Pacific meets East-West

December 31st, 2011

According to UH assistant coach Tony Tuioti, former Warrior defensive tackles Vaughn Meatoga and Kaniela Tuipulotu have been invited to play in the Jan. 21 East-West Shrine Game in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Meatoga also has been invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis in February.

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  1. Bugaz:

    Good morning all!!!

  2. mo808:

    Good morning! Happy New Year!

  3. Bugaz:

    Good luck to Meatoga and Tuipulotu and thanks for reppin the 808

  4. Bugaz:

    Would be nice if Tuioti were retained by NC

  5. Bugaz:

    Good luck Coach Chow in your bowl game today. Hurry up come home already!!! Oh and no forget a couple blue chippers

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    It's about time some people woke up.

  7. Bugaz:

    Some great assistant coaches too! No forget, send um to Laie right after the plane lands. Heard that RB still has interest in UH. Then go get some linemen from them private schools

  8. Bugaz:

    Yeah I'm some body!!! Thanks ST

  9. Bugaz:

    Just kidding! How's it up there? Must be cold youre in Utah still?

  10. Bugaz:

    Everyone must be resting up for a long day. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe NewYears!

  11. Kekoa:

    Happy Trails ST...

    "Scoops" is the name, Travel is your game!"

  12. krump1_AKA_protector:

    Congrats and best wishes to Vaughn Meatoga and Kaniela Tuipulotu in their endeavors !

  13. WarriorNY:

    Morning all,
    ST, nice article on Powell & Rauscher...Chow must have really seen something special in these guys to bring them on board right away.

    In Chow, we trust...

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    Chow said he likes the 20-20 approach: Earn $20,000 a year, work 20 hours a day.
    Of course, assistant's pay is considerably higher, but he wants a mix of young coaches with no social lives and experienced guys.

  15. azwarrior22:

    Top 25...woo hoo. The anticipation is exciting...bring em on and let's get to work on those high-profile recruits and keep the best home. Go Warriors !!

  16. d1shima:

    Great (Last of 2011) Morning All!

    Nice read on the two newest staff members. Who will be around the FB offices to show them around next week?

    Stay tuned!

  17. d1shima:

    BTW, it's Game Day! (for some :-( )

    Enjoy the game Stephen. We'll be watching.

  18. BigHiloFan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Thanks for the updates ST.

    Kekoa, D1 good morning good morning. Off to take my bro around the island.

    happy trails. happy trails. laterz gangeez!

    and Happy New Year to y'all.

  19. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs:

    As we turn the corner for an upcoming year, wish all a peaceful and prosperous New Year. May the World become a better place and all its troubles be few. Happy New Year...
    Go Warriors!

  20. Pomai:

    So I guess if we watch Utah play Tech then we will see what the future Warriors offense will be like??

  21. 99club:

    Congratulations to our two Warriors on their invites.

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year's eve. When I think back to all the crazy stuff we used to do with fireworks...good fun. :)

  22. d1shima:


    Partially correct from what I heard. Ute offense is "bubble gum and bailin' wire" this year so Coach Chow is getting kudos for his "innovations" in working with what he's got.

    That may be the case next season here unless tremendous JC recruiting takes place in the upcoming weeks.

  23. ai-eee-soos:


    Hope the Sun Bowl turns out to be a good game for both teams.

  24. Pomai:

    d1 you may be right all I know is the new season can't come soon enough. "IS IT SATURDAY YET"

  25. chiefgator:

    Norm Chow can choose his staff as he sees fit but not retaining Cal Lee? Gosh he's making a clean sweep of the present UH coaching staff. I doubt he will keep Nick Rolovich since Rolo knows only the R&S. And Tony Tuiotti has absolutely no ties with Norm. Norm Chow was highly succesful at BYU and USC. But mediocre at Tennessee Titans, UCLA and Utah. I hope we're not looking at the "present" Norm versus the past Norm? I hope it's not another Fred Von Appen? I think Dick Tomey is gone too. Well whatever. The UH brain trust made their decision and we'll have to live with it. Hana Hou. Hope for the positive and go on from there.

  26. chiefgator:

    But again,I may be wrong. Norm was Offen coordi for BYU when Rolo threw TD against them and Norm won't forget that. None of his 7-8 super QB's he coached could that. So maybe Rolo will have a place in the new UH regime

  27. ai-eee-soos:

    Hope that Kaniela Tuipulotu will get invited to the NFL combine. also.

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Great news for Kaniela and my favorite Warrior this year, Vaughn. Best of luck to both of them! We know they have the skills, size and work ethic to play at the next level.


  29. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    #27 - Ditto! ;)

  30. whitey:

    on the last day of the year, good morning and tomorrow, Happy New Year Tsaikos!!!!!!

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Saw my good friend and former Warrior DB, Sam Moku with his sons at the courts outside my hale yesterday.

    Howzeet Sammy! Great to see you brother!

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning whitey-san!

  33. djmitcho:

    Good Morning TsaikoLand! Hope everyone has a fun-filled and SAFE NYE! What a year it has been. Many highs and lows. Made some new friends and we lost a few good ones. Looking forward to what the New Year will bring for the Warriors and for the Tsaiko family.

