The not-so-long goodbye?

February 28th, 2011

As time was expiring on Saturday night's Rainbow Warrior basketball game, play-by-play announcer Jim Leahey  gave brief reference to how K5's exclusive claim to UH sportscasts also was expiring. This summer, Oceanic Time Warner gains full rights to UH's TV rights. 

The best thing would be to keep the arrangement, with Oceanic outsourcing the production to K5 —  and not just for the benefit of  households that don't have cable. K5 and its ancestors not only have chronicled UH's sports for more than a generation, but helped foster their growth and popularity. 

We'll soon find out what will happen. 

But if Oceanic decides to take over the whole package, it has been suggested that it should expand its programming, including adding more channels. As ESPN has proven, it is OK to compete against yourself. With additional channels, Oceanic could show UH events simultaneously. At the high school level, Oceanic could show Division I and Division II playoff events at the same time, too. Costly? Sure. But that's the price of wanting it all.

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Former UH QB Tyler Graunke will be playing for the Green Bay Blizzard of the Indoor Football League.

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597 Responses to “The not-so-long goodbye?”

  1. Old Diver:

    While Leahey makes some mistakes he is still the voice of UH sports.

  2. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  3. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  4. NCAA:

    I write a post and next thing you know a new blog topic. Here is my post from the last blog topic.

    It took a while to read the past blog topics. I came to many conclusions:

    Mr. WahineSoftballFan thinks he knows facts but he does not. He thinks he knows what goes on in the minds of players and coaches but he does not. He thinks he knows what the solutions are but he does not. And finally, he thinks he is a fan but many here think he is not.

    Great showing by Salas and Green.

    Mr. Διογένης ὁ Κυνικός,
    Clever Greek name.

  5. NCAA:

    If Oceanic outsources to K5 then they should let K5 borrow their HD equipment.

  6. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Claiming fourth for Tom Mui!

    Leahey is golden!

    What ever gives UH sports the most exposure to the most viewers for the least cost to the viewers, do that.

  7. al:

    so now i know the rest of the story...

    i was wondering why jim and artie had some uncertainty. this is interesting.

    i guess if oc16 takes over the broadcast from their sight, then the likes of kanoa leahey could play a major role on their broadast team. i believe that kanoa is poised to take over the family leahey play-by-play duties as tradition would have it.

    ...and he would do a great job.

  8. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sixth, I meant!

  9. HawaiiMongoose:

    Reposting from the end of the yesterday's blog comments:

    The biggest difference I see between Coach Gib and Coach Dana is that Gib walked in with the recruiting connections in place to be able to immediately remove less talented or "problem" players from the UH roster and replace them with young but capable recruits. Three-quarters of his team are new to the program. In contrast, Dana had minimal recruiting connections (a factor that perhaps should have prevented her from being hired, but that's water under the bridge) and had no choice but to rely on the players who were here when she arrived. Three-quarters of her team are Bolla holdovers and, although she's working them hard and they're trying their best, they just aren't good enough basketball players to make the Wahine a winning team. Give Dana sufficient time to recruit better athletes and there's a reasonable chance she can turn things around.

  10. NCAA:

    Kanoa and Larry Price, what a duo! Can you imagine Larry Price doing Wahine volleyball.

  11. lil.s:


  12. Pomai:

    #10 - NO

  13. al:

    to cable or not to cable.

    what are the stats regarding the number of hawaii households without cable?

  14. Pomai:

    Ok who really knows the answer to this - Who owns the TV(media) rights to UH sports? I have been told that it is owned by the school, by someone who I think sould know.

  15. NorthShoreFan: problem...Price?...U giving me nightmares already!

  16. gigi-hawaii:

    The trouble with K5 is that it does not broadcast in HD. Or has it changed its format since the last game I watched?

    That's why hubby prefers OC16, which does show high school games in HD.

  17. Derek:

    School spirit, personal pride!!!!!! Whatever UH sports are shown, I hope everything will be in HD. That's the only way to go. Right now, basketball games at home are NOT in HD. But at least UH football at home are.

  18. Pomai:

    Best thing is to black out Oahu, only show home games to outer Islands, if you want to watch go to the games. Have some kind of arrangement to get home games fed to Direct or Dish on the mainland for all the local people who can't attend. It would never fly but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  19. NCAA:

    I think they should still have PPV packages for live feeds. It is another source of revenue. If the team is winning then the people will come no matter if there is PPV or not. Also, rebroadcasts brings in extra $$'s (commercial time) to offset production costs. It's not like Oceanic has the most viewed programs out there. Anyone still watch "Da Braddahs and Friends"?

  20. madeinhawaii:

    Watching live limits you to 50K fans... There are more than 50K fans on Oahu...Some cannot climb the stairs.. some cannot afford the $$ but still root loud and clear for the Warriors and support them in other ways even if in only word of mouth and cheers...But their kids might grow up to be true Warriors and Warrior fans, too.

    Warrior fever resounds louder when all are involved and you see the "H" displayed proudly all over the place. Accessibility in some form is essential to grow the program.

  21. Hawaiian:


    Larry Price is HORRIBLE and should not be considered for any programming...he sucks BIG TIME! I don't watch high school football on OC16 because he's on it.

  22. chawan_cut:

    i could hear it in their voices. oceanic would do wrong in not carrying over the KHNL 13/K5 the Home Team partnership. they'd lose many many households that do not carry cable. you know how hawaii people hate change. i remember when oc-16 got the JJ show and russell shimoooooka and dave vinton did the show. it just wasn't the same. if they do have multiple channels, then i say keep the old talent and add in the new.

  23. LizKauai \m/:

    So- when Oceanic takes over, we satellite folks will be sol???
    So it goes...

