Red wave

June 27th, 2011

The past couple of weeks, there has been a guy taking reps as a running back and receiver during the Warriors' unsupervised 7-on-7 drills.

When several players were asked to identify the player, most responded: Don't know. But I think he's from Kahuku.


The player is Pololu "Pete" Silva, and he is indeed a former Kahuku High running back/receiver. Silva is hoping that word-of-mouth reports will lead to an opportunity to join the Warriors as a walk-on.

The significance is there is nothing unique about a Kahuku player pursuing the Warriors. That wasn't the case several years ago, when the Warriors had difficult drawing interest on the North Shore. That was lowlighted when an offensive lineman, Jeremy Perry, signed a letter of intent with the Warriors, then decided against submitting the paper work, and ended up going to Oregon State.

Things have changed since then. Maybe it had to do with Kahuku grad Leonard Peters's successful Warrior career. Maybe the atmosphere became more welcoming when Reggie Torres was promoted to Red Raider head coach, and subsequently, his son, Richard Torres, developed into the leader of the UH secondary. Or maybe it goes back to the recruitment of Perry. Turns out that Lori Miano, wife of UH associate head coach Rich Miano, had known that Perry's line mate, Tala Esera, was a very good player. UH ended up signing Esera, who had a solid career as quarterback Colt Brennan's blindside blocker.

Now there are eight former Red Raiders on the Warriors' 120-player roster, including nickelback Kamalani Alo, whose aunt is Lori Miano.

* * * * *

People in the business said Oceanic made a great hire in picking up Candace Fujishima, who previously worked as a director for KFVE. She's smart, with a great talent for video storytelling.

429 Responses to “Red wave”

  1. A-joe:

    WOW! No Ways!

  2. SteveM:

    Ways A-Joe!

    I was just going sleep after checking a Seattle map for September stuff (even though I don't plan to go now). Great to see you pop up on the mid-watch again. :)

    Good night!

  3. ai-eee-soos:


  4. ai-eee-soos:

    Good Luck to Pete.

    " The player is Pololu "Pete" Silva, and he is indeed a former Kahuku High running back/receiver. Silva is hoping that word-of-mouth reports will lead to an opportunity to join the Warriors as a walk-on. "

  5. Terence aka RoyGBivs:

    Hey, in the Top 10.... First time

    Morning Tsai-oks , but I need a few hours of sleep.

    Have a great day!!!

  6. john:

    WOW. top 10. Got to love those intangibles that make us special. Those "relationships" are what makes the UH football feel like a family.

  7. wafan:

    Super day, all!

  8. wafan:

    Gonna be a very warm day here in the mid 70's by 5 once the clouds burn off. Hoping the humidity goes away, too!

  9. wafan:

    Too bad we were under 80 yesterday. There are days the blog goes crazy and days when folks are busy with their lives.

  10. wafan:

    Nice story yesterday on Jett and, today, on Pololu. Slick to learn more about the Warriors.

  11. wafan:

    Good luck to Pololu as he works to follow his dream!


  12. NYUH:

    Warriors Welcome

    Going to cheer just as loud when a kid from Kahuku makes a play as a kid from Mililani or Aiea.

  13. mctruck:

    Hope hiho-Silva from Kahuku makes it on the fb team. Must have many gems in the rough trying to make the walk-on program....good luck to all, make us proud.

  14. wafan:

    Hey! Fuel price is down to 3.69 at Costco. Yay!!!

  15. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, everyone!

    I love learning of the many "connections" between players, coaches, and even fans.

    Walk-ons have a great history at UH. Keep it going, guys!

  16. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    When are we going to start FB? I am beyond withdrawals.
    Go Warriors!

  17. d1shima:

    Great Morning All!

    Wonderful tradition of walk-ons for the program. These may be the true Manoa Maniacs for many times they are the only ones who truly believe they belong but as we've seen repeated time and again, that may be all they need.

    Good Luck to all the walk-ons!

  18. gigi-hawaii:

    Good luck to the athlete from Kahuku.

  19. gigi-hawaii:

    Rather chilly at 6:10 this morning!
    I am wearing a jacket.
    Wafan would probably think it's warm.

  20. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!!

    Best wishes to all the hopefuls who are pursuing their dreams.

  21. LizKauai -iPad:

    Jett, Jett, Jett! Amen!

    Aloha Kakahiaka! Just catching up. Had a busy day yeasterday.
    Blessings and love to all.

