The Warrior Beat

Wednesday report

October 5th, 2011

• Middle linebacker Corey Paredes and center Matagisila Lefiti have both been diagnosed with sprained PCLs. They are expected to be cleared to practice Tuesday, and will be available to play in the Oct. 14 nationally televised road game against San Jose State. The Warriors depart Oct. 12.

• Middle linebacker George Daily-Lyles was not able to practice today while recovering from a strained knee.

• Right slotback Miah Ostrowski said he will be available to play against San Jose State. He has missed the past four games because of a foot injury. Ostrowski and Justin Clapp, who has 22 catches as the replacement, will split reps.

• Quarterback Stump Godfrey, who was on personal leave because of a family emergency, resumed practicing today.

• The Warriors believe they have corrected their problems with blocked PATs and FGs. Six have been blocked this year, with all attributed to either a breakdown in protection because of inexperienced personnel or poor snap-to-kick timing.

• The Scout Bowl is scheduled for tomorrow morning. It will be a full-contact, 35-minute scrimmage (quarterbacks are not allowed to be hit). Bryant Moniz and Royce Pollard will coach the offense; Paredes and Richard Torres will coach the defense. First snap should be about 8 a.m.

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