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    So who gets married on New Years Eve on the beach at Ko Olina? My best friend does, that's who! Will have to DVR the Ute-Ga Tech game and watch it latter. :(

    Hope you folks enjoy the game, and I look forward to reading all the brilliant technicicacal analysiseses of Coach's every move as posted here later. :)

  35. Maleko808:

    Lots of symbolic story lines and hawaii ties in today's game. One of the beautiful things in the game of football how paths always seem to cross with history. A good look at past and future warrior offenses.

  36. LizKauai (iPad):

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    Congrats to our Warriors getting a chance to shine again...
    Hope we hear some good news for others - like Royce and Shane and Aaron...
    Have a safe and happy New Year weekend!

  37. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Belated Happy Birthday to the irrepressible Kevin! One of the funniest guys anywhere!

    Morning Ms. Liz!

  38. NYUH:

    Wow, everyone is up early.

    I think Rolo's future is on the mainland, OC or maybe even a HC for a program that wants to do the R and S.

    But I think Chow and Rolo could learn a lot from each other and create a new synergy. Both seem to need to a new set of tricks in their playbook.

  39. 808Fringe:

    Good Morning Hawaii! It's almost time to say Aloha Oe to 2011 and ... Aloha again to 2012!

    So with Powell coaching the DL, does that kinda mean Tony is not coming back? If that's the case, it's too bad.

  40. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "Hope we hear some good news for others - like Royce and Shane and Aaron..."

    Same here.

  41. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy New Year everybody! Aloha 4 now.

  42. NYUH:

    The CFL future for Moniz

  43. tommui:


    Best wishes to one and all in the coming New Year. God bless us all

  44. koakane:

    aloha and morning 808. looking to be a fine day and evening so far

    wishing everyone a safe safe, safe, read carefully now and pay attention, safe eve. if at a friends having some spirits ask some one to give you a ride or sleep it off before making the move. so be CAREFUL out there

    welcome to HNL bhf2 should be nice day for your friends wedding. when you see Ballard and Dutchie give them my hello.

    special howzit to bj and betty on their anny. also shout out to whitey, mistah mui, dpk, kekoa (if can will try), dj

    can you smell da kope mmmmmmmmmmmm almost Utah/GT game

  45. kev-1:

    Congrats the Meatoga and Tuipulotu on the EW invites. Are none of our LB's getting any love/hype from NFLers? I thought for sure they would get some game/combine invites. Did I miss it?

  46. kev-1:

    Excited about watching UTAH play today from the perspective of watching our new HC.

    SUPER excited about the bball bows game today against UNLV.

    Great way to end the year.

  47. DownSpout:

    #27. Dumping Cal Lee is the only good decision Chow has made. Whatever Cal could bring to the table went stale years ago.

  48. Bulla:

    congrats to the Vaughn and Kaniela for the invites, show them what you got, and live your dream.


  49. Will-I-Am:

    chiefgator: #25,

    I think Rolo knows other offensive styles from when he played pro ball. He has more experience than just UH. I think Rolo and Tuioti are the only guys that had a chance of being retained. I won't be surprised if he lets them go also. I mean 400 applicants is tough competition.

  50. papajoe2:


  51. koakane:

    ppj2 man already downing some cold one's you da man whooootahhhhhh

  52. Vitz:

    Anyone know's what time is Utah is playing?
    T.V. Or Radio thx. Happy New Year!

  53. koakane:

    kden lattas

  54. 99club:

    Waiting for the Kentucky - Louisville game to wrap up before they show the Sun Bowl. Rick "have you driven a Ford lately" Pitino is coming up short in Kentucky.

  55. madeinhawaii:

    Congrats to Meatoga and Tuipulotu, the best of luck to them both as they move on! Go WARRIORS!

  56. Stretch:

    Utah game will be on CBS... NOW

  57. whitey:

    i guess coach chow is not the only one born in hawaii. coach lewis powell was also born here and look like he has direct connections to the north end.

  58. jkjones:

    I believe it is becoming obvious that Norm Chow wants coaches that are willing to work their butts off. Read betw the lines. This is reflected in the ST interview with Lewis Powell. He said he is single and doesnt need much. Both these new hires are young, motivated and willing to spend long hours on the job. A drastic change from the JJ and MAC entitlement era (to be fair, their were exceptions like sungod and duff on JJs staff). Im not saying they are going to be the magic wand, but at least we know they are working like elves.
    This is no different than the private sector, where young, incoming professionals are expected to be the "horses pulling the cart" as far as office work load and billing). Anyone familiar with Boise State and their program knows Chris Peterson's staff work their butts off.
    So, for those that believe Chow's 20-20 philosophy is an exception and not the rule, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. All the years of fan sugar-coating has created blurred optics of what is needed in our football program....old fashioned work ethics. That should help to define a growing image of Chow-Time.

  59. oneseason:

    Hmmm ... disable Javascript and the Lingle 2012 add disappears ... I'll have to fix that sometime

  60. madeinhawaii:

    Utah scores first...

