Wait 'til next year

December 27th, 2011

Norm Chow said he won't be hiring any new coaches until the new year.

He said he has interviewed some interested candidates, as well as spoken with a couple of members from the 2011 UH coaching staff. But he said he won't make any decisions until after speaking with more coaches and reviewing formal applications.

Chow arrived in El Paso yesterday to coach Utah's offense in Saturday's Sun Bowl. He said he hopes to have the "majority" of his staff in place by the second week in January.

One coach who will not be on his staff is Rich Miano, who served as interim head coach after Greg McMackin reached a release agreement with UH. Miano is a former UH coach who played 11 seasons in the NFL and coached 13 years at UH. The Warriors' 2011 coaching staff is on contract through March 31, 2012. The exception is Mouse Davis, who appears to have retired from UH.

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  1. tommui:


  2. Bueller555:

    Miano is gone? It'll be interesting to see how recruiting shakes out and where their verbal commits end up.

  3. tommui:


    (Chow) said he hopes to have the "majority" of his staff in place by the second week in January.

    ST - Can one assume that he may have some coaches (minority) already hitting the recruiting trail now or by the first week of January?

  4. d1shima:

    Chrust in Chow

  5. Petey:

    Wow no Miano.... I thought for sure he'll be retained. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the coaching staff comes to fruition.

  6. ai-eee-soos:


  7. CHEE!:

    No Miano? No one's been hired yet so why is he a definite no?

  8. ai-eee-soos:

    Perhaps all of the 2011 Hawaii coaches should be at the coaches' convention,

    which was mentioned in yesterday's blog by ST.

    They can make contact with other coaching staffs, and start a "hiring" process.

    Good Luck to all.

  9. Bugaz:

    Must be conflict of interest. To bad! Hate to see guys let go.

  10. madeinhawaii:

    I didn't think Miano would be retained. Dunno why.. just had that gut feeling.

  11. Bugaz:

    Turn that frown upside down. In a couple of weeks the Chow man will be in town. Recruiting will pick up, and so will Spring training. Cuts will be made and we will see who’s remaining. Work hard fellas, cause there’s a new sheriff in town. Follow his ways and trust in his word, and the WINS will come round.

  12. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Thank you for everything Coach Miano.

  13. mikey:

    Most Interm head coaches don't apply plus he applied for hc position.

    Miano will always be a Warrior and good luck in what ever he undertakes...

    He will do well...

  14. kdub808:

    Oh no. We are going to start seeing the posts and hearing on the radio about people not renewing season tickets because Miano is not being kept. Really people?! Support the University of Hawaii!!

  15. A-House:

    With Miano out and IF Tuioti is retained - would he be a natural fit as the new "walk-on" coordinator? eye tink so!

    Could Miano serve as the new "recruiting coordinator" if Lumpkin is released? UH position, but salary paid by Na Koa.

  16. palolo:

    What will happen to speed and quickness clinics and the walk-on program?

  17. Bugaz:

    Not me! I renew 18 every season win lose or draw.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    In regards to Miano, UH is going in a "different direction," as they like to say.
    Miano shared his list of recruits and potential walk-ons with Chow, as well as gave a rundown of the players on the academic bubble who need to be monitored.
    It was a tough call, actually. Miano and Chow are friends. When Chow was with the Titans, he was helpful at the pro day Miano coordinated.

  19. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Thanks, Rich Miano, for all your years with UH as a player and coach. We will miss seeing you on the field.

    palolo - #16 - Speed and Quickness clinics are a separate business.

    I hope the walk-on program keeps going as strong as it has been.

  20. Buffoman:

    As painful as the changes may seem, change in real terms does not occur without some level of discomfort. I believe Coach Chow has his plan in place and he will choose those pieces that make most sense to the outcome of that vision.

    We have to support that effort even if it takes us outside of what we've come to be very comfortable with over the years.

  21. Kekoa:

    All the best to coach Miano. I admired his instructional work ethic at practice. He was constantly teaching and honing the speed & quickness of our young Warriors.

    Mahalo for your years of service and good luck to you in whatever you choose to do in the future.

  22. Bugaz:

    I feel confident in Coach Chow's decisions and can't wait for all the recruiting news

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    One of the good things about S&Q was the after-school program it ran.
    Say what you want, but it's always better to keep some kids active in after-school programs than to let them find some other ways to kill boredom.

  24. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: In the meantime, is Miano still performing his role as the Interim Head Coach,

    until Chow gets here ?

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    There is no "interim" position.

  26. kruzen:

    Aloha Rich Miano and thanks for all you have done for UH and I hope you continue the Speed and Quickness clinics.

  27. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

    All the best to coach Miano. Thanks for all your hard work for and dedication to the University of Hawaii. Change is always difficult but sometimes for the better.

  28. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: re # 25.

    Well, is Miano still doing what JD told him to do, or is Miano just waiting around

    for Mar. 31, like the rest of the staff.

  29. Stephen Tsai:

    This shouldn't be a surprise. Change head coaches, change staffs.
    Miano put in good words for GA Inoke Funaki, strength coach Tommy Heffernan, and the other assistant coaches.
    Miano's a good guy.
    He's smart, and has contacts. He'll be OK.

  30. visitor:

    Difficult now, but could actually be in Miano's best interest. If his goal is to someday become a college head coach, his coaching experience needs to be more than just UH.

    Thanks and good luck Rich!

  31. Bulla:

    mahalo coach miano for all you have done, best of luck in your future conquests. and mahalo for the speed and quickness camps you have done over the years; i know your non-profit has done well and hope that it continues to thrive.

  32. Kevin:

    To be clear, Tommy Heffernan is an athletic department employee right?

    The ENTIRE S&C program for all 19 sports falls under his direction with his assistants spread out to the other programs.

  33. mikesmith:

    ST, Norm said he will wait until he sees the formal applications to fill his staff, but the UH campus (including the Human Resources office) is closed until Jan 2 to observe the "green initiative". So Norm won't see any formal applications until the 3rd at the earliest? Guess it's gonna take some time. Welcome to UH Norm, things move a lot slower than everywhere else you have been.

  34. izle:

    Thanks for sharing and inspiration...

  35. Randy F:

    Interesting that on the Speed and Quickness clinic website, only Miano's wife Lori is listed as staff. In the past it had both of them listed. Can we read into that a bit?

  36. HawaiiMongoose:

    If Miano's long-term ambition is to eventually become UH's head coach, then this turn of events may be a blessing in disguise. He can coach elsewhere for awhile, build up his resume, and position himself to be a strong candidate when a future opportunity arises.

  37. rb:

    Mahalo Rich for all your work.
    Welcome Coach Norm!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Duster:

    Re. #33, since the application deadline is today, I would expect that a packet of applications will be on Coach Chow's desk by Thursday. I don't think he'll have to wait for the Human Resources office to open on Tuesday, 1/3 to start reviewing applications. But then again, . . . .

  39. Couch potato:

    Heffernan has been the strength and conditioning coordinator for UH Athletics the past 12 or so years. only recently, last year (?), he took over all s&c responsibilities for the football team.

  40. Ipu Man:

    Probably Miano should be picked up as a pro-scout covering Hawaii
    and the polynesian Pacific area...

  41. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Sorry to hear about Miano. I thought he was a credible coach for walk-on recruits, having been a walk on himself who went to the pros for 12 years. Best of luck to him! I'm sure he has made many contacts and created good will and will be coaching somewhere if he wants.

  42. Ed:

    ST, was it Miano's decision not to return or coach Chow's ?

  43. CHEE!:

    Mahalo Rich Miano for all that you've done for UH and our Keiki's!!


    miano's gone now there will be no favoritism among the Db's.

  45. RedZone:

    I think people need to stop thinking about who should be retained. People wanted change? Well you got it. It is the Chow era now. Let him do his thing. As for all the coaches from the current staff thank you for being be a part of the Warrior Ohana. My best of luck to all of you.

  46. Wassup:

    Coach Chow makes decisions and stands up for them. Gotta respect that.

  47. al:

    i hope that we do a better job at recruiting scholarship athletes such that we won't have to rely on as many walk-ons as we have in the past.

  48. al:

    we should have 85 scholarship guys at all times. all of whom are contributing to the team and are academically sound.

  49. al:

    we should have 85 scholarship guys at all times. all of whom are contributing to the team and are academically sound.

  50. mikey:

    Changing the subject a bit...

    I hear a talk of Ohio State as 13th game for 2012?

    Don’t think it’s a good idea and here’s why:

    (1) Leading up to Ohio State game with a record of say 6 wins 6 loses after a final game with South Alabama. We will have to win Ohio State to qualify for Hawaii Bowl on Christmas day 2012.
    (2) 2012 Schedule already includes @ USC, @BYU, @ Air Force, @ Colorado State (both mile high), @ Fresno State and @ SDS plus at home vs. BSU and Nevada is a full schedule indeed.
    (3) We will be doing a more of a favor to Ohio State as their final Bowl game in Hawaii.