  24. al:

    too much revenue would be lost in tv money. uh could ill afford to lose that money.

    baseball is doing great with attendance and tv just supplements it.

    mbb has been down in attendance, however, if saturday's game is any indication of what's to come, then the ssc will rock like it did when the ac/alika show packed em in. again tv revenue is gravy on the rice.

    all volleyball, enjoys very good attendance and either leads or is in the top ten nationally in attendance.

    softball and wbb is fortunate that tv has given them exposure. if not for tv, i don't think too many would attendance softball as it is now. prior to last year it was always poorly attended. last year's success was fueled not only by their success on the diamond but also because tv broadcasts helped enhance its exposure. the fans then came out of nowhere because of the initial tv showings and their successes.

    wbb needs to win and when they do consistently, the tv exposure again will help parlay the attendance. win 18-20 games per year and wbb could see 2-3k per home game.

    all said and done. local tv broadcast is good for our athletic programs. besides the millions it fuels it is the biggest "commercial" to expose our teams to the state of hawaii. it tweaks the interest of the non-chalant fan and possibly and eventually some couch potatoes will someday attend one game and get hooked.

  25. al:

    why go to directtv or dish when there is ppv?
    and ppv brings a lot of $$$$.
    the money alone from ppv offsets the non-revenue sports such as softball and wvb.

  26. Διογένης ὁ Κυνικός:


  27. NCAA:

    Mr. chawan_cut,

    Instead of Russell "I don't know how to pronounce my last name" Shimooka and Dave Vinton they should have used Jenn Boneza and Merlinda Garma (Hawaii Skin Diver). LOL

  28. Turfwar:

    Talked to the people who supply the HD production trucks for OC16 and K5. Yes, same trucks. I used to work for OC16. They have made an offer to Jim Donovan to do all of the UH games in HD and apparently the costs to do it is not the issue. They were told that Jim is following the advice of pro owners and colleges across the country that if all the games were broadcast in HD it would hurt attendance as more fans would opt to stay home and just watch it on TV. I agree but at some point they will have to start doing HD anyway just to keep up with technology. So they are only delaying the inevitable. Right now I go to football, m&w's volleyball, mens basketball and baseball. I will probably only keep football season tickets if everything else were in HD. I think HD broadcasts that good after making the switch to a HD tv last year. That and my vision is not what it used to be.

  29. al:

    #26...well that's greek to me.

  30. NCAA:

    I'm not disputing you Mr. Turfwar but I can't see how HD would hurt attendance. From the pro and college games I've seen in HD it doesn't seem like attendance was affected.

    Now I can see why many WAC schools have low football attendance, they broadcast their games in HD. Okay, that was a sarcastic remark. LOL

  31. AlaWai:

    Greg Salas stock rising per SI

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    I know Pilares is recovering from the PCL injury, but he should have taken a shot at the vertical jump. He is a great workout guy, only the NFL GMs won't know that.

  33. AlaWai:

    Green could be 3rd round sleeper

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good links, AlaWai. Thanks.

  35. Aaron:

    I'd have to find a way to be able to afford both DirecTV and Oceanic, because I refuse to give up my DirecTV.

  36. rage777:

    With Oceanic taking over, does that mean they can't show any previous footage of past UH games unless they get K-5's permission? You know how they usually show a montage of the previous year's playoff or certain games.

  37. Διογένης ὁ Κυνικός:


    It's just Greek!

    αρκετα ΙΙως! ('nuf said)

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    UH has to be careful with its PPV money until after it reaches a share-the-wealth deal with the Mountain West Conference. One of the considerations is MWC wants some of UH's PPV money tossed into the mutual pot. Not sure why Wyoming should benefit from a Wahiawa resident's PPV subscription, but that's negotiations.

  39. Lanaiboy:

    I have made my opinion known to Coach Takahara that an upgrade in athleticism—strength, speed, jumping ability, and quickness was needed—and she has made it clear that this has been and will be her priority. Now I think that what is needed is players who has basketball skills of which the most important is shooting. The team's free throw shooting percentage is the last in the WAC; their shooting percentage from the floor is equally poor. When the team is shooting well (unfortunately a rarity) they can match any team in the conference. The examples are last night's game against 2nd-place New Mexico State in the 2nd half and the home game against 1st place Louisiana State, which they lost in overtime. They especially need to recruit at least a pair of good three-point shooters. They already have coming back a rugged, slasher (Haydel), a good, all-around scorer off the dribble(Kuehu), and two good rebounders and inside scorers (Jackson and Arbuckle). Elite teams get the players with both basketball skills and athleticism. Hawaii, like other non-elite ones, have to find players who can fill designated roles and mesh as a team.

  40. Stephen Tsai:

    Just saw Sports Nation.
    Colin Cowherd thinks Nevada is in the Mountain West this year.
    He mocked Hawaii, too, saying BYU is only good against skiers and surfers.

  41. Kazz:

    Saw the late night comments about Coach Dana.

    Last season was Bob Nash's 3rd year in the program and Coach Dana's 1st, yet some, asked for the same expectations out of Coach Dana as Bob Nash started losing the support of many of his supporters with the frustration of another losing season three years in a row.

    Last season, it was unfair to compare Coach Dana's debut year to Bob Nash's 3rd season with the program. Simple as that.

    As Coach Dana's second season approaches the end, the criticism will continue to get heavier if improvements aren't made.

    Me personally, I don't know. I do know that she will be here next season to complete the final year of the contract and cannot help that.

    It was been posted many times, how the incoming gals can have a positive effect with regards to the addition of athleticism in the program, something Coach Dana publically admitted… AND Coach Gib also admitted the same thing with his program months ago during their losing streak.

    Kanekoa, Dew, Arbuckle, Tinnin, Patterson are all Bolla recruits. Coach Dana brought in Jackson, Haydel, and Bungaite. I didn’t mention Aiyabe as she'd graduate this year and Shawna Kuehu transferred in (although I believe she wouldn't have if Bolla was still around).

