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Cool times

October 27th, 2011

LEWISTON — The Warriors had a brisk practice this afternoon at Lewiston High School, where the mercury was in the low 50s. The forecast called for the 40s, so it was considered to be somewhat balmy, in comparison. Still, several players wore attachable pouches to keep their hands warm between plays.

It won't be a problem for Saturday's game.

"We're gonna be playing indoors," defensive tackle Kaniela Tuipulotu said of the game in the Kibbie Dome, where the Warriors will conduct a walk-through tomorrow.

Linebackers Corey Paredes and Aaron Brown resumed practicing today. Paredes has a strained PCL, and Brown has an ankle condition.

Because the Warriors don't have their usual scout players because of travel-roster limitations, the offense and defense took turns with matchups between a first-team unit and second-team squad. The offensive starters practiced their plays for six minutes, with the defensive starters getting their turn, and so forth.

After practice, the players were given free time. The hotel is on the same property as a sporting-goods store and two fast-food restaurants. During these times, the players wondered what it would be like if a measure to provide stipends were in place already.

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Ty Austin, whose father played for the UH baseball team, became a die-hard Warrior fan after visiting the islands a couple of years ago:


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Quarterback Bryant Moniz:


* * * * * *

Cornerback Mike Edwards:


* * * * *

Running back Joey Iosefa:


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Kicker Kenton Chun:


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Left wideout Trevor Davis:


* * * * *

Left slotback Billy Ray Stutzmann:


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Slotback Miah Ostrowski:


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Lewiston High has a one of the softest grass fields:



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Steve Christian Sr. said his son, Steve Jr., a UH safety, will undergo hip surgery next month. Steve Christian Jr. is scheduled to earn a bachelor's degree in May, after which he will transfer to a school where he can play as a fifth-year player. The NCAA allows students who have graduated in four years and used a redshirt to play at another school without having to sit out a season.

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