Looking ahead

April 26th, 2011

The outline of the Warriors' 2012 recruiting class is being shaped this week.

This is considered to be an evaluation period during which coaches may assess a prospect's football talent and academic records. A school is permitted one call a week to the prospect during this period, but may not have in-person contact.

Embracing technology, the coaches are reviewing highlight DVDs and YouTube links.

* * * * *

It should be quite a show as UH, Nevada and Fresno State enter their final year of WAC membership. It is appropriate that the WAC Football Media Preview will be staged in Las Vegas in July. (The meet-the-media event was held in Salt Lake City the past three years.)

Quarterback Bryant Moniz is expected to be the Warriors' representative.


* * * * *

Even offensive coordinators are on a budget. Here's Nick Rolovich preparing his power lunch:


* * * * *

What does yesterday's ruling in the NFL dispute mean?

According to our expert, "legally it lifts the lockout. Technically it doesn't."

The matter goes to the Court of Appeals. If a stay is granted, it goes back to a lockout. If not, it's back to business — under the 2010 conditions.

That would be a good news/not-so-good-news situation for the players. The 2010 season did not have a salary cap (good for the players), but it did not have a salary floor (not so good for the players). Tendered free agency is after the sixth full season, not the pre-2010 minimum of four seasons. What's more, there were limited benefits. For instance, players could not put money into an NFL-matching retirement account.

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  1. cheepono:

    Go Warriors!

    and will someone buy rolo some food!

  2. Okole Maluna:

    Let's go lunch Rolo

    my power lunch is any kind noodles...

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Ramen rules!

  4. Garret:

    The ruling lifting the lockout is in front of the 8th circuit court of appeals...and they are NOT union-friendly.

    Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times interviewed a former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) who described the 8th Circuit as reversing many of their decisions against employers.

    Former chairman William Gould said, “[p]hilosophically, they’re hostile to the rights of unions and workers to engage in union activity, and, in this case, not to engage in union activity.” Gould held the position until 1998, and the current composition of the 8th Circuit is 9 Republican appointees to 2 Democrats, with many of the appointees coming during George W. Bush’s presidency.


  5. Slugger:

    Good morning!

    Powered by peanut buttah!

  6. Garret:

    I wish the coaches well with this recruiting class. Lots of offers are out there already and a number of recruits have committed, but the bulk of the recruits west of Texas are still available.

    At least the coaches can sell the MWC to the recruits instead of being asked about the stability of the WAC like last year.

  7. gigi-hawaii:

    Nothing wrong with peanut butter. But did he add jelly, too? Otherwise, too dry.

  8. GRM:

    Yeh!!! TOP 10.

  9. LK:

    Peanut butter, better than VeggieMite.

    Don't forget to tune in the the BC show tomorrow, SA Associate Editor Curtis Murayama will be doing his NFL draft preview all morning.

  10. BG:

    No can beat PB & guava jelly sandwich.

    Good morning everyone! Incredibly beautiful day!

  11. al:

    gg...your peanut butter must be very old to be so dry. mine's very sticky inspite of being two and a half years old.

  12. madeinhawaii:


  13. madeinhawaii:


  14. kawika49:

    good thing you guys nevah say peanut with a Chinese accent. I used to listen to Titus Chan pronounce Peanut oil.

  15. rage777:

    I hope the UH coaches really embrace technology and have a twitter feed and use Skype to contact the prospects.

  16. al:

    curt...the twin towers left the airport after two days where no one picked them up. they went home and decided to tryout for the national soccer team instead. i think they both are goalies.

  17. rage777:


    Should it matter that the court doesn't like unions when the players union disbanded? Isn't that the whole point of the lawsuit is that they are not a union anymore so they can't lock them out?

  18. Derek:

    BG, one of my favorites for a simple lunch.

    By the way, what recruitis from this year's class will be grayshirting? Alo, Alexis, Gray, Henderson?

    Al, is Darnell still in the picture? Did he make a visit? Stokes looks real smooth, but from NYC don't you think that's a long shot to make it to Hawaii? So, at this point the PG prospects are maybe Shaquille, Darnell, and Nenad! Of the three, who do you prefer?Anybody else? Who's the big?

  19. Michigan Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Gotta pick up the elementary kids... then back to make some...

    Peanut butter & guava jelly sammies!!!

  20. gigi-hawaii:

    Guava jelly? You guys should try PB and ORANGE MARMALADE. The taste of orange rind is heavenly!

  21. tommui:


    We once picked up a bottle of almond butter made by the Armish folks - still sitting around unopened after seven-eight years - probably not too rancid as Rap would say!

  22. LizKauai -iPad:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Cold, wain, wind, sun, rain, wind, sun, cold, wind ,rain, sun, cold, rain.

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    The one argument I don't buy is that the owners face more risk, so they deserve more money. I don't think that's really the case when they split the TV money, get to keep the luxury box moolah, and have a draft and scheduling that ensure parity. As we've learned from baseball (Dodgers, Mets, Expos) and basketball (Hornets), pro organizations always provide safety nets for owners.

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, Rolo did splurge and use jelly.

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Top Twenny Fi'

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Mr. Tsai.

    Sadly, my diet doen't allow PBJ these days. I love the stuff.

  27. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Not to sound simple, but it seems as though the owners always have the advantage. I feel for the players who are worried about having to play extra games under the new proposals.

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Liz,

    How's the weather? :lol:

    Wish could have some like that here every once in a while.

  29. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    ST -- Where (what hotel) will the WAC media preview will be held?

    Hmmm...ST posts 4 items in his blog entry above and mostly everyone is talking about the peanut butter and fuud....

    ...glad everything is all right. :)

  30. Ralph:

    Did Rolo offer you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

  31. gigi-hawaii:

    Ralph, Rolo is on a budget so he probably did not offer ST a sandwich.

  32. Kekoa:

    Liz ~ 'Nuff arready. It's the Oregonian weather way of telling you Go Home! You had way too much fun. Time to go back to the quiet of Waimea town, and relax.

    Btw...wats da latest scoops on Alex? Where is he camping out this week?

  33. BG:

    OK, a little skinny on sports news this morning unless you're into the NBA play-offs so I'll ask... DPK, what's in PB&J that's not good for your health. It doesn't have cholesterol does it? I know it does go rancid and that's not easy to detect (look out al!!!).

  34. koakane ip4:

    pjs no can beat mea ono pua cheeehooooo

  35. madeinhawaii:

    BG.... sugar and calories... not to mention CARBS in the bread... and remember corn syrup is converted directly into fat and is your enemy if it's in the jam/jelly. We only buy Jam/jelly with sugar and no corn syrup... more expensive but is one less worry.

