Pro Day

March 31st, 2011

CARSON, Calif. — Former Warriors were impressive at today's pro day at the Home Depot Center.

Seventeen former UH football players went through speed, jumping, agility and weight-lifting tests. Afterward, representatives from each NFL team met, then came up with a consensus on what they decided would be the final results.

Slotback Kealoha Pilares apparently has fully recovered from a knee injury suffered in the Dec. 24 Hawaii Bowl. One NFL scout timed Pilares at 4.37 seconds in the 40-yard dash. But  NFL scouts decided to credit Pilares with a 4.42 time.

Offensive tackle Laupepa Letuli bench pressed 225 pounds 42 times, but was credited with 35 because he did not fully lock his arms on seven lifts. He initially was credited with 39 reps — a total UH head coach Greg McMackin insisted Letuli reached.

And safety Mana Silva  appeared to have set a UH pro day record when it was announced he had a 42-inch vertical jump. But during the meeting, it was decided he did not cleanly hit the a marker, and was credited with a 40-inch jump.

* * * * *

Here's Greg Salas:



* * * * *

And running back Alex Green:



* * * * *

Pilares on the broad jump:


And the vertical jump ...


And the 40-yard dash ...


* * * * *

Oakland Raiders' head coach Hue Jackson:


* * * * * *

And this is what one side of the finish line looks like:


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  1. d1shima:


    Good Luck Warriors!

  2. gbc99:


  3. gbc99:

    tree. Good luck to all

  4. Kekoa:

    Good luck to all 17 of our guys today. Thanks for the 'on scene' reports ST.

  5. Stretch:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!

    Good Luck to all the Warriors participating in the Pro Day!

    Is the picture of Alex Green from today?? He's looking bigger

  6. Shoko:

    Morning folks!

    Imagine if the new NCAA Tournament format hadn't changed to 68 teams, VCU wouldn't be dancing on their way to the Final Four. If they do win the championship, one would wonder if they would consider expanding once more. Heck, throw in all the 300+ teams and let them duke it out. :)

  7. Michigan Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Lookin' good, guys!

    Good luck to all participants!

  8. Shoko:

    Oh, good luck to those participating in Pro Day.

  9. mctruck:

    top ten again!?

    I want to see how Pilares does in the 40.

    with dat said....good luck to all.

  10. gigi-hawaii:

    Good luck and best wishes, guys!

    May your dream come true!!!

  11. mctruck:


    wonder how the complex looks like???, got any pic's???

  12. Michigan Warrior:

    Just looking at the names of the participants in this year's UH Pro Day is unreal. We've come to expect to hear their names called whenever they went onto the field. It says a lot of these fine young men.
    It also tells us that we've got some huge shoes to fill with this year's team. Good thing so many of our youngsters have experience and athletic ability. Mix in some added speed, and I'm really liking the direction our program is headed!

    Go, Warriors!

    Exciting day today, ST!!!

  13. whitey:

    good morning and best wishes to all our warriors at pro day.

  14. chopsueyboy:

    Good morning and good luck to all Warriors!

  15. NYUH:

    TC makes all-time top 50 playmakers

  16. NYUH:

    Good luck to Mana Silva and all the other talented players to contributed so much to the UH program.

  17. 808ike:

    Top XX

  18. 808ike:

    Good luck to the Warriors on Pro Day.

  19. mauifarmdog:

    Good luck to all of our warriors.

    Tsai's been tweeting more lately. Let's see if we can get him up to 1000 followers. Currently at 692.

    Follow Tsai on Twitter at @StephenTsai

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Best of luck to all of our pro hopefuls. We should see a few of them in pro camps in the summer. (Assuming the league is not on strike...)

    Top twenny for travellin' Tsing Tao Tommy, welcome back, oh eastward wanderer.

  21. kev-1:

    good luck Warriors!

    also, heck of a baseball game last night. Good, needed win.

  22. koakane:

    good morning nice sunny one so far

    great beginning for warrior bball yesterday and congrats

    wishing the bestest to wahine's against dem dogs today.

    ralph, kama mostly see public school games instead of ILH. more exciting IMHO. like yesterday good game betweem PC and Mililani. but at least kama and others still enjoys HS ball. occasionally go see HPU also.

  23. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Good luck to all of the athletes at Pro Day today. I'm glad it's warm for the sake of their muscles.

    ST ~ Thanks for the pictures.

    Hawaii#24 ~ You have email.

  24. Couch potato:

    koakane, i thought the wahine play tomorrow.

  25. Stretch:

    #24 - when you retired and get nothing to do, everyday is Friday

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    Mana Silv a sets UH pro day record with 42 inch vertical jump

  27. cheepono:

    #26! WOW!

