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Defensive end commits to UH

January 31st, 2011

The Warriors today secured a verbal commitment from defensive end Craig Cofer of Grossmont College in San Diego. 

Cofer said he is 6 feet 5, 250 pounds and is capable of bench pressing 275 pounds 13 times. 

"I love the weather and the beach and family aspect," Cofer told the Warrior Beat.

* * * * * 

The next few days will be big for the Warriors as they solidify commitments from recruits. The coaches today will meet to discuss their recruiting board. 

For many football programs, this has been a more complicated recruiting season because of the NCAA's new restrictions on "over-booking." In the past, programs could over-recruit knowing, for sure, that a certain number would not be eligible to play in the coming fall. 

Not so anymore. 

Now programs have to be more precise in projecting who will qualify. That's not always so easy in January. And that could mean not taking a chance on a borderline student. If today's rules were applied in the past, the Warriors would not have able to sign Pisa Tinoisamoa or Isaako Sopoago. 

Maybe the best thing would be to push the signing date to March or April. That would provide a more accurate assessment of high school seniors and junior-college sophomores. 

For now, as a coach told the Warrior Beat, "There's no room for error."

* * * * * 

There will be no tug-o-war over  two-sport athlete Miah Ostrowski. 

He's on football scholarship and, as one person in the know said: "He's going to be on the football field in the fall."

Ostrowski is a leading candidate for a starting slotback's job.

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