Defensive end commits to UH

January 31st, 2011

The Warriors today secured a verbal commitment from defensive end Craig Cofer of Grossmont College in San Diego. 

Cofer said he is 6 feet 5, 250 pounds and is capable of bench pressing 275 pounds 13 times. 

"I love the weather and the beach and family aspect," Cofer told the Warrior Beat.

* * * * * 

The next few days will be big for the Warriors as they solidify commitments from recruits. The coaches today will meet to discuss their recruiting board. 

For many football programs, this has been a more complicated recruiting season because of the NCAA's new restrictions on "over-booking." In the past, programs could over-recruit knowing, for sure, that a certain number would not be eligible to play in the coming fall. 

Not so anymore. 

Now programs have to be more precise in projecting who will qualify. That's not always so easy in January. And that could mean not taking a chance on a borderline student. If today's rules were applied in the past, the Warriors would not have able to sign Pisa Tinoisamoa or Isaako Sopoago. 

Maybe the best thing would be to push the signing date to March or April. That would provide a more accurate assessment of high school seniors and junior-college sophomores. 

For now, as a coach told the Warrior Beat, "There's no room for error."

* * * * * 

There will be no tug-o-war over  two-sport athlete Miah Ostrowski. 

He's on football scholarship and, as one person in the know said: "He's going to be on the football field in the fall."

Ostrowski is a leading candidate for a starting slotback's job.

327 Responses to “Defensive end commits to UH”

  1. bugaz:

    hope its the right decision

  2. koakane™:

    2nd or at least in top 5

  3. bugaz:

    Ostrowski, Bright, BRS, and Pollard...Moniz returning QB...looks good

  4. Moolelo:

    Where are the regulars?
    My fingers are crossed for decision week.

  5. bugaz:

    Big guys up front work hard in the off season and we should be all good

  6. bugaz:

    does fingers crossed work for you? joking looks good so far

  7. bugaz:

    as crossing my eyes works for me

  8. koakane™:

    opps morning yu'all have a nice day now and be nice

    glad loi day is almost here. interesting to see who the coaches went after and got. sure the debates will rage on over dem. as for me welcome to those who have committed to UH, looking forward to your successes

  9. chawan_cut:

    i dislike refs.

  10. Pomai:

    ST what is the time line for LOI day? I know they have the walkon tryouts that day too?

  11. Ballpicker:

    Morning everyone,

    just want to give a shout out to my class
    mate DPK. Get well buddy and we are all thinking and praying for you.

    Great anticiapation for NLI day.

    Go Warriors.... Imua Tim

  12. tommui:


    DPK - top 20 - get well Tim - prayers for you.

    AL: tomorrow the birdie sings preparing for Wednesday?

  13. KapoleiWarrior:

    Chawan, I'm hurt

  14. RedZone:

    Miah showed some quicks on the bb court. I would hate to have to be the one that will have to cover him on the gridiron.

  15. RedZone:

    When do they change the turf at Aloha Stadium?

  16. al:


  17. Kekoa:

    C_C ~ You owe a little consideration to KW. He's one of the good guys who makes the tuff calls when no one else dares!

    Keep your focus on the Wishy-Washy WAC refs we always seem to draw for the Mbb & Wbb games from another planet. Btw - I nevah saw da Orange jacket waved at Mr. Green of the Utes. Were you not in attendance?

  18. Buffoman:

    I only hope that the UH is placing as much emphasis on Miah's ability to perform in the classroom. What he is doing on the court and possibly field is great for the UH in it's desire to help the bottomline and booster support. Miah's ability to get noticed for the "next level" and a financial future there is realistically slim, given what's his competition for similar roles would be (look at Sala's draft position or Devon's and when was the last time a guard from UH made it to the "next level).

    His more certain future would be after graduation and in work where a degree would assist his UH fame open doors that may not have been easily access by someone without his noteriety. That would be a plus.

    In the meantime, UH would need to get him as much tutorial help as possible if he is to participate in two spots.

  19. BG:

    Good morn'g everyone!

    DPK, I hope there wasn't any missing equipment when they buttoned you up!!! Just know that it's not the same without you in the clubhouse.

  20. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos (again)!

    C_C & Kekoa - don't forget about the officiating crews for UH football & baseball! :twisted:

  21. lava:

    Not a single recruit listed by name, wow.

    I think there are some compelling reasons not to push back signing day, notably giving the students a break.

  22. jm2375:

    Oh yeah - the perils of social media for recruits and players...

  23. al:

    so miah could be a quite an anomaly in collegiate sports, a two way starter in football and basketball.

  24. A-joe:

    Buffoman I wholeheartedly agree.

  25. al:

    good point regarding pushing back the nli day. while at the same time many could argue that football needs an early signing day as well.

    the latter could provide relief to coaches to some degree during the all ready hectic season.

  26. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!


    I liked your idea about going to lunch before the walkon tryouts on Wednesday. Any place in mind? Gotta be figure friendly since I'm trying hard to get out of this Tsaiko figure. :)


    C_c was at the game with his peeps sans Orange jacket.

  27. A-House:


    wah happened? was truly expecting some recruiting news this am, but???????????

    your little birdie too young to be up so early and Tsai keeping his promise to Coach Mack not to release information on certain recruits?

    "Oh by gosh by golly, no recruiting news from -----------!

  28. A-House:

    I do hope some or all the visiting recruits were able to attend the MBB game on Saturday - it was rocking, especially toward the end!

  29. al:

    ahouse...the suspense is killing you?

    yes, reports indicated that close to a half dozen attended. i am sure that electrifying crowd did wonders for recruiting as well taking in the aloha stadium.