  22. warriorsun:

    nice to note a kahuku surge at manoa. walkons or otherwise. these northshore prepsters know how to play football and if their academics are in-line, they contribute. keep it flowing.
    it's all positive for kahuku to produce college players and to help our warrior program.

  23. Derek:

    Yeah, when you dig real deep you find relatives all over the place, especially calabash coursins, aunties, uncles, etc. I even saw a report on the internet that Barack Obama is related to George W. Bush, although he's several times removed. Saw it on the geneology report about 6 months ago. How you figga? Strange!

    Did you know that Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter are cousins?

  24. gigi-hawaii:

    Derek, isn't the ape our common ancestor? If so, we are all related!

  25. gigi-hawaii:

    It would be interesting to know how many Kahuku players went on to join the NFL.

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Good luck to Pete. You have to admire his pluck and determination.

    Great football is in Kahuku's DNA, Red Raiders make fine Warriors.

  27. el burro sabio:

    It's called Google

  28. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  29. haka:

    Good Luck Pete!
    Welcome to all those that want to be WARRIORS!

    There is nothing like staying and playing for the home team! Hawaii loves it's sons and daughters, but when you play at UH, you are in FULL representation of the 808! Hawaii fans do not forget those that play for UH...Your team, Our team, THE HOME TEAM!

    Imua Hawaii!

  30. tommui:

    Buenas dias, Hawaii.

    If you are "playing for Hawaii", you become a Warrior at UH!
    Good luck Pete!

  31. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Thank you, Aunty Lori.

    Go fo it, Pete!

  32. Slugger:

    oops! fo = for

  33. al:

    some pololu silva clips...

  34. Souljah:

    Doesn't look like mathis is really considering UH...our defense is gonna be a monster this year!

  35. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Bought my air tix for Tsaiko-Vegas#3 this weekend.
    I think I've been drafted and assigned to duty at the Las Vegas Tsai-ko Party Central location.

    Good news is that I will have 24/7 internet access and can maintain and update the Tsaiko-Vegas#3 web page with the latest updates and status until they happen.

    Please email me any new game ticket requests or changes for Rich2176's block.
    Rasu Begasu is wondering if he should reserve the entire restaurant for the Friday night Dinner & Karaoke Call. Please email me tentative RSVPs. Rasu's last post:

    Rasu Begasu:
    June 16th, 2011 at 2:45 am

    3rd National K Kall Dinner

    Tiger Sushi and Chinese cuisine, Las Vegas, Rainbow and Sahara
    5 pm to at least Midnight (kitchen/Bar will stay open throughout)
    Very reasonable rates (compare with Satoya 2 years ago)
    Great Japanese fuud! So-so Chinese fuud! Cold Beer! Dancing Girls! (Mrs A-House/Liz Kauai)
    Karaoke by Allan and Chudy in Kanaka, Japanee and Engrish!
    $4 donation requested at door, unsolicitated donation for the (FREE) karaoke service provided by Allen and Chudy

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    Too bad on the prospect. But the Warriors seem to have a lot of safeties, especially if they decide to re-explore the possibility of moving John Hardy-Tuliau to safety.

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    The unsupervised workouts are kind of interesting.
    A couple of weeks ago there was a guy booming kicks. Turns out he was Punahou's kicker. He came down to work out with UH's Tyler Hadden.
    Then there were these two guys competing in drills. They are set to go to Pacific to play football.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm still trying to figure out how Luke Walton and Kaniela Tuipulotu are related.

  39. d1shima (Aria'd):

    Tuipulotu can be related to anyone he says he wants to as far as I'm concerned. :shock:

  40. d1shima (Aria'd):

    Bless those Pacific players...they try hard. :twisted:

  41. LizKauai:

    Yea for Auntie Lori!

    UH Hiring Decisionmakers- please keep in mind how important OHANA is in Hawaii and please appreciate the "intangible" benefits our well-chosen COACHES and ASSISTANTS bring to the table.

    God Bless and HiHo!

  42. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Stephen -

    Any updates regarding Forcier?

  43. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Ms Liz! ;)

  44. BigWave96744:

    Kaniela's mom is Penny Guth
    Luke Walton's mom is Penny's sister, Susie Guth

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    Interesting about the Dodgers' bankruptcy petition. Among the creditors? Vin Scully, Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones. I must have slept through the Andruw Jones/Dodger years.

  46. Stephen Tsai:

    Haven't heard. Then again, haven't really tried. I'm still on vacation.

  47. al:

    the lil birdie tweets that its not over until its over for that qb.
    it could come down to which is closer to home?

    a five hour air trip or a five hour road trip?

    mwc or wac?

