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The not-so-long goodbye?

February 28th, 2011

As time was expiring on Saturday night's Rainbow Warrior basketball game, play-by-play announcer Jim Leahey  gave brief reference to how K5's exclusive claim to UH sportscasts also was expiring. This summer, Oceanic Time Warner gains full rights to UH's TV rights. 

The best thing would be to keep the arrangement, with Oceanic outsourcing the production to K5 —  and not just for the benefit of  households that don't have cable. K5 and its ancestors not only have chronicled UH's sports for more than a generation, but helped foster their growth and popularity. 

We'll soon find out what will happen. 

But if Oceanic decides to take over the whole package, it has been suggested that it should expand its programming, including adding more channels. As ESPN has proven, it is OK to compete against yourself. With additional channels, Oceanic could show UH events simultaneously. At the high school level, Oceanic could show Division I and Division II playoff events at the same time, too. Costly? Sure. But that's the price of wanting it all.

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Former UH QB Tyler Graunke will be playing for the Green Bay Blizzard of the Indoor Football League.

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