  36. madeinhawaii:

    Oh yeah.. and the three cups of coffee it takes to sometimes dislodge the chunks that get stuck in your throat is a no-no, too.

  37. BG:

    mih, yes...all true, but I'm glad to hear that it's not the PB. I can't remember the last time I had jam/jelly...are the artificial sweeteners that some manufacturers use any good? Taste-wise or for the body?

  38. BG:

    Coffee? Wait, I just read that 3-5 cups of coffee/day was good as part of a program to prevent Alzheimers...I'm so confused. Please say that you meant the sugar that people put in it (I drink my black).

  39. J:

    PB and honey...

    PB and dill pickles is also good, but not budget-friendly.

  40. Slugger:

    Need to buy p-nut butter without added sugar/corn syrup.


    Barefoot League guy didn't hear of AG showing up this week. LizK?

  41. gigi-hawaii:

    Food Network hits the Warrior Beat! lol

  42. SteveM:

    A friend gave mom some "homemade" peanut butter last week. Tastes great and has little pieces of peanuts about the size of sand grains. Softer and more liquid in texture than the national brands. I hear some markets sell it.

  43. mctruck:

    I like to spead chuncky peanutbutter over pancakes w/mrs butterworth syrup. Dats what I call, "heavy-duty." side of bacon.....yammy!!

  44. gigi-hawaii:

    Buy reduced fat Peanut Butter, Skippys brand.

  45. mctruck:

    pass da milk, please.

  46. madeinhawaii:

    dang.. my post is awaiting moderation.. which means it will never see the light of day... heh...

  47. madeinhawaii:


    I think it was two cups of coffee provided the coffee is double flitered to remove the carcinogens.

    RE: artificial sweeteners...

  48. madeinhawaii:

    Here's a quick comparison chart of the various artificial sweeteners.. not quite as foreboding as Dr. Mercola articles.


  49. J:

    The peanut butter diet...


  50. madeinhawaii:

    Last artificial sweetener link I'm gonna post - short but not-so-sweet article:

    Back to football.... So what's going on with the NFL draft, anyway? Will there or won't there be free-agent options this season? I'm kinda confused.

  51. BG:

    Tell you folks a story...this morning I had a voicemail from Roxane, a very nice lady from the UH Athletics dept. The voicemail said that The Letter-winners Club was having trouble verifying my eligibility to join and that I should contact Cha-cha Kinilau at the club which I did. For those of you who know Cha-cha, she is also a wonderful lady. But, she told me that I needed to contact Derrick Inouchi who does the verifications. And so I called Derrick. All of you who know Derrick...just a great guy. I've had one or two occasions to say hi to him after Lois Mann left but not that he would remember me out of the thousands of people he meets. He explained to me that the club calls him to verify letter winners, but he had no records of the UH track team since his office was established after the demise of the sport and all he could do was tell them that he could not certify. Of course, I understood his position and told him it was no big deal. If the club declined my application because of lack of certification, it didn't faze me at all. I had put in my application at the prodding of one of the members and I thought it was a good idea because of some of the activities that the club was doing for the athletic program. The LWC is just another avenue to support UH athletics in addition to the Tsaikos (for me).

    After I hung up, I gave it a few minutes thought and decided that it would all work out. If the objective of the club is exclusivity, they'll turn me down and I'll thank them for it. If the main objective is to promote UH athletics, I'll find a spot there to do my part. I look around me and I find that I've already been a part of the biggest "fratority" in the US, and part of the best sports (& food) related ohana in the world. What more does a body need?

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    Yes, Rolo offered me P&J.
    He also offered me pretzels.
    I declined the sandwich. Had some pretzels. Then we went to L&L. (Is it a bad thing when the counter woman knows my order?)

  53. Stephen Tsai:

    The media day will be at Orleans.
    News conferences are closed to the public, but you can hang out in the lobby and chat to players and coaches, if you wish.

  54. madeinhawaii:


    Reduced fat vegetarian products really make little sense to me since that kind of fat usually passes through your system and helps takes the bad fat with it... there is no LDL cholesterol in vegetable products. Animal fats are what causes the body to boost cholesterol in the blood in order to process the fats, not vegetable fats - unless they are modified through hydrogenation or made rancid.

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    I think the main objective is to get your $100 annual membership.
    Forget the run-around. Just call Donovan's assistant, Jeannie, and ask Donovan to call you back. He will get you in the Letter Winners Club. Maybe if you brought a picture of yourself in track uniform it also would help.
    And bring your $100.

  56. BG:

    Thanks mih! Ain't nuthin a person can't find here on the blog!!!

    mctruck! You were making my mouth water! I can imagine that concoction on sweet bread french toast!

  57. madeinhawaii:


    Another example of the poor record keeping at UH, eh? Not to mention contract renewals or initial contracts... ..

    What's happening with Mack's contract?

  58. Stephen Tsai:

    Sorry, I was off the blog most of yesterday.
    But here's the link to the volleyball site:

  59. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, the Star-Adverstiser lost to a college newspaper for our online volleyball coverage.

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    No progress on Mack talks.

  61. gigi-hawaii:

    so is Mack gonna hire an attorney to represent him like Gib has?

  62. madeinhawaii:

    I assume, Charlie Wade has his contract in place? I think Trapaso had a recent extension...

    So that leaves, Football, Men's basketball, Softball... and possibly women's BB after next season?

  63. BG:

    Uhhh...dey already have my money! Had to send it in with the app. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm just adverse to taking a route that by-passes what the average person needs to go through. Still have my UH letter in a storage trunk somewhere...but heck, I could have bought it at a garage sale!

    Say...does anyone know of George Butterfield, Alan Nash, or Chip Martin...their whereabouts? Chip was the '65 state hs hurdles champ and stood 6' 2-3". You can imagine what we looked like standing next to each other. :D I managed to beat him in the 440 yard intermediate hurdles in the last meet of the season to win my letter. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  64. Stephen Tsai:

    Mack has an attorney representing him.

  65. BG:

    mih...nah, not poor record keeping, I'm so old I was there before they even thought to keep records! lol

  66. Stephen Tsai:

    Not to burst the illusion here, but there's not a great data bank at UH.
    The only verification they have is through media guides, and they didn't make media guides for track or swimming or golf back in the day.
    That's the reality.
    I worked a few months in the sports information department when I was a student. I remember what they had or didn't have.
    So if you're expecting them to verify your application, I'm pretty sure they called up an old guy and said: "Ever heard of BG?"
    So stop by Donovan's office with your jersey (or, even better, letter) and enjoy your membership.

  67. kawika49:

    BG they should have the article in the Star Bull morgue.

  68. gigi-hawaii:

    Kawika, for some reason the Star Bulletin online archive is no longer available. Too bad.

    When I tried to access one of my columns, the StarBull URL sent me directly to the current issue of the Star Advertiser.