  30. PolyMom:

    Heading to the 808 for a funeral.
    Rainbow Cliff, just got a box from my neighbors (yah more then a month late) from the Warrior Store sent to the wrong address. Can you imagine these folks sat on my box and did not call Fed Ex?
    Will text you.

    How was the PRO BOWL posters?

    Regarding the turf...bad turf, is one of the causes of MRSA. All players need to take caution and take care of even the smallest scratch. Wound care is a MUST! Been through that with one kid already.

  31. Slugger:


    Yes, there were recruits at the MBB game.

    Off to market, to market, jiggedy jig....

  32. Kazz:

    Chawan was at the game as he ALWAYS is. Outside the concourse helping sell shirts for the band and he and his crew sat a little higher up in the student section due to the MASSIVE student turnout.

    Orange jacket has been retired.

  33. hawaiiansun:

    The problem of no-overbooking is blown out of proportion.
    coaches have always been aware of "floaters" and late qualifiers who fall between the cracks on LOID.
    If UH should fall short there will be quality athletes remaining to select in time to enroll by Fall....except in Hawaii's case coaches may have to pucker-up a little given the nature of UH admissions and their snail-like pace....but, that has more to do with UH bureaucratic ineptness rather than the new NCAA rule.

  34. madeinhawaii:

    Morning all.

    Hope the recruits that visited this past weekend at least went home with an appreciation of all things Hawaii.

    DPK... get well buddy!
    Laureen... prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Everyone else... make sure you get your blood pressure checked... even if it's just a visit to longs drugs.

  35. LizKauai \m/:

    Love and positive thoughts to all...

  36. jm2375:

    Warrior vb up to #10 in this week's poll.


  37. A-House:

    WOW, last day of January and 2 days to NLOI and nothing, nothing about new recruits!!!

    Will there be a surprise or many surprises on 2/2/2011?

    Where or where has the big recruits gone, oh where or where can they be? not my credit, but from a song of yester year!

  38. A-House:

    "Hot diggity dog diggity boom what you did to me really care for me"
    "Hot diggity dog diggity boom what you did to me for the rest of my life." Perry Como.

  39. gigi-hawaii:

    To see A-House sing karaoke might be worth the price of admission! I wonder if he sings in tune and how's his rhythm? lol

  40. gigi-hawaii:

    beautiful sunny weather we are having today. Too bad it wasn't like this yesterday!

  41. 外遇:

    I signed up in your publication, so please keep update the informative posts; Perhaps there is a way to disable that online system.

  42. Pride.:

    Interesting read.

  43. SteveM:

    January 31st, 2011 at 12:10 pm
    To see A-House sing karaoke might be worth the price of admission! I wonder if he sings in tune and how's his rhythm? lol

    gigi -- I think he might be a great rap singer is he uses marching cadence... :)

  44. Ralph:

    Al I read your post on Jasmine Ray, great HS accomplishments, multi sports, multi talent. DTD needs athletics players with speed to build her program. She now has three multi sports girls coming in next season- Malia Cravens (high jump and basketball), Kalei Adolpho (VB and BB), and Jasmine Ray (VB, BB, Track and boys football).

    I hope they transition to D1 easily. Add Vicky Tagalicod and a few more recruits, DTD will put out a winner in a couple of years.

    Ray plays in Div II CIF, her 30 point average may be skewed by the competition. I read the all star game between Riverside vs San Bernadino ended 116-115 Riverside in regulation. On the boys all star game the score was San Bernadino 142 to 109 in regulation. Do you think they play defense in div II, players that good, or a quality athlete can really shine in this league (San Andreas, SS CIF div. II)

  45. A-House:


    one will never know as I do not do Karaoke!

    it would embarrass me and my family and woe to the ear drums of those close by!!

  46. d1島:


    Amazing the percentage of that group who contributed in their first year outta HS. Also noteworthy the numbers who jumped to the next level without playing 4 years of CFB.

  47. gigi-hawaii:

    soooo... A-House prefers to type his singing rather than use his vocal cords?

  48. d1島:

    ...also note heavy "East Coast bias" to that list.

    Only one Duck (at #111) but yet they were able to be very successful these past two seasons under Coach Kelly.

    Must be the shoes! (ask Erin Andrews :lol: )

  49. d1島:


    That Nike SPARQ Combine at Kalepohaku made it to
    It's good that they start their circuit each year in Hawaii.

  50. d1島:


    something to chew on for the next two years and two days.

    Jeremy Tabuyo, Class of 2013 WR, (Honolulu, Hawaii/St.Louis)
    Tabuyo, who first emerged at this event one year ago when he clocked a 4.58 40, topped that time on Saturday with the day's best time at 4.46. Tabuyo was perhaps the best-looking skill athlete in attendance regardless of class, and showed an early offer from Hawaii is more than justified.

  51. d1島:

    ...remember the 8th grader that Mack offered?

    Reeve Koehler, Class of 2013 OL, (Honolulu, Hawaii/St. Louis)
    Koehler, the younger brother of former Army All-American Solomon Koehler, measured in at 6-4 and 289 pounds. He put on another outstanding testing performance for a big man, highlighted by a 39-foot power ball toss, and finished with a 78.87 SPARQ rating. Hawaii has already offered.

  52. Kazz:


  53. d1島:

    Hope the Hawaii coaches had some time and peeked around the corner on Saturday.