  48. al:

    check that...

    five and a half hours air trip or 8 hour road trip.

  49. BigWave96744:

    When Mouse Retires, I hope Mack hires Stutz as the WR coach

  50. al:

    stutz should come home where the love and ohana is here for him.
    perhaps ask if he could help the program as a volunteer coach.

    second chances should exist for coaches too.

  51. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    Stutz should be first on the list when Mouse retires, unless a can't miss WR coach comes across our radar. Braddah is a solid recruiter and should have picked up some good contacts while on the real big island (mainland).

    Oh and did I mention, he knows the system back and front.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Inoke Funaki and Ashley Lelie will both be in consideration, too.
    But there won't be an opening for a while. Mouse is coming back.

  53. Kevin:

    Don't know much about MLB, but seems to me that when they essentially "shunned" Mark Cuban from purchasing a franchise, it carried the "status-quo" of the OLD BOY network in professional baseball.

    In Hawaii, they are "da hui". On the mainland, I guess they are the "network". More old-minded fogies keeping their tight circle even more confined and limited….

    Seriously, I am sure Mark Cuban has MORE cash at hand, more CAPITAL at hand that the owner of the Dodgers right??? Well obviously… since they declared BK.

    Wouldn't the MLB be more inclined to welcome a young wealthy and successful owner into their little fraternity????

  54. Couch potato:

    good to see players that want to be a Warrior.

    we all know that air travel also includes airport wait time and other travel to and from airport, hotel, stadium and whatever else is on the itinerary.

  55. al:

    true...both inoke and lelie would be great coaches/recruiters.

    inoke is considering a political career down the road...i think?
    the dukester was bending his ear recently.
    inoke will be a sucess no matter he lands, he is a man of great character.

  56. al:

    not to forget the day that paipai falemalu and alema tachibana said yes to hawaii.

  57. al:

    and we have six kamehameha warriors on the active roster with more to join in the fall.

  58. Kekoa:

    A little news about a camp sponsored by Steeler hair stylist, Troy Polamalu:

  59. Derek:

    Also, Chauncey Billups and LenDale White are first cousins.

  60. Kevin:

    Sportsbow brought up this link:

    UH Football gets mentioned on a broadcast of WWE Smackdown as the tag team known as The Usos, Jimmy and Jey Uso performed "Ka Mate" haka before their match.

    The announcer goes on tp mention that supposedly Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso attended UH. Their real names are Johnathan and Joshua Fatu. Their father is a former WWE Superstar Rikishi aka Solofa Fatu.

  61. Kevin:

    Sorry, forgot to mention you have to fast forward to the 1:45 minute mark to see the footage I mentioned.

  62. A-House:

    Hope Coach Mack pulls the offer to Mathis as he does not discuss UH at all.

    Offer it to another who really wants to be a Warrior!

  63. Stephen Tsai:

    I think in September is when schools can extend written offers to prospects.
    It gives the prospect some assurance he is being officially recruited.

  64. Stephen Tsai:

    Just because somebody doesn't mention a school publicly, it doesn't mean he isn't being recruited by that school.

  65. al:

    and sometimes a school doesn't want a recruit to mention his recruitment.

  66. al:

    are the new uniforms gonna be unveiled at the wac conference or as a surprise on opening day.

    i would think for marketing reasons they'd get it out early and sell the dups in the rainbowtique stores.

  67. Couch potato:

    click clack, Warrior attack!

    media blitz for the new uni's and Warrior football season should start now. fire up the fan interest. UA, Oceanic, the big time sponsors should cover the costs for the advertising blitz.

    click clack, Warrior attack!

  68. Couch potato:

    always carry extra diapers in your carry-on.

  69. Derek:

    In an earlier report, my understanding is that UH will unveil the new unis in August. I would think it would be at the beginning part of August to pretty much coincide with the start of fall camp. UH will probably have a press conference to announce it in the afternoons. That is what I think as this was similar to when they viewed the last set of uniforms a couple of years ago. Would be nice to have a couple of the players "model" the uniforms in full gear, helmets and all. Maybe a QB, a WR, a DL, a LB, and a DB. That would be cool.

  70. A-House:

    ST & al:

    I understand your points, however in this case, the recruit speaks only of schools on the West Coast and really wants to go to UCLA or USC - per his comments.

    If he was truly interested in UH, UH would be at the top in any discussion. Dustin Adams is a good example - even with all the flood, he still says UH will receive his LOI in Feb 2012 and he WILL be here for the summer school "bridge" class.

