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Waiting games

November 16th, 2011

While Air Force, BYU and Boise State are mulling offers from the Big East, and the college basketball season is under way, the Warriors appear to be in a holding pattern ... on a starting quarterback, Greg McMackin's status, the future of the Mountain West, and so forth.

These side stories — and Fresno State's shortcomings this year — have overshadowed what used to be one of the Warriors' most passionate rivalries.

For now, we wait.

* * * * *

• David Graves and Shane Austin again split reps today. UH is nearing a decision, but won't announce it until game time.

• With Royce Pollard back and running without discomfort, Trevor Davis has moved back to left wideout.

• Remember the name Donnie King. The slotback might have a role in the next three weeks.

* * * * *

Happy birthday to Diana, the Queen of Kapolei.

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