    Kennedy Tulimaseali'I, Class of 2013 DT, (Waianae, Hawaii/Waianae)
    He earned first-team all-state honors in the fall, Tulimaseali'I showed off the physical attributes that helped him earn that distinction. He measured 6-1½ and 298 pounds and clocked a 5.19 40 and 87.87 SPARQ rating.

    Aofaga Wily, Class of 2013 RB, (Kahuku, Hawaii/Kahuku)
    This 5-11, 180-pound back was a key player for state-power and FAB 50-ranked Kahuku this fall, rushing for 1,175 yards and 17 touchdowns. Saturday he showed he was more than just a product of the physical Red Raiders run-first offense, clocking a 4.61 40, 4.16 shuttle and throwing the power ball 36 feet on the way to a 100.86 SPARQ rating, the fourth-best at the event.

  54. d1島:


    When I have stuff come "back up" I try not to tell anyone. :roll:

  55. Michigan Warrior:

    Howzit, everybody!

    Countdown to LoI Day!

    News update for us: 2-3 inches tomorrow morning. Then, from tomorrow night, through Wednesday afternoon, 15-20 inches! Freezing!!!

    Bruddah dem just pau with their 2nd annual Honokai/Nanakai Reunion at "Tracks" dis past weekend.

    So much going on, would rather be there than here!!!

  56. Ralph:

    Raiders hire Bob Wylie as OL coach with Steve Wisniewski as assistant OL coach. Hue Jackson wants the OL to switch from zone blocking to power blocking. Lots of big hogs on Oakland's line, Samson is the smallest guy at 6'3 290 to 310 lbs.

    It's time for Oakland to knock people back and kick butts!

  57. Pride.:

    #46 - What I found interesting was the amount of guys that quit playing or ended up tranferring to different schools. I'll take walk-ons by the name of Moniz and Paredes any day over those 5* guys.

  58. d1島:

    And then in Lake Buena Vista, FL UA had their combine for HS underclassmen

    Dante Fowler is a 6-foot-3, 220-pound defensive end who could end being a hybrid linebacker-defensive end for Florida State. He's strong enough to put his hand on the ground and quick enough to play linebacker.

    He tested extremely well, running a 4.65 40-yard dash, posting a 33-inch vertical leap and was at or near the top in the other drills.


  59. Pride.:

    #56 - I'm a little lost Ralph. Can you please explain to me the difference between zone and power blocking?

  60. Pride.:

    #56 - Is that good or bad for Satele?

  61. d1島:


    link for that article

  62. Kaimuki Kid:

    Hey has anyone heard of a restaurant called Imanase on Kauai?

  63. d1島:

    nothing wrong with zone blocking schemes that are executed well

  64. Kaimuki Kid:

    It is a sushi restaurant but I can't seem to find it on the net, looking for the phone number

  65. d1島:

    I'm sure the writers know their stuff but "Come on, man!"

    ...putting Central Florida (UCF) last on their list of teams that are listed "alphabetically"? :lol:

  66. d1島:


    Sorry. Even tried yelp 'em for you. but no mo

  67. RainbowCliff:

    #30 PolyMom: Have a safe trip back to Hawaii, sorry it's not for good news. You got some
    good neighbors to hold your package for that long as Fed Ex must not be a favorite of deliveries in your area as UPS rules all over Los Angeles. Every thing is good on my end with lots of good sunshine and trade winds near LAX.

    Take care and blessings to all of your love ones !

  68. jm2375:

    From UHAD website:

    Hawai`i Picked to Win 2011 WAC Softball Title

    1/31/2011 1:06:40 PM
    DENVER—The Western Athletic Conference softball coaches tabbed the University of Hawai‘i as the early favorites to win the 2011 WAC regular-season crown. The coaches also voted junior Stephanie Ricketts as the Preseason Pitcher of the Year and sophomore outfielder Kelly Majam as the Preseason Player of the Year, while Melissa Gonzalez, Jessica Iwata, and Jenna Rodriguez were all selected Preseason All-WAC.

  69. Peter Allen:

    I think that going to online schools to earn an online phd in business is one of the best choices you could make for your business.

  70. jm2375:

    UH to play at UC-Davis for Bracketbusters. A glimpse into the future? Alas, no TV coverage.

  71. A-House:


    heard of those 2 and believe there are 3 or 4 more that really standout in Hawaii. glad to hear that UH has already "offered".

    is the Lahainaluna LB a 2012 or 2013 class - like 6' 4" and 230#s with speed?

  72. Kazz:

    Hawai`i Picked to Win 2011 WAC Softball Title

    1/31/2011 1:06:40 PM

    DENVER—The Western Athletic Conference softball coaches tabbed the University of Hawai‘i as the early favorites to win the 2011 WAC regular-season crown. The coaches also voted junior Stephanie Ricketts as the Preseason Pitcher of the Year and sophomore outfielder Kelly Majam as the Preseason Player of the Year, while Melissa Gonzalez, Jessica Iwata, and Jenna Rodriguez were all selected Preseason All-WAC.

    I'm of all these people talkin out their heads.. I've never understood a damn thing that they said.



    I WALK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. d1島:


    Never seen football on Maui

  74. NYUH:

    NFC Defeats AFC 55-41 in National Football League's Pro Bowl in Hawaii

    Sounds like an Aloha Stadium score.

  75. games:

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  76. chawan_cut:

    KapoleiWarrior, Kekoa,
    I'm sorry. Not you. I meant the ones on Saturday.

  77. RedZone:

    Wop jaws Fresno. We got KMJJS.