    Recruiting is key so we shall see.

  42. Bowwar:

    I believe the new Warrior team of announcers should be Leahy and Leahy. Jim can hand-over play-by-play to Kanoa and provide color. Eventually, Kanoa will take over and team-up with another young color commentator.

  43. Michigan Warrior:

    Mahalo to RainbowCliff!!! Received a black NBA All-Star shirt in today's mail... it's smokin' hot!!! Front and back... an impressive piece of work! Thanks again to Cedric Washington too for the great design!
    Also, thanks for throwing in that signed pic of yourself, showing off some ball-handling skills during your UH days! This great shot will find a nice home amongst my growing UH collection.

    I'm heading home on Wednesday, for two weeks, to spend some time with my Dad, who just suffered a ruptured appendix, followed by a stroke. I'll try to make some time to get out to meet some of you fine folks. Traveling with my 5-year old son, who is named after my Dad. Looking forward to this trip, although I wish it were under better circumstances.

    Until then, Aloha from Michigan!

  44. madeinhawaii:


    What's your assessment of Dana's assistant coaching staff? Adequate? Needs improvement?

  45. apartments in austin:

    Modesty is the beauty of women.

  46. BG:

    Michigan Warrior

    That's a nasty combination for your dad...prayers sent out to him for his recovery. Visiting is a mixed bag under the circumstances. Glad to see you making the best of it and hoping to meet you.


  47. madeinhawaii:

    Michigan Warrior...

    Wishing your father the best. I hope he recovers fully. Rehab may seem brutal and excessively painful at times, but the first few weeks are critical for recovery and you'll need to encourage him to fight through.

  48. seasider:

    #9 HawaiiMongoose
    DKA recruits: Sydney Haydel fr., Kamilah Jackson fr., Carlotta Mingo jr., Julita Bungaite, sr. Shawna-Lei Kuehu, Rf., Mai Ayabe, Sr., and Courtney Gaddis jr. JC recruit Keianna Evans, Jr., quit the team.

    Bola’s recruits: Megan Tinnin Rsr., Katie Wilson, Jr., Breanna Arbuckle, Jr., Keisha Kanekoa Sr., Rebecca Dew Jr., Allie Patterson Sr. Galdones who would’ve been a senior left the team before the season started (?).
    Top six: Kamilah Jackson, Breanna Arbuckle, Megan Tinnin, Shawna-Lei Kuehu, Keisha Kanekoa, and Sydney Haydel. Most minutes of the bench: Julita Bungaite, Mai Ayabe, Allie Patterson, Rebecca Dew, Courtney Gaddis, and Carlotta Mingo.

    #24 Al
    The wahine volleyball has been No 1 in attendance since moving to the Stan Sheriff Center—the only D1 women’s volleyball program that turns a net profit every fiscal year (last fiscal year NET $1,118.092). During Yuval Katz, Theoharidis, etc. time, warrior volleyball had nearly the same success as the wahine program. Even with declining attendance, beginning with the last few years of the last coaching regime, warrior volleyball still led the nation in attendance every year. And this past fiscal year, men’s volleyball had a NET of $259,350.00

  49. WahineSoftballFan:

    What is really scary with the Wahine Basketball Team, they had a veteran team this year, not a young team. Coach Dana, had a lot of returning players from her 1st year, which included players with 3 or 4 years NCAA Div. 1 experience. Yet they averaged 20+ turnovers throughout the whole year. The same mistakes they made at the beginning of the year, they still made at the end of the year, not good. This years team should have improved in turnovers, but it did not, in fact, it could have gotten worse in that category.
    Next year, with a very young team, and a team without a point guard with D1 experience, I hate to see the number of turnovers this team will have.

    The one big difference I see between Coach Dana, and Coach Gib, is that Coach Gib knows how to correct problem areas as the season goes along, Coach Dana does not. Remember,
    Coach Dana had alot of returning players this year, Coach Gib did not. But he was still able to correct the problems, with less athletic players, per Coach Gib's assessment of his players.

    Based on what Coach Gib has done this year, his 1st year, Coach Dana needs to show marked inprovement in her team. Not only at the beginning, but throughout the year. JD needs to put Coach Dana on the hot seat. It will basically be her team, next year, with the players she recruited. If I were Coach Dana, I would try to bring back Coach Goo as an assistant coach. That move may save her job.

  50. Kazz on Droid_X:


    Well, the coaching staff is young. Very young outside of Coach Dana and Da Houl.

    Hard to make recruiting connections with high school and club teams without more experienced coaches.

  51. d1島:

    Michigan Warrior,

    Sorry to hear about your Dad.

    Family comes first.

    That said, hopefully he can recover well enough that both of you can make it to a cattle call while you're here!

  52. d1島:

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    February 28th, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Anyone interested in a blue tent party at The Les alongside the right field fence? Per person cost including tickets, food and beverages would be about $10 apiece with major underwriting of the actual cost by a donor.

    Are you saying that there is already a donor on board?
    Depending on which day, I'd be interested.

  53. d1島:

    Michigan Warrior,


    should have said all three of you...bring along the namesake if can!

  54. al:

    seasider...thanks for the numbers. i am aware that we have two successful vb programs a rarity in ncaa d1. i am also aware that nebraska is closing in on our wvb attendance figures now that they have moved their games to a bigger venue.

    my point in that post was to say that it doesn't matter that we are one of the few that carry live broadcasts and still have decent attendance in most of the sports.

    the one sore spot for me is the lack of attendance at the home football games. i don't think that ppv is the cause. we have just become a band wagon state these days. i don't blame the economy because people are still spending "frivolous dollars" to entertain themselves somehow.

    i am just saying that tv whether free live or ppv is a great enhancement to our programs as it not only provides additional revenues but also gives the program greater exposure.