  61. Chee!:

    Ute's first drive for a TD impressive!

  62. madeinhawaii:

    Utah has a kicker!... two touchbacks on kickoffs in a row....

  63. dennis halloran:

    Helps that Sun Bowl is at 4000 ft above sea level

  64. 808Bowler:

    Wow that 1st drive from utah was awesome!!!!! If thats what we going look like I'm super excited.

  65. Slugger:

    Good morning, gang!

    Gotta find a place to watch the East-West Shrine game... Good luck to Vaughn & Kani!

  66. tommui:

    Well, the first drive by Utah did surprise me - 5 pass plays and 2 running plays.

    Probably surprised Georgia Tech as well.

  67. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy New Years Eve! Say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012.

    Congrats and best wishes to Vaughn and Kaniela.


  68. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    ST and all the bloggers,

    Big Mahalo for all the fun in 2011. This is the first site and last site I visit during my day. =)

    To the new faces and friends we have made and to the familiar ones we have lost, I raise my glass.

    Be safe, Enjoy!

  69. djmitcho:

    UW just fired Nick Holt and 2 other D coaches....Norm Chow please do not hire these men, they showed they couldn't stop a pop warner offense in their bowl game.

  70. ai-eee-soos:

    # 69. Agreed.

    Holt is supposed to be some kind of def. guru, but it sure didn't show.

    If I remember correctly, Holt was hired by Idaho, but he jumped ship when

    USC or some other power offered.

  71. ai-eee-soos:

    Tony Tuioti - I think he's still in the mix.

    Lewis Powell is coaching the D-line, but there usually are 2 position coaches -

    one for the DT's, and one for the DE's.

    Yah, still get chance for Tony - hope things work out.

  72. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Re: #368
    We had 300+ new bloggers in 2011. Welcome!
    At least 4,000 since the blog start... Hang in there, old friends!
    See you all on the other side of the calendar. :)
    Happy New Year everyone!

  73. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hard to watch the Fight Hunger Bowl...2 really sad looking teams.

  74. madeinhawaii:

    A couple of interesting trick plays in that last drive by Utah... Norm Chow isn't afraid to mix it up and play what he has to to get points on the board. Fans will have a great time at the games...

  75. Manoa2:

    Norm is going to like our receivers-- they catch a better than what we have seen from Utah so far.

    Since his first drive of almost all pass, he has been sticking to the run (and unfortunately, the dropped pass).

  76. papajoe2:

    I always liked miss direction or trick plays. Except for the pass by Joey Iosefa, I don't think we did any of that the last few years. Very few play action passes too. Even Alabama, Texas and teams of that caliber have trick and miss direction plays. Boise State is famous for that. Keeps the other team off balance, which then opens up more of the "standard" plays that those teams run.

  77. Bronz1:

    I thought coach norm was going to come back to the islands after the bowl game today. One of the announcers said he was going back to Los Angeles for a week to attend a convention. Hope it's football related.

  78. papajoe2:

    Manoa2, only difference is most of our receivers are "under sized".

  79. Wes'side Warrior:

    Howzit, everyone!

    Good luck to all former Warriors in whatever paths you decide to travel.

    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

    새해 복 많이 받으세요

    Saehae pok mahni paduseyo!

    Happy New Year!

  80. papajoe2:

    #77 Bronz1, yes it is football related as was posted on an earlier post. I forget what it was for, but knowing Coach Chow's work ethic, he would be making contacts and meeting with and interviewing coaches to build his staff and also recruit. No worry, everything is pono with Chow.

  81. Dennis Halloran:

    just finished my black eyed peas for New Year's
    Good Luck in 2012 for all tsaikos

  82. papajoe2:

    6'1" Greg Salas at slot back was a weapon for us. He was relpaced with recievers under 6' (5"9"").

  83. Bronz1:

    Mahalos papajoe2 for the reply.

  84. 22Seoul:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Go Warriors and Coach Chow.

    For your files - formerly 22Tokyo and 22London but now living in Seoul - arrived on Dec 30th.

  85. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hope we can recruit some quick RBs.

    Gonna be fun to see these "weird" formations. Hahaha

  86. jm2375:

    Bronz1 - he's going to the coach's convention. Probably have a chance to do lots of interviews there.

  87. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Awful pass by the Utah QB...not looking too good for the Utes.

  88. AussieMum:

    It's nearly 9 am on the 1st day of 2012-so, Happy New Year everyone, I hope it's a healthy, happy, safe and successful 2012 for all of you.

  89. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Guten Morgen Amigas y Amigos.

    Wow! Read Ferd's take on Miah.

    For those on this blog who dissed Miah's basketball-playing skills at the last T-Gate on December 3rd, I'm pleased that he's proven you wrong. Coach Norm should take a few minutes over the next couple of months to see him play so he can plan on using Miah's comprehensive playing skills - including his leadership smarts - for the 2012 football team.

    Finally, for those of you who are interested in greeting the New Year in a very special way on Sunday morning: We'll be hiking up Makapu`u to greet the rising sun with an oli presented by Kumu Samuel M. Gon III and to raise our glasses with non-alcoholic bubbly to honor those who have earned this privilege.