  69. huh:

    #52 - you have a "usual"?? hahaha

  70. tommui:

    BG - the year book would have pictures unless you were not around when the pictures were taken.

  71. kawika49:

    #68 I mean the microfiche...one.

  72. BG:


    kawika...interesting suggestion! Don't know if it's really important to me to go check. But, OMG! I can hear ST's voice saying how important it is to keep copies of sports articles lol. Might be a nice stroll through memory lane to go look up some of the track results. Back in the day, it was mainly all-comers meets and the armed forces teams were very strong along with some of the elite hs athletes.

  73. gigi-hawaii:

    kawika, oh -- yeah, I think you can see the microfiche of newspaper articles at the State Public Library downtown. Go to the Serials Dept.

  74. kawika49:

    The one at the archives are good too (just next door to the library.) Spent many moons there doing research.

  75. LK:

    #51. BG,

    Did they do a UH yearbook back then? There may be an archived copy in Hamilton/Sinclair.

    It's so important for us to document our younger selves, yet kids nowdays think that facebook/computers/"the Cloud" are so permanent that they disdain school yearbooks, and hard copy photos of their youth. Thirty to fifty years from now, social networks won't be the same, computer media won't be the same, the cloud will have evaporated, but hard copies that you can pick-up and read will still be around. JMHO.

    In any case I would hope that they'll accept your application, so that you may be properly honored.

  76. Stephen Tsai:

    There's an Italian restaurant in Manoa. Go there every so often with Leahey.
    Waiter always asks: "Do you want the usual?"
    I'm like, sure.
    A few years earlier, I ordered chicken meatballs.
    It was good, but not great. But I always get the same thing because it's one of the only places where I have a "usual."

  77. LK:

    Hey Kawika49/BIK Hilo chapter,
    I hear A-Sports is in Hilo this week at a craft fair. Heard she is bearing Tsai-ko badges.

  78. BG:

    Thanks gg/kawika! I'll see if I can find time to stop by the archives when I'm in town. Been really busy laying around the house doing nuttin and trying to learn to play golf in between doing nuttin...gigi, you know how hard that is!

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    Bulletin and Advertiser used to share an in-house library when both were at the Kapiolani building. When the Bulletin moved out, Advertiser gained access to the archives.
    Just before the Advertiser closed, a firm was hired to put all of the microfiche copies of articles onto digital.
    I have no idea where the digital copies are now. Maybe a coworker might know.

  80. BG:

    gigi, I meant how hard it is to learn to play golf! :D

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    Or BG, just bring your jersey to Donovan.

  82. BG:

    Stephen, you're really helpful (#79) NOT. Those microfiche must be really valuable stuff! That's history!

  83. gigi-hawaii:

    BG, I notice how much time you spend on the blog these days. Terrific!

    When May rolls around, I plan to contact a golf instructor and ask if he is available to teach us how to swing and putt on weekends.

    Who's your teacher, BG?

  84. BG:

    Thanks for your suggestion too! I don't ever remember seeing a photog at any of our practice sessions. Track season was kinda late in the school year so I wouldn't be surprised if the yearbook staff was busy trying to finalize stuff.

  85. Michigan Warrior:

    I came across something, but not sure if it would help.

    "Hawaii Sports: History, Facts, and Statistics" by Dan Cisco.

    Maybe this book has names of UH Track and Field stuff, maybe not. The sample online version is pretty detailed. Maybe this book exists in a local library nearby. Kinda wish I was back home, so I could visit a public library to do some searching.

  86. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm just trying to save you some time, BG.

  87. d1shima:

    Let BG in! Let BG in! Let BG in! :-)

  88. d1shima:

    To UHAD:

    I may never attend another UH track meet again until BG is allowed into the LWC.

    There. That oughta do it...

  89. d1shima:

    Orleans, huh? I know someone who'll be there soon.

  90. Stretch:

    Wow BG, never knew you was a UH athlete. Awesome!

  91. jm2375:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    Happy Tuesday.

    PBJ, yummmm. Nutella, yummmm.
    mih - have you tried Crepes No Ka Oi in Kailua? They have a couple of dessert crepes with Nutella in them.

  92. Kazz on Droid_X:


    I think Coach Coolen is currently in the second or third year of a five year deal.

    Cant remember.

  93. Kazz on Droid_X:

    Oops. This season is Coolen's 2nd year of a 5yr deal.

  94. madeinhawaii:


    It's my wife that really likes nutella... I guess I gotta go take her there, then. After all, she's French and she knows her crepe!

    Mahalo.. or should I say... Merci beaucoup!

  95. d1shima:

    RIP Phoebe Snow


  96. Kazz on Droid_X:


    Is five years the most UH can offer? I noticed that the magic #s are 3 and 5 for most head coaches.

  97. madeinhawaii:


    Hopefully they'll hammer out a deal for Gib and Mack before Shoji's is up for renewal, too. Hopefully he's not thinking of retiring just yet!

  98. BG:

    Hey ST! I was just playing with you! I was serious about the microfiche being valuable tho'

  99. JaM:

    Hi All!

    BG: and UH is hosting WAC Championships for Track & Field this year......

    (By the way...they are looking for volunteers for the track meet...2nd week of May...)

    ST: my apologies for an off football plug!

  100. LizKauai -iPad:

    Ok. Kekoa..finally got out to the garden for a few minutes between showers. Now for som Ethiopian food and back to Hawaii in the morning.
    AG may have been on the road but I think he will be back home for the Thursday-Friday-Saturday weekend. Good luck and God Bless our Warrior candidates for jobs on the next level.

  101. BG:

    d1 (#88)
    OMG! You would do that for me (big drops of crocodile tears)! Seeing as the UH track team is now female and work so hard they have six-packs that I only wish I had, I would never be able to stop going to the meets! Sometimes it's worth it to just watch Kazz watch Amber going over high jump bar! :D

  102. BG:

    Hi JaM!

    I know you and Brie been working hard at the track meets. Couple more weeks and 2011 season will be done. Thanks very much for all you do!

    Who do I contact to volunteer? Carmen?

  103. BG:

    Betty and I going to commissary for fuuud...bbl

  104. BG:

    Liz, continued safe travels!

  105. Kazz:


    April 26th, 2011 at 1:16 pm
    d1 (#88)
    Sometimes it's worth it to just watch Kazz watch Amber going over high jump bar!

    Huh? I've never seen a high-jump competition. Besides, my usual game reactions might be "inappropriate" at a track meet.

    Surprised some of the stuff I spit out at softball towards the umps and opposing coaches hasn't gotten me kicked out yet.

  106. Slugger:

    Hi, JaM!

    Ethiopian food...yum... Have a safe trip home, LizK.