  55. WahineSoftballFan:


    You are making Coach Gib look like a genius, by your statement, seeing who he selected to be his assistant coaches.

  56. d1島:

    Good Luck to Tyler Graunke!

  57. d1島:

    As much as I relish the memories provided by the guy, "The Long Goodbye", sadly, does come to mind when listening to recent broadcast efforts by Pops Leahey.

    ...perhaps a gracious exit is now appropriate?

  58. d1shima:

    Ack! Darn cache memory!

  59. WahineSoftballFan:

    Does anyone have any idea what Shawna-Lei's sister will be doing next year, she has at least 1 more year of eligibility left. If she tries for a medical, then maybe 2 years.

  60. Kazz on Droid_X:

    MI Warrior,

    Stay strong brotha! My best to all of you.

  61. 徵信社:

    I have looked for some information of this topic for the last several days; Your blog is greatly treasured.2

  62. NorthShoreFan:

    MWarrior...maybe can cc down Kapolei side one day. You can do the tour since you maybe neva see erryting new out here. new shopping centers.

  63. Derek:

    Two of the better players from Hawaii went or are going away to play are Iwalani Rodrigues (Utah) and Maiki Viela (Gonzaga bound). When you can keep the top women's high school players at home it's tough. The fact that we got Kuehu to stay home is a bous. I believe she originally signed to go to Cal. Now, let's see if Lia Galdeira, Konawaena, who's a Jr. will go away for will play for Hawaii. I have to believe she's the #1 prospect for 2012 in Hawaii.
    We haven't had a player like Judy Moseley in a long time. Not even like a player like Nani Cockett.

  64. WahineSoftballFan:

    Kuehu may become the player that closely resembles Nani Cockett, only time will tell.

  65. RedZone:

    Lia Galdeira woud be a huge get but she has received sooo many letters from other colleges. During the tourney I think they mentioned about 30. I hope she chooses to stay and play for the Wahine.

  66. Pomai:

    Like I said I don't know much about WBB but from the few games I've seen live from behind the bench Coach is doing ok is there room for improvement, of course. The one thing I would wish for is that the rest of the team has the heart and excitement that Keisha Kanekoa brings to the floor.

  67. RedZone:

    Raylene Howard was one hell of a player.

  68. Manoa Mist:

    1. Wahine BB: I'm not that impressed with Dana, but in fairness you have to give her another year. Let's talk after the completion of next season.
    2. Announcers: I still like Jim and Artie, and have spent many a Sunday listening and watching Jim and Pal. Even like Jim for volleyball. But for football, Jim makes too many mistakes.
    I make a lot of mistakes too, but not everyone hears every one of them!

  69. chopsueyboy:

    Celebrating the basketball genius of Dean Smith on his 80th birthday

  70. hawaiiansun:

    Jim Leahey will retire when he wants to, not bc he cant read football numerals. :)
    If ever you could define a true Hawai'i fan, Leahey's name would be at the top.
    If ever there were a person selected for entitlement--it would be papa leahey.
    Papa Leahey earned that right, long before there was an interest in UH Manoa sports.

    Leahey always places program before anyone, demi-god or not. eh, can you say June Jones.
    I trust Papa Leahey, more than I can say about the other program-media sycophants that dot the sandwich isle print and airwaves with sugardust, softballs and poppycock.

  71. WahineSoftballFan:

    If, or when, Oceanic takes over control, the only announcer that would do justice to UH sports would be Kanoa Leahey. As Chuck Leahey did for Jim, he will do for Kanoa.

  72. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers for you and yours, MW.

    Agree with #70 above. Leahey is one of a kind and when he does leave, none will ever truly take his place, including Leahey the younger, who is an excellent broadcaster as evidenced by his work on ESPN. Pops however, is a one of a kind; I savor any game I hear him call.

  73. WahineSoftballFan:

    The one thing about all the Leahey announcers, they are very easy on the ears to listen to, with their own unique style.

  74. WahineSoftballFan:

    Here's hoping when UH signs the new contract, it will include televising away games in all pertinent sports, M/W Basketball, Softball, Baseball, M/W Volleyball, especially conference and post season play.

  75. niho mano:

    Leahey and Demello...

  76. d1shima:

    Pops is certainly already a local legend.

    Just saying that mho is that he should be remembered for on-air gems along the lines of: "swinging the shelaighle" and "one manapua to go" not for a long pause trying to recall the name of the Stan Sheriff Center while doing the MBB pre-game segment....

  77. CoolEthan:

    Pops Leahey Da King....
    If there eventually becomes a replacement, think outside the box.
    Plenty of live talent out there.
    No names waiting for an opportunity to break out.

  78. Kazz:

    I had to laugh when watching the replay of one of the bball games earlier this season when I think it was Bo Barnes who attempted a 3pt'er from WELL outside the arcs and Leahey calmly called it:

    "And Barnes with a shot from Kakaako…"

    I met Jim Leahey in person several times. Last time t'was on the job and we spoke at length about the status of UH basketball with then-head coach Bob Nash. His wife is a wonderful woman as well.

  79. GRM:

    Have been listening to Papa Leahey for uku buku years. Yes he makes many mistakes, but that's Leahey. He is Numba 1 in UH sports.

  80. tommui:

    I claim #80 for DPK - but does he want it?

    Good afternoon, good people.

  81. Hawaiianbod:

    MW - prayers to your dad.

  82. NorthShoreFan:

    When you've paid your dues as Pops have, you are allowed some "literarycomentary leeway". We all get the message and ain't that the idea of communicating?
    I enjoy his all his broadcast, funny kine and erryting.

  83. jm2375:

    Good afternoon Tsaikos!!

