The Warrior Beat

Passing interest

December 28th, 2011

If you hire him, they will come.

Norm Chow's reputation as an elite quarterback coach is proving to be attractive.

Ohio State quarterback Taylor Graham told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he is set to transfer to UH.

Of course, it is not yet a done deal. For one thing, this is a dead period, and UH must wait until next week to approach Graham. There's also the matter of the school being closed this week.

But signs are favorable. As a high school senior, Graham, whose father Kent Graham played in the NFL, was recruited by Chow, who was UCLA's offensive coordinator at the time. In deciding to transfer, Graham requested — and received — a scholarship release. He had listed UH among the destination schools on his request list.

If Graham transfers to UH, he must sit out the 2012 season. After that, he will have two years to play two seasons.

UH also has drawn interest from two other quarterbacks. But the Warriors are in a holding pattern until after the dead period.

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