    Didn’t NCAA rule prohibit this type of scheduling since the Alabama & USC games in Hawaii debacle?

    But more power to them if JD and Coach Chow can bring Ohio State for final game in 2012. Buckeyes fans will surely fill the Aloha with Sea of Red say 10,000 fans? It will surely be a True Hawaii Bowl game rather than the ones held a few weeks later if Warriors qualify!

    Note: Buckeye means someone who comes from Ohio; also it’s a poisonous seed in prickly brown fruit.

  51. Couch potato:

    i see what you are saying al about recruiting schollie athletes. therefore, my hats off to those walk-ons who had the desire and worked their butts off in contributing and or starting for the Warrior football team and earning a schollie. follow your dreams.

  52. al:

    so lucky if one or two current staffers are retained.

    i would think that the strong recruiters may be the most likely candidates if any of them at all are considered.

    i am sure we can all put two and two together and then go figure.

    at least two or three guys with local lines and/or are of poly descent will probably find themselves on this staff not necessarily any of the current coaches. guys who are also successful in their climb in this tough profession and can be role models would be another important criteria. and of course, if your boss is a tireless 24/7 guy then you, too, had better be as well.

    its exciting times.

  53. Couch potato:

    mikey, there is a rule in place and it was posted in a previous blog topic.

  54. al:

    mikey...coach said bring em on. we'd not back down from any challenge. to be the best you gotta play the best, etc.

    i agree. bring it on with the likes of ohio state. they could take advantage of the 13th game rule and we could use the 50,000 at the aloha. if they bring 10,000 for say 4-5 days and spend a minimum of $500 per day why that's a "paltry" 22.5 mil boost to the economy.

  55. Couch potato:

    funny when you are caught on video and that video is on youtube and in the news for all to see, you return the stolen toys and the elevator wreath.

  56. Jason:

    Reposting what I researched from the other day:

    Do you know why JD is saying Ohio State is not under consideration for a 13th game? It would make sense to bring them in since they are on probation next year and it would be their "bowl game". Besides OSU fans travel well and you could possibly see about 5000+ fans in the stands cheering for the Buckeyes.

    While Alabama had that idea some years back, the NCAA cracked down on that. Recall that USC had to get a special waiver to play UH last year, because the penalties the NCAA enacted included not being able to use the "Hawaiʻi Exemption" to schedule a 13th game here in Honolulu; that 13th game had already been scheduled, however, so the NCAA eased up on that restriction.

    On page 19 of the Ohio State Report, it says (bold added):

    The institution's football team shall end its 2012 season with the playing of its last regularly scheduled, in-season contest and shall not be eligible to participate in any postseason competition or take advantage of any of the exemptions provided in Bylaw, to include an end-of-season conference championship game.

    Bylaw is the Hawaiʻi Exemption (see page 276 of the 2011-2012 NCAA Division I Manual), and since Ohio State does not already have a game scheduled against UH, they are unable to schedule a new game to act as their "bowl" game. Annual Exemptions. [FBS/FCS] The maximum number of football contests shall exclude the following: (Revised: 10/28/10)

    (j) Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico. [FBS/FCS] Any football games played in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, respectively, either against or under the sponsorship of an active member institution located in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, by a Division I member institution located outside the area in question;

  57. mikey:

    Good Luck to Coach Chow as he prepares for Sun Bowl on New Year Eve vs. Georgia Tech.

    Like I said on earlier post this is a MMA type game match up of Paul Johnson vs. Norm Chow. I haven’t watched any Bowl games this year but this is one I won’t miss coming this Saturday.

  58. Kevin:

    OSU comes, for sure sell out.

    The 3,000 - 5,000 locals sporting OSU gear and they NEVER even went to OSU or have connections there will come in droves. Like they did for the Notre Dame game.

  59. Don Weir (We-ah):

    In response to rumors and statements made in the past on Lower Campus;
    Na Koa pays for summer school tuition and rooming costs for team members during summer sessions.

    I would imagine that those costs are reaching $210,000 + these days.

  60. mikey:

    Great! bring on Ohio State!

    More Seaon Tickets will be sold? I got my deposit in! First time since the 90's

    Go Warriors! Beat them Buckeyes!

    OH they're not yet on schedule for 2012.

  61. mikesmith:

    #45 Exactly I agree.. Move on and remember the saying "Be Careful what you wish for" People want change then say that Norm should keep this guy and that guy. Let him do his thing, if he wins then he is a genius and if he does not win then you all will say it is the worst hire ever. Until you walked in a Div 1 coach's shoes, no one can judge any decision that coach makes. Norm will do his best and the public should give their best to him or who ever is in the position of Head Coach regardless of the number of wins or lack there of. Go Warriors!

  62. mikey:

    #54 al yes, I was there for the press conference when Coach Chow mention play the Best!

    With Thanks to #56 Jason explanation... Bring on 10,000 Sea of Red Buckeyes to Hawaii will be Fantastic!

  63. krump1_AKA_protector:

    Aloha and Mahalo to Coach Miano for all of his contributions.

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to SteveM and chawan_cut !

  64. Couch potato:

    no osu in 2012 according to what Jason posted.

  65. AlaWai:

    OSU may not get the 13th game exemption, but could they schedule UH as a regular season non-conference 12th game?

  66. (Jesse) James:

    al...ummm...can you repeat that...LOL

  67. mikey:

    Thinking ahead with USC game on September 1st how many of you Warriors fan thinking about SteveM post of:

    UH-USC on September 1, 2012
    Our Tsai-ko Cruise Coordinators in the area are Garret and hawnstln. Both are experienced with Carnival Cruise Line, which have the only ships saling out of the L.A. ports. Alaska season is still in progress and more ships will not migrate to the area for a month yet. Very few possibilities:

    • Sep 02. Carnival Splendor 7-nt r/t Long Beach to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallartha. $459 inside $579 Oceanview
    • Sep 03. Carnival Inspiration 4-nt r/t Long Beach to Catalina Island, and Ensenada. $299 inside $349 oceanview

    I’ve been to both Catalina Island and Ensenada but not to San Lucas or Puerto Vallartha seems nice one to book.

  68. Couch potato:

    osu's 2012 season is already set and i don't think they would travel to Hawaii to play in their bye week prior to playing wisconsin.

  69. mikey:

    Ala Wai: For 2012 Warriors already have 12 games on schedule.

    Seem full until maybe 2016? is Wide Open...

  70. madeinhawaii:

    For Coach Chow's inaugural year, 12 games should suffice. It'll preserve a couple of bye weeks for him to regroup and redirect his players. He'll need much of the season to assess the talents and abilities of the backups and underclassmen so that he can recruit what he sees fit for the subsequent years of his tenure.

  71. Couch potato:

    check that, their bye week would be a 13th game. no can do for 2012.

  72. (Jesse) James:

    #58 Kevin...except that Hawaii has a huge number of local people who have gone to and/or graduated from Notre Dame. In my 4 years of high school a long, long time ago, at least 30 guys from my school went to Notre Dame...6 from my class alone. I also know of six of my friends who attended St. Louis that went to ND. That's 12 already just from my class year that I know of....

    However, I don't know many who went to OSU....

    USC on the other hand, I know lots of guys who didn't go there and sport their colors when UH plays them...LMAO

  73. Couch potato:

    coach Chow should have an idea of what he needs after spring. he then should have an understanding of where he needs to be after fall. after the 3rd or 4th game of the season, given the puzzle pieces he has to work with, he should be running the offensive plays that best fits the pieces.

    Chow Dynasty.

  74. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Around a dozen or so from my class went to USC. A few more if you include those who ended up transferring over.

    Get plenty USC alumni here in Hawaii.

    Didn't realize there were so many ND alumni.

    Ohio State, not sure.

  75. mikey:

    None of the bowl games interest me outside of Hyundai Sun Bowl and the final game of the year Allstate BCS National Championship Game on January 9th on ESPN between (1) LSU vs. (2) Alabama 2:30 HST...!!?? Boy do I have to take off this day? Ummmmm....

  76. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Here is the latest information about Aloha Stadium concession issues - and am still waiting for additional information.

    CENTERPLATE was awarded a ten-year contract starting in January, 2012, to provide concession services at Aloha Stadium. Sodexo also submitted a bid but was not the winner.

    The decision as to what CP charges for food & beverages directly under their contral are reviewed on an annual basis by the Aloha Stadium administrative staff. No information about how the public can take part in this process was given to me, but I do expect to get the information shortly and will pass it along.

    Other vendors selling ice cream or nuts or mini-donuts or roasted corn must have their prices approved by CP.