    Working at home today after 2 trips over the mountain to town. One to pick up my laptop so I could work at home and another to take Screecher #1 to doctor.

    MW - best wishes for a full & speedy recovery for your Dad.

    Heard on BC that Carl Clapp was recovering from minor injuries after being hit by a car while on a bike. Speedy recovery to him!

    Hawaiiansun - #70 - the blogmeister excluded of course, right? :D

  84. gigi-hawaii:

    We were all at the Tsaiko 1st anniversary party at Murphy's, when in walked Jim Leahey. He had come by motorcycle, believe it or not.

    I said, "Hi, Jim Leahey."

    And he replied, "Is this the infamous gigi-hawaii?"

    Gotta laugh at the memory. He sure knows how to make friends!

  85. A-joe:

    Is there a grace period with the following scenarios:

    -If someone claims to borrow something and never return it, can and when (if ever) that something be considered stolen property?

    -If returned, can that stolen property be reconsidered as "borrowed?"

  86. LizKauai \m/:

    Yea, Tyler!

  87. SteveM:

    February 28th, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    We were all at the Tsaiko 1st anniversary party at Murphy's, when in walked Jim Leahey. He had come by motorcycle, believe it or not.

    I said, "Hi, Jim Leahey."

    And he replied, "Is this the infamous gigi-hawaii?"

    Gotta laugh at the memory. He sure knows how to make friends!

    gigi, now, you are jumping to the end of the first year in blog history (2007) :) But since Papa Leahey is a topic of discussion today, here is Blog Party 3 (1st Anniversary of the blog), where we first him... and how he and the former Executive Director of the Hawaii Bowl fits into Tsai-ko history...

    Too bad Princess Leila's published video of Al, DPK, and Sun God that night is no longer on the servers. I asked if she had had a copy I could post in the archives, but too much time had passed and it's gone.

  88. LizKauai \m/:

    MW- prayers for your dad and the ohana.

    Papa Leahey announcing Hawaii sports is sweet to the ear because of the love and deep knowledge of/for Hawaii sports.
    Like listening to Sonny Jergensen on the air for the Redskins. A very special connection...

  89. Ralph:

    Compiled by WAC Softball blog: How teams fared at the Cathedral City Classic

    o. 4 Florida (5-0)
    No. 3 Tennessee (5-0)
    No. 7 Washington (5-0)
    No. 33 Syracuse (5-0)
    No. 14 California (4-0)
    No. 18 Oklahoma State (4-1)
    No. 1 Georgia (4-1)
    No. 1 Arizona (4-1)
    No. 18 Nebraska (4-1)
    No. 27 Fresno State (3-1)
    No. 11 Texas (4-2)
    Virginia (3-2)
    No. 2 UCLA (3-2)
    Fordham (3-2)
    Indiana (3-2)
    Northwestern (3-2)
    No. 21 Texas A&M (3-2)
    UC Santa Barbara (3-3)
    No. 20 LSU (2-2)
    No. 36 Long Beach State (2-3)
    No. 32 Florida State (2-3)
    No. 10 Hawai'i (1-3)
    No. 40 Oregon State (1-3)
    Nevada (1-4)
    No. 25 BYU (1-4)
    No. 26 San Diego State (1-4)
    Loyola Marymount (1-4)
    Cal State Fullerton (1-4)
    Long Island (1-4)
    No. 6 Oklahoma (1-4)
    Utah (1-5)
    UMass (0-5)
    Cal Poly (0-5)
    Ohio State (0-5)

  90. Derek:

    To get to the next level, any UH program whether it's football, baseball, basketball, etc. the coaches have to recruit as Al would say the "holy grail." Coolen has Majam. Trapasso has Kolten Wong. Charlie Wade has Jonas. Shoji has Danielson. Zane Johnson is getting there.
    Maybe it will be Vander Joaquim in due time. Moniz is the closest thing in the football program right now. Nobody in women's basketball now. It's that one big player that will just carry a team a long way and everybody on the team gets better and better. Some good examples, Jimmy Fredette at BYU, Maya Moore at UConn, Colt Brennan at UH, Cam Newton at Auburn. Aaron Rodgers, GB Packers. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls.

  91. gigi-hawaii:


    Too bad Leila didn't keep the video for your archives. But, yeah, even my old articles in the newspapers are gone. Tried to search for one in the Star-Bulletin, but was sent to the Star-Advertiser, instead.

    Gone, it's all gone! Sad.

  92. Ralph:

    #49 WSF coach DTD can not be judged to harshly on game time adjustments, why, her hiring was seen by many of us as a way the UHAD wanted to bring normalcy and dignity back to the program. Wins and losses to come at a later date. Coach DTD kept everyone, and she needed to do this as the right thing to do to lessen the impact of eBolla. That being said, Coach doesn't have the team speed or athletes to keep pace with her opponents, nor does she have depth on the bench. There is not much to tweak, she doesn't have the depth nor the athletes with speed to counter the opponent.

    She has kept everyone from eBolla and as far as I know, she hasn't thrown anyone under the bus for all the losses the team have endured. She remains positive to the end and that's part of the healing process this team needs. Five will complete their eligibility this season, they will go on as UH graduates (I hope), and I hope the impact of eBolla is forgotten so these young ladies can remember the goods things about UH.

    UH will be better next season, athletically and speed wise, but the team will be young and inexperience.

  93. Ralph:

    Kuehu and Jackson will carry the wbb next year. Kuehu has lots of up side, she is just rusty from being off the court rehabbing her knees the last two years. With this year under her belt, matter of speaking, she'll play to her potential next season without a doubt.

    Jackson needs to develop a second shot, a jumper or a jump hook to increase her range from the basket.

  94. Kazz:

    The Wahine bball game was not televised last night due to baseball, so people can take this for what it is.