  78. Solar Panel for Homes:

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  79. Ralph:

    Pride #59 and #60 that's how they wrote it up on the Raiders site when they hired Wylie, they changing their blocking scheme from Zone to Power.

    Same issue Satele had at Miami, they wanted a more physical presence at center to handle the NT, and Oakland could use him for his quickness in their zone blocking scheme. Maybe we should ask Jason boy. :)

  80. hcg:

    I can tell everything you mean. Fantastic ideas and they have really opened up my eyes to the possibility of what you're declaring. You sure do possess a lots of comments about this post!

  81. Kekoa:

    C_C ~ Tell me it's not true!...The Orange jacket has been retired?

  82. d1島:


  83. al:

    news will be out this evening......all this waiting is making me hungry.

  84. Kazz:


    Too bad that in the game of recruiting there is no such thing as "done deals".

  85. Pride.:

    Pac-12 schools need to look out for that new player in the recruiting wars, Colorado. Colorado has brought in a head coach from the Redskins, an OC from the Vikings, and a QB coach from the Panthers. Recruits now know that when they're done playing, their coaches can make a few phone calls and put in a good word for them with their contacts in the NFL. Look to CU as being a big player in the recruiting wars. Maybe not this year because of the late start, but certainly in the years to come.

  86. NYUH:

    Congrats to Troy Polamalu for being voted The Associated Press 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

  87. Bryson:

    Will we be getting News if The Good Variety Al?

  88. Bryson:

    Sorry meant to say of*

  89. hawaiiansun:

    Every Pac10 school has NFL coaches. LOL.
    Currently, WASH (21), USC (19), Ore (18), Stanf (18), CAL (17), Ore St (16), ASU, (12) and ARIZ (10), all have more 3-star recruits than Colorado (6). UCLA has the same as the buffs(6) and WSU, the least with 4. SIX PAC teams have more 5 and 4-star recruits than COL has 3-stars.
    In the MWC--BSU, SDSU, NEV, FSU and CSU are doing as well or better than Colorado.

  90. hawaiiansun:

    Again, you evaluate your team's recruiting by direct contrast to your conference members.
    In Hawaii's case it would be reasonable to compare to teams joined in the MWC 2012 alignment.
    That is the year the majority of our 2011 recruits will be cutting their teeth in FBS competition. That is when the sum-significance of MAC's recruiting classes MUST bear fruit--in his 5th year!

  91. Pride.:

    #89 - That's why I said in year's to come.

  92. Pride.:

    #91 - lol.

  93. G (China):

    Miah looks like he will make great contributions to the slot. His quickness was quite obvious on the hardwood. After watching the past week's game, there isn't another player that I will root for more. Blessings to you Miah!

  94. NYUH:

    I wonder if our MWC deal is going to kill any exposure on ESPN this year?

  95. cheepono:

    Who's Craig Cofer?

  96. RedZone:

    Any news on coaching hire?

  97. Derek:

    This wait is getting to be pretty agonizing. You can take it several ways. No news is good news meaning the UH coaches and the media is keeping mum until the last hour so that other teams are not poaching our recruits or no news is bad news meaning that the coaches are having a hard time closing the deal to get recruits. What is it? Who knows.

    The last great Hawaii player from Samoa was Isaac Sapoanga, although Isaac went to a JC first. Joey Iosefa was highly touted but he is still a redshirt freshman. Maybe he will show his stuff in the spring and in fall camp and make a big contribution. He has gained some weight since he was recruited and I saw some reports that he's now around 6'1" and 240 or 245 and he's listed as a running back. The other guy that signed with Hawaii from Samoa is David Katina but I don't know where is is now. Anybody knows? I don't know anything about this new recruit, Faalologo. Like a lot of sophomores, redshirt freshmen, and incoming freshman it's all about let's wait until they do. The only 2 young guys that showed that they could play right away are John Hardy-Tuliau and Allen Sampson. In the next couple of years we will see for sure how successful Mack and his staff have been recruiting and if their evaluations are right on or if the classes will be bad.

  98. Kaimuki Kid:

    D1 Thanks for the try but I was hoping that LizKauai saw the message becuase I suspect that the restaurant might be fairly new... Thank you

  99. A-House:


    #77 - what is KMJJS? name of players?


    #89 - based on your "spread sheet", UH has no 4 or 5 star recruit, yet!!

  100. Support Rainbow Wahine Softball:


    January 31st, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    #77 - what is KMJJS? name of players?

    I too assume:

    K-elly (Majam)
    M-elissa (Gonzalez)
    J-essica (Iwata)
    J-enna (Rodriguez)
    S-tephanie (Ricketts)

    In response to the Wahine being voted 2011 WAC favorites.

  101. A-House:

    One recurring theme from the last 4 or 5 commits or maybe all of them has been "the family" feeling!

    Yep, no other school can project the "ohana" spirit better than the Warriors because it comes from the coaches, players, bloggers - their commitment to "family"; of being born and raised in Hawaii; of becoming a believer by players who came from afar; and all their willingness to share this feeling with any new team mate. I hope this never changes as Honolulu becomes a bigger city and UH becomes a sports power house.

    I was so happy to see the football players doing the Ha'a before the MBB game on Saturday. We have never been "up close and personal" before and perhaps this is true for 99% of people at the game. It was great to see the basketball players sprint from their chairs for a front view, up close and personal. I wanted Miah to jump in as he was a member of the 2010 team. If he did, we missed it!!! Sooooo exciting!!!

    Was Craig Cofer at the game? Did the Ha'a make a favorable impression? Did the fan support make an impression? This is the "human side" of recruiting and a most important one at that!

