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Playing the percentages

October 16th, 2011

In the debate against football, it has been argued that head coach Greg McMackin is outrageously overpaid while volleyball coach Dave Shoji is outrageously underpaid.

But here's a look at the numbers: McMackin's base salary ($1.03 million) accounts for 8.9 percent of the $11.6 million  revenue the football program is credited with generating. Shoji's listed base salary ($179,438) is 8.2 percent of the Rainbow Wahine's credited revenue of about $2.2 million.

In seeking an extension, McMackin has offered to lower his base to $850,000 a year, which would place his salary at 7.3 percent of the Warriors' revenue. UH has sought to lower the base to a high of $700,000, which would be 6 percent.

Football's credited revenue is 40 percent of the athletic department's overall budget. Women's volleyball is credited with contributing 7.6 percent.

Statistical comparisons, of course, can be interpreted to fit any argument. Which is what I just did.

What UH needs to do is not look at other schools or money lists. It needs to determine what value it places on a coaching position. If it wants to pay a basketball coach more or a football coach less, that's fine, as long as it sets its own value system as opposed to letting other schools dictate the market.

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