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Brown, Bright reinstated

September 4th, 2011

Head coach Greg McMackin and athletic director Jim Donovan have completed their investigation, and linebacker Aaron Brown and left wideout Darius Bright will not have to serve an additional suspension. They were benched for last night's game because of their arrests last week following their alleged involvement in a fight in Waikiki. McMackin is expected to impose community-service requirements on the pair.

* * * * *

• OK, the offense had a few glitches. Then again, the Warriors were trying to implement a new wrinkle with designed rollouts, bootlegs and options. (Bryant Moniz's 57-yard scoring dash was similar to the mid-line options Rice used to run in the early 2000s. Like the wildcat, in which the running back takes the direct snap, defenses now must account for the UH quarterback as a running threat. One more defender tracking Moniz means one less pass-rusher or coverage guy. It also is a preview into the UH future. David Graves, Stump Godfrey, Jeremy Higgins, Cayman Shutter and Mystery QB are all mobile quarterbacks. Even Kevin Spain played for a run-option team in high school.

• Right guard Chauncy Winchester-Makainai said he will undergo an MRI today on his sore left knee.

• Left end Liko Satele said he is fine after leaving the game because of dehydration-like symptoms. Satele and Zach Masch provide a nice mix for the Warriors. Masch is a physical run-stopper; Satele is a speed-rusher. It also was nice to see Desmond Dean get some reps.

• Nice to see Masch carrying the American flag when the Warriors raced onto the field.

• Doesn't that new UH commercial want to make you sign up for classes? Of course, it might be a little risky with flying cheerleaders on campus. But that was a cool video.

• Six days away . . .


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