  107. al:


  108. al:

    derek...not sure what the status is on darnell taylor. he recently had a successful score on his SAT's. it has got to be a mutual interest before we trip anyone.

    i do know that the current recruiting target is shaquille stokes and i believe he trips here next week. he has colo st, tcu, w. kentucky, and hawaii on his top four. he too just qualified, so it would behoove us to move quickly before more competition is involved.

    from several birdies come the hinting that another "big" is high on our list and a trip may be set up or has been set up.

    it could come down to whoever signs on the dotted line first or perhaps some innovative roster adjustments may be forthcoming.

  109. jm2375:

    mih - #94 - don't think they're authentic French crepes..., but they're still guuud.

  110. al:

    derek...nenad may be out of the picture he allegedly pledged his allegiance to a euro pro team. however, he could have signed a non paying contract which keeps his amateur status or could have been failsafe move on his part if he doesn't pass his sat's next month.

    we shouldn't concern ourselves about from where the prospects come from. every kid has there own reasons for attending the school that they choose. we have our share of great players come to hawaii when we least expected it.

    tom henderson, south carolina
    reggie carter, ny, ny (altho he left after the ncaa sanctions)
    phil lott, conneticut
    chris gaines, iowa
    the fab five

  111. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure if you guys noticed, but the Upper Campus is now handling contract negotiations for certain head coaches.

  112. Stephen Tsai:

    Uh, no need to yell at umps and other coaches.
    It's always better to take the higher ground.

  113. Pauoa Boy:

    If it was me I would take Shaq Stokes in a heart-beat. The team cannot run smoothly without the point man running the show. It was evident this past year when Hiram went down and Bobby Miles took over for a minute before Miah was done with football. Gotta think Bobby Miles still has alot to work on, his game in my book is still not mature enough for D1 level of play, he lacks the confidence and poise in his ballhandling abilities. Miah has football first and I'd rather him focus and excel on the field rather than the court if at all possible. He'd make a solid backup or contributor once football is done but cannot just rely on him to be our point guy. I hope B. Miles has improved and plays with more poise but I'm still skeptical on him. Anyway, we got Blakes but he's more of a slasher and 2 guard. Same with D. Mitchell, plus Zane and Wiseman are decent ball handlers but still not true point guards. A guy like Stokes who you can see has great vision and ball handling skills would definitely get the team going. His game may be a little street but you can't teach the type of vision and BBall IQ that he has already... Go get um Coach Gib...

    Eventhough we got a big on the radar, I think Vander is still coming into his own and will be a double-double monster this year. Davis Rozitis could be a nice compliment to Joaquim with a more Euro type game. I think Hauns Brereton brings much needed toughness and muscle to go along with Joston and Wiseman. Ronnie Stevens if his game is D1 ready could step in right away. Plus we're good on the wings with Zane, DeShawn, Dillon, and Brumfield. I just think we need a solid point, cause Bobby Miles needs work, Pi'i Minns is unproven, Jace Tavita is not a ballhandler, Miah is playing football first, Blakes is more of a scorer/slasher vice a pass first guy, so Stokes would be my guy if we can get him.

  114. Stephen Tsai:

    Are we that old that we're starting to see players named after Shaq?
    It will be time to hit the assisted-living home if there's a high school player named LeBron.

  115. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    April 26th, 2011 at 2:11 pm
    Uh, no need to yell at umps and other coaches.
    It's always better to take the higher ground.

    They're paid adults. If they wish they can have me removed.

    Im abiding by the NCAA rules of not using profane language or gestures (95% of the time) or using sexist or racist remarks (in compliance 100% of the time).

    If a little piece of those opposing coaches or umps get their feelings hurt by telling them they are horrible or to "shut up" then perhaps they need to wake up to reality.

  116. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, your name is really old, dating back to Saint Stephen.

    I was named after Glenda Farrell, the movie actress of the 1930s and 1940s. Really unusual name, dontcha think?

  117. Curt:

    Yup ST, we getting old. Pretty soon we'll see several local high school QBs named Colt.

  118. gigi-hawaii:

    Kazz, that's just crass.

  119. Kazz:

    Upper campus handling certain coaching contract negotiations huh?

    Translation: UH Upper Campus is handling the contracts of Greg McMackin, Gib Arnold, and Dave Shoji. Charlie Wade and Mike Trapasso maybe??? Probably not though.

  120. Stephen Tsai:

    I know about Saint Stephen's. That's the button-hook turn on the Pali that causes everyone to screeeeech on the brakes.
    Plus, I think that's where Frank DeLima went to seminary school.

  121. Curt:


    Seems like I missed the Twin Towers at HNL. Shall I go back and look out for a Shaquille, Namar, Moses, or Kareem.?

  122. Stephen Tsai:

    Donovan did the Wade and Trapasso deals.
    Mack's deal is at a higher level because he was hired by a higher level.

  123. Kazz:


    April 26th, 2011 at 2:48 pm
    Kazz, that's just crass.

    Thank you! :cool:

  124. Curt:


    Good to hear we have a big one coming in. Are you talking about ST by chance?

  125. Ralph:

    BG get your $100 back and we at Na Wahine Booster will gladly accept your donation. No red tape, we have a plastic jar ready to be fed.

  126. Ralph:

    #ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25#
    ESPN.COM/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25
    (Records through April 25, 2011)
    ---- --- ---
    1. ARIZONA ST (20) (42-5) 500 2
    2. MICHIGAN (42-4) 461 1
    3. TEXAS (41-4) 451 6
    4. GEORGIA (40-7) 414 4
    5. TENNESSEE (41-7) 410 4
    6. ALABAMA (42-7) 409 3
    7. FLORIDA (30-8) 397 9
    8. MISSOURI (36-6) 369 8
    9. CALIFORNIA (30-9) 326 12
    10. ARIZONA (36-11) 313 7
    11. UCLA (31-10) 306 13
    12. WASHINGTON (31-8) 282 10
    13. STANFORD (32-10) 271 11
    14. OKLAHOMA (34-14) 218 15
    15. KENTUCKY (35-11) 192 16
    16. OREGON (31-11) 167 19
    17. (tie) BAYLOR (35-10) 166 14
    17. (tie) OKLAHOMA ST (36-11) 166 20
    19. NEBRASKA (32-9) 162 18
    20. GEORGIA TECH (39-8) 145 22
    21. TEXAS A&M (33-13) 92 21
    22. NOTRE DAME (33-8) 80 23
    23. LSU (31-15) 70 24
    24. UL LAFAYETTE (38-9) 48 17
    25. FRESNO ST (29-11) 36 25
    Dropped Out:
    Others Receiving Votes: INDIANA 15, MARYLAND 15, HOUSTON 7,
    Last Updated: 04-26-11 13:03