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    Laupepa Letuli benched 225 pounds 42 times but was credited with 39 reps.

  29. Michigan Warrior:

    Go, Mana!!!

  30. PONO:

    42 inches is beast mode.

  31. Stretch:

    #26 - WOW!! he can almost jump right over homey.... hahahaha

  32. Michigan Warrior:

    Go, Pepa!

  33. LizKauai:


  34. BG:

    Stretch...what do you mean "almost" :D

  35. Hoohiki:

    Michigan Warrior...didn't you play in the band for high school? UH band?

  36. BG:

    39 reps is really up there!

  37. Kekoa:

    He get Da Mana! The numbers are sounding pretty astounding already...

    *Go Warriors!*

  38. HawaiiSports:

    Mana u rock! Go Warriors

  39. Okole Maluna:

    42 inch vertical jump; benched 225 pounds 42 times; WOW who's up Next?

    They're pumping and jumping. Go Warriors!

  40. sportsnet:

    mana you are invincible...

  41. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  42. kooshball:

    Whoo hoo Mana!

  43. Okole Maluna:

    Congratulation to Santa Clara Winning CIT Championship over Iona last nigth 76-69

    Santa Clara is rated 158 just above UH at 159 on latest NCAA RPI ranking.

  44. Michigan Warrior:

    #35... Hoohiki... There were a handful of us who played football, baseball, and basketball, while also in band, throughout most of our school years. I signed up to join the Army Band while still in high school, and left for basic training shortly after graduation.
    Most of my college is through UofMaryland, most of which was accomplished while in the Army, in Korea. I have taken scattered courses through other schools, such as UH, Texas, Central Texas, etc. But, I've never been part of the UH Band.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    Consensus is Pilares ran. 4.45 in his first 40 attempt.

  46. al:

    nice...and on a slow track.

  47. Lopaka43:

    Aloha Tsaiko Ohana!!

    Can somebody tell me what time practice for the football team is on Saturday? Hope to make it over to UH to watch for the first time this spring.

    Back to lurking....Esme woosh!!

  48. Michigan Warrior:

    Wonder what our 40 times would be if the surface they were tested on were the same as the NFL Combine.

  49. LizKauai:

    GO Kealoha!!!

  50. Michigan Warrior:

    Al... we're thinking along the same lines.

  51. Hoohiki:

    Michigan Warrior...I know you.

    Hoping the best for Pilares. Waiting for his stats.

  52. BG:

    Good effort for Pilares!

    ST, can you describe what kind of timing system they are using? When you say "consensus", it doesn't sound like an electronic system. It's fantastic to have you there and giving us updates!

  53. Couch potato:

    that's some impressive human accomplishments by the home team. auryte! chee!

  54. Michigan Warrior:

    I also wonder... have we ever tried using speed guns on our speedsters to find their top speed, aside from just their 40 times?

  55. BG:

    al #46 ... why did they select a slow track to run on?

  56. Couch potato:

    my 40 time? i going dq myself. couch is where i belong.

  57. Michigan Warrior:

    BG... for real, yeah? Good fun getting quick posts as things happen! Mahalo, ST!

  58. Couch potato:

    they not running on a track.

  59. Michigan Warrior:

    Hoohiki, (and anyone else), can find me on Facebook... type "saxrox" and you'll see our beloved tapa "H". Send me a Friend Request if you like. Just include who you are from this blog. I will ignore requests if you don't identify yourself.

  60. d1shima:

    From Stephen via twitter

    One scout clocked Kealoha Pilares at 4:37

  61. Couch potato:

    that scout should be booted. 4 minutes and 37 seconds is bug time.

  62. hakaboy:

    4:37 mile is pretty good lol

  63. Stephen Tsai:

    They're running on what appears to be FieldTurf, so there were a lot of false starts.
    They also had to adjust to not having rolling starts.

  64. Stephen Tsai:

    Mana Silva is kicking butt. Consensus numbers will come out after the position drills this afternoon.
    And, yes, it is really hot today.

  65. al:

    i believe we have been using that site for awhile now.
    the factors are;
    its proximity to usc ucla, who's pro day's preceded ours. it is good that we are close by so that the scouts will stay put to watch our warriors without having to pick up and leave. this assures greater attendance/attention.

    the facilities as a whole is conducive to what the scouts want to witness at these events.

    it is available to us.

    i am sure that the scouts are aware of the slow turf vs a track grade surface that all times will be taken with that in mind. in their reports they will much such duly noted.

    don't worry they don't miss a thing.

