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Brown, Bright suspended

August 28th, 2011

Linebacker Aaron Brown and wideout Darius Bright have been suspended following their arrests this morning. They are accused of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, over their alleged involvement in a fight in a Waikiki nightclub.

Here's the link: Suspensions.

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After enduring the tropical storm formerly known as Hurricane Irene, former Warrior linebacker Brashton Satele said: "Everything should be fine."

Satele, now with the New York Jets, was in a New Jersey hotel when Irene passed through the New York Metropolitan area. There was flooding in the area and more than 100,000 were left without electrical power this morning.

"We've had tropical storms in Hawaii," Satele said. "What was creepy was how wide the storm was."

Satele said the river behind the hotel overflowed, flooding the parking lot.

"For some reason, I parked my car at a different spot last night," Satele said. "It was good. Where I usually park, everybody's car was covered with water. My car was parked on a hill. I don't even know why I parked up there. It was the farthest I could park from my room."

The game between the Jets and Giants was rescheduled for tomorrow night.

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Anyone know if  long-snapper Jake Ingram, signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday, played in last night's game?

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