    Despite being down 10+, about a handful of fans left the arena early. Even in the dying moments of a situation we couldn't come back from, last minute buckets by the Wahine were greeted by loud cheers from the 1,100 or so people in the arena.

    People do want to see the program succeed.

  95. WahineSoftballFan:


    Let us see, the Men's Basketball Team does not have much team speed or athletes, and that is per Coach Gib. And at times not much depth either, BUT they still find a way to win, or at least not beat themselves. So that excuse of yours can be thrown out.

    The way you bring back dignity to a program is win, not look bad losing by keep making the same mistakes (turnovers) over and over again. One thing for sure, Coach Dana diffinitely does not have the guts that Coach Gib has. He had fortitude to get rid of players who did not want to do it his way. It did not matter if it cost him depth or not.

  96. WahineSoftballFan:


    I do agree with you that Kuehu and Jackson will be the go to players next year. The question is tho, who will get them the ball. All incoming point guards are a question mark, no D1 experience. Also, one very big question mark, where is the outside shooting, mainly 3 point shots come from. Just from the returning players there is no one with that kind of capability, even from the known signed players coming in.

  97. al:

    97...for Διογένης ὁ Κυνικός

  98. RainbowCliff:

    Hawaiiansun: from your previous post I am in no terms disagreeing with your basketball knowledge or what is the problem with the wahine basketball team. You are right about fundamentals as teaching basic concepts of the game is imperative to winning at any level.

    As a coach you must have a game plan, done your scouting and preparing your team well enough to compete against competition. Making adjustments during a game is critical for the teams success. Building CONFIDENCE in your players through your time outs and urging them to succeed despite the challenges they face on the court. I would hope through my talks with Coach Takahara she has these qualities as one thing for sure that you stated it will be decided by her Superiors IF she remains as the head coach.

    All I know I will support her from my position with resources and contacts as for ANY Hawaii athletic coach. Recruited 38 freshmen to attend Monoa this fall for upper campus and will be ready to rock n roll for the summer send off. Major relationship in Houston Texas as I hope Coach can do her best to get down there and Watch Coach Andre Lapeyrolerie and his staff organize, teach, coach and scrimmage the FINEST middle and high school girls in the State of AAU basketball in Texas.

    Your comments are well understood as being like as a Coach is one thing but it does come down to fan attendance, wins and losses and the the team play from begining to the end.

    Your insights are very well thought out and your support is evident. Hope you and the rest of Hawaii can do what you can in support of Coach Dana as I find her as a very good professional young lady who wants to do her very best as coach of the lady wahines.

  99. WahineSoftballFan:

    Anyone know what Kuehu's is going to do next year, since she has left the Idaho program. Is she giving up playing basketball, or will she transfer somewhere, like UH.

  100. wafan:



  101. HawaiiMongoose:

    #95 WSF, I don't think the situations are comparable.

    In the case of the men's team, we had a coach of good character and some players of questionable character. When the coach of good character was replaced with another coach of good character, the new coach quickly got rid of the players of questionable character.

    In the case of the women's team, we had a coach of questionable character and players of good character. When the coach of questionable character was replaced with a coach of good character, the new coach kept the players of good character.

    The question is, should the women's new coach have gotten rid of her less talented players, even though they were of good character? You can argue she should have. My take is that she did the right thing by sticking with them and doing her best to help them perform better, even though it hasn't worked out as hoped and her continued employment is now at risk as a result.

  102. Kazz:

    Cuts are made before a season starts and players do get "dismissed" during the season.

    A coach cannot help that.

    Unless there are facts saying that Jordan Coleman and Anthony Salter were dismissed from the team as initiated by head coach Gib Arnold, the story released remains the only thing we know and that was Coleman and Salter asked to transfer/leave.

    If guts are to be challenged on Coach Dana's part who on this team would be excused? Coach Dana reprimanded Arbuckle and Jackson for a violation of "team rules" during a road trip earlier in the season and both didn't play the following game I believe.

    These were team rules, not NCAA regulations, so technically she could have gave them a slap on the wrist and allowed them to play, but again if guts are a question, then it was gutsy to reprimand two starters for a road game.

    To be fair Coach Gib did the same with Trevor Weisman for a road trip as well and for Joston Thomas recently.

    However, it was publically known that Thomas had issues with the coaching staff therefore Gib had to act. We have yet to hear anything about any Rainbow Wahine having playing time complaints so therefore Coach Dana didn't have to go that route in addition to whatever Arbuckle and Jackson did earlier in the season.

    Based on what Coach Dana did to reprimand Arbuckle and Jackson, one cannot surmise that she wouldn't have continued to do the same if there were other issues on the team.

    Team discipline with the Rainbow Wahine isn't the root of the issue here, it's the criticism of the Xs and Os, coaching techniques, recruiting, etc… So again, unless one can provide evidence that Coach Dana has failed to act towards "insubordination", for a lack of a better term, I don't think "guts" has anything to do with the on-going discussion of Coach Dana being the appropriate coach for this program in the long run.

  103. WahineSoftballFan:


    Good point you brought up, I will give you that. Question now is, should Coach Dana look for a more veteran assistant coach with a lot more contacts, in place of Ajifu, who has very little experience, and even less contacts.

  104. Ralph:

    WSF the perception of speed is not the same, coach Gib brought in athletes who did very well in HS and junior college, they may not be as quick or as fast as he wants but they are good basketball players. Whereas, coach DTD has basketball players who are not quick nor fast to play man or zone. Na Wahine just doesn't have speed to the wings or pull a switch on defense to put pressure on the shooter. If you were at last night's game and by your comments you were, FSU had a lot of open shots and they took 35 3 points shots. Our girls couldn't cover the floor, they tried, but you can't coach speed. Either you have it or you don't, and Heffernan sp? can tweak a few hundredths of a second but not much else in team speed.