    The Malapu`u parking lot will open at 5:30 am; however, we'll be gathering at the base of the trail shortly before 6:15 am and then heading on up the trail no later than 6:25. There'll be plenty of stopping points, but we should be at the top around 6:50 am. The sun rises at 7:09 am tucked behind Moloka`i at this time of year.

    Be sure to bring a flashlight as it will still be dark at the start of the hike - wear (real) walking shoes, bring a hoodie or jacket because the wind will be blowing fairly hard plus a small umbrella just in case.

    We'll be heading back down the trail around 7:25 am and going over to The Shack in Hawaii Kai for breakfast and NFL football - our treat if you plan to join us for both events.

    If you're going to join us, please e-mail me swood at hoku dot by 6 pm tonight or let me know if you're at the basketball game. We'll be stopping by The Shack on our way home to make a Sunday morning reservation, but I can pick up your e-mails on my iPhone.

    Here are the 8 am games being shown here in Hawai`i:

    Buffalo Bills (ho-hum) at New England Patriots (clinched divisision) - CBS

    San Francisco 49ers (clinched divisision) at St. Louis Rams (bottom of the well) FOX

  90. forsurftoo:

    Are we watching the new UH offense? I hope not.

  91. Slugger:

    Happy New Year, Aussie Mom & Uncle Wes!

  92. Slugger:


    I thought Miah's FB clock has run out. I think he can play one more year of BB, but I may be wrong... He did walk through graduation this month.

  93. WarriorNY:

    I agree...
    Coach Chow said he is going to build his offense based on the talents of players and recruits we have. I have a feeling he's going to keep Rolo around just to have a more gradual shift from the RnS to Chow's Pro Style offense since most of our players have been running the RnS already...

  94. LizKauai (macbook):

    Hi Aussie Mom!!! Happy New Year!

    Watching the bowl game... now we shall see what we shall see.

  95. A-joe:

    I'm simply amazed at how powerful this new fireworks ban is. In the last 30 days I've only heard one aerial bomb go off. Absolutely nothing so far today. That's a pretty good idiot neutralizer.

    Happy New Year Tsaikos!!

  96. jm2375:

    Slugger - you got it backwards. Miah was a Jr in football and a Sr in basketball. He greyshirted, so his basketball clock started that semester.

  97. SteveM:

    Hi 22Tokyo/22Seoul -- long time! Thanks for location update!

  98. KeleguenBinadu:

    #77 It's been said that Coach Chow will attend the coaches convention.

  99. A-joe:

    Aloha AussieMum!

    How's our future looking so far in 1012? =)

  100. jm2375:

    A-joe - you get one time machine? going backwards? :lol:

  101. Manoa2:

    Paul Johnson winning the battle of the Hawaii offensive coordinators past and present.

    Utah needs to pass better-- no passing attack because of poor execution. When he comes to Hawaii he will need to pass more, so he needs to fix that fast.

  102. Matt:

    #71 ai-eee-soos:

    UH may not have two DL coaches next year. Many schools do not split up the DTs and DEs. Each school is only allowed 9 assistant coaches. Need to keep in mind that we will have a TE coach that we didn't have in the JJ/Mack era. I would think at a minimum we would have the following coaches: O-line, QB, Receivers, TE, RB, D-Line, LB, Secondary.

    From there we could either have a full time special teams coach, split up the secondary into corners and safeties, or split up the D-line. Some schools that run the 3-4 defense split up coaches into inside LBs and outside LBs instead. We will also have two graduate assistant coaches.

  103. DoubleB:

    The plays are sound, guys are running open... Players still must catch the ball!

  104. DoubleB:

    P.I not called.

  105. DoubleB:

    TD :-)

  106. Matt:

    Utah ties it up with 1:32 left.

  107. Hiflyer:

    Going to OT

  108. KeleguenBinadu:

    Ok the Sun Bowl just got entertaining!

  109. el burro sabio:

    I would think that Tuioti can do more than just coach DL.

  110. WarriorNY:

    Hey anyone where I can find the UNLV bball game on DirecTV???

  111. WarriorNY:

    Or online?

  112. DoubleB:

    What does NC have for this drive?

  113. DoubleB:

    third and short.

    Asiata...1st down :-)

  114. Shadow:

    NC calling a good game - Their QB is not very good. I think UH QBs are better. NC will do very well at UH.

  115. DoubleB:

    Luv'n the O ... Options, pass or ground and pound.

    Come on Home Coach!!! Game Ova!

  116. Slugger:


    Thanks for the correction. I knew he had one more year in one of the sports. Wish he had more time in basketball!

    Congrats to the Utes & Coaches Chow & Whittingham. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like on the field next year for UH.

  117. StanManley:

    Wow, that was fun!!! Great game, good for Norm Chow and great for recruiting for UH. If you're a fan, you must be thinking "when can I buy season tickets?" If you're Jim Donovan, I'd be telling myself, "Boy, I'm good." and calling Coach Chow to congratulating him.

