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Speeding up Pro Day

December 26th, 2011

Hawaii's pro day, which is usually held a few weeks before the NFL draft, is expected to be moved to early March in 2012.

Almost every FBS school has a pro day in which its draft-eligible players perform running, jumping, weight-lifting and football drills in front of NFL scouts.

Because of UH's isolation, its pro day was held in Carson, Calif., and bracketed with the pro days for USC and UCLA. While that schedule attracted large attendance from scouts, it hindered the Warriors' lesser-known players. For instance, former UH safety Mana Silva was the sensation of  UH's 2011 pro day, which was held on April 1, but that did not give scouts enough time to further evaluate him. Silva was not drafted, but he ended up signing three free-agent contracts.

Plans are in the works for UH's pro day to follow the NFL combine, which will be held Feb. 22-28 in 2012.

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Defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga has chosen Michael Hoffman as his agent. Hoffman also represents running back Alex Green and linebacker Aaron Brown.

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Double-duty continues for Norm Chow, who arrives in El Paso today ahead of Saturday's Sun Bowl.

Because of the Sun Bowl, recruiting and the coaches convention, Chow won't be back in Hawaii for another couple of weeks. While assembling his coaching staff, he will interview current UH staff members either by telephone or on the mainland. After all of the dead periods, there will be four weekends remaining in which recruits may be brought in for visits.

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Belated birthday wishes to Chawan Cut and SteveM.

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