    The principal questions not yet answered is how to initiate a complaint about prices or services and to make sure that someone pays attention.

    The Stadium Authority can get involved in price-setting and concession services but has deferred the decision-making to the administrative staff.

    NOTE: UH sets the ticket prices, but it does not have any power/authority over parking fees & policies, concession matters, etc., as part of the agreement not to be charged rent.

    As I pointed out to the staffer with whom I spoke, two people attending a football game with seats above the concourse in the end zones will wind up spending well over $70 for tickets, parking, food & non-alcoholic beverages. Lower bowl seats will bump that figure to well over $100. That's a lot of mone, expecially for folks on limited incomes - regardless of age.

    If there's any interest in moving beyond complaining here on the blog to have a positive impact on policy changes beyond filing a complaint, please indicate here here on the blog.

  77. mikey:

    LOL ND Alumni is Everywhere!

    So is Military and BYU fans.

    That's the reason they can go independent...

  78. madeinhawaii:


    UH Alumni are everywhere too. In all parts of the world. But many won't admit it freely.

  79. Buffoman:

    #72, #74,

    Wow, you guys smart buggas. Most my friends went community college or national guard. They wanted Air Guard over Army. That was the decisions, not whether for go USC, ND or UH.

    But, they all did good, get good jobs, good family, pay taxes, go game.

  80. hapahaoleboy:

    Good luck to Coach Miano! I'm sure he'll land on a Div 1 or NFL staff. Could he be hopping over to SMU?

    BTW -- the whole "favoritism" charge against Miano is total BS. It's a slap in the face to the hard work put in by UH starting DBs. I'd like to see the people charging Miano with favoritism to tell Richard Torres to his face that he didn't play because of his heart and ability.

  81. Kevin:

    Don't care what alumni they are if in fact they did go.

    For locals to wear:


    Kind of pathetic yeah?

    How hard is it to just wear a Notre Dame jersey or a shirt?

  82. jkjones:

    Norm Chow obviousily has more regard for D than the previous two head coaches and being nice doesnt get the job done. Clean house, make cuts and get it going. The run n shoot era is gone. Fans want to see Coach Chow's signature on the football program.

  83. Kevin:

    Wear a shirt like that, you better not cry to stadium staff or HPD if some drunk braddah is looking to beat you down.

  84. madeinhawaii:


    Let's just hope the season goes well.. otherwise we'll hear fans clamoring for the old RnS again... and Norm's head.

  85. Couch potato:

    would rather it be a sober braddah, bumbai da pepo going want one ban on alcohol. :lol:

  86. Couch potato:

    yikes! did you guys see oregon's rose bowl unis?

  87. al:

    i won't expect an immdediate implementation of the chow system. it may take three years to have the team relearn a totally new concept as well as learn the proper techniques especially on the offensive side of the ball.
    (oline, tight ends for example)

    we currently don't have enough of the prototypical athletes as a whole to get off the ground running with the west coast/pro set offense.

    but in time...

  88. Bowwar:

    Good luck to Miano...He has the energy and drive, so now he has to fight for opportunities, which may mean leaving the islands and coaching elsewhere. If not, Miano must resign himself to being a successful businessman and probably, not a future Warrior head coach.
    Miano's best bet to be a head coach was really supporting MACK in getting good recruits and winning games, as MACK would have eventually retired in good graces and left the position to him. However, under the circumstances, MACK's demise was reflective of the failure of his key assistants...Bottom-line, you don't win, you're no longer around despite the criticism of MACK's shortcomings. IF MACK won and had a 10-4 or better record this season, we all would have been singing a different tune.

    Let Chow do his thing and select his own staff...I'm sure, Chow has been around long enough to know what is expected and what its going to take to get the job done.

    IMUA Warriors!

  89. Old Diver:

    Rich Miano and favoritism. Well, that is exactly what the BYU fans were saying about Norm Chow. These are charges generally made by people who have no clue what they are talking about. The coaches want to win, therefore the coaches will play their best players period. The coaches do have their favorite players, they are the players who through hard work become the best they can be.

  90. whitey:

    good afternoon tsaikos.

  91. whitey:

    wish coach miano the best and hope the new year is still one of joy and happiness.

  92. whitey:

    al, makes sense, so if i take that line of thought, can see only 2-3 present warrior coaches being retained. not going predict anything, but it will be interesting to see how the hiring of asst coaches and recruiting goes after jan 3rd.

  93. Old Diver:



    The schedule over the next two years does not look favorable. The pro-set offense will require recruiting like we have never seen before. I'm guessing Coach Chow will need a good four to five years to make the team what he wants it to be. I'm hoping the fans and media will have that patience.

  94. whitey:

    on recruiting, it looks like on paper that coach chow is not going to be like the previous 2 hc, but will be looking for recruits at a much higher level. if that is what he is going to do, that is a huge plus for da warrior program.

  95. whitey:

    most will say that da warriors may not do well in the win/lost for 2012, but i look at the 49ers and the only difference is the coaching. there are very good warriors on the present roster, but maybe all they need is a coach or coaching staff who believe in them.

  96. mikesmith:

    #93 Patience is the key, you are absolutely right, Coaches have to recruit the personnel that will fit into the scheme they want to install. This could take a number of years for Coach Chow to establish. He will do the best with the personnel that he can currently work with. Many of the players on the current roster are now in a predicament, they will not fit into the plans/ scheme of Coach Chow and will either become practice squad players or they will have to transfer out. Along with Coaches having to be let go (Best of luck to Miano I think he did a great job) many players will have to be released or not invited back. It will be a painful process for many people and many players involved in the program and I hope people are patient with Coach Chow. He has to have time to build it his way. And all the people that sang his praises better not turn on him when the times get a little rocky. Be Patient. Please support the Warriors.

  97. mikey:

    Couch potato:
    December 27th, 2011 at 11:00 am
    osu's 2012 season is already set and i don't think they would travel to Hawaii to play in their bye week prior to playing wisconsin.
    Couch potato:
    December 27th, 2011 at 11:03 am
    check that, their bye week would be a 13th game. no can do for 2012.

    Ohio State final game is November 24, vs. Michigan, if and it’s a Big IF the Warriors can move South Alabama game on December 1st to September 8th which is open would be ideal finale to close 2012 season.

  98. madeinhawaii:

    The problems that plagued our RnS Warriors will be the same problems for Norm Chow's Pro-style Offense. The lack of Big, fast, Olinemen ... and Fast, strong DEs and tall fast DBs..

    The fact that he is running the Pro-style Offense, and has a successful past with it, however, may be what we need to attract those bigger Offensive linemen.

  99. mikey:

    I'd say if we can book Ohio State for Final game in December, I'd just cancel South Alabama and pay them off would be the ultimate.

    Play the Best!

    Go Warriors!

  100. Curt:


  101. mikey:

    mih - they will come they will surely follow Chow to Hawaii, just wait and see...

    Travis Wilson, a 6-foot-6, 205-pound signal caller out of San Clemente, Calif., had offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Washington, but Utah beat them all out to land his services as part of the class of 2012.

    Utah assistant coach Norm Chow, who has previous coaching experience in the conference from stops at UCLA and USC, had a part in recruiting Wilson.

    "I just felt very comfortable when I visited the school (unofficially in April) and I'm looking at starting soon," Wilson told Sporting News on Thursday morning. "Norm Chow was a big part of my decision too because he is one of the best quarterback coaches out there and he will teach me everything he knows. Utah is a great program and I want to be a part of it and help make the team better."

    Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/feed/2011-05/cfb-recruiting-2012/story/utah-pulls-quarterback-from-other-pac-12-suitors#ixzz1hmOJMpMC

    The big question remains how many will follow coach Chow to Hawaii?
    We’ll wait for late Christmas Present in January... Make that a New Year Gift from Chow!

  102. Couch potato:

    mikey, no can book osu since Jason already posted that osu will not be able to get a 13th game:

    "shall not be eligible to participate in any postseason competition or take advantage of any of the exemptions provided in Bylaw"

  103. mikey:

    I'm hoping Travis will be saying the same thing come January with the words "Hawaii" in place of "Utah"...

    "I just felt very comfortable when I visited the school (unofficially) and I'm looking at starting soon," Wilson told Sporting News on Thursday morning. "Norm Chow was a big part of my decision too because he is one of the best quarterback coaches out there and he will teach me everything he knows. "Hawaii" is a great program and I want to be a part of it and help make the team better."

    Wouldn't that be a Dream!

  104. madeinhawaii:

    Wow.. Ohio State plays 8 home games and 4 away next year. They have an opening in 2013, but we are books solid that year... then we are totally open thereafter.. spooky!

  105. mikey:

    Couch that's too bad we have to wait till 2016 to see Ohio State at the earliest..