  66. koakane:

    wow pilares is blazing

  67. BG:

    MW #54

    Good question that made me go hmmm... Haven't a clue but I'll throw out some thoughts. I'd think that 20 and 40 times are more relevent because they give a measure of quickness. Top speed and quickness are probably strongly correlated but you do have examples of long striders who take time to get to top speed. For football purposes, those players would give misleading readings (high top speed, but average quickness). On the other hand we have the classic example of folks like D. Bess with slow times but a star in the NFL with his quickness. Hey Michigan! I might of completely missed your point, but thanks for the mental exercise!

  68. papajoe2:

    ST, What kind of record did Mana set? Was it only for local players or all Pro Day players throughout the nation? Either way, very, very impressive.

  69. al:

    i could picture mana silva in someone's backfield. let's hope he, too, shall run a sub 4.5.

  70. Stretch:

    #63 - Field Turf causes false starts?? That explains a lot.

  71. Couch potato:

    from the sa:

    "UH's pro day is being held at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. Silva's jump broke the previous record of 41 1/2 inches set by Kenny Patton in 2007.

    Earlier, receiver Kealoha Pilares recorded a vertical jump of 40 1/2 inches."

    it seems it is a UH pro day record.

  72. al:

    the all time nfl combine record is 46" by gerald sensabaugh.
    reports have it that randy moss did jump 51", however, not at a combine.

    the unofficial world record is 61" by a street basketballer, kadour zhani who barely stands 5'10".

  73. mctruck:

    Thanks for the updates, ST. U can do iiiiiiiit!

  74. al:

    it appears that not only salas and green are headed towards draft day news.
    at this rate it would be hard to ignore pilares whom scouts already are high on. with nice forty numbers and great verticals thus far. you know that his strength is his strong suit and he will kill it in those areas.

    and then along comes mana silva. at this rate, he too could be a late round pickup.

    i am hoping that pepa does well in the other drills he too is on everybody's must look list.

  75. papajoe2:

    Thanks, cp, al. I realized after I blogged. I am too excited for the UH players. Still very impressive.

  76. al:

    ...and wouldn't that be something if we get four guys drafted.

  77. Couch potato:

    papajoe2, exciting for us and my couch hat is off to the young men that are working hard to pursue their dreams.

    if pepa can kill the speed drills then he will be a bigger blip on the radar come draft day. would be good to see 5+ warriors get drafted.

  78. Michigan Warrior:

    #67... BG... I was just wondering out loud. My thoughts were based on quick bursts to get from point A to point B, which usually would cover less than 40 yards on most plays. That's why I like watching how people do when they have to cut once or twice in running drills. Getting back up to top speed quicker to close gaps would be more realistic than flat out running a straight line 40. It's all good.

    Keep it going, Warriors!!!

  79. Couch potato:

    mlb in action. nothing like watching another sports on the tele.

    besides the speed drills, jumps, and bench, the receivers go through some route and pass catching drills. is there a counterpart drill for the dlinemen, olineman, db's, and lb's?

  80. Slugger:

    Great stats coming from Pro Day. GO WARRIORS!

  81. PowderPuff:

    Wow, ST...nice photos and updates from Pro Day. Go get 'um guys!!!

  82. bigislandkurt:

    Pepa is one hell of an athlete. The only knock on him has been he is somewhat injury-prone. But given the rest, he is certainly of NFL substance.

    Good to hear about Mana and Kealoha. I gotta believe that a few of these boys will be invited to some team's camp when the CBA/lock out debacle is resolved.


  83. d1shima:

    Still at a loss trying to understand why 40's are hand-timed, or am I missing something? Why the subjectivity?

  84. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy to see that Pilares was able to run so well.

    The Warriors are representing big time!

  85. d1shima:

    Even the vertical jump can be measured electronically. Why the confusion over "cleanly hitting" a marker?

  86. gigi-hawaii:

    Ditto #83.

    Why don't they use an electronic timer like those in horse races? Doesn't the Honolulu Marathon have one, too?

  87. d1shima:

    Nonetheless, "Well done Warriors!"

  88. madeinhawaii:

    Good luck Warriors!


  89. YpoWarrior:

    Re: electronic timing. My guess is that it comes down to money. It probably would cost a lot more money for either the schools that are putting together the Pro Days or the NFL if they wanted to fund it. I dont' think even at the combine they have electronic timing.

  90. Couch potato:

    honolulu marathon uses a horse race timer?

  91. al:

    ...and besides the scouts are so old school that they will time em themselves regardless of what is out there.

  92. Stretch:

    The combine has electronic timers set up along the 40 course. Each person just chooses to use their own stopwatch.

  93. Ralph:

    ESPN sues C USA for signing on with Fox sports.