  118. RedZone:

    Great play calling by coach Chow. I could see Iosefa sneaking out on pays plays. I think we have the players to run his offense. That draw play with fullback lead to win the game was classic.

  119. jkjones:

    Utah's D is a click-n-a-half above Hawaii. Their OL too. We dont have a scatback RB like John White. All he needs is a small crease to squirt through and he is gone. Joey Iosefa may be Chow's protype FB. Yeah, NC called a winning game, but Utah's D held GaT, when it counted. Dont forget, Utes O gave up an INT TD.

  120. jkjones:

    I believe MC Greenwood deserves credit for the leading block that enabled Norm Chow to score.

  121. rb:

    Id say Coach Chow out play called Tech D coordinator.
    CHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. madeinhawaii:


    Utah's Oline is no better than what we had, thing is, they practice more of a balanced game... pass protection and run protection. Therefore, they don't face the constant blitz.. blitz.. blitz.. that our Oline did. The Defense on the other side is more honest with them.

    BUT... our players in skill positions, insofar as I could see, are considerably better.. QB and receivers especially. White is a very good RB.. I think Iosefa and Jackson will thrive under Chow... so will the up and comers at RB. That is, if Iosefa doesn't get moved to TE.

    So many of the bread and butter plays where the receiver either dropped the ball or the Qback threw it behind or way to the side made me cringe. And that forced pass for an interception.. yikes...! Imagine what Utah could have done this season with Moniz and a couple of our starting slots.

  123. madeinhawaii:

    Warrior BB at 3.. channel 12 if you can't be at the Sheriff.... UNLV comes in ranked and off of a 124-75 win... UH enters as the underdog having won their last game 100 to 73.... Should be a barn burner of a game.

  124. tommui:

    #119 "Utes O gave up an INT TD."

    For some reason, I don't think that Norm Chow drew the play calling for an INT by the defense. :-)

  125. FattyMcButterpants:

    #59 Firefox + Adblock Plus add on = no adds ever

  126. Bugaz:

    Josef's going bust open some huge holes for Jackson, Lister, or Gregory

  127. Will-I-Am:

    ST, I know there are tons of names floating around but i thought i heard That the Sungod was coming back. Any word on that?

  128. Bugaz:

    Congratulations Coach Chow! Anxiously awaiting your arrival.

  129. madeinhawaii:

    Up until the end of the third quarter that Sun Bowl game was reminiscent of our recent Warrior games... The other team would make the 3rd qtr adjustments and score while our side wouldn't.. but Chow screwed their heads back on right again in the fourth and Utah Defense drew the line. That was a fun game... it was like having our own Bowl game because I had a side to cheer for.

  130. Derek:

    That was a great call by Chow on the last TD play. That's guts. I was thinking a draw play too since GT was expecting a pass. Still, like I say, it takes guts. The play in that situation is probably good for at least 5 yards, but they needed about 8 or 9. With that many defenders close to the goal line it's hard to pick up that many yards. You have to say that the Running Back White did a great job and that BIG, BIG fullback Asiata is a load. Must be about 260 lbs. at least. What a pancake block.

    Ah, Yo, Chow! Can you get a kicker who can put it into the endzone on kickoffs, please??????

    Happy New Year to All, and good luck and stay healthy.

  131. whitey:

    it kind of amazing that teams with 6 wins are in bowls, but everyone of them lost. the only exception might be ohio state and florida, but then again both have 6 wins and 6 losses.

  132. oldtimer808:

    #120 I didn't know that Norm Chow was a running back....Happy New Year and go Warriors 2012

  133. Old School Dave:

    Congrats to Utah and Norm Chow. It will fun to see a tailback and tight end once again for UH. I can see Joey Iosefa bowling over and clearing out linebackers at fullback, much like Utah's Asiata.

  134. ai-eee-soos:

    # 102. Matt:
    December 31st, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Matt: Got it. But I sure hope that things work out for Tony T.

  135. PolyMom:

    What is going on in the PAC 12? So far they are 1-4 in Bowl games. I mean really????

    If you guys have cheap apartments better call UH and rent to those new young Coaches. So excited to get tight ends back. Just like the David Barbour days,

    Everyday is just a better day for Hawaii football!!!!

  136. Ipu Man:

    Just a little while ago Warren Moon said on tv5, he never wanted
    to be a "coach" as he saw they never see their kids till weekends...

  137. chopsueyboy:

    Happy New Year Tsai-kos!

    Time for a new Dynasty...Coach Chow with football practices at Ching Field.

  138. Pomai:

    #135 PolyMom - that's because the pac-12 sucks....... LOL

  139. PolyMom:

    Working on my board for 2012. Jewish folks do this. So if you want to send out good energy to the Football Team, download the roster, print, and put things around it. Like Win's, good grades, championship wishes. Let's show the Trojans what we got. The Cali USC fans do not like that Norm Chow is not back with them. They are REALLY pissed off. I had several calls and they ate afraid. We could have beat them the last time.

    Norm Chow is going to yeah these boys what it feels like to be a WINNER!

  140. papajoe2:

    Aurburn down at 8:05 of the 1st quarter. Maybe they need to raise their payroll.