  102. madeinhawaii:

    Team USA vs the WORLD football this week..

    Two American Samoa players look familar....

  103. A-House:


    #100 - yep, gotta agree with that - 5 very big names who have a lot to live up too from last year! Gals, just be yourselves, play your game, and the fans will come and support you. Take care of this and the wins will come!!

    Wonder what goal the Na Wahine set for themselves in 2011? Win the WAC? Regional? Super regional? National title?

    Did I hear wrong last year that the 1st and 3rd base seats would be covered for 2011? Watching the sports news at 6 pm, it appeared they were still "open air".

  104. blahblah:

    sucks, dano graves to the air force academy

  105. whitey:

    Grossmont College football also list b malufau (farrington), s sword and k chun (mililani). list cofer as a fresh from livermore.

  106. A-House:


    #104 - at least we get to play against him starting in 2012!

  107. d1島:

    Welcome to the Warriors Craig Cofer!

  108. A-House:


    #102 - interesting that the World Team has plenty players from Canada and Austria; 3 from American Samoa; and 2 from Japan.

    Wonder if UH will recruit in Canada someday? UH had a few Canadians play MBB and 1 football ( Dane McArther(sp) ).

  109. d1島:

    Nothing says, "Welcome" quite like, "who is that?" :lol:

  110. Stephen Tsai:

    Cofer is from Livermore, Calif.
    By the way, he has three years to play three seasons.

  111. jm2375:

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Craig Cofer!

    A-House - #108 - don't forget mvb for the Canadians and Europeans. Haven't had a player from Brazil or Puerto Rico lately...

    hey brew - how's your Tar Heels? :roll:

  112. A-House:

    The Ames Bros sang Bonnie Lassie and a few words were "drum, drum, drum------".

    That's what my fingers are doing now; just drumming along until St or al or jeezy posts new news of UH commits.

  113. d1島:


    Put those fingers to work on getting info on Cofer then post it here for the rest of us...

  114. A-House:

    CRAIG COFER, welcome to the Warrior family!! May it be a time you will cherish and remember forever!

    ST #110 - thanks for the update!!!

  115. A-House:


    I'm just a poor country boy working hard to support the family and do not posses the skills of ST or al or jeezy when it comes to gathering intel on recruits!

    I bow to them on this!

  116. pcwarrior:

    I found this link on Mr Cofer. Welcome to the Warriors!!

  117. Decision week – The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of …:

    [...] more: Decision week – The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of … best-time, event, hawaii, jeremy-tabuyo, one-year, saturday, tabuyo, [...]

  118. pcwarrior:

    Let the lurking begin!!! 2 more days of anticipation!

  119. jeezy33:

    ST, any reason we didn't go for any high school DTs or DEs? Besides Juda

  120. Guy in the office:

    Dano Graves, David's kid brother, apparently bound for Air Force Academy. Saw snippets of him while in California last month. All he did this season was pass for 62 TDs, rush for 23 TDs, and won an award given to the national player of the year. Expect good things from David in the future, too,

  121. Curt:

    Too bad we lost out on Dano. He looks like a player. He's probably a perfect fit for the Air Force offense.

  122. d1島:


    Poor country boys across the nation have discovered google and now bing...the knowledge of Solomon at your beck and call. (see what pcwarrior found?)

  123. d1島:


    More importantly, hope he's a good fit as an Air Force officer.

    btw, I would guess that the Air Force has some pretty good offensive weaponry available. ;-)

  124. Curt:

    At the Academy, he could play QB. At UH, I would think that's a long shot at best. Our very best to Dano Graves.

  125. Curt:


    Yes...they've got the weapons. Looks like we might get a first-hand look at Dano down the road when we meet up in conference play.

  126. RedZone:

    Just a Poor Country Boy by Jimmy Reed

    They call me a country preacher
    Jimmy Reed, is my name
    Sometime they think I'm the Boss Man
    It all mean the same

    I'm just a poor country boy
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    Just like a dog ain't got no bone

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    Tryin' to find myself a home
    Well now, I may look like I'm happy
    Ev'rything I do is wrong

  127. Curt:


    I have a feeling that Dano will be both a fine officer and a star QB for the Academy.

  128. hawaiiansun:

    #99, UH has three 3-stars-- Ellis Henderson (ATH), Van Ackeren (Ath) and Will Gregory (RB).
    JUCO's are not evaluated (HS only). The list includes High School athletes only.
    JUCO has a list also, but I couldnt find anyone listed with 3-stars going to Hawai'i.
    As an example, Cam Newton was rated 4-5 stars last year out of Blinn JC.

    Another point, although WASH has the most 3-stars in the PAC with 21, USC has eight recruits rated in the top 150. WASH has 2, Oregon 5, Calif 5, Stanf 2 and UCLA 1.
    BSU, NEV, SDSU, CSU, AFA and FSU have nadas in the top 150.

    ALAB is considered to be among the top recruiting classes in the FBS for 2011 and has 8 recruits in the top 150, but they are ranked higher than USC's 8. The crimsom tide has 20 recruits 3 or better and 13 that are 4 or better.

  129. d1島:

    Wow, coached by Michael Jordan. At least you would always know the spread for the game! :lol:

  130. Curt:

    I hope that we'll have some surprise local commits on Wednesday. It's been too quiet and it looks like a couple of the big ones are going to the mainland...sniff sniff.

  131. LizKauai (macbook):

    Welcome new Warriors!

  132. Derek:

    I wonder if Craig Cofer is related to Mike Cofer of the former San Francisco 49ers kicker.