    Coach Mack, pull your offer!!!!!!!

  71. Stretch:

    In case anyone wants to listen to Kolten Wong's first game with Quad City. Game starting shortly.

  72. wafan:

    Minot, SD, flood waters were supposed to rise an additional three feet today before subsiding. Predicted high mark is 10'.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to the folks not only in Minot but in all areas affected by the floods.

  73. Kevin:

    The mockups for the replica UA jerseys to be sold to fans existed a while ago.

    This was months ago way before ST announced new uniforms for the teams, so at that time I thought it was weird that the replicas would look different from what the team wore, but then came the news of new uniforms and it made sense.

  74. Couch potato:

    A-House. you funny. why pull the offer? UH coaches always make more offers than available schollies. besides, nothing is chiseled in stone yet.

  75. d1shima (Aria'd):

    Sofa knee?

  76. al:

    ahouse...think back. wait...let me change my analogy. i don't want mrs. ahouse to beat me on the head.

    if you wanted a certain promotion, but, you are hearing that they are thinking of someone else instead. would you get all habut and let them know that you are pulling your application?

    or would you stick around because what if the guy they wanted didn't want it and now you were next in line.

    however, if you went off all habut in the beginning you may have lost out on a huge opportunity for yourself and your family?

  77. al:

    recruting is a game of numbers. you got to go after many big fish in hopes of landing one.

  78. d1shima (Aria'd):


    0AB, 1RBI...go Kolten!

  79. Ralph:

    now A House all habut with Al... :)

  80. al:

    ralph...always causing trouble.

  81. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    and in Hawaii's case you gotta go after about a 1000 big fish to catch maybe 1 here and there.

    the USC's of the world don't even need bait on the hook to catch whatever fish they basically want...not need, want.

  82. Kevin:

    UH vs UNLV

    "Bucket of Sand Trophy"

    We will have to ask UNLV to remove the cigarette butts, broken glass, and used condoms from their sand before placing it in the bucket tho.

  83. Kevin:

    Someone had suggested the "Valley Cup" for the trophy for our rivalry with Fresno State and this is a good idea.

    They got that "V" for their valley and UH is in Manoa Valley.

    A wooden V with half the V made out of koa and the other half from redwood or whatever wood is native to California.

    Sounds better than the "Golden Screwdriver".

  84. gigi-hawaii:


    Orange juice plus Vodka?

    Is that a Screwdriver?

    or am I thinking of a Singapore Sling?

  85. Couch potato:

    sofa king


    go kolten!

  86. gigi-hawaii:

    Getting ready for dinner at Romano's tonight with inlaws from Boston.

    Haven't been there in years.

    Might order champagne.


  87. al: least our sand has been washed by the pacific ocean.

  88. al:

    no telling who wandered onto the desert in search of one lua.

  89. Kevin:

    Singapore Sling?

    I think they have those at Suzie's.

    Need to make sure your mount those properly though.

  90. BigWave96744:

    Kevin, the Fatu twins never played at Hawaii. They were linebackers at Western Alabama between 2003-05. Their genes lies more in the pro wrestling line, rather than football

  91. Kevin:

    We should throw in some black sand from Big Island, just to keep the mainlanders guessing.

  92. Kevin:

    Mahalo BigWave,

    I thought it was weird that the announcers felt the need to mention UH Football while they did the haka, then throw in that John and Josh Fatu "attended the University of Hawaii".

    Didn’t make sense to me. As we all know in wrestling they will make up info to suit the character of the individual, like claiming Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was from Hawaii, but he was NEVER from here and was born in the Carolinas. They just associated the late Sammy Steamboat from Hawaii to give "Ricky Steamboat" some kind of connection to wrestling's past.

    But with the way they are showcasing "The Usos" there wouldn't be a need to claim they went to UH when they obviously didn't.

    But sounds better on TV that two poly superstars were performing a war dance and went to a university where the football team does the same thing I guess.

  93. Kevin:

    Correction. Ricky Steamboat was born in New York and essentially lived in the Carolinas most of his life.

  94. haka:

    Congrats to Kolten on a great start to his career!
    Rainbow Warrior for life!

  95. ai-eee-soos:

    " ... Kolten Wong superb in pro debut as Quad Cities wins ... "

    link to SA sports

  96. Kevin:


  97. wafan:


  98. wafan:


  99. wafan:


  100. wafan:


  101. wafan:

    2nd century.

  102. BleedGreen808:

    Great first game of the College World Series.