  141. PolyMom:

    Pomai, I KNOW that, but they think they are all that. I just do not want to see USC in the BCS national game next year. They lose 15 scholies total of 45 over the next 3 years. But you are right!

  142. Bugaz:

    I think Kalani Sitake should just come home and coach under NC for a couple years...and so we can celebrate our birthdays together. Highly unlikely the birthday part, but still would be great to see him coaching Warriors

  143. papajoe2:

    Gettin ready for the track meet at the Stan Sheriff Center. Rainbow Warriors need to block out for rebounds. Cannot give UNLV 2nd chances. Go Borriors!

  144. papajoe2:

    I think the mighty Big 10 lost all or only won 1 bowl game last year. And they have almost all their teams in the bowl games.

  145. ai-eee-soos:

    Sungod !!! - I hope NOT. His "Smith" fiasco cost UH $200+k, and counting, according
    to ferd.

    You do know the story, don't you?

    December 31st, 2011 at 1:27 pm
    ST, I know there are tons of names floating around but i thought i heard That the Sungod was coming back. Any word on that?

  146. papajoe2:

    Anybody know what language the guy is singing in the Heineken commercials? Sounds Greek to me.

  147. Bugaz:

    I'm starving!!! Is it Chow time yet?

  148. chopsueyboy:

    Game Time Hoops!

  149. Pomai:

    Come on Gib whats with the blue shirt????????

  150. Ipu Man:

    Wouldn't it be nice if all the 6'7-10" UH hoopsters also played some football...

  151. Ralph:

    PPJ2 can not have a track meet with only one team running full speed all the time

  152. Bugaz:

    Chow time with A full serving of Uperesa Sitake sprinkled with some Rolo and a dash of Rauscher Powell and Tuioti for desert.

    Sounds like a feast of goodness to me!

  153. ai-eee-soos:

    Dustin Elisara: You can be the blocking BULL-BACK in Norm Chow's offense.

    Go for it !!!

  154. Ralph:

    Pomai the blue shirt has a "H" logo, got to blame Rainbowtique or whomever designs and orders the aloha shirts.

  155. RedZone:

    Farrington runningback would make a good tailback in Chow's system.

  156. Ralph:

    luckily UNLV is shooting poorly in the first half, we're only down by 10.

  157. madeinhawaii:


    yeah Gib got em just where he wants em...

  158. papajoe2:

    #151 Ralph, why not? Maybe we can come in 2nd at least.

  159. NYUH:

    Sun Bowl was an interesting combination of UH past and UH future. I actually left and came back when GT was up 24-10 at the start of the 4th. Hats off to Utah for some good defense and Chow for calling a good comeback resulting in the overtime win.

  160. Ipu Man:

    Whereas football evolved over the years, basketball
    seems to be the same...I like fast breaks and 3-points,
    even for tall guys.

  161. Ipu Man:

    and short women...

  162. newbie:

    #127 God Forbid. He cost the school a ton of money with the Daniel Smith thing. No need to have him back. Now Sitake...that would be nice.

  163. kapakahi:

    #153. ai-eee-soos,
    Gotta agree that Elisara would be better suited to play FB....than a back-up to Joey.

    #155. redzone,
    Returning redshirt frosh Will Gregory is a perfect fit to play TB in Chow's offense. While I like Taumua too, Chow's offense also suits returning Kahuku RB Aofaga Wily.

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  166. bigislandkurt:

    Elisara got some wheels. Even at 265lbs, he can move.


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  168. rb:

    #155 Amen to that and even his o-line too.
    Lakalaka would be good too.

  169. Kekoa:

    Pomai ~ The blue shirt harkens back to his days with the Punahou Mafia. (Just stirring up some 'Old' New Years chit wit you bro). Hehehehe...

  170. LizKauai (iPad):

    The best 2012 to all of you.
    May this year bring health, happiness and true prosperity to everyone.
    Mahalo Ke Akua for the blessings you bestow.

  171. Kekoa:

    Utes *Sun Bowl* trickery was refreshing. Coach Chow pulled them out of what was almost a dismal finish. Gave us all something to look forward to, because it is indeed...Chow Time!

    Go Warriors!

  172. Ipu Man:

    rebels only up by 4 points over chance.

  173. postmanke:

    Mens bb Hauns Brereton would make a great TE

  174. wafan:

    The end is definitely getting closer. Just over five hours remain.

    No fireworks off the rez so need to resort to watching the rest of the world celebrate. The Space Needle show should be super, as usual.

    Happy New Year . . . may 2012 be a lot kinder and gentler to us all.


  175. Will-I-Am:

    #145 ai-eee-soos,
    I kinda know bits n pieces of the story. But if JJ and staff didn't leave and send UH to fall into a small tailspin, would it still be an issue?

  176. Ipu Man:

    Happy New Year to Wafan, and to all Tsaikos worldwide,
    and to us at "home", lucky to live in Hawaii...