  133. Derek:

    Check that, maybe Mike Cofer was a running back. He played in the 70s I believe.

  134. A-House:


    #116 - Coffer seems to have straight up power and good lateral pursuit; not too much on the speed. With weight room training and 35-45#s, move him to DT.

  135. Derek:

    No, I was right the first time, he was a kicker, but in the late 80s and early 90s. He won a couple of Super Bowls w/ Montana, Rice, etc. Mike could be Craig's father, or maybe uncle.

    Oh well, just some trivia. Maybe Bobby Curran can use it for his Ultimate Sports Trivia contest in July.

  136. turfwar:

    I'm hoping Kahuku's OL Jamal Napeahi and Kailua's DE Ethan Mahaulu are on Mac's radar. Napeahi defines toughness and Ethan is just very tough to block. Anyone who saw Ethan at the HUB Classic knows what i'm talking about. He was chasing the west QB's all night long. Kid has long arms and at 6'4" 225 is just a pup. Jamal could be the guy who ends up a 3-4 year starter at C or OG. Castle OT Chris Finau who is just now coming into his own at 6'4" 290 has a bright future if he can take care of business. He's another kid who looked good all week at the HUB practices. The east team practiced at Kailua H.S. and some others that stood out include Justin Vele, Nalu Robins, Ben Mamea, Tigi Hill and Star Sua Passi. All of these guys have a chance to play at the next level. If there was one guy who looked special it was Mariota. I hope he makes a name for him for himself at Oregon.

  137. al:

    130...don't hold your breath.

  138. al:

    i heard mahaulu would jump at the chance to be a warrior.
    i hear that starr pua-passi would jump at the chance to be a warrior.

  139. pcwarrior:

    A-house, gotta agree with 134.

    He didnt look like he had alot of speed BUT the video didnt do him justice, hopefully his strength and technique will take him a long way. But again, I am no expert at evaluating recruits.

  140. jeezy33:

    Kaai maybe going to stanford?? Should stir up some good PAC 12 poaching. Oregon trying to steal DeAnthony Thomas

  141. jeezy33:

    al, would like to think if Mamea doesn't commit soon, Starr probably would get offered?

  142. pcwarrior:

    al, say it isn't so. Reminds me of my senior prom, all I had to do was ask.... didn't matter I couldn't dance anyway.

  143. hawaiiansun:

    Tavita Woodard and Craig Cofer are mature gets and should bolster our DE positions while giving RSF DEs Desmond Dean and Beau Yap time to grow into their positions. We are OK at DT for another year and look solid on our front four for 2011. If Aranda can patch and fill on our back seven we should be ready to rumble on D in our our swan year in the WAC.

    Cofer has good hand moves to keep seperated, stays balanced, has an eye for the ball and the natural ability to slip blockers, inside and out. Something Travis LaBoy was adept at doing. Not comparing, just saying CC has abilities.
    What Cofer lacks in straight-on-power and speed he makes up in instinct and tracking-quickness. Just a step quicker to the inside or out portends potential to make a difference.

  144. jeezy33:

    Woodard and Cofer need to learn Pass Rush moves though. They play to upright in my opinion and they lack technique. Potential is there but a lot of polishing to do. They rely on size and strength to get by blockers instead of using pass rush moves. Could work on their bullrush too.

  145. indirme guzel:

    I do not know how to thank you, worked a lot for me:)

  146. Curt:


    #137: You're bursting my bubble. I take it that what you're implying is that most if not all of the local blue chippers are probably heading to the mainland...not exactly what I wanted to hear. Once again, we'll have to rely on the coaches to find the under-the-radar gems that the mainland coaches aren't too familiar with...hopefully. Everyone knows about the blue chippers; it's the others that the coaches must be keeping quiet about. In Mack we trust.

    al, pls try not to burst any more bubbles of mine. I can only handle so much. ;)

  147. al:


    ...reality pops!

  148. Curt:

    Tiny bubbles, in the wine. Makes me happy, til al makes me wanna whine...

  149. kruzen:

    per KITV JP to Colorado.

  150. Ralph:

    I didn't see the A Houses tonight at the game. UH reports 1500+ in the house, does that mean we are losing less money this year than last season.

    Keep on trucking to the SSC, the game on Wednesday is at 6 pm vs Boise State.

  151. Curt:

    al, u so cruel. :(

  152. Chee Hoo:

    Bummer! Juda's a Buffalo!

  153. Curt:

    There goes one blue chipper.

  154. Curt:

    Tiny bubbles, makes me cold all over. With the blue chip recruits leaving, means it's the end of time!

  155. Reality Check:

    Letting a 10 and 4 season go down the drain. Because they don’t work with a sense of ugency. The college football world is running circles around them. Just like the Tulsa game. The young bucks are too hungry and have too much energy. They haven’t even posted the new coaching job yet.

    Not only are the Warriors losing recruits to mainland schools. But other mainland schools are still in town recruiting and poaching the kids that have already committed.

    "There are no words to describe what just happened. I'm just going to go home and go to bed." --- Coach Mack

  156. Curt:

    So the end is coming soon,
    Here's to the M-W-C,
    And mostly here's a toast
    to the Warriors and me.

  157. al:

    curt the pops represented
    one for asiata who is switching to colorado now.
    one for parker who is the pied piper to colorado.
    one for sua-passi who would have come to hawaii but is now headed to idaho st. cuz he got no love from the home team.

    those were the last three blue chippers from st louis. we also whiffed on houston clemente, robins, mariota.

    sorry curt...truth hurts sometimes.