  106. madeinhawaii:

    JD better start booking 2014 and beyond ASAP before Chow starts tearing it up in the MWC.

  107. A-House:


    Yes, patience is a virtue, but will "upper campus" accept it?

    I look at my computer desk/display as I see a vulture with this saying, "Patience my ass ... I'm going out and will something".

  108. madeinhawaii:

    books solid? should of been.. booked solid... grr.. slip of the thumb!

  109. A-House:

    u know, eye thought "will" and it should be "kill" - oh, da powa of da mine!

  110. mikey:

    For 2014 we have full schedule with Washington, Oregon State, Colorado and BYU if I'm not mistaken.

    For 2015, Colorado, at Washington, BYU and Navy... would need a Div II game for both.

  111. madeinhawaii:


    Not on UH's website.. are you sure the games weren't cancelled with all the realignment issues?

  112. madeinhawaii:


    Does upper campus have "virtue"?

  113. mikey:

    Altho for year 2013 schedule will be a very tough one:

    1st game USC, then at Oregon state, BYU, at Navy, Army and Washington to close out.

    I don't see any Divison II team on schedule.

  114. madeinhawaii:


    I was thinking the same... that's a tough schedule.. next season and then 2013.. exciting though.

  115. mikey:


    I think the realiment only affects MW Conference games:

    Boise State and SDS moving to Big East Conference.

    They were both scheuled to play Hawaii on Nov. 2nd at BSU and Nov. 16th for SDS games.
    But they will be playing Big East on those days now.

  116. PolyMom:

    Best of luck to Rich Miano. He sent the players a very classy text message. He will land on his feet. No worries!

    Norm Chow and UH will be chasing Championships! He knows what it feels like to be a champion. We all need to change our way of thinking. You too need to wake up everyday and do positive affirmations for our teams. "WE ARE WINNERS"! Dream big! Shoot for the moon! We are not a second class football team. We are Champions both on and off the field. You have to send them positive energy.

  117. anklebiters:

    Mikey #67:

    Just be aware that there have been a lot of issues with the security situation in Mexico, the Norwegian Cruise Lines temporarily skipped stopping in Mazatlan earlier this year. Take the normal precautions that you'd take in visiting a third world country and you should be OK.

    Many trips this year to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) have been safe, traveling from PHX, across the border, to its location in the Sea of Cortez.

  118. LETS GO BOWS:

    now miano can go be the head coach at kaiser high were he graduated from...LOL.!!!

  119. madeinhawaii:


    I believe those games were scheduled when the PAC 12 was still the PAC 10. I'm thinking that the addition of Colorado and Utah to the Pac 10 now 12 may have shuffled their schedules some for 2014 and beyond... we gotta sit and wait..

  120. FattyMcButterpants:

    Hurry up and wait.

    Hurry up and hire a new coach. Now wait for weeks till he staffs up and starts recruiting.

    Hurry up and wait.

  121. mikey:

    #117 thanks anklebite

    But I think most of the tourist areas have been safe, Mexican government makes sure of that.

    Just hope it not the hurricane on weekend of September 1st and also on at SDS final game if you plan to cruise to Mexico following the game.

  122. mikey:

    I though thats why Hawaii have an 13 game options and every one of Pac 10 teams currently on schedule with Hawaii could keep as their 13th game.

  123. hapahaoleboy:

    #118 LETS GO BOWS

    Takes a very small man to insult and denigrate the hard-working high school football coaches in Hawaii with an anonymous blog post. Says a lot about a lack of intelligence and respect.

  124. A-House:


    sounds like you were or have military experience - hurry up and wait - yep, know the feeling!

  125. anklebiters:


    It's the tourists themselves who endanger their own life....going off alone into dangerous areas, flashing their pesos, Rolex's, gold chains, diamond rings on their fingers...you don't want to stand out like a sore thumb...seen this happen on a trips to Cancun. Hurricane season runs from May to November in that part of Mexico ;-)

  126. Wes'side Warrior:

    Mikey and others wishing for a late Ohio State-UH game... Ohio State AND Michigan play each other as their FINAL regular season game. Always. Period. There is no changing that tradition. We lived in Michigan for over 15 years, and that topic has come up every week before this game happens. Won't ever happen, unless one of the teams changes conferences. And with both being smack dab in the middle of the Midwest, highly doubtful.

    Also, with the amount of money these schools take in for home games, any game against Hawaii would probably be early in the season at the Horseshoe.

  127. LETS GO BOWS:

    HAPA haoleboy shut da hell up what's wrong with saying he can go coach kaiser he'll make a hell of a head coach at his alma mater.

  128. DoubleB:

    127 I think it was the lol following your comment... eZ Bu...

  129. Pride.:

    Miano might not want to go too far. First DC says no. Unable to take that much of a cut in pay. Says he will stay where he is now until something more lucrative comes along. Head coach was willing to take a cut in pay. Assistants are thinking of taking care of their famillies first. Can't blame them.

  130. borg:

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  131. Pride.:

    Rude awakening to Hawaii football and local politics for Coach Chow. Back to square one on defense.

  132. Bulla:

    you make a very valid point about scholarship players (85) contributing. recently, we have had to rely on the walk ons, the scrappy, bulldog, fight for my life everyday, kind of players to hold the bulk of the starting positions. that is indicative of a few things, either high injuries to scholarship players, or some ill advised recruiting where those players have not developed, are not capable, or are no on the team anymore.
    coach chow will have his hands full, but change is good, transition is the challenge.....let's go Warriors!!!

  133. madeinhawaii:

    Hard decision... seniors on scholarships that aren't contributing in 1st or 2nd teams ... do you keep them on scholarship?

  134. Free construction contracts:

    This post has been sitting at the bottom of my reader for the longest time. I'm glad I finally decided to give it a read (:

  135. hapahaoleboy:

    #127 LETS GO BOWS

    Nice try. But when you added the "LOL" and three exclamation points, you totally show your hand as trying to put down Miano and high school coaches in general.

  136. mikey:

    LGB - yeah but that's a step down... He wants to move up...

    NFL, CFL or other major NCAA on the Big Rock is the only way to go.
    If he wants to come back as a Warriors head coach.

    Good Luck Coach Miano! Thanks for the memories...

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  139. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Never. Only here.

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  141. (Jesse) James:

    #139...Talking to yourself again???

  142. Kevin:

    Trick question. Turtle is naked for sure as the question doesn't say if the turtle is a pet in someone's home, therefore no guarantee it's homeless.

  143. jeezy33:

    Hawaii finally gets a REAL QB.... Taylor Graham transferring from Ohio St.

    No more of this 5-10 scramblers who are not accurate

  144. mikey:

    I can just see it now...

    Taylor Graham 6-4 230 RS Freshman a transfer from Ohio St lead Hawaii Warriors to final victory vs. Ohio State!

    Go Warriors!

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  146. mikey:

    Big boys will be coming... Oh change that to IS coming...

    NFL Pro Drop back passing attack... here they come...

  147. hapahaoleboy:

    Hawaii QBs not accurate?

    Highest percentage of passes completed, career:
    FBS: 70.4% – Colt Brennan, Hawaiʻi, 2005–07 (minimum 875 attempts)

  148. cheepono:

    i'll take accuracy over running ability from a qb any day of the week.

    auuuuuuryte. welcome to warrior nation taylor!

    is he a 3/3 guy?

  149. jeezy33:

    147... We are in a new decade...

  150. Papolo_Loco:

    This QB looks good on paper but lets wait and see what he can do on the field. Now all we need is a good TE.

  151. mikey:

    Another Chow's QB that might follow:

    Brock Berglund 6-4 205 40 - 4.62 from Highlands Ranch, Co.


    Keep on Transfering out to Hawaii...

  152. mikey:

    What They're Saying About Norm Chow to Hawaii...

    Philip Rivers
    San Diego Chargers Quarterback and former N.C. State Quarterback

    “I had Coach Chow my freshman year at N.C. State and he was a lot of the reason why I got my career going as a true freshman. Without him, I don’t know if I would’ve had the success that I had as a freshman, which then I was able to continue through the rest of my college career. Although I only had him one year, we’ve kept in touch over the past 10 years and I think he’s a great coach. More importantly I think the University of Hawai‘i is getting a great man. As a quarterback, he had a way of really giving you the best chance to be successful. There wasn’t just one cookie-cutter way about it. Depending on the player that you were, the guys you have, the personalities you have, he was able to tailor the system and the plays and the whole deal to give you the best chance to be successful. As at true freshman, that was huge for me.”

    see others here:

  153. hapahaoleboy:

    149...Drew Brees is a generous 6'0. I'd say he's a "this decade" QB. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

  154. kruzen:

    Welcome to the Warriors, Taylor.