  94. gigi-hawaii:

    I don't know how expensive those electronic timers are, but the cost would just be a one-time thing. And they could use it year after year after year for no charge.

    Might be a good investment.

  95. gigi-hawaii:

    interesting link.

    It seems to me that ESPN's lawsuit is frivolous. Although they had the right to negotiate a contract extension in 2010, they failed to meet C-USA's needs.

    C-USA had every right to sign with FOX.

    At least, that's what I think.

    Does Garret have an opinion on this?

  96. Michigan Warrior:

    #93... Ralph... Glad to see C-USA trying to break away from ESPN. The near-monopoly EPSN has on college sports has to be broken up. I like seeing the competition between networks. There will never be equality, but the availability of Brands B, C, and D will allow fans and schools extra exposure.

  97. d1shima:

    Just find it remarkable that a $9B enterprise would stake its future on a $40 stopwatch...

  98. Michigan Warrior:

    I mean, look at what the WAC will end up this year (and possibly in the future) since the top 4 football schools are departing. ESPN, like the BCS, has become too strong.

  99. huh:

    Garret is a lawyer? he thinks he is

  100. Michigan Warrior:

    Wow, stopwatches are THAT expensive these days? I remember picking one up from Arakawa's in Waipahu (ages ago) for less than $10!

  101. Michigan Warrior:

    Holy smokes! Just googled stopwatches...

    The one that looks like I bought for about $7 way back when is selling for $55! Hahaha! Crazy! Ah... nothing like progress, yeah?

  102. Stretch:

    MW - the current stop watches are digital. I think the ones you remember used sand?? hahaha, okay, sorry, bad joke

  103. Michigan Warrior:

    Interesting how the "consensus" keeps pushing our boyz back. Like they can't have little ol' Hawaii outperform the big boyz from those money schools.

  104. Michigan Warrior:

    Good one, Stretch! Sand... bwahahahaha!

  105. d1shima:

    And then again for the Conspiracy Theorists I guess it might make sense for the league's representatives to want to hand time and get lower #'s.

    Maybe they get better leverage in dealing with veterans by showing bigger, faster, stronger rookies coming in?

  106. warriorsun:

    after attending two spring practices with 'others' the one thing that sticks that we agree is the over-all conditioning look of our linemen--on both sides of the ball....they look one-meal short rather than well-stuffed. Our front 7 on D is faster. speed on the perimeter is a key, if our D is to continue to improve in 2011. keep it kickin tommy....also nice to see coach Tomey in action again. he is very active physically on the field and still brings energy even when players are waiting their turn, he has them diving for balls. classic tomey. lol.

  107. Michigan Warrior:

    So, how are Olympic runners timed? NFL scouts too? Need to standardize this stuff. So phoney!

  108. Michigan Warrior:

    Good report, Warriorsun! Mahalo! Getting more and more exciting, as we get closer and closer to the start of next season!

  109. Michigan Warrior:

    My #107... I meant how are Olympic runners timed? Are they timed by NFL scouts using stopwatches (and a sun dial) too? With all of today's technological toys, its weird that we have to rely on a consensus on stopwatched times.

  110. YpoWarrior:

    Just saw this on

  111. Ralph:

    Wie +1 after 7, leader in the house at -5 to par. Wie off the tee drive listed at 290

  112. YpoWarrior:

    Looks like Rodney Bradley & Mana Silva had good days that may get them drafted late.

  113. d1shima:


    No make sense that they use old-school stuff meanwhile Nike/SPARQ holds combines nationwide (and in Polynesia) using high-tech gear.

  114. Michigan Warrior:

    #110... YpoWarrior... Mahalo for the link! Great initial impression!

    Good job, Warriors!

  115. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!!

    Good luck to all the Warriors participating in Pro Day.

    Screecher and I both knocked out for the count with (hopefully) a 24-hr stomach bug.

  116. Michigan Warrior:

    Oh no... take care and hope you feel better soon, JMxxxx and Screecher!

  117. hakaboy:

    who threw for the receivers?

  118. Rich2176:

    Just got back to the office from Pro Day. Overall impression - all of the players were extremely focussed and supportive of each other. Alex Green is CUT and looked like a beast out there. Caught all but one pass (was behind him) during RB drills. Silva was flying around all over the place.

    The 40's were timed by about 4 or 5 guys. One on one side of the track and the others on the side. After each run all I would hear "Wha'd you get? Wha'd you get?) It's so imperfect with a stopwatch since human error would not have them all starting and stopping at the same time. For something this big in an athlete's career, there needs to be a digital timer.

    Saw UKU there and a couple of other blog lurkers - Don & Joe who live in L.A.