  158. Pride.:

    #155 - You need an attitude check!

  159. jm2375:

    Reality Check - get a grip. How do you know the coaches aren't doing their best? We will always lose players to mainland schools. No school gets all the local players to stay home. There will always be kids who want to go away. Stop criticizing the coaches and support their efforts.

    *off the soapbox and out the door to "walk" the dog*

  160. Curt:

    Tiny bubbles
    in da wine
    make me happy
    make me feel fine.

  161. Pride.:

    Lot of poaching going around.

  162. Bryson:

    Oh no the sky is wishes to those young men who chose to attend school elsewhere...I wanna watch these Young Men that choose to be Warriors...They are of my only concern....

  163. al:

    we have no business losing out to the old wac schools in the recriting game now that we are mwc bound.

    the picture that it paints is that we aren't working our tails off trying to get the local kids to stay home.

    of all the goals and targets that we have every year the number one priority that is of the utmost should be to recruit 10-12 local kids every year.

    as pride. have discussed many a time, they would be your oline/dline bulls and linebackers.,

  164. Curt:

    Wow. Two big guns to da Buffs. Well, good luck to them. I still think we got a good-looking group coming in. We can do lots of damage; lets start with Colorado in the fall.

  165. whitey:

    i think we got to give ST a lot of credit in getting the necessary info to publish. i think da warriors coaches depend on ST to get the storyline on the recruits. ST said previously that it takes him time (many phone calls) to get all the info. I truly appreciate his patience in making sure the storyline is correct and giving us info prior to publication.

  166. Pride.:

    #164 - I think they got three big guns. K.T. Tuumalo is going to be a good one under Brian Cabral's tutelage.

  167. Ralph:

    how do you walk a dog that's bigger than you. :) and don't wear yellow, he might think you are a fire hydrant.

  168. whitey:

    no matter what we as fans say or want, the final decision is made by the athlete and his family. the coaches can only do so much, then they are like us. some may be happy, some not, but one thing is constant, we wish all our athletes well in their endeavor and hopefully they would want to be a warrior.

  169. Curt:

    You're right al. Our primary focus should be the local players.

  170. Bryson:

    We all knew When Colorado and Utah joined the PAC-12 that we would have trouble keeping local kids home...

  171. whitey:

    how a hawaii hs player performs playing for a mainland school means very little to me because i am just interested in those that will be playing as warriors. no knock on these kids going away because they are chasing their dream and i am happy for them and their family. just want to see da warriors do well for years to come with whomever plays for them.

  172. jm2375:

    al - since when was Colorado in the WAC?

    I don't agree with focusing just on local players. If the team was made up entirely of local players, UH would not be competitive.

  173. jm2375:

    whitey - #168 & 171 - nuff sed.

  174. jm2375:

    "Reality Check" = "Steve"?

  175. whitey:

    i think the terminology "local players" should be in compliance with the new ncaa guidelines of being academically eligible. we have wasted scholies in the past on local and mainland players who did not qualify academically.

  176. SteveM:

    January 31st, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    al, say it isn't so. Reminds me of my senior prom, all I had to do was ask.... didn't matter I couldn't dance anyway.

    Al and senior proms...? That's why he know so much about recruiting? :razz:

  177. Bryson:

    Bottom line here is Local Kids have been going away well before Mack was ever head coach & they'll continue to do so even after he's gone because they've already seen what Hawaii as a state has to offer....instead of mourning the loss of these recruits to the Have's.... we should be embracing those young men who will possibly make a decision on Wednesday to give this state 4-5 Yrs of their lives...I Want The Kids Who Wanna Be Here...Kids Like Justin Vele,Tavita Woodard,KVA,Brenden Daley,Thomas olds,Will Gregory,Ellis Henderson just to name a few...These Kids along with the Rest of the recruits...WILL BE HAWAII'S WARRIORS!!!

  178. Ralph:

    girls basketball: Malia Cravens, Sr., Temecula Valley, thru nine games is averaging 7.6 points per game.

  179. al:

    nobody said colorado was in the wac.

  180. whitey:

    Each hs player has his reason for either going or not going to UH, but one thing stands out. Most of the hawaii hs coaches neva went to uh and have no connection with uh. Schools may run the same offense as uh, attend uh clinics, but they all have their own agenda.

  181. al:

    follow the bouncing ball. several local boys as well some mainland boy that we were after, in the last 24 hours have accepted scholarships to idaho, idaho st, new mexico st, and san jose st. we have no business being out recruited by these schools now that we are mwc bound and the wac is crumbling.

  182. Bryson:

    We still have a shot at Darien Bryant...

  183. al:

    did i say we need to recruit all local boys only? no. i did state that we need to make it priority to recruit 10-12 local boys every year of which the majority will be olinemen, dlinemen, and linebackers. it is something that pride. and i have dicussed and do agree upon. this would make for a solid foundation and taking from the best that hawaii has to offer. which are olinemen, dlinemen, and linebackers. with a solid number of locals on the roster the attendance will rise as well as have a very competitive team annually.

  184. Ralph:

    Kalei Adolpho, Sr, Molokai, is averaging 25 points a game. Her Farmers team is seeded #2 in the State DIV II basketball and will play the winner of the Maryknoll vs Waianae game. Radford is seeded #1 in DII.

  185. Ralph:

    since the birdie isn't singing, I thought I'd discuss some wbb recruits coming to the UH and pass on football until NLI on Wednesday. :)

  186. Slugger:

    I wonder how Siaki Cravens' knee is doing? How long is he supposed to be out?


  187. whitey:

    al, idaho st in wac????