  127. Ralph:

    USA Today/NFCA Division I Top 25 Poll - Week #11 (Apr. 26)
    The USA Today/NFCA Division I Top 25 Poll is voted on by NCAA Division I head coaches, one representing each conference. Records as of Apr. 27, 2011 are shown, first-place votes are in parentheses.
    Rank Team Record Pts Pvs
    1 Arizona St. (27) 42-5 747 2
    2 Michigan (3) 42-4 708 1
    3 Texas 41-4 692 5
    4 Georgia 40-7 634 3
    5 Florida 40-8 618 8
    6 Tennessee 41-7 607 6
    7 Alabama 42-7 601 4
    8 UCLA 31-10 506 11
    9 Arizona 36-11 473 7
    10 California 309 470 12
    11 Washington 31-8 461 9
    12 Missouri 38-6 442 13
    13 Stanford 32-10 415 10
    14 Nebraska 32-9 362 14
    15 Oklahoma 34-14 308 15
    16 Oklahoma St. 36-11 279 18
    17 Baylor 35-10 253 16
    18 Kentucky 35-11 229 20
    19 Oregon 33-11 220 21
    20 Georgia Tech 39-8 168 22
    21 LSU 31-15 159 23
    22 Texas A&M 34-13 151 19
    23 Louisiana-Lafayette 38-9 99 17
    24 Notre Dame 33-8 82 24
    25 Auburn 34-14 23 25
    Others receiving votes:
    Fresno State 19, New Mexico St. 4, Texas Tech 4, Florida Atlantic 3, Indiana 3, Pacific (CA) 3, Tulsa 3, BYU 1, Illinois St. 1, Jacksonville 1, Louisville 1
    Dropped out:

  128. Kazz:


    Might need some red tape. The jar is cracking at the top right where people put the cash in.

  129. Ralph:

    we'll make the slot larger!

  130. wafan:

    There is a joke about red tape and money somewhere in there.

  131. wafan:

    Good evening, everyone!

  132. gigi-hawaii:

    Are donations (by checks) to Na Wahine tax deductible? What is the money used for?

  133. gigi-hawaii:

    Hi wafan! How are you?

  134. wafan:

    The upper campus folks are not able to figure out the contracts. Are they going to hold the UHAD responsible for the higher cost of the negotiated contracts now that the coaches have been successful? Or will they do the honorable thing and admit they erred, accept responsibility and solve the problem?

  135. wafan:

    Hi, GG!

    Hope you are feeling better!

    Based on what you ate the other day I would say you are feeling great!!!

  136. gigi-hawaii:

    Yes, wafan, I have to avoid small seeds.

  137. wafan:

    BTW, I am doing okay.

    The state conference is finished, my kids did okay, and I survived.

  138. gigi-hawaii:

    Talk about dedication, my elder daughter and other math teachers had to teach on Good Friday (holiday) and will teach on May 1 (Sunday). Their students feel they need more help to prepare for the SAT.

  139. wafan:

    If you have to avoid small seeds to you not chew the large seeds?


  140. gigi-hawaii:

    I will never eat a cucumber again. Too many small seeds! And then there is the lowly tomato -- seeds too.

  141. al:

    while it would be nice to have a "small shaq" on board. gerry blakes for now is the point guard of the future.

    however, let's say "baby shaq" signs on. this would be great by the way, i am not down playing stokes abilities. you can see th future developing with "gerry, gerry" and "shaq attack" both on the floor at the same time. opponents could get dizzy if we employed the two as combo guards at the same time with the situation predicating whom is the point and whom is the 2. it would drive defenses crazy.

    this would make for down low guys even more open for some easy pickings.

    gibber likes to employ the slash and dash and he slowly and methodically building his team to suit his style. we could get two deep in another year or two.

    what i like is that it all starts with tough defense according to our coach.

  142. wafan:

    GG . . .

    Remove the seeds!

    When the schools adopt the minimum 180 school days (what we have) the Hawai'i kids will be in school for a long time -- so many state holidays.

    We do not observe Good Friday or Election Day -- or we would be in school this year into July!

  143. al:

    speaking of which, the first contract was in hand for two and a half weeks. now the baton/conbtract is passed to the gibber's lawyer. does this mean we are light years away from finalizing or just the wrinkles need ironing out.

    in one year gibber's proven that he can move the mountains. he has opened the gates and is willing to lead us in the garden. but, we can't take hime cheaply or for granted. hopefully, the upper campus has learned a valuable lesson when jj finally out of frustration just walked.

    it sounds like gibber wants at least six more years and more if the situation is fairly handled.

    but, we need to due diligence and make it happen no later than the china trip.

  144. gigi-hawaii:

    wafan, interesting.

  145. al:

    tomatoes and cukes are the easiest veggies to have the seeds removed. a teaspoon will do the trick in seconds.

  146. gigi-hawaii:

    if Gib chooses to leave for a more lucrative position, people will call for JD's termination.

  147. gigi-hawaii:

    al, kind of hard to do that at a party or a restaurant.

  148. al:

    st...shaquille o'neal is 39 years old...so yah, our latest recruit could have been or may have very been named after him.

  149. wafan:


  150. gigi-hawaii:

    nite, wafan

  151. al:

    no worry beef curry...it ain't going to happen. it's nearly a done deal already.

  152. al:

    this hawaii job is like a child having his first taste of triple chocolate cake and hagen daz vanilla.

    it is imperative to gibber's ego, pride, sense of accomplishment, his faith. his family, and his future to at least get us to the dance and to win there as well, twice.

  153. al:

    he'll end here having had the biggest salary ever for a hawaii mbb head coach. it could be six years, ten years, or who knows he may never leave.

  154. gigi-hawaii:

    let's hope Gib is not merely a flash in the pan, a one lucky shot kind of coach.

    let's see a repeat of his success during next season.

  155. madeinhawaii:


    Das right.. remove the seeds or make smoothies with cucumbers, tomato and fruits... remember, you still need that fiber... Most of us only get 1/3 the total fiber we need to take each day.

  156. gigi-hawaii:

    MIH, trouble is the blender does not crush the seeds, so they must be removed prior to blending for smoothies.


    April 26th, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    Are donations (by checks) to Na Wahine tax deductible? What is the money used for?

    100% of outright donations to the Na Wahine Softball Booster Club are tax-deductable.
    To do this, you MUST make the check out to "UH FOUNDATION" and in the memo line write: "Na Wahine Softball Booster Club".

    All funds received goes towards supplementing the budget of the Rainbow Wahine Softball program.

    Some of the items the Na Wahine Softball Booster Club assists with helping to fund:

    -professional development of the coaches
    -post game meals for the student-athletes
    -supplementation of funds allocated for summer school for softball student-athletes
    -any additional athletic equipment or training aids not covered by the softball budget

    The Na Wahine Softball Booster Club operates as a non-profit entity under the "umbrella" of the UH Foundation in association with Ahahui Koa Anuenue.