    High school highlights:


  155. roberta:

    Kudos for this blog. This is a really fascinating blog. I wish to discover others in the near future.

  156. jeezy33:

    153. What are you talking about? When did Drew Brees play for Hawaii?

    We don't have any high caliber QBs right now and that's the point being made. Colt Brennan used to play for us. He doesn't anymore. David Graves, Caymen Shutter are not the answer if Hawaii plans to competing at a high level once again.

  157. jeezy33:

    We can finish 500 though which some fans would accept.

    Guys like Graham will bring the fans back to the seats I am hoping.

  158. Couch potato:

    let's wait to see what Graham brings to the table, whenever he comes to the table. we've hyped many qb's before and none panned out.

  159. Pride.:

    Kent Graham's son???

  160. jeezy33:

    Which QBs have been hyped that haven't panned out?

    I don't recall ever landing a high caliber QB besides Timmy Chang. But Chang wasn't that highly recruited.

  161. Couch potato:

    Pride, yes he is.

  162. hapahaoleboy:

    The point is simply that height is not a predictor of accuracy or success. I'd rather have a 5-10 guy that's accurate and can scramble, then a 6'4 guy that can't complete 50% of his passes.

  163. madeinhawaii:

    There's the QB!... Chow Strikes!

  164. Couch potato:

    jeezy33, every year whenever a qb was recruited by Hawaii they were hyped, how great they were in high school or jc with all the passing yards. they were hyped as being high caliber because of their ratings at football camps and career stats.

  165. jeezy33:

    Well no one said height makes a QB. Being bigger helps. Bigger guys usually have bigger arms. Can make more difficult throws. Drew Brees is 1 exception. Big deal.

    Find me a 5-10 guy that is accurate and can scramble and I will welcome him with open arms as well...

    But we don't have that here in Hawaii. We have a bunch of spread type QBs who have proven that they aren't very accurate. Kind of why were going in a new direction.

  166. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    There is a Ohio St. QB transferring to hAwaii?

  167. tommui:

    jeezy33 - where did you get the story about Taylor Graham transferring to Hawaii?

  168. Kevin:

    Ok so here comes those transfer rules again.

    If he's a RS freshman, does he sit spring and fall 2012?

  169. kruzen:

    Ohio State released him so is he a 4/4?

  170. Pomai:

    jeezy33 have to disagree with you on this, Graves can fit right in with Chow's playbook, and he has a good arm, go back and look at his highschool film.

  171. al:

    if greg alexander didn't get hurt he'd have a legit shot in the pros.
    if bryant moniz didn't get hurt he'd get a look.

    if both of these guys had an oline coach who could teach proper techniques we'd have qb's who didn't have to run for their lives all game

    if we had a coach who could recognize this these.....

  172. jeezy33:

    167. It's all over Twitter coming from reliable sources like Bruce Feldman, etc.

  173. hapahaoleboy:

    165...Bryant Moniz was 18th in the entire nation in passing accuracy in his full healthy season in 2010 with a solid receiving corps. His 65% completion clip was exactly the same as the starting 6'6" OSU quarterback. You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.

  174. Kevin:

    Oh snap.. Look out…

    A QB from a BIG 10 school transferring to UH..

    IWWTHM is about to set a blog posting record…

    Mwahahahahahaha! :wink:

  175. Couch potato:

    Graham transfer info came from scout.

  176. Kevin:


    I liked Greg Alexander's competitiveness and he got us to the Hawaii Bowl in 2008 off his legs, but that throwing arm of his is Tebow-like in wind-up and unless Alexander was human billboard for the 700 Club and the bible belt like some people….. He would have been BASHED by NFL analysts.

  177. al:

    tommui...go see buckeyeplanet.com re> taylor graham

  178. jeezy33:

    170. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I just don't see it. The only throws I have seen him made so far are 1-2 read throws that were pretty simple. Hit a couple big plays during Fresno due to busted coverage. Other than that, his best asset was making plays with his feet and don't think he is the next great QB at Hawaii.

    I will gladly eat crow though if he is our starter next year and wins 8+ games for us. I choose 8 because Boise is no longer on schedule and Lamar and South Alabama should be locks.

  179. Manoa:

    Taylor Graham is a bonafide top QB recruit who was recruited by Chow in high school for UCLA.

    He and his Dad, a former NFL QB, were looking for a pro set school and knew Chow would be a great fit. There is some other minor connection to Hawaii I heard.

  180. al:

    i believe ga was better than most folks realized. again, had he some decent protection...

    in fact the mack era was beset with poor oline play. i don't believe it to be the fault of the players either.

  181. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Omg omg omg!!!

  182. al:

    again...i give all of the qb's in the past four years the benefit of the doubt because they were running for their life on every snap. the only passes available to them were the ones they were able to get rid of in 2 seconds.

  183. Couch potato:

    if Graves is the starter next season then that alone is an accomplishment. nothing will handed to the current returning qb's. you have to earn it.

  184. FattyMcButterpants:

    R&Shoot QB's should have high completion %'s with all the screen passes uilized. Does anyone really believe that Moniz would do the same playing in a pro style or vertical offense? I sure don't. Look how inaccurate he was throwing deep.

  185. jeezy33:

    173. Thats fine if you want to get overly excited over a QB who throws short passes to to NFL slots that make all the plays with their own feet. Show me what Moniz does on passes over 20 yards. Show me what Moniz did this year. If you wanna define a great QB based on 1 season in his career then thats up to u.

    Last I saw, carving up bottom feeding WAC and FCS schools aren't nothing special to me. It's not like Moniz came to play on national TV against Boise, Tulsa, and any competition we want to associate our football program with. Moniz had 1 good game against Nevada. I give him props for that one.

    Moniz had a good career. I just want to see Hawaii go in a new direction to compete with the upper Mid Majors of college and it looks like we are taking proper steps so far.

  186. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I wonder if Graham is one of the guys the former staff were trying to recruit.

  187. al:

    if he redshirted in 2010 then he was on active roster in 2011.
    therefore, he would have to sit out this coming year.

    but, if he greyshirted in 2010 and redshirted last year then he have 4/4.

    i think its more of the former than the latter. but, i am sure the tsai will get the info.

  188. jeezy33:

    180.. I agree, it is hard to correctly judge a lot of the QBs due to the O line play. Knowing our own personnel, the coaches should have made changes to give our QBs more protection. Whether it was a extra linemen, trying to find someone to play TE, or something. They pretty much knew we had blocking problems but didn't do anything new to fix it.

  189. Go Bows:

    Wishing all the best to coach Miano; it's hard to UH "lifer" go. I guess it seems like coach Chow will probably "clean house." With coach Miano's playing and coaching experience, maybe he will land another college coaching job. Or better...try test the waters in the NFL.

  190. Kevin:

    It's funny because sometimes the message gets hidden depending on the messenger.

    Look, some here don't like the poster known as "Jeezy".

    If ST broke the news on the blog about the transfer, then we'd have the usual round of "Welcome (fill in blank)" messages on this board.

    The kid is a BIG 10 transfer. The kid was spotted by Norm Chow out of HS. People respect Chow's resume and ability to spot and raise talent right? So… why are some so defensive?

    You can shoot the messenger if you want, but at least read the note he brought along with him.

  191. Couch potato:

    jeezy33, i get your point. GO WARRIORS!

    Chow Dynasty!

  192. jeezy33:

    190. EXACTLY. But I understand. I am blunt and speak my mind. Therefore people will not always like my opinion. But I always give credit when it is due. And will have no shame in pointing out negatives when someone messes up....

    No one believed me when I said Mack messed up not recruiting Jamora and Epenesa. But its really up to you if you think I will post something false. Kind of funny when Chow addressed the same mistakes but not naming names when he recruited local recruits and recruits said Hawaii wasn't after them

  193. jeezy33:

    My friend (reliable) ran into Lakalaka, Buckner, and Kamana last week. Asked them straight up if Hawaii was after them. They all said NO! Call me a liar but Hawaii wasn't going after the top locals in our state.

  194. Kevin:

    Blunt objects hurt the most.

    If I had to torture someone, it would be with a spoon and not a knife.

  195. Pomai:

    #185 jeezy33 - If you wanna define a great QB based on 1 season in his career then thats up to u.

    jeezy33 aren't you doing the same thing with Graves basing it on three or four games? But no matter what I think he and every other QB on the roster will have to earn the starting job, and again I think Stump will be in the hunt also.

  196. Kevin:

    Someone go check on IWWTHM.

    I think he swallowed his tongue. :lol:

  197. (Jesse) James:

    #181 Looks like IWWTHM is going to have an accident...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  198. RedZone:

    According to this tweet Taylor Graham coming to play for Chow.