    Okay....gotta buddy got center court seats, row 13 for the Laker/Mavs game tonight. Should be a blast!

  119. LizKauai:

    @TonyPauline: Miami Dolphins took Hawaii running back Alex Green & Kealoha Pilares to dinner last night before today's pro-day.

    RyanMorgan10‎ Great pro day today for 2011 draftee Kealoha Pilares / Univ. of Hawaii. Fast, smart and agile.

    TonyPauline‎ Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins & Cincinnati Bengals all sent RB coaches to Hawaii pro-day for Alex Green.

  120. bigislandkurt:

    I miss Arakawas in Waipahu. They were the original Costco where you could buy one case spam or vienna sausage for real cheap!
    Arakawas, Gems, Holiday Mart, Woolworth. All the old stores that have gone bye bye.


  121. Rich2176:

    #117 - 3 QB's rotated. I know one was from Northern AZ since I was talking to his agent. Not sure who the other two were. They were all pretty good, but not nearly the arm strength of Colt. The receivers were consistanly slowing down to wait for the ball on 30+ yard throws.

  122. LizKauai:

    Thanks, Rich! And Twitter is alive with good news!

  123. Michigan Warrior:

    Hakaboy... I know one of the announced QB's for our Pro Day is Cameron Higgins from Saint Louis Schools (and Weber State).

  124. LizKauai:

    jm2375- You and Screecher GET WELL SOON!

  125. Michigan Warrior:

    Mahalo, Rich2176!

  126. YpoWarrior:

    Wasn't one of the QB's the kid from St. Louis/Weber St.? I think his last name is Higgins?

  127. Michigan Warrior:

    BIK... I know, yeah? Those were some good stores back then! Wait, what about Coronet's too? I used to get my Hot Wheels and most of my fishing gear from the Makaha and Waipahu stores.

  128. Rich2176:

    #123 - I just googled his picture and he looks familiar from today. Threw a nice short passes, but like I said, all three QBs struggled a bit with depth. Perhaps since they were throwing to unfamiliar receivers.

  129. Ralph:

    Wie trying to recover, +2 after 11, leader finished at -5 to Par

  130. LizKauai:

    Hawaii running back Alex Green had a strong Pro Day workout, displaying sound hands and smooth cuts as four running back coaches observed.

    Baltimore Ravens running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery as well as running backs coaches from the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Green has upcoming visits to the Eagles, St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans, according to his agent.

    Green stood on his combine numbers, which included a 4.45 in the 40-yard dash.

    At the workout, Green drew compliments for his cutting ability.

    He's regarded as an ascending player. Here's a link to his highlight video.

    Green led the nation last season with an 8.2 average per carry and scored 17 tuchdowns.

    He's the first running back to rush for 1,000 yards for Hawaii since 1992, gaining 1,199 yards this season.

    He played in the East-West Shrine game.

    As a junior, he rushed for 453 yards and two touchdowns.

  131. gigi-hawaii:

    any news about Greg Salas?

  132. al:

    thanks for the link ypowarrior.

  133. al:

    hmmmm...pilares, green, and bess.

  134. al:

    that west coast team is gonna have to pick salas up earlier than they hoped for.

  135. al:

    i'll bet rodney bradley got timed by some even faster than 4.5.

  136. al:

    i guess mana really wants this...4.43, 40 vj, to go along with his nose for the ball. lots of possibilities there.

  137. Curt:

    Go Warriors! Looks like some impressive performances.

  138. Curt:


    Mana really put up some astounding #s. I sure hope that translates to being drafted.

  139. RedZone:

    To all pro teams. Mana Silva is a ball magnet. Just put him on the field and the ball will come to him. Kealoha Pilares is the secret weapon. If you don't pick him up you will be sorry.

  140. Curt:

    Too bad Colt couldn't throw. But at least you would think he's getting his groove back. C'mon Colt; we still got yo back.

  141. LizKauai:

    gigi- see #110 for the full article.

  142. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, great pics! mahalo!

  143. LizKauai:

    #133... SWEET!
    hmmmm...pilares, green, bess and colt... Priceless!

  144. Rich2176:

    See ST's pic of the finish line. That's what I was talking about - "Wha'd you get?" Hitting the stop button is so subjective since not everyone is exactly on the line.

  145. al:

    doesn't alex green sort of remind you of jim brown?
    maybe jim brown was a tad more powerful, but, the cutting abilities and burst to day light are similar.

  146. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks to everybody for the links, updates and reports from the field! (That would be you Rich!)

    Lets hope the good news today plays out in the draft and in FA contracts.

    Way to go, Warriors!

  147. Curt:

    You're showing your age al. Who da guy Jim Brown? Is he a musician? ;)

  148. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great pics, Mr. Tsai!