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  191. O university:

    can anyone answer this. i had the opportunity to see alex dunnachie , another wr and billy ray stuzman at 7-11 by uh. i am a huge fan of alex. he is listed at 6-5. stuz looks like he got bigger and a bit taller. is stuz gona go slot. i asked alex if he is gona do kick offs. he said he would not mind. does anyone see stuz as starting SLOT? getting big and thick!! is alex gona kick off???? responses?

  192. al:

    got it whitey.

  193. papajoe2:

    191, I think we have a redshirt freshman kicker already that was one of the top kickers as a high school senior.

  194. kruzen:

    Colorado game against UH will be more interesting now.

  195. bighilofan2:

    Good evening tsaikos everywhere.

    Good luck and well wishes to all who want to be Warriors, play for Hawaii.

    prayers my brudda. hope you feelin fine today!

  196. Pcwarrior:

    Gnite all. Lurkin pau for da nite. Will be waiting to see the names on the dotted line in 30 hours from now. As many have stated, I too will be proud of all those young WARRIORS that sign on Wednesday and will be eager to see them in GREEN in the years to come!!! Welcome home Warriors! Welcome to HAWAII!!

  197. Kekoa:

    Bhf2 ~ Those who want to dedicate their time to fine tuning themselves into Warriors will be challenged. They have to live, eat and breathe fb year round.

    Looking at the past players who made it in the NFL reveals the hard work they dedicated to their craft. Let's hope this new crop of recruits are willingly to push themselves beyond what's necessary to succeed.

  198. al:

    all this excitement...coaches in pow wow all day along with the numerous phone calls to the committed student/athletes. more phone calls to the last few remaining offers out there.

    picking who gets the last two to three scholies...must be a tough decision for the coaches. i imagine it was how our grandparents picked their picture brides back in the day.

  199. al:

    check the sports page for more info.....

  200. al:


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  203. al:

    thus far,

    2 running backs, one big guy and one fast guy(our version of csonka and kiick)
    5 wide receivers/slot backs, all big and fast several in the 4.4 range.
    3 olineman, all big dude
    3 defensive back, all big and fast
    2 defensive end, both 6'5" 250lbs and 4.7
    3 linebackers, 4.7 and big hitters

    known grey shirts
    1 running back, alex green clone
    2 defensive backs, one at 6'3" and both at 4.5
    1 defensive end, local boy calen friel may have outgrown the position and become a dtackle

  204. ai-eee-soos:

    Good to see that former UH DT Lui Fuga is DT coach at Grossmont.

    link to ST's column on a DE & an LB commits.

  205. Clementine:

    I'm not sure why but this weblog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I'll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  206. Tweets that mention The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics | | Honolulu, Hawaii --

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by GKBuckland, Hawaii Warriors Buzz. Hawaii Warriors Buzz said: The Warrior Beat >> Decision week [...]

  207. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.


    howzit. musta been awesome watching the pro guys working out on da ceded lands.

    work hard, Warriors, work like Warriors!

    and coaches, c'mon guys, you can do it. set an example for coach. remind him that he is our coach!

    looking forward to reading about the great recruiting commitments for 2011!
    no slackin on the job. quitters never win. winners never quit.

    Go Warriors!!!

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  219. Pride.:

    Wow. Wafan has magical powers. You must have one of those Harry Potter wands that they sell in Orlando buy the thousands and thousands. Wow, to think that I thought it was a ripoff. It actually works huh?

  220. Pride.:

  221. jm2375:

    al - you sure those boys would have qualified at UH? just saying

  222. LizKauai -iPad:

    #98. Sorry, haven't heard of it. But that is not unusual... I'm on a diet.

    Aloha Kakahiaka Tsai-kos and fair weather recruiting fans!

    Wow, wafan!
    Hi Pride!

  223. LizKauai -iPad:

    Wafan is Mr. Mistofflees

  224. LizKauai -iPad:

    Good point, jm2375.

    But then, I'm a believer.
    Warrior coaches are pickin the best that wanna be the best as a Warrior.

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  227. Michigan Warrior:

    Tooo... morrow, tomorrow,
    They sign up tomorrow...

    #181 and #183... Al... Right on!!!

    Wafan, hopefully, local forecasters are off... they are saying we may get upwards of 20 inches of snow in 12 hours, starting around midnight tonight!

  228. Michigan Warrior:

    JMxxxx... I think it's been mentioned before that it's tougher to qualify for UH than it is for most of those BCS schools, just due to entrance requirements. I don't know the full details of that, but I've even heard mention of this by sportscasters in the past.

  229. d1島:

    Great Morning All!


    How you?

    Idaho St. is in the Big Sky...which makes it even more distressing if the local school is getting out-hustled for recruits.

    But what do I know?

  230. d1島:

    10-12 local recruits with emphasis on OL, DL, LB's?

    Hmmm...seem to remember when that was happening....

    ...little guy.

    ...spoke a little "french". (OK, maybe a lot)

    ...seemed to be anywhere and everywhere.

  231. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos.

  232. whitey:

    see d1 went ho hi already. very good.

  233. Check the Facts:

    Reality Check:
    January 31st, 2011 at 10:53 pm
    Letting a 10 and 4 season go down the drain. Because they don’t work with a sense of ugency. The college football world is running circles around them. Just like the Tulsa game. The young bucks are too hungry and have too much energy. They haven’t even posted the new coaching job yet.

    The job most recently held by Tormey was posted on January 26. In what reality are you living in?

  234. d1島:

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    Now HiHo....

  235. whitey:

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