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Manoa makeover

October 17th, 2011

Sure, the Warriors are in a slump, and not only because of the narrow loss to San Jose State. There are questions about its pay-per-view future. So, after a nap on the armchair, here are some thoughts:

Television: The thing is, the sports channels are over-saturated with, well, sports. What the Warriors should do is explore other networks, like MTV, VH1, HBO or Discovery. Sign up with one of those networks, then open the doors, allowing the cameras to follow the players/coaches/administrators throughout the week. Then the network could have a weekly (or daily) show on the behind-the-stories. On weekends, the network could show a UH game, and if the national rights are held by someone else, then just highlights of the game. The format isn't unique; HBO has had success with "Hard Knocks," and MTV did well with "Two-A-Days." Such a deal would give the Warriors national exposure, some money, boost recruiting, show UH's diversity (Scott Harding, Alex Dunnachie, Joey Iosefa, etc.) and, let's face it, Cayman Shutter, Billy Ray Stutzmann and Mouse Davis have reality-star names.

Publicity: It's a crowded market, and UH doesn't have the money to compete with the BCS schools' publicity machines. Instead of starting campaigns in the summer, launch videos on the Web site during the offseason. That's when people are starved for football, and even a training video would produce hits and some attention.

Clinics: The Warriors have done a great job of  bringing in coaches for peer-sharing discussions during the offseason. Why not do that during the season? Maybe the Warriors can ask former coaches to review videos of the first six games, and offer suggestions. The coaching staff certainly has enough contacts. And fresh eyes can offer a different perspective.

Pep talk: By all accounts, defensive line coach Tony Tuioti gave a rousing halftime speech. As sportscaster Robert Kekaula suggested: Why not let Tuioti make the pregame speech?

* * * * *

During today's WAC teleconference, UH's Greg McMackin vowed to correct the problems that have led to six blocked kicks this season, including two by San Jose State.

"We're not going to have any more blocked PATs or field goals," McMackin said. "We're going to change personnel. We're going to interlock (on protection), and do some technical things that are going to help us."

* * * * *

Quarterback Ikaika Woolsey, who is grayshirting and will join the Warriors in January:


* * * * *

There's the Hawaiian flag in the middle of the mosh pit of UH fans:


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