  199. jeezy33:

    195. Like I said, from what I have seen so far, I don't see him being the next great QB. Its just an opinion. And if he proves me wrong over the off season, I will be the first to admit i was wrong.

    To show I have a positive side. I see Trevor Davis and Promise Amadi being very good WRs. I see Blake Muir being a very good OT. I see Justin Vele being the next good MLB..

    If Graves was playing in a true Spread offense, I think he could succeed. If Graves bulks up a little and plays Safety, I can also wee him being good...

  200. Kevin:

    Umm... so he has to sit out 2012 right?

  201. Kevin:

    Pau already. UH football staff never recruited someone.. Pau.

    Onward with Coach Chow and Co.

  202. RedZone:

    He wants a chance to play in a pro offense.

  203. (Jesse) James:

    #192 and 193...While I agree with you that Hawaii should go after, and should have gone after the top recruits in the State. The reality of the situation is that we probably will be lucky to retain 25% of the best the state has to offer....no matter who the coach is.

    We've had the discussion about recruiting local talent on this blog for a number of years already and most times the same conclusion is reached, many of Hawaii's kids, no matter if you are a star athlete or just a plain old student, more often than not want to get out of the state or are pushed by parents/teachers/coaches/counselors to leave the state for a while, go away to school, and experience life "off of the rock".

    When I played, and granted this was in the 80s, but I personally knew many of the all state players at the time. A good number of them were recruited by UH at the time but not one of them chose to go to UH because they had dreams of playing under the big, bright lights of premier college programs. Heck, 90 plus percent of my graduating class went to mainland colleges because from our freshman year it was drilled into us not to go to UH.

    I agree with you (and Coach Chow), though, that Hawaii should push hard with the local boys and whatever happens happens. If nothing else, at least we made the effort.

  204. PIAA DS:

    #168 Kevin...I didnt see anyone address it but I apologize if I am repeating it. Yes, he would have to sit out one year. Going lateral - D1 to D1 he must sit out/do 'a year in residence'. Only when you go from FBS to FCS/D2 you do not have to sit out. Can practice, can't play

  205. jeezy33:

    203. Agree....

  206. (Jesse) James:

    Kevin...So, what are you going to do this New Years Eve since no more fireworks any more???? LOL

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  212. Kevin:


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  213. Helen Trenh:

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  214. madeinhawaii:


    Aren't there exceptions to the rule of having to sit out if sanctions are placed against a program?

  215. Kevin:


    Since they are KILLING tradition in Hawaii for New Years' Eve it won't be long before we are reduced to stuffy indoor parties with tiny plates of crackers and cheese wearing stupid childish party hats and noise makers and excessive amounts of confetti.

  216. Old School Dave:

    Saw this message link about Taylor Graham.


    To Coach Miano, thanks for your years of service to the UH Football program (walk-on coordinator, speed and quickness clinics, etc). Perhaps, this is a blessing in disguise career wise. Take this opportunity to explore other coaching options - other Div-I schools, CFL, the NFL. All roads can eventually lead back to home in the long run. Look at Norm Chow, he learned his lesson spending 20 some years at one school with an eye to being named the HC. Things didn't pan out though. Kept on doing what he does best and thing eventually came full circle.

  217. madeinhawaii:


    There's another way? :O

  218. Iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Haven't been this excited about UH football in a long time.

    But even i must remember that it must be "Tempered" with the hard work ahead.

    Can someone make sure Graham gets his transcripts in. No need Forcier Part II drama.

  219. (Jesse) James:


  220. PIAA DS:

    #214 - actually yest there are but not in all instances. I honestly dont know about this case. As an example, if I remember correctly, when USC got slammed only the upcoming seniors were allowed the one time transfer exception, and high schoolers who signed their NLI were allowed to get out of it. Others would be given a release but would have had to sit out a year if they moved laterally. Usually thats the rule, having a freshman be given an exception would be unlikely, but hey, the NCAA stands for Never Can Assume Anything, right?!?!?!?!

  221. puhi:

    To Football Boots:

    This is not a food site nor a shopping site.

    Beat it.

    Go Bows!!!

  222. tommui:

    Thank you Jeezy33, AL et al


  223. kapakahi:

    192 & 193.

    Heard the same about UH's recruiting efforts with local kids under Coach Mack....from local HS coaches & parents.

    Also heard that none of it was Rich Miano's fault....that there were major arguments between Miano & Mack on local recruiting. Also part of the reason for Ron Lee resigning....since he was vested with 10 years in UH system since starting with JJ....but something that Cal Lee couldn't do since he started later.

  224. Wendie Swietoniowski:

    Breathtaking article. Many thanks for sharing.{

  225. al:

    jeezy33...i beliece we brought up the jamora and espenesa scenario around the same time and they could have been in the mix this year. too bad. we had a legit shot at lagafuaina as well. but, they stopped calling.

  226. al:

    its been really bad. no make that pathetic in recent years. meatoga was the last kid that we made on campus visits with at the school on kapalama heights. since, then no one has set a foot there.

    the staffer whose school it was to recruit at was none other than the guy we put in charge to be our recruiting coordinator.

    go figure?

  227. jeezy33:

    We need to get on BEnny Fonua ASAP when dead period ends.

  228. al:

    ...and yet we were led to believe that we visited with all schools, coaches, and prospects all year round. eventually the shibai caught up with the sham.

    notice how the only local blue chippers we "signed" were known non-qualifiers.

    it was right to pull the plug. in fact we were a bit too late i thought. no matter, i do believe that its chow time and this may take a few years to right, but, i honestly believe it will happen.

    ...these are exciting times.

  229. al:

    227...we have a more than 50-50 chance now.

  230. Lavonna Medious:

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  231. jeezy33:

    I would even go after Kawena Johnson..

    Overall, down year in local recruiting..

  232. al:

    isn't kawena a junior?

  233. al:

    aofaga wily looks good inspite of the multitude of injuries.

  234. al:

    i'd be talking to psalm wooching. looks he could be a good fb for us.

  235. da keed:

    A few witnessed this exchange at a UH practice toward the latter part of the 2011 season.

    Mack to Miano: Who's that idiot on my field?
    Miano to Mack: Hahaha.(Chuckle and smile)
    Mack to Miano: No, who is that? I don't like him? He acts like he belongs on this field. Tell him to get off my field?
    Miano to Mack: You're joking right?
    Mack to Miano: No I'm not, tell him to get off of my field. Now!
    Miano to Mack: That's Darnell Arceneaux, the St. Loius head coach.
    Mack to Miano: Oh, is that who it is? Well I don't care, whoever it is, get him off of my field.

  236. al:

    buckner could be converted to a tight end?
    has the hands.

  237. Manoa Mist:

    Re: #190
    I like Jeezy. Please continue to post brother. I like to read everyone's opinion, insight and inside scoop.
    Of course, tho, I am a Simpleton.

  238. da keed:

    #235 - Is that you? DPK? Da Punchbowl Kid?

  239. al:

    da keed...you joking right?
    after all mack knows all of the hs head coaches in hawaii.
    he said so millions of times.

  240. da keed:

    #239 - No joke Al. Very sad.

  241. jeezy33:

    Oh wow Johnson only a junior? That guy can play. He is a must recruit next year then.

  242. kapakahi:


    Last year was definitely a down year for local Class of 2011 prospects, but JMHO that local Class of 2012 prospects (Auelua, Brostek, Buckner, Bush-Loo, Fonua, Kaumatule, Lakalaka, Rasmussen, Sparks, Tasini, Togafau, etc.) are significantly better....and the following local Class of 2013 prospects (Correa, Failauga, Goeas, Koehler, Sale, Savaiinaea, Tulimaseali'i, Wa'a, Wily, etc.) could be just as promising....or even more.

    While might be too late for UH to make improvements with local recruits for Class of 2012, it'll be interesting to see if they'll be significant improvements with local recruiting for Class of 2013 prospects. Not sure what the future holds for TT, but I know that he had developed significant bond with Failauga family.

  243. cheepono:

    titus failauga is beast.

  244. kapakahi:

    Forgot to include Moanalua's DT Scott Pagano among local Class of 2013 prospects.

  245. Car:

    Everyone is assuming Rich Miano was not wanted by Norm Chow. Maybe he was advised (by Chow, or others) to gain experience elsewere to build his resume: to gain valuable knowledge of various defensive schemes. If Norm Chow says Miano will not be included in his staff, I have to think it was Miano's decision, otherwise Chow would not have reveal Miano's place with the program until after all applications were reviewed. I have to think of Bob Nash's foray into "head coaching", obviously it did not pan out. After decades at one school, and with one coach (Reily Wallace)... he did not develope his own identity. Miano would well serve himself to go off and gain valuable experience and in the end if "head coach" is his path...would then be successful!