  149. RedZone:

    Heard Rolo on the radio the other day and he is really high on Joey Ieosefa.

  150. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Rich -

    The picture at the finish line brings to mind the old joke...

    "How many NFL Scouts does it take to screw in a light bulb?" :lol:

  151. Michigan Warrior:

    Haha... look all dem guys bunched up at da finish line waiting fo' press da button! Even a Caveman can do dat!

  152. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    * a polo shirt clad caveman online somewhere takes a look at #151 and angrily clicks out of the WB page...*

  153. d1shima:

    Looks like some o' dem buggahs using their thumb for the stopwatch. tsk tsk....

  154. Ralph:

    Wie at +2 thru 14, leader at -6 thru 16. Wie driving distance up graded to 303.50.

    Rich2176 can you out drive Wie?

  155. d1shima:

    Pilares looks RIPPED! :shock:

  156. Couch potato:

    jim brown is an actor.

  157. Couch potato:

    it's not how you drive but how you arrive.

    don't drink and drive or you may not arrive alive.

    keep up the sex drive to remain alive.

  158. Couch potato:

    michelle drives a kia. dip dop dippity.

  159. d1shima:

    Come on....

    You wouldn't see a Kia anywhere near Piper's Pali much less Palo Alto!

  160. d1shima:

    ...Nehoa St. maybe.

  161. roygbivs[TerenceTwkWong]:


  162. Okole Maluna:

    Congratulation to all the Pro Day participants.
    They came well prepared and showed up their talent that we have here in tiny little island.

    Most Mainlanders consider us foreign country... as Hawaiian Air lands in LA International Terminal on connecting flight to Hawaii from Vegas....

    Good job to all and Thanks ST and others for feed-back today from Carson City.

  163. Curt:

    I remember Jim Brown in a western with Raquel Welch. Now I'm showing my age. All da young ones now asking "Who dat?"

  164. Couch potato:

    from last weeks sa article.

    "After she tees off in today's opening round, she will walk past her Kia Sorento on the Industry Hills Country Club course that hasn't seen an LPGA event in nearly 30 years. Her custom-made White Tiger Kia Soul, with the claw marks down the side, is up at Stanford."

  165. Curt:

    Agree. Thanks ST for the updates.

  166. Couch potato:

    dea u go d1shima. dip dop dippity.

  167. sofa spud:

    dip dop?
    how 'bout
    doo da dippity

  168. Chris Hilo:

    I played JV football with Mana at Hilo before he transfered to Kamehameha-Hawaii, he was always a very hard worker and much smarter than you'd expect from a star athlete. This is excellent news for him and his family as it certainly looks like he has a good shot at getting drafted. This is truly inspiring for all my players - now I can tell them that they, too, can get to the NFL if they are driven....and if they are physically gifted.

  169. Couch potato:

    local style sofa spud.

  170. BG:


    Now I know you've handled stop watches knowledgeably in your storied past! #153 Rule of "thumb". Never, ever use the thumb to press the stop button on a stopwatch. :D

  171. BG:

    Also noticed in the picture that one guy at the finish line appears to be looking at his watch rather than directly at the runner and the finish need look at the watch, garans the thing stops when you press the button!

  172. HawaiiSports:

    Congrats to all the Warriors on Pro Day. Mana and Kealoha are all around athletes on and off the field. Their vision is clear cut and deserve to get to the next level. Awesome numbers for them today, great role models for the kids of Hawaii.

  173. BG:

    So true HawaiiSports...great role models for the keiki.

  174. Kazz:

    Kia Motors Hawaii.

    You know, they took a mainland-made commercial done with CGI technology and instead of doing their own, the Kia Hawaii people made a cheesy one with cheap hamster costumes.

    More annoying than anything.

  175. Okole Maluna:

    Its nice to hear ESPN sueing Conference USA...

    They are not the only network on sports these days...
    And more mola and leveage for us when we join MWC to re-negotiate the TV package contract. So how Hawaii handles our own PPV with Oceanic will play a big role.
    There are lots of other networks interested in sports coverage these days.

    As I wrote on earlier blog post NCAA gets on 14 year - $10.4 Billion in network coverage on March Madness basketball alone.
    The network coverage does not even include an ESPN coverage.

    This coverage is between CBS, TBS, truTV, and TNT. but to top it off TNT and TBS are not accessibe to about 16 million TV households and truTV is not available in 24 million.

    Yet NCAA were able to collect $10 Billion plus!
    By 2016 every house hold better have cable because Turner network will carry the FINAL FOUR.

