The Warrior Beat


November 29th, 2011

For the final time this regular season, it is game-plan Tuesday. The Warriors met for an hour of video reviews and strategy sessions, then for a little more than an hour of practice.

Of note:

• Quarterback David Graves did practice. He's good to go. The unofficial diagnosis of his blurry vision on Saturday night: An electrolyte imbalance.

• With Scott Harding's right foot in a medical boot — "just a precaution," he said — a couple of players auditioned as punt returner. Harding said he will play.

• Billy Ray Stutzmann did not practice, but that's not a concern. Normal bumps and aches. He will be ready to go tomorrow.

• Austin Hansen confirmed he will not participate in Saturday's Senior Walk. It's a shame. Even though he did not play this season while serving an NCAA suspension, he was a key player in 2010. He probably would have been the Warriors' top o-line prospect if he had played this year. Hansen is brash, and his opinions do not come with a filter. But he is a refreshing voice, and he is a hard worker who cared about his craft. Best wishes to him.

• Back in town is Dennis McKnight:


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