  177. AussieMum:

    # A-joe:
    December 31st, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Aloha AussieMum!

    How's our future looking so far in 1012? =)

    2012 is looking pretty good down here- very hot though, between 95-105 F in the next few days. The fireworks from around the world are spectacular, our city spire caught on fire!! A little bit more spark than they thought!! I believe it will be a great year for the Warriors. HNY 2012.

  178. PolyMom:

    @PapaJoe it sounded like Flemish if that was the same commercial. Flemish is the language they speak in Belgium.

  179. madeinhawaii:

    Bows lose but they played hard and kept in the game all the way to to end... nothing to be ashamed of in this loss. I think our Bows have a good chance in their final WAC season to contend for the title.

  180. Bulla:

    Wow, name from the past, Dave Barbour...and if you said Dave you have to say Kent Untermann....classic against Air Force one year, i think he had 9 guys on him trying to tackle him....great times :)

  181. sports for fun:

    I really like the OC Sports broadcast team of Kanoa, Coach Sellitto, and David Hallums. I think Coach Sellitto is really good. K5 should have hired him as soon as he retired.

  182. sports for fun:

    It was funny when OC showed a pic of Tarkanian next to a pic of Sellitto. They do look related. lol

  183. duffer:

    SAFE & PROSPEROUS New Year to ALL!!!!! :-)

  184. Slugger:

    sports for fun,

    That was funny! to see Sellitto's resemblance to Tarkanian. "Separated at birth"? bwahahahaha

    Saw Momo & Mrs. Momo after the game.

    Garret, you can ignore my text msg.

  185. rainbowfan:

    Don't expect too much from Chow at UH in the first years. Although Utah wiped out BYU early in the season, they lost to Colorado 14-17 late in the season at home. The same Colorado team that UH beat 34-17.

    I did like some reverse plays that Chow called during the first half when i was able to watch today's game.

  186. Slugger:

    I think TJ Taimatuia would make a good TE, although we need his size on the OL.

    Exciting game at the SSC today. Loud! fan participation on defense. So good to hear. We can hear you, too, Chawan_cut, and the guy next to you.

    The BasketBows are playing so much better than last year. Hope Zane's not too banged up. GO BOWS!!!

  187. rainbowfan:

    Joey is a good blocking and running back and can throw too, but he fumbled at some crucial times in a couple of games late in the season.

  188. whitey:

    congratulations to the mbb team.

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  190. sports for fun:

    Iosefa fullback, Jackson tailback...I can see that for the football team next year!

  191. Bugaz:

    Taimatuia is a LB right?

    I hope Zane is OK as well.

    Iosefa was only a freshman. He going be pounding guys for another couple years. First for Jackson and then for Lister or Gregory.

  192. madeinhawaii:


    The team we were at the end of the season wouldn't have beaten Colorado, either. Utah was playing their back up QB, like Hawaii... and backups on the Oline. I expect a winning season next year under Coach Chow.

  193. Bugaz:

    I don't expect the big wins against USC and BYU early on in the season, but I do expect to see a lot of promise going into 2013 and hopefully a Sheraton Hawaii Bowl appearance.

  194. al:

    happy new years to all.

    may the new year bring you all good health, good friendships, good prosperity, and good faith.

    celebrate sensibly.

    ...nuff said.

  195. al:

    i expect that the search for the running back has begun. competition for that spot will be hot. new guys will be comng in ready to compete.

  196. Committed Road Warrior:

    Happy New Year!

  197. Kevin:

    Celebrate "sensibly"???????

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    No thanks.

  198. al:

    from you...of course not.

    would you please return to kazz?

  199. al:


  200. al:


  201. al:

    sorry curt.

  202. Slugger:

    eh, al...

    Have a safe celebration tonight, gangeez.

  203. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy New Year, li dat errybody!!! :) :) :) :)

  204. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I wunda wea brew808 stay? He get da fiahwurks foa us! ;)

  205. madeinhawaii:

    I'd think the hunt for Oline, DE, and DTs will come first... (HB, FB, TB, TE) RB .. may come from what we already have... So, maybe one FB type player...

  206. Shoko:

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a prosperous New Year.

    Stay off the roads as there will be alot of drunk clowns that will be driving around.

  207. NYUH:

    Aloha from 2012. A few hours a year when NY is more in the future than Hawaii. A great start to Chow's year with the come-from-behind win against Georgia Tech.

  208. madeinhawaii:

    dunno if Sportbow posted this here.

    Hawaii: I am hearing that Norm Chow is interested in Jacksonville Jaguars assistant defensive backs coach Thom Kaumeyer for the defensive coordinator job at Hawaii.


    Thom's bio:

  209. Pomai:

    #195 - al - Iosefa fullback, Jackson tailback is a lock for this next season, you can take that to the bank.

  210. Loa:

    evening gang!

    have a safe and happy new year

    .... exciting times

  211. Loa:

    madeinhawaii - thanks for the link, noticed jeff ulbrich and ivan jasper mentioned for some other positions too

  212. Bugaz:

    Could be a great chance for Jackson to shine at tailback and draw interest for NFL scouts.

  213. Bugaz:

    From NFL scouts

  214. Bleed Green and White:

    To all, Happy New Year.

