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The simple life

March 27th, 2011

A long time ago, I was sitting in the waiting area in an East Coast basketball office. That was when I learned that, at the time, the head coach had a secretary who had a secretary who had a receptionist.

I'm reminded of that during the NCAA Tournament while watching televised sideline shots of head coaches who look like CEOs. And I'm reminded of that while wandering around UH.

UH does indeed run a down-to-earth program. The football office still does not have a full-time secretary, instead using three student workers. That means coaches make their own coffee, answer their own calls, even try to figure out how to reload the printer. During one of the spring practices, head coach Greg McMackin demonstrated blocking techniques to the young offensive linemen.

For the women's volleyball program, 1,000-plus victories could not be parlayed into a secretary, not even a student worker. When the coaches were relocated for the office renovations, Dave Shoji found himself in a room where he often could not receive cell-phone reception.

The coaches of the women's basketball team had to work through weeks of hearing the THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of construction outside their makeshift offices.

Softball coach Bob Coolen conducts his post-game interviews between re-organizing the dugout and helping the grounds crew. He pitches batting practice. During the offseason,he often came in on weekends to help clean the Lower Campus.

And sneak into a men's basketball practice. Gib Arnold is the sixth man.

Those are reminders of life of a non-BCS program.

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