  105. Michigan Warrior:

    Mahalo to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. My Dad's always been a fighter, and we're hoping and praying for the best. Would be good to be able to meet up with you folks. We'll see how things go. I haven't done much singing in ages, aside from silly kid's songs.

    Looking forward to seeing the changes in and around my hometown areas. I'm gonna be a tourist again... at home!

    Tough thing about coming from a huge family... takes days to make my rounds to visit everyone before I can claim any free time. Still, though, can't wait to be back home, even if it's a short trip.

    See you all in a couple of days!

  106. Ralph:

    WSF the healing of the program is much more important than the wins and losses at this point. Yes, we all want to win, but we just don't have the talent as the teams we face and on any given game day we can win but it hasn't happened often. They worked hard, they tried, but the other teams had more talent, athletes and speed. But the girls got their wish, especially the seniors, they got to play D1 basketball.

  107. Ralph:

    K State beats #8 Texas, 75-70, the first home loss for Texas basketball.

  108. Ralph:

    La Tech vs Nevada wbb on ESPNU at this time.

  109. Ralph:

    #1 Tahnee Robinson of Nevada can flat out shoot the 3's

  110. Brother Mike:

    Good for AC. Hope it's true. Then again, Celts could use a backup PG now that Nate is gone...

    Chris Tomasson: Anthony Carter safe from a candidate to be waived by NY after he had nice game Sunday. Said Knicks won't hesitate to play 2 points same time. Twitter

  111. Ralph:

    Cindy Luis posted this on her blog: Na Wahine volleyball Fall schedule

    Aug. 20 Alumnae
    Aug. 26: San Francisco
    Aug. 27 Wichita State
    Aug. 28: Arizona
    Sept. 1 Ohio State
    Sept. 2: Long Beach State
    Sept. 4: UCLA
    Sept. 8 Rice
    Sept. 9: Pacific
    Sept. 10: Cincinnati
    Sept. 16-17: Pepperdine
    Sept 22: At Idaho
    Sept. 24: at Utah State
    Sept. 29. Nevada
    Oct. 1: Fresno STate
    Oct. 8 San Jose State
    Oct. 12: at New Mexico State
    Oct. 14: at Louisiana Tech
    Oct. 17-18: Notre Dame
    Oct. 20: Utah State
    Oct. 22 Idaho
    Oct. 27: at Fresno State
    Oct. 29 at Nevada
    Oct. 31: at San Jose State
    Nov. 9: Louisiana Tech
    Nov. 12: New Mexico State
    Nov. 21-23: at WAC Tournament
    Nov. 25: at Cal State Fullerton
    Dec. 1-4 NCAA 1st & 2nd
    Dec. 9-10: NCAA Regional at SSC
    Dec. 15 & 17: NCAA final four, San Antonio

    Share and Enjoy:

  112. Ralph:

    Tahnee Robinson with the It factor, 22 first half points against La Tech. She's the kind of shooter coach DTD needs to recruit to Na Wahine.

  113. WahineSoftballFan:

    The WVB team has a decent, not a strong schedule next year. Coach Dave seems to be getting ready for the Big West Conference the following year by playing 3 teams from that conference. To bad Coach Dave could not schedule UC Santa Barbara. With LBSU and UOP, already on the schedule, that would have made the 3 teams that were his nemesis when UH was in the Big West.

    Schedule at one point is a little quirky tho, having almost a 2 week break before the WAC Conference Tournament. Also, playing a game against Cal St. Fullerton after the Conf. Tournament.

  114. Ralph:

    I'm looking forward to the Pacific and Long Beach State vb matches.

  115. WahineSoftballFan:

    It would be nice if the Wahine could be at home until the NCAA Final Four.

  116. Ralph:

    Nevada beats La Tech 71-66, Tahnee Robinson with 32 points. La Tech and FSU should earn the double byes for the WAC tournament.

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  118. Slugger:

    Just saw Grace Lee on the Bay Area channel 5 CBS news tonight. Good to see her smiley face reporting the news.

    AnnodahLiz put me to work in her yard today. We had a good day.

    Night all!

  119. Slugger:

    Won't get to see the WAC tournament at the Orleans, but we might go to the WCC games since St.Mary's & USF are playing.

    K...esme & out...

  120. Bigislandkurt:

    We like talk history and tradition of UH sports? WEll, Papa Leahy IS part of that history. He is a live, breathing, make plenty mistakes during football season living legend of UH sports. Hard to deny that. Hard to imagine a UH football season without him.


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  122. spamworld:

    Re: papa Leahy, IMO he deserves to stay as long as he wants to. But it does bother me that he always refers to "carburetor" trouble. LOL
    Maybe in motorcycles...but for cars, there have been no carburetors on cars for DECADES

  123. Stephen Tsai:

    Shot video of today's "combine" at UH, but can't get it to upload.

  124. hawaiiansun:

    The WAC men's basketball T is set up for the top 4 teams to win.

    Its likely Arnold's team will end up as #5 seed in the WAC BB Tournament in Las Vegas, but truly uncertain whether FSU or SJSU will be the #8 seed. We could play either team in the 12 noon opener on WED, 3/09. Still, an outside chance for #4 seed if we finish 9-7 but Idaho and NMSU have the inside track, even if we beat the spartans and bulldogs on the road.

    The Tournament forces #5-8 seeds to win 4 games in 4 days to go all the way, while #1 and 2 seeds need only two games and #3 and 4 seeds require three wins to capture the WAC tournament crown.
    Assuming Hawaii defeats the #8 seed on WED, we must defeat the #4 on THURS and #1 seed on FRI to advance to the championship game on SAT, 3/12.....yikes!