  103. wafan:

    And, congratulations, Candace!


  104. BleedGreen808:

    SC 2
    UF 1 Final 11 innings

  105. LizKauai -iPad:

    Good job, Kolten!

    Keep Mouse in da House as long as possible... Please!

    kekoa, thanks for the Samoa story - planny to be proud of!


  106. Kevin:

    If you guys get the chance, head out to Manoa District Park for some NCAA Summer League Basketball.

    Supposedly some of the newbies will start playing next weekend since summer school starts.

    This past weekend saw Artie Wilson's ALL STAR team with Derrick Low, Zane Johnson, Bobby Nash and Pii Minns in action.

    Pii did pretty well and forced a lot of turnovers. Nash was lighting up the treys ala Michigan State 2005.

  107. Kevin:

    Also, anyone heard of this kid from Keaau, HI D.J. Domizio?

    He was on Artie Wilson's team and the roster bills him from Keaau, HI. I cannot find ANY info on him or any other school he may have committed to.

    Kid is in great physical condition and physically mature to play D1 ball. Kid is aggressive on the ball.

    All potential, but again, kind of surprised I cannot find ONE thing on him.

  108. A-House:


    your analogy is little kapakahi - in your sceanciro, I'm waiting in line for a 'promotion" and would I pull my application if decision maker is looking at someone else? can understand your point, but wrong analogy.

    For Mathis, UH made an offer and he is making UH feel like it maybe his last resort - jeez, sounds like some "local players". UH and San Diego St offered and they are on the outside as Mathis wants a BCS school to offer - maybe we will see him in 2 or 3 years if UH plays Wazzu again (believe Wazzu also offered).

    if and only if MWC is given "temporary" AQ status 2012 and 2013, it will be incumbent upon the MWC to create a favorable impression by conference schools playing and winning against other BCS conference schools. UH, Nevada, and Fresno St can assist in 2011 by winning most of their out of conference games against BCS schools and by one of them winning the WAC and other 2 at 2nd and 3rd.

    Pray tell me why Steele says Reno will win the WAC in 2011? What does he know that we don't? Leading WR, believe he was the freshman of the year in the WAC, was shot in stomach last week and prognosis is career ending football injury.

  109. losthawaiian:

    I don't know if this article was already mentioned but, it's a pretty good write up on Grice-Mullen and the Colonials in the UFL.

  110. warriorsun:

    kolten must be floating on a cloud....has he slept yet?

  111. RedZone:

    ST I miss this.

  112. warriorsun:

    some recruits you catch using trout fishing methods and let them swim away. others you throw net. with mathis hawaii's next move must be subtle. trout anyone?

  113. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Anyone who wants to play for Wazza and Wulff is not doing it because they want to go to a BCS game or a bowl game period.

    Maybe its the education and the chance to play Pac12 schools.

    I just hope we beat Wazzu in the recruiting battle.

  114. Slugger:

    Congratulations, Candace!

  115. bigislandkurt:

    I remember a Jude Domizio a few years back -- father is one of the nurse practitioners at the Pahoa family clinic.


  116. warriorsun:

    to be honest, im stoked about our entrance into the mwc. bsu, fsu, afa, sdsu, nev and hawaii are breakout teams. bsu has broke out, the rest are on the cusp. csu has potential to comeback and be a competitive program.
    if we can stay competitive in recruiting and stay in conference contention our program has upside for growth. we just need to get the job done and the pieces will fall into place.

    for hawaii kids, they need to think ahead. a lot of talent leaves the islands and realistically, they have equal opportunity to be drafted playing for the home team than anywhere else.
    playing in front of family is huge. not to mention cost savings. there is good reason to stay home and perhaps it is underplayed.

    a top pac recruiter once told me he could sell hawaii to any recruit....or sell against it.
    it's a matter of perspective.
    but, we were recently reminded of a local blue-chipper with tremendous upsides who crashed and burned on a westwood campus. perhaps staying home would have had a better outcome. he was not an exception. their are many other examples occurying with more bothersome frequency.
    the point being, young athletes sometimes are facinated with the glitter more than what is best for them. nfl scouts look for the bottomline and that can be found in an athlete that is well-grounded and secure in his environment.

    indeed, it is disappointing that many locals still have not shaken the missionary syndrome. that is, anything on the continental usa must be good. times are changing folks. dont sell hawaii short. especially if you want to call it home.

  117. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, I'm old and tired, and decided I can't stay up 'til past midnight to post. So a new post is up.

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