But the WAC does not compute head-to-head matchups in distributing trophies, so if things should stand — UH, Nevada and Boise State each have one WAC loss — there will co-champions. Besides, how do you resolve this triangle: UH beat Nevada, which beat Boise State, which beat UH. 

* * * * * 

It has been an all-in adventure for Boise State, which came close to playing in the national title game, and now: 1) might be out of the top 10 in the voting, 2) out of a BCS bowl. There has to be some trade talks, one would imagine, in terms of bowl placement. It would make sense to keep Boise State in its hometown bowl, but New Mexico probably would not relish taking Nevada, whose fans don't travel in great numbers. Thing is, with both teams set to leave the WAC — Boise State in July, Nevada in July 2012 — maybe the MWC commissioner should be the one making some calls.

* * * * * 

An hour before kickoff ... 


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