  158. gigi-hawaii:

    I sent a donation to UH Foundation recently and got a letter from them acknowledging it. They said they had put the money in the FUND FOR EXCELLENCE, whatever that is.



    April 26th, 2011 at 5:14 pm
    I sent a donation to UH Foundation recently and got a letter from them acknowledging it. They said they had put the money in the FUND FOR EXCELLENCE, whatever that is.


    That might be a "general fund".

    Booster clubs for UH athletics has their accounts under the UH Foundation. Donors must specify which athletic program/cause they want the money to go to.

  160. gigi-hawaii:

    OK, I'll make out another check to UH Foundation with that memo line. I hope it helps.

    Now that we don't have mortgage interest to deduct from our taxes, we have to deduct donations instead. Seems like a worthy cause.

  161. Derek:

    Al, if Blakes ends up with being our point guard, can we call him "Gerry and the Pacemakers."!!!!!


    April 26th, 2011 at 5:19 pm
    OK, I'll make out another check to UH Foundation with that memo line. I hope it helps.
    Now that we don't have mortgage interest to deduct from our taxes, we have to deduct donations instead. Seems like a worthy cause.

    Aloha Gigi,
    It is indeed a worthy cause, as is with all booster clubs for UH athletic programs.

    This is where supporters can make a difference in giving the financial "edge", with regards to NCAA regulations and UH policies, to the programs and student-athletes they support.

    The student-athletes and the coaches of the Rainbow Wahine Softball program are appreciative of your contribution as well as the contribution of many all over Hawaii and the U.S. mainland.

  163. SteveM:

    RE: #154

    Going to borrow someone's "monku" face and cite from Wikipedia:

    "1999 - June Jones becomes the new head coach at Hawaiʻi and guides the Rainbow Warriors to the best single-season turnaround in NCAA history, winning nine games and a share of the WAC championship. Hawaii would go on to defeat Oregon State in the Jeep Oʻahu Bowl, 23–17."

    Note that in 2000, the team went 3-9.
    At that point, I wondering what happened and if JJ was really worth all that money. Turned out he was, but I watch all new coaches with "cautious optimism".

    As for ST's note about upper campus handling contract negotiations, I think the president and Chancellor Hinshaw will do what's best for everyone.

  164. gigi-hawaii:

    SteveM, I just can't see Mack making more than $1.1 million especially in such a poor economy.

    I wonder how the governor feels about Mack's salary.

  165. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't see the problem with Gib's contract. He agreed to a certain amount, and he's being paid that amount. If he's going to renege because a deal isn't in writing, he's not the man UH believes he is.

  166. Stephen Tsai:

    Hinshaw's not doing contracts, either.

  167. gigi-hawaii:

    It's really sad that fans tend to be fair weather fans. But that's reality. We may love Gib and Mack now, but if next season bombs, we may find ourselves calling for their heads.

  168. homey ℞:

    I'm a 4-year letter winner at UH. Only thing is the letter I got was F's.

  169. gigi-hawaii:

    homey, with all Fs, how did you last 4 years at UH? lol

  170. madeinhawaii:

    whoa Homey... any worse and you might have earned an "H", huh?

  171. el burro sabio:

    Baseball and softball are on the road next week, but the high schools will be in the quarry for the annual state tournaments, please support the high school athletes.

  172. JaM:

    Off Topic...Sorry ST...

    BG or anyone else with time to volunteer:

    WAC Championship for Outdoor Track & Field 5-10-2011 through 5-13-2011.

    contact Thea Belgrave altheab(at)hawaii.edu for more info. there is a volunteer commitment form available with diff jobs and times based on volunteers availability. I'm not sure of Thea's title, may be assistant coach.

    Yup Brie and I been busy with high school track...ILH Champs this week and States on Maui the following weekend.

    Been trying to follow with all that is going on....with football, softball, baseball, volleyball....

  173. camry 04:

    I would like to make a donation to the Wahine softball team.
    How do I contact the UH Foundation?

  174. gigi-hawaii:

    Two blasts from the past:

    Fresno State tailgate 2007:


    Boise State tailgate 2007:


  175. gigi-hawaii:


    UH Foundation
    University of Hawaii
    Bachman Hall
    2444 Dole Street
    Honolulu, HI 96822

    Send your check with a cover letter.
    Don't forget the memo line on your check.

  176. Ralph:

    This Friday will be Na Wahine last home series, they will be hosting the New Mexico State Aggies who are currently in 1st place in the WAC. Friday's night game starts at 6 p.m. and on Saturday, a DH, and after the second game we will be honoring three seniors- Jasey Jensen, Jenna Rodriquez and Melissa Gonzalez. NO TV.

  177. JaM:


    What time is Saturday games?

  178. Ralph:

    Camry 4 you can do it online on the UH athletics website.

    on the upper tab click on Support Athletics, a drop down content will appear, pick Giving online, it will take you to all the booster clubs and teams, select softball. Everything is self explanatory thereafter. You can also dictate how softball is to use your donation-scholarship, etc.

  179. Ralph:

    Saturday games start at 4 pm. Come out to support Na Wahine.

  180. Ralph:

    Camry 04 if you prefer donating by check, go to the UH athletic site once again, go to Women sports, pick softball, and on the sofball site, there is a softball links on the right column, at the bottom of the content there is a heading Na Wahine Booster Club membership form, open it,
    you will have an option of joining the boosters and/or making an outright donation without joining us. Check is made out to the UH Foundation, tax deductible, but you need to remember to put UH softball in the memo portion of your check for the proceeds to go to the softball account. Thank you.

  181. al:

    derek...#161...whew brah, you showing your age. sadly, i, too remember that british group.

  182. al:


    not the greatest song ever, however, turn the volume up and plug in with some high end earbuds, earphones, or head phones. crank the bass.


  183. al:

    st...i thought that it was the extended contract portion that was in abeyance.

  184. gigi-hawaii:

    al, what has GHOSTBUSTERS got to do with the Warrior Beat? lol

  185. gigi-hawaii:

    I think it's crazy to talk about extending Gib's contract when he has completed only 1 year.

  186. al:

    oh...little do you know about this.
    you know when you are a rare commodity and have what others don't, one could prosper.

    for example, if you had all the gold in the world right now you would rule the earth.

  187. al:

    okay even gigi has heard this before...


  188. gigi-hawaii:

    what? more GHOSTBUSTERS music?

    ok. 'Try wait'

  189. LizKauai -iPad:

    Nice walk down memory lane, gigi, thanks! Hooe you will attend more T-Gates this season!