    I'm still excited for the coming UH football season under Norm Chow, in fact, I still get chills re-calling his introduction press conference, however....

    I am not impressed at all by the coaches being mentioned as part of his staff.
    Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

    But Powell & Rauscher, his reported first hires, well, no dis-respect, but both are "nobody's" in the coaching world.

    I mean no Cal Lee, Rich Miano etc, and the first two guys hired weren't even coaches last season, both were administrative assistants at best.

    Not to mention the Utes offense was, well, pretty boring against Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl.

    Then again, maybe I've been spoiled by the instant offense we've been fans of over the past 13 seasons.

    Also, then again, I am still "jacked" by the things Chow talked about during his intro presser.

    Mixed emotions I guess.

  215. Stephen Tsai:

    Happy New Year from Texas!!!

  216. DaMenehune:

    Happy New Year to you ST

  217. bigislandkurt:

    Happy New year my friends! 2011 was a tough year. Here's to great blessings in 12!


  218. Bugaz:

    Happy New Years ST in Texas! Are you recruiting? Hahaha have a good safe one

  219. whitey:

    st, you in new mexico or texas???? hahahaha

  220. whitey:

    mih, thanks for the read. was most interesting.

  221. whitey:

    now that the natives are restless and the bewitching hr is less than 2 hrs away, a toast to all the tsaikos present and past. U Da BES!!!!!

  222. Old School Dave:

    UH could use a running back from the JUCO ranks like Utah's John White (LA Harbor JC) for some immediate help at the position.

  223. papajoe2:


  224. Bugaz:

    I'm not working on Tuesday, so do those new coaches need a ride to Laie?

  225. madeinhawaii:

    Old School Dave...

    Our RBs did pretty well considering how poorly our Oline performed... with the right guidance and the right players... I think we have a good tandem in Iosefa and Jackson.. Add Lister, Cadiz, Gonda, Gregory, and Leaf and I think we are pretty set.. maybe just one more BIG bodied Full back type.

    Receivers, we are well stocked for the kind of playbook that Chow uses. A good number that are talented and 6 feet and taller.

    With the right DC.. position Coaches and a few key players to fill the gaps we could be in for a surprising year...

  226. Stephen Tsai:

    They might need a couch to sleep on.

  227. madeinhawaii:

    Bleed Green and White:

    Knowing that Chow was working with a back up quarterback with very limited accuracy in passing and backups in his Oline, I was impressed in the way he mixed things up with the run and pass... coming out with a vertical game in the first series, then back to the run ... reverses.. passing twice on the same play to the outside shoulder for the critical TD in the 4th... Everytime the QB threw a short pass that was behind or on the wrong side of his receiver, I thought.... wow.. what if that was Moniz, Graves or Austin throwing ... or when the receivers missed the balls over head that went right through their hands.. over and over.. I thought.. wow what if that was Ostrowski, Davis, Clapp or Stutzman... ... When they won with a 48% completion record... I thought.. wow.. what if that were 64% or better? And I got exciting thinking about our Warriors next season...

  228. madeinhawaii:

    The thing that got me was how wide open he got his receivers for those pass plays. The ball only needed to be thrown a little more accurately...

  229. madeinhawaii:

    What I also liked was that he rarely went for those deep bombs... instead, he worked methodically... 3 yards.. 4 yards... 4... 10... etc... patiently and effectively.

  230. niho mano:

    The first (2) games in 2012 Football season will tell me if we have a great, good, or fair team. Can't wait...Go Warriors

  231. kruzen:

    Congrats to Utah and Coach Chow!

  232. kruzen:

    It's a little early but Happy New Year to all!

  233. madeinhawaii:

    Hope everyone had a great year.. and I hope that everyone will have an even better one starting in 15 minutes!!... Happy New Year and Good Night!!...

  234. madeinhawaii:


  235. BG:

    I'm grateful for the chance tonight to see some familiar friends on the blog as well as new ones. To all...young and old, familiar and wishes for a 2012 and opportunities to make memories each day. I've always thought that Bulla's indelible utterance should be adopted as the Tsaiko's motto. Health and peace to all...


  236. whitey:

    Wow, nothing like an old fashioned aerial fireworks show by the neighbors. don't know how much they spent, but imagine it was quite a bit.

  237. whitey:

    Happy 2012 to all of you

  238. kama krab:

    Happy New Years to all.

    Looking forward to another great year.

    Good health to all.

  239. Musashi:

    Hauoli Makahiki Hou! 2012!

  240. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    Kailua is NOT the home of rich old white people who hate fireworks. Well, at least my neighborhood.

    Off to bed - we'll be on the Makapu`u Trail in about six hours.

  241. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Happy New Year!!!

  242. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    To be clear - NOT in my neighborhood. We cannot find one of our cats - and the dogs in the surrounding houses are going caninely ballistic.

    I would estimated that more than 500 aerial bombs have been set off over the past four hours within half a mile of our house.

  243. Slugger:

    Listening to the Prairie Home Companion show on the of bubbly in hand.

    "See" you guys in the morning...later morning...

    Happy New Year! xoxoxoxo

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