  125. Tomas:

    Let Oceanic be HD and widescreen...and without Jim Leahey...his days are long many mistakes
    and worst of all...what game is he watching in his own time! Lets hope that Oceanic will
    bring a variety of UH Sports, an expanded lineup. Now that the Wahine Softball team brings
    excitement, lets add more televised games; and with new announcers like Russell, Shawn, Robert...folks
    that will broadcast the game like ESPN does....bring back Larry Beal! Much to look forward to!

  126. LizKauai -iPad:

    Do not let Papa Leahey go quietly into the Manoa night. His knowledge and aloha for UH sports is something we can benefit from for a long time to come. He has overcome physical challenges and, frankly, is a walking miracle imho...
    I do like the idea of Leahey and Leahey.
    Sweet Warrior Dreams!

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  129. SteveM:

    Slow late night.

    On this day in the first year of The Warrior Beat blog, the comment count was a whopping 364. Probably more than all the other HA blogs combined that day. More responses to my mainland residence city requests flowed in, and we added 99club, Rich2176, AinBama, King Katonk, TChahng, Leo, J, and NYC.

    Rich2176 jumps in with jokes to back up las vegas (Rasu Begasu) and Long Time UH Fan. No homey sighting today.

    Comment from: prideperiod [Visitor]
    Daddy, are we there yet?
    02/28/07 @ 07:13

    Comment from: al [Visitor]
    okay kid, you are no longer the sheriff. you are now the offical aloha ambassador of the warrior beat.

    it was between you and bulla. but, your brother has too much hair on his back. new people would run and hide from the likes of him. thinking he escaped the honolulu zoo.

    so, go out the lanai and practice your best danny kaleikini, a-loooooo-ha! not, too loud bumbye you distrubed my fathers grave in punchbowl.
    02/28/07 @ 10:15

    Comment from: James [Visitor]
    Hey great to see all the newcomers...
    Kid, I remember the days when it was just you, al, and occasionally others...I was a lurker back then....ha ha ha...
    Steve M. I actually played linebacker and D-line...too slow for a CB..ha ha...
    02/28/07 @ 10:25

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    I'm not feeling the sadness here.
    I mean, when the blog was slow, we always could count on Glanville to stir it up. It's about my needs, people.
    We now return to regular scheduled program of Gigi's envy-causing lunch plans.
    02/28/07 @ 10:26

    Comment from: gigi-hawaii [Visitor]
    Hey, how do you picture Guava? For some reason, I see him as being tall and skinny.
    02/28/07 @ 13:26

    Comment from: SteveM [Visitor]
    OK-- by popular demand, Darren goes in at cornerback. James shifts over to free safety. Al and SteveM rotate at linebacker because we're classmates and should share. We help ST bring in fresh chili dogs, spam musubi's, poke and green rivers that gigi sends in between plays. On second thought, we need NooYowkWarriorFan's pancakes on the line since it's getting serious now ;-)
    02/28/07 @ 15:48

    Comment from: Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]
    Well, well, this a fine kettle of fish we've gotten ourselves into. An imaginary foortball team and boy band review. And to think over 10,000 people look in on this pupule house each day. What is this country coming to? I gotta go, the walls are closing in and it's gettin' hard to breathe in here...
    02/28/07 @ 15:00

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure that one of the no-no rules is to discuss marriage before the first date occurs.
    Anyway, I was going to pretend that Princess Leila is still here to keep the hits coming, but she actually went to dinner about 15 minutes ago.
    02/28/07 @ 17:54

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    Addahknowjoe is correct. It's time to plan ahead.
    Then again, I should talk. I haven't even gathered my tax papers yet, and tomorrow is March 1.
    This would not be the time for someone to say: "Hubby filed his taxes a month ago and with his $3 million refund he's going to buy a Wal-Mart."
    02/28/07 @ 22:54

    Comment from: Rich2176 [Visitor]
    LV - you crack me up with these jokes. Gotta hook up when I'm out there with my nephew in 10 days.
    03/01/07 @ 05:51

    Rich2176 did meet las vegas (Rasu Begasu) and 702WarriorNation on March 12, 2007. They formed the Tsai-ko Las Vegas "chapter". :)

  130. Kekoa:

    SteveM ~ It's been so 'edgy' lately. Blog's been ugly towards coaches, players. No fun in River City anymore. Maybe that's why the numbers are down, and the usual crew hasn't posted as much lately. Too much negativity... :evil:

    Need a CC to renergize. I would say a welcome home MichiganWarrior would be in order.

    BTW ~ Safe travels to you and your young 'un on you mission of mercy.

  131. SteveM:

    RE: #129
    That day, ST states that he knows Rich2176 very well and they chat. This was very important because Rich2176 is going to offer to buy tickets for the Tsai-kos for the upcoming 2007 UH-UNLV game.

    Right--a guy we never met is offering to buy a block of game tickets for people he never met...and he's probably going to ask you to send money. But Rich bought the tickets in advance and very few people stiffed him. Rich2176 bought tickets in 2009 (double the number) again. He is offering to do it again this year--for reference, see...

    Please email me your tentative game ticket requests. Also tentative count for Karaoke Call, buffet restaurant tailgate, and optional bus to be arranged by Rasu Begasu. You may contact them directly, but having it posted on the web site is a visual guarantee your requests are received... and shows the attendees.

  132. SteveM:

    Kekoa -- note comment #105 and the reference to singing. I wonder where that came from... :roll:

    But if he has time under happier circumstances, please plan a Cattle Call for him.

    A separate Karaoke Call for a small-medium size group is possible too. We'll see.

  133. Kekoa:

    SteveM ~ I may call on D-1 & NSF and the other Wessai chaptah crew to do something near where MW lives. I think he'd like checking out the Noodle Factory here in Kapolei.

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