    So if the Conference USA get to double their TV rights to $42 million.
    MWC and UH better look hard and very closely how they deal TV rights away over the next 10 years to come.

    That is one Big reason BYU left MWC to negotiate their own TV Contract and not share with anyone else just as Notre Dame signed way back in 1990 with ABC worth $210 Million over only 5 years!

  176. Kazz:

    When you hear about the SEC and ESPN boy-toy sCam Newton and how he is supposedly "unreliable", "scripted", "disingenuous", "takes short cuts", and has problem with punctuality, it is refreshing to see some good guys with good heads on their shoulders like our former Warriors trying to break in to a professional football career.

    These are supposed to be RED FLAGS, but when you have someone like Colin Cowherd only worried about punctuality and not even concerned about the other "Leaf-like" and "Jamarcus Russell-like" character traits spotted by others then one has to wonder. I don't like Cowherd most of the time, but I do understand his views, even the ones I do NOT agree with because they are quite reflective of the society within the society of professional sports that allows for a massive money-grab regardless of character or ability.

    It is what it is. The NFL and all pro sports are a meat-market. Once you are done via physical limitations, arrest, or other un-natural instances, you are tossed aside and the next breed of "steaks" are brought in only to be chewed up and spit out.

    The hope is that our former Warriors break through the mold. The hope is that guys like Salas, Green, Pilares, etc… can come in and provide new talent and a new look of what the student-athlete coming out of college can contribute to the pro game talent-wise and character-wise.

    Davone Bess is a great example of that. A good guy with natural football skills and NO DRAMA.

  177. Kazz:

    Nice guys shouldn't finish last all the time.

  178. d1shima:


    looks like something else that Hawaii#24 can add to the USC list

  179. warriorsun:

    According to sources, Chris Gant plays in rarified air, prompting Chaffey receiver Eric Hunter to exclaim to his teammates after watching Gant catch 17, “I would throw it to him every play". Gant posted numbers heretofore not seen in JUCO football in over a decade.
    The Moorpark JC phenom is due for 7 on 7s sometime in June. For those that want a peek, the $4 parking fee is cheap admission to see who-da-guy snag a few.

    With Darius Bright coming off a stand-down year and poised to start on one flank, opposite senior Pollard anchoring the otherside, UH coaches maybe faced with the same redshirt decision they tussled over with Bright last season....unless, Gant or someone else is moved to slot. The problem most have with newcomers is our O-system requires time to learn.
    As itchy as Bright was to get involved in 2010, he admits the benefit of redshirting allowed him more time to learn our system.

  180. SteveM:

    wow. Two posts in almost 4 hours? :|

  181. gigi-hawaii:


    d1shima stunned everybody into silence. Did you see his link???

  182. gigi-hawaii:

    The Kia Soul looks just like the Nissan Cube. Who copied whose design? Wouldn't be caught dead in either one.

    What's Wie's honest opnion?

  183. gigi-hawaii:

    Actually, Wie and hubby are around the same height -- 6'1". Hubby had a hard time fitting into 2 Kia models at the auto show, so perhaps Wie did, too.

    In which case, she would have no choice but to opt for the Soul:

  184. SteveM:

    Stunned into silence?
    Maybe not.
    Only looks like slow news day in a UK tabloid. :|

  185. SteveM:

    gigi -- hubby needs a Hummer... :)

  186. gigi-hawaii:

    Actually, SteveM, he is a fan of the Camry. Plenty of leg room even when the seat is NOT pushed all the way back.

  187. gigi-hawaii:

    This link will show you the Kia Soul as well as other Kia and Toyota cars shown at the auto show recently:

  188. SteveM:

    gigi -- those sizes are what Pride. likes. Hubby needs a Hummer. Hubby needs a Hummer....

    BTW, do you watch The Mentalist on CBS? :roll:

    ST-- where are you? Flying back or busy interviewing Rich2176?

  189. gigi-hawaii:

    no I don't watch The Mentalist. In fact, I don't even watch 5-0, believe it or not. I don't care much for TV series. I just watch sports (pro) or the news.

  190. gigi-hawaii:

    Do you know if the Mavs won? Hubby turned it off when the Lakers had a 20 pt lead with 5 mins to go. Miracle?

  191. gigi-hawaii:

    Reading MSN -- Lakers won. Five players ejected.

  192. gigi-hawaii:

    I watched part of the Giants-Dodgers game today, but turned off the TV after the latter scored first.

    Elder daughter told me, "Baseball is the most boring sport of all, Mom."

    I told her, "It's a mind game..."

  193. al:

    #163 curt...i saw that movie too. i remember raquel welch in that movie.

  194. Curt:


    Did you go to the movie for Jim Brown or Raquel Welch?

