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Green day

November 29th, 2010


After rushing for a school-record 327 yards in a 59-24 victory over New Mexico State, Alex Green today was named the WAC's Offensive Player of the Week.

* * * * * 

In case you were wondering, the Warriors' (co-)WAC championship rings and assistant coaches' bonuses will come out of the payment UH will receive for playing in the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl. 

 UH will net about $400,000 for participating in the bowl — $375,000 in guaranteed pay, $25,000 for a bonus for  selling tickets. 

* * * * * 

TCU is going to the Big East in all sports. Hmmm. If UH's deal with the MWC is finalized, the MWC will have 10 football members in 2012. Should UH now seek to bring all of its sports to the MWC?

* * * * * 

There would be a little more empathy for Boise State if head coach Chris Petersen didn't say stuff like this: 

"The only thing I think is we're still going to a better league than we're in right now. And that's no disrespect to anybody."

But it does sound disrespectful. Never got the feeling Boise State was representing the WAC during its BCS quest. Which is why it didn't sound like many WAC members were rooting for them. For instance, Idaho has to feel snubbed because Boise doesn't want to continue the series after 1012 and, if the teams meet, the Broncos don't want to play in Moscow. But don't feel too bad for the WAC teams. Each receives $150,000 as part of the don't-sue-us payoff for non-AQ leagues that don't play in BCS games.

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