    Had a wonderful dinner with the family tonight. Heading home in the morning. Gonna miss everyone and the cool weather!

    Cmon, UH... Do the right thing by the Athletic Dept and the coaches.

  190. gigi-hawaii:

    nope. hubby wants to know who Marvin Gaye is. Never heard of him.

  191. gigi-hawaii:

    hey, Liz, you looked good in those pictures. Somehow, the last tailgate I attended wasn't the same as in 2007.

  192. al:

    191...am i surprised here?

    of course not. where in the world were you too in the sixties and seventies?
    siberia perhaps.

  193. al:

    so i suppose you've never heard this one.

  194. gigi-hawaii:

    #193 - hubby was a music ed major at UH -- clarinet

    gigi was a music student at Columbia -- violin

    both of us steeped in CLASSICAL music. duh! lol

  195. JaM:

    So sad how Marvin Gaye passed.....

  196. Ralph:

    I would say so, he being shot by his father really sucked.

  197. Jason:

    I have a drawer of CDs ranging from Mozart and Beethoven to Kealiʻi Reichel and Hapa to Simon & Garfunkel and the Bee Gees.

    Just because you like classical doesn't mean you can't listen to other types of music. Geez, not knowing who Marvin Gaye is? :-)

  198. JaM:

    I love Chopin

  199. gigi-hawaii:

    nope, the only music I listened to was classical. Hubby was probably more interested in other types of music but not me.

  200. SteveM:

    On this day (April 26) in the first year (2007) of The Warrior Beat blog ... count is only 277 comments on the day after Riley Wallace's farewell dinner. It was also one of those "OH NO, OMG" milestone days. :| But first, the story from ST's blog entry...

    Posted on: April 26, 2007 at 6:44:16 am
    Day 14/Farewell to Riley
    [practice report]
    * * *
    Last night's farewell dinner was an indication that history will remember Riley Wallace more for his contributions to the basketball program than his coaching.

    The dinner netted $100,000. His friend Carolyn Berry matched that amount, bringing the total donation to $200,000 — all of which goes to a fund to endow basketball scholarships. Through the efforts of Berry (and Wallace and former athletic director Hugh Yoshida) the fund has raised more than $1.7 million.

    Wallace's friend Sidney Hamada also has helped raise more than $300,000 through the basketball booster club's annual golf tournament.

    His most significant contribution came during his appreciation speech, when he noted the importance of having a "welcoming committee." His welcoming committee included Edith Tanida, Ken Takeuye, Dave Chun, Ron Kurihara, Ron Yee, Eddie Inouye and Stan Sheriff. He noted that the members, who became his best friends, stressed working well with others, and that achieving a goal is more important than receiving credit.

    And Wallace always gave credit — to John Waihee for building the Stan Sheriff Center; to Sheriff, Hugh Yoshida, Jim Donovan and Herman Frazier; to the business leaders.

    Despite his outwardly gruff appearance, Wallace worked well with others. That was apparent by the two former governors — Waihee and Ben Cayetano — who sat with Wallace at the head table. That was apparent with Wallace's strong relationship with the media. And it was apparent with his relationship with Yoshida. The two had a famous public spat when Wallace protested the firing of Bob Wagner as football coach in 1995. Now they are good friends.

    Wallace will be missed.

    Comment from: truegreen [Visitor]
    yup HF was there. he opened up the program, handed it over to MC billy v and then remained inconspicuous the remainder of the night.

    stephen gave a speech and poked fun at HF regarding the 's'. don't know how he took that. stephen do you know?
    04/26/07 @ 07:45

    Comment from: James [Visitor]
    Oh oh...ST mentioned the "s" last night? Expect a call into the principal's office...ha ha ha...
    04/26/07 @ 08:26

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]

    Comment from: truegreen [Visitor] · Edit
    stephen gave a speech and poked fun at HF regarding the 's'. don't know how he took that. stephen do you know?

    Drinking Buddy is telling people that "Stephen was terrible" — hey, he knows my name — and that the athletic director is mad at me.
    04/26/07 @ 12:42

    Comment from: Stephen [Member]
    In times like this, when an AD and a Drinking Buddy are bad-mouthing me, I often think of these words:

    Comment from: Denise Konan [Member]
    Aloha football fans:
    I hope that you were able to join us on Christmas eve to witness an amazing game against ASU! We are so proud of the success of our Warriors.
    I know that you are all anxious to see the final lineup of opponents for next season. Athletics Director Herman Frazier keeps me informed of progress on this regularly. Without revealing any specifics, I can assure you that it will be a good season and that he has the situation well in hand.
    We'll have an announcement out as soon as everything is confirmed in 2007. Also, don't forget that the WAC typically doesn't announce football schedules until January or February, so we are not really behind.

    04/26/07 @ 12:46

    Comment from: prideperiod [Visitor]
    Mr. Tsai I'm quite sure that your speech was quite informative as well as entertaining. If "Drinking Buddy" has a problem with it then that his problem for not being blessed with a sense of humor. If you ever get called into the office for a 'one on one' with the principal and his drinkling buddy, then let me know. I'll go in with you to make sure that we have even sides. I would love to test their sense of humor or the lack thereof.
    Sounds like fun. Although I know that you have to much honor to play those types of games.
    04/26/07 @ 13:29

    Comment from: bulla [Visitor]
    i'll go with Pride and you if that comes to be. But you're the celebrity, Pride is a former celebrity, and i drink cerebreal tea....so i'd go first into the fracas since i have nothing to lose....
    either way, where ever Pride goes i'll follow to the bitter end......
    04/26/07 @ 13:50

    Comment from: Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]
    I am absolutely nobody, but I'll go with pride and bulla too. Don't know what I'd say, but it would be fun to watch. If there's any trouble, well, put it this way, did I ever tell you guys that I can scream just like a woman if need be? And I'm talking a high pitched feminine sounding scream of sheer horror. ;)
    04/26/07 @ 13:58

    ...nuff said. Visualize the foursome walking down the hallway and trying to fit through HF's doors. :|

    At home that night, there was sharp intake of breath and the exclamation, "Oh no...they'll get arrested...!" as Peaches read the blog. I was ROTFL.

  201. gigi-hawaii:

    ah well, what the heck. Nowadays, I listen to no music. Prefer silence.

  202. gigi-hawaii:

    we do go to the opera though. and Broadway musicals like The Lion King.

  203. al:

    i hope you know who michael jackson was.

  204. Jason:

    Anyways, thanks everyone who has supported Moanalua High in the Vans contest! We've fallen behind in the last 24 hours, so please continue to tell others to vote for us in the Southwest Region. Four of my students participated in this project, and I would love nothing more than to be able to see them win this.