  195. al:

    jim brown was in the movie?

  196. Curt:

    No worry al. It's okay to plead the 5th.

  197. Curt:

    Ha-ha. Very funny al!

  198. al:

    raquel at age 70....

    all women should age like her.

  199. Slugger:

    UH baseball over...

    News over...

    Snow White on TV...

    If we are going to age like Raquel, I need my beauty sleep... :D

  200. Curt:

    Hard to imagine someone 70 yo can look that good. worries. You'll be just as hot!

  201. Curt:


    Re #179, can't wait to see Chris Gant. Sounds like another gifted athlete to look forward to. Do you know how tall and fast he is? Man, do we have some studs at the receiver position.

  202. al:

    curt you so demanding....

    CHRIS GANT WR, 6-1, 185 lbs. (4.4 40 yd dash)
    (Moorpark CC - Moorpark, CA)
    (Signed and Faxed LOI)
    (Turned down offers from New Mexico, Utah, and Washington St.)

    Named to JC Gridwire All-America first team…played two years at Moorpark College…named first-team all-California Region V and first-team All-Western State Conference…led all receivers in the Southern California Football Association with 81 receptions for 1,134 yards and 17 touchdowns in 10 games played in 2010…broke single-season school records for receptions and yards…had school-record 17 catches for 238 yards in a win at Chaffey College…broke 25-year old school career records with 145 receptions for 1,945 yards, and 33 touchdowns, the latter of which is believed to be a state record…as a freshman, tallied 64 catches for 811 yards and 16 touchdowns…a 2009 graduate of Bishop Alemany High School.

    from sportsbow...

  203. al:

    and we also have trevor davis...

    TREVOR DAVIS WR, 6-1, 165 lbs. (4.45 40 yd dash)
    (Alhambra HS - Martinez, CA)
    (Signed and Faxed LOI)
    (Turned down offers from Idaho.)

    A three-sport athlete at Alhambra High School…named among the Top 20 East Bay football prospects…selected to the first-team all-Diablo Foothill Athletic League and honorable mention all-Metro…hauled in 43 passes for 876 yards and nine touchdowns…had nine receptions for 185 yards and one TD vs. Miramonte HS…had touchdowns of 64 and 78 yards in win over Dougherty Valley HS…in track and field, competed in the long jump and triple jump events with personal bests of 22-0.5 and 46 feet, respectively…teammate of fellow UH recruit Jared Leaf.

  204. al:

    the staff still has to figure out where this guy will play...

    CHINEDU "Promise" AMADI WR/RB/CB, 5-10, 180 lbs.
    (Chino HS - Chino, CA)
    (Signed and Faxed LOI)
    (Turned down offers from NMSU.)

    Named first-team all-Inland Valley as a utility back and first-team all-CIF Southern Section Central Division as a defensive back in 2010…attended same high school as former All-American receiver Greg Salas…played both sides of the ball as a receiver and defensive back…as a senior, led the league in scoring with 24 touchdowns, including four against Garey HS and Northview HS…finished with 46 receptions for 790 yards and 10 TDs and also rushed 50 times for 503 yards and 14 TDs…ranked second in the league in receiving yards and eighth in rushing…on defense, had a league-high five interceptions and also finished with 30 total tackles…served as the team’s punter, averaging 39.2 yards per punt…helped lead team to 11-1 record after finishing 0-10 in 2009.

  205. al:

    and recent jc transfer...

    CECIL DOE WR, 6-3, 210 lbs. (4.4 40 yd dash)
    (North Dakota State College of Science - Wahpeton, ND)
    (Signed and Faxed LOI)
    (Turned down offers from Central Michigan, Michigan St., and Western Michigan.)

    Played two years at North Dakota State College of Science…as a sophomore, named honorable mention all-conference despite missing most of the season due to injuries...caught 16 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns as a freshman in 2009…a 2009 graduate of Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minn…an all-state first team and Star-Tribune all-Metro selection as a senior…had 21 catches for 546 yards and seven TDs.

  206. Curt:


    You're absolutely right. I am demanding...and proud of it. Nah. Just kidding. Thanks for the short bios on our incoming receivers. Looks like we got speed to burn. Hopefully, they'll be patient, learn the system, and be ready when their time arrives.

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    Raquel Welch as Loana...that was eye-inspiring for a youngster.

    Happy April Fool's Day!

  209. SteveM:

    Raquel Welch. Big movie star? You can recognize the big stars by their voice.
    I don't remember hearing her voice. :)

    Happy Birthday homey!!!

  210. SteveM:

    Re: #209
    April Fool's Day
    Not homey's birthday... well,, a 1-in-365 chance it is... :?

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