The Warrior Beat

Blue period

November 27th, 2011

The kids don't get it.

Oh, sure, they've heard the stories and sorta-sorta understand why parents have that lost-in-the-past look whenever Garrett Gabriel's name is mentioned.


But it's hard to imagine the intensity of the passion — and frustration for UH for many, many years — whenever BYU came to town. "Beat BYU" signs were as common as "Live Aloha" bumper stickers. Former UH basketball player David Hallums famously described a hoops victory over the Cougars as being "better than statehood."

It is appropriate, for an older generation, that the Warriors' season depends on the outcome of this week's game against BYU. If the Warriors win, they advance to the Hawaii Bowl, a postseason game created after a UH victory over BYU.

Left tackle Brett Leonard said he had to Google stories to learn about the history between the schools. The past is now the Warriors' future.

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