  246. kapakahi:

    The odd thing is.....that the UH assistant coaches under Mack that I talked with were definitely aware of who the top local prospects were.....so the poor local recruiting definitely wasn't because of poor evaluations and knowledge.

    While none of the fellas would tell me directly, it was clearly implied that Mack made all decisions with regard to recruiting....locally and otherwise.

  247. al:

    jeremy tabuyo?

  248. al:

    ryan tuiasoa?

  249. al:

    245...i have no other reason not to believe such.

  250. Curt:

    Best wishes to Rich Miano. That's a big loss. Looks like NC just wants to clean house. Hard to believe that brand new grad assistants will contribute more than what Miano could.

  251. Old School Dave:

    Sports Talk Radio in Salt Lake City were going on about how no Utah assistant would be in their right mind to go to UH, given their poor facilities.

    Despite the fact that Norm Chow and his staff will need a full recruiting year to really show their skills, I have no doubt that even at this late date, UH will surprise some people and land some quality recruits for the 2012 season.

    A very important hire will be the strength and conditioning coach, that is, if Tom Heffernan is not chosen to continue training the football team (I know that he is a UH AD employee).

  252. Curt:

    I'm surprised to hear how bad we were in pursuing local talent. I thought Mack had that high on his priorities.

  253. al:

    2009 graham graduated high school
    2010 redshirted
    2011 on active roster

    has 3 for 3 with a mandatory year on the bench.

  254. 808Bowler:

    Surprised that miano wont be kept on. He did alot for the university. But with news head coaches come new asst. Best wishes to the miano family and thank u for all u done. Heard the animals say a qb from ohio state transfering to hawaii cuz he like play for chow. He not even here and his name alone is paying off!!!!

  255. Curt:

    I wonder if any of our current roster of QBs see the writing on the wall and decide to transfer out? If any do decide to transfer, you would think that they would want to do it now and enroll in their new school for the spring.

  256. Lacy Okuhara:

    This can be a subject close to my heart cheers, where are your get in touch with particulars although?

  257. RedZone:

    Robert Kekaula said Shaw and Aranda will be let go by Chow.

  258. jeezy33:

    Next year's class might be the deepest in last 15 years that I could remember.

    The guys you named for this year are solid. Numbers wise it's weak though.

    In prior years, more kids go away then the amount you named with a few left overs for Hawaii. After the guys you just mentioned, the numbers are weak. If all those players went away, it would leave Hawaii with some slim pickings....

  259. kapakahi:

    #247 & #248,
    JMHO that while Tabuyo has good speed, hands not always reliable.

    Also JMHO while Tuiasoa has good LB instincts, not as physically gifted as Goeas or Savaiinaea.

    While both clearly should be FBS prospects for local Class of 2013, JMHO that the others that I listed will be more highly sought after.

  260. kapakahi:


    Gotta agree with you....that depth of quality local prospects for Class of 2012 drops off significantly after the top 10 or so prospects.

    However JMHO that same probably will also apply to the local Class of 2013 prospects too.

  261. kakaako kid:

    Best thing for Miano. If he really wants to be a D1 head coach someday, this is the best thing for his future. Crystal ball says many most of the others will be gone, Cal Lee stays.

  262. Lillie Bresette:

    He's just expanding on what we already have known. There is a real problem here, however. Personal bankruptcy laws are quite stringent, but these banks and institutio-ns, upon whom the SCOTUS bestowed "personhoo-d" have completely and totally different rules for situations-.wow gold

  263. MattyBoy:


    So that means he'll sit out 1 year and only have 2 years left to play?

  264. palolo:

    Coach Chow could bring back Cal and Ron Lee as advisors and recruiters, not on the field coaches. They may be the ones that can help mend the bridges that may have been broken.

  265. RedZone:

    Chow said all coaches will recruit and I think you have to be a coach to recruit.

  266. al:

    kapakahi...tabuyo should consider playing defense. don't you think. the word on this kid is that he doesn't have the hands, its true, but, you can't teach him speed which he definitely possesses.

    tuiasoa is probably the third, fourth lb prospect, i agree for now. he could blow up this coming summer and be a big time guy. he has the size, smarts, and athleticism.

    i still see savaiignaea as de in the next level.

  267. al:

    mattyboy...this is true. if he did enroll fulltime in 2010. however, if he greyshirted then he'd have 4/3.

  268. al:

    isn't duke bukowski coming home, too.

  269. al:

    he could be a good slot receiver in this offense.

  270. PIAA DS:

    #265 NCAA rules - the recruiting coordinator must be a coach. When people referred to TT or GL as the recruiting coordinator (Dir of Player Personnel) its more of an organizational thing, contacting coaches, organizing video, watching video, organizing visits etc. They cant actually call or visit players.

  271. Buffoman:

    I would think that some of the QBs who thought that it would be a R&S system and came because of that would consider transferring out. With news that the HC wants a pro style west coast offense and a 6'4" prototypical drop back passer transferring in, I'd say, look ahead and find a better fit elsewhere.

    It will be a very different world when the new man takes over. Everyone, players, fans, bandwagoneers all have to see it from adifferent mindset. The "good old days" are a thing of the past. The faster we all get used to it, the better. Don't expect folks like Stutzman, Bright, etc., to just hold on to their positions because they did well this year. Talk about all positions being up for grabs.

    Young men, I'd be hitting the weight room, getting my academics way, way in shape now because the new playbooks will take on a different life and you'd better be ready or the bus will leave without you, even if you had a seat with the last bus driver.

  272. jkjones:

    26 FBS programs had coaches leave or fired in 2012. Including, Ohio State, Penn State, UCLA, Pitts, Ill, Kansas, WSU, Houston, ASU, Miss, etc. Huge stockpile of athletes and coaches. Yes, the one year NCAA residency rule applies. The football athlete is still required to secure a release. Hawaii never had an all-out recruiting staff, despite yeoman efforts from a few. Many were moonlighting on other jobs and couldnt give it total effort. I do not believe Coach Chow will be building a part-time staff. Not this coach. He has waited too long for this opportunity and his sundial is in its twilight. Coaching matters only if you have potential to coach. Go get'em Norm! Cut, slash and burn the used playbooks.

  273. Alita Weatherford:

    I ain't paying 29 dollars to view how this trick is done. How in the H3LL do you do this card magic trick in this video? http://bit.ly/holely_card_magic_trick_video - If U know please let me know. Thanks! :)

  274. 1sportsfan:

    Sorry to see Miano go but in the long run, it probably will be to his benefit if he can broaden his experience with other programs on the mainland.

    Western Michigan's two trick plays in todays' bowl game were outstanding and indicative of what has been lacking in the UH playbook. The two point conversion was especially enjoyable. Boise State is another team that uses trickery that only adds their great record and prowess. Fans also enjoy these plays if they are on the opposing team.

  275. Old School Dave:

    Given the nature of College Football where coaches jobs are on the line, I would like to also think that Coach Chow will demand 110% from all of his assistants with no moonlighting or other business interests to distract from the task at hand. In the office by 4:30 am, to breaking down film at midnight, and all that's in between. It's not a glamorous job, by any means.

  276. Buffoman:

    Somehow I get the feeling that being "65" is working for our coach. He's not going to waste time, waste words, waste effort...time's just not on his side (as it would be if he were 37). That being said, people signing on to work the "Chow line" will know in no uncertain terms what is expected. Plain english could not be made plainer by this Dr.

    I'm really liking what I believe is about to happen with Warrior football.

  277. Al Kerger:

    Instead, our so-called representa-tive government chose to cripple the average citizen and stuff the coffers of the elite class.diablo 3 gold

  278. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    3 down, per Kekaula. Wonderin' bout the others...

  279. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #235 and #238 -

    Das all you "keed". Leave me outta that. ;)

  280. PolyMom:

    When you hire a BIG time guy...expect to get big time players. Heck today I just told our boy on the phone he will be coming to Cali this summer after summer school to train at Athletes Performance. He needs to pull it together or let me be clear...I expect 20 percent of the boys to be released from the team due to grades and other issues. When Norm Chow says they work 24 hours he means it. When he was at USC no one sleeps. The Hawaii players have run amok for years. Guess what...they are going to learn discipline, self control, and how to take care of their bodies and how to be champions. No more video games. Lights out at a decent hour. Heck these kids have NO idea what is coming their way.

    Get ready Hawaii fans, this is going to be a journey where the men will be weeded out from the boys.

    And I would like to know if it was a personal thing for Coach Mack to not recruit kids from Punahou? So he would not recruit them? Hmmm...wonder why? Well I got an idea.

  281. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Would love to see your blog that you talked about a while back. Can you send us the link?

  282. PolyMom:

    PS-- Also informed the boy today if I see him in slippers...since slippers are banned by most BIG teams due to breaking toes...I would kick his okole. He better get pounding the pavement in some stylish Under Armour shoes. Yah BIG teams like USC, Florida and other schools do not allow players to wear rubber slippers or even sandals. They have to protect their toes.

