The Warrior Beat

The people's team

October 30th, 2011

When a football team proclaims it is playing for the people of Hawaii, it invites, well, the people of Hawaii, to voice their opinions, suggestions and critiques on which strategies and motivational tools they would prefer to use.

And the voices become louder when an athletic department charges viewers for telecasts, and extra fees for the right to buy seats in specific sections.

The decibel level is highest when an offense struggles against a statistically deficient defense, even after a dramatic victory.

Public opinion factors in the setting of odds, and the expectations are the Warriors should win big. Thing is, the Warriors are a good team, just not a knockout one, not with first-year starters at nine offensive positions, and injuries throughout the depth chart. And while every WAC opponent might not be good, each has some very good players.

What should be remembered is the Warriors reflect Hawaii's workforce. They get up early, work hard (with many having two jobs), and embrace the aloha concept. In that regard, the Warriors are Hawaii's team.

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