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November 30th, 2011

UH assistant basketball coach Brandyn Akana earned his bachelor's degree at BYU-Hawaii, where he was a point guard, and his master's at UH.

But when it comes to Saturday's football game between UH and BYU, Akana wants there to be no doubts.

"I'll be cheering for the University of Hawaii," said Akana, whose brother (Jarinn) and wife (Joselyn) were former UH athletes.

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Linebacker Aaron Brown has a request: "We need seats in the seats."

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According to the schedule, this is a "travel" day for BYU.

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• Another lively practice. The players have been in a feisty mood all week.

• As part of his post-practice stretching routine, cornerback Mike Edwards plays catch with quarterback Cayman Shutter. Edwards really should be considered as a two-way player. He is sure-handed.


• Bryant Moniz attended practice, in a wheelchair. He was warmly greeted by coaches and players. His right ankle is in a cast. He joked that his availability was a game-day decision.


• Former UH coach Dennis McKnight also was at practice. Players and coaches love him. He's loud and aggressive, but just so entertaining. Even when he's discussing the price of dip in Edmonton, it's impossible not to be enthralled.

• Graduate assistants are hired on the calendar year, meaning their deals expire on New Year's Eve. Inoke Funaki, who works with the offense, is scheduled to earn his master's in public administration in May. He has a busy schedule. He works as a security guard from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.; then helps coach the scout team, break down videos and prepare the scouting reports; then attends classes. He also is married.

• Equipment specialist Al Ginoza said no — NO!— on whether white helmets are an option for Saturday's game.

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Fond birthday wishes to Mrs. Sailor Blue and Mrs. BigHiloFan.

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