  283. PolyMom:

    My blog is about love. Not sports. You guys want to read about love ect?

  284. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #226 -

    I've seen the KS Coach at Ching Field during practices.

  285. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I'm all for love. Wouldn't mind reading it.

  286. Wassup:

    #276 Well said. I feel the same. It's about "time" for Hawaii and Norm Chow.

  287. al:

    dpk...so you are saying that david stant has on occasion visited the uh practices?

    but, i am saying that none of the uh staffers have visited the ks school campus/practices at all since vaughn meatoga was recruited in the june jones era.

  288. gmahoney:

    Yes, PolyMom, we all could use more love in our lives. Please share.

  289. whitey:

    al, don't know the ncaa rules about coaches visiting hs, but i think there are some restrictions on what is considered "visits".

  290. whitey:

    but don't think there is any restrictions on the coaches calling the hs head coach and talking story.

  291. whitey:

    but past recruiting is water under the bridge and now we will see what directions uh will go with coach chow.

  292. al:

    since the graduating class of 2006 the only other ks school graduate on scholarship till now aside from meatoga has been beau yap.

    who in fact fell into their laps when he decided to nix the baylor bears in the last minute. i believe it was yap who initiated contact from hawaii.

    and the warrrior braintrust gave a laie native an ultimatum to sign now or they would take yap because they only wanted one de. (what?!!!!)

  293. al:

    so let's not get ahead of ourselves because that qb may not have enrolled nor do we know if we have a scholie left.

    in any case he'd have to sit out next year and have only two years to compete.

  294. al:

    howzit whitey.
    been behaving lately?

  295. spamworld:

    Now we have our "big time coach"
    Now we can recruit "big time players"
    We will now play "big time football"

    Its time for us to learn how to be "big time fans"

  296. PolyMom:

    @I wonder why they hate me..email me ay polymom50@gmail.com. It is considered rude in the cyber world to promote your site on another bloggers site. It is a cyber ethic thing.

  297. jeezImanidiot:


  298. PolyMom:

    Spam world you are so right. It is time to learn how to be BIG time fans. Like USC and other schools since they are the only game in town!

  299. whitey:

    al, everything ok and resting this week to get ready for another round of fuud starting sat night. did sum damage to the waistline last sunday.

  300. jeezImanidiot:

    As long as big time does not mean UH will go on NCAA probation .....

  301. jm2375:

    ok, people, 1 blog name per real person, please.

  302. kapakahi:



    Despite not having the most reliable hands, I'm still not sure that I see Tabuyo on the defensive side of the ball. While solidly built, Tabuyo has never shown himself to be a physical player. Also Tabuyo has more straight-line speed than side-to-side quickness.

    I would rank Tuiasoa as the 3rd best local Class of 2013 LB prospect...behind Savaiinaea and Goeas...assuming that KuJ Tapusoa projects as SS prospect.

    While I would have agreed with you from watching Savaiinaea play as a sophomore, I'm not so sure any more. He was comfortable playing in space alot better this past season lining up way off the line of scrimmage. Not sure if he would comfortable lining up at DE since struggled getting off blocks at the line of scrimmage against Kahuku.

  303. AlaWai:

    In looking at Big Time football schools I notice that except for a few exceptions these schools are isolated from big cities. Places like NYC, CHI, SFO, DEN, ATL by and large don't have college football powers. Metro schools have a harder time garnering support for college teams as their are manyother distractions. Campuses away from big cities appear to build a college town culture. Sports activities are easy to get to and are affordable. UH is a metro school with commuting students. Aloha Stadium is too far away from Manoa to be an easy access gathering place. Its easier to support campus based sports e.g. basketball, volleyball and baseball when the teams are competitive. 2000 students out of a campus of 20,000 is a poor show of support. UH football relies on alumni and local residents for its fan base. UH needs to do a better job of marketing and attracting the walk up residents and businesses within a 2 mile radius of the stadium. The stadium should also make the football game experience more affordable. I suggest lowering food and soft drink prices while keeping the current price of alcohol and maybe even raising it. Yellow zone tickets should also be lowered to a $10 to $15 price level. Our baby boomer fan base is aging and will soon be unable to attend games. UH needs to make it more affordable to younger working fans who can't pay $40-$50 a game. Even with a winning team and big time football I do not foresee too many sellouts in years ahead.

  304. tommui:

    Coach Chow, I assume must know of Taylor's transferring from OSU to UH.

  305. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Who exactly recruited Taylor? lol.

  306. gmahoney:

    PolyMom, I sent you an email. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing your blog. Mahalo!

  307. jm2375:

    For those of you whining about prices, check out USC's prices. My nephew has season tickets on the goal line about 5 rows from the top. He pays about $750 for 2 tickets for 6 games. Parking is $20. Remember, the capacity of the Coliseum is 100K.

  308. Slugger:

    Caught the last two comments on ESPN before the Belk Bowl started. They were giving a "shoutout to the 808" after a comment about Bob Wagner's team beating Illinois. What remarks did that comment follow? Making me curious...

    Hiyah, gang!

  309. Bryson:


    Didn't Taylor Graham RS this year? Which would actually leave him 3/3 if he does show up on campus?

  310. Slugger:

    Don Weir,

    I don't need anymore crew neck t-shirts. Any chance at printing up a tank top? or a women's scoop-neck style? Probably not, huh. I had to deal with getting t-shirts printed for the Hawaiian club at NAU. Dealing with bulk orders makes it hard to put a wrinkle in the process. I can just donate kala...

  311. al:

    tommui...ref: #293.

    subliminal message: the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    or don't count your chickens before they hatch.

    until he is enrolled whether he is on scholie or not, this is still in the talk stage. other schools are also in the hunt at this time inspite of what is seen on other message boards, blogs, and forums.

  312. al:

    bryson...mo ichido.


    December 27th, 2011 at 5:48 pm
    2009 graham graduated high school
    2010 redshirted
    2011 on active roster (as a rs fr)

    has 3 for 3 with a mandatory year on the bench

    literally speaking should he decide to come to hawaii or any other school for that matter in d1 football, he would have to sit out the 2012 season, mandatory transfer rule, and then have only two years of eligibility left.

  313. Bryson:

    I have a strong feeling Chow will be keeping TT and NR around on staff

  314. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #287 -


    If that's true, we both know that aint good. The bottom line, like the new HC says, we need to recruit "inside out". Look for the home growns first. Besides KS-Kapalma, there are many schools in our back yard which need strong ties, year in and year out, with UH recruiters.

  315. al:

    313..me too.

  316. al:

    314...if there were a description to how we've recruited, it would be upside down.

  317. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    didn't realize the sit out year counts as an eligibility year. kinda sucks. =(

  318. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Make that 3 of us.

  319. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    HNN confirms the OS QB transfer. 4 Stars. Nice.

  320. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Interesting/exciting times...

  321. Curt:

    I wonder how NC will use our existing stable of QBs. Will he adapt his pro system to take advantage of Graves and Godfrey's running ability? And, will some of these QBs take off/transfer before he talks to them? Hmmm.

  322. postmanke:

    Good move by UH. Good move by Miano.

  323. Bryson:

    I think Mack did make an honest effort in his second year...he did get some big time local recruits that season...but after that I think he didn't feel that alot of local kids wanted to stay home...

  324. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I am sure Chow could utilize a mobile QB in his pro-style offense. Vick did it.

  325. Old School Dave:

    Nick Rolovich is exactly the type of young coach that can learn a lot from Norm Chow, along the lines of Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin. Expand his knowledge and coaching experience with a more balanced attack. Rolovich did and was trying to do the best he could with the limited talent this past season.

  326. easybruddah:



    They were promoting the Holiday Bowl for tomorrow night and were saying that 23 out of the last 30 games were decided by a touchdown or less. Then they started discussing specific games that they could remember and Neil Everett snuck in the fact that he just remembers UH beating Illinois under Bob Wagner... and he closed with "just a shout-out to the 808".

  327. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    #303 Ala Wai - see my #76 above.

    Change will not take place unless there is an organized effort to initiate change. Although I have talked to people who have the power and the authority to do something when there has been a need for change, virtually every single time it was made abundantly clear that one person is not going to make a difference UNLESS there is a significant increase in the number of people expressing similar concerns within a reasonable amount of time.

    Folks have to step up and make an effort to make change.

    SLUGGER: I would also like to see collared polo shirts as well as traditional tees. I'd also like to have long-sleeved shirts.

  328. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    i'd also like to see shirts for dogs.

  329. al:

    bryson...of the eleven that he "signed" only six are still with the team.

    one opted for baseball
    two never qualified
    another quit the team

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