    The regional winner gets to send a team of students to NYC, and the grand prize is $50,000 for the school's art program. I'm told they started the voting late, so the voting period was actually extended to May 2.

    BTW, here's something that still annoys me: Last year, we were neck-and-neck with the other top school. Entering the final hours of the contest, we were behind, but slowly catching up. But about two hours before the scheduled end of the contest, there was a glitch that stopped votes from being registered. We ended up losing by 37 votes! :-(

  205. gigi-hawaii:

    yep, the 1 glove man

  206. Jason:

    The sound of silence? ;-)

  207. gigi-hawaii:

    Jason, what happened to Radford? Did they enter at all? Do you know?

  208. Jason:

    Who cares? ;-)

    (I kid, of course. Moanalua and Radford are rival schools.)

    I don't know, I'm not sure what Radford's art program is like.

  209. gigi-hawaii:

    ST, does JD have a Drinking Buddy, too?

  210. BG:

    JASON! Happy to see your posts!

    JaM...thanks for info. I'll follow up...

    Glad to see the rest of the Tsaikos today and sorry to cause a bit of a ruckus today...didn't mean to.

    And can't forget to thank SteveM for his strolls down memory lane...priceless!!!

    Tired and hitting the sack early...g'nite!

  211. gigi-hawaii:

    It's raining heavily in the Aloha Stadium area. Wow! Glad I took the trash out earlier.

  212. homey ℞:

    So hubby is sleeping on the curb?

  213. gigi-hawaii:

    poor hubby. always maligned by the likes of homey.

  214. homey ℞:

    He's in good company with all the rest I've maligned. I'd say I maligned almost all on here.

  215. BG:

    Oh heck, JaM! I was copying down the info for the WAC championship meet and noticed that the dates are 5/10-5/13. I had hoped it was during the weekend. I committed a month ago to be in Makaha with a group of fellow Marauders (no, not the Bombers).

    BTW, Kazz, I was j/k about you being at the high jump competition. I was imagining that it would have been something you would have thoroughly enjoyed! Besides being pretty, Amber was beautiful to watch as she went through her precise steps and leapt so incredibly high into the air. I think all exceptionally skilled athletes have that ability to awe. Pole vaulters are incredible too.

    Fo' shuah now...g'nite

  216. al:

    so why are you taking the trash out?

  217. homey ℞:

    Boracay, nice beach but I rather have the North Shore.

  218. hubby:

    homey - watch your step, little man!

  219. gigi-hawaii:

    kitchen trash gets taken out every night.

  220. gigi-hawaii:

    I always thought the North Shore was unswimmable and since there was no sandy beach, one could not soak up the rays and get a tan.

    I prefer Hanauma Bay.

  221. madeinhawaii:

    Speaking of Amber Kaufman... I hope she is doing better and on the way towards recovery from her auto accident last October.

  222. madeinhawaii:


    The North Shore pounds during December through April.. but from May till November, it's usually pretty calm. Very nice, actually.

  223. madeinhawaii:

    g'night everyone! Sweet dreams!

  224. gigi-hawaii:

    MIH, there's a nice pic of you and Beowulf in the Boise State tailgate link above. Check it out, if you haven't already.

    #174 is where the link is at.

  225. d1shima:

    Who is I. Maligned?

    Is he a Waipahu HS classmate of homey?

  226. madeinhawaii:

    Thanks Gigi...

    I forgot I went to that game.. LOL..

    night all

  227. gigi-hawaii:

    d1, you got the name wrong. It's deFine Malign. That's the guy.

  228. d1shima:

    Safe home Liz!

  229. gigi-hawaii:

    nite, MIH

  230. homey ℞:

    hubby - oooooo, I'm shaking.

  231. gigi-hawaii:

    homey, just so you know, that was not my husband writing. He is at the gym right now, far from a computer.

  232. homey ℞:

    Marvin and now the North Shore is unswimmable? Some people really do live under rocks.

  233. gigi-hawaii:

    North Shore has so many rocks, submerged and dangerous.

  234. homey ℞:

    I guess you really don't know the North Shore. That's ok, rock living has its benefit. LOL

  235. gigi-hawaii:

    Well, anyway, I no longer swim or sunbathe. We went to the NS last year for lunch at Jameson's, our fave restaurant there.

  236. homey ℞:


  237. papajoe2:

    I voted. Now good nite.

  238. homey ℞:

    d1 - Not a classmate. Well not for the six years I've been there.

  239. tommui:

    Re: #155, 156 etc.

    When you have sacs in your gut and small seeds gets into them, you have inflamed gut (diverticulitis) which could be seeds as small as those in strawberries.

    That is why Gigi and others that have that condition which HURTS!

  240. Slugger:

    Night all...

  241. tommui:

    I usually don't correct my sentences as I figure that everyone here is smart and can figure it out - and, did I mention, I'm lazy?

  242. gigi-hawaii:

    Tom, as an attorney, you are supposed to be a wordsmith.

  243. gigi-hawaii:

    night, Slugger

  244. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Sidney Hamada is a great supporter of UH athletics in general and very much a supporter of Basketball.

    Our families have been tailgating together before I was even old enough to go to football games! Time sure goes by in a flash! He used to bring Wallace over once in a while to join the T-gate and I remember when Anthony Carter came along several years back. It was a nice treat.

    Had no idea he raised over $300,000 from those golf tournaments. That is simply awesome!

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    Good grief.

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    What will the birthers talk about now?

  250. wafan:

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    His Certificate of Live Birth.

  251. Stephen Tsai:

    Maybe the birthers will now talk about all of Trump's bankruptcies?

  252. rage777:

    The "birthers" will say that it's a fake or doctored, but you probably already know that. He released the short form before he was elected. I think this is really a race thing, because shouldn't people have asked George W. Bush, Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, etc for their high school diploma records?

  253. rage777:

    Actually Trump will say that he didn't go into bankrupcy, his companies went into bankrupcy. But isn't that kind of worse, why would you want the person that takes his company into bankrupcy to be in charge of the biggest business in the world? That's why I wouldn't vote for the Donald.

  254. Stephen Tsai:

    Weren't two of Trump's wives foreign born?

  255. rage777:

    I know Ivanka was, but she isn't running for President. She could probably give some really good gossip though. I can't imagine how much skeletons are in Donald's closet.

  256. Stephen Tsai:

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    History does repeat itself.

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    UH said it is studying the options of returning home after the Sept. 10 game at Washington or remaining on the mainland, as head coach Greg McMackin prefers. It had already held flights between Seattle and Las Vegas.

    Wasn't UHAD the first to know the date of the game? Why are they looking for seats now?

  260. LizKauai -iPad:

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    Ready to board for the trip home. I need saimin.
    Gonna miss the family and the cool weather.
    Go Warriors!

  261. warriorsun:

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