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Looking ahead

April 26th, 2011

The outline of the Warriors' 2012 recruiting class is being shaped this week.

This is considered to be an evaluation period during which coaches may assess a prospect's football talent and academic records. A school is permitted one call a week to the prospect during this period, but may not have in-person contact.

Embracing technology, the coaches are reviewing highlight DVDs and YouTube links.

* * * * *

It should be quite a show as UH, Nevada and Fresno State enter their final year of WAC membership. It is appropriate that the WAC Football Media Preview will be staged in Las Vegas in July. (The meet-the-media event was held in Salt Lake City the past three years.)

Quarterback Bryant Moniz is expected to be the Warriors' representative.


* * * * *

Even offensive coordinators are on a budget. Here's Nick Rolovich preparing his power lunch:


* * * * *

What does yesterday's ruling in the NFL dispute mean?

According to our expert, "legally it lifts the lockout. Technically it doesn't."

The matter goes to the Court of Appeals. If a stay is granted, it goes back to a lockout. If not, it's back to business — under the 2010 conditions.

That would be a good news/not-so-good-news situation for the players. The 2010 season did not have a salary cap (good for the players), but it did not have a salary floor (not so good for the players). Tendered free agency is after the sixth full season, not the pre-2010 minimum of four seasons. What's more, there were limited benefits. For instance, players could not put money into an NFL-matching retirement account.

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